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      On Friday PM, May 24, 2002

      I'm taking the week off. Next update will happen on Saturday May 25th

      Thursday PM, May 23, 2002

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      Sunday PM, May 19, 2002

    • by Iluvatar :...
    • Back in the Saddle, part 2
      backint2 zip (18k) (M/f, M/f/f, pedo, incest, oral)
      I cursed myself inwardly for forgetting to get up and lock the bedroom door. Just a simple thing that I'd always remembered to do when my wife was still around. I had never wanted to be in the position where my young daughter watched me fucking, let alone with her beautiful little best friend, which is what had just happened. I guess the lack of sex for so long had clouded my judgement, but now I had to pay the price. I must not have reacted quickly enough, because little Rachel just stood right there, mouth still hanging open in shock, as tears began to stream down her face. Finally, after I sat there with a dumb look on my face for what seemed like an eternity, she turned and fled my bedroom, running up the stairs to her room where I heard the distant slam. I definately was going to have to do something about that, and quickly, or my daughter would hate me forever... maybe even worse.     
    • by Dr E.M. Hyatt :...
    • Circle In A Spiral
      circlein zip (193k) (M/F)
      The ruins lay silent for countless generations. Almost completely covered by the dense jungle growth of the Yucatan Peninsula, it lay hidden from the outside world for nearly 4,000 years. For eons it patiently waited to be rediscovered so that its long-hidden secrets would be revealed to an unsuspecting, all-too-sure-of-itself modern world. Its discovery was purely accidental. While en route to another dig site nearly 100 miles further north, a team of archaeologists stumbled upon a vine covered stone structure in the middle of nowhere. Little did the suspect what secrets this ancient, previously unknown culture had left behind or what consequences their unveiling might bring.     
    • by Sam T Sleaze :...
    • Dad and Mom's new Plaything, part 1
      dadandm1 zip (07k) (MF/b; rape, torture, anal, extreme!)
      I'm not sure when I woke up, and I didn't know where I was. My vision was all blurry, and it took me a few seconds to focus on what was right in front of me. There was a boy, about my age in front of me. He was hanging on a brick wall. He had on a leather hood, and a red ball-shaped gag in his mouth. He was looking at me, strangely, as if to figure out who I was and what I was doing there.     
      Jenna Begs For It, part 2/2
      jennabe2 zip (10k) (M/gF; rape, torture, anal, extreme!)
      I stood towering over the little girl, naked and rock hard. I raised the cat-o-nine-tails up and then brought it down as hard as I could across the kid's back. Jenna screamed loudly, and I waited for a moment for the scream to die down before giving her another lash of the whip. Slowly, over the next half an hour, I carved up her back quite nicely with the cat. She had blood dripping down her ass and legs, making small puddles on the floor. I then coated the young girls ass and cunt with Crisco, and then spent the better part of ten minutes working my hands into her cunt and ass at the same time.     
    • by Curious Cat :...
    • Fuck 'em Young & Fuck 'em Often
      fuckemyo zip (09k) (M/f, M/m, b/f, young, oral, anal, pain, titty slapping, preg, mild dom/sub)
      We were just the three white trash Duff kids without a mother. Our daddy took over and turned us into his fucktoys. His and Uncle Buck's. My little sisters and me satisfied all of their sexual needs until they found some older girls, thirteen and fourteen, to satisfy them. All of my sex came from being buttfucked or having my cock sucked by Daddy and Uncle Buck. And being buttfucks hurts like a sonofabitch!     
