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    September 01 - September 07 mid-Morning Updates

      On Friday PM, September 07, 2001

    • by Maxamm :...
    • Buffy's Filthy Mom
      buffysfi zip (8k) (f/f/mom/daut/w/s/scat/sick)
      Another stinking adventure, featuring the filth loving Sarah Michelle Gellar lookalike. Buffy takes advantage of her drunken mother, but is soon tasting and eating more than just pussy.     
    • by A. T. Driver :...
    • Mary Gets To See
      marygets zip (7k) (m/f pedo)
      An eleven year old girls gets her curiosty staisfied. As well as other things     
    • by bluvum :...
    • My Daughters Best Friend
      mydaught zip (13k) (M,M,M, g = age 6/ kidnap/ rape/ suggestions of lesb and seduction)
      In June of 2000, I wrote a story about a 10 year old girl, with a fetish for women's panties, and her best friends Mother. This story is based around that story. It is a different perspective to those events, this is what transpired leading up to the seduction, as seen through the eyes of Sabrina Stove, the Mother. Again I will attempt to present my work, in the same manner a movie attempts to take the audience on an adventure. I hope you enjoy the trip. Your comments and suggestions are appreciated.     
    • by :...
    • Samantha and Kevin: A 'Love' Story
      samantha zip (16k) (sister/brother, some mom stuff, femdom/male-eager, panties, teensex)
      What happens when sexy Samantha catches her little brother, Kevin in a compromising situation? Given the story codes, you can probably guess, but if you really want to be privy to all the kinky details, then you will need to read this story.     
    • by Jouissance :...
    • Visit To The School Nurse
      visittot zip (16k) (F/f/f, older woman/young girls, nc, drugging)
      Jane Harris, school nurse and lesbian pedo, loved the new term more than anything. It gave her a chance to pick fresh new pets, willing or otherwise. And Jane has a very special way of making her girls cooperate.     
    • by malinkov :...
    • El Voyeur
      elvoyeur zip (14k) (incest, mom-son, impregnation)
      Nací con la proclamación de la República Española, allá por 1931 .     Comprenderá, pues, el hipotético lector de estas cuartillas que he alcanzado ya una cierta edad provecta, que ha atemperado, en gran medida, los ardores del sexo.      Hoy, mis necesidades en la materia son más mentales que físicas; mi posición es más pasiva que activa. ¡Vaya, pues, que prácticamente me he convertido en aquello que se conoce como un "voyeur"!. Por eso, por los enormes campos que abre Internet a los simples mirones como un servidor, puedo considerarme, pese a mi edad, un avispado internauta. Paso horas y horas navegando, buscando procaces y efímeras imágenes de muchachas que nunca podré ya poseer físicamente. A ello dedico gran parte del tiempo libre que me brinda mi reciente jubilación.     

