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    August 24th - August 30th mid-Morning Updates

      On Friday PM, Aug 30, 2002

    • by Pussywillow :...
    • A Tribute to Nancy
      atribute zip (13k) (M/g/F ped, rom)
      I was the owner of an ice skating rink. There was this young girl in the group that I was helping to be ice skating professionals. I learned that she had leukemia, and didn't have long to live. I had gotten to know her and her mother pretty well, and she said that she wasn't going back for any more treatments that don't work. So, in order to make her happy in her last days on this earth, we decided to try to fulfill the list of things that she wanted to do before she died. One of the things on her list was to experience sex.     
    • by Calrese :...
    • Blind as a Bat, part 2
      blindas2 zip (07k) (F/g ff/g Inc Oral)
      Barbara waited as her Daughter appeared walking down the stairs she could see that her Daughter had changed but not into the outfit she had laid out on her bed for her, she had put on her Cheerleader's outfit, which consist of a thin blouse with white sweater and a short white mini skirt with white sock and shoes, she had put her hair up into a two ponytails with light pink lipstick on, Barbara bits her lower lip at how sexy and hot her Daughter looked as she walked slowly down the stairs then over to the kitchen, Barbara takes off her high hill shoes and tip toes into the kitchen she found that her Daughter had open the refrigerator and was drinking some orange juice out of the carton as she closed up the juice carton and started to open the frig she dropped the juice on the floor, Barbara started to walk over to her Daughter to help her when her Daughter quickly dropped to her knees and crawled around on her hands and knees searching for the juice carton. Barbara could see as her Daughter fumble to searched for the carton that she could see right up her Daughter's short mini skirt which was so short it was up over her Daughter's large ass, she could see that her Daughter had on a very tight bikini panties which was shoved right up her swollen pussy lips, Barbara bits her lower lip as she watched how hot her Daughter looked while on her knees searching for the juice carton, she gets down on her knees and crawls over to where her Daughter was searching, She could see how her Daughter was spread completely open, she quickly lays on her back and slides underneath her Daughter's wide spread legs.     
    • by concake :...
    • I Am Not A Stranger
      iamnotas zip (03k) (Mom/Son inc)
      Soon after the first encounter with Mom, I am getting addicted. Although I have tried not to do it again but I really can't resist her. Mom-after the day I did that terrible thing seemed like does not bother about it at all. She was not upset neither seemed happy as far as I can see. But, she stills as usual. Mom does the chores as usual and we talk as usual.     
    • by singledad :...
    • Painful Experience, ch 6
      painful6 zip (08k) (pedo, lesbian, forced SM, ‘bone scraping' w/s and more)
      Lena was getting restless, we had killed the five year old Melissa, and that was so exciting, we really wanted to try not to kill Andrea, although if we got carried away it wouldn't be the end of the world. She suggested that we stop messing the nine year old, and that we were giving her too much pleasure anyway. I'd realised that Lena didn't enjoying herself so much when her little victims liked what she did!     
    • by Grandpa lester :...
    • Shannon-10
      shannon zip (08k) (M/f (10) sex/con/first time)
      This is a story about how ten-year-old Shannon went out for the football team. The team went to a football camp for the weekend. Her coach ends up teaching her a few plays that were not in the playbook. Shannon was willing to learn all the different plays coach had to teach her.     
    • by Mel :...
    • The Carnival Was In Town
      thecarni zip (08k) (MM/m age 12/g age 10/ff/cons/nc/rape/reluc/Mdom/caution/span/va/anal/oral/voy)
      My name is Andy; I've been working with the carnival for the past 5 years. I've gotten to see a lot of things and done a few too! Being in a carnival you're around kids of all ages. So on different occasions opportunity does knock.     
    • by Little Girl Watcher :...
    • The Stroke Of Two At The Stroke Of Two [final]
      thestro4 zip (13k) (F/m/b Inc: inc mom/sons, oral, anal, pedo, voy, Cons)
      "Bring your fucking prick over her Joshy, and stick it to me!" "But mommy, I can't." Josh stammered, blinking nervously and wiping his sweaty, precum sticky hands on the bottom edge of the dress shirt he still wore. "I mean, there's no place to, uhm..." The nine year old indicated his mother's vagina and how it was currently stuffed with Todd's cock. He looked confused.     
    • by Capt. Dread :...
    • The Wagon, ch 4
      thewago4 zip (06k) (family/kidnapped/western/snuff/rape/m/f f/f /violence)
      Mary was the first to gain consciousness, she felt herself being bounced around roughly on her stomach, and she could smell the hot stale air inside her hood. Her small hands were tied tightly underneath the belly of the pony and attached to her small ankles on the other side.     
    • by Uncle Bobbie :...
    • Uncle Bobbi's Adventures, part 8: Brittany Tucker
      unclebo8 zip (12k) (M/ff ped)
      Bobbi meets two young preteens, Brittany and Jenica. Over a short time Brittany joins the ranks of other preteens brought into the wonders of sex with Uncle Bobbi. Jenica could be next.     

