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    On Friday PM, February 08, 2002

  • by HotKaryn :...
  • A Swiss Miss Meets Real Hot Chocolate
    aswissmi zip (13k) (MMM/F)
    When 3 young, black amercicans vacationing in Sweden go sight seeing, they set their eyes on more than just the paid atractions. They see a swedish mom and daughter simply too creamy to resist and soon the young, black americans need to mix their dark chocolate with white cream.     
  • by twentyfourseven :...
  • Breeder, ch 10-12
    bre10_12 zip (8k) (m/fffff rape preg lact)
    Within the next week, Harriet and Clarise both birthed healthy baby girls. The day they came home, Tommy came over with Marcy and announced that she was now one of their sister-wives. After the women hugged each other and exchanged pleasantries, Tommy took of his pants revealing his swollen cock.     
  • by The Frogger :...
  • Grandmother Pays Debts
    grandmot zip (8k) (MMM/F inc inter)
    Tim knew he was in trouble. His debts had gotten worse. He was in trouble. He didn't have the payment that he owed. He owed one thousand dollars a month. He didn't have it.     
  • by Amber Gold :...
  • It Happened One Night
    2ithappe zip (15k) (gg-8 g-solo Fg-8 oral inc ped con)
    Discovering that two eight year old girls, students in her class room, are probably experimenting with sex takes Jenny down memory lane as she remembers her first experiment with a girl friend. Some hot and wild sexual encounters together were forgotten when they were old enough for boys. Now, as a teacher of eight year olds, Jenny finds old sexual feelings coming out when she looks at the two girls. Married now, she confesses to her husband how much some of these young girls can excite her. She tells him of her fantasy to be with a young girl as the girls in her class are so sexy at times, in their own way. Eventually she gets her chance to have one more night with a young girl.     
  • by The Old Medic :...
  • Love For My Family
    loveform zip (17k) (m/f/F/f/f, Incest, boy, girls, grown woman, romantic)
    I loved my Mom, and my entire family. Especially after my Dad ran off. My sister and I started exploring with each other. We're only 10 months apart. Then, things got really interesting.     
  • by Momma's Boy :...
  • Margeurite
    margeuri zip (18k) (M/f inter-racial)
    A young school girl is seduced by an older black male school teacher, she is a willing participant.     
  • by Justaboy :...
  • My Wife's Family, ch 3
    mywifes3 zip (5k) (M/f/f)
    I was alone in the house for a change and enjoying the peace and quiet. Everyone else was out doing other things. Charlie, Julie and the twins were at school; Cathy was doing the rounds visiting other relatives in the area and Cathy's mum Pat was out at work. I had been left behind to babysit the twins on their return from school     
  • by Ernie Walker :...
  • Patchwork 6: Fucking!
    patch6 zip (11k) (Mf, Fg, Mgg, Mb, bb, bg, anal, A2M, gaping, snowballing)
    "Now," Mrs. Adams said," the whole concept of fucking is the repeat insertion and removing of an object from an orifice. I know those are big words, but you'll understand in a second. In order to have a good fuck, you need to have a nice, wet, open hole, that will easily take whatever is being thrust inside it. Now, for this example, I'm going to use my tongue, but I need to get Natasha's ass open nice and wide."     
  • by Dark Tower Gunslinger :...
  • Singapore Sling, ch 7
    singapo7 zip (11k) (M/F/sexual situations/oral teen sex)
