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    June 29th - July 05th mid-Morning Updates

      On Friday PM, July 05, 2002

    • by Jack Spratt :...
    • My Independence Day Weekend
      myindepe zip (23k) (f/m, f/M, girl/older man, daut/dad inc)
      Madison's trip to her brother's graduation had promised to be a boring five days. She did everything she to get out if it. Her thoughts are of Rick and the adventures they were having discoverying sex. However meeting Don then Dave and his daughter Jordon changes everything. This weekend are what memories are made of!!!!     
    • by Travis Lee :...
    • Angel, ch 2
      angel2 zip (03k) (M/f, dad/daut, no sex)
      Things have changed in the last three years for Arthur and his daughter, Angel.     

      Thursday PM, July 04, 2002

    • by Bi-way :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Family Raped, ch 1
      familyr1 zip (11k) (mmf/mmg/mmm/mmb/mg/fb/)
      Dave turned into his driveway, he had gottem home early because of the oncoming storm, getting out of his car he noticed 4 strangers aproaching.     
    • by Apollohelios :...
    • In A Minute
      inaminut zip (06k) (M/f dad/daut inc con oral 1st-time)
      Father and daughter had planned this moment for two years. Yet it would only take them a minute to change from family to lovers, from love to ecstasy....     
    • by Kittywinkle :...
    • Kids Grow Up So Fast These Days, ch 3
      kidsgro3 zip (11k) (M/F, M/fff, f/F (13, 12, 10, 9), preg, lact, big tits)
      A trip to the doctor for all the pregnant members of the family, and for little Emily and the twins. Back home, Davie isn't available to help out in the bedroom, so mom has an idea to ease her galloping horniness and quench her thirst at the same time.     
    • by Norman Bates :...
    • Niece Awake, part 1
      nieceaw1 zip (10k) (M,g,pre-teen,beast,cons)
      Shortly after writing, "Niece's Awakening", which recorded the events that allowed me to form the unique relationship described, Amy's mother, and my wife had a major disagreement. The conflict escalated over the course of a couple of months and ended abruptly when Lien, Amy's mother, failed to show up for work. Needless to say I was extremely disappointed when Amy didn't show up on my doorstep that Saturday morning. Sue, my wife, called and told me I would not be seeing her any more. I felt as though someone had hit me in the stomach, and I still feel the loss of the most beautiful and sensuous relationship of my life. I did not know that the reason for the disappearing act was due to a conflict between my wife and Amy's mom. Consequently I kept looking over my shoulder, expecting any minute to be 'cuffed and carted off for what in this state is called "indecency with a child", strange term considering that the school system here still exercises corporal punishment. Nothing like that has happened, and I worry about it less as time passes. It had been almost two years since I last saw Amy and I was always curious about how she had developed. A lot of growing takes place from five to seven years old.     
    • by The Old Medic :...
    • Refuge
      refuge zip (24k) (M/f)
      I lost both legs in the Gulf War. I wanted to get away from it all, so I moved to a small coastal town in Mexico. There, I met an unusual fmaily, and when they left, they left me a gift beyond price.     
