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      On Friday PM, September 28, 2001

    • by Analover :...
    • A Dutiful Daughter, part 2
      adutifu2 zip (6k) (M/f anal)
      Victoria looked at her father's face and realized that, right now, all he wanted from her was sex. It was pointless to object or try to fight him. What he didn't get by pleading hed take by force. "Let me undress," she said in a barely audible voice.     
      A Letter From Home
      aletterf zip (5k) (Family)
      Exactly what it says it is...     
    • by T. Lawrence Shannon :...
    • A Nudist Boy's Letters, ch 23
      anudis23 zip (6k) (M/F/mmmmmmmmm/fff/pedo/bond/scat/ws/mom/son/preg)
      The next letter my wife and I found that our twelve-year-old son wrote to his pen-pal. In this one he describes his starting to fuck his monther and get her knocked up. How he starts fucking with all his family members with his unusually big prick and how the family invites another open family over for the weekend.     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • I Know Who You Are, I Know What You Did
      iknowwho zip (14k) (gg-11 g-solo dildo inf inc pedo oral M-solo inf-solo Mg-10 dad daut Mg-11 NC)
      A silly game on the phone by two girls that are alone at night and bored lead to a desperate search for them. A man, that can't take the chance that they might know his secret, goes to extreme measures to make sure his secret is safe. The secret that he has kept since his 10 year old girl was an infant. The secret that could destroy the minister of a church in the small town where he lives. One girl pays a very high price for that game.     
    • by Michaela :...
    • India Child, ch 3
      indiach3 zip (5k) (M/g 8y poo pee feet rape)
      How thick is the hymen of an 8-year old child? Just filmy, a tenth of a millimeter, half a millimeter? How much dues it hurt, if I rip it open? How strong do I have to push until it breaks?     
    • by PRE-vert :...
    • Just Another Day In Paradise, ch 1
      justano1 zip (9k) (b/g tease, exploration)
      Josh is a bright young boy, and that's good, because he'll need all he has to cope with what the world has in store for him.    What Josh really wants is Cindy Dugan, a girl in his class, but so far he's had no luck with her. He may not give up, but will he ever have the girl he dreams of? Perhaps he'll just have to settle with his little twin sisters...     
    • by Easy Rider :...
    • Schooldazed, ch 7
      schoold7 zip (6k) (Mbbgg)
      Continuation of story of a boy and a girl whose curiosity and love of adventure leads them to discover the pleasures of life and share them with friends and family.     
    • by The Old Medic :...
    • Watching, Always Watching
      watching zip (19k) (m/F/F/f/f, Incest, Pedo, N/C, Blackmail)
      Jason Witherspoon is a genius, who sets up hidden cameras all over his house. Then, he starts drugging his mother, and taking advantage. When he does the same thing to his sister, he get caught, and is in big trouble. But, he has w way out, and a way to control the situation.     
    • by Ivan Fedorov & AnaLover :...
    • Fire and Ice
      fireandi zip (10k) (M/F)
      Polina watched as Kostya jumped down from the sofa and dragged off his trousers, then hurriedly unbuttoned his shirt and cast it aside. Totally naked, he got into position on his knees behind her and Polina stared at him over her shoulder, licking her lips in excited anticipation.     
    • by Narikadas :...
    • Summer With Anju Mausi, part 3
      summerw3 zip (29k) (Indian, Mm, MFm, FFFm, inc, oral, anal, les, bi, bd, ws, lact)
      Uncle gave further demonstrations of his love for his pretty nephew. When Aunt's maid returned, the festivities began in earnest with all day long sex. Aunt's girlfriend started loving the boy, the Maid adored him and finally brought her lactating daughter to give him some sweet nourishment.     
    • by Athena (Cumsucker's lover) :...
    • The Night I Became a T-Bob Cum Slut
      thenight zip (6k) (F/MMMM+ cum)
      I met my lover here... at Mr. Double's story site. His writing inspired me to write to him, as he is the only man I've ever known who seemed to be so inside my head. When he wrote about his sluts being "used" by groups of men I tingled inside. When he wrote about loads and loads of cum being splashed on his sluts' faces, I found myself wishing I was one of his cum sluts. I knew then I had to write to this man, and I did.     
    • by Mike D. :...
    • Verbotene Gefhle, teil 5
      verbote5 zip (12k) (m/w (Geschwister) - 13j/11j - erste Gefhle / mastubieren)
      Im fnften Teil der sehr real geschriebenen Geschichte sind die Geschwister zunchst allein zu Hause. Diesmal bekommt Michael auch die Stellen ausfhrlich zu Gesicht, die er bis jetzt immer nur im verborgenen gestreichelt hat.     