      Thursday PM, Aug 29, 2002

    • by Paul Phenomenon :...
    • Ghost, ch 8
      ghost8 zip (15k) (m/F m/f F bro/sis inc solo con)
      Derrick and his sister form a business partnership and continue to explore their incestuous relationship. Claire finally has her big night.     
    • by Joey :...
    • Judy, ch 2
      judy2 zip (09k) (F/f F/F f/f f/m F/m inc pedo w/s)
      Five year old Judy lay atop her sleeping mother and sucked on her clitoris.     
    • by Tasha :...
    • Loving Baby Girl
      lovingba zip (05k) (M/infant)
      There was no way anyone would know if I just touched her a little bit. And she couldn't talk yet, so... why not? I told myself that it was just his once as I picked her up and laid her on her tummy beside me. I squeezed her buns with one hand through her diaper before I slipped one finger inside and fondled her silky melons, paying particular attention to the split down the middle. With the other hand I stroked my rod faster and faster. Part of me couldn't believe I was actually molesting my own daughter but most of me was overwhelmed that it felt so damn good!     
    • by Rogerher :...
    • Loving Mother, ch 5
      lovingm5 zip (17k) (FF/b, F/b, older/younger, 1st time)
      Skeet lay face down on the bed, her face thrust hard into her friend's sopping cunt as she slowly recovered from the intense fucking she'd just received from her 11-year old son, Donnie.     
    • by PeachLover :...
    • The Ancient Headdress, part 3
      theanci3 zip (26k) (Mg, oral, anal play, int, ws, cons, mc)
      Lisa and I have some interesting sexual encounters that start in the bathroom. (LGW, you're gonna love this) We experience the wild "Joining" ceremony and Lisa becomes my collared follower. The collar is much more than it appears to be. More powers are discovered.     
    • by Yellow Snow :...
    • Ahead of the Game, ch 11
      aheado11 zip (09k) (mf)
      They are guests in a mystical land with a host of mythical proportions.     
    • by Wet_Amber :...
    • Charmed
      charmed zip (18k) (Parody / zoo sex girl-dog / incest / group sex / anal)
      Phoebe Halliwell was in her usual place at the end desk in the library with books piled all around her. She had an important exam coming up in her Physiology course. She was the youngest of three sisters at 23 and the other two were Pru 27 and Piper 26.     
    • by Ermberto :...
    • Mother's Whorehouse
      mothersw zip (35k) (Incest - mother/son, teen, pedo, anal, prostitution, bi, group, interacial, drugs)
      Being raised in a New York brothel is great for Randy. First off, he's seduced by a hooker at the age of 12, then he's later seduced by his mom and finally ends up fucking pretty much every prostitute in the Big Apple.     

