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    July 20th - July 26th mid-Morning Updates

      On Friday PM, July 26, 2002

    • by Amber Gold :...
    • The Young Girl Next Door
      2theyoun zip (22k) (M-solo M-doll M-g11 con oral inc ped)
      She lifted her face, it was too dark to see it but I found her lips with mine and kissed her, plunging my tongue in her mouth not wanting to miss this once in a life time chance of fucking a girl. I didn't know if she was asleep or knew exactly what was going on and I didn't care. Not right now. We kissed, her hands going around my neck and she pressed her naked body up tight to mine. I could feel her small breasts pushing into my chest. This was my fantasy coming true. I wanted to have sex with her but some part of me didn't want to go down that road. A road that was very dangerous for me.     
    • by TwistedFun :...
    • Busload, ch 1
      busload1 zip (08k) (M/F/girls from 4 to 10 years old)
      "Let's do it." she said. "Come again?" I choked on my drink. "I'll get a job as a bus driver you can hi-jack the bus and "force" me to help you." she smiled.     
    • by daddydoright :...
    • Nice & Naughty Neighbors
      niceandn zip (11k) (M/F/f/g .... adult man, adult woman, 14 year old girl, 10 year old, oral sex, pedo sex, consenting)
      The house directly across the street from mine had been empty for several months but now I could see that someone was moving into it. I was very anxious to see what my new neighbors looked like and especially wanted to find out if there were going to be any females in the family....     
    • by CANNON :...
    • Pussy Paradise, part 4
      pussypa4 zip (07k) (Mff)
      This is a fairly short part of the story, but is needed to set up the next part. Carl figures he has no chance for sex today since Abbie's mother has the day off. Later that night, after he falls asleep, he feels something wet against his balls. It isn't the dog because Carl doesn't have a dog!     
    • by pussywillow :...
    • The Storm, part 1
      thestor1 zip (14k) (M/g dad/ daut inc)
      There was a thunderstorm, and my little daughter wanted the security of sleeping with me that night. The next morning I woke up feeling her hand wrapped around my hard penis.     
    • by Yellow Snow :...
    • Ahead of the Game, ch 8
      aheadof8 zip (09k) (m/F anal)
      beginning of the voyage     
    • by Horny1 :...
    • Our Daughter, Our Lover, ch 1
      ourdaug1 zip (04k) (M/F, F/F, incest)
      Staci was the perfect daughter. She was just the kind of fucktoy any mom or dad could ever want.     
    • by Turner 2 Corners :...
    • Ropeville School, ch 13-14
      rop13_14 zip (18k) (Mg oral, mast Mg)
      Ropeville School - chapter 13 - Returning to the School to find that Kris has been 'roped in' during the class, our hero Paul Purple decides to push slightly at the authority of the Ropeville council, he sees the action in the courtroom as Melody gives her testimony. More talks with the mysterious number 3. Chapter 14 - Mending fences and restoring people, our hero is gaining knowledge of how he can change people, and a government issued sex education lesson, with the resultant merriment of the girls.     
    • by Chintak :...
    • Fayar, ch 1
      fayar1 zip (06k) (F/F mother-daughter inc)
      A daughter insisted that the mother sees the first Indian movie 'Fire' that depicted lesbian relationship for the firtst time. They meet and daughter has some questions for the mother. They are drawn to each other..     