      Thursday PM, September 06, 2001

    • by Mrs. Erotica :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Dominate Me
      dominate zip (6k) (M/F, dom)
      A married couple who are becomming bored with thier current sex life explore the world of total Domination     
    • by Tommy Warhead :...
    • Abducting Catholic Schoolgirls, ch 2
      abducti2 zip (10k) (M/f, rape, nc, scat)
      Eileen's eyes lit up when she saw the elegant and sexy dress. A Midwestern Catholic family did not buy thirteen-year-old girls sexy mini-dresses, but Eileen had long desired such a beautiful dress and now she was going to own one. Suddenly, this whole kidnapped thing didn't seem so bad. She had no idea what John was about to do to her.     
    • by Dalton :...
    • The Controller, part 5
      thecont5 zip (13k) (M/ff, pussy, anal, beast)
      Her panties tore into two pieces and the glowing coal of his naked massive knot rammed into her pussy, beginning to work inside her, stretching the mouth of her pussy, the flexible flesh of her outer labia opening to gulp down his knob like the jaws of a python unhinging to swallow a small deer. She was burning there, wanted to have that bigger part of his cock move inside her. He felt her finally start to take more of lump at the base of his cock. He stopped fucking her and pressed into her little pussy to get just the beginning of his knot into her, to begin stretching her nearly virgin cunt open more and more.     
    • by Euphoria :...
    • The Little Girl Next Door
      thelittl zip (7k) (5yobrother/3yosister/adult male pedo incest w/s anal worship)
      After he sees his three-year-old sister being felt up through her panties at the public pool, the five-year-old boy joins in on the fun and learns how to drink his sister's pee, suck a cock and explore a juicy rectum with his tongue. The Little Girl Next Door becomes his lover.     
    • by Nasty Child :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Torture Island, ch 1
      nastychi zip (6k) (M\t\b\b\yb Sadism, nc, tort, spank)
      It's easy to rape and murder children. Idiots do it all the time; so much it doesn't even make the news anymore. Not unless it's someone in the public eye. Only the family care, and normally they have little recourse but to watch the law enforcement agencies plod methodically onward until the culprit is caught. They usually are, eventually. Crimes of the moment, of heat, passion, they all leave evidence behind. The trick, I knew, is not to commit the crime, it's to get away with it.     
    • by Malinkov :...
    • Tia Maru
      tiamaru zip (11k) (incest, aunt-nephew, impregnation)
      Nunca nadie me ha mamado el nabo como tía Maru. Tal vez puedan pensar que al ser ella la mujer con quien tuve mis primeras experiencias sexuales llegue a dicha conclusión precipitada; pero, estoy seguro -y a mis prácticas en dicha materia posteriores pongo por testigo-: nunca he conocido una felatriz mejor que tía Maru.     

      Wednesday PM, September 05, 2001

    • by Amber Gold :...
    • 2102: After The War, part 1
      2102aft1 zip (14k) (g-9 m-12 bro sis inc ped b-5 g-5 oral cons)
      The peaceful quiet of the forest home that sheltered her people became chaotic madness at the sounds of running horses and screams of pain and panic. Fern felt a rush of fear go through her whole body. She froze in place for a few minutes, so frightened she couldn't move. Then her brain screamed to her to run. Run and hide as her father had told her all her young life. Escape into the caves and hills if the bad people came back looking for them. The fright put wings to her feet and she turned from the sound and ran in the other direction, seeing her brother's back. She followed him as he was older and would know what to do.     
