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      On Friday PM, January 11, 2002

    • by Road King :...
    • Casino Play, ch 4
      casinop4 zip (19k) (M/ff, M/ggg)
      Jay smith is in Atlantic City. He has two Asian sisters and their children all staying with him in his hotel suite. The sisters have given Jay much freedom around their daughters, and Jay, being a little girl lover, has taken full advantage of these opportunities. The two little girls belong to Lynn and they are allowed to sleep with him in his king sized bed. Kim's has allowed Jay to take her twelve-year-old daughter Kara. To dinner and stay with him all evening. As this Chapter opens, Jay and Kara are still in the hotel room that Jay has taken just for this occasion...     
    • by Bluvum :...
    • Cassie's Education
      cassiese zip (13k) (F, g = age 11, kiddy porno/sed/les/inc)
      Rita is a lovely Grand Mother that has defied the aging process. She is very pretty, able to turn the head of most men. She was thrilled that she was able to also turn the head of some women, as well as boys and girls. While keeping her 11 year old grand daughter, the girls private journal indicated it was time for some one to educated the cute young girl, thus Rita embarks on a journey to accomplish this task.     
    • by Earnest Hemenhaw :...
    • Close Ties
      closetie zip (8k) (M/f dad/daut)
      I wandered around the house, drinkong a cup of coffee, dressed only in my robe. I work at home and sometimes I have to get up and move around. Besides, it was about time for Jenny to get home from school. Right on time, she came flying through the door, jumping into my arms as usual. I barely had time to put my cup down before she hit.     
    • by twoody :...
    • Mikey, ch 2
      mikey2 zip (7k) (M/b oral toys)
      I was standing in my garden with Mikey, 11yo and long brown hair. He was just wearing a slip and he was dripping wet from using my outdoor shower. He started drying his hair to follow me into the house when I went to action. The towel was over his head and I caught him by surprise when I jumped on him.     
    • by LEBEC :...
    • Well-Trained Dog
      welltrai zip (14 k) (ff/dog/best/nc/first)
      Blazer was a well-trained doggie. As the unsuspecting girls hugged and fussed over him, his sheath began to retract and his penis slid out, filling with blood.     
    • by Toto :...
    • An Open Letter To Readers
      anopenle zip (2k) (brief discussion of purpose)
      Among the things I have always found fascinating is how one idea, thing or object can please some and displease others. There are many old and new sayings that succinctly describe the truth that people are different and possess different tastes and predelictions.     
    • by The Writer :...
    • Lieben Lassen
      liebenla zip (132k)
      In einem waren sich alle Drei einig, diejenigen, die sie zu ihrem eigenen Schutz und dem Schutz des ungeborenen Lebens in ihnen, hier untergebracht hatten, sahen die Dinge völlig verkehrt.     
    • by Mike D. :...
    • Auf dem Lande
      aufdemla zip (5k) (m/w, M/w/m, 11/12/16, oral, vaginal, anal)
      Ich war gerade 16 geworden und verbrachte meine Ferien auf dem Lande, als ich im Gebüsch zwei 11/12 jährige Kinder beim Sex erwischte. Ich sollte sie nicht verraten, baten sie mich... wie könnte ich nur?     
      Die Arschfick-Mail
      diearsch zip (19k) (m/w, 13/11, mailing/anal)
      Sie wollte ihren Cousin doch nur aufstacheln, jetzt würde sie seinen Stachel gleich real in ihrem Po spüren. Sie musste lachen.     

