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    On Friday PM, June 28, 2002

  • by Fantasymind2002 :...New Author.!.!.!
  • At The Bathroom Door
    atthebat zip (12k) (M/F mom/son)
    It was Saturday evening and Jimmy Colins was banging on the bathroom door. Mom can I come in? No, replied his Mother, a lovely 37-year-old brunette. "I have to use the toilet or I will piss myself!" His Mom was in the tub with Tyler, his 4 yr old brother. Ok, Ok, wait a minute said Mom, as she covered up with a towel. Jimmy went for the toilet, but didn't seem to be busting like he said. Lynn believed he just wanted to see something or he was jealous of Tyler. The truth was, he was hoping to get a glimpse of his Mom in the tub. He was 15 now but can remember when he bathed with his mother up until he turned 7.     
  • by Kittywinkle :...New Author.!.!.!
  • Kids Grow Up So Fast These Days, ch 1
    kidsgro1 zip (13k) (M/F, M/f, m/fff (12, 11, 10, 8), preg, big tits)
    Uncle Frank has come home! Mom and the girls are overjoyed, overdeveloped and oversexed. Introducing the cast of characters: mom (of course); Ginnie, 12; Muffy, 11; Davie, 10; and little Emily, 8. Who's going to be the first in the race to get pregnant? Who's going to grow the biggest tits?     
  • by Apollohelios :...
  • Fourth Time's The Charm
    fourthti zip (15k) (FF/mff aunt/neph aunt/neice mom/son bro/sis sis/sis inc con 1st-time oral anal cum-fetish)
    Was young Sam man enough for his mother, aunt and two sisters? Youthful stamina, tasty semen and first-time sex makes for a family orgy they would never forget!     
  • by Little Brother :...
  • Japanese Confession
    japanese zip (08k) (M/f brother/sister incest)
    A Japanese college student can not resist little sister's advances.     
  • by lil g lover :...
  • Little Lisa's First Session With The Fuck Machine, part 2
    littlel2 zip (16k) (M/g (11) inc, nc, anal, cum, toys)
    A month before his first sex session with his 11-year-old daughter Lisa, Jim had seen an internet site that specialized in women having sex with mechanical machines fitted with rubber dildoes... "Daddy, it's so cold!" Lisa said, her butt hole shrinking at the feel of the chilled rubber dong.     
  • by Turner2Corners :...
  • Sam Ped in the Shirley Temple Affair
    sampedin zip (11k) (Mg, detective story spoof)
    Sam Ped character created by Pedro Vila - An out of work gumshoe is approached by a female with a strange request- she doesn't know who she is - or why she looks like Shirley Temple! he agrees to investigate - at a price! - This is a change from my 'missing from' series and may just be a one off.     
    Training of Little Cat, ch 6-7
    train6_7 zip (10k) (gg, Fg, anal, enema, toys)
    Little Cat watches videos with Toy and discuss the various ways of having sex - chapter 07 - our 'hero' is informed of a change in plans, and Little Cat learns about enemas.     
  • by DJChico :...New Author.!.!.!
  • Sabine, ch 1
    sabine1 zip (04k) (mf bro/sis inc)
    Ich war 13 und meine Schwester Sabine war 17. Ich war dabei, gerade die sexuellen Gefühle kennenzulernen, und ließ keinen Moment aus, meine Schwester zu beobachten, wie sie in Unterwäsche herumlief, immer öfter nahm ich Unterwäsche von ihr und befriedigte mich damit selbst...     

