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    May 11th - May 17th mid-Morning Updates

    On Friday PM, May 17, 2002

  • by Amber Gold :...
  • A Hot Little Girl
    ahotlitt zip (12k) (M-g12 oral g-solo M-solo inc ped 1st con)
    She was a temptress. Still young, with hair the color of ripe wheat rippling and waving on a hot summer day. It was long and thick, hanging below her shoulders in waves she had trouble keeping straight like the fashion of the day. When she got around the water it would have its way and start to curl. Her eyes were blue like the sky and so deep that if anyone looked into them she would draw them in, holding their gaze and almost hypnotizing them. A person would become lost in her mesmerizing stare and end up doing her bidding even if it meant she took their very soul. Her name was Sable and she was only 12 years old.     
  • by L. R. Yloch :...
  • Dream One
    dreamone zip (10k) (M/g piercing exhibitionism)
    Possibly the beginning of a series of dreams. There's no raunchy sex to be had here. These are real dreams with real feelings. As always, let me know what you think.     
  • by DaddyBob :...
  • Last Blood, In Jamaica, part 4
    lastblo4 zip (10k) (pedo, vampires, snuff, very yng, necro)
    What do you do if you're held captive by two vampires that want to fuck and suck you to death? If you're a six year old girl, like Lola, you just lay back and take it!     
  • by Foxyboy :...
  • The Undoing Of Tracy
    theundoi zip (15k) (M/f 13 blackmail/ first /non cons)
    Tracy has just turned thirteen. She and a young boy are experimenting with sex at a place near her school. She doesn't realise she's being observed and photographed. She will pay a heavy price for her actvities, and learn much more than she could ever imagine.     
  • by Dark Tower Gunslinger :...
  • Wizard of Oz, ch 9
    wizardo9 zip (20k) (M/F/f/anal/semi NC)
    Palladin finally gets his vacation in Australia with his two daughters. Unfortunately they have vowed not to have sex with him because he left them alone with his ex-wife while he re-located to the Far east. Palladin hooks up with a mother & teen daughter for a tag team act in Sydney.     
  • by Donnie :...
  • Lessons In Love, ch 1: Kellie & Katrina's Beginning
    lessons1 zip (07k) (F/f-8, pedo, incest, internet chat log, sexual instructions)
    The following is a chat I had with a long time Internet friend. We have had many chats and shared many incestuous fantasies. Today I realize that her fantasies extend towards her 8yo daughter, Katrina.     
  • by Smokey :...
  • Smelluva Relationship, part 1
    smelluv1 zip (08k) (M/f cons, oral, panty fetish)
    She looked a little flushed and it was making me horny thinking about her rubbing her moist cunt beneath the covers. I imagined I could smell her from the doorway. I walked into her room and made my way toward her, coming up and sitting on the edge of her bed. "Damn," I thought, "I /can/ smell her." The scent was definitely stronger now, and one I couldn't help but recognize after countless sessions with her soiled panties.     