      Thursday PM, July 25, 2002

    • by Boswell, the Bad :...
    • Blue Light Special, part 4
      bluelig4 zip (06k) (M/F/m/f, mass rape)
      A moment later giggling naked boys and girls began to climb out of the water and the girls crawled on hands and knees to the grass, their breasts bobbling wildly...their eager asses thrust skywards as they waited to be raped. Right behind them, cocks hard and stiffly erect, grinning boys pounced on them and stabbed those cocks into waiting vaginas between spread thighs. Shrieks of momentary pain rose from the virgins among them as they accepted their first cocks. At first it was teenagers and a scattering of naked adults, then preteens...and lastly kids four or five and up were on the grass trying to emulate the older kids. Smiling broadly, Meg walked among the now rutting naked children, looking down at her handiwork as she rubbed her own aching cunt slit.     
    • by Blackpanther :...
    • Daddy And Daughter
      daddyand zip (04k) (M/f inc)
      I was sitting at the kitchen table drinking a cup of coffee and looking though the newspaper. I glanced at my watch. Three o'clock, Jenny, my thirteen year old daughter, should be home from school pretty soon" I thought to myself. My wife had run out on Jenny and me when jenny was three years old and left me to raise her my self. As I turned my attention back to the newspaper, the door opened and slammed shut, then footsteps running up the stairs and a bedroom door slamming. "Something's up" I said to myself and got up. Jenny always stops in the kitchen chat with her old man. I walked up to her room and knocked. She said enter, and I walked into her room. I walked over to her bed and sat down on the side of it and rubbed her back a little and asked her what was wrong.     
    • by Baron Darkside :...
    • Dreams Of Grief
      dreamsof zip (27k) (M/F Mot/son/inc/cons)
      Diane awakes to find two policeman at her door. The cops inform her that her husband and daughter-in-law were killed in an automobile accident. She and her son, Ken are devastated and try to console each other, but later Ken has a dream that proves to be their undoing...     
    • by Mel :...
    • Learning To REALLY Love Jeanie and Johnny - In The Beginning
      learning zip (08k) (M/F/pedo/masterbation/kids ages 1 1/2 girl/4 months boy)
      My name is Lynn and this is about how I became involved in incest. I never thought about it till I met Sam, maybe he brought it out in me. I owe my neighbor Sam (now my husband) my gratitude for showing me the wonders of my kids. Let me tell you about Sam, my kids and myself and how we all came together. I'm age 36, with long red hair and blue eyes, big tits (that men and children love). I live just outside a small town in the country. Lots of gorgeous scenery and privacy too boot. If I want to walk outside on my porch naked-I can. My husband ran off about 6 months ago because he couldn't handle married life. He said it restricted his fun time-damn asshole. Just a weak, pathetic man that only thought of himself. I'm much better off with out him anyway. So I can find someone who cares for my needs. My daughter is 1 ½ years old her name is Jeanie, cute as a button at least when she isn't into something she shouldn't be. She has red hair and blues just like her mommy-thank goodness she doesn't look like her daddy. My son Johnny is 4 months old and is learning to crawl-it wont be long and he will be into everything just like his sister.     
    • by pussywillow :...
    • The Tree House
      thetreeh zip (38k) (m/g pett, con, oral, virg, rom)
      Nine year old Angela and her mother had just moved into a guest house that was on a farm. The farmer had a thirteen-year-old boy who had built a tree house. Angela saw the tree house and thought it would be fun to play "house" in the tree house. That they did and more.     
    • by Uncle Bobbie :...
    • Uncle Bobbi's Adventures, part 2: Susan's Sister Jordon
      unclebo2 zip (11k) (M/f f ped)
      Susan introduces her sister Jordon to Uncle Bobbi. Susan looses her innocence's. Jordon tries her best to follow her sister's lead. Bobbi is in heaven until they drop the bomb.     
    • by Anonymous & Apollohelios :...
    • Another Brother And Sister Story
      anotherb zip (09k) (m/f bro/sis inc con mast oral cum-fetish revised)
      From Mr. Double's "alpha zips" is this revision of a classic scenario by an unknown author: You're caught masturbating by the pool by your cute little sister. She thinks it's cool and wants to help. So your first blow-job is from a sweet 12-year old girl--your sister! Bet you'll never hide her dolls again....     
    • by Turner 2 Corners :...
    • Ropeville School, ch 11-12
      rop11_12 zip (13k) (M gg - suggested bond)
      Continuing the Ropeville school series - Chapter 11 - Following the interesting televison programme our hero meets one of his pupils parents and gets a slight surprise, setting up for a 'lesson' for the girls and a reading lesson. And finds out that his classroom lessons are available for all to view. Chapter 12 - Kris is invited to watch over the class while our hero gives his evidence to the courts regarding Victor Jones (see Ropeville revenge comming soon - blatant plug!!) and the cross-examination.     
    • by BigBrother :...
    • Meine Zwei Kleinen, ch 1-4
      meine1_4 zip (08k) (M/F f/f inc ped)
      Ich lebe mit meiner Frau und unseren 8 und 11 Jahre alten Töchtern in einem kleinen Dorf in der Nähe von Hannover. Was vor ein paar Wochen beim gemeinsamen Fernsehschauen passierte, veränderte unser Sexleben total...     
    • by Sabine Hertling :...
    • Meine Erlebnisse, part 4
      meineer4 zip (10k) (a girl grows up)
      Hier der vierte Teil meiner Erinnerungen     
    • by Chintak :...
    • My Mother
      mymother zip (05k) (M/F mother/son)
      Ever since the childhood mother keeps her baby with her in the bed. Father sleeps on the varendah. The son once witnesses father coming in at night and fondling the mom. He observes what is happning while the parents think he is asleep. Curious son continues the explorations ..     