      Wednesday PM, Aug 28, 2002

    • by TwistedFun :...
    • BabyFun, part 10
      babyfu10 zip (06k) (M/5 year old girl/oral/anal)
      Waiting for the cartoon on the TV to end, I kneeled between her tiny spread legs and gently rubbed her shins as I gazed at her fresh clean panties. She saw me looking at her panties and smiled. "My panties are pretty. I got to pick them when Mommy took me shopping." Upon my moving between her legs, she slowly pulled her hand away from her crotch a tiny smile on her face.     
    • by concake :...
    • Finally Mom...
      finallym zip (03k) (Mom/Son inc)
      I live in this house for nearly 20 years. My Mom -Carole has been my father and mother. I mean she is a widow. I just finished my secondary school but cannot make it to the college. So I am now working as the kitchen helper in one of the food stalls in my village. Mom earned her living from the insurance money and often time did some part time job. Financially we are strong.     
    • by Paul Phenomenon :...
    • Ghost, ch 7
      ghost7 zip (13k) (m/F bro/sis inc con)
      Derrick and Gloria bare their souls while they're naked.     
    • by Rhymer :...
    • Lending a Hand
      lendinga zip (11k) (mf, Mf, Mff, dad/dau, bro/sis, oral, inc)
      Papa's more than happy to lend a hand when Sonny asks for help with the girls...     
    • by Curious Cat :...
    • Looking for Perfection, part 2
      looking2 zip (09k) (M/g, fuck, restraint, whipping, anal, oral, drugs)
      Jess was so bored again as he watched the parade of the young, naked lovelies that his man, Bert, had assembled for tonight’s games. None really sparkled though until the last one bounced into his sight line. She showed some promise to be special.     
    • by The Old Medic :...
    • Loving Kids, My Own Way
      lovingki zip (17k) (M/ffff/m/m)
      I love children. I would never hurt a child. But, I have to love them. Children trust me, and gravitate to me. Last year, in England, I was able to grab a group of them, and enjoy their bodies for a week. It was so much fun.     
    • by Doctor J :...
    • The Gift, part 2
      thegift2 zip (07k) (M/F)
      The continuing story of Darren, the man with the gift for cumming in huge quantities.     
    • by Pussywillow :...
    • The Girl Across the Street
      thegirla zip (15k) (m/gg inc, pedo)
      I was 14 at the time and my sister, Joan, was 9. Her girlfriends would come over, and I would play with them. One day, I let Amy slide down off of my shoulder headfirst; I kept my hands around her body and let her slowly slide through them as usual. As my hands reached her playsuit, I just left my hands as they were and her playsuit slipped off of her hips. That's when the real fun began.     
    • by FJ :...
    • The Journal of Fr. John 005
      thejour5 zip (32k) (M/F/m+/f+ 13 yo twin g, 14 yo twin b, 7 yo g, infant b, infant g, inc, pedo, anal, oral, vaginal, all comb, cum, perverse religion, locker room)
      Fr. John has the pleasure of giving the grand prize to 13 year old twin girls, with the help of their 14 year old twin brothers; rides home with 7 year old Julie from Camp CC; perfoems his first (perverse) society baptism with infants; has a quiet, loving evening with Ann; celebrates his birthday and receives the best present ever, his childhood wetdream; and recalls his grade school introduction to incest and pedophilia.     