    How did Singapore come to past? The British, who were extending their dominion in India, and whose trade with China in the second half of the 18th century was expanding, saw the need for a port of call in this region to refit, revitalize and protect their merchant fleet , as well as to forestall any advance by the Dutch in the East Indies. As a result, they established trading posts in Penang (1786) and Singapore (1819), and captured Malacca from the Dutch (1795)     
  • by Slave of Kali :...
  • Slave of Kali, part 1
    slaveof1 zip (25k) (M/f pedo/incest)
    "Where are you off to then?" my buddy Timmo enquired as he made himself comfortable opposite me. "Home sweet home," I told him. The guard's whistle blew and the steam locomotive jerked the twelve carriages into motion. Timmo ran his eyes over a young woman on the platform. "I could fucking stuff that, no problem, but my girlfriend's waiting for me at Leeds," he said with a sickly grin. He rubbed his hands together in anticipation. "Just can't wait to start fucking her." "Do you have a snack first or just get straight on with it?" I enquired with interest. "Oh no, you can't just dive in, you have to observe a few formalities otherwise it wouldn't look right. Supper first, but footsy under the table to confirm what's on offer."     
  • by Silver Fox :...
  • The Club House
    theclubh zip (8k) (m/m, mm/FF mother son inc. First time, oral)
    Two mothers surprises their teen sons in their club house experimenting with anal sex. They decide to show them what hetro sex is about to help prevent them from continuing homsex acts     
  • by Benhead :...
  • The Patience of a Pedophile, part 1
    thepatie zip (15k) (M/f,pedo,cons)
    She had a funny look in her eyes as she thought about what she had just done. She was looking down under the water toward my bobbing cock. She reached her hand out tentatively and lightly touched it again. I almost lost it at that point. I could see precum floating out of the tip like underwater smoke. I was so turned on by feeling her hand on my cock.     
  • by DaddyBob :...
  • The Sculptor's Creation, part 2
    thescul2 zip (5k) (f/f, M/f, ped)
    Young Maria has now been at the hacienda of the handsome sculptor for four days. Each day she models nude for the handsome man, and each night she spends having sex with his young housekeeper! The child is learning many new things in the hacienda.     
  • by Donnie :...
  • Candy & Melisha
    candyand zip (5k) (Pedo M/f-8 & f-7, mild force, sis/sis)
    After about a week or so, Melisha came home. Candy and I talked about her a lot. She told me that Melisha was her playmate. What she meant by that was that she does her every night in bed.     
  • by Mikelo :...
  • Dennis the Menace: The Swimming Hole
    dennisth zip (13k) (ped/naturist)
    It's a hot day and Dennis the Menace and his friends want to swim. But they are in a forbidden area without their swimsuits...     
  • by Pussywillow :...
  • The Splinter
    thesplin zip (13k) (M/g dad/daught, inc)
    I asked her what was wrong, and she said, "I got a splinter in me. I then asked her, "Where did you get the splinter?" She started crying and said, "It's in my pee-pee, and it hurts." I said, "Now that's a heck of a place to get a splinter.     
  • by EricDJcat :...
  • Psyko-Dan, ch 5
    psykoda5 zip (5k) (MMFff)
    Alla väntade med stor spänning. Sanningens ögonblick var inne. Anne och Mimmi hade vaknat till liv och satt och höll hårt om varandra...     