      Wednesday PM, July 24, 2002

    • by Dodgson :...
    • Angeline Preteen Internet Supermodel, part 2
      angelin2 zip (19k) (pedo, cons, incest, Mom-Daughter, Dad-Daughter-Mom, in various combinations, teasing, Fg, MFFgg (girls both age 9))
      We meet Raquel, 27, and her nine year old daughter, Gail. Raquel is a beautiful, very petite, men's magazine model, soft porn actress, and live sex video web cam model, working out of her home. Gail wants to be a preteen model like Angeline. Gail, with her mother's encouragement, wants to do a video with Angeline. Alain and Adrienne, together with their daughter, Angeline, meet Raquel and Gail for a school girl video and photo shoot.     
    • by T. Lawrence Shannon :...
    • Family Of Kiddy Whores, ch 14
      familyo14 zip (10k) (MMMFFFbbbbggg, ped, size, scat, SM, bond, tort, rough, snuff, extreme caution nudist, size)
      The kiddy whore brothers return home to their island after their very interesting job. They rest for a while and then their family wanted to hear all about the depraved things they did. A movie had been made about one of their exploits so they all got ready and went to watch the most perverted movie they'd ever seen.     
    • by Corn53 :...
    • Karen's Party, part 2
      karensp2 zip (15k) (M/f)
      Twelve year old Karen has to stay with Uncle Doug again. She gets some new clothes from Ms. Ginny's specialty store, and then gets to be a model and an actress! What fun. She even enjoys her spankings, especially since they use the little buzzer on her while she is getting spanked.     
    • by Jasper Ratt :...
    • Miss Brown's Academy for Young Ladies, ch 14
      missbr14 zip (16k) (m/F, f/M, m/f, MF, etc., w.s, scat, best, orgy, incest, pedo)
      Miss Brown arrives at Pedoland, is given a tour by Mary's grandfather, and (maybe) falls in love??     
    • by pussywillow :...
    • My Niece's Dance
      mynieces zip (10k) (M/gg con, inc)
      I was sitting there while the girls got bathed and dressed for bed. Then they came out to the living room wearing nightgowns. They started to act silly and they danced all around in front of me and giggled. While they were dancing, they kept lifting their nightgowns up to their chest and lowered them again, and they didn't have any underpants on. This erotic dance of their's turned my sex life all around.     
    • by Danigirl :...
    • Soccer Mom, ch 2
      soccerm2 zip (06k) (F/f, f/f, incest)
      Laura makes new discoveries about herself.     
    • by Howard M. Mellons :...
    • The PedoFiles: Lisa's Secret, part 1
      thepedo1 zip (09k) (M/F/f pedo)
      When Steve's 21-year old girlfriend suggested a threesome, he had no idea that she wanted him fucking her 12-year old babysitter. Or what else it would lead to...     
    • by Apollohelios :...
    • Wet Dream
      wetdream zip (10k) (FF/m inc con mom/son aunt/neph sleep oral 1st-time)
      You lucky boy: Your aunt and mother decide they can't wait for your 13th birthday--they're going to suck and fuck you now! Problem is, you're still asleep-- Better wake up or you'll miss it!     
    • by Yellow Snow :...
    • Love Conquers All
      loveconq zip (11k) (m/f violence teen romance)
      Allen's friend has been raped. He feels two things: deep love for her, and a burning rage for her tormentors. But what can he do about it?     
    • by Sabine Hertling :...
    • Meine Erlebnisse, part 3
      meineer3 zip (10k) (a girl grows up)
      Hier der dritte Teil meiner Geschichte     
    • by Skaidan :...
    • Sorpresa En La Ducha, ch 1-2
      sorpr1_2 zip (14k) (m/F, incest)
      Cuando me metí en la ducha nada pasaba por mi cabeza, sólo la idea de relajarme debajo del agua caliente después de un duro día de estudio. Era una costumbre mía someterme a esa especie de ritual de purificación de agua, porque así me daba la impresión de que el agua arrastraba el recuerdo de las largas horas delante de los libros y regeneraba mis maltrechas neuronas.     

