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      On Friday PM, May 10, 2002

    • by bluvum :...
    • Amber's Uncle
      ambersun zip (13k) (F, M, g = age 6, inc/voy/anal/oral/gs/drugs)
      Amber is a voyeur with a pretty little 6 year old daughter, and an Uncle that had just been released from prison. Uncle Erick spend 20 years behind bars for molesting little girls. Amber invites her uncle to stay with her, till he is able to get on his feet. She knew that if she played her cards right, the pedophile would never be able to resist her web of deception.     
    • by Tasha :...
    • Sarah, ch 5
      sarah5 zip (05k) (M/f oral)
      Cutting the engine I motioned for my 6 year old, preteen lover to kneel beside me. Without being told she took my dick in her soft little hands and began to pump me up and down with smooth, even strokes like I had taught her.     
    • by The Giant :...
    • Teaching Tina
      teaching zip (08k) (m/f/cons)
      Mr. Mom has two whole weeks alone with his four year old daughter Tina who happens to be full of questions...about this and that.I'm a happily married 24 year old white male. My wife Brenda is simply gorgeous I often wonder how I got so lucky. She works for a hot shot lawyer bringing in tons of money. A lot of times she works very late or goes out of town with him on trials. As for me I set up and manage web pages from our home. We bought a very nice Tudor style home in a gated neighborhood. I have the role of being Mr. Mom to our four year old daughter Tina. She has long curly brown hair that falls to the middle of her back. I tell you when you look into those beautiful big brown eyes of hers you could just melt. Yes sir, she's going to be breaking a lot of hearts.     
    • by Yendler :...
    • The Little Sluts
      thelittl zip (20k) (m/ffff f/f f/ff teen, anal, group)
      Story of a guy who gets dumped by the head cheerleader and then gets a some from four teenage sluts that live across the street. He gets them to fuck him and fuck each other all in one beautiful night.     
    • by Dark Tower Gunslinger :...
    • Wizard of Oz, ch 8
      wizardo8 zip (18k) (MM/BM/BM/W/ggb/incest/inter/group/anal/MWW/anal)
      Billy and I herded the three delinquents to the airport and onto the west bound flight direct to Seattle. All three kids were in a sullen mood and we adults were not prone to try and be cruise coordinator for these misfits on the short ride home. Nope, just a quick hop, step and jump through the friendly skies, a dash to the Wicked Witch of the West with a "Here are the little darlings and here's my bill" then back overseas to a different breed of fruitcakes and outlaws. At least I think they were different but I was not so sure. I kept Jen next to me while Jeff & Kat, the Bobbsy twins sat next to Billy across the aisle. I kept glancing down at the nine year old next to me fully expecting her to be masturbating that bald pussy or something like that when I looked down. As we boarded, the stew in first class gave us a double glance, trying to figure out why two single guys were with this batch of kids. I just smiled and said, "Just finished a field trip." She didn't smile back. The kid was wearing a pair of striped shorts and sneakers with white, frilly ankle high socks and a crop top with the words "Chicago, Where All the Big Meat Comes From." Great, she was a walking add for any pervert's imagination but she had pitched a shit fit when I tried to put a different top on her. She had stood there topless and screamed bloody murder aiming curses at me and the grinning Billy in the doorway.     
    • by singledad :...
    • Wrong Company, ch 5
      wrongco5 zip (07k) (ped, extreme viol, incest, drugs, snuff)
      Rita, my little 6 year old was in hospital for the rest of that week, although they said the breaks in both legs were nasty, she was young and would heal quickly, I was well enough to touch my clit enough to get relief, it was painful to walk, to take a piss, in fact there was no part of me that didn't cause me pain in some way.     
    • by AnonX :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Karen
      karen zip (04k) (MM/f/vacation)
      When I was about 25 the company I worked for offered a week-end vacation to Las Vegas. Since I hadn't had a chance to play around lately, I told my boy friend that he couldn't stay in the same room as me if he went. This was because we weren't married and I wanted everyone at work to think I was a good girl at work. As I hoped, he declined to go on the trip. We left the studio after work and took a chartered bus to Las Vegas. I was going shared a room with girl that I worked with. On the bus I found that there were many single guys from the studio on the trip. Some were staying with their girlfriends, but most were stag.     
    • by H. Grant :...
    • Melissa Pulls Down Her Panties
      melissap zip (08k) (F/g/pedo/oral/anal/ws/scat)
      A stunningly beautiful babyitter named Mildred gets the opportunity of a life time to be the household nanny for a wealthy couple in the suburbs. A perverse tale unfolds as we watch Mildred watch over little Melissa - a three year old toddler just out of diapers who is anxious to become a "big girl" and eventually go to kindergarden. Alas, Mildred as other plans for the sexy young tot!     
    • by Fortuner :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Die kleine Schlampe
      dieklein zip (11k) (M 22/F19,anal,piss,enema,fist,dildo,roleplay,s/m light,bizarre,TRUE Events!)
      Bei einem Cliquenteffen am Sonntag wird Michael ein neues Mädchen vorgestellt. Der Funke springt schnell über und es entwicklet sich ein erotischer un bizarrer Abend...     