    • by Zebra :...
    • A Stepmom's Revenge, ch 3
      astepmo3 zip (9k) (MMMFgg interracial con/nc light bond)
      By request - the last chapter: Joe stretched out on the bed as Mindy and Megan watched in wonder. He was still wearing those tight briefs and the naked little white girls couldn't help but stare at the huge bulge that stretched them out in front     
    • by GoDSpiT :...
    • Hey Here We Go Again: A Story within Michael's Perversions
      heyherew zip (34k) (M/f, ped, incs, preg, more)
      The camera eye sees everything it never sleeps nor does it get tired. It watches silently as life continues, sometimes Michael hated the Camera but in a way he had seen it for so long and known it was there for so long that he had forgotten it was even there. That was until he sat down in the editing room and began looking over days worth of footage and asking himself why he still did this why he still dedicated himself to this work. He was a multimillionaire because of his underground network of pedophilia videos, which his friend William had kept hidden from the mainstream and even the press for the past decade.     
    • by Dalton :...
    • The Controller, part 4
      thecont4 zip (17k) (m/ff beast cons anal oral shit everything)
      He bounced the tip of his cock right up the inside of her leg, thinking each time he’d found her pussy, adjusting his aim as his cock did not penetrate a soft, tight hole he could fuck into, that would grab his cock and suck him in. Then, by pure luck his sharp tipped, slick cock head found her still virgin vagina entrance and his frustration and now extreme excitement made him jam his cock so hard it popped right through her hymen and slipped two inches into her as she made a strangled scream she immediately cut off as she realized being found naked with a dog fucking her is not what she wanted at the moment.     
    • by Sam T. Sleaze :...
    • The Time of My Life, ch 1 of 2
      thetime1 zip (13k) (MMb, bg, incest, bondage, torture)
      It was just last week. I was sliding my dick in and out of the ass of my 13 year old cousin, listening to his moans and sighs, when I realized how much my life had changed in the short 5 years since my mother died and I came to live with my dad. Stevie, my cousin, lay under me face down on my bed. His 13 year old body was coated in a layer of boysweat, and his screams of pain from my initial entry into his tiny bunghole had slowly changed to little bleeps of pain and moans of pleasure. I knew exactly how he felt.     
    • by Nightranger (Jen) :...
    • Dave's Revenge, part 3
      davesre3 zip (16k) (mm, ff, Fm, Ff, mf, group, inc rape)
      The night before the arrival of his guest to his island paradise Dave held a final meeting with his people on the island. Everybody was gathered in the big grass hut hall he had built. The 30 large black men he had hand picked from around the world were seated     
    • by malinkov :...
    • Las Vacaciones De Carmen
      lasvacac zip (9k) (incest, mom-son, impregnation)
      Aquél era un día tórrido. Julio estaba acabando y el sol y el calor azotaban inmisericordes la terraza de aquel pequeño apartamento playero en la Costa Dorada que Carmen había alquilado por dos meses.     