      Tuesday PM, July 23, 2002

    • by Jail Baiter :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Joy Ride, ch 1
      joyride1 zip (07k) (M/f young girl)
      I first realized that I had an affinity for little girls when I was 16. My parents had some friends from church with the stereotypically large Christian family ("Go forth and multiply," and all that). One weekend they invited us over for a barbecue at their large farm. I went, but not without bitching and moaning.     
    • by Rogerher :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Loving Mom, ch 1
      lovingm1 zip (07k) (F/b, bb/g, b/g/ Older F/young b)
      He sat in the warm bath washing his slim young body. He soaped and stroked his soft cock, feeling it harden under the soap and flannel wash cloth. He lay back as he dreamily soaped and stroked his stiffening cock. He was almost 11 years old and had a slim young tool, untried in the warmth of girl's cunny. He'd played with his friend's sister and felt her soft young slit. She was only 7 years old, but he had fingered and stroked her slit until she'd quivered and shivered as her orgasm overtook her. Then his mate had showed him how to fuck.     
    • by pussywillow :...
    • How I Teased My Sister, parts 1-2
      howite1_2 zip (21k) (b/g inc, oral, rom)
      I was sixteen, and I had nothing better to do at the moment,and I loved to tease my 10 year-old sister. I was in my sister's bedroom watching what she was doing, and just for the heck of it, I started to tease her. That few moments of teasing proved to be the catalyst that changed our world forever.     
    • by Stud Warrior :...
    • Incest Fantasy Number 7: Voyeur Neighbor, ch 2
      incest7b zip (17k) (M,f dad, daugh, inc, con)
      Richard crept into Kim's bedroom, his bare feet padding silently on the plush carpet. Carefully, he sat down on the edge of her bed and traced his fingertips up and down her silky, smooth thigh, barely making contact with her soft skin. His hand traveled in between the V shape of her legs and his hand roamed over her panty covered cunt. So beautiful and so innocent he thought, letting his hands slide up over her taunt belly and up inside of her shirt. When his palm made contact with her breast, he felt her nipple getting harder and couldn't resist giving the soft, warm flesh a loving squeeze.     
    • by Jasper Ratt :...
    • Miss Brown's Academy for Young Ladies, ch 13
      missbr13 zip (14k) (FFFFF/f, w/s,scat, pedo, best)
      Mary makes an unusual request, and while Miss Brown considers it, the little girl learns how to become a REAL public toilet. She LOVES it!     
    • by Apollohelios :...
    • Safe In Hand
      safeinha zip (09k) (M/f M/F F/f M/Ff dad/daut bro/sis aunt/neice inc con hand-job oral 3-way cum-fetish)
      Mick and his daughter Joelle found happiness and incestual bliss on an island haven. Now they can share their sexual freedom with Mick's sister, Betti! (This story inspired by EricMJ12's "Incest Island" series.)     
    • by Rhymer :...
    • Taking Mom by Force
      takingmo zip (08k) (m/F, inc, mom/son, rape)
      This had to be some kind of nightmare. I couldn't believe my loving son Chad was raping me -- and that I was enjoying it.     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • The Dream
      thedream zip (10k) (Mg-11 Mg-11 F-solo con inc ped toy g-solo)
      I was asleep. I saw my self playfully unbuttoning my blouse and slowly opening it, exposing my brand new training bra. I felt so naughty and nasty. But I liked it. I heard voices telling me how pretty I was and urging me to keep undressing. I felt my blouse fall off my body and fall to the floor. I felt groping hands playing with my budding, preteen breast. Even though I knew it was wrong to let people touch me like that I enjoyed it. I heard my self saying, ?mmm that feels nice? in a voice I had not heard in years.     
    • by Powerone :...
    • Ransom Demand-Rape and Torture of Sara, part 3
      ransomd3 zip (07k) (Mf, nc, anal, reluc, humiliation, torture)
      Sara is forced to become a sex slave to save her niece when she is kidnapped. Her new owner, Miguel tries out Sara's body with his cock and a whip.     
    • by Turner 2 Corners :...
    • Ropeville School, ch 9-10
      rope9_10 zip (18k) (Mg, oral, toys - g, oral, fruits)
      Chapter 9 - A lesson in male anatomy, and how a girl can bring pleasure using her mouth, a small discussion on oral sex, and an intoduction to some aspects of water sports. chapter 10 - While eating their lunch in the classroom Rachael (Paul's guard) tell him of her life, how she ended up as a Police officer in Ropeville. - The final lesson of the day is a recap of the lessons taught and a reprise of the lesson. - A phone call in the night directs our Hero to watching a very interesting television program.     
    • by chintak :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Budding Artist, part 1
      budding1 zip (05k) (MF Mother/son inc)
      (This is in Gujarati with words spelled in English. Those who know Gujarati would be able to read it with very litle effort.)A boy who likes to draw sees his mother breast feeding his baby brother. He starts sketching mother, the baby kicks off the covering sari exposing mother.     
      Visting America, part 1 to 6
      visit1_6 zip (30k) (MF Mother/son inc)
      (This is in Gujarati with words spelled in English. Those who know Gujarati would be able to read it with very litle effort.)A mother comes to USA onher son's graduation. Son arranges for her to stay witha friend because he lives in a coed dorm and does not think his mother would be comfortable. But on arrival mother insists on staying with the son she is seeing after years...     
    • by Sabine Hertling :...
    • Meine Erlebnisse, part 2
      meineer2 zip (12k) (A girl grows up.)
      hier der zweite Teil meiner "Geschichte"     
    • by Nokki :...
    • Polizeiarbeit, teil 1
      polizei1 zip (16k) (M/f, rape, dog, incest)
      Kriminalinspektor Klein ist ein Durchschnittsbeamter. Bei der Vernehmung eines 12jaehrigen Maedchens, das vergewaltigt wurde, entdeckt er seine verdraengten sexuellen Wuensche, die er nun nicht mehr unterdruecken kann. Er hat mit dem Kind Sex in seinem Buero ! Auch seine beiden Töchter betrachtet er nun mit anderen Augen..     