      Thursday PM, January 10, 2002

    • by Amber Gold :...
    • Do Unto Others, part 2
      dountoo2 zip (11k) (mg-8 g-solo con oral ggm gg mg bro sis inc ped Fm-13 spanking)
      Nolan and Amy were enjoying this new experience called sex. Amy loved and needed the attention and Nolan was always horny for anything. Sex became a great out let for all his repressed fear when he thought of his brother. He knew it had been wrong to keep the truth from everyone and in a strange way he missed his mom and dad. Even abused children felt some love for their parents, they just don't like the abuse they have to put up with. But these thoughts were beginning to fade as he put his old life out of his mind and concentrated on his little Amy, a cute little girl he could play with.     
    • by Jack Spratt :...
    • Life is What You Make of It
      lifeiswh zip (26k) (M/f Mature man and young girl)
      David is a mature male who seems to have wasted most of his life. Fate steps in and gives him a second chance with a major lottery win. He uses so of the money to help a family in distress and is rewarded. Mari the daughter plays a large part in his new life.     
    • by Silver Fox :...
    • My Lovely Wife
      mylovely zip (6k) (MM/F, Interracial, Wife Sharing, Watching)
      My wife and I like dto talk about our fantasies while making love. It heightened our pleasure. Neithe rof us ever thought it would ever happen!     
    • by twoody :...
    • Valentin, ch 6
      valenti6 zip (5k) (M/b no sex, just love)
      Finally part 6 is here. We are going to use the whirlpool together, will he really shave me there?     
    • by Toto :...
    • The Orphanage, ch 2
      orphans2 zip (15k) (Everything except strong pain/torture/snuff - pedo)
      So the Loving Sisters of Charity in one afternoon became the Loving Sisters of Perversion. The picture taking began almost right away. Within a week two rooms had been cleared in the cellar and set up with lights and a variety of sex toys. Dildos, vibrators, belts, paddles, lingerie, an assortment of straps and whips and, naturally, photography equipment. The inaugural set of what was to be many, many sets of such photos and films was of Agnes being disciplined Sister Maria dressed in her nun's habit. Agnes wasn't dressed at all.     
    • by LUPO :...
    • Milchmädchen
      milchmad zip (14k) (M+/b+/g)
      Anne liebt es über alles, Jungen- und Männerschwänze abzumelken und sich vollspritzen zu lassen.     

      Wednesday PM, January 09, 2002

    • by Silver Fox :...
    • First Aid Sex
      firstaid zip (9k) (M/F,Inc, Mom & Son, Father Voyeur)
      Son has a football injury to his thigh. Mother examines it, and can't resist as her son gets an erection. Husband later discovers them having sex, but likes to watch.     
    • by Osiris :...
    • The Cheerleader Tryouts, part 7
      thechee7 zip (20k) (M/F F/f M/F/f)
      Just before he heard the toilet flush he heard Marla make three sharp raps on the wall. He didn't give the raps a second thought when his sexy wife strolled sensously back into the bedroom without her teddy. She gave his cock a squeeze as she stood by the bed.     "Thank goodness this thing is revived. I was worried about it for a while." she said with a wink and crawled over him in a 69 position. Marla had just taken the head of his cock in her mouth and Phil's tongue had barely had time to taste the tang of the last drop or two of his wife's urine that clung to her pussy lips when the door of the bedroom opened.     Standing in the doorway in all her naked glory, was Lacy.     "Hi Daddy!" she said with a grin that went from ear to ear.     
    • by writersblock :...
    • Wanting To Be A Slut
      wantingt zip (4k) (M/g Daddy is my pimp)
      It was Saturday morning. I had to rest before tonight's "fuck party..." Last night wore me out. Daddy invited a couple of black guys to help with my training. I love training to be a whore. Daddy says by my fifteenth birthday I should know everything I need to know to be the best whore around.     
    • by EricDJcat :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Psyko-Dan, ch 1-2
      psyko1_2 zip (11k) (MMM/FFff inc)
      "Detta är ju alldeles för enkelt." , tänkte Klas-Göran , medan han mycket noggrant öppnade det olåsta fönstret på första våningen av den avgränsade farmen. Han hoppade tyst in i det mörka rummet, satte på den stora polisficklampan som han hade fått av sin psykopat-kompis, Daniel, och började genomsöka området kring sig.     