    Thursday PM, May 16, 2002

  • by White :...
  • A Ring of Power, part 2
    aringof2 zip (27k) (M/F/f/b/inc/ped/nc/BDSM)
    Part 2 of Joshua's tale. He moves to a new house, has a wild orgy and marries. The honeymoon is wild and perverted. Also exacts some revenge on a predatory pedo bitch.     
  • by Maxamm :...
  • A Taste Of Heather
    atasteof zip (05k) (g/g/sis/sis/pedo/inc/sleeping)
    13 year old Susan is watching Charlie's Angels and feeling horny, but babysitting her 6 year old sister is unlikely to lead to any of the kind of fun she desires. That is, until sweet little Heather falls asleep and temptation proves impossible to resist.     
    Educating Alisha, part 8
    educati8 zip (10k) (m/f/dad/daut/pedo/inc/o/cons)
    Shopping with Alisha is fun, as it provides her daddy with the opportunity to look at other little girls. However, when they meet Jason and his sexy 7 year old daughter, looking is just the beginning of the fun.     
  • by The Giant :...
  • Heather Is Better
    heatheri zip (08k) (m/f/cons/fic)
    A sixty-four year old man meets up with a thirteen year old nudist girl named Heather high up in the hills above a nudist resort.Hi folks my name is Clarence. I'm sixty-four years old and retired from the railroad. I still get around fairly well. No complaints as of yet. I could stand to lose a few pounds around my belly but I doubt I will ever do it. My hair is white, at least what's left of it. I'm not that tall standing just a tad over six feet. I live up in the hills just on the out skirts of the city. Been living up there now for over forty years. My wife passed on two years ago (may she rest in peace) so I'm widowed.     
  • by Mel :...
  • Maycee and the Stranger
    mayceean zip (04k) (m, preteen girl, bondage, scat, rape)
    I had been watching this little girl about age 6, for about 2 weeks. I knew her routine inside and out. I know that she liked to play outside and her mommy never watched her. I think her mommy liked playing on the Internet a lot and for privacy she would make the girl go outside.     
  • by writersblock :...
  • Playground Slut
    playgrou zip (05k) (M/g g/M+ mind control)
    I was playing on the merry-go-round at the local playground when the man that would change my life walked up. "Hi, what's your name little girl" the tall hansom blond man said with a smile. "Krista, what's yours?" I said curiously.     
  • by Bandit :...
  • Cheerleader, teil 2
    cheerle2 zip (09k) (M/f)
    Hier der zweite Teil der Chearleader-Storie in dem es jetzt auch endlich los geht. ..."Bettina kommt um sich das Video anzusehen und bringt gleich Ihr Chearleaderkцstьm fьr eine kleine Vorfьhrung mit. Da gibt es dann kein halten mehr!"..... Schreibt mir ruhig mal eure Meinung ьber "Comments" und wenn Ihr habt auch mal neue Anregungen fьr eine Geschichte.     

