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    September 08 - September 14 mid-Morning Updates

      On Friday PM, September 14, 2001


      Thursday PM, September 13, 2001

    • by A. T. Driver :...
    • Brenda Gets It All
      brendage zip (11k) (m/f , pedo)
      Twelve year old Brenda learns more about sex in one night than many women do in a lifetime     

      Wednesday PM, September 12, 2001

    • by Amber Gold :...
    • 2108: After The War, part 3
      2108aft3 zip (10k) (MF MF Mg-4 oral pedo inc cons lac M-solo dad daut)
      Gavin was the father of Ortiz and Fern. He had spent the last six years working on the road being built to connect this ruined city to another city many miles away. Other workers were working at that end and when the two connected the travel would be much easier between the two cities and trade would be easier. Several of the men from his village in the forest worked along side him. They had grown strong from all the hard work and the masters were smart enough to feed them well as workers were harder to find.     
    • by BlackWriter :...
    • Dani's Abuse
      danisabu zip (16k) (Incest, NC, Diapers, scat)
      Dani is a 15 year old schoolgirl. Her favorite pastime is to flaunt her cunt at her brother. She loves to drive him wild by flashing at him.    Tom decides it's time to teach her a lesson, and when the parents are away, It's a heaven sent opportunity to put his plan into action. First he spanks and canes her until she submits, he turns her into his sex slave, and teaches her how to become a toilet slave.    When she shits herself, Tom decides that he wants to see her in diapers. Soon Dani is broken, and knows only that she must obey.    Imagine her horror when her parents announce a divorce, and Tom volunteers to look after her in his new Flat.     
    • by Netwanderer :...
    • I Want My Mummy, part 2
      iwantmy2 zip (7k) (M/F drug)
      Perhaps sensing that drawing things out would be a bad idea, Tamara reached down and quickly pulled the tank top up and over her head. Her breasts settled and she could feel the creatures gaze focus on the valley between them, where a thin sheen of sweat had formed from the heat of the chamber     
    • by The Old Medic :...
    • Siblings
      siblings zip (21k) (m/F/f, romantic, some sadness)
      Jimmy and Jeannie have a drunken slut of a mother. They depend only on themselves, and develop a true love for each other. Their mother begins to force Jimmy to have sex with her. Then, a series of unlikely events result in drastic changes to all of their lives.     
    • by White :...
    • Sold For Sex
      soldfors zip (8k) (M/f/g/ped/inc)
      Two young Thai girls end up as sex slaves for a Western man and his daughter     
    • by Nasty Child :...
    • Torture Island, ch 2
      torture2 zip (9k) (M/t/b/b/yb Incest, sadism, cons, nc, oral, torture)
      Sprawling back in my chair, I savored the moment. My first ever orgasm in the presence of a boy. A memory I would cherish for the rest of my life. I could have slept then; the heat of the fire was soothing, the crackle and snap of burning wood relaxing. Everything was perfect. I was home and I had four boy slaves to keep me company.     Lying there, enjoying the sound of Paul, the young boy I had just spanked, sobbing miserably at my feet: it was perfect. But I had to move, I couldn't stay there forever, I had to keep the boys off guard. If they caught me napping I could be in trouble. Besides there was so much I had planned to do that night.     I stood, stretched, and yawned. The cum in my pants was getting cold and uncomfortable. I would need a shower to clean it off properly, but I had a short term solution that would see me through.     
    • by rupert :...
    • Sally, ch 2
      sally2 zip (3k) (MMM/g/nc/tort/huml)
      The assualt on my seven-year-old daughter, Sally,continues. I aid her tormentors     
    • by Styx :...
    • Два месяца
      aaaianyo zip (8k) (m/g,pedo)
      Он сидел с ней рядом и что-то объяснял.Что?Спроси-не вспомнит,потому-что в самом начале,как- будто случайно он положил свою ладонь ей на колено.Паша никогда не был наглым,но сейчас... Сейчас он забыл про все.Будь что будет.Его ладонь стала перемещаться по ее ноге все выше и выше.С колена она перешла на ляжку.Руку словно пробили искры удовольствия.Еще никогда в жизни он не трогал девочку в этом месте.Пусть только ляжка-пусть,но до чего приятно.Гладкая, пухленькая.Его бэн уже стоял торчком от этого ощущения.     