      Tuesday PM, January 08, 2002

    • by Young Fox :...
    • Burlesque
      burlesqu zip (12k) (inc, bi-sex, MF/fb)
      Burlesque, you understand, was radically different from Vaudeville in that it was openly raunchy, virtually every act emphasizing sex. Some of it was understated, like double entendre songs such as "She was only the postman's daughter, but she knew how to deliver the male", and women dancing suggestively, but usually on each bill there would be at least a couple of acts which included full sexual intercourse.     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • Do Unto Others, part 1
      dountoo1 zip (11k) (m-solo g-solo mm NC Mm-9 inc dad son bro ped anal oral mg-8 con)
      Nolan was only nine years old but he had already found out about all the good feelings he could get from playing with his penis. He would get in bed at night and no matter how hard he tried he couldn't keep his hands away from it. It felt good so he played with himself and it might not have gone much farther but his 12 year brother, Marty, discovered his secret. He walked in on him in the bathroom as he stood drying himself after his bath and he had a hard and stiff cock. Marty laughed, turned his younger brother around and proceeded to fuck him in his ass. All the time Marty was having this wild anal fuck he had one hand over Nolan's mouth so he wouldn't cry out. Marty had no idea that he was starting something that would change so many lives and not all in a good way.     
    • by Tiberius :...
    • Network Nasties
      networkn zip (51k) (F/mmm bdsm)
      Things were changing on Pleasure Island. Not the central mission of the place, namely providing a safe, protected sanctuary for wealthy clients to engage in extreme gratification with babies, the new born, or almost new born, little boys and girls, pre and early pubescent youngsters, teenagers, young adults, and particularly moms and dads and their kids. It still went on, both in the huge mansion at the center of the small private island located in international waters, and its surrounds. And a steady stream of carefully-selected clients -- many, close friends of Larry, the 'MC' or Master of Ceremonies as he was called on the Island, (or 'Master of Cunts', to his closest friends) -- arrived regularly to enjoy their favorite debauchery.     
    • by Osiris :...
    • The Cheerleader Tryouts, part 8
      thechee8 zip (15k) (M/f M/F M/F/f)
      The last thing Phil wanted today was an invitation to get together with neighbors. He had other plans. He was so intent on coming up with a good excuse for refusing any invitations that he almost missed what Sam said next.    "I'd like to ask y'all over this afternoon but Sonny's coming over for lunch and then Jeanette and Claire are going to pick up where they left off last night trying to fuck us to death."    Phil's head snapped around to face Sam. "Huh!!"     "You didn't think you were the only one, did you?" Sam asked, smiling.     
    • by Ron :...
    • Tuggers, part 1
      tuggers1 zip (67k) (M/g/g/b M/b etc Sci Fi)
      The girl with the wondrous voice smiled as I looked her lovely, scantily clad body over. Next to me the other girl was washing my arm, the shower drenching her as much as it was me, her wisps of cloth no longer hiding much at all and I stared at the pointy little peaches on her chest. On the other side, the boy's waistcloth was sticking to his body like a second skin, showing the taut skin of his little ass with his boyish charms showing full in the front. A slap at my shoulder patch and I bloomed in drug enhanced heat.     
    • by yng cck :...
    • Chinese Lessons, ch 6: Nightmare
      chinese6 zip (4k) (MM/ Mg+/Mb+)
      It was now my second night there in that wooden stall, where I was attached in. All my body was aching, I had not got any meal except the boys and girls juices, and I was exhausted.     
    • by Skaidan :...
    • Una Madre Solitaria
      unamadre zip (7k) (m/F, incest)
      Es algo bien sabido que las tensiones que un adolescente vive se cuentan entre las peores de toda la vida. Éste vive expuesto a un mar indómito de hormonas enfurecidas que toman posesión de su cuerpo de forma implacable y lo empujan a buscar carne con la que saciar su sed de sexo. Es bien sabido también, que esa sed casi siempre debe ser saciada con la mano, porque pocas chicas están preparadas a esas edades para dejarse poseer o para poseer a esos locos dominados por las hormonas. Y es de esta situación precisamente de donde proceden esas terribles tensiones que afectan a nueve de cada diez adolescentes menores de dieciocho años.     

