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    October 19th - October 25th mid-Morning Updates

      On Friday PM, Oct 25, 2002

    • by White :...
    • CPI Productions: Interracial Plays, part 5
      cpiprod5 zip (08k) (pedo/inc/rape/childporn/interracial)
      Jack Winters enjoys his work and the benefits. He gets a new slave and breaks her in the hard way.     
    • by Dark Tower Gunslinger :...
    • Danish Pastries, ch 8
      danishp8 zip (19k) (M/f/BM+/f/BM+/f/orgy/anal/scat/snuff/torture)
      Palladin's hotel orgy comes to an end when he anally fucks the young German teen hooker. Moving on to Sweden he finds a tape from the evil German terrorists containing an update on the young Aussie girl and his youngest daughter. After watching what happens to the Aussie girl he can't bear to watch his daughter's tape. Finally he arrives at the Swedish kiddie porn producer Tors' home on the lakefront in Sweden.     
    • by mac4boy :...
    • Dylan
      dylan zip (05k) (t/t anal oral true)
      This is a true story. It happened when I was a teenager. I changed the names to protect those involved. If stories of Gay sex offend you, then read no further. I chat a lot on IRC. I love talking to boys ages 12-17. Mostly because I want to help them cope with being a teen boy and being gay. I know how traumatic it can be. Boys afraid of being found out. The only difference now is that being gay is at least tolerated a little more than when I was growing up. I grew up in the wild 70's. It was a time when we didn't have the conveniences that we do today. At first TV was only 3 channels, 4 if you had a good antenna system. We finally got cable in 1973. We had all of maybe 20 channels, and that included local access channels. We didn't have computers or the internet. We played with our friends. Boys were just that, boys.     
      The Orphan, ch 1
      theorph1 zip (11k) (b/b hist spank)
      I can only remember very little about my Mom and Dad. They were both were killed by the Confederate soldiers in something called the Civil War. I can still remember the night they came, burned our home down, and hung my Dad. I didn't see what they did to my Mom; I just heard her scream, then a gunshot. I hid in the cornfield so that the soldiers would not find me. I went to my best friend's house. His name is Johnny Wilkinson. When I got there, he was so happy to see me.     
    • by T. Lawrence Shannon :...
    • Exchange student meets and incest family, ch 1
      exchang1 zip (13k) (MMMFFFbbbbgg, ped, nudist, size, incest)
      This is the story of an eleven-year-old boy from Holland who goes to Southern California to live for one year as an exchange student. It is told through the e-mails the boy sends back to his best friend, Freddy, in his hometown. An excerpt; He then pulled my underware down and my cock sprang up and hit him in the face. He blinked and stared and then said, "What the fuck is that? You have the biggest cock I've ever seen on a boy or a man, especially on a boy of eleven". He had no idea I was so gigantic, as he put it.     
    • by Maithuna :...
    • Family Tradition
      familytr zip (12k) (Indian, mom/son, M/F, inc, impreg)
      A son discovers a great family secret involving his father and grand-mother and decides to follow the tradition.     
    • by Keyman :...
    • The Pedo Zone - Payback is a Bitch - Daddy What Are You Doing?
      thepedo5 zip (46k) (M M/g age 10 g/g ages 10/9 Oral, Anal, Incest, Pedo)
      In part four of The Pedo Zone - Payback is a Bitch, "Daddy! What Are You Doing" We will follow the exploits of ten year old Brooke Benton. Brooke is Missy's Haynes's next door neighbor, and her best friend and confidant. Missy and Brooke had confided in each other since Kindergarten sharing their most personal secrets. Missy's recent sexual encounter with her brother was no exception to the rule and Missy gave Brooke a blow by blow account. Brooke due to her strict upbringing was naive in matters of sex. What she was hearing shocked, but also titillated her. Brooke in an effort to learn more was about to find out even her strait laced father had a deep dark dirty sexual secret. A secret so strange and oddly exciting it would speed Brooke's descent down the road of sexual exploration. As an extra added bonus, there will be a brief appearance by Zog and Lug, the two voyeuristic pedophile aliens; who will make a very important adjustment to this story line.     
    • by :...
    • Vacation Fantasy
      vacation zip (31k) (M/F, cheating affair, oral, voyeurism/exhibitionism)
      Donna had to make sure that she didn't give away her fear,,, her hope... her fantasy. If she could act as though the moment was simply private for her, then who cared if anyone was watching her or not? If someone was watching her in the shower... looking at her naked body... enjoying the sharing of her own self-pleasurement... than it was all really out of her control anyhow. So what if the thought that the hunky stranger might actually be watching her, was possibly encouraging the dare of her hand down between her legs...     