      Tuesday PM, September 04, 2001

    • by A. T. Driver :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Chronicles of a Child Lover, parts 1-2
      chron1_2 zip (60k) (m/f/f/f/pedo)
      This will be a story of an over the road truck driver who picks up young girls in his travels for fun and games. It will be submitted in five parts and will go much more in depth of the characters than most sex only stories. Hopefully I have put together a strory of substance rather just another x rated one.     
    • by SweetIndian :...
    • Indian Family
      indianfa zip (5k) (Indian, all family members inc)
      This is a story of pure incest. All the things described here are true and I am one of those fortunate guys to have experienced this kind of an experience. I have changed my name in the story and of all others in my family who are related to the incident to be revealed. You can call me Kishan and I am 19 years old.. I live with my parents and a younger sister named Rita. Let me tell you about my family. My mom, Madhu, is a housewife and she got married to my father Anil two years back I was born. They are both very fond of each other and share a good compatibility even when they have their kids all grown up. My dad is a well-built person and has very masculine features. My sister Rita is a real beauty and she is well shaped with nice little budding breasts and a well-shaped posterior.     
    • by LEBEC :...
    • Mopsy's Tale, part 4: Jason and Jughead
      mopsyst4 zip (20k) (bF/bff/voy/impreg/best-dog)
      "But won't you have like PUPPIES or something if you do that?" Karen was confused. "No, a doggie can't make you pregnant. Only a boy can do that to you," Deanna explained. "That's why they have to wear these things called condoms over their dicks - to keep from knocking us up!"     
    • by Earnest Hemenhaw :...
    • My Little Sister
      mylittle zip (6k) (m/f incest)
      My name is Kevin. I'm fourteen years old and my mom grounded me for a month because she caught me feeling up my girl friend Ashley on the front porch. I mean it wasn't like we were actually doing anything. I was just copping a feel and Ashley's proud of the fact that her titties are growing. I mean, she was helping me all she could.     Anyway, to make matters worse, Mom and Dad went out one Saturday and I had to stay home and baby-sit my little sister Bridget. She's almost ten and she's always getting in my way. She thought it was really funny that I was going to be her baby-sitter. I think she was really laughing at the fact that I got grounded and was stuck with her.     
    • by Little Girl Watcher :...
    • The Hazards Of Being A Mutt Fucking Mommy, part 4: New Bitch In The House
      thehaza4 zip (13k) (F~b (infant 14mo)~dogs. Inc: Inc Mom/son, beast, Rape/Non-Cons? (Parental Permission), Mild Sad, Pedo, Oral, Anal, CUM, Voy)
      Through my lust, it was about then I heard something thumping and an odd huffing sound coming from the front of the house where I’d left my son; and forgetting -if only for a moment- my natural horniness I rushed down the hall and around the corner to make sure Patrick was alright. He was not all right, and the sight that met me when I rounded the corner stopped me in my tracks. Cold. Remember earlier when I told you that after I slammed the bathroom door in the faces of my two lusty dogs so I could piss in peace I’d heard then whining and scratching at the door? Then I reported to you that the scratching had stopped and I figured that ’the boys’ had gone outside, feeling slighted? I had been wrong.All three of my dogs had had full aching nuts and stiff horny cocks...but Troops was the only one who had wound up in the bathroom with me.     