    Thursday PM, June 27, 2002

  • by Road King :...
  • Edith and Sally, part 4
    edithan4 zip (20k) (m/f mm/gg mf/m/g m/g bro/sis inc cons)
    This is a story about kids having fun playing sex games. They play doctor and they go into the woods and fuck. They play in their bedrooms and fuck. Brothers fuck their sisters and sisters give their brother's friends blowjobs. Kids do these things and their parents never find out. And it is best that the parents don't find out as kids need their privacy for their sexual needs.     
  • by The Rascally Rogue :...
  • The Doll's House
    thedolls zip (17k) (cons to non cons, ped (all ages), adult, pee, scat)
    My names Jim and my little ladies name is Anna. I say little, not because she's 8 years younger than my 30, but because I'm 6 foot four and she's more like four foot ten. She's really pretty and has long blonde hair, bright blue eyes and little freckles covering her little turned up nose. She's really slim and I guess can't weigh more than 80lbs, well maybe a bit more but she's really tiny, like a kid she's got hardly any titty and just a A cup, more like an egg-cup really but she's got huge long nipples like 2" long sometimes and I love that. She may be much smaller than my 230lbs but she can take all my 9" cock ANYWHERE! Down her throat up her ass and for variety her cunt, and NOTHING not and inch get left outside. And let me tell you, she's tiny but don't make her angry!, make her happy and she's the best, walk to the ends of the world for you, sell her soul and body if that's what it takes, but get on her wrong side and she'll tear out your throat!     
    The Naughtiest Girls in the World
    thenaugh zip (17k) (all ages)
    My name is Janet and I am 7 years old. I hate my name, I wanted it to be something cool like my friends like Christiana, Miranda, Andrea or my really closest best friend Ali who is really short for Alyssum but I call her Ali. I wanted to change my name but my daddy said no. he likes it he says DAMMIT JANET when I've been naughty and he tell me off. I don't know why but he says it and it makes him laugh and he sings this stupid song that goes dammit Janet! and I usually get away with it. Perhaps if I was a Hannah or and Andrea I'd get a smacked bummy a lot more often.     
  • by HT1 :...
  • The Fishing Trip, part 2
    thefish2 zip (07k) (MM/g (12) cons)
    Gemma has to please the stranger, while her Dad takes her virginity...     
  • by The Watcher Awakens :...
  • The Need Trilogy -Husband
    theneed1 zip (07k) (M/F/f Family incest)
    A horny father discovers his newfound need for his daughter. Part one of the trilogy told from 3 points of view...     
    The Need Trilogy -Wife
    theneed2 zip (07k) (M/F/f family incest)
    A horny wife discovers the perfect 'couple' she had spent years searching for is right under her own roof. Part 2 of the trilogy told from 3 points of view...     
    The Need Trilogy -Daughter
    theneed3 zip (03k) (M/F/f family incest)
    A horny daughter discovers she can have her cake and eat it too. Part 3 of the trilogy told from 3 points of view...     
  • by cc :...
  • Lisa Michelle's Diary
    lisamich zip (09k) (M/g ped incest rape spank whip)
    The diary of a preteen girl describing her punishment and rape     
  • by Turner2corners :...
  • Training of Little Cat, ch 4-5
    train4_5 zip (11k) (gg, Mg, bond, mild tort)
    Following her failed escape attempt Little Cat is whipped by Toy as the 'evil' kidnapper looks on - chapter 5 - a short discussion between Toy and Little Cat about Toy's past life with the kidnapper.     