    Thursday PM, February 07, 2002


    Wednesday PM, February 06, 2002

  • by Ernie Walker :...
  • Girl Scout Nookie, part 1
    girlsco1 zip (8k) (Tease, Mgg, panties)
    "Wait a minute. I don't have that kind of money. I won't pay you girls $3,000! I don't care what you do!" Ralph indignantly said. "But you have friends... don't you... friend's who would like to look up a little girls' skirt? Friends who would like to see little girls' kiss?" Trina reached down and grabbed Lisa hand and placed it between her legs. "Friends who'd like to see her touch me... here?"     
  • by The Old Medic :...
  • That House on Mulberry Road
    thathous zip (31k) (M/f/f/f/m/F F/m/f Adult male, multiple children, Cohersion, N/C, Kidnaping, Degradation, Adult female, children)
    I inherited money, and went to look for an old, large, isolated house. I got more than I bargined for, it had a hidden cellar. I began to take people, children and adult, to use them. Then, I expanded my activities.     
  • by Cinderella Shy :...New Author.!.!.!
  • The Adventures of Cinderella Shy, part 1-2
    thead1_2 zip (4k) (M/f dad/daut d/s)
    Uh-oh!! There's Daddy again! Shhhh. He's calling to me from the other room.     
  • by Donnie :...
  • Sweet Candy
    sweetcan zip (5k) (Pedo M/f-8, mild force)
    This story is about the family of three siblings that I have made a major part of my life. Two sisters Candy 8 and Melisha 7 and their brother Brandon 10. At first I didn't see Melisha very often which gave me time to get to know the other two.     