      Monday PM, September 03, 2001

    • by Sam T. Sleaze :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Road Rage, ch 1
      roadrag1 zip (9k) (MFmmf, Rape, Torture, Blood, Snuff)
      It only takes a few minutes on the Internet to find out all you need to know about someone. Mrs. Winiford Danforth was divorced and the mother of 3. Two boys, 11 and 13 and a girl, 9. She had sole custody. I found pics of the kids from their on-line school yearbooks and they looked good enough to fuck. Or beat. Or torture. Or whatever.     
    • by White :...
    • Aunt Emma's Story
      auntemma zip (7k) (M/F/teen/inc)
      Aunt Emma is seduced by her own nephew. Then her daughter gets involved as well.     
    • by Keyman :...
    • Grandpa's Little Angels, part 1: Grace the Granddaughter
      grandpa4 zip (28k) (M/f age 12, Pedo, Anal, Oral)
      John put down the phone and smiled, his depraved mind already plotting. John now had a chance to molest another one of his granddaughters. He had just received a call from his daughter Clarice. Clarice had explained she was going into the hospital for a few weeks of rest and recuperation. John knew what kind of hospital Clarice was going to, It was the Betty Ford Clinic or some other hospital for her to dry out in. Clarice had a drinking problem, a major drinking problem. This would be her third trip to an alcohol rehabilitation center in the past two years. John doubted this visit would turn out any different then the others. Clarice had gone through two husbands, both good men as far as John could tell. These men had cared about his daughter's well being, but the drinking was too much for both. John never gave a thought to the possibility his molestation of Clarice might have been the cause of her illness. He had decided in his mind her drinking problem was caused by the stress of her career as the head of a major biotech company. He only thought about his daughter Clarice for a moment, he had more important things to think about. The sexual conquest of Clarice's fourteen year old daughter, Grace to be exact. We rejoin John as he arrives at Clarice's large home.     
    • by BP :...
    • Heidi Moves In
      heidimov zip (9k) (M/f, inc. preg, lact)
      Heidi gets knocked up by boy friend and moves in with Grandpa. His life is changed as he rediscovers sex.     
    • by Dalton :...
    • The Controller, part 3
      thecont3 zip (9k) (M/f anal, mind control)
      The movement was slow, dreamlike as they both began to return to sleep, he was so tired, so sleepy now, the excitement kept him barely awake, until just the feeling of his cock shoving itself into her so softly now, moving into her for a minute then feeling her ass hole clench slightly as she pressed it out again, shat his cock tip out. The miniature, micro movement amplified in both their minds, his cock so huge and giant, pressing into her still tight anus, and he felt her small frame in front of him, her pussy fat but so little under his finger, the crack of her ass rubbing his cock, teasing it to feel what her ass would feel like if he could only press the thick purple knob of his cock into her     
    • by Cindy Marie :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Baby Sis
      babysis zip (8k) (TV)
      Her eyes widened slightly as she stared on with interest. I was shaking pretty bad now as I cleared my throat and continued with my story. But wait a minute. Allow me to bring you up to date. My name is Bob Thompson. The woman is Dr. Rosenbloom, a physciatrist in sexual disorders. My wife insisted I see a doctor if I wanted our marriage to continue, so here I am. Anyway, I was just beginning to tell the doctor of my problems and of what I felt caused them. You see, I'm a transvestite and I've also been into infantilism most of my life.     
    • by WABE :...
    • Meine Großeltern
      meinegro zip (20k) (g/M/F inc grampa/grama)
      Ich glaube, Opa hatte es immer schon getan, schon, als ich noch ganz klein war. Er hatte mich beim Baden gestreichelt und mir die Muschi und den Po befummelt. Und ich genoss seine Berührungen, ohne genau zu wissen, was es damit auf sich hatte. Es waren einfach schöne Gefühle, die er mir damit bescherte. Schon früh hatte er auch damit angefangen, mir die Muschi abzulecken, was besonders schön war. Manchmal stellte er mich, mit dem Badetuch um mich geschlungen, auf den Toilettendeckel und ließ mich die Beine breit machen. Dann schob er seinen Kopf zwischen meine Schenkel und glitt mir mit der Zunge in die Spalte. Huh, das war so ein Kitzeln, das kann ich gar nicht beschreiben.     
    • by Mike D. :...
    • Verbotene Gefühle, teil 2
      verbote2 zip (11k) (m/w (Geschwister) - 13j/11j - erste Gefühle - sehr real)
      Hier der zweite Teil der sehr real geschriebenen Geschichte ohne Übertreibungen mit den Geschwistern Michael und Nadine über die ersten sexuellen Erfahrungen, die sie machen. Die Geschichte ist mehrteilig und wird stetig ergänzt     