      Thursday PM, May 09, 2002

    • by The Giant :...
    • Freaks Of Nature
      freaksof zip (06k) (mm/f/oral/cons/fantasy)
      An off the wall fantasy story about a gigantically hung sixteen year old boy meeting a freakishly talented eight year old girl.     

      Wednesday PM, May 08, 2002

    • by Nomad :...
    • Secrets
      2secrets zip (36k) (adult incest. M/f pedo)
      Peter Nomad is a French spy mixing with the English aristocrats before the French Revolution. He smuggles brandy as a side line, and takes what opportunities there are to visit his sister and continue the games they played as children. Of course, life is rarely so simple as when they were children.     
    • by Maithuna :...
    • A Son's Love
      asonslov zip (10k) (M/F, mom/son, inc, indian)
      A son's first job takes Ramesh and his mother Suryakantam to a town far from their dad and husband.     
    • by The Giant :...
    • Factory Girl
      factoryg zip (09k) (interracial/m/f/cons)
      Ally, a ten year old white girl, gets caught playing with herself in an abandoned factory by a nice old black wino man.     
    • by Shaking_Pen :...
    • Helen and her Dad, ch 4
      helenan4 zip (18k) (M/f Dad/Daughter inc)
      The body of the kidnapper has been recovered off the mountain side and we now face the questions of police, the Feds and media whilst keeping our own family secrets. My wife is on her way home and I haven't figured out how my incestuous relationship with my daughter can be safely handled and continued - but first things first!     
    • by Grandpa lester :...
    • Helping Out
      helpingo zip (12k) (M/g...over time/con/popped cherry)
      I met Rose when she was 5. Rose had to cum live with Jackie and me. This is the story of how Rose and I began our sexual affair, starting at age 5 till she losses her virginity to me at age 8.     
    • by Stud Warrior :...
    • Incest Fantasy Number 5: Caught
      incestfa5 zip (24k) (m, f, mom, son, inc, con)
      Robert Weber is the typical teenage boy who thinks about nothing but sex. One day, after returning home from school, his thirteen year old neighbor comes over for a visit. It starts off innocently enough with the two taking a dip in the Weber's pool, but soon things progress too far. Just as Robert is about to fuck Jenny, he is caught by his mom who decides that in order to keep her son safe from all of the teenage sluts who could ruin his life, she will satisfy his sexual urges.     
    • by Cyrano :...
    • Plain Jane Margaret, ch 2
      plainja2 zip (08k) (M/f, boss/teen, slow, romantic)
      Margaret's Boss plays Prof Higgins to his part-time teen employee's Liza Dolittle -- a plain-jane teenage girl with definite possibilites.     
    • by Box of Secrets :...
    • Rick
      rick zip (09k) (mom/Son non-con)
      Rick discovers that his mother is a whore, servicing many different men, and plots to have her as well.     
    • by Old Fart :...
    • Summer Fun
      summerfu zip (16k) (M/F/M-g12/M-g11/inc/ped)
      Summer is my favorite time of year. All the young girls are wearing short shorts, tube and halter tops with bare bellybuttons. I tend to walk around with a permanent hard-on.     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • The Pedophile Key Club, part 2
      thepedo2 zip (10k) (M-solo Mg-12 oral inc ped con food hair anal)
      In just a few minutes he walked down the hall and turned the corner and was looking at paradise. A young, flaxen haired girl of about 12 was in the red velvet swing. As she pumped the swing slightly her naked pussy lips parted just like he had imagined and he could see the pinkness hiding inside. She gave him a big smile as his eye looked at her small and puffy breasts. He felt his cock lurch in his pants. She was the one.     
    • by HT1 :...
    • The Stationmaster's Toy - last part
      thestat4 zip (07k) (MMMMM/f, some nc)
      Emma becomes a sex toy for the men commuters at the station....     
    • by Nokki :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Die Untersuchung
      dieunter zip (12k) (m/f)
      Karola und ihre 11jährige Tochter Sofia waren aus Albanien geflüchtet und ich freundete mich mit ihnen an. Als Sofia krank wurde, rief mich Karola um Hilfe und ich untersuchte das kleine kranke Mädchen erst einmal...     
      extremit zip (15k) (MM/f M/m rape incest f/m)
      Wir hatten an alles gedacht ! Kurt hatte fast 10 Meter Nylonschnur dabei und ich hatte eine Rolle Klebeband mit in der Tasche. Leise schlichen wir auf die Terrasse des Hauses. Es war stockfinster. Das Haus lag abseits und hatte einen großen Garten. Ideal für uns ! Wir hatten unsere Opfer schon seit langem observiert und wußten, das der Papa heute nicht daheim war. Jeden Mittwoch fuhr er weg und kam erst am nächsten Tag wieder. Er war wahrscheinlich Vertreter. Er hatte zwei Töchter und einen Sohn ! Alles wunder hübsche Kinder ! Die eine war ca. 8 und die andere 12 Jahre alt. Der Bub war etwa 10 Jahre alt. Ein hübscher Blonder, auf den es Kurt abgesehen hatte.     
      waldspaz zip (05k) (M/f, rape, vergewaltigung)
      Sie ging ganz alleine auf dem Walweg spazieren ! Ich schätzte sie auf ungefähr 12-14 Jahre, aber heutzutage sind die Mädchen wirklich schwer zu schätzen. Sofort gingen mir die wildesten Vergewaltigungsphantasien durch den Kopf. Ich war verrückt nach kleinen Mädchen, hatte aber noch nie etwas mit einer. Ich wollte immer eine zärtliche liebevolle Beziehung, mit Petting, oder vielleicht auch mehr ! Ich beobachtete sie, wie sie mir entgegen kam. Sie hatte schon Ansätze von Brüsten und ihr Becken begann sich schon weiblich rund zu entwickeln......     
    • by Rollspel :...
    • Badhuset, part 2
      badhuse2 zip (04k) (ageplay/oskuld/male/female)
      Jag kastade henne i en vid båge upp ur vattnet och hon landade på rygg en bit bort i vattnet. När hon kom upp till ytan igen hade hennes bikinitop halkat upp så att hennes ungflicksbröst som inte var mycket mer än antydan till ett par knoppar blottats. Hon märkte det inte först i all upphetsning över leken. De var ljusrosa och såg ut att spränga fram ur bröstet. Jag fick ett kraftigt stånd när jag såg hennes knoppar. NU får det vara bra för idag tänkte jag. Jag kan inte fortsätta att leka med flickorna, tänk om de märkte mitt stånd. Innan Sofia hade hunnit justera     