    Tuesday PM, February 05, 2002

  • by The Frogger :...New Author.!.!.!
  • Baptism
    baptism zip (6k) (MM/f dad/daut inc orgie)
    Kathy is brought by father to a secret group to get baptism by friends.     
  • by Jim Fix :...
  • Brad
    brad zip (36k) (m/ff)
    A pair of pretty twin sisters, isolation on a farm in the boon docks can have an infinite number of outcomes for a young boy. A failed business and a divorce can have equally infinite outcomes for a grown man. What happens when the two situations are stirred together?     
  • by PRE-vert :...
  • Just Another Day in Paradise, ch 8
    justano8 zip (12k) (m/g, g/g, bro/sis, sis/sis inc, voy, best)
    The kids have established their lives on their island paradise, and they've explored sexuality without adult interference, to the largest part. Josh has had some sexual experiences with all the others, but somehow, Suzy remains somehow elusive. That only makes her that much more appealing, in Josh's eyes!     
  • by Justaboy :...
  • My Wife's Family, ch 2
    mywifes2 zip (8k) (M/F)
    I carried on to our temporary room to get changed into something less incriminating. I removed my trousers and then my underwear, as both were soaked with a mixture of Julies and my juices. My cock was still hard and tender to the touch. The temptation to stroke myself to completion was resisted as I held out the hope that I could achieve greater satisfaction later that day     
  • by Dark Tower Gunslinger :...
  • Singapore Sling, ch 6
    singapo6 zip (12k) (MMM/F/rape/oral/torture)
    Time was running out. I looked out the large bay windows from my twentieth floor hotel room and saw the lights of Singapore twinkling against the inky black of the late night sky. If I didn't do anything but make brown in my pants, my not so young life would soon be over and so would the life of the young and beautiful Na Ching. I knew how it would happen. Aussie John would have the giant Arab ass fuck the girl and when he had crammed as much of his foot long cock as possible up her shit chute, Lop Sing, the Manchurian candidate, would slit her throat with his commando stiletto. I'd seen it done before in the jungles outside Zamboanga in the South Phillipines. I strained my muscles and tried to move my right foot managing to rock the rattan chair slightly. Part of the tape slid under the leg of the chair but I was still trapped. Unless I could get both legs free I was useless. Anything I tried would result in the Oriental slitting my throat before I could move far. How to get help? I glanced at the tall side table at my right elbow. A house telephone. If I could just get someone at the front desks attention, just maybe... No, probably too big a long-shot. This time of night they were all cat napping on the job anyway or in back fucking the female cleaning crew.     
  • by novirk2 :...
  • David's Slave, ch 3-4
    david3_4 zip (10k) (b/b)
    In these two chapters the boys become even closer and David's slave starts to wonder how far things will progress.     