      Lips Sweeter Than Wine, part 3
      lipsswe3 zip (12k) (M/F/F/M, M/m, M/baby, gs, oral, anal, pain, pregnancy, dom/sub)
      The three of us had been joined by Stan's younger brother. It was an extended honeymoon of exploration of every type, especially sexual. Pain too. Not nipple rings but pussy lip rings. And babies. Lots of Stan's babies to fill my belly. Sweet, pink-skinned babies to play with and enjoy.     
      Pepsi, Please
      pepsiple zip (06k) (M/g, touching)
      I've been driving a lunch truck for over fifteen years. But I've only been doing it in the barrio of East Los Angeles for about six months. Too poor. And if it weren't for my love of young girls, I wouldn't bother coming here at all. However, I love those hot little baby Latina girls. Long, thick nearly black hair and big soulful eyes. Soft voices and smooth, hairless pussies like my three daughters had when I lived with them.     
    • by singledad :...
    • Holiday Fun
      holidayf zip (04k) (MFff, pedo, scat)
      Two sets of little clothes draped over the chair, I folded them neatly and picked up two pairs of socks and two tiny pairs of knickers from the floor, I walked to the bathroom and opened the laundry hamper, I was just about to drop the garments in, when I noticed Mandy's very sexy pair of panties in the top of the basket, I picked them up and sniffed them, wow! What a great sensation I felt, I furtively popped them into my pocket along with the other two pairs, I felt so naughty.     
    • by PeachLover :...
    • Jill, part 3: The Pool Party
      jill3 zip (21k) (M/gg g/g g-11 mast oral anal sex rom cons)
      I traced little circles around her now hard little buds with the fingers of my other hand while she was exploring my chest and arms with her little hands. I slid my middle finger through her ass crack to feel her puckered rose. She responded to that by sticking her tongue into my mouth as far as it could go and moaning her pleasure. When I moved that finger towards her slit, she surprised me by humping her little puss hard on my finger. That motion caused my finger to slide fully into her tight little hole where it met with no virginal resistance. Her sudden sucking on my tongue seemed to signal that I was right where she wanted me to be.     
    • by Uncle Buck :...
    • The Child Lover, ch 21: Clay Seduces His Mom
      thechi21 zip (10k) (Boy seduces his Mom)
      Losing his cherry to 11 year old Jean, has bought 16 year old Clay out of his shell. So much so, he now was focused on having sex with his Mother, the hugh breasted Lilly. He decided to start with her hugh milk filled beasts. "Clay, it does feel nice having both my chrildren nursing at the same time."     
    • by Silver Fox :...
    • Wife's Day on the Beach
      wifesday zip (07k) (M/F, Beast, Interracial, Wife Watching)
      Wife confesses to husband to letting thier dog lick her. Also confesses fantacies of having interrracial sex. A beach outing provides the opportunity for the fantasy to come true.     
    • by Ermberto :...
    • Mom's Toyboy
      momstoyb zip (31k) (Mother/son, anal, oral, big-tits, scat, WS)
      A sexually frustrated divorcee, Lynn places an advert in a contact magazine to find herself a toyboy. Lynn and the teenage stud who responds to her ad are as surprised as each other when they eventually meet.     
    • by Malinkov :...
    • Si Levanto La Vista
      silevant zip (10k) (incest, mom, son)
      Si levanto la vista, mientras escribo estas líneas sentado en el ordenador de mi habitación, puedo ver el magnífico y yacente cuerpo de mi madre sobre mi cama. Está durmiendo, agotada tras una larga sesión de sexo.     