    Wednesday PM, May 15, 2002

  • by Howard M. Mellons :...New Author.!.!.!
  • The PedoFiles: Chantelle
    thepedof zip (08k) (M/ff pedo)
    I couldn't believe how incredibly sexy she was. It'd been more than 2 years since I'd last seen her. Since I'd last touched her, tasted her. And now here she was once more, her brown eyes matching the smile that crossed her lips. She wore a cute little pink dress that was about half a size too small and I could make out what I thought were dark blue panties beneath it. I wondered silently if she'd chosen dark underpants on purpose, knowing full well my gaze would drift towards her hot little ass before long. I decided to ask her, but it would have to wait. For now, Chantelle's mother stood there with her, thanking me for taking the 8-year old in for the day and admonishing the little girl to behave before finally turning and hurrying off to work.     
  • by The Giant :...
  • A Boy Named Sam
    aboyname zip (07k) (m/b/cons/fic)
    My name is Paul. I'm twenty-seven years old an work in construction pulling around a big Caterpillar 435 Scarper all day long. I've been married for six years now. Got a half way decent looking wife named Debbie whom I might add could loose a few pounds. I got a son named Sam who is six years old. Let me tell you little bit about Sam. I always wanted a son to pal around with and sure enough got one. But the damn boy sure acts like a sissy! My name is Paul. I'm twenty-seven years old an work in construction pulling around a big Caterpillar 435 Scarper all day long. I've been married for six years now. Got a half way decent looking wife named Debbie whom I might add could lose a few pounds. I got a son named Sam who is six years old. Let me tell you little bit about Sam. I always wanted a son to pal around with and sure enough got one. But the damn boy sure acts like a sissy! He can't catch a baseball, he's not interested in any sports, I can't get him interested in anything! Instead he likes to hang around "mommy" and do stuff with her! He's just a little softie. Sometimes I wish I could trade him in!     
  • by Iluvatar :...
  • Back In The Saddle, part 1
    backint1 zip (16k) (M/F, M/f, M/ff, oral, ped, inc, rape)
    Somebody once said that when you fall down, the best thing you can do is get back up and hop back into the saddle. I think someone else said that we all fall down. If both statements are true, then it goes to say that at some point in every person's life, something earth shattering happens... and for most of us, it's time to hop back into the saddle. Of course, that is usually something that is far easier said than done. Walk with me, won't you? I'll tell you a story you'll not soon forget, and perhaps when you fall down, it will be easier to get back up.     
  • by Uncle Buck :...
  • Child Lover, ch 20: Clay Goes Home With Jean After School
    childl20 zip (10k) (Young girl seduces a young boy)
    Jean's new conquest is Clay, Lilly's 16 year-old son. Her mother Norma, had suggested it might be interesting to see if they could get Clay and his Mother together sexually. She explained Lilly needed a companion, and her son would be a perfect match. Jean's seduction of Clay hopefully, would be the first step in loosening him up. Jean was excited about his new assignment, as most of her sexual experience had been with men and a 16 year-old would be a new experience for her     
  • by Grandpa lester :...
  • Pastor Thomas
    pastorth zip (08k) (M's/g's/con)
    My name is Pastor Thomas, I'm 58 years old. I now over see three parishes in South Mississippi. My parish has the only school in it. We teach K-12, for all three parishes. We have 160 students this year. I'm at a meeting with other Decons and Pastors. The Topic is...child-porn, incest, adults having sex with young kids and how to handle it.     
  • by Poker :...
  • The Kinder Garden
    thekinde zip (15k) (Mg, oral, ScFi)
    David Stevens is on his last chance, increase his productivity or lose his job. He hits the road to find some new customers and, while staying at a rural guesthouse, beautiful 8 year old Jennifer climbs into bed with him. David's luck is changing, but is it for the better? After a long hiatus here is a story based on one of my favourite SF films of the 50's, I hope you enjoy it.     
  • by Amber Gold :...
  • The Pedophile Key Club, part 3
    thepedo3 zip (14k) (Mg-8 pedo 1st inc oral interr con Mf-13 b-f solo)
    Scott held the envelope in his hand, almost afraid to open it. This would tell him if he made it into that most exclusive and secret club he had applied for. As he stared at the cream colored envelope with the gold key stamped under the return address he prepared himself for rejection and disappointment. Something he had lived with all his life. He was African American, a handsome man that had worked hard to do well in school, used his mind to soak up knowledge and managed to go to college.     
  • by Ron :...
  • Warlock, part 1
    warlock1 zip (60k) (M/g M/g/g, M/g/b, Magic)
    Looking at her sweet, innocent face he gave a kiss to her forehead saying, "Sleep well my darling, for tomorrow we go. Far away, far from here, far from all you've known. But be not afraid as tomorrow will be our first day in a long life and happy we'll go. Sleep well, my little one."     
  • by Allene Blake :...
  • Wrestling
    wrestlin zip (04k) (M/f dad/daut spanking, first time)
    Young girl dry humping boyfriend is caught by Dad who spanks then fucks her     
  • by Travis Lee :...
  • Her Special Gift
    herspeci zip (06k) (M/f, dad/daut, rom, cons?)
    A man and his gifted daughter have an already close relationship, until one night where they become closer than ever     

    Tuesday PM, May 14, 2002

  • by Cumsucker :...
  • Glory Hole Cravings, part 2
    gloryho2 zip (11k) (F/f/MMM cum slut)
    Exactly nine months after our evening at the porno arcade our daughter Sin was born. We named her Cynthia but call her Sin because that's how she was conceived, in sin. We have no idea who the father was, nor do we care. We had things in mind for Sin that normal parents might never have wanted to do to their daughter, and because she was the result of her parents' slutty orgy, we felt a little freer to engage in the kinds of activities we so desperately wished to pursue....     
  • by PeachLover :...
  • Jill's Birthday Party
    jill2 zip (12k) (Mggg, g-11, mast, tease, fondling, setup for part 3)
    [This first story about Jill and her friends is a long story. If you are looking for a quick wank, choose something else. I promise that the action heats up considerably in part 3, but the character development is essential for full enjoyment. Thanks to all who wrote feedback for part 1. You inspired me to get past the impasse I've had with part 2 for the last 2 years. Thanks also to MrD for making this possible.] Out of the corner of my eye I could see that the rushing wind had lifted her short skirt as high as the roofline which exposed her panties. That is, it would have if she'd been wearing any. I could make out her bald little peach in the glow from the instruments and could hardly keep my eyes on the road.     
  • by Baron Darkside :...
  • Sister Kim's Visit
    sisterki zip (19k) (M/F bro/sis incest cons)
    Rod's sister, Kim, visits him in his new house and gives his quite a "house-warming" gift . . .     
  • by Sergdriver :...
  • ПОДАРОК (The Gift, by Red Rose)
    2thegift zip (35k) (MF/f/m/g, sex-slave, pedo, oral, rape)
    "The Gift" Ву Red Rose. Типичная ситуация кризиса семейных отношений, когда после 20 лет совместной жизни, она хочет от него секса, а он не хочет. (Почти как у Ленина -" верхи на хотят, а низы не могут" доставить друг другу удовольствия) В отличие от многих других женщин, которые тоже любят своих мужей, она понимает, что ему нужно и делает подарок. Если скажу какой - будет не интересно читать. Финал замечательный - интимная жизнь у этой пары снова начинает бить ключом, как 20 лет назад.     