    Monday PM, February 04, 2002

  • by Justaboy :...New Author.!.!.!
  • My Wife's Family
    mywifesf zip (7k) (M/F/f)
    I had always got on very well with all my wife's family, they were a bit raucous and noisy, as all large families tend to be and they fell out with each other and made up again with dizzying regularity, but generally it was a happy time whenever we visited.     
  • by LostLogic :...New Author.!.!.!
  • Rachel, ch 1
    rachel1 zip (7k) (M/f cons PG13)
    This is part one of this story, entitled "Rachel". This is essentially a prologue, there is nothing explicitly sexual in this section of this story. I do not know if that will develop or not. But I do like writing this story, and I hope you enjoy it.     
  • by Stud Warrior :...New Author.!.!.!
  • The Bet
    thebet zip (33k) (m,f, inc, mom, son, con)
    Josh Somers and his best friend Craig Taylor were sitting on Somer's family room sofa watching the new porno "Hot Mom's & Their Hung Sons" that Josh had found in his father's study. Both boys had just finished another day at school and were working on finishing off two six packs of Coronas that Craig had purchased after school with his fake id one of his buddies had made for him on his home computer.     
  • by Netwanderer :...
  • A Visit To The Mall
    avisitto zip (12k) (Mf,Mf,ff f 12, 13, nc, inc father/daughter, drug)
    Leaning over to smell her fresh little girl scent, I used my fingers to pull her lower lips apart, leaving her slit exposed to my daughter's hungry gaze. I was tempted to let her dive in, but just then, Lindsey started to stir as the first dose of the drug started to wear off. Quickly, we replaced her clothing together, then I went into the bathroom to get a glass of water, knowing she would be thirsty.     
    Foreign Exchange, part 4: The Conclusion
    foreign4 zip (23k) (ff, Mf, fff, ffff, Ff, FM, Mff, Mfff, Mffff, toys, light bond)
    Once the roof closed, the heater soon had the car comfortably warm. The coat now open and all of our remaining clothing removed, we had thrown caution to the winds and Katya was now straddling me as I laid on the passenger seat, using her well muscled hips to slide slowly up and down on my cock. For my part, all I could do was groan as the 14 year old fucked me slowly. It was only a matter of a few moments until I roared with an orgasm of my own, triggering yet another in my partner, who collapsed on top of me.     
  • by :...
  • Samantha and Kevin: A 'Love' Story, part 2
    samanth2 zip (10k) (sister/brother, femdom/male-eager, m/f, ir, oral)
    Sammy finally sucks some cock in these continuing adventures of the Singer children... but does the little virgin also give it all up to her enthralled sex-craving brother... or is her sibling even the brother who enjoys the cock-pleasing oral servicing? For anyone interested in reading more, here are chapters three and four in this ongoing saga.     
  • by White :...
  • Sun Yi's Vow
    sunyisvo zip (15k) (M/F/g/inc)
    A man gets involved with an Asian woman and her small daughters.     
  • by Zetsubou :...New Author.!.!.!
  • A Day In The Life Of Charlotte Fitzgerald, Aged Eight-and-a-Quarter, ch 1
    adayint1 zip (15k) (MMM/g, cons, pedo, dad/daut inc, mast, oral, exhib, implied bestiality, dress fetish)
    Charlotte Fitzgerald was a typical eight-year-old, upper-middle-class American girl in many ways. She lived with her father in a great big house (from her perspective), slept in a big pink room filled with teddy bears she had collected over the years, and had a dog and two birds as pets. She even had a close-knit group of friends, but that was where she began to differ from most other girls in Grade Three. For Charlotte, along with her ever-growing preteen posse, had tasted more cum, given more blowjobs, and taken more cocks in their tender little holes than most women in an entire lifetime. They were uncles' cocks, teachers' cocks, strangers' cocks and even their Daddies' cocks--and boy, were they having fun with all these cocks!     
  • by novirk2 :...New Author.!.!.!
  • David's Slave, ch 1-2
    david1_2 zip (7k) (b/b)
    This is a story about a boy of 12 and a boy of 10. The older boy slowly becomes the younger ones sex slave all in the name of love.     
  • by THE_UNCUT_ONE :...New Author.!.!.!
  • One Great Night
    onegreat zip (4k) (m/m)
    When I was 15, I had my first gay experience, with a boy that I knew at school, he was a senior and I was a sophomore. I knew he was gay, but no-one else really did. It all happened on a normal school day, I had gotten there early that day, because of a club meeting that was cancelled. Joseph, we'll call him, was also in the club. It was relatively 7:00 and school didn't start until 9:00. Joseph and I were good friends, so he asked me if I wanted to go for a ride until school started, so I figured, what the hell, we have 2 hours to kill so I might as well. Joseph had a new van without seats in the back, just a flat bed. We drove around for a while, and talked about things in school, and what we did over the weekend, and some how, I don't really remember how, we started talking about sex.     
  • by Happy Husband :...
  • How Lucky Can a Man Get?
    howlucky zip (15k) (M/ffffff, cons, pedo, breastfeeding, breast devl.)
    This is the story of a man who had little or no luck in his life until he hits a $300 million Superball Lottery as the lone winner. After getting the money, he gets set upon by all manner of people who had rejected him in earlier stages of his life, trying to get a piece of the rock. To escape them, he moves out west. There he meets a young woman, her daughter, and her mother. After a short time dating, he marries the young woman, but quickly realizes that he's really married all three of them, and all of them would bear multiple children for him. And that wouldn't be all, either.     
  • by Ermberto :...
  • Relative Relations
    relative zip (56k) (MFmf, dad/daughters, brother/sisters, anal, oral, scat, WS)
    A single parent, Craig Stephenson makes a fresh start by moving to a big house in the country with his three children; 22-year-old Laura, 15-year-old Ricky and Jennifer, aged 13. Soon, the father and his eldest daughter are drawn closer together, and whilst Craig and Laura consumate their passion, Ricky and Jennifer meanwhile turn to each other to satisfy their adolescent curiosity about the facts of life.     

