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    September 29th - October 05th mid-Morning Updates

      On Friday PM, October 05, 2001

    • by Deb J :...New Author.!.!.!
    • NO Daddy, NO!
      nodaddyn zip (10k) (M/f/rp?/preg?)
      It's my own fault for teasing. What did I know? I was barely 14 for Christ's sake. Everything I read, almost every TV show, it's all about playing boys or manipulating men. Every girl flirts, right? I guess maybe I got carried away...     
    • by Michaela :...
    • India Child, ch 5
      indiach5 zip (3k) (M/g 8y rape feet vomit)
      I know I will do it. Right now. The trigger is not the fact that a little girl stands naked in front of me. The trigger is that her cunny is glistening with a wet, yellowish shine, showing that she has just peed.     I grab her with both hands. Lift her up, until her chest is at the same height of my head. And lower her down. Her feet do not touch the floor. But her cunny lips touch my erect penis. And I loosen my grip.     
    • by PRE-vert :...
    • Just Another Day in Paradise, ch 2
      justano2 zip (12k) (b/g, b/gg tease, inc, exploring)
      Well, Josh is on his way to paradise, and he can't seem to get his mind off the girls. What's worse, there are four of them! Two are his little twin sisters, but, well, they are cute...     
    • by Faulk Wolf :...
    • Elsie, part 1
      elsie1 zip (4k) (M/f M 15 f 9)
      Playing 'doctor' on a summer afternoon, a teanage boy and his 9 yer old neighbor have some real fun     

      Thursday PM, October 04, 2001

    • by LEBEC :...
    • Mopsy's Tale, part 5: Jughead Saves The Day
      mopsyst5 zip (10k) (Fdog, best, nc, drug)
      "OK, give me a second to get undressed." Spike stumbled backwards and leaned up against a wall. He pulled off his boots, pants and underwear, having more and more difficulty with each garment. Finally, with faint, slurred speech he said, "I'll be right there. I just need a little nap. Just a little..." Without finishing his sentence, Spike passed out hard, slumped against the base of the wall.Janae did not hear Spike's last sentence, too intent on her own horny state. "Come on, Baby. Come and get it!" she commanded. Fortunately, Jughead was nearby to save the day!     
    • by White :...
    • Nice Neighbours
      niceneig zip (22k) (F/teen/f/g/ped/inc)
      A siteen year old boy get heavily involved with his new neighbours.     
    • by rupert :...
    • Sammy's Abduction, part 4
      sammysa4 zip (3k) (M/f /tort)
      My tiny 9 year-old slave endures harsher tortures.     

      Wednesday PM, October 03, 2001

    • by Amber Gold :...
    • Lesbian Lovers
      lesbianl zip (11k) (ff-15 Ff-14 mf-1st NC inc oral anal cons f-solo)
      Lauren was on her back on the bed. She was naked and she reached behind her to grab the brass head board as Maxine pulled the sheet away, looking down at her naked body. Maxine was beautiful. Her skin was a lovely shade of tan from all the swimming and tennis she did and her body was small but perfect. She had great legs and such a sunny smile. She had this dark muff between her legs that attracted the eye right to the center of her female body. She always had a smile for Lauren. Pulling her down so that her mouth could suck in that hard nipple atop the full breast that was so lovely she began sucking, kissing and licking at that erogenous zone of her lover.     
    • by Paul Phenomenon :...
    • Talk and Fuck II
      talkand2 zip (13k) (M/F F/F cheat)
      Paul gets his wife, Claire, to tell him more about her sluttish behavior     
    • by daddydoright :...
    • The Girls of Apartment 131
      thegirls zip (20k) (M/F, M/g adult man, adult mother, sex adult man, 10 year old girl, pedo sex ,consen)
      There was no future for me living in the same small town after my wife and I got divorced. I decided to move rather then be the butt of town-gossip so I rented an apartment in a big new complex in the city. I picked an upstairs unit which faced out to the swimming pool. A week went by before I met my new downstairs neighbors but it was worth the wait once we introduced ourselves, mommy and daughter.....     
    • by mrdouble :...
    • So, Where The Hell Was Biggles When You Needed Him Last Saturday ?
      sowhere1 zip (12k) (M/f, M/ff, incest, pedo, sperm)
      "Hurry, Dad ! We'll miss the plane." Misty Smith tugged at her father's jacket as they both rushed towards Munich's Gate 21. Terry Smith took a deep breath and quickened his pace, all the while proud of how mature his seventeen year old daughter had become in recent years.     Arriving at Gate 21, Terry presented their tickets to the Lufthansa Airlines Representative for their boarding passes. The agent looked over the tickets, then asked in a thick German accent, "Good Morning Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Would you like to sit in the smoking or non-smoking area ?"     Terry grinned to himself, a warm glow encompassing him as he contempleted the thought that his daughter appeared to others to be his wife. "We'd like the smoking section, please". She handed the two their passes, and they proceeded through the loading tunnel, and stepped into the Jumbo 757 jet.     Terry eased himself deep into one of the leather seats in the First Class compartment, while Misty took the window seat next to him. Terry glanced around noticing the remainder of the cabin was empty with the exception of two young girls seated directly across from them. He gave them both a warm smile and said hello, then looked back to his daughter and asked, "Everything ok, Hon ?"     
    • by Abear :...
    • So, Where The Hell Was Biggles When You Needed Him Last Saturday ? part 2 (version by Abear)
      sowhere2 zip (21k) (M/f, M/ff, incest, pedo, sperm)
      A continuation of the Mr. Biggle's story. The sisters continue to torment Terry on the plane, and then force him to rent a hotel room at the airport. When his daughter joins in, the girls set about refilling the sperm vials and investigating the hotel with the sperm glasses. A long story of their adventures with a very climactic ending.     
    • by Little Girl Watcher :...
    • So, Where The Hell Was Biggles When You Needed Him Last Saturday ? part 2 (version by Little Girl Watcher)
      sowhere3 zip (27k) (M/f, M/ff, incest, pedo, sperm)
      "When we last left Terry Smith, he had just deposited a fairly large load of slippery semen onto the generously endowed chest of his fitfully napping seventeen year old daughter Misty. While Terry had always had a definite desire for his sexy teenaged daughter, he had never acted upon his forbidden impulses...would not have acted on them now, except for the fact that he had gotten caught in a flagrant display of self induced air born ecstasy by a pair of innocent little girls who were not nearly as innocent as little girls should be. In fact, the saucy little troublemakers were oh so sweetly blackmailing him into..............."     