    Monday PM, May 13, 2002

  • by De Sade :...New Author.!.!.!
  • Holy Father
    holyfath zip (20k) (Mff, inc, caution, bible, magic, mc, va, oral)
    Cindy stared in shock at the scene in her mother's bedroom. Her Father, the Rev Johnson, lay between the legs of her best friend Chelsea. His ass moved up and down in long quick strokes. Cindy could see her Father's large cock slid in and out off Chelsea's wet little cunt. In her innocence, it took Cindy a few moments to realize the terrible truth. He was fucking her. Her father, the man of God, and the person she looked up to for spiritual guidance was fucking her best friend. Cindy's hand covered her mouth to stop herself from screaming. Her face turned white with shock as she watched her father's long thick cock slid in and out of her best friend's young cunt. Her Father grunted like an animal as he shoved his cock deep into Chelsea's tight wet cunt. Under him, the 14-year old girl grunted with lust as his powerful strokes shook her whole body. She wrapped her legs around the Reverend's back and locked her ankles there, giving him more of her pussy to pound. At the door, Cindy stood shaking. Filled with shock and anger, she contemplated leaving and running to the church to tell her Mother. But Cindy didn't move.     
  • by L. R. Yloch :...New Author.!.!.!
  • Meet Sarah
    meetsara zip (09k) (f/g piercing exhibitionism incest)
    No actual sex in this first brief introduction to the character. Just a light hearted (as in don't take it too seriously) peek into the afternoon of a very interesting young lady. This is mainly to guage interest in this sort of thing. If there is, there will be more. No point writing the worlds greatest Hungarian Fishing Epic if no one really fancies Hungarian Fishing Epics, if you know what I mean.     
  • by Nomad :...
  • Caught Short
    caughtsh zip (10k) (M/g 14yr pee)
    Jane, 14, gets caught short. A short tale of adolescent peeing.     
  • by Black Dragon :...
  • Oops
    oops zip (13k) (MF/f, inc, 1st)
    Mark isn't the brightest bulb in the lamp. He doesn't have a clue that he is being set up for seduction by his daughter and wife. By the time he figures it out, it is too late for him.     
  • by Mel :...
  • Sea Port Bar
    seaportb zip (04k) (mmmmm, f, boys, girls, rape?, masterbation, scat?, male dress up, bondage)
    My wife and I run a pre-teen brothel and bar down by the boat dock. Age ranges of kids are 5 months to age 8. We loan them out to sailors in need for a hefty price. Our daughter age 2 gets loaned out on special occasions. Pretty good operation with a nursery in the back that only a few select good customers get to know about.     
  • by Taster :...
  • My Little Lover
    mylittle zip (07k) (F,m, str, anal, bdsm,w/s, enema, humiliation)
    I pulled the side of my jogging shorts over, and my soaking wet crotch probably showed a great image on my thong. Little Kenny was shaking by now. "C'mon Kenny, I want to show you something only 1 other person has ever seen".     

