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    June 08th - June 14th mid-Morning Updates

    On Friday PM, June 14, 2002

  • by Baron Darkside :...
  • If I Weren't Stephanie's Grandmother
    ifiweren zip (22k) (M/F/F Grnmot/Grndau/boyfrnd/incest/cons)
    Stephanie leaves poor Bill in the evil clutches of her grandmother while she goes shopping. Luckless Bill has promised to help Grandma Sara do some work around the house and she works his poor butt to the bone, literally . . .     
    Mother Knows Best - Helen Has It All
    motherk6 zip (23k) (M/F/inc/mot/son/cons)
    Steve and Gloria drop in on Helen and Jack at a most inopportune time. At least Steve reclaims his mother's affections uncumbered by Jack and his huge cock . . .     
  • by Little Brother :...
  • Kate and Kayla
    kateandk zip (10k) (M/f brother/sister incest)
    Twin sisters entice big brother into helping them with their sex-education class.     
  • by Pussywillow :...
  • The Result Of Having A Bath Together
    theresul zip (14k) (F/b, b/g, inc., ped, rom)
    I was lonely, and I had realized how my mother had cheated me out of the joys of sex, so I invited my little son to take a bath with me. When I finally told a coworker my secret, she made arrangements for her daughter to meet my son.     
  • by Blondie :...
  • Fucked Up
    fuckedup zip (05k) (M/F, incest)
    Judy and Dan were trapped in a sexless marriage. Dan was too busy fucking his daughters while school teacher Judy was busy fucking her students.     
  • by Powerone :...
  • Ransom Demand-Rape and Torture of Sara, part 2
    ransomd2 zip (09k) (M+/F, rape, anal, humiliation, BDSM, spanking, oral, blackmail)
    Sara is brought to Miguel and his family. She begins her 30 days of submission to the husband, wife, eighteen year old daughter and fourteen year old son. She is stripped naked for them and then hung naked and spread in her jail cell.     

    Thursday PM, June 13, 2002

  • by The Watcher Awakens :...New Author.!.!.!
  • Horny Daughter
    hornydau zip (06k) (M/f father daughter incest)
    A horny father sends his young daughter to his brother's to learn how much fun a girl can have with a grown man...     
    Religion Has Its Uses
    religionh zip (05k) (M/f)
    A horny father discovers it isnt so bad that his sexy young daughter is so religious...     
  • by Tasha :...
  • Educating Elise with Christin's Help
    educatin zip (11k) (M/ff, unconscious rape, cons)
    12 yo Elise spends the weekend with her 11 yo friend Christin and Christin's father. The first night dad drugs the two girls and has his way with them. The next day he finds out that their intentions all along were for him to teach the fatherless Elise how to make love, with Christin's help, of course.     
  • by Baron Darkside :...
  • Heather's Brotherly Love
    heathers zip (13k) (F/m/m/sis/bro/bro/inc/cons/noncons)
    See what happens when Heather gets left in charge of her two younger, twin brothers, Tim and Joe for the day . . .     
    Mother Knows Best - To the Victor Go The Spoils
    motherk5 zip (15k) (M/F/inc/mot/son/cons)
    Steve and Gloria drop in on Helen and Jack at a most inopportune time. At least Steve reclaims his mother's affections uncumbered by Jack and his huge cock . . .     
  • by Cumsucker :...
  • Wet Sex
    wetsex zip (07k) (ws)
    For some time now my lover and I have discussed a threesome. He is very aroused by the thought of seeing me with another man, and surprisingly, perhaps, I have the same fantasy regarding him... I want to see him with another man as well... sucking a man's cock, or sharing one with me, or having his cock sucked while I suck the other man's. All manner of sexual combinations have invaded my mind in recent months, especially since I managed to talk my lover into telling me of his past bisexual experiences.     
  • by Peekin N Pampers :...
  • Forced To Rape His Sister
    forcedto zip (17k) (M/M/g, Rape, Oral, Anal, Incest, Bondage, Kidnapping)
    Highschool senior, Eric is forced to rape his little sister.     