      Tuesday PM, Aug 27, 2002

    • by Naevus :...
    • 12 Ways To Die, ch 25-33
      12w25_33 zip (43k) (M+g+/pedo/nc/bd/ws/scat/ beast/snuff/cannibal/extreme torture)
      Beatrice got no better treatment from the two Kings and soon enough she was lying next to Odin with her shit-hole torn, blood oozing from it and both her leg joints snapped. Slut TightCunt was allowed to lick clean the unconscious sluts' shit-holes from the Kings' semen and then to take them to the kitchen to be prepared for dinner. The two Kings retreated to clean themselves and to relax a bit before enjoying their meal to come.     
    • by Paul Phenomenon :...
    • Ghost, ch 6
      ghost6 zip (14k) (M/F, voy)
      Derrick listens when Claire's father tells his wife about Claire displaying her breasts. Derrick and Claire speak via the telephone and make a date that night for the big event, but Derrick's sister needs him more. Or does she?     
    • by mac4boy :...
    • Just When You Thought
      justwhen zip (22k) (m/b t/t m/t)
      Just when you thought you knew yourself, think again. Things aren't always what they appear to be.     
    • by Pussywillow :...
    • Linda
      linda zip (08k) (M/g Dad/daut inc)
      She was sitting on my lap, and as I moved my hand down her inner thigh, I felt her panties brushing against the sides of my hand. She did not stop me, so I moved my fingers back and forth on her thigh pressing more and more against her panties. Then, I saw her move her legs further apart. So, with trembling hands, I decided to make the plunge.     
    • by Jack Spratt :...
    • My Legacy of Love
      mylegacy zip (15k) (Fff/m incest)
      When a terminal illness strikes Bill it brings this family together in ways they never thought possible. Clarisa does everything humanly possible to make her son's final days the best. His sisters Kym and Jordon help as well.     
    • by LEBEC :...
    • The Best Medicine, part 4
      thebest4 zip (14k) (ff fm bi bro/sis inc)
      Angela and two of her friends experiment with Anthony while he's drugged and asleep.     
    • by Tommy Warhead :...
    • The Record Executive
      therecor zip (06k) (M/g(14))
      "Well, what do we have here," he said as the young lady sat down in front of him. "The next Brittany, I hope." The young girl smiled and thought about how this man was about to fulfill all her outrageous dreams. Only fourteen, Lisa Stiles, was a gem and Godfrey Rothschild knew it. Lisa was dressed in her finest red print spaghetti strap silk top and long blue wrap silk skirt – platform sandals exposed her brightly painted toenails. Her short light brown hair framed her elegant facial features and her simple blue eyes. The only makeup on her face was a pale lipstick, intentionally underdone. Lisa's body was thin and still boy like, but Godfrey was certain that she would fill out quickly. And, that face, that magnificent face, every boy in America would soon be going to sleep dreaming about that pretty face.     

      Monday PM, Aug 26, 2002

    • by bookworm :...
    • Angerla And The Children
      angerlaa zip (18k) (M/f f/g/b)
      ... she slipped a finger under the leg band of Margaret's nappy. The babies legs flop open to make room for her hand. The finger moves up and down the length of her pussy. After a minute her finger was still in the babies nappy. It had never stopped it travels up and down. I stood there riveted to the ground. My cock had began to harden at the display of Angela's bottom, now it was solid. I wondered if Angela was wet, I wanted to find out but I didn't. I went back to my room.     