      Thursday PM, September 27, 2001

    • by Diddler :...
    • Her Mommy's Boyfriend, ch 2
      hermomm2 zip (4k) (M/f, mast, oral, anal, first)
      Her excitement becoming almost unbearable as she felt this wondrous man-meat pumping up, prying open her jaw, spreading her lips and stuffing itself into her. Her mind started screaming over and over "IT'S GONNA HAPPEN IN MY MOUTH!!! IT'S GONNA GO INSIDE ME!!!" She was so ramped up her body was quivering and her sucking became almost frantic.     
    • by CuriusCat :...
    • My Own Days (and Nights) of Terror
      myownday zip (12k) (M/g, Inter-racial, semi-consensual rape)
      History has an odd way of repeating itself. Especially where sex has it's way. My name is Eve and I have such mixed emotions about my seduction by a tall, dark and very handsome stranger on a lazy, balmy afternoon outside a small Sicilian town.    Little did I realize the import of that inter-action in the scheme of things. And little did I understand the emotions of a "man" scorned. Especially by my own mother! And the means by which he would avenge himself, not on her, but on me.     
    • by PedoRights :...
    • The SwingSet Camp, part 1
      theswin1 zip (11k) (Anything and everything M,F,m,f,b,g infant all combinations)
      The video began with a very simple graphic-     "SwingSet Camp"     An older man, 50ish then faded on screen sitting in front of a desk in what was obviously a log cabin. The shot was first wide, showing that he was obviously naked (this being among other things a nudist camp tape, that made sense.) He then began his introduction.     "Welcome to the Camp, as we call it here. We're so very glad that you're interested in our very unique Camp. Before we get into the nitty-gritty details, let me first give you some background on how the Camp came to be."     
    • by narikadas :...
    • My Maid Manju, part 3
      mymaidm3 zip (19k) (MFFFf, nc, reluc, rape, bdsm, oral, anal, tort, inc, ws, lact)
      The teenage girl's ravishing was now even more intense as her mother and aunt were there to help me. Soon the group was joined by the girl's elder sister and everyone had a lusty funfilled time except the poor girl who had to bear the brunt of our sadistic libido, especially mine. Finally she had to give me a ride like her aunt.     
      Summer with Anju Mausi, part 2
      summerw2 zip (26k) (mFM, Mm, oral, anal, inc, les, bi, NC, ws)
      When uncle returned from his business trip, the young teenager thought his sex life was over. But to his joy after some initial pain and tears, he learned that it had just begun; his uncle loved him even more than his aunt loved him!     
    • by Sacha :...New Author.!.!.!
    • sacha1 zip (23k) (Mom/son inc)
      , . , .     
    • by Mike D. :...
    • Verbotene Gefhle, teil 4
      verbote4 zip (14k) (m/w + w/w/w (Geschwister+Freunde) 8-13j - erste Gefhle - sehr real)
      In dieser sehr realen Schilderung ber die Geschwistern Michael und Nadine, die ihre ersten Erfahrungen machen, erlebt Nadine nicht nur mit ihrem Bruder, sondern auch beim Besuch ihrer Freundin sowie deren Schwester einiges neues.     
    • by Geoffroy Perrault :...
    • Yasmina, L'orpheline Du Dsert, part 2
      yasmina2 zip (14k) (M/bg, b/g, M/g, pedo, spanking, rom)
      Deuxime partie des aventures de Yasmina qui lentement se rapproche des origines mystrieuses de sa naissance.     

