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    November 16th - November 22nd mid-Morning Updates

      On Friday PM, Nov 22, 2002

    • by Jack Spratt :...
    • Autumn Colors
      autumnco zip (21k) (M/ff mature man enjoys two young preteen girls)
      Don arranges a love nest to continue his relationship with Jaleesa and Nyssa. Jaleesa is a very willing partner. Nyssa has him wondering if they will actually meet again. Don dreams of having both preteens at once but avoids it. What do you think would be the result if it did happen?     
    • by Sam T Sleaze :...
    • My Boy Tony, part 2
      myboyto2 zip (18k) (MF/b; incest, rape, b&d, s&m, heavy torture, blood, watersports, scat)
      I took the red, hot, lit end of the cigarette and ground it out on the boy's left nipple. Tony screamed; it was one of the loudest I had ever heard from him. Amanda craned her neck around from behind the boy and said, "What did you do? What did you do?" I lit another cigarette as she walked around to the front of her 10 year old son and I said, "This".     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • Thank Heaven For Little Girls, part 3
      thankhe3 zip (08k) (Mg-8 inc oral ped uncle/niece con)
      That night the house was quiet and Dan was wondering if Mary would come to him. He had made up his mind that he would let her be the one to ask for sex. He wasn?t sure how often she had been with her father and didn't want to scare her by pushing her by requesting sex too often. This way she had a choice. He was beginning to doze off when he heard his door open. He looked toward it and could see a small figure enter his room and close the door. He was sure it was Mary but then he heard Sarah whispering to him.     
    • by Acid :...
    • The Magicians' Lair, part 3
      themagi3 zip (13k) (M/f, M/F, Oral)
      Harold gets his first 'taste' of magic as he bonds with his new family. After all, deep down he's always been a geyser of passion.     
    • by :...
    • Vacation Fantasy, ch 5
      vacatio5 zip (19k) (M/F, cheating affair, exhibitionism, preg, master/slave)
      The story of one neglected wife continues as her and her lover take the fantasy vacation to it's next level of outrageous lusty eXXXploration. Where is the story headed for Donna, her new stud, and her poor, unsuspecting husband? Anyone who likes some naughty playful romance with their cheating slut-wife storyline might want to read this story and find out the answers for themselves...     
    • by Tigerlover :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Benni und Robin
      benniund zip (16k) (incest)
      Seit gut einem Jahr wohne ich nun in diesem Haus. Außer meinen direkten Nachbarn kenne ich so gut wie niemanden hier. Aber mit Wolfgang, so heißt mein Nachbar, sitze ich hin und wieder mal zusammen und trinke ein Bier. Er informiert mich auch über alles im Haus, z.B. über den "Alki" im 3.Stock der öfter mal ausrastet wenn er Blau ist oder über die alleinerziehende Mutter mit ihren beiden Rabauken. Diese beiden ca.8 und 10 Jahre alten Bengels fielen mir auch schon auf durch den Radau den sie manchmal veranstalten wenn sie mit ihren Freunden durchs Treppenhaus toben aber das stört mich nicht weiter denn ich finde ein bisschen Leben in der Bude ganz gut zumal es anscheinend ganz nette Burschen sind aber ausser "Guten Tag" und "Tschüß" habe ich keinen weiteren Kontakt zu ihnen. Vor ca. einem Monat sprach mich diese Frau nun an.     