      Tuesday PM, October 02, 2001

    • by Mikey :...
    • Exhibitionist Family
      exhibiti zip (9k) (MF, m, f, mm, voy, exh, mast, pedo)
      The thing about a naturist beach is that there's nowhere to hide an erection. Which is great, actually, when you think about it. Girls have it so much harder than boys (sorry about the pun). If they're sexually aroused, you might never know it - even when they're naked. Boys, on the other hand, trumpet their arousal for everyone to see (at least when they're naked). This is a good thing, of course, for any boy who likes to show off - and for anyone who likes to look at boys showing off.     
    • by Euphoria :...
    • Fate's Pre-teen Fling
      fatespre zip (10k) (M/f dad/dau adult/child oral anal pedo underage seduction)
      A man arrives at K-Mart to pick up some photos of himself ass-fucking his daughter. While there, he shows the photos to a shy, curious ten year old and takes her for a drive. His life is changed forever.     
    • by sgfookat :...
    • Hedonistic Swinging Siblings, ch 5
      hedonis5 zip (6k) (MF bf Mb Mf Fb Ff inc cons rom anal first)
      The inexperienced, naïve’, brother and sister down the street from me were quickly becoming wisely cosmopolitan in their carnal knowledge. Drew (m/15) and LeAnn (f/17) gradually worked their way up to having me indoctrinate them into the world of incest when the were only 12 and 14 respectively     
    • by JJ Longprong :...
    • Jan's Extraordinary Sexual Adventure, ch 3-4
      jansext2 zip (6k) (M/F sci-fi)
      On the other side of the room, Red began feeling Jan's breasts. She watched in horrified fascination as a clawtip traced an imaginary line under the fleshy mammary to her nipple. She held her breath and looked on as he traced the claw back and forth from one spot to another. He did this dozens of times, apparently experimenting to see how large and hard her nipple would become.     
    • by Lord Orthus :...New Author.!.!.!
    • War Babies, ch 1
      warbabi1 zip (3k) (m/F mom/son preg)
      With so many adult men missing from the War of 2015, the government took drastic measures: certain kinds of incest was legalized and certain teen high school boys were put out to stud.     