      Monday PM, July 22, 2002

    • by Baron Darkside :...
    • A Mother's Love is Blind, part 2: Caught in the Act
      amother2 zip (20k) (F/m/m Mot/son/son inc/cons)
      Hugh catches his mother fucking his little brother, Timmy. Trying to escape a fate worse than death, Lillian jacks Hugh off, hoping to give her time to escape his evil clutches. But can she?     
    • by Road King :...
    • Casino Play, ch 6
      casinopl6 zip (22k) (M/f, M/f, cons, First time, anal)
      "I think I'm all right now," Mary Jane whispered somewhat weekly. She didn't really want him to take his cock out of her just yet and she was relieved that Jay only brought it back about two inches and than slowly pushed it back in. He didn't ask her again as he pulled it back a little further and again pushed it in a little harder this time. Her soreness was subsiding and she was getting some enjoyment out of new feelings that she was experiencing. Jay was increasing the speed of his cock, back and forth and in and out. Mary Jane picked up his rhythm and pushed against him each time his cock entered her now non-virginal stretched out love tunnel. She could hear Jay urging her on to accept his invasion of her thirteen year-old-body and she gave herself completely to this very new and older man in her life. The words he was now using were strong and very dirty but somehow added to her need to please him     
    • by Kittywinkle :...
    • Kids Grow Up So Fast These Days, ch 5
      kidsgro5 zip (11k) (M/F, M/fff, f/F, F/m, f/m (13, 12, 10, 9), preg, lact, big tits)
      Nobody in the family is pregnant. Nobody at all. This is a state of affairs which cannot be allowed to continue. While mom tries to work out who is fucking whom and how many times a day they are doing it, we learn how young Jack gets in on the act, initiated by a world-class instructor, young Emily.     
    • by LEBEC :...
    • The Best Medicine, ch 1
      thebest1 zip (15k) (ffm/mast/oral)
      Brain-damaged but hung like a horse, seventeen-year-old Anthony receives some innovative physical therapy from his busty fourteen-year-old sister Angela, and her girlfriend Diane.     
    • by daddydoright :...
    • Tonight's the Night
      tonightst zip (07k) (M/g adult stepfather/10 yr old stepdaughter pedo incest, consenting)
      I had been married only a year to my wife Gayle when her employer changed her work-hours to the night shift. This meant that her blossoming ten year old daughter Cammi and I would be at home alone together night after night after night....     
    • by Yellow Snow :...
    • Ahead Of The Game, ch 7
      aheadof7 zip (09k) (m/Ff mother/son/brother/sister)
      Jeff is about to set sail.     
    • by Turner 2 Corners :...
    • Report On Subject Purple
      reportons zip (05k) (no-sex)
      This is what happened to 'Mr. Purple' while he was knocked out in the classroom - it explains why he is so sucessful in his work.     
      Ropeville School, ch 7-8
      ropev7_8 zip (14k) (Mg, gg, anal Mg)
      A discussion about sexual practises leads to a practical lesson in anal intercourse - the 'masters' get to practise with their 'slaves'. chapter 08 - with the news that Victor Jones will be visiting the town our hero is now under 'house arrest' although he is allowed to continue teaching, the attitude of the police to special teaching methods, and a surprise.     