      Saturday PM, May 18, 2002

    • by DeSade :...
    • Holy Father (original version)
      2holyfat zip (39k) (rape, incest and Satanism)
      [Publisher's note: This is the original version submitted to me by DeSade. I was reluctant to publish it, as it seemed to be a religious preaching to the choir here. I wasn't sure of the author's intention, so I asked him to re-write it as an erotic story, which he did in the previous version submitted and published. Now I have asked DeSade for the original version as I believe there exists great interest in this story. mrdouble] This story involves rape, incest and Satanism. It is a story about the beast in man and its desire to be fed. If you are offended by the above topics, please move on to another story. If you have a beast inside you that demands to be fed, then read on and engorge yourself. But be warned. You are about to meet a particularly nasty priest called Father Magnus. He is one of Satan's high priest's and he wants to recruit you. Again, pay particular attention to the codes for this story. Those who want to be recruited by a satanic priest read on. For recruited you will be. Be warned.     
    • by Cumsucker :...
    • The Nasty Slut
      2thenast zip (09k) (wife slut, cum)
      It all started when Jim got his new job. Originally, when he was transferred to Chicago from here in Detroit, the plan was for me to join him as soon as Greg finished his school year ten months later. Jim got a small studio apartment in Chicago, and said he would be home weekends as much as possible, but of course after the first month or two, the trips home began to stretch out longer and longer in between.     
      Addicted to Perversion
      addicted zip (11k) (wife slut, cum)
      "Darling, do you ever regret the way we live?" Carla James asked her husband of 22 years. "No. Never," Tom answered immediately. "Do you? Do you miss not having children?" "Sometimes," Carla replied. "At holidays. Like Christmas . . . Easter . . . times like that. But God, Tom, those are so inconsequential compared to the freedom we have to do what we do. I would never give up what we have for children, you know?"     
      I Dare You
      idareyou zip (06k) (wife slut, cum)
      Sometimes my husband and I like to play a game we call "I Dare You." It all started innocently enough. We were at an amusement park, and Chad dared me to go on the big roller coaster. I did it, and then dared him to go on this scary free-fall ride. He wouldn't do it, and I said instead he'd have to do anything I wanted in the bedroom that night when we got home. He agreed, and I made him eat me for an hour. It was great. After that day, we decided to keep playing "I Dare You," and always with the same rules. The person who wouldn't take the dare had to do whatever the other person wanted in the bedroom for an hour. One day when I lost, Chad said he wanted to extend the repayment activities to outside the bedroom. He had me dress in a real thin blouse, with no bra, and made me go to a mall on the other side of town with him, exposing my practically bare tits to everybody who wanted to look at me. Little did he know I'd been showing my body off to people in public for the last couple of years. I had no idea Chad was interested in this sort of thing, and it thrilled me to do it for him. To be able to share my exhibitionistic tendencies with my husband was a real turn-on, and when we got back to the car, Chad fingered me to orgasm right there in the parking lot.     
      sage zip (07k) (wife slut, cum)
      I wasn't always like this... consumed with sex... my pussy constantly wet... my obsession with masturbation and the need for cum so overpowering I'll do anything in my fruitless attempts to satisfy my sick cravings. No, once upon a time I was a nice little girl. I was innocent... pure, in thoughts and deeds. Then Stan moved in with us, and everything changed. I was around ten or eleven when my dad left us for a younger woman. It broke my heart, but I eventually got over it. I guess I thought, as kids will, that it was my fault my mom and dad got a divorce, even though Mom said it had nothing to do with me. I wanted to believe her, but I just couldn't, and I made up my mind from then on to make sure I never did anything to drive away anyone I loved ever again, no matter what it took.     
      The Cabin
      thecabin zip (06k) (wife slut, cum)
      "Darling, do you really want me to be bad tonight?" I asked him, knowing the answer. "Of course, Vicki. Always," he grinned. I felt my cunt grow wet as a sudden gush of juice filled it from somewhere deep within me. God the things this man makes me do. Somehow he has crawled inside my soul... the depths of my very being... and he is turning me into the biggest slut whore the world has ever known. Yet I love it... I love the decadence... the perversion... the slutty way he makes me dress, and act. I am not a young woman, but I have so much to teach my lovers. Just as Carl teaches me, so I teach him, and the others... so many others.     
      The Corruption of Carol
      thecorru zip (32k) (wife slut, cum)