    Wednesday PM, June 26, 2002

  • by The Rascally Rogue :...New Author.!.!.!
  • The Dream-World of Donatien Chambers
    thedream zip (44k) (consenting/ non consenting pd, scat, best, some extreme scenes)
    A man has to know his limitations. It was in that film, I remember it well. You know, the one with the Indian and Clint Eastwood and the horse that ran away. There was also something about needing an edge but that's not my point. You need to know when you're going to exceed what is good for you, or someone else. You need to take action to save someone who you love, no matter what the cost is to yourself. It takes a brave man to do the right thing, well maybe not brave but motivated not to succumb to baser human desires. I needed to spill the contents of my Pandora's Box.     
  • by Amber Gold :...
  • After Father's Day
    afterfat zip (14k) (F-solo MF-wife/force Mg-12 dad daut inc pedo oral con)
    When Lori finished telling her father all the things that happened to her while she was in the hands of Tony, he called her doctor. She was starting to shake and was restless and agitated. She was going through withdrawal from the drugs Tony used to keep her under control. She didn't know how terrible being addicted to a drug could be and on top of everything else that happened, it was too much. She sank into a heap on the floor and started crying.     
  • by Boswell, the Bad :...
  • Blue Light Special, ch 1
    bluelig1 zip (12k) (M/F m/f/incest, rape, science fiction)
    Rough hands pawed open her clothes, stripped her naked with no finesse or care for her comfort and in just seconds she was as bare as her raped friends. Meg felt sudden coolness between her legs as the man's hands pulled her ass cheeks wide apart, spreading the soft hairless tissues of her cunt slit. Thick powerful fingers abruptly probed her vagina, tearing her maidenhead open with a searing blast of pain. Tears filled her eyes as she felt her aching muscles suddenly relax, found herself collapsing on the ground beside Tammy. The girls held hands as Allan moved up and over Meg...she felt his stiff cock prodding and probing at her open and defenseless cunt slit...and then white pain filled her as he stabbed inwards. In and in his thick cock slipped...went in till she felt it stub up against the hidden end of her vagina and her girlish cervix.     
  • by Pyrot3k :...
  • Controlling Teacher
    controll zip (06k) (F/m, Pedo, Non-Cons)
    Jessica, the 8th grade history teacher, enters into a deal with her 13 year old student after he blackmails her. The following is the beginning of the story: "“Say it now …” he hissed, standing in front of her, feeling thrilled and scared senseless at the same time. “I’m your little bitch,” she said. “Your very own cum-sucking whore, I’ll do as you demand”. Jessica couldn’t even fathom the idea of these words coming from her mouth, much less the events that brought her to this moment. Still clinging to the hope she could somehow regain control of the situation, she continued to do as she was told."     
  • by Doctor J :...
  • Dad's Night Out
    dadsnigh zip (04k) (A drunken father, a naughty daughter, and an overpowering urge.)
    I lay awake in my room, and I hear my daddy come in from the local hotel. It's a dark night, and there are no lights on inside. Smelling of alcohol and giggling like a schoolkid, daddy tries to get up the stairs, but only succeeds in falling over. I get up, wrapping my nightgown around me, covering my skimpy pyjamas, and walk to the top of the stairs. There I see my father, at the bottom of the stairs, struggling to remove his shoes, his pants around his knees, his boxers sliding down over his taut ass.     
  • by The Old Medic :...
  • Girls on Demand
    girlsond zip (12k) (M/f/f/f/f, Adult male, young girls)
    I had been stationed in Germany for over a year, and hadn't had a piece of ass. I was starting to dream about girls, all kinds and ages. I had to do something, so I took a three day pass. I checked into a special hotel, and quickly discovered that a large class of young girls was on my floor. Then, things got really interesting.     
  • by Stud Warrior :...
  • Incest Fantasy Number 2A: Disney World Vacation, ch 2
    incestf2 zip (23k) (mom, son, inc, con)
    Jeff uncoupled with his mom, pulling his softening cock from between her legs as he rolled off of her sweating form. He pulled her close to him, snuggling her body close to his and placed her head on his chest. As he was leaning over to kiss her he heard Mike's voice whisper, "Mom, have you seen Jeff? He's not in his bed and I'm worried about him." Shit, Jeff's mind screamed. What the fuck am I gonna do now?     
  • by The Watcher Awakens :...
  • Snuggle Bunny
    snuggleb zip (04k) (M/f father/daughter incest)
    A loving father begins to feel differently about his cute little snuggle bunny...     
    The Birthday Bash (TWA -4)
    thebirth zip (06k) (M/f father/daughter incest, voyuerism)
    This is the next part in the series I call "The Watcher Awakens". I am allowed to go with my daddy and horny sisters to a party...     
  • by Apollohelios :...
  • Strand Of Hope
    strandof zip (11k) (F/m mom/son inc con 1st-time bond/dom oral anal)
    On a vacation cruise, young Mickey is surprised when his mother hands him a cord. Then he is shocked when she tells him he can do anything he wants with her--ANYTHING--whenever she gives him this cord. Mickey soon discovers "anything" means everything he could ever desire! (Note: OK, here's one for you bondage & dominance types; but, be warned, there is no S&M.)     
  • by Turner2corners :...
  • The Training of Little Cat, ch 3
    thetrai3 zip (06k) (Mgg, bond, oral, mild tort)
    Little Cat has seen her chance and has found the basement door open - she makes her bid to escape!     

