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    November 09th - November 15th mid-Morning Updates

      On Friday PM, Nov 15, 2002

    • by PeterSmall :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Almost Incest, part 1
      almosti1 zip (13k) (Mg/anal/1st/con)
      We both sat on the couch, with her right beside me, the same way she did at her grandmas. After a few minutes of silence I asked her why her mom had to leave her for the weekend.     
    • by AlexKing :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Making Memories, ch 1
      makingm1 zip (07k) (F/m)
      Sometimes when I was a kid, I'd sneak down the hallway and sit outside the dark keyhole to my parent's room. I didn't know why, but it was something I liked doing. I would hear my mom and dad laugh. I figured they were playing some kind of pretend . . .     
    • by Silver Fox :...
    • Aunt Melinda
      auntmeli zip (10k) (FF/m, mother son, Aunt incest)
      Josh's Aunt Melinda, comes to stay with him and his mother for a while after her divorce. She is starved for sex and realizes josh can fit the bill. Until they are caught by his mother!     
    • by Raven :...
    • Children's Pedo Service, part 1
      childre1 zip (27k) (MM/FF/bb/gg (b-8,11 g-6,7) inc, ped, nc, bd, oral, anal, sm)
      Dr. Marty Joseph's dream had come true. When the governor asked the forty-five-year-old man to head the troubled Children's Protective Services (CPS), he extolled the good doctor's qualifications. He was touted as a paragon of virtue and the Fundamentalists were ecstatic about the appointment. He was a well-respected pediatrician and well known for his writings on raising children in a Christian household. It was all a façade. Among his friends, he renamed CPS "Children's Pedo Services."     
    • by Dark Tower Gunslinger :...
    • Danish Pastries, ch 10
      danish10 zip (17k) (MMg/anal/consen/oral/Mgg/best)
      Palladin watches ten year old Tiny Tina, the blonde sex tornado from Norway handle her film "Papa" and "GrandPa" including a double penetration and a wild oral finish. Palladin broods about the upcoming "rape film" trip and the unviewed contents of his kidnapped daughter's CD Rom he received from her kidnappers.     
    • by HT1 :...
    • Gypsy Dreams, part 1
      gypsydr1 zip (07k) (MM/f (15 & 9), nc not violent)
      When I was little, my granny used to tell us that if we were bad, the gypsies would come in the night and take us away. (Unfair to Travellers and actually quite a horrible thing to say, but) What if...........     
    • by Phoenix Rising :...
    • Incest Motel, ch 3
      incestm3 zip (12k) (M/F/g/b inc pedo voy mast group)
      Ten year old Sophies sexual education continues and seven year old Grant gets involved in the action.     
    • by Sam T. Sleaze :...
    • Larry Walker, Boyfucker
      larrywal zip (12k) (M/tb, oral, anal, incest (stepfather,stepson))
      I got the head of my cock inside of him before I even heard him grunt. As I started to push hard and my shaft slipped past his gripping muscle, he started to whine a bit. "Want me to stop?" I asked in a horse whisper. "OH GOD NO!!" the boy screamed, loudly, "FUCK ME, Oh! Please please fuck me!"     
    • by Mel :...
    • Sea Port Bar, part 4: More Training!
      seaport4 zip (07k) (M/F/gggg ages 5-9, b age 8/best/cons/non-cons/Mb/Fg/reluc/voy)
      All was going according to plan-just a few more training sessions to go. However, we only have one girl virgin and we need a few more, since that is what our customers like most. "Darling lets go out for a few hours we'll leave the kids with the nanny!" "Sounds like a plan," she said. I led her down by the peer, holding hands as we went. The water is a magnificent blue/gray color and with the sun shining on it made it look sparkly.     
    • by DaddyBob :...
    • Smooth Sailing through Troubled Waters, part 3
      smooths3 zip (09k) (M/f, dad/daut, ped)
      The winds were brisk, and the sailing was fine... The only thing that could make things any better would be to have the chance to make love to my thirteen-year-old daughter. I didn't realize it yet, but that was something she and I both wanted! But could it possibly happen on this trip?     
    • by Alice :...
    • The Visitor, part 3
      thevisi3 zip (11k) (mmfff/alien)
      "Look at it this way," Len said. "We've got the power, thanks to Sol. We should use it for the betterment of society and people, shouldn't we?" The three girls nodded. They all were sitting Indian style, legs crossed, facing each other on Len's bed, naked as usual, Susan, Marsha, Leslie and Len. God, Len thought, I can see their clits getting hard and sticking out already.     
    • by Mr Thick and Tasty :...
    • My Crazy Twins Story
      mycrazyt zip (05k) (M/F/F true)
      I had sex with twins once. (Wish I'd gotten more than just the once. Oh well.)     