    • by Mel :...
    • Sea Port Bar, part 2
      seaport2 zip (06k) (MMMMMMMM/F/pedo/dom/bondage/virgins/preteens/rape?/mmm/fff)
      A guy alone walked into our bar and demanded a jack straight up. He was a big, burley type guy with dark hair and a beard and mustache to match. He slammed down his glass and asked for another shot. Then he asked my husband, "I hear you have a sweet menu, I'd like to order!" May I ask who sent you?" He told me what I needed to know so I gave him the menu. He rubbed his beard and was nodding his head up and down. He looked up from the menu with a smile and twinkle in his eye and asked for the 4 year old boy-ass fucker and the 7-year-old girl-bondage. I took him upstairs to room 2 and told him the kids would be along soon. I slipped into the next room and set up the camera. My wife showed up at his door with the kids and pushed them in. The big man locked the door behind them.     
    • by darklord :...
    • The Bathroom Slut, part 1
      thebath1 zip (05k) (M/f oral first time)
      She was only 11 years old but for the past year and a half she had a secret part to her day that no one even her mom and dad knew about.     
    • by Little Brother :...
    • The Grade School Underwear Club
      thegrade zip (08k) (M/f brother/sister/pre-teen)
      If someone had told twelve-year-old Tommy two months ago that he would be fucking his ten-year-old sister, he would have said that they were fucking nuts. Yet here he was, humping and thrusting his 3 inch dick into the youngster's tight little gash. In fact, whenever the Club got together, and brothers and sisters would voluntarily pair off, Tommy would openly make snide remarks about those siblings upbringing. Now, just thinking about the times he had watched brother and sister straining to bring each other off made his nuts tingle and cramp – signaling his impending orgasm.     
    • by Turner2corners :...
    • Melody - Lost From Home, ch 1
      melodyl1 zip (07k) (kidnap, set-up)
      Melody is latest target for our 'hero', she is a specific request by her uncle who wants her to be his slave - Or does he?     
    • by Blondie :...
    • My Stepmother's A Lesbian!
      mystepmo zip (06k) (F/F)
      I had always felt different from my friends when it came to boys. They all had boyfriends, but I never wanted one. When I met Kate, I finally realized why.     
    • by Ammoun :...
    • The Photographer and His Friends, part 2
      photogr2 zip (35k) (M/ff, M/f, rom, M/F/ff, w/s, oral, anal, inc. All that, and a little more. Mostly set-up)
      "Damn," I muttered to myself as I hung up the phone. When my friend, Phil, called, I was so glad to hear from him, that I allowed myself to be cornered into accepting an invitation to spend the weekend with them until I realized, too late, what his beautiful, mischievous wife had in store for me. As much as I love my dear friends, I really wasn't up to another one of Marsha's matchmaking schemes. Although not mentioned in the conversation, it was clear that she was planning to fix me up with another one of her single girlfriends. "Who was that on the phone, Daddy?" asked Sandy as she walked across the deck toward me, fresh out of the pool and dripping wet.     