      Thursday PM, Nov 21, 2002

    • by petersmall :...
    • Almost Incest 2a
      almost2a zip (05k) (Bg/mast/1st/con/cousin)
      When I was fourteen, my aunt and uncle adopted a little girl. She was only two years old at the time and cute as pie. One day, a year later, I and my mom went over to my grandma's house to see how she was doing, as she had been sick. When we got there, my aunt was already there. While talking, she mentioned that Becky, her little girl, was asleep.     
    • by Raven :...
    • Children's Pedo Services, part 2
      childre2 zip (22k) (MMMMMM/FFFFFFF/g-5 inc, ped, nc, rape, con, spank, oral, anal, sm, ws)
      Ellen: Daddy’s Whore - Even though I knew I was going to hell, I couldn’t give it up. I actually looked for reasons to be spanked. Every time I was spanked, I would get off on it, and then my mom or my dad would put their head between the other person’s legs. They would grunt, groan and slurp as I lay on the floor beside them. I was sure that, even though I was only five years old, I was going to be damned.     
    • by EricMJ12 :...
    • Family Love, A New Age Families New Life Style:
      The Adventures on Incest Island, 25 years later, ch 1b
      fftng1b zip (25k) (incest)
      Carie and I were totally and completely dumb founded and also very turned on with what all Robin had to give us. She then said, "Maybe both of you would like to come over to our house, so that you can meet my daddy in person." Robin then reached in and took out her cell phone and punched in her speed dial number to her house and told her dad that she was bringing over the parents of the people she was in charge of introducing us to the island and getting us settled in to our new home.     
    • by Rogerher :...
    • Loving Mother, ch 8
      lovingm8 zip (15k) (Bro/Sis, b/gg, F/bgg, g/g, inc. ncons, bsdm, femdom)
      Dorothy Fort slowly stroked Mervyn Derrick's cock back to another hard-on after he'd blown his third wad. She and Mervyn's eight-year-old sister, Geraldine had watched while Mervyn had jacked off his third load after Dorothy had had teased the boy and then denied him her body for his relief. She'd quickly caught some of his spunk in her hand and used it to lube the boy's dick while she wanked it back to hardness. Geraldine had watched some of this action before returning to Dorothy's open cunt which was dripping Mervyn's second load of cum. Geraldine had sucked and licked and cleaned Dorothy's slit and lips and was now tonguing her inner labia and clitoris.     
    • by Pussywillow :...
    • The Wagon
      thewagon zip (16k) (M/g cons, rom, ped)
      While on a hunting trip, I found the diary of a frontier girl that was filled with the trials and tribulations, and of also the fun of that period. It told about loosing her own parents, and how she eventually became the wife of a farmer.     
    • by Wunderkind :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Of Boys and Monsters
      ofboysan zip (07k) (M/b Monsters Canibalism Bloody Snuff)
      This story involves gruesome violence against and flesh eating of a boy. The story and its characters are 100% fiction (duh), and doesn't in any way reflect my desires and/or actions, but is rather just a metaphorical way for me to vent out my dark side and frustrations.     
    • by Knaebi :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Janines Schlankheitskur
      janiness zip (09k) (M/f , beasts, anal)
      Sie konnte sich sich nicht recht bewegen: Ihre Fußgelenke und auch ihre Handgelenke waren in leicht gespreizter Position mit lockeren Lederriemen am Boden befestigt. Janine erschrak; auf was hatte sie sich da bloß eingelassen mit dieser unkonventionellen Schlankheitskur.     

      Wednesday PM, Nov 20, 2002

    • by Phyros :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Family Reunion, ch 1
      familyr1 zip (09k) (F/f m/f inc)
      Julie and her family head to the cabin for a weekend of fun....     
    • by petersmall :...
    • Almost Incest, part 1b
      almost1b zip (05k) (bbg/Mg/Wbbbbbb/bbbg/non)
      As I said in part 1a, Carolyn wrote me a letter nearly every week, telling me ever thing that happened to her while she was in Memphis, Tenn. Here are excerpts from a few of the more interesting letters she wrote.     
    • by Dirty Dreams :...
    • In Search of Nasty Sex (sequel to Watching Mom's Rape)
      insearch zip (23k) (Ff - mom/dau, Mf - fath/dau, anal, beast, gs)
      In this sequel to Watching Mom's Rape, daughter Tammy joins her mom as sex toys of a father and daughter duo. Tammy falls in lust with the beautiful and slutty teenage daughter and willingly engages in every perversion the young girl and her father desire. In the middle is Tammy's beautiful and submissive mom. Not only has she become an insatiable horny slut, servicing the father any time he pleases, she has also grown a perverse hunger for her own daughter's pussy. If you're into mother/daughter and father/daughter incest, lesbianism, anal sex, bestiality and golden showers, read on, you'll love this one.     
    • by Curious Cat :...
    • Melody Maguire
      melodyma zip (20k) (M/f, oral, sex play, cherry-relief, dad-yg daughter, preg)
      Melody Maguire was a lot more innocent in the ways of the world than she realized. However, her new boss, Jack Fordham, knew exactly which specific duties he'd be requiring of his new temporary assistant. What he didn't know was where the strange set of circumstances would lead and especially how enjoyable he'd find riding this particular filly just by giving her some direction and then allowing her some room to stretch out.     
    • by writersblock :...
    • Proud Of My Slut Daughter
      proudofm zip (03k) (M+/f dad/daut)
      Before my wife of fifteen years died, she must have fucked over two hundred guys, and I loved every minute. I was her devoted cuckold husband. She brought home to me a sloppy fucked out pussy every night, and I obediently sucked it clean. My daughter "Joy" knew from an early age who wore the pants in the family. My wife often told Joy stories of all the men she would fuck, and how I was just a wimp good for nothing but licking her spunk filled pussy.     
    • by The Old Medic :...
    • The Island of Dreams
      theislan zip (22k) (M/f/f/g, Incest, adult male and pre-teen and young teen girls)
      IU have a great life. I design software, and I've made a lot of money. My ex-wife died, and I inherited our daugher, a spoiled brat. I decided to take her, and two of her friends to the Carribean. We were hijacked, and ended up on an uninhabited island. Over the next weeks, all of us changed a lot. And I developed a real taste for young flesh.     