    Tuesday PM, June 25, 2002


    Monday PM, June 24, 2002

  • by lil g lover :...New Author.!.!.!
  • Little Lisa is Cummed on and Used, part 1
    littlel1 zip (17k) (M/g (age 11) dad/dau inc oral anal beast cum nc)
    Little Lisa lived outside of town on a big farm with her parents and younger 10-year-old sister Jenny. She was just 11 years old and finishing the 5th grade... with her mouth opened wide in awe, the stud's cock jerked once and then sprayed a huge load of hot semen directly into little Lisa's open mouth. The sour load filled her mouth completely...     
  • by The Watcher Awakens :...
  • Awakenings (TWA -3)
    awakenin zip (05k) (M/f father/daughter incest)
    The continuation of "The Watcher Awakens" and "Discoveries", a 'true' account of how my love of watching father/daughter incest began...     
    Miniature Mom
    miniatur zip (05k) (M/f father/daugher incest)
    A horny young girl decides if she has to help her mom take care of her younger siblings then she should enjoy her daddy like her mom does too...     
    The Timid Wife
    thetimid zip (05k) (M/f father/daughter incest)
    A timid wife discovers how sexy if feels to watch the young boy fuck her even younger daughter. her bossy husband finds out and has his own ideas... As will all my stories, comments welcome...     
  • by Mel :...
  • My Brother and I
    mybrothe zip (04k) (bro, sis, real, masterbation, incest)
    When I was about 7 my family went to visit my grandparents in Arkansas. They lived out in the country with a cotton field and a bayou close by. My brothers and I would walk down there with one of our uncles and do some fishing. I was the oldest child of 3. I had short, curly, strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes, probably about 70 pounds, 3'8. My brothers were younger than me Albert was the middle child, he had blonde hair, blue eyes-he was age 5 1/2. My younger brother Anthony looked like my dad-dark hair and dark brown eyes he was 4 1/2.     
  • by Maithuna :...
  • Seema
    seema zip (11k) (M/f(13) indian impreg)
    Hello! My name is Ramesh and this is my story about how I found my lifetime partner! I never thought I will find her in a daughter of my neighbour in India. Best of all, she would be only thirteen when I first had her. When I was in India, I never thought thirteen year old girls would be great in bed! We hear a girl reaching puberty and developing breasts and nice curves but they were never an object of sex. The reason could be that girls in India never used to wear revealing and curve showing dresses. They always wore loose dresses. But my view on young girls changed when I came to US and saw young girls in figure hugging dresses and bikinis. I was fascinated by their budding breasts of different sizes and their freshly forming curves.     
  • by HT1 :...
  • The Fishing Trip, part 1
    thefish1 zip (06k) (Dad/Daut, cons oral)
    When Gemma is grounded, she keeps her Dad company on his fishing trip. This is the first part, where Gemma first tastes a man.     
  • by Turner2Corners :...
  • The Training of Little Cat, ch 2
    thetrai2 zip (06k) (gg, mg, anal, mild bondage)
    Little Cat is learning about the pleasures of girl-girl sex, and her master enjoys Toy once again.     
  • by Mike D. :...
  • Anale Freuden beim Gynäkologen
    analefre zip (07k) (Mw - 38/15 - anal)
    Die 15 jährige Annette geht zu ihrer jährlichen Vorsorgeuntersuchung. Dem Doktor juckt es aber mächtig im Schwanz, als er den 15 jährigen Po Annettes sieht und so fällt diese Untersuchung anders aus, als Annette es sich dachte...     