      Wednesday PM, July 03, 2002

    • by Dark Tower Gunslinger :...
    • American Odyssey, ch 1
      america1 zip (10k) (M/f/oral)
      This is a full novella or short novel covering the mores and morals of Americana. It is blunt and at times harsh. The sex covers a wide range of behaviour including scat and beast so if this is not your cup of tea you may want to skip those parts although they are not a significant part of the total story. Draw up your armchair, sit back, light up and be prepared for a long and bumpy ride. In Chapter One we meet a young junior high student and follow her exploits into womanhood.     
    • by lil g lover :...
    • Little Lisa in Preparation for the Fuck Box, part 3
      littlel3 zip (15k) (MM/g (11), inc, nc, anal, cum)
      Jim cut a small hole in the spandex material right over his daughter's butt hole, then widened it till the hole was an inch in diameter and her anus could clearly been seen through her shorts... With her ignorant mom feet away, Lisa sat still on Dave's lap, their crotches connected with his cock buried all the way up her warm asshole, but no one could notice a thing, because both of them were clothed.     
    • by lolitot :...
    • Pre-Teen Dance Studio, part 1
      2pretee1 zip (06k) (f/F/M)
      Bill's new girlfriend teaches at a dance studio for little girls ... this is gonna be real hard, on Bill! Betcha can't imagine what could happen there, with the right instructor ...     
    • by markone :...
    • School Can Be Fun, part 1
      schoolc1 zip (19k) (F/F /M/m/ff Mum, kids teachers/Dad/dau)
      Emma's 11 and 12 year old sons love sex with their mother, each other and anyone else they can involve.     
    • by The Rascally Rogue :...
    • The Naughtiest Girls In The World, part 2
      thenaug2 zip (17k) (cons, lesbian pd(gg7), scat)
      "if you save my daddy, I'll be the naughtiest girl in the world and do anything for you and make lots of films like that one and make you rich!" "I think you'd enjoy all of that anyway!" said my daddy hugging us up tight to him. "you two are already the naughtiest girls in the world and we are going to have such fun!"     
    • by The Watcher Awakens :...
    • The Stepfather
      thestepf zip (07k) (M/f father/daughter incest)
      A man boasts of marrying his wife to gain access to her daughters...     
    • by Wormwood :...New Author.!.!.!
    • A Loving Mom, ch 1
      aloving1 zip (07k) (F/m, b/g, bb/g inc, cons, 1st time)
      He sat in the warm bath washing his slim young body. He soaped and stroked his soft cock, feeling it harden under the soap and flannel wash cloth. He lay back as he dreamily soaped and stroked his stiffening cock. He was almost 11 years old and had a slim young tool, untried in the warmth of girl's cunny. He'd played with his friend's sister and felt her soft young slit. She was only 7 years old, but he had fingered and stroked her slit until she'd quivered and shivered as her orgasm overtook her. Then his mate had showed him how to fuck.     
    • by Blondie :...
    • Bi Family
      bifamily zip (06k) (M/f, F/F, M/M, incest, threesome)
      Knowing what I know now I wonder, is bisexuality in the genes?     
    • by Skaidan :...
    • Compañera De Celda
      companer zip (16k) (F/F, shemale, semi-consensual)
      No es justo, se decía una y otra vez Vanessa mientras la conducían a la cárcel de mujeres, condenarme a mí a un año de prisión por haberme encontrado junto a un coche robado sobre el que me he apoyado un momento para coger una cosa del suelo.     
    • by DJChico :...
    • Sabine, ch 2
      sabine2 zip (04k) (m/f m/m bro/sis inc)
      Die Geschichte rund um mich, damals 13 Jahre alt, geht weiter. Meine Schwester hat mich dabei entdeckt, wie ich in ihren Slip abspritzte. Wie wird sie reagieren?     
    • by Allene Blake :...
    • Cindy
      cindy zip (20k) (bdsm humiliation M/f F/f)
      My name is Cassandra. I am forty-six but still look very good thanks to health clubs, the best beauty parlors and massages twice a week by a girl willing to go down on me since I am such a good customer and tipper. I am a widow. I suppose you could say I killed him. He caught me in bed with my secretary and the blow to his ego made him storm out and wreck his car by going too fast around a curve. Thanks to an excellent lawyer who proved the road was improperly marked I ended up collecting over a million dollars plus his double indemnity insurance policy. With that I was able to sell my business and now just enjoy satisfying my sexual desires. I have known my friend Darlene Cunningham for years. She is not a lesbian but is willing to indulge my other obsession of seeing her daughters getting a spanking in return for favors like taking her with me on vacations to exotic places. Even though she is not a lesbian she enjoys watching me humiliate women we pick up in lesbian bars.     
    • by Kittywinkle :...
    • Kids Grow Up So Fast These Days, ch 2