      Tuesday PM, September 11, 2001


      Monday PM, September 10, 2001

    • by Sam T. Sleaze :...
    • Road Rage, part 3 of 4
      roadrag3 zip (10k) (Mmmf oral, anal, bdsm, heavy torture, fisting, snuff)
      Fourteen year old William handed the KY to me, and then lay back and threw his legs over his head. I stuffed a couple of pillows under his back to help him stay in that position, and then I began to lube his already well-fucked asshole with the KY. I slid two fingers in and ran them all around the hole. I put more KY on my fingers and then slid three of them on in. William was moaning passionately now, and loving every moment of this fisting foreplay.     
    • by Mrs. Erotica :...
    • Welcoming The New Neighbors
      welcomin zip (9k) (m/f, bi, swing)
      A married couple experience their first encounter with the swinging lifestyle.     
    • by rupert :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Sally, ch 1
      sally1 zip (3k) (MMM/g/nc/tort/huml)
      Since my wife died, I have been bringing up my seven year old daughter, Sally,alone. I have made her my TOTALLY obedient slave, and I am using her to fulfill my perverted desires.     
    • by Lincoln Lee :...
    • Pederasty Series, part 5: Scott
      pederas5 zip (5k) (Man/boy)
      One weekend I aggreed to help a friend of mine out. He owned a boxing gymn and was suddenly short handed. Because of some previous comitements, he was unable to fill in the gaps in the weekend schedule. He asked my help. At the time it sounded like a neat idea. The morning of the day I was to fill in, however, I had to turn down several opportunities for a good time. Such is life. To top it all off, I was feeling a little horny, but all my boys were out of pocket for the weekend. I figured I would show up at the gymn, watch the front desk and leave that afternoon only to go home and beat off to the fantasy of being with one of my boys.     
    • by Ammoun :...
    • The Photographer And Friends, part 1
      thephot1 zip (38k) (M/f, M/Ff, f/f, M/ff, F/mf, FF/mf, M/FFmf, inc., pedo, oral, anal, w/s)
      New series. My friends, Phil and Marsha meet an interesting woman and her two children. Phil called me and invited me to his place to meet her and her family. This is the first part, which gives a litttle background on my friends and explains what happened before I arrived.     

      Sunday PM, September 09, 2001

    • by Keyman :...
    • Grandpa's Little Angels – Grace the Granddaughter, part 2: The Revenge
      grandpa5 zip (26k) (M/ffg f/fg Ages 12 & 14 Pedo, Lesbian Oral Anal Incest, Humilation)
      John awoke to find himself alone in the bed. His mind still foggy from sleep he wondered what had happened to Lizzy. He figured rightly she had gotten up during night or early that morning and left his room. Today was the day she would get her revenge on the two other teens who were making her life a living hell. John would also get to fuck his granddaughter which had been his mission since he arrived at his daughter's house.     
    • by mrdouble :...
    • So, Where The Hell Was Biggles When You Needed Him Last Saturday ?
      nevere16 zip (12k) (M/f, M/ff, incest, pedo, sperm)
      "Hurry, Dad ! We'll miss the plane." Misty Smith tugged at her father's jacket as they both rushed towards Munich's Gate 21. Terry Smith took a deep breath and quickened his pace, all the while proud of how mature his seventeen year old daughter had become in recent years.     Arriving at Gate 21, Terry presented their tickets to the Lufthansa Airlines Representative for their boarding passes. The agent looked over the tickets, then asked in a thick German accent, "Good Morning Mr. and Mrs. Terry Smith. Would you like to sit in the smoking or non-smoking area ?"     Terry grinned to himself, a warm glow encompassing him as he contempleted the thought that his daughter appeared to others to be his wife. "We'd like the smoking section, please". She handed the two their passes, and they proceeded through the loading tunnel, and stepped into the Jumbo 757 jet.     
    • by The Old Medic :...
    • The Bright Student
      thebrigh zip (21k) (M/f/f/F, Romantic)
      Al Williams is an old music teacher, who reacts strongly to a new, very young student. He ends up enjoying her, his youngest daughtr, and then his students mother. His life changes, a great deal, when he is caught by the girls.     
    • by Dalton :...
    • Trailer Trash, part 12
      traile12 zip (24k) (M/F/ffffff anal oral cons)
      Her fingers gently took his cock as she looked up at him, reading his reactions, his pleasure or pain as she moved him slowly up and down her pussy slit, pressing into him to make the tip slide over her skin or pulling back so he felt the heat of her aroused, puffy naked skin, baking with sexual excitement, hot pink even before he'd started pressing against her.     
    • by Gargoyle :...New Author.!.!.!
    • School Daze
      schoolda zip (32k) (Teachers, F/mmmmm, exhib)
      I'm a teacher at the local high school. A few weeks ago we had a problem, too many students were cutting classes. While this is normal for students, it had reached epidemic proportions at our school to the point where our budget was at stake. If we didn't correct the problem soon, we could be out of jobs.     After trying several solutions, none of which worked, the Principal approached me for advice. After a little discussion, he allowed me full authority to proceed with any ideas I might have. Although I had no ideas at the time, I thanked him for the confidence in me and assured him I would attempt a few solutions of my own.     