    Wednesday PM, June 12, 2002

  • by Amber Gold :...
  • Happy Father's Day, part 2: final
    happyfa2 zip (13k) (Mf-14 drugs oral Mf-14 rape spank ff bd)
    For several days Lori drifted in and out of the real world. Just as she was about to think clearly she would get another shot of something that made her higher than a kite on a windy day. Men came and went and she was in a room with lots of bright lights. Someone was always using her body or giving her a needle. She didn't know if it was Tony or who it was but she did know that she men were using her for sex.     
  • by Silver Fox :...
  • Just Boys Fishing
    justboys zip (05k) (F/bb, Mast, Oral, Anal, Pre)
    Two young boys meet a grown woman while fishing. She asks them a lot of questions about sex, and then offers to let them see her naked while they jerk off in front of her. The boys joyously exerience much. much more!     
  • by Baron Darkside :...
  • Mother Knows Best - Steve's Revenge - Mission Accomplished
    motherk4 zip (18k) (M/F/inc/mot/son/cons)
    Steve sets trap for Gloria and she falls into it pussy first. See what happens when Steve tells her a secret about her son that she can scarcely believe . . .     
  • by Blondie :...
  • Birthday Girl
    birthday zip (06k) (M/F, incest, gangbang)
    Gene was determined to make his daughter Carrie's sixteenth birthday one that she'd never forget.     
  • by taster :...
  • Dr. Me
    drme zip (09k) (F, ff, fff, con, humiliation, ws, scat, spank, diaper)
    "So you think you're old enough to know those things that little girls shouldn't know, ha?". They just looked kinda dumb, and made believe my words meant nothing and shrugged. The thought of dominating them was already getting me moist down there. "Remove all you're clothes except your panties girls!" I ordered.     
  • by Mike D. :...
  • Das kleine Spanische Lude
    dasklein zip (15k) (mw/mwww - 16/15/15/15 - oral/vaginal/anal)
    Ein langweiliger Urlaub mit den Eltern in Spanien, stellte sich für Marco als DER Urlaub seines Lebens heraus, als er die 15 jährige Carolina kennen lernte.     

    Tuesday PM, June 11, 2002

  • by Sam Hammer :...
  • The Return of Carol Brazil
    theretur zip (417k) (...)
    Life was wonderful for Diane McCoy. Relocating with her four daughters to Hammertown County was one of the best decisions of her life. With the exception of a series of sexual assaults that had recently cropped up, there was virtually zero crime in the area. The schools were renowned for their high level of education. Women especially were empowered to succeed and Diane was becoming an up and comer in the Stokes Corporation.     
  • by Apollohelios :...
  • Daddy's Little Darlings
    daddysli zip (06k) (M/ff dad/dauts inc con 3-way)
    Moina decides to join her sister, Beth, in learning from their father how to make love. Both little girls make for star pupils!     
    Thelma Video, part 1: Caught In The Act
    thelmav1 zip (05k) (m/f bro/sis inc con voyeur preg video-script)
    In this imaginary script Thelma sneaks in with a video camera to catch her children making love--and making a baby. She's got it all on tape--already carrying her son's child!     
  • by Amber Gold :...
  • Happy Father's Day, part 1
    happyfa1 zip (11k) (Mf-14 oral inc con 1st drugs)
    Tom didn't know where he had gone wrong. His fourteen year old daughter was out of control and he couldn't get through to her. He was at work in his law office when he got a call from the school. "Mr. Brown, I'm the principle at Lori's school. You need to come pick up your daughter as she is suspended from school for one week." "But why? What did she do?" Tom got that sinking feeling in his stomach that he got just about every other day when it came to Lori.     
  • by Silver Fox :...
  • Mom's Soft Hands
    momssoft zip (05k) (F/m, Mom/Son, Incest)
    My mom caught me masturbating under a blanket while watching TV. Without a word she sat down next to me and jerked me off under the blanket until I shot off.     
  • by Baron Darkside :...
  • Mother Knows Best - Steve's Revenge - The Setup
    motherk3 zip (17k) (M/F/inc/mot/son/cons)
    Steve sets about to intice Jack's mother, Gloria into an affair. Once the trap is tripped, Steve hopes to retain possession of his mother's favors with only his father to contend with . . .     
  • by Basildon Bond :...New Author.!.!.!
  • Fairford High, ch 1-2
    fairf1_2 zip (55k) (M/f+ ws f-solo hs)
    Jackie squirmed a bit more in her seat. It felt hard on her bum, which had gone slightly numb. This was a feeling she was well used to. She seemed to have spent an eternity passing her days on a series of uniformly similar wooden seats, listening to boring teacher after boring teacher droning on and on and on.... Now, at 13, she was a veteran of over 8 years of school. A life-time of boredom and learning by rote.     
  • by Mike D. :...
  • Der Internetchat und seine Folgen
    derinter zip (19k) (w14//w11/w9/m15, Internetchat, Inzest, oral/vaginal/anal)
    Meine beiden 8 und 11 jährigen Schwestern haben in ihrem gemeinsamen Zimmer einen PC, der dank meiner Bastelkünste mit meinem verbunden ist, ohne das sie es wussten. Als sie wieder einmal in einem Jugendchat waren, konnte ich alles lesen ...Orginal: “Daddy's Naughty Little Girls” von     
  • by Curt :...
  • Ett äventyr på BB - sju månader senare
    ettaven2 zip (05k) (MMF/ff infants)
    Hon tittade nyfiket i vagnen med Amanda. Hon log. "Vad söt hon har blivit. Lite knubbigare" "Och lite sexigare" tillade hon med lägre röst, dom stod ju ute i trapphuset.     