    Sunday PM, February 03, 2002

  • by Silver Fox :...
  • Mrs. Helen Bixby
    mrshelen zip (8k) (M/F, First Time, oral, anal)
    Carl remebered Mrs. Bixby baby sitting him when he was only 10 years old. She would give him a bath and suck his little cock. She had moved, but now was back in town, and his mother had gottenher to ocme over and baby sit his brother and sister. Carl, now 16 wondered what it would be like to have her suck his cock now! He was soon to find out!     
  • by Sam T Sleaze :...
  • My Sister, the Fucktoy
    mysister zip (7k) (M/g; incest, anal)
    This is the same story as "My Brother, the Fucktoy" but with a younger sister. I was intent on the porno on the computer monitor. I admit, I am hooked on hard-core kiddy porn. I have a thing for little girls, and love to watch that Russian-made porn that features a teenage boy and a little girl sucking, licking, and fucking. The look of painful bliss on a little girls face as she gets fucked is one of the greatest things I have ever seen in life.     
    The First Time I Made Love to a Fat Cow
    thefirst zip (7k) (M/f; intergenerational consensual sex)
    I'd like to tell you all about the time I made love to a Fat Cow. It was just 5 years ago. My name is Douglas Fairbanks (no relation to the actors!); I was 23 years old at the time. I had just gotten out of the army about 6 months before. I had moved back to the small town in Michigan where I grew up, and I had moved in next door to a pleasant woman and her daughter. The girl was about 14 (I guessed, as I heard her say she was a freshman in high school). The first time I laid eyes on the girl, I was really impressed. She was full-figured, not quite, but almost in a bad way. In this current world of Kate Moss-Ally McBeal paper-thin models, she was sure to be teased at school for being fat. 50 years ago, she might have been featured in pin-up magazines and playboy centerfolds.     
  • by Dark Tower Gunslinger :...
  • Singapore Sling, ch 3-5
    singa3_5 zip (34k) (MM/ff/anal/MM/Ff/oral/Mother/Dau)
    I moved her over me so her quim was right over my face and she was hovering over my Johnson. Grabbing that fine pair of ass cheeks in both hands I drew her dripping pussy to my face. For her part she did a good job of driving her mouth down on my root, taking five or six inches on each head bob and making grunting sounds as she sucked. Her pussy tasted sweet and clean. The long black hairs around her clamshell were soft and silky, not stiff and wiry at all. As I sucked, they became slimy with her pussy run off and my saliva. I reached up and speared her brown-eye, driving my tongue a fraction of an inch in and she moaned deeply. I saw her spinchter open a millimeter and knew she was straining her bowels to emit my tongue further. I complied, managing to drive a good inch or two in the tight channel. I wet my finger with the pussy runoff and, pulling my tongue out, drove the finger in and swirled it around. She started moaning a lot louder so I added a second finger and finally a third. That put her ass in vibrate mode and she lifted her mouth off my saliva-coated cock and let out a long wail with her head raised and back.     
  • by Earnest Hemenhaw :...
  • Substitute Dad, ch 2
    substit2 zip (5k) (M/f bro/sis)
    Follow-up to Part 1, in which a 25-year-old man takes charge of his 10-year-old sister after their parents are killed in a plane crash.     
  • by Uncle Buck :...
  • The Child Lover, ch 10
    thechi10 zip (3k) (Older Man, & Pre-Teen girl next door)
    Sue's Mother Beth calls Buck and asks him to come over and service her TV........ ??     
  • by Dodgson :...
  • The Eaglettes' New Panties, ch 2: Salsa and More
    theeagl2 zip (18k) (teasing, eroticism, pedo, cons, incest, Mom-Daughter, Fg, Mg (g ages 7 and 9))
    Liz invites the Eaglettes, their parents and Head Coach Joe to their home Saturday morning, before cheerleading practice, to introduce them all to the Eaglettes’ new, very revealing, sexy little panties, the final piece de resistance of the little girls’ sexy costumes. Seven year old Jessie, and nine year old Maria do their most erotic routine for the parents, a salsa dance. A couple of the Eaglettes girls’ moms, and their little girls, are very attracted to the ruggedly handsome Head Coach Joe who has a chance to be alone with Maria.     
  • by PRE-vert :...
  • Underground Videos, part 3
    undergro3 zip (12k) (MM/F/b/g inc dad/dau, bro/sis, mom/son, childporn, voy, pedo)
    Ken and Gina's lives have been changed by their friend Norm's introduction of kiddy porn to them, and now they've even invited Norm to come over to witness their family's new fascination. Norm is interested in their little 7 year-old, Connie, and has made no bones about it. Lately, Ken has noticed that he, too finds his little girl hot. Gina seems to love it all, and has pushed for more to happen at every turn, truly becoming the wild sexpot Ken has always known she was! What will happen when they all sit down to watch a kidporn flick together: them, Norm, and the kids?     
  • by Sam T Sleaze :...
  • My Brother, the Fucktoy
    mybrothe zip (7k) (M/b; incest, anal)
    This is the same story as "My Sister, the Fucktoy" but with a younger brother.I was intent on the porno on the computer monitor. I admit, I am hooked on hard-core kiddy porn. I have a thing for little boys, and love to watch that Russian-made porn that features a teenage boy and a little guy sucking, licking, and fucking. The look of painful bliss on a little boys face as he gets assfucked is one of the greatest things in I ever seen in life.     
  • by Jan O :...
  • Inoljade Döttrar
    inoljade zip (11k) (M/f/baby)
    Mats vikar adjö till sin fru Sara som ska på kurs. När han sedan ska ta hand om sin 11-månaders dotter Linda dyker hans äldre dotter Anna, 11 år, upp. Det ena leder till det andra men till slut kan han och hans två barn ta en dusch för att tvätta bort både olja och sperma innan de ska förbereda maten.     