      Sunday PM, September 02, 2001

    • by Maxamm :...
    • Family Values, part 2
      familyv2 zip (24k) (m/f/m/m/f/f/pedo/dad/daut/dad/son/bro/sis bro/bro/sis/sis/mom/son/mom/daut/o/a/w/s/babysex/cons)
      Max brings his family to visit their Aunt Emily, who is pregnant with his baby. His wife and twelve year old daughter are also pregnant, but that just makes them hornier than ever. However, Emily already has visitors. But when the guests are an incest loving family, with three stud sons and a beautiful six year old daughter, it can only lead to the orgy of a lifetime. With no inhibitions and no age limits, incest doesn't get hotter than this. Even Max's 15 month old daughter is in danger of losing her cherry.     
    • by EricMJ12 :...
    • Family Love, A New Age Families New Life Style, The Next Generation: ch 1a
      fftng1a zip (42k) (Sci-Fi, Family Incest and other families also some very strange sex)
      Dear readers and fans of my stories.    This new novel is a continuation and a companion novel to my first novel, "Family Love, A New Age Families New Life Style,"    You will see, hear and read about a lot of the same characters in this novel as in "Family Love, A New Age Families New Life Style"     The first part of this new novel takes place on Incest Island just as it is being built and just being founded in the year 2000.    Then the story jumps ahead 25 years.     
    • by Dalton :...
    • In Training, part 2
      intrain2 zip (18k) (M/ff, ff, f and beast, cons and not so cons)
      He could smell her pussy was dripping Traner’s pink semen mixed with her hymen’s blood – she was open, wanting to be fucked by him. Traner watched as the long deep-red dog cock poked and prodded her ass, dimpling deep into her relaxed ass muscles and the backs of her thighs. His eyes adjusted to see the glistening long thin cock find the crack of her ass and the dog stopped humping and began pressing his cock into the hole he’d found, her tight asshole, She’d slipped slightly down the bed, making her pussy harder to hit. The huge dog was almost bigger than the thin girl he was now working his cock into, the long rod of the dog’s cock lightly visible in the thin light filling the room from a single night light plugged into the wall between the two girls beds, his hips now starting to fuck and jump as he felt her asshole opening, the tip now inside her and the shaft beginning to slide inside her. The dog pressed hard, his hips and fore legs straining as her asshole stretched to fit the thicker part of his cock into her ass, the long tapering tip of his cock perfect for gradually widening her virgin ass     
    • by Vixen :...
    • Love Juice
      lovejuic zip (11k) (M/g doctor/exam oral/anal voyeur)
      Nine year old Lorelei is being examined by her Mother's friend Dr.Burns, to see if she is maturing early. Both Doctor and Daughter return with good news for Mom!     
    • by lolitot :...
    • More Than A Mouthful, part 16
      moreth16 zip (6k) (M/g)
      Hey! Did any of you see this little girl while ya were drivin' this weekend? A little girl an' a Men's room ... gulp!     
    • by JeffB :...
    • My Brother's Daughter
      mybrothe zip (7k) (Mf pedo inc)
      What was I going to do? Here I was, a 35 year old devout bachelor suddenly thrust into the role of parenthood by a horrendous traffic accident. My older brother and his wife had both died in that accident, and left Cindy, their 8 year old daughter an orphan. Left her, it seems, to me as guardian. I was afraid caring for an 8 year old would disrupt my "social" life; but I was not prepared for just how much of a disruption it was going to mean.     After the funeral, we went back to my brother's place and picked up some of Cindy's things, mostly clothes and toys, to bring to my place. I made arrangements to have all of the personal possessions of her parents packed and put in storage. She cried some, as is to be expected I suppose, what with losing her parents and her familiar home. But if she was going to make a clean start at a new life this seemed the best thing to do.     
    • by Euphoria :...
    • Raper's Moon
      rapersmo zip (7k) (m/f f/f/m rape violence n/c pedo w/s scat)
      He's ready for her now! He's ready to fuck her fun box. Heavy clouds shroud the rapist's moon as his victim awaits her fate. The beach is full of holes. There are holes buried in those holes. And now her holes are next. She's roped to the bed. She's hot and sticky. The rapist strikes and the absuse begins. All under a Raper's Moon!     
    • by bluvum :...
    • Smoking Buddies
      smokingb zip (12k) (F, M, g = age 2, kiddy porn/inc/oral/dope)
      Any one that knows anything about crack cocaine, realize that it is an extremely expensive addiction. When a person gets an addiction for crack they will stop at nothing to pay for their addiction. Tammy, a 29 year old woman with a 2 year old daughter uses her child to supply her addiction. She tried to rationalize things by convincing her self, that her smoking buddy was not hurting her little girl. Tammy did not think of the emotional problems she and her companion may be causing.     
    • by Questor :...New Author.!.!.!
    • A Tale Of The West
      ataleoft zip (13k) (F/dau/dau/son inc)
      In the old west a bounty hunter comes upon a remote farm. Inhabited by a widow and her three children. A very special loving family indeed. An encounter that changes his life.     
    • by WABE :...
    • Erste Leidenschaft
      erstelei zip (23k) (b/g/inc, cousins)
      Ein Junge ist mit seiner Cousine, die aus der Großstadt kommt, allein zu Hause. Schon als Kinder hatten sie "Doktorspiele" getrieben, jetzt nach der Pubertät wird aus dem Spiel eine wilde Leidenschaft. Gemeinsam sammeln sie ihre ersten sexuellen Erfahrungen.     Als Jürgen das Gartentor klappen hörte, stand er auf und trat ans Fenster. Da gingen sie, elegant gekleidet wie immer, wenn sie nach München ins Theater fuhren. Vater in seinem dunklen Anzug, der ihm so gut stand, und Mutter mit einem langen Abendkleid. Ein hübsches Paar, wie aus dem Bilderbuch. Dabei lachten sie und waren schon jetzt in bester Stimmung.     
    • by Guillaume :...
    • Souvenirs, part 2
      souveni2 zip (20k) (Mf/f teen BDSM inc)
      In this last part,my 14 year old sister takes part in our BDSM games...     