    Sunday PM, May 12, 2002

  • by Tasha :...
  • Adriana, ch 1
    adriann1 zip (04k) (M/f, dad/daut inc. semi non-consensual)
    Today was Sandy's day to work late and it was his job to keep an eye on their 10 year old daughter, Adriana. Even playing it safe they should have at least 2 hours to spend alone together and still be able to clean up afterward. If only that damn school bus would come.     
  • by :...
  • Happy Mother's Day
    happymo zip (35k) (mmmf/F, slut-mom, drug, preg, fun-and-games)
    People have always said I have deep eyes. They're very blue... like Paul Newman type blue. Again, I've been quite blessed in my looks even if I am shorter than I'd like to be. My son once said that I have the type of lips that always make me look like I need to be kissed very badly. I thought that was quite a funny little thing to say. I sort of have a natural overbite... maybe that is where my daughter gets the Meg Ryan comparison? I have great teeth... I've only had one cavity in my life, and the braces did a brilliant job keeping everything so straight and perfect. I'm a bit of a freak when it comes to teeth care. I brush and floss religiously several times a day, and treat myself to a professional whitening every month. I guess it's needless to say that I'm very proud of my smile... and as for the rest of my body, what can I say? I'm short so I can't really say I have great legs... and if I do carry an extra pound or two around from time to time, it always seems to go to my thighs or ass. Both my husband and my son have told me time and time that I have the perfect ass, but I think maybe they are a little biased in that opinion.     
  • by Dalton :...
  • Roadside, part 1
    roadsid1 zip (11k) (M/fff, anal, drug, sleep)
    She held her legs closed loosely, then let me press them together tightly as I fucked into her pussy a little, my cock tip stroking her little clit which had swollen up as she got excited by my cock and sperm squishing into her little slit. She fucked my cock as she drifted back to sleep, holding her legs closed to rub her inner thighs on my cock, feeling me tense with excitement, then relaxing as she tired and began to fall back asleep. Just before she completely relaxed my cock shot another load into her sopping wet pussy, making her murmur and squirm in her sleep. She loved cock and sperm immediately, without reservation and moved so her pussy filled up again with my latest load.     

    Saturday PM, May 11, 2002

  • by PeachLover :...New Author.!.!.!
  • Jill
    jill zip (20k) (M/f first, pedo, oral)
    OK, so she's only 10, or like her mother Molly says, "10 going on 25", but there is definitely something very special about her that attracts me like no other pre-teen ever has before. She has that innocent sexiness about her that some young girls have, but she has it in spades. It's in her clear blue eyes, her Mona Lisa smile, her devilishness, her "poor little girl me" pout with those natural dark pink "bee-stung" lips. She has blonde hair, cut somewhat short in a pageboy style. She's a big girl at around 5' 2" and 100 or so pounds, so I'm guessing she's going to be a big woman, like her mother, when she gets older. She still carries a fair bit of baby fat at the moment, but she has the most glorious bubble butt I've ever seen. (Ok, I admit to being an ass man, and as such might be a little prejudiced, but I've never seen a finer one.)     
  • by Cumsucker :...
  • Glory Hole Cravings
    gloryhol zip (07k) (F/MMM slut wife, cum, ws)
    My husband had been trying to get me to accompany him to his favorite sleazy glory hole video booth arcade for months, and each time we made love he would tell me how great it would be to see me sucking a strange cock through a glory hole. He did everything to try to convince me to go with him, from telling me about his experiences there to showing me photos of women sucking cocks through glory holes. Yes, my lover is orally bisexual in that he loves to suck cocks and let them come on his face as he knows I do as well. In fact, half the time when we make love he fucks me, then eats me, and the other half of the time he jacks off on my face and then licks it off. I love it. While I also love feeling him coming inside my pussy, I must admit I also love the nasty way it makes me feel when he spurts his hot, thick cum all over my face and tits. I love the sensations that course through my body when his first splattering gob of cum lands on my cheeks and lips. I've always had fantasies about some time being a real slut... the kind that allows groups of men to fuck her and come all over her, and when Rob shoots on my face it partially fulfills my desires to become a real slut.     
  • by Fortuner :...
  • Karins Aufklдrung
    karinsau zip (08k) (Adolescents (15),incest,Bi(ff),Anal,Virgin)
    Heute ist Karins groЯer Tag. Heute wird sie von ihren Eltern aufgeklдrt werden, genauso wie ihre дltere Schwester vor ihr.     
    Lenas Geburtstagsgeschenk
    lenasgeb zip (05k) (Young M/f,14yr,incest,anal)
    Die 14jдhrige Lena lebt allein mit ihrem Vater in einem einsamem Holzhaus im Norden Kanadas. Nach dem Tod ihrer Mutter ist ihr Vater mit ihr dort hingezogen, um seinem Beruf als Biologe nachzugehen und dort Verhaltensstudien von Braunbдren zu erstellen.     

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