    Monday PM, June 10, 2002

  • by Apollohelios :...
  • Circle Of Love
    circleof zip (11k) (F/m mom/son inc con romance)
    Imagine a lovely European woman frankly telling you how she tried to seduce her son. All seemed lost at first, but then while alone together in a country chateau....     
    Tanned And Tamed
    tannedan zip (06k) (F/m mom/son inc con massage hand-job oral)
    Roger and his mother argued all the time. Then she suns herself by the pool and asks Roger to rub some lotion on her...     
  • by Momma's Boy :...
  • Hiking
    hiking zip (13k) (F/m, F/M/m, cons, strangers)
    While hiking in the woods I come upon a scene that brought back many childhood fantacies, only this was not a fantacy. A woman was seducing a young boy and I was able to watch.     
    niece zip (04k) (M/f Incest, cons)
    A visit to an adult theater gives my niece the courage to seduce me.     
  • by Grandpa lester :...
  • The Outfit, part 2: Penny's View
    theoutf2 zip (11k) (M/f Movie/Incest/Others)
    Penny tells her side of the story. How she came about wanting a "Sexy Lingerie Outfit". So she could ware it for her Daddy on his Birthday. Penny tells us all about her best friend June and also all about Frank.     
  • by Blondie :...
  • Amy, ch 2
    amy2 zip (05k) (M/F, incest)
    Looking for some exciting new adventures, James hit the streets with Amy and his video camera.     