      Wednesday PM, September 26, 2001

    • by sgfookat :...
    • Hedonistic Swinging Siblings, ch 4
      hedonis4 zip (8k) (mg+ gg mf fg+ Mg+ Fg+ Mf Ff inc cons rom ped interr preg)
      With the head of my dick pressed firmly into the mouth of the funnel that was sitting in the mouth of the baby bottle, Bri slipped one more finger up my bunghole increasing the pressure on my prostate as she continued to wank me into the funnel     
    • by daddydoright :...
    • Please Don't Stop Now
      pleasedo zip (11k) (M/f adult father, 13 year old daughter, incest, consensual)
      My daughter had become a very alluring woman by the time she turned thirteen years old. Incest was morally and legally taboo but I couldn't keep from wanting to experience it with my sexy young daughter. And then we did     
    • by Narikadas :...
    • Mother And Two Daughters, part 2
      mothera2 zip (26k) (Indian, MFFf, inc, oral, anal, les, Bi, bdsm, feet, Scat, ws, NC)
      A willing slave was found. Mother took him to a hill station for trying him out. She was completely satisfied with his devotion and ability to take anything she gave him without flinching. The triumphant mother returned home with the slave and the daughters were overjoyed. There was no limit to their depravity as the willing slave soon learned.     
      My Maid Manju, part 2
      mymaidm2 zip (19k) (Indian, MFFf, nc, reluc, rape, bdsm, oral, anal, tort, inc, lact)
      When I returned unannounced, I found Manju busy with a pretty teenage girl, her niece. I got into the act, much against the wishes of the girl and soon I was ravishing her as I pleased, with Manju's active help. When the girl's mother (Manju's sister) turned up for a showdown, she allowed herself to be seduced by me.     
    • by TheDope :...
    • Wenn Swinger zum FKK-Campen fahren, part 1
      wennswi1 zip (27k) (Group/M/b/F/g/yng/anal/be)
      Eine Phedo Familie macht Urlaub mit den lieblings Swingern, die selbst Familie haben.     

      Tuesday PM, September 25, 2001

    • by Michaela :...
    • India Child, ch 2
      indiach2 zip (9k) (M/g 8y anal poo pee feet rape)
      Now I am alone in the room with this 8-year old girl, and I can play with her any game I want. For example going to the toilet. Spreading her toes and smelling at them. And eventually examining her rectum. With my finger and my penis.     
    • by A. T. Driver :...
    • Mary's Little Sister
      maryslit zip (7k) (m/f, f/f, pedo. incest)
      It was Monday morning and I was getting my daughter Gina's breakfast when the phone rang. I picked it up and said hello. It was Mary's mother. I hate to ask you this she said, but Karen, my nine year old, isn't feeling well today. My husband or I one could usually stay home, but we both have court today. Mary's mother and dad where both lawyers. Would it be to much trouble for you if she stayed at your house while the other kids are at school today? She shouldn't be any trouble, and Mary could stop by after school and walk her home. I just don't want her being by herself all day.     
    • by Tommy Warhead :...
    • Meeting Jennifer
      meetingj zip (6k) (M/g(12), cons)
      Then it happened again, as I stood to clear the table, I found Jennifer staring straight at my crotch. She did not even try to hide it. I don't know what made me do it, but I found myself asking her if she would like a closer look. At that point I was half expecting Jennifer to go running terrified from my veranda back to the hotel, but instead she just nodded her head. I guess that bottle of wine we both drank with lunch made us both adventurous.     
    • by Easy Rider :...
    • Schooldaze, ch 6
      schoold6 zip (9k) (pedo, mfbgg, inc, cons)
      Continuation of a story about a boy and a girl whose curiosity and love for adventure lead them to discover the pleasures of life and share them with family and friends.     
    • by Alice :...
    • The Girls Next Door
      thegirls zip (17k)
      It was a beautiful June day and I was standing on the front porch thinking. I was fifteen and still a virgin. Sure, I'd fooled around a few times, but no girl has been willing to go all the way. I heard some giggling. Three girls were hanging around on the porch of the house next door. One of them waved at me. I recognized her as the daughter of our neighbor, Mrs. Morrison. I waved back and grinned at them. The girl who had waved hid her face in her hands, while her friends giggled and whispered among themselves. All I knew about her was that she lived in that house and had a younger sister. She is beautiful, I thought, a knockout when she's older. She was starting to get some curves. Her long blonde hair was lightened by the summer sun and her legs looked tan and firm under her shorts.     
    • by Paul Phenomenon :...
    • The Paranormal Phenomenon, part 5, ch 42
      thepara7 zip (15k) (M/F M/f F/F F/f bro/sis mom/son dad/daut mom/daut unc/niece aunt/nephew aunt/niece inc group)
      Special Agent Evan Wright sat across from Adam at Vincent's on Camelback Road. On the young man's right, Bill sipped his cocktail while he chatted with the FBI agent. Vincent's was one of Adam's favorite restaurants in the Phoenix area. He knew he would miss the chef's unique menu when the family moved to Carefree and vowed to make the time-consuming trek to Phoenix to visit Vincent's occasionally. Bill had introduced Adam to the FBI agent, and since then Wright had ignored the young man.     
    • by Jynx :...
    • Jynx, parts 7-9
      jynx7_9 zip (9k) (F/gg M/FFg)
      Jynx gets into deep, deep trouble     
    • by Little Love :...
    • Sister, part 1
      sister1 zip (15k) (Mf, cons, photo)
      Things started back when I was in college. I had been dating a lovely Asian girl for a few years. Sandy was beautiful to behold. That little-girl body had just the right amount of nastiness to drive you crazy. We did lots of interesting things together and often it was the first time for each of us. I was a few years ahead of her in school and finished off my first degree before she did. I had been pursuing a double major at the private school that we were attending and had managed to get through about one third of the second degree when I ran out of money. I talked with my parents and they agreed to help me get into a state school in order to finish off the second degree.     
    • by qmommad :...
    • Yumi Seiko and Big Carl Johnson
      yumiseik zip (7k) (m/m; M/f; black/oriental; teen/pedo; rape; preg)
      Big Carl Johnsons cock had a mind of its own. When IT needed servicing, it let him know. Now, in jail, all he had to do was bend his "jail bitch" over and unleash the monster. Baby china doll interupts his stroking the drooling monster and .......well, read it.     