    • by Grandpalester :...
    • April-8 Jill-9
      april8ji zip (08k) (M/g's->(8)&(9) sex/incest/friend/con/3-way)
      I just had the most erotic week of my life. It involves my granddaughter April, she just turned 8 last week and a girl named Jill she's 9 years old. I'm a nudist and have been for most of my married life. We have a daughter Beth and she was raised as a nudist. She married Mark almost 10 years ago. For Aprils Birthday we invited her to cum on a weeklong trip to our summer nudist camp we had planned for our vacation.     
    • by The Frogger :...
    • Easter Bunny Takes, ch 2
      easterb2 zip (04k) (beasts/ff preg)
      Nicole brings her sister,Kate to meet the Easter Bunny after receiving word that he wants to have her again but needs Kate with her this time.     
    • by Curious Cat :...
    • Looking for Perfection
      looking1 zip (07k) (M/b, anal, oral, light restraint, drugs)
      Jess is rich, handsome, and very bored with his life. Drugs have away of perking up some parts of it. His very smooth and efficient staff has been well-trained to provide him with perfection in every way.     
    • by cc :...
    • Sold As A Slave
      soldasas zip (09k) (M/g ped bdsm spank whip rape inc)
      A ten-year-old girl is sold as a slave to a man who punishes and "rapes" her.     
    • by Rhymer :...
    • The Best Birthday Ever
      thebestb zip (05k) (M/f dad/dau inc)
      I couldn’t wait to open the lovely presents my little girl had waiting for me...     
    • by Little Girl Watcher :...
    • The Stroke Of Two At The Stroke Of Two, part 3
      thestro3 zip (09k) (F/m/b Inc Inc Mom/son, Pedo, Exhib, Voy, Oral, Fingering, Cons)
      Josh was still manipulating and playing with their mother's monster clit, rubbing it now and rolling it gently between his forefinger and thumb. The older boy could see the stiff bulge tenting out the front of his little brother's tight white underpants and the more Todd watched the lewd, forbidden, incestuous act that Josh was engaged in with their mother the stiffer and achier his own cock became. "It's good baby it's soooooo good!" Alison was panting now. Todd noticed her mouth, noticed her pouty, moist looking lips and the pink wetness of the tongue she absently flicked out from time to time, noticed the clear smooth lines of hot bubbling drool that ran from the corners of the adult woman's mouth.     
    • by Uncle Bobbie :...
    • Uncle Bobbi's Adventures, part 7: Erin Crocetti's Mom
      unclebo7 zip (13k) (M/f M ped)
      Meeting Erin's mom Jillianne proves to a highpoint in Uncle Bobbi's day. After dinner dessert provides Bobbi with a new love a perfect ending to a perfect day.     
    • by Buddy T :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Amy's Story
      amysstor zip (06k) (Mf Mff ff molest oral)
      Twelve year old Jill has been living with 39 year old Bob as his lover since she was nine. They have found and gotten to know a new little girl named Amy who is nine and a runaway just like Jill was and the fun is just beginning.     
    • by Powerone :...
    • Slaver Training, ch 1
      slavert1 zip (12k) (M+F, nc, anal, reluc, humil, bdsm, rape, oral)
      This is the story of the training of a new Slaver and the taking of two new slaves, a mother and daughter and what they are forced to endure before they are sold     