    Sunday PM, June 09, 2002

  • by Southwind :...
  • A Family Training
    afamilyt zip (07k) (Mf Mg Gb Best)
    Janice enter in a new world, a world of depravity,when she and her two daughters are raped by a gang. But all them enjoy it     
  • by Little Brother :...
  • Doctor's First Visit
    doctorsf zip (11k) (M/f)
    A twelve year-old's visit to the family doctor is anything but routine.     
    Sister's Bedside Manner
    sistersb zip (15k) (M/f brother/sister)
    After an accident lands a young boy in the hospital, he learns the true meaning of "bedside manner" from his little sister and a needy nurse.     
  • by Keyman :...
  • Generations, part 2
    generat2 zip (52k) (Mg age 11 Mg age 10 MFg Pedo, Incest, Anal, Oral, Beast)
    Young eleven year old Nancy frustrated after watching her friend June and her father have sex decides to seduce an older traveling salesman on a red eye flight to Texas. Jean her mother watches silently unable to intervene and relives the start of her preteen incestous relationship wiht her parents so many years earlier. She also remembers the Others, a shadowy group no one would believed excisted in a very small town in Texas.     
  • by Cumsucker :...
  • My Bride, My Slut
    mybridem zip (10k) (M/f slut incest)
    For as long as I can remember I've been a slut. I grew up fucking my father and my brothers. My parents were swingers, and when I turned 15 they began letting me join in on some of their swinging orgies. All my dad's friends loved fucking me, and my mother even liked getting it on with me at the parties, although she did leave me pretty much alone around the house. Not my dad or my brothers, though. They fucked me every day, often more than once. And I loved it! I loved the entire scene... wearing sexy lingerie around the house... sucking their cocks while we watched TV together as a family at night... lying back on the sofa so they could take turns fucking me. I loved all of it, and my mom didn't care because my brothers were fucking her, too.     
  • by Apollohelios :...
  • Snapshots
    snapshot zip (06k) (m/f bro/sis inc con posing mast sex)
    Cynthia's older brother needs a model for his high-school photography class, so she volunteers. They both find erotic photography a wonderful way to spend a weekend by themselves!     
    tryst zip (05k) (m/f bro/sis inc con foreplay oral)
    Their parents thought separating their rooms would overcome "temptation" while they were growing up, and totally ignored the concealing woods right outside their back door....     
    You Have To Really Mean It
    youhavet zip (08k) (m/f bro/sis inc con young 1st-time)
    Alice made a deal with her brother, sealed with a kiss, to meet in her bedroom that night. Looking leads to touching leads to kissing leads to...     
  • by Uncle Buck :...
  • The Child Lover, ch 23: Beth and the kids return from Church Camp
    thechi23 zip (09k) (Adult sex, this time)
    Beth unzipped Buck's pants and took out his soft cock. Then she took Buck's hand and placed it up under her dress on her bare pussy, helping him to insert two fingers. As she stroked his cock, and he stroked her pussy, he was hard in no time.     
  • by Ron's World :...
  • The Magic Kingdom
    themagic zip (14k) (M/g-12, kidnap, bond, nc, anal, prostitution, inc, dad/dau)
    I studied the crowds carefully as I slowly meandered around the Magic Kingdom. I was a professional, so to speak, so I knew my quarry well. There were plenty of possibilities. I had a particular order to fill this evening, but I felt no pressure. There was plenty of time to arrange things before the deadline. I wasn't really seriously on the prowl. I knew the real place to do that was the hotel. This was just window-shopping, but one never knew. There was more than one girl I spotted on shopping trips like this who ended up naked, spread and bound to my bed.     
  • by Mom Marian :...
  • The Perfect Student
    theperfe zip (25k) (F/f/f/f multiple female, young female sex)
    I had my first lesbian experience when I delivered my baby at a materinty home. One of the nuns drained my milk, with her loving lips. As I grew older, I was loved another girl in school. Then, I became the thrall of a dyke. I eventually became a librarian, at a girls boarding school. I loved the students, especially that perfect student.     
  • by bookworm :...
  • The Playground
    theplayg zip (13k) (M/g)
    The two tight halves of her butt were plainly visible through her thin dress. Then as she bent forwards her puffy pussy lips pressed against her panties. The tan on her legs was dark from many days playing in the sun. No one seemed alarmed by my watching a girl that age. They seemed to assume I was her dad or something.     