      Monday PM, September 24, 2001

    • by daddydoright :...
    • A Bargain At Wal-Mart
      abargain zip (14k) (M/g adult man, eleven year old girl pedo sex, some non-consent, masturbation)
      When I found out my wife wanted to go to the big Wal-Mart store I eagerly stated that I wanted to go along with her. My mind began painting vivid pictures of all the sexy young women who would be walking around all over the place. I informed my spouse that I simply wanted to sit out in the car and listen to a baseball game while she was inside shopping. I had planned on enjoying myself while engaged in 'girl-watching' but I never dreamed of just how enjoyable this trip would turn out.....     
    • by The Old Medic :...
    • Dog Tags
      dogtags zip (19k) (M/F/F/f/f, Incest, Pedo, Mind Control, growth, regression)
      Bobby is fat, almost 400 pounds fat. He has never had a girl, and could do anything with one if he did. He can't even reach his dick to jack off. Then, he inherits his grandfathers dog tags, and a special book. Revenge is so sweet.     
    • by twoeyes :...
    • Summer Kisses, part 1
      summerk1 zip (8k) (inc (bro/sis), oral, rough, cons)
      It began with a kiss, and ended with her brother taking her virginity in the shower. Summer liked and needed it rough from anybody, even her own brother.     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • Teresa, My Sister, My Love, part 2
      teresam2 zip (12k) (M-solo Mg-10 pedo 1st inc MF bro sis oral)
      For all that begged for more of this story and a happy ending, well, I just might find that for you. Twelve years have passed since I lost that big poker hand in Frisco and sealed my fate. Broke, and with nothing to show for the years I had spent trying to make enough money to go to my sister and take her away with me, I drifted around the country going south in the winter to escape the cold and snow and trying to find some reason for my life. I found women, I had no problem there, but they were never that young girl I still loved and I searched for every where I went.     
    • by PedoRights :...
    • The True, parts 1-3
      thetr1_3 zip (9k) (M,F,m,f,b,g infant in all combinations, pedo, inc, con, non, group, cum, preg, beast)
      The Story of the True tells the accounts of a fictional church, like anyone you may see today, which preaches and practices a faith of love through sex.     
    • by Jynx :...
    • Jynx, parts 5-6
      jynx5_6 zip (7k) (b/gg M/g)
      Jynx meets up with Patty again and she introduces her to Johnny and they have lots of fun.     
    • by rupert :...
    • Sammy's Abduction, part 2
      sammysa2 zip (4k) (M/f/nc tort / nasty)
      Sammy's painfilled education continues, as the child is tortured further     
    • by narikadas :...
    • Summer With Anju Mausi, part 1
      summerw1 zip (21k) (mFF, Oral, anal, inc, les, bi)
      The narrator, a young boy of thirteen describes the summer he spent with his aunt. His mother's sister, a lusty woman of forty two initiated him in all manners of sex and then went ahead to have sex with her girlfriend in front of him.     