      Thursday PM, Nov 14, 2002

    • by TheFrogger :...
    • Alien Baby
      alienbab zip (08k) (MM/Ff scfi)
      Grandmother Mary pushes stroller with three year old Katie and are taken by aliens on their spaceship and are breed.     
    • by pussywillow :...
    • Babysitting
      babysitt zip (13k) (m/g F ped, cons)
      My next-door neighbor needed someone to baby-sit her five-year-old daughter while she took some classes. Being a fourteen-year-old boy, I didn't want to. But she finally talked me into it. As I was babysitting, her daughter wanted me to rub her pussy. Wow, things really took off from there.     
    • by Baron Darkside :...
    • Mother's Milk III (The Reprieve)
      mothers3 zip (19k) (F/m Mot/son incest conseq)
      Wayne's father leaves town for a week leaving Wayne, his mother, and baby sister, Marie all alone. See if Wayne's mother gives him a reprieve from the sentence she handed out while they were in the cabin...     
    • by Dodgson :...
    • Swing Party
      swingpar zip (17k) (pedo, consen, incest (moms-dad daughters) Mgg, MFF, MMFFggg all in various combos (g ages 7, 8 and 10))
      Sam, 62, divorced, and living alone, lives in an upscale neighborhood in the hills of Southern California. His neighbors, three doors down, Jo and Vince Johnson, make their living holding swing club parties several times a week, charging $100 per person to attend. They are very discreet, the parties are quiet, and the parking is under control. The Johnson's have two beautiful girls, Tiffany, ten, and Melody, eight. After meeting the Johnson's, including the girls, and spending an erotic hour with Jo Johnson, and the two girls at their home, Sam gets invited to a private, very special swing party, for only a few selected and screened long term members.     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • Thank Heaven For Little Girls, part 1
      thankhe1 zip (13k) (M-solo Mg-8 oral inc ped con erotic)
      As they locked eyes, her fingers were moving up and down his cock like a flutist playing a flute. Her mouth was on the head and when she touched his hard balls she looked back at his eyes and he could see a twinkle. She sucked so hard on his cock, bobbing her head up and down to take it in her mouth as deep as she could then she softly squeezed at those hard balls and he felt his cum shooting up the shaft and into her mouth.     
    • by Acid :...
    • The Magician's Lair, part 1
      themagi1 zip (13k) (M/F, M/f, Masturbation)
      Harold is a travelling salesman who likes to take the back roads. When a mysterious truck runs him off the road one night, he finds himself at the door of a nearby farmhouse where the lady of the house is not all she seems at first glance...     
    • by Powerone :...
    • Boarding School Sex Training, ch 6
      boardin6 zip (13k) (M+/F, Virg, Reluc, Humil, Anal, reluc)
      In order to gain the inheritance that is rightfully hers, she must consent to be trained by the Headmaster to service her Guardian. She will be taught to experience pleasure against her own will and to give pleasure against her will. She will be trained in all the perversions of the flesh.     
    • by Curt :...
    • Ett äventyr på BB, kap 3
      ettaven3 zip (05k) (MMF/ff toddlers inc ws)
      De låg alla på sängen och vilade. Amanda fick lite välling och Nora fick lite mjölk från sin mammas runda bröst. "Vi ska på filminspelning nu på torsdag" sa Anna "Nora är stjärnan"     
    • by Gill Bates :...
    • Gamla Skolkompisar, ch 2
      gamlask2 zip (06k) (M/ff)
      Flickorna är mycket intresserade att förtsätta det vi påbörjat. En av dem är ju fortfarande omnullad. Jag är väl inte alltför nödbedd!     
    • by Skaidan :...
    • Invierno en Vermont
      invierno zip (11k) (m/F, incest)
      "Hoy llegaré hacia las seis, porque tengo una reunión aquí en la facultad", me dijo mamá al teléfono justo cuando llegué a casa del instituto. "Hazte tú algo de comer. Hay pizzas y una ensalada", había añadido temiendo que yo me quedara sin comer.     