      kidsgro2 zip (11k) (M/F, M/fff, m/fff (12, 11, 10, 8), preg, big tits)
      As all three of my girls aren't getting a fair share of the action I think it will be a good idea if Frank helps them out occasionally in the bedroom. Better for them to learn about sex in the safety of their own home. Meanwhile, I can hang around and watch. At least, that was the idea...     
    • by Jack Spratt :...
    • My Discovery
      mydiscov zip (34k) (ff/fM two young sisters, young preteen/mature male, incest and sexual discovery)
      Jordon's young body seems to have changed over night. Her sister Alice helps her realize what a great gift her body is. Don helps shows her how to get the most sensations. Her young friends are on hand to learn from her adventures.     
    • by Fantasymind2002 :...
    • My Sister, Keri, Is Jailbait
      mysister zip (14k) (M/F bro/sis)
      The Johnson's was having a house party and BBQ but Keri, the middle child of 13, wasn't enjoying a bunch of half-drunken adults being loud and obnoxious at 11 pm. She had tried to watch TV but the noise was getting on her nerves plus married men putting their arms around her and blowing booze in her face, while trying to make conversation, was getting annoying. One guy held her like she was his girlfriend with his arm around her and hand under her pajama top, while rubbing her belly. She was wearing satin pajamas but kept her bra on so her buds wouldn't show through.     
    • by Uncle Buck :...
    • The Child Lover, Ch 27, part 1: Mia moves in with Beth, with Buck's help
      thechi27 zip (08k) (Adult/Adult, Adult/Child)
      “You sure do have beautiful hair, Mia.” “Thank you Buck, but I believe there’s something you like better. Right?” Buck asked, “aw .. Err. What.. “ “My titties. I’ve noticed you like to look at them.” “Well, they are pretty cute,” Buck, returned. Mai had decided earlier that she wouldn’t seduce Buck today, but couldn’t resist a little sex play. “Would you like to see them?” Buck smiled, “Only if you want me to,” “I’ll only show you the left one, as it’s prettier than the right one.” She pulled back her top completely on her left side, completely exposing her entire breast. Just as Buck had imagined, her areolas was huge and very dark. The nipple in its center appeared to be fairly Norman in size. The breast was quite small, but exactly the size Buck preferred. He judged he could get it all in his mouth.     
    • by The Rascally Rogue :...
    • The Doll's House
      thedoll2 zip (32k) (pd, cons, scat, best, enema)
      ..."so the kids are with complete strangers and doing whatever with them!" I said incredulously getting harder and pulling more roughly on my cock. "oh SHIT I wish I could watch!" I groaned. "yeah, me too!" said Anna "but never mind we can do it too with 11 year old John, 6 year old Inga and 4 year old Rachel and they are chomping at the bit!" at that 3 kids I'd never seen before rushed in stood before us naked as they day they were born in order of height. "Hello Mr Jim!" they chorused and my heart was pounding as I saw these sexy kids jumping on us and stripped Anna of the few clothes she was wearing. Anything was going to happen... And it did     
    • by The Watcher Awakens :...
    • The Real Man
      therealm zip (08k) (M/f father/daughter incest)
      A meek husband discovers his young daughter knows how to make him feel like a 'real man'...     
    • by Nomad :...
    • Value For Money
      valuefor zip (20k) (fath/daught incest, pedo 12 yr old)
      The phone rang and I picked it up on the third ring to listen to the other end. I heard an agitated voice asking if I was Mr Nomad. "You're speaking to him." I said. There was a moment's hesitation on the other end and I waited, sensing the nervousness of the man. "My name's Jerry. Jerry Worth. I'm in trouble. Incest. A friend said you might be able to help me." "I see," I murmured in measured tones. "What family members were involved?" "Myself and my daughter. She's twelve." He told me softly. "Is she with you now?" I asked. "Yes. Look, we've nowhere to go. The police will be after us in minutes!" So begins a story of incest and paedophilia.     
    • by Baron Darkside :...
    • While the Mice are Away
      whilethe zip (25k) (M/F/FIL/DIL/adultrey/cons)
      Randy finally convinces his young wife, Judy to let him go fishing with the boys. This leaves her alone with his father, Gary. See what happens when Judy and Gary visit the zoo and see all the naughty animals doing it. . . .     
    • by Rollspel :...
    • Blottaren
      blottare zip (04k) (M/F)
      Jag har tagit mig de 15 milen till närmaste stad för att inte bli igenkänd och nu sitter jag i bilen utanför en mellanstadieskola. Klockan är närmare tre på eftermiddagen och skolgården är relativt tom sånär som på några flickor och pojkar i 11 års åldern som leker vid gungorna. Jag kan höra deras skrik och glam. Tjejerna skriker högt när killarna jagar dom. Det verkar som om de kommit på att man kan titta under tjejernas kjolar.     