      Tuesday PM, May 07, 2002


      Monday PM, May 06, 2002

    • by Allene Blake :...
    • Dating
      dating zip (05k) (bdsm, pain, humiliation)
      I was now 27 and still doing the single bar scene looking for Mr. Right. I had learned that you had to be attractive to be hit on so I wore silk, satin or leather micro skirts and silk blouse tied below my boobs to show off my flat lightly tanned tummy. The blouse made it plain I didn't need a bra to support my round full breasts and the skirt with no panty lines let them know I wore no panties and that my butt was also full and round. My little 23 inch waist made my 36 D brasts and 35 inch butt seem bigger.     
      The Innocent Marie
      theinnoc zip (06k) (bdsm, pain, humiliation)
      The Inquisition was a frightening time even for a devout Catholic like Marie because the Inquisitors seemed to find a new heretic nearly every day. Since one of her old friends had confessed to being a heretic and rightfully burned at the stake poor Marie did not know who to trust anymore. Anyone who was god fearing knew there was a devil but Marie could not imagine why anyone would want to consort with him. Granted it was said that a contract with the devil could make you rich but riches for a lifetime seemed a large price to pay for an eternity of burning in Hell.     
    • by Alice :...
    • It's the Only Way to Be Sure!
      itstheon zip (14k) (m/ff, light bdsm)
      Ariel felt she had to try it. Marti decided she would too. After all, it's the only way to be sure whether you like it or not.     