      Wednesday PM, Nov 13, 2002


      Tuesday PM, Nov 12, 2002

    • by Raven :...
    • Gracie and Norma Jean, ch 2
      graciea2 zip (13k) (M/F/gg-8 inc, ped, ws, oral, mother-daughter, teacher)
      Gracie, the smart-mouthed eight-year-old daughter of a hooker named Debby, sets out to prove that she can be a better prostitute than her mother. She invites her best friend, third grade class-mate (and pussy-mate) Norma Jean to join her. With the help of Norma Jean's mother, Lilly, who is also a prostitute, they start their lessons in pleasing pedophiles. Their teacher is a hunk named Adrian, an actor who has worked in many pedophile movies. Today they receive their first oral exam.     
    • by Stud Warrior :...
    • Incest Fantasy Number 14: Blackmailing Daddy
      incest14 zip (11k) (M, F, f, bro, sis, dad, daugh, thirteen year old girl, incest)
      Thirteen year old Natalie Taylor held her breath and tightened her grip on the video camera she between her sweating palms. Her heart was racing a mile a minute while she struggled to draw steady, even breaths in order too keep the picture steady on the couple that was fucking on the bed. She pushed the round button on the side of the camera down harder which zoomed in on her father's long, thick cock as it disappeared into her aunt's mouth and slipped down her throat. Looking at the tiny picture display in front of her, she was mesmerized by how easily her Aunt Andrea swallowed her father's entire length so effortlessly.     
    • by Phoenix Rising :...
    • Incest Motel, ch 2
      incestm2 zip (13k) (M/F/f pedo inc voy mast)
      Sally shows Dan the video she made showing a ten year old girl having sex with her father and it turns Dan on as much as it did Sally. They decide to try and seduce their own ten year old daughter Sophie.     
    • by LEBEC :...
    • Kennel Girl, part 1
      kennelg1 zip (23k) (f/dog oral 1st best voy)
      A gullible young girl is introduced to the art of "collecting" sperm samples for a vet breeder.     
    • by Jack Spratt :...
    • Remembrances
      remembra zip (17k) (M/f/g Mature man enjoys younger girls company)
      David meets Jorja at the cenotaph who managers to get him excited which results in him meeting Larissa a homeless waif. It all comes together as a soft romance.     
    • by Byteman2000 :...
    • The Game
      thegame zip (10k) (M/F/g/g. Dad/Mom/daughters 8 and 11, oral, anal, masturbation, cons,combinations)
      Many times Pam would encourage the girls to run nude and she would too telling me that it was one of the best ways to satisfy my desires would be to fill them with constantly seeing them and even feeling them against my own body. After a while it would become a natural way of being and I wouldn't feel as bad about it. Actually it did work in a lot of ways and the girls seemed to be happy and enjoy it too even though there were a few times that having them against my own body had my hands wondering on their little treats. Still I never forced them into anything and they thought it nothing more then me showing affection towards them. Though still I would have to get up and go take care of business in the bathroom many a time. That all changed one evening when I came home from work. Pam had a rather unusual game that she had ordered through the internet that she and the girls were looking at when I entered.     
    • by TheFrogger :...
    • Traditional Wedding Stones
      traditio zip (05k) (FF/F toys)
      Anne Marie is getting married but before she must use the special stones.     
    • by storytrade :...
    • Everwood Halloween Party
      everwood zip (09k) (m/f mm/g tv show nc)
      This is a story about the TV show Everwood. It involves all the main teenage characters.     
    • by Arrows :...
    • Bock, teil 5
      bock5 zip (08k) (MM/m/fff)
      Die Tage vergingen wie im Flug und manchmal dachte ich darüber nach, ob Heike unser oder wir Heikes Sex-Spielzeug waren. Ihre Sexgier war einfach nicht zu glauben.     
    • by Curt :...
    • Ingrid & Christer, kap 1
      ingrida1 zip (05k) (MFf inc infant)
      Den nya familjen lade sig med bebisen i barnsängen bredvid. Ingrid vaknade vi tretiden av att bebisen gnällde och ville ha bröstet. Hon tog upp henne och lade henne till bröstet. Hon tittade på när den lilla munnen sög in hennes röda bröstvårta. Hon gillade sina bröst. Normalt var de lite saggiga, men fortfarande snygga, efter Richards sugande men nu var de hårda och mjölkstinna. Christer gillade dom också. Han kramade dom som mjölken rann ner över hans händer, hon älskade synen. Hon försökte intala sig att det inte fanns något perverst i det.     