      Sunday PM, July 21, 2002

    • by Uncle Bobbie :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Uncle Bobbi's Adventures, part 1: Susan
      unclebo1 zip (13k) (M/f ped)
      My life changes after my accident. After meeting the eight year old Susan I can see it has changed for the better. I can only hope this is the beginning of a new chapter in my life.     
    • by TwistedFun :...
    • BabyFun, part 2
      babyfun2 zip (05k) (M/F/2 yr old girl)
      I crawl up and lower my face to the other breast, my cheek rubbing against the baby's. Bridget sighs as we both feed off her. She rub and strokes both our heads as our mouths work her full breasts.     
    • by Rhymer :...
    • Britney and Corey, part 1: A Touching Experience
      britney1 zip (06k) (m/f bro/sis shower mast)
      When she jokingly told my brother that he could scrub her back in the shower, she never expected him to take her seriously.     
      One Last Time
      onelastt zip (05k) (M/f bro/sis inc)
      (previous post in error) When I saw her wearing her wearing her wedding dress, I knew I wouldn't be able to keep my hands off her.     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • Revenge, part 2
      revenge2 zip (15k) (Fm mother/son oral inc FF)
      The next morning, after Annabelle had sex with Anthony, she had to fight with her conscious. She hadn't planned it but deep down she wasn?t sure. Maybe she did want to have him in her arms like last night. He was younger and yet he had made love to her the way she had always wanted. He was eager for her body and it seemed like he had such a big sex drive that he could go on forever. She felt a little guilt but knew it would happen again. They were too close each day and both loved the time they spent swimming. She knew what she had done with Judith was wrong and she only did it to take something from Andrew. She had sex with his wife and while she didn?t get turned on by women her desire for revenge got her through it...     
    • by Uncle Buck :...
    • The Child Lover, Ch. 27, part 3: Beth & Mia Exchange Life Stories
      thech27c zip (13k) (Adult/Child Sex)
      "The next morning, we both had encores. Sue climbed up on top of Fred and Matt was on top of me. I wasn't sure which I preferred, Matt on top, on from behind. In any case, there was some 2 to 3 inches left which I couldn't take, so it really didn't make difference. I settled for him on top, and that's the way we usually did it."     
    • by Yellow Snow :...
    • Ahead of the Game, ch 6
      aheadof6 zip (08k) (m/F mf mom/son bro/sis)
      Jeff prepares for his journey.     
    • by Paxman :...
    • Ami The Slut
      amithesl zip (13k) (M/F/FF/Teen)
      Ami was enjoying the look of herself in her full-length mirror. "One very hot looking babe," she thought to herself as she ran her hands over her body. Ami was a young Asian-American girl who was in her senior year of high school. She was also a slut and loved dressing up in very provocative clothes. Today she was wearing a one-size too small neon blue skintight spandex bodysuit that looked as if it was painted on her petite, hard body.     
    • by Turner 2 Corners :...
    • Ropeville School, ch 5-6
      ropev5_6 zip (12k) (Mg oral, Mg oral gg spank)
      Chapter 5 - Our hero finds himself in his classroom, alone in the school, home for dinner he finds another 'dish' available and also a spy in his midst. Chapter 6 - Meals at morning, selecting slaves and masters - pleasure and punishment for some girls, a short discussion about pendants, and the duties of masters to their slaves.     
    • by Powerone :...
    • Sexual Torture of Rebecca At The Psychiatric Hospital, ch 6
      sexualt6 zip (08k) (MF, nc, rape, anal, bd, virg, reluc, humiliation, torture)
      New chapter of the sexual saga of Rebecca. In this chapter she is the main attraction of a rape party.     
    • by Blondie :...
    • Warden
      warden zip (04k) (M/F)
      When Linda became warden of the prison she looked at it not only as a promotion, but also as a great way to find a fuck buddy.     