      Saturday PM, September 08, 2001

    • by Michaela :...New Author.!.!.!
    • IndiaChild, ch 1
      indiach1 zip (7k) (M/g 8y pedo abuse pee poop vomit toes)
      This is a description of a travel to a city in India mentioned in some TV reports about child-sex tourism. First I make only pictures of neglected, barely clothed street-children. But as I photograph an 8 year old girl in a side alley, her father exits the house and offers me let me play with her for 100 dollars. Being alone in a room with this little, half-naked child, I start playing doctor with her, tasting every part of her body, including her pee, poop, and even make her vomit.     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • 2104: After The War, part 2
      2104aft2 zip (10k) (mf-11 f-solo bro sis inc cons ped preg lac Mg-5 Mm-5)
      For two years the young survivors of the raid and destruction of the old village had lived well in their new home. Five new babies had been born so the tribe was growing and thriving. They managed to plant seeds for food, well hidden in the forest so they didn't give away the new home. They used look outs that took their turns in the trees to watch for any of the bad men trying to slip up on them but they never came.     
    • by A. T. Driver :...
    • Chronicles of a Child Lover, parts 3-5
      chron3_5 zip (130k) (m/f,f/f,pedo)
      I started my query the very next morning, rising an hour before anyone would be there to accept my delivery, and Jenn was still sleeping. My biggest decision was where to start searching. I had met Jennifer near Chicago, and her sister in Maryland, about thirty minutes north of Washington, DC. Had the family moved east, or had Jenn made it that far from Chicago after she had lost them? The Chicago area has literally hundreds of news papers, so I knew a search there could take forever. The Washington Post however, would surely carry a story of a triple fatality auto crash anywhere with a hundred mile radius. That would cover the area in which I had found her. I decided to start there.     
    • by Rick Roll :...
    • Draygon/Abear/LGW
      draygona zip (4k) (M/F/M - sex/cons/oral/public)
      A continuation of the poetry that has started in the incest forum. I have written this in jest to poke fun at my comrade LGW - all references to him are humourus, there is no intentional harm here. It also deals with some hot sex with the luscious Draygon.     
    • by writersblock :...
    • Family Slut
      familysl zip (5k) (M/f M/f/f M/ff)
      I have a large family, four brothers, three uncles, eight cousins and one sister, and me. I'm a fifteen year-old slut that has been fucking for as long as I can remember. It started with my father, I think. Soon my brothers got in on the act. Mother left after Jan my little sister was born. She knew Daddy and the boys were fucking me, and couldn't handle it. Soon after she left it became a free for all. We walked around the house naked most of the time. I began rubbing lube on my hairless pussy and asshole every morning because I never knew when someone would want to fuck me. Daddy fucked me before he went to work everyday. My older brother Rob used my loose fuck hole after Daddy finished. Everyone in the house new what was going on with all the screaming I did. My twin brothers, Joe, and Fred usually fucked me together. They liked fucking my cunt and ass at the same time. Tony my youngest brother is a bit kinky. He likes to suck on my pussy after it is covered in cum.     
    • by Alice/RWEII :...
    • Fun in the Attic
      funinthe zip (5k) (m/f)
      What if your brother comes up here!     He won't. Besides I stuck a chair under the door knob so it won't open.     Okay, you've got to let me see yours first.    I told you you could. Here. See?    I can't see that! You gotta take it out more.     Better?    Eeeww! That's so gross. It looks like a big worm.    It'll get hard. Wanna see?     What would I have to do?    Just touch it.     Touch it? No way!    Aw, c'mon! It won't bite.     No. I'm not touching it.    Okay, then show me yours.     I dunno if I should.    You promised. I showed you mine.     
    • by PyroT3k :...
    • Netmeeting
      netmeeti zip (8k) (F/F, FF/m, F/m, voy, pedo, cons)
      Ring ... Ring! Ring ... Ring!     Netmeeting Alert! Incoming call from:    "Shannon"    Awesome! Cindy says to herself as she quickly presses the "Accept Call" button.    Cindy is a 19-year-old bisexual girl who's currently babysitting an 11-year-old boy at his house. With the boy down for an afternoon nap, she has time to surf the net and play a little before he wakes for dinner.     
    • by Sam T. Sleaze :...
    • Road Rage, part 2 of 4