    Sunday PM, June 23, 2002

  • by Little Brother :...
  • Lifeguard Brother
    lifeguar zip (08k) (M/f brother/sister incest)
    A brother saddled with the chore of teaching his little sister how to swim, ends up teaching her more than just water sports.     
  • by Amber Gold :...
  • My Little Girl Panty Collection Is Growing
    mylittl2 zip (10k) (M-solo Fg-12 Mg-12 inc oral ped voy wife 3some)
    After reviewing my last story I got to thinking about all those young girls I fucked in that golf course bathroom. Penny was a lot of fun and I got to fuck her often but she was only the first. Sue really loved to watch me fuck little girls and was more than willing to provide willing girls for me. As I began to think about those girls I went over to my panty collection and pulled out about 15 pairs of panties and bras from the girls I did when I was using that bathroom at the golf course.     
  • by Dr. E. M. Hyatt :...
  • Strange Life, Strange Love
    strangel zip (109k) (M/F)
    It was a typical date in late December. There was a light snow drifting down from the sky, adding to the six inches that already blanketed the ground. The homes on either side of the man-made lake of Parsippany were well-lit with Christmas decorations. Everything seemed quiet and thoughtful as if Nature itself was celebrating the coming holiday. Susan parked her car in the driveway, then spotted the letters crammed into the mailbox next to the front door. She stepped out of the car, locked the door behind her, and walked across the snow covered lawn to the front door of the house. She opened the mailbox, pulled out a handful of letters, mostly Christmas cards, and tucked them under her arm. She reached into her oversized purse and took out her house keys. Seconds later, she was inside.     
  • by Uncle Buck :...
  • The Child Lover, ch 26
    thechi26 zip (23k) (Adults and children)
    As she spoke he took careful inventory of her face. Her eyes had a slight oriental slant, her nose was small and just a bit flat, and her mouth was just right. Her lips were full, maybe just a bit large for her face, but it all came off very well. He tried to think about her sexually, like wondering what her naked body looked like or were her pussy pips big. Was her crotch shaved, was it covered with jet black hair like her head. But when he tried to focus on those thoughts, for some reason, his mind moved off to another area.     
  • by BlackWriter :...
  • Whatever Happened To Amanda: The First Two Weeks
    whatever zip (24k) (Kidnap, Pedo, Scat, Punish, Diaper, Piss)
    This is Channel 5 News, and I am John Rider. Today, 6 weeks after the unexplained disapearance of Amanda "Milly" Jones, there is still no news of the 13 year old girl, despite a massive Police hunt and a unprecented reward offered by a National Newspaper. Police have up to now have denied that Amanda was abducted, saying that it was impossible on a busy street in broad daylight, but Channel 5 News can now reveal that DCI Morrows, who is leading the hunt, privately believes this is the only explanation, and is quoted as remarking, "God help this child". Her family refuse to believe that their Amanda has been taken from them, and daily live in fear that her body will be found. "Please, if you know anything about the dispearance of our daughter, please contact the police and tell the police, please" sobbed Amands's mother.     
  • by HT1 :...
  • Woodland Rape, part 2
    woodlan2 zip (07k) (MMM/gg, nc, anal)
    As the thick cocked man fell back, her first rapist came back, stroking his cock as it grew stiff again. He kneeled, watching her pussy fill with white cream which finally overflowed and trickled down to e wrinkled little pit of her asshole. Louise felt the warm trickle between her legs and saw the man staring and wanking. She tried to plead with her eyes for him not to do any more, and for a few moments she thought it had worked. The his hand moved out slowly, and she felt his finger rubbing round and round her anus. There was a faint squishing sound as he rubbed in the puddle of cum, and she felt herself going red with shame, but that went out of her head when his finger suddenly pushed into her sphincter, past the muscle, and into her asshole. He was wanking faster now as his finger sunk deeper and deeper into her rectum. She felt her stomach go tight and heave as the hardness of his finger pressed her walls and scraped the tender skin. He was bringing his cock closer and closer, and she tried to move her legs closed and roll away.     
  • by Yellow Snow :...
  • Ahead of the Game, ch 5
    aheadof5 zip (06k) (F/f m/ff incest, bro/sis violence, romantic)
    The coming of age and training of a teen boy who leads a group into battle with an ancient enemy. Jeff and everyone around him think he is a normal teen-aged boy until the gift of the Oberon ring.     
  • by The Carnal Quill :...
  • The Second Chronicles of Kovzland, book 1: Return of the Kovz King, ch 9
    kovzk09 zip (33k) (petting, oral, intercourse)
    Kelvin demonstrates some amazing powers after a surprise attack by an Old One. In Raykov, he gets down to business in seducing young Lance, the virgin object of his latest obsession. Will Lance be able to resist?     
  • by Kelva Guard and The Carnal Quill :...
  • Return of the Kovz Queen, ch 9
    kovzq09 zip (36k) (b/g petting, oral, intercourse)
    Kelva demonstrates some amazing powers after a surprise attack by an Old One. In Raykov, she gets down to business in seducing young Lance, the virgin object of her latest obsession. Will he be able to resist?     
  • by Horny1 :...
  • Runs In The Family
    runsinth zip (09k) (M/F, F/F, anal, incest)
    Tom had done a terrific job of making his daughter Becky into a hot little whore. Now he would teach his younger one, Christie, the same things.     
  • by Turner 2 Corners :...
  • The Training of Little Cat, ch 1
    thetrai1 zip (09k) (Mfg (f11) (g9) fg)
    Continuing Naomi's training, her name is now Little Cat, and has now to listen to both her kidnapper and Toy, her new mistress in training.     