      Sunday PM, September 23, 2001

    • by JJ Longprong :...
    • Church of Universal Naked Truth, ch 6-7
      churc6_7 zip (14k) (M/F inter orgy)
      Reverend Jim was sitting in the large pool between Pamela and Donna. He had his arms outstretched and wrapped around each. He occupied his time by alternately stroking the brunette's breast, and then the blonde's. He was attempting to determine which weighed more. It was hard to gauge. They were both magnificently full.     
    • by Keyman :...
    • Grandpa's Little Angels Mandy the Daughter
      grandpa6 zip (40k) (M/ggf ages 7, 11, 12, Incest, Pedo, Lesbian, Anal, Oral, Fucking plus a lot of raughy sex)
      In this part of Grandpas Little Angels, John finally gets to have sex with his last remaining unsullied daughter, Mandy. He finds out she is blackmailing her sister Clarice, into having sex with her. He deviously plots to get all three of his young daughters in the same place at the same time. His ultimate aim, family group sex, Incest at its best so to speak. His plan works and all the girls end up together. He ends up convincing them to have a sex show contest for his benefit. The rules, well there are no rules. Well there is one, the daughter putting on the raunchiest show wins. The prize is who gets to fuck daddy first and each girl is determined to have daddys cock in their pussy first. The girls surprise even their perverted father with some of the ideas they cum up with in order to win the contest.     
    • by Sam T. Sleaze :...
    • My Damned Nephews, part 1 of 2
      mydamne1 zip (7k) (Mbb, incest, light bondage)
      The sounds of two boys kissing filled the house when I told Chuck to start sucking on his brother's tongue. Of course, he did as he was told, and the boys continued to kiss. I told them to keep kissing each other, and I started to spank their cute little asses at the same time. Playful little light swats at first, and then I swung harder and harder until the boys were squirming all over. I stopped and told the boys to get on their hands and knees.     
    • by Easy Rider :...
    • Schooldaze, ch 5
      schoold5 zip (5k) (mmf, pedo, cons)
      Continuation of a story about a boy and a girl whose curiosity and love for adventure lead them to a world of pleasure which they saher with their friends and family     
    • by Jynx :...
    • Jynx, part 5
      jynx5 zip (4k) (b/gg)
      Jynx finds Patty again and introduces her to Johnny. Jynx introduces Patty to Johnny and the three of them have lots of fun.     