    Saturday PM, June 08, 2002

  • by Euphoria :...
  • AfterSchool Orgies
    afterch zip (15k) (M/f/M/f Orgies Pedo Oral Anal W/S)
    New child porno magazine "AfterSchool Orgies" is making an incredible impact at the local newsstand and across the country. Roving reporter Euphoria spends 7 days on the road with owner Clayton Strauss and his army of pre-teen sluts. But can Euphoria and his pretty assistant, photographer Rebekah White, resist the urge to enjoy the yummy holes on offer? Read this special report to find out!     
  • by bookworm :...
  • Amy and Mark
    amyandma zip (23k) (M/g/b in most combinations)
    "Yes I can, but why should I? You use me like a bank then I never see it again. You don't borrow you take. So why should I, When I know I will never see it again" "I'll do anything you want. Anything. You don't understand, I just need something, anything but I need it right away." "I will give you the money... and you will send Amy into me. Tell her I won't hurt her but she must do what ever I tell her."     
  • by Apollohelios :...
  • Better Than Pictures
    betterth zip (05k) (F/m mon/son inc sex-talk)
    A pleasant and explicit lesson between mother and son on making love and good sex.     
    Birthday Show
    birthday zip (13k) (M/ff dad/daut's inc con 3-way)
    His cute daughters had prepared a birthday show for their father. Daddy gets to blow on their candles and his wish comes true!     
    On The Bench
    ontheben zip (06k) (M/f dad/daut inc con)
    Sleeping together was nice--but his girl preferred the Fuck Bench!     
    sashay zip (06k) (F/m mom/son inc con)
    "Pretend you're my lover," Janis told her mystified son. Vince quickly found she wanted a real lover, not a pretender! "Pretend you're my lover," Janis told her mystified son. Vince quickly found she wanted a real lover, not a pretender!     
  • by Centaur :...
  • Kevin Helps His Sister, part 4
    kevinhe4 zip (11k) (m/f, M/f, F/m, incest, con)
    With Kathy running around the house and hanging around her grandpa there was no way for the four of them to get together. Joan and Katie kept exchanging heated glances with Jim, who seemed a little stunned by the rapid change in their behavior. Kevin, however, took every opportunity to touch their breasts or legs as they passed by. By the time dinner was over the four older family members were in a serious state of sexual arousal, but they were trying to be patient. Kathy finally went to bed at nine and while Joan was tucking her in Jim watched Katie and Kevin, no longer able to resist their hormones, embrace each other in the center of the living room. As they kissed deeply Kevin put his hands on his sister's ass, squeezing tightly and pulling her into him. Katie had one hand on the back of Kevin's head while her other hand was on his ass as well. Jim just sat on the couch and watched incredulously as his grandchildren were locked in torrid embrace - well his children he guessed not grandchildren. But since they were the children of his daughter he guessed they were both - it was too hard to figure, especially since all the blood had left his brain for points south.     
  • by Amber Gold :...
  • Young Girls On Big Horses (final)
    younggi3 zip (14k) (Mg-10 M-solo Mg-10 g-solo ped inc oral con spank)
    Jamie hadn't said a word to any of the other girls about her meeting with Bruce. She didn't want to give them any ideas as in her young mind she had this idea that he would really like her so much that he would only want her. A few days later, Bruce was in the barn cleaning out some stalls that the girls weren't responsible for. His thoughts were on other things. So far, he had sex with one of the girls every day. He knew Jamie was watching him and he knew what was on her mind but he hadn't made any promises. He heard the door at the far end of the barn slide open.     
  • by The Anonymous Guy :...
  • Young Niece Meets Uncle's Silk Boxer Shorts
    youngnie zip (08k) (M/f uncle/niece inc)
    If you've never owned a pair of silk boxer shorts ... you don't know what you are missing! You get a hard-on just by walking around the house in them (wearing nothing else, of course) ... and the hole for your dick is a lot different from your average BVD's! There is no struggle to work your hard-on or semi-hard-on ... like when wearing 'normal' underwear. The soft flaps of silk are loose and allow your dick to just 'slip' out when it's ready to slip out. I knew I would be wearing my silk boxers after my brother called and asked if I could watch my 6-year old niece, Emily. Emily has ALWAYS been my favorite because, aside from being VERY pretty (and cute), she is also a natural-born 'tease.' From when she was 3-years old, Emily learned that it was 'fun' to lick inside my ears! I don't know about you, but NOTHING turns me on more than a little girl in a dress ... or nightie ... (with nothing but panties underneath) straddling my lap and licking her wet tongue in my ear while her hot baby breath permeates my brain! My brother said he was going to be very late and asked if I could babysit Emily until he could get over to pick her up later the next morning. ARE YOU KIDDING? I'm about to experience a chance at 'heaven' and the more time with my sweet little Emily ... the better! How many guys have a chance like that?     
  • by Yellow Snow :...New Author.!.!.!
  • Ahead of the Game, ch 1-4
    ahead1_4 zip (25k) (m/F inc bro/sis m/f violence rom F/F f/F mind control)
    The coming of age and training of a teen boy who leads a group into battle with an ancient enemy. Jeff and everyone around him think he is a normal teen-aged boy until the gift of the Oberon ring.     

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