      Saturday PM, July 20, 2002

    • by Dark Tower Gunslinger :...
    • Americana Odyssey, ch 5
      america5 zip (09k) (mmmmmmm/ffffff/orgy/anal/scat/oral)
      Her father, Reverend Hank found out Alicia was a slut on the evening of her fifteenth birthday. There she was in the den squirming on the couch with those two Black guys jamming her cunt and ass with long hard cock while stuffing her face into another screaming girl's cunt who was being fucked in the mouth with a long hard cock. The tall, Black kid with his cock in Alicia's ass had both hands under her loose wool sweater and by the dim light of the fireplace he could see she was highly excited sexually. Sweat shone off her face and legs and her dress was pushed up and bunched around her slightly swollen belly showing her full ass being solidly pounded by twin cocks. This was the first instance Hank had become aware his daughter was pregnant.     
    • by Apollohelios :...
    • It's Ok, It's Only Natural
      itsokits zip (06k) (F/m inc con mom/son mast facial cum-fetish)
      Trevor is just like any other boy caught masturbating by his sexy mother. But he's more lucky than most boys when his mother bares her breasts and invites him to finish what he started--on her!     
    • by T. Lawrence Shannon :...
    • Master Father/ Slave Family, ch 1
      masterf1 zip (11k) (MMMFFFbbbbgg, ped, beast, scat, SM, bond, tort, extreme caution nudist, size)
      Beatings were a way of life in my family as we were not just an incestous family, but every one of us was trained to be a slave to my father. Even my mother was his slave; such was the power my father exerted over us since I could remember. I'm now only 18 and already the father of 5 kids, or I think their mine. In my family we are never sure because all my brothers and me have been fucking our sisters and our mother and shooting our hot sperm loads into them constantly since we were able to make cum. We are all nymphos, people who can't ever get enough sex, and we were well trained to be this way by my daddy.     
    • by CANNON :...
    • Pussy Paradise, part 3
      pussypa3 zip (10k) (Mff ff cons)
      Abbie, 13, and Cindy, 14, invite themselves over to Carl's apartment so they can watch some porn videos with him. They enjoy imitating one of the scenes and then have more sexy fun in the shower. Later in the evening the girls put on a lesbian show. That ends up making them horny for more cock and Carl has just what they need!     
    • by pussywillow :...
    • The Web Site
      thewebsi zip (13k) (M/g incest, con)
      My name is Mike. I’m married to a cute little girl named Irene. We have a daughter, Mindy, that is seven years old now. I have a strange story to tell about my daughter and my wife. First of all, since my wife gave birth to Mindy, my sex life went slowly down hill. I was kind of looking around for another woman to either marry or to just have sex with.     
    • by Anonx :...New Author.!.!.!
    • One Last Time
      onelastt zip (05k) (M/f bro/sis inc)
      When I saw her wearing her wearing her wedding dress, I knew I wouldn't be able to keep my hands off her.     
    • by Turner 2 Corners :...
    • Ropeville School, ch 3-5
      ropev3_5 zip (18k) (Mg oral - Mg, Mg oral, spank)
      Ropeville school ch 03 - A meeting in the park and a conversation with Commander Evans, Our Hero finds himself with a new helper, or several helpers in one. Ropeville school ch 04 - Early morning fun with his new slave, planning for lessons - punishment session for poor work. Our hero is made an offer which he has to reject. - this chapter leads to a side story - see 'A report on subject Purple'     
    • by Sabine Hertling :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Meine Erlebnisse, part 1
      meineer1 zip (08k) (a girl grows up)
      So lernt ein Mädchen wirklich „Sex“ kennen     

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