    Saturday PM, June 22, 2002

  • by Sam T Sleaze :...
  • David's Trip Through Puberty, ch 1/5
    davidst1 zip (17k) (MF/bg; oral, anal, inter-generational)
    I held the little 10 year old girl down and reminded her that this was the afternoon     
  • by Baron Darkside :...
  • Fun For All
    funforal zip (39k) (M/F/M/F/mother/son/father/daughter/inc/cons)
    Jack catches his mom and dad fucking. He doesn't know it but his mother saw him peeking. He tells his sister about it and his mother hears them. She sets out to discipline them but things go horribly wrong (or wonderfully right depending on your perspective). . . .     
  • by Klee Wyck :...
  • Like Mother Lick Daughter
    likemoth zip (17k) (MF Mf)
    Kailyn was the spitting image of her mother. At 14 she was as tall as her mother but still hadn't grown fully into her womanly shape. But you could tell that her budding form would one day be as perfect and curvy as the older version that was her mom. In fact they almost looked like twins with deep dark eyes, cute upturned noses, pouty lips. The only obvious differences were that the young girl had a few freckles across her nose and cheeks, and cut her hair short. I have always found smaller women so much more attractive. It just seems so much more natural. In a way it's fresh and innocent. I guess that's why I like younger women. In my mind, youthful charm and small go hand in hand. June sure fit that bill. When she moved in next door, I just had to get to know her better. What I didn't know at the time, was that I was going to know her young daughter too.     
  • by The Watcher Awakens :...
  • Seducing Daddy
    seducing zip (07k) (M/f father/daughter incest)
    A horny 10 year old girl discovers it isn't quite so easy to seduce her daddy as she thought it would be...     
  • by BP :...
  • The Summer of 62
    thesumme zip (16k) (Incest, pregnancy)
    The summer of 1962 was one I'll never forget. My parents (Frank and Helen )had bought a log cabin in the mountains two years earlier. During the summer we would spend a month or more enjoying the cabin and the outdoors. The cabin was small, a sleeping loft, a bathroom, and the main room / kitchen. Mom and Dad's bed was in a corner separated from the main room with a curtain. It was on the primitive side with no electricity but we had a gas stove and refrigerator. A cold mountain stream supplied us with great water, giving us all the comforts we needed.     
  • by NaughtyPine :...
  • Uncle Ben
    uncleben zip (24k) (M/f, M/f/f, M/F, inc, teen, con)
    Benjamin Franklin Post dropped the mail on the island in the middle of his kitchen and punched the button to play back the messages on his answering machine. After two hang-ups and a message from a head hunter trying to recruit him away from Asgard BioTech he got to the message from his older sister Abigail, Abby to everyone but his parents. Upon hearing the tone in Abby's voice he called her in New Rochelle immediately. His fifteen year old niece, Helen, picked up the phone. "Oh, hi Uncle Ben. MOM, IT'S UNCLE BEN." Ben pulled the phone away from his ear just in time. Abby picked up the other phone, "Hi Ben, thanks for calling so quickly. I tried to get you at work but you had already left." "Hi Abby. What's so urgent? You sounded frantic in the message you left on the machine." "I am Ben. I found out today that I need to go on travel with our CEO for the entire summer. We leave tomorrow night out of Kennedy. The CEO, one of the VPs, and I are going to visit every store, warehouse, and manufacturing facility in the US, Europe, and Asia. The CEO just told me today. It will mean a promotion and a lot more pay if I can pull this trip off."     
  • by HT1 :...
  • Woodland Rape, part 1
    woodlan1 zip (10k) (MMM/g (15) g (10))
    A story about what happens when a 10 year old and her babysitter are attacked on the way home from school. (Maybe 1 of 2)     
  • by Dead Possum :...
  • Jane, ch 6
    jane6 zip (12k) (MM/f dad/daut pedo sperm)
    It's Jane, she back. It's her first time as a child porn star. Lights, camera, action.     
  • by Turner2corners :...
  • Naomi - Lost from the Mall, ch 3
    naomilo3 zip (08k) (Mgg (9) (11) mild tort, les, slight bond)
    Toy has arrived, but needs to be unpacked, Naomi helps to warm her new trainer up, and a new name is found!     
  • by AnonX :...
  • Una Madre Perversa, part 1
    unamadr1 zip (13k) (F/f, dom, pee)
    Una donna scopre il suo lato oscuro e le sue vere esigenze     

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