      Monday PM, July 01, 2002

    • by Netwanderer :...
    • A Picture Is Worth...
      apicture zip (22k) (MFff (various comb), inc, nc, rape, bond)
      Almost imperceptibly, her hips started to move on the mattress and a tiny noise escaped her lips. Her eyes closed in concentration and I knew she was trying to control her body's responses. She couldn't. Her legs started to spread wider, letting me move a fraction of an inch further inside her, then another. Her breathing changed to short gasps, in time with each bounce of the mattress. "Alright, " I growled at her, "come for me. Let Kelly see what a little slut you are, how much you like this.     
    • by DaddyBob :...
    • Father's Day Surprise, part 1
      fathers1 zip (17k) (Dad/daut, ped, inc)
      Father's Day takes on a whole new meaning when my wife tells me that the photo session planned with my twelve-year-old daughter is going to be more "intimate" than I expected...A lot more intimate!     
    • by Keyman :...
    • Generations, part 5
      generat5 zip (46k) (MFg MMMMFFFFg age 11 Pedo, Incest, Anal, Oral)
      Jean falls under the spell of the house and quickly reverts back to her former horny self. She has her preteen daughter service both John and herself in the shower to start their day. She helps John introduce her daughter to anal sex in order to satisfy herself sexually. She later helps John drug her preteen daughter and prepare her for the arrival of the Others. The Others arrive and display some unusual sexual equipment. They take advantage of the young preteen preparing the eleven year old for the arrival of the Devil. When the Devil comes to claim his preteen lover they are all in for a monster surprise, including Beelzebub himself.     
    • by bluvum :...
    • Perverted Pleasures
      perverte zip (12k) (F, b, g/ b = age 11/ g = age 2-1/2, oral, anal, gs, nc, caution)
      This story is about an 11 year old boys first sexual experiences with a cute little girl that lived next door. Mrs. Star discovered the young boy was horny. She decided to use him to help her make some special perverted pictures with her 2-1/2 year old daughter.     
    • by Cumsucker :...
    • The Neighbors
      theneigh zip (06k) (swinging)
      When June and I moved into our new neighborhood we were excited over the reception we were given by our new neighbors. Several of them stopped by to offer assistance on move-in day, and a couple of the women brought over sandwiches and beers for lunch. We were very grateful, and that night I mentioned to June how sexy they all seemed. June agreed, remarking that even she could get turned on by Samantha, the buxom blonde who lived next door.     
    • by Dark Tower Gunslinger :...
    • Wizard of Oz, ch 11
      wizard11 zip (23k) (Mggg/Incest/Oral/Ped)
      Traveling eastward to the Australian Gold Coast, Palladin and his daughters set up in a swanky hotel to enjoy the beach days and nightlife of this Vegas style area. Palladin's sexual wanderlust introduces him to a young woman on holiday and her sexually uptight sister, another deeply religious woman with two young daughters. Needless to say, Palladin and his daughters have a way of unlocking the hidden, unbridled lust in even the most devoted of families and a couple of gents he meets at the casino round out a wild orgy of sex.     
    • by Lincoln Lee :...
    • Designs on Dads
      designso zip (19k) (incest fantasy)
      Karen Sharp and Brena Graland were the best of friends. They had known each other since preschool and knew everything about each other. They were closer than sisters. As the two nine year olds entered 4th grade, their sexual curiosity began to spark. The 5th grade girls could be heard all the time speaking of "fucking", but to Karen and Brena it was a mystery. The fifth graders seemed to know and understand all about the subject, but weren't very willing to share their knowledge with their younger peers. Karen and Brena felt very left out.     
    • by Turner2corners :...
    • Training of Little Cat, ch 10-11
      tra10_11 zip (13k) (gg Fg toys)
      Our 'hero' meets up with Dr. Elizabeth - Little Cats new Mistress, and her slave Sue-li - a few surprises and a search. Charpter 11 - On returning home Toy has some surprises and punishments, and Little Cat finds a measure of happiness.     