      Sunday PM, Aug 25, 2002

    • by Dark Tower Gunslinger :...
    • Americana Odyssey, ch 8
      american8 zip (56k) (orgy/inc/anal/scat)
      While at her birthplace in Arizona she is sodomized and tortured almost nightly and her only friend is a kind ranch hand named Sandy who befriends her. His friendship blossoms into love and for the first time in her life Alicia has someone she can truly relate to on a level other than just sexual. Barely a month after the baby is born the doctor catches Sandy and Alicia having sex. She is blowing him since her pussy is still healing. Flying into a fit of rage at this hired hand occupying his personal piece of ass he shoots Sandy's with the gun he used on Rosaria. Sandy, in a dying effort kills the doc with his own gun. Betty, seeing her chance to inherit every thing her husband had, sends Alicia packing back home with the baby. Calling the local sheriff, the doctor's wife concocts a story of how Alicia and Sandy killed her husband. The police put out an all points bulletin for Alicia's arrest. Just to be sure Alicia doesn't escape her evil plan Betty also puts out a contract through her husbands Mafia connections to have Alicia killed shortly after a small plane lands in Illinois. Her plans are further thwarted when the hit man is accidentally killed in a car crash before making the hit. Alicia befriends the bus driver on her way home. Fearing Betty is planning on doing her harm she agrees to spend the winter at the home of the bus driver caring for his two girls while his wife works. The two daughters age thirteen and fourteen are soon engaged with several adventures with Alicia and their father. In the spring she again makes her way homeward. Her final destination of her hometown is not reached after Alicia accepts a position in Ms. Nancy Slocum's whorehouse where she employs local high school and college girls to entertain businessmen across the state and Mid West. Here Alicia meets Ms. Nancy's son Jake and becomes infatuated with the big dick whoremaster.     
    • by TwistedFun :...
    • BusLoad, part 2
      busload2 zip (05k) (M/4 year old girl/rape)
      After resting an hour and letting the girls go to the bathroom, I walked up to the 4 year old. "Hi, what's your name?" I smile. The tiny child sniffs sadly. "Lacy." "Are your panties lacy too?" I giggle. "Take off your skirt and let's see." "Don't hurt me," she whimpers.     
    • by Sam T Sleaze :...
    • Coach Diana and the Horny Kids
      coachdia zip (27k) (F/m, F/f, oral, anal, bondage, some forced sex)
      The little boy under me was mewling in pleasure. His breath was coming in short gasps, every so often as he lifted his mouth away from one of my tits and pressed his lips to the other. For a nine year old boy, he was doing a great job of fucking me. His hard little three inch cock felt great in my 16 year old pussy, and because he couldn't really cum, I had humped him for more than an hour while riding his tiny cock to 6 separate wild and thrilling orgasms. Then suddenly, the door to the boy's bedroom swung open and I heard his mother scream. His father ran to the bed, picked me up and threw me onto the floor. Less than two weeks later, I found myself in court and convicted of child abuse, even though little Tommy Tucker refused to testify against me. My lawyer said that Tommy told the police that he had raped me, trying to get me "off the hook". No one bought that, and I was sent to reform school.     
      Suddenly Raped
      suddenly zip (03k) (M/f, rape)
      It was quick and sudden. I was all alone in my room. My parents were gone for the evening. I was sitting at my desk chatting with a friend online when suddenly the lights in my room went out. I felt the presence of someone else in the room. I tensed up, and heard a man's voice snarl, "I've got you now, Bitch!!"     
    • by Forbidden Innocence :...
    • Dr. Quinn's Son & Daughter Learn Their Lessons
      drquinns zip (13k) (Mff, mff, voyeur, first time, and the beginnings of some naughty humiliation)
      12-year-old Colleen wants to grow up just like her pretty mother and become a doctor. Dr. Quinn looks at her daughter's bare chest and young breasts and explains in order to do that, you must learn all about boys. What neither of them realize is that Matt, the older brother is peaking at them and has his long cock out and is about to explode as he watches his mom pinch his sister's bare nipple as they talk. This is only an appetizer compared to the action when Colleen's younger friend Mary catches the siblings touching each other and later when Sully the step-dad finds all three naked.     
    • by Paul Phenomenon :...
    • Ghost, ch 5
      ghost5 zip (12k) (m/F bro/sis inc, oral)
      Derrick's sister gives him a lesson in the finer points of a female's body. Hooo boy! Does she ever!     
    • by Pussywillow :...
    • My Lunch With Mike
      mylunchw zip (11k) (M/g incest)
      As I was talking to my old friend Mike, he told me about what happened between him and his daughter. He told me, "My daughter had an accident with her bicycle, when she came into the house crying. She had skinned her arm and knee, and bruised herself between her legs from her fall. I had to doctor all of the damaged areas."     
    • by Malcolm Sex :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Getting What I Always Wanted
      gettingw zip (07k) (M/F, F/F, incest)
      Ever since I first laid eyes on young Sharisse, I knew I wanted to lay a lot more on her.     
    • by Dodger :...
    • Tammi To The Rescue, ch 1
      tammito1 zip (03k) (m/f)
      Tammi is asked to babysit for the Thompsons and finds the porn channels on T.V.     
    • by Rex Wilder :...
    • Gulliga Bebisar (Inspirerad av Curt)
      gulligab zip (15k) (M/F/g/b)
      Ingrid hade skuldkänslor. Varje gång hon ammade lilla Lotta gick det kåtsignaler ned till skrevet. Det riktigt kliade i fittan, kåtkliade.     