      Tuesday PM, Nov 19, 2002


      Monday PM, Nov 18, 2002

    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • Daddy's Little Man, ch 16
      daddys16 zip (15k) (MMM/FFFF)
      Pattie's further journeys into her new life.     
    • by Keyman :...
    • Dr. Gale's Case Histories – Amy and Her Daddy, part 1
      drgales1 zip (39k) (M/g age 10 M/F Pedo, Incest, Oral, Anal, Mast. Voy)
      Doug Carter was consumed by guilt. For almost two years he had been having sexual relations with his eleven year old daughter, Amy. That affair and the knowledge that he was a Pedophile weighed heavily on his conscience He had consulted with his family physician Doctor Hugh Grant and confessed his incestuous affair to his friend a man Doug knew he could trust. He had pleaded for assistance in dealing with his guilt and help in finding a cure. Doug claimed he wanted to stop. He said he knew the cure would involve extensive therapy for both Amy and him. Doctor Grant while shocked by his friend's admission had recommended that Doug and Amy see a Dr. Gale Bostick. Dr. Bostick was a world renowned psychiatrist who specialized in cases involving Pedophilia and Incest. Armed with that ray of hope Doug had contacted Dr. Bostick and arranged an appointment for a consultation. Doug had no idea just how unorthodox Dr. Bostick's therapy was, but he, his little girl and you are soon to find out in Dr. Gale's Case Histories – "Amy and Her Daddy Part 1"     
    • by CFOZ :...
    • Water Park, parts 1-2
      water1_2 zip (08k) (m/f/f (M voyeur))
      Hundreds of kids running around in the skimpiest, tiniest, swimsuits you could imagine. Some that get transparent when wet, allowing you to see the goods contained inside. Others that are barely there in the first place, either through design, or simply due to the fact that they are last years size and now there is more flesh that the swimsuit simply can no longer cover.     
    • by Powerone :...
    • Police Rape of Sally and Rebecca, ch 8
      policer8 zip (18k) (MMMMM+Fg, nc, ped, rape, anal, bd, virg, oral, reluc, humiliation)
      "Police Rape of Sally and Rebecca" is a story about a mother and daughter stopped the police in a small town far away from home. They are sexually humiliated, assaulted and forced to perform various sexual acts with and in front of many people. They submit to these acts to prevent the other from going through the same thing.     
    • by LordT :...
    • Stacy's Front Tushy, ch 1
      stacysf1 zip (05k) (M/g)
      When I was about fourteen years old I ended up moving into my grandmother's house for a while untill our new house was finished being built. It was an adult community so there wasn't much in the way of other children. The only other child in the whole community besides me was this cute but strange little six year old blonde named Stacy. Even then you could tell that someday she would be a knockout. For a girl as short as she, she sure had a great little shape on her. Most of it was on her rather round butt. I remember the first day we moved in, she ran right up to me and asked me my name. I told her it was Tommy and the first thing that came into my horny little brain was.... "So do you have an older sister?"     
    • by Arrows :...
    • Bock, teil 6
      bock6 zip (09k) (MM/m/fff)
      Tobias schlief schnell ein, seine letzten Gedanken waren bei Svenjas süßem kleinen Arschloch, besonders deswegen, weil sie ihren niedlichen Hintern ganz eng an ihn drückte. Mit einer Hand zwischen ihren Beinen war er weggeschlummert.     