      Sunday PM, June 30, 2002

    • by twoeyes :...
    • Blackmail, part 2
      blackma2 zip (14k) (inc bro/sis, mild D/s, m/F)
      Poor Matthew didn't stand a chance. When his 13 year old sister's best friend is forced to move in with his family, he falls for her, and her plot to make him the personal property of her and his sister. This is just the beginning of all the trouble... Kata brings Matt's sister into the mix in Episode 2     
    • by Cumsucker :...
    • Deprived and Depraved
      deprived zip (13k) (group sex, WS, teen incest)
      I don’t know what’s happening to me. It seems as though one day I was a normal wife and mother of two teenage boys... the next a raging nymphomaniac. Suddenly, and I have no idea what triggered this, it seems as though all I think about is sex. Perhaps my hormones are just kicking in, or perhaps the past several years of an almost zero sex life has finally caused my unnatural urges to boil over. Regardless, whatever has caused this sudden transformation in my life is uncontrollable.     
    • by The Old Medic :...
    • My Kids
      mykids zip (25k) (M/F, M/f. F/f, M/F/f, Incest)
      My wife wanted a divorce. She framed me, so I got only supervised visits with my kids. Then, she disappeared, and I never saw her again. I did find my kids, after more than eleven years. And discovered what is really important in life.     
    • by Fantasymind2002 :...
    • The Anderson's Pool
      theanders zip (14k) (M/F mom/son/dad)
      It was mid June and 16 yr old Steven Anderson had just finished 10th grade. He was happy as a pig in shit to throw his books down for summer break. He had made good grades and his Dad had promised to put a pool in this year. Joe Anderson worked on oilrigs overseas and would be home in 2 weeks. He goes away for up to 8 weeks at a time and than home for 4. Sandra, Steve's Mom, called out to him as soon as he walked in. "Steven, hurry up your Dad's on the phone and don't have much time." Steve ran to the phone and spoke to his Dad. Joe congratulated him on his good grades and told him he would be rewarded. "The pool!" said Steve excitedly. "Yes, I told your Mother to call the contractor." Steve told his Father he loved him and he would see him soon.     

      Saturday PM, June 29, 2002

    • by Baron Darkside :...
    • Alice in Derbyland
      aliceind zip (10k) (F/Horse/bestiality)
      Ron is out jogging when he finds one of his neighbors playing horsey with a real, live horse. See what happens when Ceasar gets to ride mommy instead of mommy riding Ceasar. . . . (The Baron's one and only bestiality story.)     
      Returning to the Source
      returnin zip (25k) (M/F/Father/Daughter/inc/cons)
      Monique's father, Jacque just got dumped by Monique's mom for another man. Jacque comes to Monique's house to grieve. Since Monique has also gone through a divorce, they have a lot in common. And as the story develops, they find they have a lot of similar interests, too. . . .     
      The Union at the Family Reunion
      theunion zip (13k) (M/f/Unc/Niece/inc/cons)
      It's time for the annual family reunion. All the cars are full up and Vicki 'has' to ride with her poor Uncle Albert. Vicki diverts them onto a deserted road deep in the woods. See what happens when Vicki looses her bracelet and Uncle Albert has to look for it. . . .     
      What a Mother (in-law)
      whatamot zip (18k) (M/F/MIL/SIL/adultery/cons)
      Gloria finds out that her son-in-law Mike has some very fine tools so when her daughter, Clarise isn't around, Gloria puts Mike to work using his tools. . . .     
    • by blackpanther :...
    • Sibling Love
      siblingl zip (05k) (inc/MmFf)
      One day when I was ten years old. My parents left me alone with my sister. I was watching Bugs Bunny on T.V. and I heard the water turn on up the stairs and figured that my fourteen year old sister was taking a shower. Feeling a little sneaky and devilish I tiptoed up the stairs and checked to see if the door was open. It was a crack. The water was beating down so hard I figured my sister wouldn’t hear if the door opened a little more so I could peak in. I slowly pushed the door open and peaked in. My sister back was to me as she washed the soap off her back and firm little ass.     
    • by Blondie :...
    • Summertime Daddy
      summerti zip (06k) (M/F, incest, F/F)
      Mandy loved her summers with her father. They always had great fun, and even greater fucks.     
    • by Turner2corners :...
    • Training of Little Cat, ch 8-9
      train8_9 zip (11k) (gg mgg anal toys)
      chapter 08 - Little Cat decides that she wants to try something new, now that Toy has worked on her, so she is introduced into a sandwich - chapter 09 - After her fun comes fear and regret, our 'hero' has to comfort her.     
    • by Borge :...
    • Badsjon
      badsjon zip (10k) (Mg ws oral)
      Borge är tillbaka! Värre än någonsin :-) Den här berättelsen har jag fått uppslag till från en del av er men mestadels är det mina fantasier som lyser igenom. Trots det vill jag ha     

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