      Saturday PM, Aug 24, 2002

    • by tasha :...
    • Adriana, ch 2
      adriana2 zip (04k) (M/f daughter)
      He continued to rub and press his cock against her excited flesh and suddenly it happened. Adriana sank to her shoulders with her ass high in the air, fully exposed and begging her father to continue pumping his dick against her clitty as she began to buck her hips rapidly up and down. It was Eric's turn to moan as his ten-year-old daughter's very first orgasm heightened his own excitement so much that he was afraid he might cum prematurely. For once he concentrated on Adriana's needs until her gyrations and shuddering began to subside. Unable to resist any longer he pointed his cock toward the entrance to her tunnel and sank into her well-lubricated, hairless body with one long, deep, satisfying thrust.     
    • by Doctor J :...
    • Becky the Babysitter, part 2
      becky2 zip (05k) (Elements of oral (girl/Man))
      Becky jumped into the car smiling widely, as Tom looked at her. "Hi there, Becky. How'd your visit to Uncle Steve's place go?" "Uh, great Mr Williams" she said, smiling broadly. "So...tell me all about it" Tom said, driving off slowly. Becky smiled and looked at Tom, before beginning her story. "We went to Uncle Steve's, like I said we would. But my sister got sick driving out there, so she came back with my mom. She asked if I still wanted to stay, and I said yes, of course. So they left, and I stayed" Becky began.     
    • by Paul Phenomenon :...
    • Ghost, ch 4
      ghost4 zip (14k) (m/f, M/f, m/F, inc dad/daut, bro/sis, oral, mast)
      Claire receives a photo of Derrick and is ecstatic. Claire exposes herself to her father, and Derrick's sister gives him a kissing lesson.     
    • by pussywillow :...
    • My Fishing Trip
      myfishin zip (45k) (M/g Con, Oral, Rom)
      I had just arrived at this deserted forestry campground next to a lake. Standing near an old tent was a little girl that looked like she was from eight to ten years old looking at me. I waved at her and she waved back as I got my boat down from the camper to go fishing. The next day, I found out that she was cold and hungry, abandoned by her dead mother. I took her in, and that's where the fun started.     
    • by Cumsucker :...
    • Slut, part 2
      slut2 zip (08k) (mother/daughter incest, mother/son/son incest)
      Driving home, the stench of urine and cum strong on my body, I wondered how I would explain my appearance to my kids. I had lost track of time, and by now they would all be home from school... Jana, 17, our beautiful, sexy high school junior... Jimmy, 15, a freshman, and Curt, 13, still in middle-school. All three were beautiful children... bright, good looking, and all three in that stage in their lives where their hormones were raging. As I thought about my beautiful kids I wondered what they would say if they had seen their "respectable" mother engaged in the kind of perverted sex acts I had performed that afternoon in the adult theater. Would they have been shocked? Yes, of course. Would it have turned them on? I wondered....     
    • by Little Girl Watcher :...
    • The Stroke Of Two At The Stroke Of Two, part 2
      thestro2 zip (11k) (F/m/b Inc: inc (Mom/sons),Exihib,Voy,Pedo, b-mast,Oral, Handjobs. Cons)
      "I love it when you don't wear no bra mom." The aroused twelve year old told her breathlessly as he cupped his horny mother's big heavy tits up in his warm palms. The preteen boy rubbed the pads of his thumbs over her fat rigid nipples until the sharpened, aroused tips nearly popped out through the damp sweaty fabric of her T-shirt. "I never wear nothin' under my jeans neither. I like feeling my cock rubbing against the denim. I bet you like having your nipples rubbed by your T-shirt too, don't you mom?" Todd pinched the adult woman's cherry bumps between his thumb and forefingers, making his mother groan with lust and need.     
    • by Calrese :...
    • The Widow's Passion, parts 3-4
      thewi3_4 zip (15k) (F/G/F Oral Inc)
      Carol pacing back and forth looking at her watch thinking to herself why is her Daughter so late... then she sees her Daughter as she runs up from the school to the parking lot... Carol notices that her Daughter's was out of breath and her clothing was very messy her blouse was open and her skirt was turned completely turned the wrong way... Carol saying. "Young lady where have you been and why are you so late.. Candy gives her Mother a naughty grin saying... "Mom I had to stay late with my Teacher to help me with my school work....     
    • by BigDawg :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Bobby and Kerry, ch 1
      bobbyan1 zip (04k) (Boy and Girl)
      I was 13 and Kerry was 10. We played together growing up. I had seen Kerry naked before, but it never felt like this.     
    • by writersblock :...
    • Playground Slut, part 3
      playgro3 zip (04k) (M+f fist sluttish behavior)
      My cunt dripped cum as I walked into the large room full of perverts like me, cum staining my whole body. I was lead threw the crowd like a lamb to slaughter. Every ones attention was toward the middle of the room. I heard a moaning the closer I got to the middle of the circle. It was Mary; she was strapped to a machine that seemed to open her pussy as wide as possible. Her legs were strapped wide open leaving her pussy exposed. Eight, one inch wide metal straps bent in 90 degree angles were attached to a large metal circle. With this thing shoved up her cunt and attached to the table she couldn't move. Two guys were pulling on a couple of the L brackets opening Mary's pussy to huge per portions. After pulling the two brackets opposite each other, the two men moved the next two brackets opening Mary's cunt big enough to push a baseball through.     
    • by Traumjob :...
    • Sklavin Meiner Kinder
      sklavinm zip (20k) (F/ff F/mmm inc fist anal blackmail)
      Angela Meier traute ihren Ohren nicht als ausnahmsweise einmal früher von der Arbeit kam und ihre Kinder belauschte, als diese einen völlig perversen Plan schmiedeten.     

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