      Sunday PM, Nov 17, 2002

    • by Dark Tower Gunslinger :...
    • Americana Odyssey, ch 11
      americ11 zip (21k) (M+++/g+++/incest/pedo/inter/involved novella)
      In our last chapter we were introduced to young Kimberly and Maggie, both possible candidates for the next Fathers and Daughter's Club initiation. We also learned a lot about their parents and others in the town involved in the club. We met Major Drake, the biochemist working at a top-secret research center for biological warfare and his young daughter Maggie. The locale of the even was pinpointed, none other than the whorehouse where our heroine Alicia now know as Ali or Ali Cat works. Also, the LEA connection with the party comes full face with a surprise twist to events. Now it is time for the big party and little Miffy's initiation. Read on... this novella has a way to go and a lot more surprises in store as we look at the undercoating of life in middle suburbia. Could this be anywhere close to the skeletons in a lot of middle class closets?     
    • by madhatter113 :...
    • Cally's Cruel Awakening
      callyscr zip (11k) (M/g inc sexual pain vag/anal)
      Her hymen stretched inwards under the assault of his relentless cock her pain seeming to excite him as he continued to rupture her maidenhead as slowly as he could. Her hips jerked instinctively seeking to ease the pain and managed to draw back from him a fraction easing the pressure inside her. He grunted in displeasure at this and his fingers crept around the globs of her small firm buttocks, probing, pressing until the found the walnut like knot of her sphincter his middle finger sinking into its wrinkled mouth to the second knuckle before he rolled over the digit in her sphincter forcing her to follow his movement as he dragged her on top of him his cock still gripped by the fiercely biting mouth of her cunt.     
    • by Apollohelios :...
    • Christina Video 1: Daddy Loves Aunt Kathy
      christi1 zip (07k) (M/F/f/f bro-sis dad-dau aunt-neice family inc con oral voyeur video exhib pedo preg cum-fetish)
      In this imaginary video, adult brother and sister fuck to concieve--but are surprised by their children. The two sweet girls join in, while their mother tapes the whole thing!     
    • by Raven :...
    • Gracie and Norma Jean, ch 3
      graciea3 zip (14k) (MMMM/FFFFF/gg-8 inc, ped, oral, vaginal, con)
      After we were settled in the car, Adrian, our pedophile teacher, drove Norma Jean, me, and our mothers to our cumming out party. He asked me, "Gracie, are you getting excited about the party tonight?" *** I lifted my school uniform skirt, stuck my finger up my panty-less pussy and said, "Some, but not a whole lot yet. Norma Jean, why don't you check yours? Better yet, let me check." *** I lifted the pleated school uniform skirt of my eight-year-old best friend, leaned down, and put my face in her crotch. Since she wasn't wearing any panties either, it was easy to stick my finger up her bald pussy into her fuckhole. I announced, "Norma seems to be a little hotter than I am."     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • Thank Heaven For Little Girls, part 2
      thankhe2 zip (10k) (M-solo Mg-9 oral ped inc g-solo con uncle/niece)
      Dan looked forward to the evening when he spent time with the girls. Anna, his little love bug, couldn't get enough of sitting on his lap, putting her arms around his neck and giving him kisses and wanting kisses in return. He loved it and was usually so hard by the time she went to bed that he had to take a quick trip to the bathroom and jerk off his cock for relief. He loved the feel of her young, six year old body on his.     
    • by Acid :...
    • The Magician's Lair, part 2
      themagi2 zip (13k) (M/F, m/f)
      Harold our intrepid salesman has woken up from his dreams. Now it's time to meet the rest of family at dinner. It leads to more than he imagines.     