      Monday PM, January 07, 2002

    • by Euphoria :...
    • Circus
      circus zip (18k) (boy/boy/little girl boy/boy/little boy toddlers anal oral cum w/s bisexuality homosexuality pedo)
      "See the Pre-Teen Circus Sluts Drinking Cum and Getting Their Cunts and Supertight Assholes Fucked and Sucked By Members of The Audience!!"    And with that call and the stomp of horse's hooves, the circus arrives in town. But for young Grady and Jordy, the circus is just one part of their smalltown sexual awakening.    Cunts are assholes are explored at the local kindergarten. A boy learns to drink cum. A little girl finds that she likes a cock in her asshole and another cock in her slippery, young vagina (at the same time!). Meanwhile, mummy is too drunk to know that her little boy is upstairs learning about about ass-fucking.    The circus isn't the only thing cumming in Smalltown, USA     
      The Cunt Mangler and Sar - A Love Story
      thecuntm zip (7k) (adult male/little girls extreme ludicrous violence/cunt and asshole removing/nipple eating/corpse fucking/scat/ w/s black comedy/love story/lunacy)
      The Cunt Mangler, who may be ex-U.S. President ***, is on the loose. He's cutting up vaginas, cutting new holes to fuck, making friends with little girls (and their orifices) and killing those who get in his way (that's pretty much everybody). It's violent, nasty, disgusting and, wait for it!, it's also a mushy love story that would bring crocodile tears to a glass eye. And it's set in South America (so it's a travelogue, too). What more do you want?!     
    • by Silver Fox :...
    • Spending The Night
      spendingt zip (8k) (M/F/Pedo/First Time)
      Young boy has a best freind whose mother excited him. She realizes it and makes his dream come true!     
    • by Rick Roll :...
    • The Second Date
      thesecon zip (5k) (f/f - sis/inc/cons/rom/8 + 12)
      As the sisters begin to explore each other, Kelly continues to date Chip. AS he rounds second base and heads for third, Kristen and Kelly help each other practice. The continuing story of two sisters discovering each other.     
    • by Dark Tower Gunslinger :...
    • Where the Monkeys Have No Tails, ch 1-3
      where1_3 zip (19k) (M/f/oral)
      I had traded in my Chrysler SUV for a Volkswagen Passat when I started attending classes on the college on the bluff. My pad on the beach was a one bedroom beach bungalow I leased for seven months at a rate of three large a month. I was living the lifestyle of the L.A. beach bum with money. You paid a high price to have a Malibu address and it allowed you to attract all kinds of talent to play beach blanket bongo on your waterbed. Coeds, aspiring starlets looking for a producer and swallowing any line you handed them (along with every inch of cock you could get stiff) and tons of young beach girls with easily spread able legs and hard bodies that would give Pinocchio a woody.     
    • by Überraschung :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Der Familiendreier
      derfamil zip (12k) (Mmw, 11/13, alle Arten)
      Die 11 jährige Nicole besucht ihren Cousin Benny und seinen Vater. Schon lange spürten alle dieses Gefühl für einander und so kam, was kommen musste     
    • by Mike D. :...
    • Geile Kinderpopolöcher
      geilekin zip (11k) (M/w, 25/10, lecken/anal)
      Ein auf Arbeit gefundener Umschlag bringt Bilder eines in den Po gefickten kleinen Mädchens an den Tag. Wie gern würde auch Daniel ein Mädchen in den Po ficken. Durch dieses Bild kommt er bald in den Genuss aber nicht wie ihr vermutet ...     