      Carol Duncan sighed heavily as she carried the large load of dirty clothes from their bedroom to their apartment's downstairs laundry room. Art was away playing tennis somewhere again, the second day in a row, forcing her to spend yet another weekend alone. This wasn't the way she'd imagined it when they talked of how happy they'd be once they were married and living out on their own. These days it seemed as if all she was was a slave, not a beautiful young housewife. Maybe she should have listened to her mother's warning about getting married so young. At 18 she could barely vote, and wasn't even old enough to drink in her own state yet. What had happened to all the fun she and Art used to have? He hardly ever paid attention to her anymore, and they almost never went out these days. Art was too busy playing tennis, and when he was home he was too tired to do anything. And they'd been so happy in the beginning.     
      The Nasty Family
      thenasty zip (08k) (wife slut, cum)
      As the big cruise ship pulled out of port the four of us grinned happily over the prospects of a terrific vacation together. Lately we had seemed to be drifting apart, and Jill, my wife and I felt a family cruise would be just the ticket to bring us back together again. My only concern was the close quarters we would be rooming in. To save money, we had opted for a suite rather than two rooms. So . . . Jill and I would be sleeping in two twin beds pushed together to form a king-size bed, while Bart, our fourteen year old son and Ashley, our fifteen year old daughter would be sleeping in an upper and lower berth twin bed combination.     
      wifeslu zip (16k) (wife slut, cum)
      When my husband William first suggested the possibility of my fucking other men while he watched, initially I was deeply hurt. How could he even contemplate such a thing if he really loved me, I mused. Didn't this go against all the sacred bonds of our marriage vows? Were we humans not intended to be monogamous, unlike mere animals, rutting and fucking whoever we could sniff and mount? And wasn't that what William was asking me to become? Nothing but a lower species animal? Yet in all honesty, when hearing his suggestion for the first time I must admit experiencing a tinge of animalistic excitement. Hell, it was much more than a tinge. In fact, my fucking cunt suddenly became drenched. God! Just the thought of fucking other men had me in a sexual daze, hurt feelings aside. Could it be possible? Could it really happen?     
    • by Centaur :...
    • Kevin Helps His Sister
      kevinhe1 zip (23k) (m/f, M/f, F/m, incest, con)
      It was the first time anyone had ever touched his hardon except himself, and his sister's touch excited him. Kevin could see that her eyes were very big and her chest was jerking with her irregular breathing. The tip of Katie's tongue kept darting out of her mouth and licking her upper lip. Kevin felt very turned on by his sister's gentle touch and for the first time he realized that he would really like to fool around with her, he couldn't quite admit to himself that he wanted to have sex with her.     
    • by Tasha :...
    • Kimberly's Shame
      kimberly zip (06k) (M/f, preteen, nonconsensual)
      I can't ever remember a time when Dad didn't take every opportunity to stick something inside me, whether it was a pencil, his tongue, his finger or later on his dick. But I never, ever remember him hurting me and, in fact, I can't ever remember not enjoying his attentions. That was definitely not the case with my second 'lover' (I use the term loosely.)     
      Selling Amanda
      sellinga zip (11k) (MMMM/f, M/F, virgin, semi non-cons)
      Pulling her legs high so as to provide the best view to the room the man knelt before her, his muscular body hard all over, not just down below. From somewhere lubricating jelly had appeared and he smeared it over the head of his rod and applied some to the space between Amanda's legs. My breath caught as he positioned his enlarged member above her hole and began to make short rapid thrusts at the entrance to her preteen, virginal womb.     
    • by 200himan :...
    • The Savior of My Marriage
      thesavio zip (10k) (M/f dad/daut inc)
      A daughter become the cause and solution of marriage problems for one man.     
    • by Nomad :...
    • Twin Drinks
      twindrin zip (33k) (Incest; parents, twin girls, peeing)
      It was a set of circumstances that only rarely ever occurred, else the rest would never have happened. Joan would have continued to be, as she always had been, a loyal, loving wife and a role model for our two precious girls and I would have remained just their father. The twins; Beth and Gail, would have remained the sweet angelic girls I'd always seen them as. And the world around us wouldn't have become the hostile place we now considered it.     
    • by Ron :...
    • Warlock, part 2: A Story Of Learning Magic
      warlock2 zip (61k) (M/g/g magic)
      Halfway between the two dueling warlocks the smoke congealed in a miasmic mist, all the colors of evil swirling sickly for a moment. Then the first shape of the demon appeared. It was a sight from the worst paranoid nightmares of deep psychosis; scaled body and limbs, gnarled fingers with long claws, mouth dripping venomous slime, eyes glowing red in fury. Second of two parts.     

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