      Saturday PM, Nov 16, 2002

    • by MrBHappy :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Family Matters
      familyma zip (11k) (M/F, M/g, inc, dad-daut)
      I wondered what the hell she was reading that got her so worked up. I slipped on my trunks and went to investigate while she was busy with her call. I pulled a chair up next to the chaise lounge and picked up her book. I looked at the title, "Family Matters." Sounded tame enough. I flipped to the index...boy was I wrong! Titles like; "Daddy's Little Vixen," "My Mom The Slut," and "Daddy Has a Big One" jumped out at me.     
    • by Bill Wilson :...New Author.!.!.!
    • The Secret Never Told
      thesecre zip (60k) (mf brother/sister inc)
      This is a fictional account. It deals with a 15-year-old boy's first sexual encounter with a 19-year-old girl, and the impact it has on his desires for his then 11-year-old sister. The incestual relationship between this brother and sister develops over the next four years, as they manage to find ways to explore their sexuality, but keep it secret.     
    • by TwistedFun :...
    • BabyFun18
      babyfu18 zip (05k) (M/1 yr old girl/oral/NC (can an infant give consent? snicker))
      I saw the baby oil and let the oil drip from the plastic bottle onto her chubby folds. "This'll keep you from getting a rash." I mumbled. In reality, I was using this as an excuse to keep her baby cunt bare to my hungry eyes. The baby pulled her legs up together and presented her spongy ass cheeks and crotch in a rather tempting way. I held her by the ankles with my left hand and gently parted her fat folds with the other to look at the tiny hole leading into her body. I even took a peek at her pink little asshole.     
    • by littlebrother :...
    • Bartering With Brother
      barterin zip (05k) (m/f, incest, teen)
      A needy sister figures out a way to make extra money.     
    • by Madhatter113 :...
    • Bette's Boy
      bettesbo zip (36k) (M/W, W/b, M/g, inc ,vag/an, rape, mild bond)
      But as I drew away from her she reached under and grabbed my cock repositioned it against her cuntmouth then spreading her labia wide sat down hard the juice that had been drawn out with the tip lubricating us both allowing the head to finally force an entrance. She gasped in pain as she was suddenly spread wide her thighs locking holding her in position while she closed her eyes against the pain.     
    • by DaddyBob :...
    • Pesterin' Sweetness
      pesterin zip (07k) (M/f, dad/daut, very yng, ped)
      Fair-skinned, young, mean, Sweetness...Daddy couldn't help hisself...He just had to pester Sweetness...The 7 year old girl teased Daddy mercilessly... Until finally, Daddy had to do something about it!     
    • by Canker :...
    • SlumberPartyCrash
      slumberp zip (18k) (mffffffffF, Voyeur, SlumberParty Crashing, Reverse Gangbang, Bro Sis inc, Son Mom Inc)
      Trent decided that he had to see what a group of very beautiful girls would do behind closed doors so he hid himself in his Sister's closet.     
    • by FJ :...
    • The Journal of Fr. John 014
      thejou14 zip (13k) (Fff/MMMMMMM inc; pedo; family; oral; vaginal; cons; cum; debauched religious wedding)
      A Wedding to Remember or All Dressed in White – After a short interlude with his favorite seven-year-old, Julie, Fr. John makes preparations for a wedding according to the custom of the incest community he leads. However, with the exception of the groom, best man and maid of honor, none of the other family members are aware of what is about to happen, especially its special ritual of clothing the bride in white.     
    • by :...
    • Vacation Fantasy, ch 4
      vacatio4 zip (21k) (M/F, cheating affair, exhibitionism, preg, cuckold, master/slave)
      Donna's vacation definitely continues to be very enjoyable for the sexy young wife in chapter 4 here of the ongoing epic. Fans of b&d might enjoy seeing some of my first exploration of this material. Story is based strongly on real life experience allowing for some poetic licensing for plot purposes. Hope everyone enjoys as much as I have.     
    • by Curt :...
    • Familjelycka, kap 1
      familje2 zip (06k) (MFb inc pedo anal)
      Magnus loggade av. Efter en timmes chattande med sin vän Sara på Icq var han kåt som aldrig förr. Dom hade fantiserat om att knulla hans 4-åriga son Adam tillsammans. Sara hade också drivit på hårt för att det inte skulle stanna vid en fantasi. Hon ville verkligen se honom begrava sin stora hårda kuk i den lilla pojkstjärten. Hon vill också känna Adams lilla tunga mot sin rakade fitta. Naturligtvis hade dom tankarna fått Magnus kuk att stå som ett spett!     
    • by Rex Wilder :...
    • Peter Och Hans Familj, del 3
      peteroc3 zip (10k) (M/M/f)
      Det var tyst och stilla hemma hos familjen Andersson eftersom flickorna var i skolan och Helen på sin arbetsplats. Peter var dock hemma och satt i sin favoritfåtölj, djupt tänkande och funderande.     

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