    Saturday PM, February 02, 2002

  • by Sam T Sleaze :...
  • A Well Deserved Rape
    awelldes zip (5k) (M/f; rape)
    I didn't want to hire her. The boss said it would be good to have a hot looking young girl waiting on customers. I didn't disagree, but this girl was slutty, and we needed sexy. A fine line to be sure, but I wasn't all that positive I could keep my hands off a 15 year old girl that dressed like a downtown hooker. And I was right.     
    Caribbean Vacation
    caribbea zip (10k) (M/g, consensual intergenerational sex)
    The Samantha tried desperately to get loose, but straining against the ropes that held her down to the table did no good at all. She knew that in a few moments the ugly fat man who kidnapped her would be back again. She tried to scream for help, but the man had stuffed her panties in her mouth, and she was in a cabin very far away from anyone else, so there was no one around to hear her cries for help anyway. Samantha had lost track of the number of days she had been held against her will, but she knew it must have been nearly a week. She had not heard her kidnapper say one word, and she had been gagged most of the time she was here.     
  • by Byteman2000 :...
  • Growing Up, part 1
    growing1 zip (6k) (F/d, g/puppy, oral, masturbation, pedo (age 6), discovery, first time)
    This story is dedicated to a young woman who told some things about her life as she grew up beginning about age 6. I thought they were rather interesting and would make a great story, especially for animal lovers or those who cared about animals. With her permission I have done just that. The names have been changed naturally and I've elaborated on it some, but the core thoughts, the love and heart of this story are true. I only wish I could have grown up in the same neighborhood with her.     
    The Parents Assistant, ch 14
    thepar14 zip (8k) (M/g, g/dog girl 12)
    As we contine on in our story, I teach sweet Chris how much fun she can have with her dog and some new tricks for him as well.     
  • by Ernie Walker :...
  • Slave Care, part 1
    slaveca1 zip (6k) (Mg, Fg, setup)
    Gina led Paul out of the office, Kasi sat back down behind the desk. Reaching down, she grabbed the lease by her and pulled it. "Resume," she said to the eyes that looked up at her. The young child, a leather choker around her neck, crawled forward and buried her face into Kasi's crotch, licking the older woman's slit as the door closed.     
  • by Sexandshrooms :...New Author.!.!.!
  • Letter from Tammi
    letterfr zip (3k) (M/f adult/teen)
    One of my good friends at the time happens to be your daughter, I come over to see her; she's not there. You invite me in, telling Me she should be home soon, why don't we talk awhile? I come in, And by the way, I've always had a little crush on you. I think You are so hot. You ask me to sit down next to you. We make small talk for a while. Then you put your hand on my thigh, telling me I look much older than thirteen. I push your hand away. You tell me not to be scared, you won't hurt me. You just want to make me feel Good.     
  • by Ermberto :...
  • Anal Threesome, part 3
    analthr3 zip (35k) (FFFm, Incest - sisters, mother/son, aunt/nephew, lesbian, anal, oral, fisting, cum-swapping)
    A chance meeting in a sex-shop leads to Kath making the acquaintance of a nymphomaniac widow in her forties. The two of them hit it off straight away, but as they lose themselves in an orgy of fucking and fisting, Kath wonders if it'll be safe to let her new found lover in on the secret of her, Claire and Mike     
  • by Donnie :...
  • Deanna's Dream
    deannasd zip (4k) (Chatlog, Pedo, mother/daughter, mild S&M)
    For many of you who have used IRC, you know how hot some chats can get. Well this is a chat I had with a woman who had to tell me about a dream she had. The dream was so hot that when she woke up she had to come right online to tell me about it.     

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  • Now, when I was just a little boy
    Standin' to my Daddy's knee
    My poppa said, "Son, don't let The Man get you
    and do what he done to me
    'Cause he'll get you
    'Cause he'll get you now, now."


    And I can remember the Fourth of July
    Runnin' through the backwood bare
    And I can still hear my old hound dog barkin'
    Chasin' down a hoodoo there
    Chasin' down a hoodoo there



    Wish I was back on the bayou
    Rollin' with some Cajun Queen
    Wishin' I were a fast freight train
    Just a chooglin' on down to New Orleans


    (as written by John Fogerty and performed by Creedence Clearwater Revival)


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