      Saturday PM, September 22, 2001

    • by Diddler :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Her Mommy's Boyfriend, ch 1
      hermomm1 zip (6k) (M/f mast, oral, anal, first)
      It was pulsing and pumping up. I let her watch it throb and grow, pushing up against my pant leg. Her eyes grew wider and wider as she watched and she let out a long, low breathy "Gyyyaaaaaaahhh."     
    • by bluvum :...
    • Cash In Advance
      cashinad zip (14k) (F, M, g=age 5, voy/exhib/preg/les/most forms of sex/inc)
      Cash In Advance is about a 26 year old single Pregnant mother large with child, her 5 year old daughter and an acquaintance of the woman. After years of scrimping and struggling to make ends meet, it is little wonder that she would contemplate performing unthinkable acts that include her little girl, in exchange for a large sum of money. When a man waves a small fortune in a woman's face, and she has never had a pot to piss in, or a window to throw it out of; some women will take the money with little or no regards to the effects her actions may have on her child.     
    • by JJ Longprong :...
    • Church of Universal Naked Truth, ch 4-5
      churc4_5 zip (14k) (M/F inter orgy)
      Everywhere around the congregation penises and pussies were popping into view. Many of the penises were erect, and many of the pussies were open--including Donna's. It had flowered open slightly while she had been admiring Keith's manly physique. It had opened even more as she held his balls. It was now twitching uncontrollably and yearning for cock.     
    • by The Old Medic :...
    • Elizabeth, part 2
      elizabe2 zip (26k) (M/f/f/f, Inc, Romantic)
      The story of Elizabeth and Al Wilson continues. Al's youngest daughter, Julia, runs away, and shows up on his door. Rachel and Mary come to live there, too. How does Al cope, and what happens to his life?     
    • by sgfookat :...
    • Hedonistic Swinging Siblings, ch 3
      hedonis3 zip (5k) (preg birth lac)
      It's...still kind of a blur to me, this day; a day of massive carnage, still uncounted dead, and of the miracle of birth. The day the United States was attacked by terrorists; and my sister gave birth to our third child started out clear and crisp here in the Southwest...     
    • by Easy Rider :...
    • Schooldaze, ch 4
      schoold4 zip (5k) (Wmmf, pedo, cons)
      The continuation of a story about a boy and girl whose curiosity and love of adventure leads them to discover the pleasures of life and share them with their friends and family     
    • by Paul Phenomenon :...
    • The Paranormal Phenomenon, part 5, ch 41
      thepara6 zip (12k) (M/F M/f F/F F/f bro/sis mom/son dad/daut mom/daut unc/niece aunt/nephew aunt/niece inc group)
      Family celebrates Bea's pregnancy     
    • by Dalton :...
    • Trailer Trash, part 14
      traile14 zip (18k) (M/F/fffff anal, oral, vagie cons)
      He stopped moving and she kept up his motions, fucking her ass into his cock, keeping the same pressure he had, feeling her ass open, then shut in tiny puckering movements, each one a miniscule increment bigger than the last, moving so she took more of his precious cock tip inside, slid her ass further down on its tapered tip     
    • by Fluffnut :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Jen
      jenny zip (20k) (M/f dad/daut inc, pedo)
      My name is Phil. I'm your typical average guy, 5"6' 165 lbs brown hair slight bulge in the mid section, you know the kind of person you see every day. I work at home as a day trader, that is I buy and sell stock on my computer, and make some dam good cash to boot.     I have a wife named Helen whom I have been married to for four years. She's a forensic accountant. She goes to failed businesses to see what went wrong and how much money is left to give to the creditors. Kind of dry stuff but she likes it.     For the past four years we have been trying to have a baby. With much hard work, witch I loved by the way, we finally had a baby girl named Jennifer. She is the cutest thing you have ever seen.     
    • by Mr. Dickerson :...
    • Eddie And His Four Sisters, ch 3
      eddiean3 zip (5k) (m/f/f/f/F bro/sis/ sis/sis/sis teen sex)
      Eddie finally has all four of his hot sisters in one place, at one time.     
    • by Jynx :...
    • Jynx Loves Johnny
      jynxlove zip (11k) (m/f)
      Boy mom was sure mad at me when she read my other story. I stayed grounded for 2 months! She even got a baby sitter when her and dad went shopping, just to make sure I didn't get out. Ha!!! Mom didn't know that Cheryl who is bigger and older than me liked doing the same things Patty and I did! Cheryl asked me why I was grounded. My mom didn't tell her, but I did. She got this funny look on her face and said, "Oh really? Did you like what you and Patty did?" I said yes, I liked it alot. Then Cheryl asked me if I'd mind letting HER lick my bump. I giggled and said, "Ok!!" cuz I really like my bump licked.     
    • by Gregster :...
    • Milking Time: The Impossible Virgins
      milking7 zip (119k) (shemales; huge penises; lesbian sex)
      Tiffany and Jordan stood with their hands on their hips, letting Toppsy and Lulu take in the full sight of them for a moment. Each girl had a spectacular two-foot erection that was pointing up and out from her crotch at a forty-five degree angle. Each shaft had a network of veins running up and down it like ivy on a wall. The urethra shafts on the front of their cocks were as thick as a garden hose, and pulsed with a life of their own.     The skin of their cocks was a dark reddish-brown, and was coated with the sweat and juices from their pussies, and glistened in the lights of the room. Their cockheads were larger than their fists, and the opening at the tip was large enough to stick a finger into. Both Jordan and Tiffany's balls had swollen so that they were larger than two tennis balls.     "I was fascinated by the size of your tits, Lulu," said Tiffany. "I hit upon the idea of telling you and Toppsy that you'd won a contest, and luring you down here to the Bahamas, so we could have you all to ourselves.     "While you're here, you're going to absorb more cock and swallow more cum than you've ever seen in your life. You're gonna screw and suck like never before, and that includes both of you getting your asses fucked big time."     
    • by Jaz1701 :...
    • Nobody Loves Me Like My Daughter
      nobodylo zip (14k) (M/f incest)
      My name is John Ruby. I am married to a cold, but attractive woman named Beth, and have a beautiful daughter named Susan. I guess it's not a new story. Beth and I met when we were 15, fucked often, and got pregnant. We thought we were in love, well sort of, and I wanted to do the right thing. Our parents refused at first, but 3 weeks before the due date, gave their consent, and we were married.     
    • by Happy Husband :...
    • The Transformation of Elizabeth Barkley
      thetrans zip (9k) (M/f teen, rape trans4rm to lovemaking, breastfeeding, public sex)
      This story is about a teenage girl trapped in a rape situation. She rises to the occasion to give the sexual performance of her life, and in the process manages to fall in love with her rapist to the point that she became willing to improve her outward sexual attractiveness and to perform a sex act in public on him if it would land him permanently.     

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