      Sunday PM, January 06, 2002

    • by Jack Spratt :...
    • A Day at the Library
      adayatth zip (19k) (f/m m/F dreams of a 15 yr old boy come true)
      Don's social life at school is a big zero until a class project has him doing research at the local library.     
    • by PT Cruiser :...
    • Katlin Helps Her Daddy
      katlinhe zip (22k) (M/g 8)
      "I'll help you Daddy," Katlin said as soon as he hung up the phone.      "That would be real nice of you honey. Are you sure you want to help me? I mean I'd have to take off all my clothes and do some stuff down their." Jim patted his already growing bulge to show he young daughter where he meant.     
      Emily: Preteen Model
      emilypre zip (31k) (M/g)
      Emily was surprised that her mommy dropped her off at the studio. This was the first time she left her all alone with the photographer. Not that she minded, after all she'll be turning eight years old in 3 months and she felt like she was old enough to be alone sometimes....     
    • by Rick Roll :...
    • The First Date
      myfirstd zip (7k) (f/f - inc/cons/sisters/8 and 12 year old/rom)
      8 year-old Kristen idolizes her sister Kelly. When Kelly begins to date an older boy, she turns to her little sister for practice. A tender and romantic tale of two young girls exploring and discovering their bodies together. The first part of several memories to share.     
    • by Byteman2000 :...
    • Peeping Lesson, part 2
      peeping2 zip (12k) (M/b, oral, cons, young)
      Suddenly he got a big smile on his face, "Oh yeah she did didn't she, Ok!" With that he began taking his clothes off there in the middle of the room. Since no one was around I decided to do the same, that way if he did scare then I could just tell him never mind and to shower in a separate stall. He didn't seem to mind though as we both got down to our underwear, Tim was fully erect as usual while I fought with myself to try and maintain some control at least till we got in the shower in case someone were to walk in.     
      The Camping Trip, part 5: Fun With Myria
      thecamp5 zip (6k) (F/d, mom/daut, M/f, oral, anal, intersourse, love, firsttime)
      This is the fifth Story in a series that I have been writing about Myria, a beautiful little 8 year old, her mother Peggy, and Bob who is not only in love with Peggy but who has only recently been introduced to the sexual and romantic love of children. In this chapter little Myria, Peg, and Bob had returned from their new adventure at The Teddy Bear Palace where they had dinner. Myria has asked to sleep with Peg and Bob. Will Myria's new daddy give her a proper education tonight? If so how will Peg act and what about her fantasies?     
      The Tutor, part 4
      thetuto4 zip (12k) (M/f, M/b, young, cons, frist time, anal, oral, masturabtion)
      I headed on into the living room, sitting down in front of the computer decided to check my mail. It had been almost a week since I had a chance to check it someplace where there weren't any filters blocking me. About the time I booted up and logged in little 10 year old Pam came walking in. She was still in only her T-shirt and underwear I guess June was right when she said they were casual around the house.     
    • by The Anonymous Guy :...
    • Sleeping Beauty
      sleeping zip (7k) (M/f uncle/neice inc)
      I’ll never forget that night last summer when I stayed at my brother’s house to babysit my little 3-year old niece Amy while he and his wife were away overnight. It was hotter than hell and they didn’t have air conditioning. After a long, dreary night of babysitting the cranky little girl, and not finding a way to make her happy, I put the little brat to bed in her room and then went to my brother’s room, stripped down to my underwear and lay down on the bed. I realized that the little lamp on the dresser was on, but it was just too goddamned hot to bother getting up to shut it off. The fan wasn’t helping much as I drifted asleep on top of the bed sheet soaking in my sweat.     
    • by Tommy Warhead :...
    • Strip Search: Fast Driving
      stripse2 zip (8k) (M/f, M/f, M/b, b/b, M/b/f, M/b, Forced Incest, Rape, Oral, Anal)
      "You're driving too fast," Buffy yelled at her younger brother.     She new it wasn't very smart to let the thirteen year old get behind the wheel, but he had given her very little choice. Jimmy knew that their father didn't want Buffy driving his new BMW, so when he and his friend Mike saw Buffy and her friend Clarissa riding down Main Street he demanded they give them a ride home. Once they got on the back roads, Jimmy threatened to tell if she didn't let him operate the speed machine.     All around it was a really bad idea; Buffy herself had only just turned sixteen and gotten her license two months earlier. If her father ever found out that she let Jimmy drive the high performance convertible, he'd kill her for sure.     
    • by Uncle Buck :...
    • The Child Lover, ch 5-6
      thech5_6 zip (5k) (Older man loves young girl)
      Buck gets his first full view of Sue's kitty. They start full kissing, and Sue has an orgasm.     
    • by Mikelo :...
    • Camping Adventure, parts 1-2
      campi1_2 zip (63k) (ped/naturist)
      Roy finds himself in charge of a group of stranded young girls on a school camping trip.     