      Monday PM, October 01, 2001

    • by Tommy Warhead :...
    • Abducting Catholic Schoolgirls, ch 3
      abducti3 zip (6k) (M/ff, nc, rape)
      John had assembled his young captives and had them all standing before him in their cutoff shorts, t-shirts and sneakers. His slut princess Eileen, was by his side as he paced up and down the row of young cock teasers. Eileen, unlike the rest of the girls was dressed in a tight sleeveless camo shirt and low riding jeans that showed off her sexy flat belly. It made it clear to the other girls that Eileen was the number one girl.    John was making it look like he was trying to decide on who would be his next victim, but his mind was made up a long time ago. John was going to deflower Montana and Eileen was going to help.     
    • by Michaela :...
    • India Child, ch 4
      indiach4 zip (4k) (M/g 8y pee poop feet rape)
      Seeing her cunny lips from below, waiting for her pee to rain town on my face, is too much for me. Her cunny excites me so much, and her pee excites me so much! I want both of them; I want to taste both of them at the same time. So I desperately press my lips against her cunny, my real lips against her cunny lips. Like in a french kiss. And I kiss her, passionately.     
    • by Scottyboy :...
    • Kathy - The Story Of A Future Incest Mom, ch 2
      kathyth2 zip (6k) (M/f, f/f, M/f/f)
      Kathy all mud splattered from the romp with her lover, twice her age, arrives at her best friend Sarah's place. Sarah shows Tom and Kathy hospitality and Tom and Sarah show Kathy, how much they truly love the lickable teen delight.     
      Michael's Awakening, ch 2
      michael2 zip (5k) (m/m, m/m/f, inc cons, w/s)
      Michael and Steve enjoy a little more anal fun, and Mike's sister Jane spies them and the boys discover how a 5yo girl can be sexy!     
    • by Vixen :...
    • Lila's Humiliating Punishment
      lilashum zip (9k) (MMFmmmm/Ff oral, anal, group, voyeur, bdsm)
      Deacon Smith is very strict with his thirteen year old daughter, Lila. When she cannot obey him, he enlists his friend Sam to help him out. They go to the school where four delinquent boys are enlisted as an additional punishment.     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • The Young Girl Fuck Club
      theyoung zip (8k) (Mg-9 ff-12 Fg-9 MF MMMFg-9 anul oral inc pedo dad daut group)
      My friend, Nick couldn't wait to invite me to join this new club. He was a member and asked me to join. Of course I did and it was as hot as he said. After the first party I could hardly wait to take Crissa, my 9 year old daughter, to the next house party. As I drove home I kept thinking about all the young girls I had just fucked. There were 8 of them tonight and I fucked each one at least once.     
    • by Keyman :...
    • Who's That Pretty Little Girl – Monica
      whosthat zip (43k) (M/g M/F/g age 11 Pedo, M/C Incest Voy)
      Andrew Garibaldi was a lucky man, at least he thought so. After hearing his story you might think so too. Andrew or "Bad Andy" as he referred to himself was the talent scout and preliminary judge for the "Who's That Pretty Little Girl" Preteen Beauty Contest. Actually he had developed the concept to make money and to satisfy his Pedophile cravings for young girls. His main job as he designed it was to find and interview young girls for a series of Beauty Contests. The first part of this series of tales will focus on Monica Molari, a young eleven year old beauty of Italian and Russian descent.     
    • by daddydoright :...
    • Wild Bill
      wildbill zip (11k) (M/g adult uncle, 12 year old niece pedo incest sex, nonconsent & consent)
      My sister and her husband had graciously let me stay in their extra bedroom while I found a place to live after moving. We all three worked daily and their daughter went to school. I found myself lusting for my little pretty niece and after hearing her school was closed the next day, I made plans to be home with her....     
    • by rupert :...
    • Sammy's Abduction, part 3
      sammysa3 zip (4k) (Mf/ preteen/anal/tort)
      Sammy meets some of my toys     

      Sunday PM, September 30, 2001

    • by JJ Longprong :...
    • Jan's Extraordinary Sexual Adventure, ch 1-2
      jansextr zip (22k) (M/F sci-fi)
      It was a very hot and very sultry night in the Central Valley of California, and beautiful Janet Matson was having a great deal of difficulty getting to sleep. She lay in her large bed restlessly tossing and turning atop the covers. First she would place her beautiful body in one position, and then in another, before rolling over to assume yet another position.     
    • by Skaidan :...
    • El Hijo Incrédulo
      elhijoin zip (5k) (m/F, incest)
      -Buf, ¡vaya cuerpazo! -exclamé cuando vi pasar a una mulata de ésas despampanantes.     -Tampoco es para tanto, hijo -respondió mamá, que caminaba junto a mí mientras volvíamos a casa por al lado del Retiro una tarde otoñal.     -No sé, pero a mí me parece impresionante.    -¿Y qué es lo que te gusta tanto de ella? -quiso saber mamá, que parecía estar celosa.    -Pues no sé... me da cosa hablar de esto.     