      Sunday PM, May 05, 2002

    • by Jack Spratt :...
    • Life's Second Chance
      lifessec zip (23k) (M/f mature male and younger girl)
      When Mari tells Dave she plans on attending a school miles from him he is shaken. As a result of Mari's suggestion he does find a replacement. This is a follow-up for 'Life is What You Make of It'     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • Pedophile Key Club, ch 1
      pedophi1 zip (11k) (Mg-10 oral 1st inc ped con)
      She was wearing all white, the sign that she was a virgin. The dress was a copy of a bridal gown to suggest a virginal bride waiting for her first night with her husband in the honeymoon suite. Of course that look went out years ago but she looked adorable, desirable and made Gordan's heart skip a beat as he pictured all the delightful pleasures that were waiting for him under that dress. He could have the Lady In Red, The Blue Boy or Pinky each dressed like the famous paintings or an older girl, naked in a red velvet swing. He wanted the lovely blonde bride and made his choice.     
    • by HT1 :...
    • The Stationmaster's Toy, part 3
      thestat3 zip (06k) (M/g, MM/g other bits of stuff)
      Michelle is used for a boy's first sex, and and old man's anal delight     
    • by LEBEC :...
    • Well-Trained Dog, part 2
      welltra2 zip (11k) (f/dog/best/first)
      Tracee had been dying to try this ever since she saw how much Avra had enjoyed it. She also couldn't stand the thought that Avra had one up on her. She didn't exactly know how she'd go about it but figured that getting naked would be a good start. Maybe he'd lick her again and the rest would just follow.     
    • by Dark Tower Gunslinger :...
    • Wizard of Oz, ch 7
      wizardo7 zip (20k) (M/g/oral/anal/semi nc/gs)
      I didn't rush her oral attention to my phallus. In a girl this young, too much is not always a good thing. Although I would have been more than willing to rape her virgin mouth and throat without too much care for how she felt about it, the remainder of the sex would have had to follow suit in the same manner. Force, force and more force. I'd seen too many young ones forced to deep throat a thick cock until their throats were raw and then have to drink down copious amounts of hot male slime become turned off completely to any further sexual activity for that evening. No, this one was too young, too innocent to treat so brutally. At least right now.     
    • by Blondie :...
    • Tommy
      tommy zip (09k) (M/F, incest, gangbang)
      Tommy was a 17 year-old sex addict, always looking for pussy to conquer and mouths to fuck.     
    • by Skaidan :...
    • Cuando Estuve Con La Gripe
      cuandoes zip (07k) (m/F, incest)
      Estar tumbado en aquel sofá era verdaderamente deprimente. Había cogido una gripe terrible y llevaba cuatro días ya pasando del sofá a la cama y viceversa. En mí era relativamente infrecuente el coger grandes resfriados o gripes, pero aquel invierno me había golpeado de lleno y me había obligado a quedarme en casa a base de zumos de naranja y paracetamol.     
    • by Uncle Perv :...
    • Lilla Mia, part 2
      lillami2 zip (05k) (M/f, fath/daut 9 oral/anal)
      ”Pappa skulle vilja prova att stoppa hela sin kuk i din söta lilla rumpa, precis som flickorna på mina filmer. Vill du att vi skall prova det?”, ”Okey, Pappa” svarade hon, precis som om det vore självklart för 9-åriga små flickor att bli analknullade av sina Pappor.     

      Saturday PM, May 04, 2002

    • by Uncle Buck :...
    • Child Lover, ch 19: Norma Visits Lilly
      childl19 zip (07k) (Older woman with Child)
      Norma removed Lilly's dress and bra and asked, "Mind if I taste?" Before Lilly could reply, Norma had her mouth on her right breast, sucking gently. "Mmmmmm, Norma groaned. It's very rich and sweet."     
    • by Old Fart :...
    • Kimiko
      kimiko zip (37k) (M/fFF/M-45,f-16/Rom in-law inc)
      I boarded a JAL (Japan Air Lines) 747 in Seattle, and wound up with a window seat in first class. Just after taking my seat, a very pretty Japanese girl who looked to be 12 or 13 years old came aboard, and was seated next to me in the aisle seat. I said hello, but she looked away and seemed very shy. Since she appeared to be traveling alone, I figured she was probably a little frightened to be where she was.     
    • by Cyrano :...
    • Plain Jane Margaret, ch 1
      plain1_2 zip (18k) (M/f, slow, rom)
      Margaret wore owlish glasses, baggy clothes and her hair in in a bun and wondered why she never had a date. Her boss figured there was a beautiful woman underneath this 17 y.o. girls plain exterior. Was there ever!     
    • by HT1 :...
    • The Stationmaster's Toy, part 2
      thestat2 zip (06k) (MM/gf, incest, w/s, anal)
      The orgy at the pedo club house goes on, and Michelle gets very sirty with another couple before getting sexed by her Dad and sister     

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    I went down to the station, just to take a ride
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    Pullin' out from the platform, there was no brass band
    I pulled out from the platform, nobody raised a hand
    And there were no tears of regret from my runaway train
    Train, train, train, train....



    Got no sand in my pocket, you know I ain't tied down
    Ain't no sand in my pocket, never do sit down
    I'm just a cross-tie walker, where the freight trains run
    Run, run, run, run....


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