      Saturday PM, January 05, 2002

    • by GPC :...
    • Barb's Gang, ch 2
      barbsga2 zip (6k) (F/m F/f inc preteen daut oral ws)
      After Barb's encounter with her son and his friends, Barb and Jake return home. Barb just wants to get cleaned up. Jake has other ideas though, and enlists the help of his 11 yo sister Linda.     
    • by Byteman2000 :...
    • Father and Son
      fatheran zip (12k) (M/b, F/s, oral, anal, cons, firsttime, love)
      It was a warm Saturday morning when Steve my 11 year old son came running in the house calling for me. "Dad! Dad where are you?" I heard him from my den. "I'm in here working son, in the den. What's the problem?" Asking and thinking there had been an accident or something."Dad what's a naturist?" my son asked with confusion on his face.     
      Peeping Lesson
      peeping1 zip (8k) (M/b, exabitioning, fantasy)
      As I stated to step back under the water I noticed him as he stepped down off the bench and into his shower. The water on the floor acted as a natural mirror with the light above shining down. I could see him almost as clear as if he had been walking on glass, and the sight that I did see too. His young cock was erect still! About 4" or so in length pointing straight out from his body as he walked into the shower. I couldn't believe what I saw and the thoughts began going through my head once again.     
      Troop 69
      troop69 zip (9k) (M/b/b/b/b, oral, anal, masturbation, cons)
      "Well there's not much she can say, I'm divorced myself too. I have the boys since she is in jail and I don't see her getting out any time soon. I do have a girlfriend who has a little 10 year old daughter Kim and doesn't mind the boys at all and they all seem to like her too. She jokes about having a bunch of little swinging dicks around to tease her."     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • His Perfect Little Lover Girl
      hisperfe zip (16k) (M-solo oral ped inc Mg-7 con)
      Greg was a lover of little girls. He found them to be absolutely delightful. Only a little girl can look in your face, study it and smile with delight as she sees a twinkle of fun in your eyes. Little girls are all soft and smooth, smell like spring and could be a little vamp one moment and a little angel the next. Most of them didn't care what you looked like as long as you have a smile for them or a treat in a pocket that they have to find. They love small presents, unexpected surprises and try to be a grown up lady one moment then gallop around the yard with the neighborhood kids being the biggest tom boy in the group.     
    • by PT Cruiser :...
    • Kayla's Home With Daddy, part 2
      kaylash2 zip (14k) (M/g)
      "As a matter of fact why don't we go in my bedroom right now honey." Jim bent his knees and turned his back toward Kayla so she could climb on his back. "Hop on." Quickly Kayla wrapped her thin arms around her Daddy's neck and did her best to wrap her skinny legs around his large torso. Kayla has gotten a piggyback ride from her Daddy lots of times but this time it was so much different. She was completely naked! Kayla could feel her small hairless mound rub against her Daddy's skin making her tickle down there!     
    • by Nomad :...
    • Longing
      longing zip (41k) (Pedo M/ff (12) Incest M/f (22)??)
      A tale set in Victorian times. Rich photographer takes girls from the destitute to photograph and abuse. Twist at the end when discovered by his adult daughter, a young woman who has disliked him ever since she was a similar age and he would fondle her through her clothes.     
    • by Stephen :...New Author.!.!.!
    • My Step-Sister Was A She-Male
      mystepsi zip (6k) (M/F inc (stepsis))
      An Internet classic that hasn't been seen in a long time. The author makes a pleasant discovery about his new stepsister, and they both enjoy the results.     
    • by Jaz1701 :...
    • Dude Looks Like a Lady
      dudelook zip (9k)
      I can't beleve I'm writing this. When it first happened I was so ashamed, I know I could never have told anyone. I honestly thought I never would. I guess though as I got older I matured some. I've realized that until I get this out in the open, until I can face what I have done, I'll never get over it.     
    • by Mikelo :...
    • It Doesn't Matter, part 2
      itdoesn2 zip (33k) (ped/naturist)
      A continuation of part 1, describing another exciting day Roy spent with his 10-year-old cousin Shelley and her friends.     
      marina zip (40k) (ped/naturist)
      Roy tells about how he first met his present girl-friend Marina and her precocious brother Scott, who has his own motives for wanting to become a naturist.     

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