      Monday PM, Nov 11, 2002


      Sunday PM, Nov 10, 2002

    • by Acid :...New Author.!.!.!
    • The Prisoner
      thepriso zip (18k) (MMMMMMMMMF non-consent, interracial, beast)
      A rich repressed white woman who rarely leaves her estate, a black gardener with a few friends, some vodka and a dog. Throw it all together and you have a liberating adventure.     
    • by Ron's World :...
    • Abby's Story
      abbyssto zip (10k) (M/F, M/g, dad/daut, pedo, inc, cons, 1st time, oral, voy)
      Little 12 year old Abby's world changes the day she sees Grandpa fucking Mom through a crack in teh partially open door. She discovers that Grandpa is really Daddy and he has big plans for little Abby's sexual education.     
    • by Apollohelios :...
    • Aw, C'mon, Mom
      awcmonmo zip (10k) (F/f/f/m sis-bro mom-son inc con oral pedo cum-fetish group)
      Three wonderful children put on an erotic show for their beautiful mother, then invite her to join in. When the mother hesitates, the two girls lead her to her waiting son, who gives her everything she could ever want--and more!     
    • by Reflector :...
    • Clothing Store Whore, ch 1
      clothin1 zip (07k) (MMM/g Dad/Dau Dom WS Vomit Rough Gagging Humiliation)
      They had earlier in the day met the manager of a kids clothing shop. The 2 knew what signs to look for in people, and as soon as they saw him they knew he was a fellow paedo. They both entered the shop, and Rusty acted as a parent of a 6-year-old girl, looking for an outfit for his child's beauty pageant.     
    • by The Old Medic :...
    • Home is Where the Best Cum Is
      homeiswh zip (23k) (M/f, rape; f/f, m/f. f/M, Incest)
      Tiffany doesn't like her new step-father. When she learns she's going to have to move, she runs away. She finds her real father, and goes to him. This is a big mistake! She pays a heavy price, and requires a lot of therapy. Then, she comes home again, a very changed young girl.     
    • by TwistedFun :...
    • NightRaper, part 2
      nightra2 zip (08k) (M/F/newborn f/Rape/forced birth/more rape/caution is advised)
      "Please don't hurt my baby." She moaned "That's entirely up you!" I lied. "What is it?" I pointed to her belly. "What?" she sobbed. "Boy or girl." I giggled. "She's a girl, please don't hurt us." she gurgled as I gently kneaded her big belly with my powerful hands. "How about we start with a nice blow job? Ok?" I snicker.     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • Taking Care Of Mother
      takingca zip (11k) (mF mmF oral inc mom/son lac m-solo group lac m-dom)
      Exhausted and now with her breasts relieved of the painful fullness she fell into a deep sleep. Jerry woke up next to his mother whose bare breasts were exposed and he smiled as he touched the tip of his mother?s nipple. He loved sucking on her like he did last night. His mother never seemed to mind and he loved the taste of the warm milk. Since his little sister had died and left his mother so sad he did everything he could to help her be happy. Sneaking into her bed and nursing from her made him happy as he hated it when the baby had full use of those breasts. Way down deep he was glad the baby was gone. He was glad his dad was gone, too.     
    • by Lovelust :...
    • Bonnie Bordello For Every Fellow
      bonniebo zip (07k) (M/F, F/F, gangbang)
      When Bonnie set her sights on being class president there wasn't anything she wouldn't do to win.     
    • by Arrows :...
    • Bock, teil 4
      bock4 zip (09k) (MM/m/ff)
      Sie hielt sich die Muschi weit auseinander und Tobias stieß hinein. Er fickte sie erst mit langsamen, dann immer schneller werdenden Stößen. Meine Kleine stöhnte und ächzte unter seiner Bearbeitung.     

      Saturday PM, Nov 09, 2002

    • by Dodgson :...
    • Day Sail
      daysail zip (18k) (eroticsm, pedo, consen, incest, Dad-Daughters-Mom (masturbation, fondling), and Mgg (g ages 8 and 12))
      Ian, 38, a long time and experienced sailor, takes two of his Hispanic neighbor’s girls, the Barrera’s girls, Zita, age eight, and Tessa, age 12, on a day sail on The Karoline, his old, but beautiful, and well maintained sailing vessel, a 32 foot, oak on mahogany, Van Dam built all wood ketch. He sails out of Fish Harbor, part of the huge Long Beach-Los Angeles Harbor. Our lusty story begins a week earlier with an erotic afternoon at the Barrera’s home pool with the girls, together with their mom and dad, and Ian.     
    • by Silver Fox :...
    • Never Too Old
      nevertoo zip (06k) (M/F, M/g Older younger)
      Circumstances beyond my belief allowed me a 56 year old man to have sex with two of my girl friend's daughters.     

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