      Saturday PM, September 01, 2001

    • by Tommy Warhead :...
    • Abducting Catholic Schoolgirls, ch 1
      abducti1 zip (16k) (M/F, M/g+, nc)
      At 5pm sharp on a Friday afternoon, John Kasnoz pulled the school bus filled with high school freshman girls away from St. Mary's Academy with evil intent. The girls and their teacher Miss Bliss were in good spirits as they embarked upon what they thought would be an extended field trip to the Museum, a three-hour ride away. Their plans would be to spend the weekend at the Convent of St. Claire's and visit the Museum on Saturday and the Ballet that was in town on Sunday.     
    • by MarilynX :...
    • Dear Marilyn X., #6
      dearmx8 zip (9k) (advice column)
      Twelve and a half year old Darcy is from a rich family. Two years ago, while she spent a month with her mom's cousin, she was in a nudist beauty pagaent for pre-teen girls. A 19 yr old neighbor boy notices her in the nudist video and blackmails her into repeating her nudist pagaent in front of him (and a few of his buddies). She complies with his request so her mom's cousin won't get in trouble. Darcy wants to go visit her again next summer.     
    • by Jasper Ratt :...
    • Miss Brown's Academy for Young Ladies, ch 12
      missbr12 zip (19k) (F/f, M/ff, F/mmm..., incest, pedo, ws. scat)
      Miss Brown begins teaching Mary what's involved in being Alice's successor as her toilet girl.     
    • by Silvio Stoker :...
    • Oksana
      oksana zip (16k) (MM/g, M/f, inc, caution)
      Her mother was a mean drunk, but she'd always protected Oksana from Uncle Sergei. Now Oksana had no one to protect her. Oksana's fingers tightened around the edge of the filthy mattress, her knuckles white, whiter than her porcelain skin. The ten-year-old's panties were down around her thighs. Her back and buttocks bore witness to previous whippings. She screamed, the pitiful sound muffled by the sock her uncle had stuffed into her sweet little mouth, but she didn't try to escape. There was no escape - if she didn't lie comparatively still, Uncle Sergei would tie her up and hurt her between the legs. He whipped her until she wet herself, then took the sock out and went in her mouth. He uncle let her go and his friend got into bed with her.     
    • by Dalton :...
    • The Controller, parts 1-2
      theco1_2 zip (15k) (m/ff mind control)
      He felt his cock moving in that probing, pulsing way, working the tip back into her tight but now slippery pussy hole. He pressed hard and got the tip back against her hymen, wanting to open it up more, feeling the tiny hole tearing and stretching very slowly, moving little by little over the end of his cock, until he felt it loosen faster, tearing, then sliding over his cock tip. He felt the tight fat lips of her pussy sliding up his cock shaft and her super tight vagina clenched over his cock tip, but he could move deeper, felt his cock pulsing and pressing into her, taking on a life of its own as it wormed and snaked into that tightness, as he felt down with his hand, where her soft pussy lips surrounded the shaft of his cock, felt his cock disappearing into her tiny pussy until over half of his cock was inside her, squeezed hard by her stretched pussy hole he’d penetrated slowly.     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • The Pussy Cats And The Big Bad Toms
      thepussy zip (10k) (Mg-8 Mg-9 oral gg MMg-9 Mgg-9 dad daut inc ped con)
      My name is Heather and I'm 10 now. When I was younger I learned all about my daddy's body and what men like to do with little girls. He said a lot of people called it bad things but I loved it. So when someone said I was very good I knew what they meant. To me, being very good means I'm being very naughty. At the same time I'm making some man feel very good, I mean very, very good. That's what the world calls being bad.     
    • by Alegro :...
    • Jacking
      jacking zip (4k) (Masturbation/mutual masturbation)
      I read with pleasure Abear's story about his experience at the theater in Hartford, Connecticut. To paraphrase an old saw, "Truth is sometimes sexier than fiction." I know my cock was hard and I was stroking shortly into the story. It encouraged me to relate a recent experience I had in New York City, albeit not as exciting as Abear's. For those who enjoy masturbation, however, and my guess is that most of you reading this do, this account just might pique your interest.     
    • by Diggity Dog :...
    • The Nap
      thenap zip (12k) (M/f incest)
      I heard Cher say a few years back that she's been forty and she's been thirty and that forty is better. A year or two a ago, I'ld have vehmently disagreed. I mean hey, I was screaming up on forty, my wife divorced me, ("The spark is gone, Roger") and I found myself having to start over. I have to give her credit though, she was pretty cival about it. We sold the house and split everything else down the middle. She wasn't even much of a cunt about our 10 year old daughter (the apple of my eye!). The child support was a little steep, but I had generous on visitation.     
    • by Geoffroy Perrault :...
    • Tina au Jardin
      tinaauja zip (6k) (g/flowers, pedo, mast, rom)
      Voici un petit texte, directement inspiré par la douce fillette héroïne de l'histoire " Tina et Mia " du Lt Ripley. Je le dédie à toutes les Tina que notre regard vient parfois à croiser, et à tous les étés, saison des enfants sensuelles et des fantasmes paresseux.     

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