      Saturday PM, September 29, 2001

    • by daddydoright :...
    • Carri Plays With Dick
      carripla zip (11k) (M/g adult father, 8 year old daughter pedo incest, consen)
      This story gives a young girl's thoughts about her experience with her father and in alternating segments it gives his thoughts about the same experience. Daddy had already been aroused his little girl while rubbing sun-screen on her semi-nude body. And he became more stimulated when she came into the camper and locked the door behind her...     
    • by T. Lawrence Shannon :...
    • Family of Kiddy Whores, ch 13
      family13 zip (5k) (M/F/mmmm/fffff/pedo/bond/tort/ scat/beast/ws/rough/CAUTION)
      The seven and twleve-year-old brothers return from their depraved whoreing job to find their family haveing a perverted orgy. They see that since they've been gone their mother and sister's tit's and clit's have grown to unusually large sizes. Their dog is the center of attention while they watch their knocked-up mother faint from ectasy.     
    • by Evil Twin :...
    • Little Mistress
      littlemi zip (9k) (M/g-5, inc, cons, oral, anal, veg)
      I can remember lying on the sofa bed in the living room of my Grandma's house and waiting for my Grandpa to come. I was around five years old at the time and I already knew more about how to please a man sexually than most females learn in a lifetime. I was a cute little thing with long curly auburn hair down to my waist. I was built like an athlete even then. I wore my baby doll p.j. set with the frilly panties that I loved.      I held my breath and listened to the sound of my Grandma's snoring and knew it was time. First, I heard the springs on their old bed squeak plaintively and then the first floorboard moaned in accompaniment. My little pussy was already hot and wet just thinking about the pleasure to come. One thing I can say about my Grandpa, he certainly knew how to eat pussy and fuck.     
    • by Paul Phenomenon :...
    • The Paranormal Phenomenon, part 5: ch 43
      thepara8 zip (15k) (M/F aunt/neph inc)
      Patty breaks her marriage vows.     
    • by Centaur :...
    • The Seduction of Laura
      theseduc zip (53k) (M/f,inc, rom)
      Jeff Parker knew he had to do something about Laura. His daughter was a month away from turning thirteen and driving him crazy. What was actually driving Jeff crazy was his growing sexual obsession with his young pre-teen off-spring. So what it boiled down to Jeff thought was to leave her alone and continue to try to get relief by fucking his wife and pretending she was Laura, or come up with a plan to seduce Laura.     
    • by Happy Husband :...
    • The Satisfaction of Carol Massi
      howsand2 zip (13k) (rape w/victim orgasm, breastfeeding)
      This is the story of a young woman who gets raped when alone in her office. Due to the prowess of her rapist, she goes multi-orgasmic during the act, afterwards, she feels ashamed of having cum while being raped, but is set straight by her counselor. She begins to fantasize about what it might be like if he'd made love to her instead. She then gets a chance to find that out.     
    • by Jynx :...
    • Nasty
      nasty zip (4k) (MM/f)
      I was walking along the beach, when I heard a giggle...     
    • by Skaidan :...
    • En las nieves de Castilla
      enlasnie zip (10k) (m/F, incest)
      No creía que fuera a haber nadie esperándome en la estación cuando el tren se detuvo en ella aquella mañana fría de enero. Todo estaba bastante solitario cuando bajé al andén y una espesa niebla me impedía ver más allá de diez metros. Había restos de nieve aquí y allá, pero no eran muy abundantes y se podía caminar sin miedo a resbalarse.    Cuando el tren reanudó la marcha, entré en el vestíbulo de la estación, donde hacía mucho menos frío. Cuando me disponía a sentarme en uno de los bancos, me di cuenta de que una mujer cubierta casi por completo por un abrigo y un pañuelo se acercaba a mí sonriendo. Tenía unos cuarenta años y su piel era algo pálida, lo cual no me extrañó en absoluto teniendo en cuenta el frío intenso que hacía en aquella región de Castilla.     
      Se oía
      seoia zip (11k) (mMMM/F, incest)
      Lo único que se oía mientras penetraba el coño de mi madre eran los muelles de la cama, que crujían de vez en cuando. Mamá estaba boca arriba, con las piernas dobladas y las rodillas sobre su pecho y algo separadas para que pudiera metérsela mejor. Estaba completamente desnuda, aunque eso no importaba demasiado al estar la habitación totalmente a oscuras. De todos modos, yo sabía que sus grandísimas tetas de cuarentona estaban allí, estrujadas bajo sus rodillas. Mamá gemía en voz baja cuando sentía que mi miembro entraba hasta el fondo. Yo adoraba aquellos gemidos casi inaudibles, que daban más dureza a mi erección.     

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