      roadrag2 zip (9k) (Mmmf incest, oral, anal, bdsm, torture)
      I was on the highway again in my Chevy, the last of the good American cars, when the boy Stan came to and started to moan and wiggle around. He was gagged, tied up well enough and under a tarp next to me, but the last thing I needed was for him to attract attention to me. Especially since I had just kind of weaved in the road while jotting down the license number of the boy who had been tailgating me just now. He couldn't have been more than 18. I got a good look at him as he gave me the finger as he went by, and I knew that was a finger I'd be cutting off in the near future. But back to the present.     
    • by Kay Andrews :...
    • Show Me How, Mommy! ch 5
      showmeh5 zip (15k) (g/g/F/M)
      Conclusion. Little Debbie's mother shows her more, and more. She and her friend, Susie are certainly hungry little girls. Enjoy this conclusion and there just might be another one coming, soon ... smiles, everyone!     
    • by Ron :...
    • The Colony: Discovering A New Living
      thecolon zip (66k) (M/g/g g/g b/g)
      That's when he heard the bray of a hunting dog. This changed things again. There is a special dynamic to dog pursuit learned only when being actively engaged by them. They were relentless and could run down any human in any terrain, Captain Connors being no exception to the rule.     
    • by Tommy Warhead :...
    • The Doctor of Eagle Bay Pass, ch 3: Melissa & Bobby Stone
      thedoct3 zip (8k) (M/f, M/b, Medical Exam, Humil)
      I just knew today would be a great day. I only had two patients scheduled, but for the same appointment. Melissa and Bobby Stone are your typical all American Kids.      Melissa is a fifteen-year-old cutie with long straight blonde hair and deep blue eyes. Five foot five inches tall with well developed "B" cups. Her younger brother Bobby just turned ten last week. He has the same deep blue eyes but light brown hair parted down the middle. Bobby's average size for his age, about four foot ten.    I had Melissa and Bobby's files spread out on my desk when Nurse Lisa walked into my office.     "I guess you can't wait for them to get here either," She said to me, noticing the files on my desk. "They'll be her around 10am, about an hour from now. Mrs. Stone asked if she needed to be here for the exams, something about a beauty shop appointment and then a quick lunch with her friends. She should be able to pick them up around 1pm. Of course, I told her that was fine, we would be happy to have them wait in the reception area until she returns. I suppose though these are going to be very thorough examinations. So they won't have to wait too long."     
    • by Dalton :...
    • Trailer Trash, part 11
      traile11 zip (14k) (M/F/fffff anal, oral, vagie cons)
      She was drawn to their tableau, fucking so fast they almost froze solid into a Roman copy of a Greek allegorical masterwork of a God who’d come to earth to seduce then ravish an earthly maiden until she transformed into an animal and bounded off to produce god-spawned multitudes of half human creatures     
    • by Admiral Cartwright :...
    • A Letter from your Worst Nightmare
      aletterf zip (41k) (Mg, preteen, inc, cons, politics)
      Dear Parent:     Ms. Castilleja already was waiting for me as I was ushered into the small, simple room this morning. A single wooden bench spanned the distance between four booths, each with no more than a telephone, a metal countertop, and heavy glass teasing me with life on the outside.     We each took our respective positions -- hers in a far more comfortable chair -- and picked up a receiver. "Good morning, Mister Phelps," she beamed.     My smirk was almost imperceptible. "I see the television was YOUR babysitter, too, eh?"     "I'm sorry?"     "Never mind," I finished, brushing off the question in her eyes. I held her gaze, however, in an effort to see into the person behind those eyes and, perhaps, to shake her up. Just a little.     It worked.     
    • by Fiona Wright :...
    • Busting The Cherry
      bustingt zip (6k) (m/f inc preg true)
      This is the true story of how I lost my cherry to my big brother.     
    • by Scudder :...
    • In My Beginning
      inmybegi zip (11k) (M/b Oral Anal Spank)
      My first sexual experience happened at the movie theater when I was only eight years old.     
    • by Frank Goldman :...
    • Process of Elimination: Another day in the Life of Spurwood Girls' School
      processo zip (14k) (M/f, femdom, adult/juvenile, bondage, w/s)
      The students are temporarily given the run of Spurwood School for Girls, and the teachers are taught.     

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