      Thursday PM, Oct 24, 2002

    • by Cheryl :...
    • Candy Christian
      candychr zip (11k) (16yrold Frm/spank/incest)
      This is one of my first earnest attempts to write an incest type story. A good friend name Jim gave me this idea. The more hardcore lovers of incest may not find enough hardcore sex but give me time everyone.     
    • by mac4boy :...
    • Coming Back Home, ch 4
      comingb4 zip (09k) (m/b b/b anal oral)
      These 3 neighborhood boys were the cutest of all the boys. I grew to love each one of them. They worked the hardest in the wood shop. They had started to become some what of a craftsman in their won right. Take Billy for example. He was awesome at finishing a piece. He has the eye of an artist. Justin was the Jr. Engineer. He could almost draw up anything you wanted him to. Micah, he was starting to be really good with a router. He could almost envision what each bit would do. Each one had their own particular talent. Together, they made some decent pieces. They made about $400.00 a piece, in the space of a month. Summer was drawing to an end, and I wanted to do something special for my 3 beautiful boys. Then it dawned on me, the cabin. I could take them for a week in the mountains of South Carolina. That would be awesome. Just the 4 of us for a week, it would be fun. I asked the boys if they wanted to take a break for a week and join me on a little vacation. I showed the boys s picture of my cabin in SC. I even showed them on a map. My Dad had inherited the cabin from grandpa. The cabin sat on 1400 acres of wilderness, and it had a small lake with it. We could go swimming and fishing and what ever we wanted. No one would be around to bother us.     
      The Story of Adam, ch 4
      thestor4 zip (07k) (m/b anal spank oral)
      Adam and I made love for hours. We spent a lot of time just holding each other and gently caressing each others bodies. I did not ever want to let him go, but I knew that in a day or two a have to. But I didn’t want to think about that now. All I wanted to think about was this fine young man in my arms. All I wanted to do was to love him. When I finally noticed the time was almost 10:00. I looked at Adam he was asleep in my arms, I hated to have to wake him. I gently nudged him and said. “I hate to wake you but I have to take you home.” I said sadly. “I know, but I don’t want to leave you Mike. I love you.” Adam said sadly. We got up and slowly dressed, dreading the ride home. I knew that his mom would be pissed. I would have to make some excuse. I drove Adam back home. “I had a wonderful time Mike.” Adam said. “I did too Adam, I’m just sorry that it has to come to an end.” I said sadly. It was a long drive back to Adam’s house….     
    • by Dodgson :...
    • Girls Galore, part 1
      girlsga1 zip (18k) (sci-fi, pedo, cons, incest, sisters, Mff, Mg in multiple combinations (girls age 8 and up))
      It’s the year 2155, AX 100, one hundred years after the X virus first decimated the population of human males on earth.. Females now outnumber males 10,000 to 1, with the ratio steadily increasing at the expense of the males. The remaining living males have a natural immunity to the X virus. Women, females of all ages, are desperate for men, that is those that haven’t resigned themselves to a sexual world of women only, and will do anything for the favor of a male, almost any male. For the males, any male, it’s girls galore, pussy galore, a feast of females of all ages awaits them everywhere, anywhere. Our erotic tale opens as our protagonist, Tom Johnson, a 45 year old male, leaves his office early, looking forward to an evening at the incomparable Parvenue Extraordinaire, Los Angeles’ hottest night club where he will find hundreds and hundreds, of the sexiest, youngest and most beautiful women and girls, including preteens, that LA has to offer, each and every one available to him.     
    • by The Frogger :...
    • Grampa and Friend
      grampaan zip (07k) (MM/ff inc)
      Larry watched as his daughter and husband boarded the plane for their vacation. Larry knew he had his granddaughters to himself. Both eight and six years old are his for four days.     

      Wednesday PM, Oct 23, 2002

    • by Mel :...
    • All Hallows Eve
      allhallo zip (04k) (voy/cons/M/f/stroke)
      The doorbell rang, ah, my first trick or treater is here. I always liked that phrase because it sounds close to trick or treat her, oh the delicious thoughts on that one. I hurried to the door and held out my candy dish so the little ones could get some candy.     
    • by Jack Spratt :...
    • Autumn
      autumn zip (17k) (M/f mature male and young girl)
      Don goes on vacation. He meets Jaleesa who is left behind by her sister she has been tormenting. A loving relationship develops.     
    • by mac4boy :...
    • Coming Back Home, ch 3
      comingb3 zip (08k) (m/b b/b anal oral)
      I awoke the next morning feeling on top of the world. I was ready for anything it could throw at me. I decided to throw out all the old furniture that Mom would never throw out. I looked over my bank account and decided to put the furniture on my credit card. I knew that my parent’s estate would clear probate very soon. I got up and took a nice hot shower and got dressed for the day. I saw Justin and Billy playing in Justin’s yard. I waved to them as I pulled out of the driveway. I returned home to find a note on my door. I opened it and read it.     
      The Story of Adam, ch 3
      thestor3 zip (06k) (m/b anal spank oral)
      After I drop Adam off near his home, I couldn’t help but wonder if he would get into trouble. I just hope he made back it before his mother got home from work. I am really in love with Adam and I knew he was love with me. This was more than an infatuation; nor was it lust. It was more than puppy love. This was heartfelt, life altering love. That kind of love that changes your life forever, the love of your life, your soul mate. I hurried back to the hotel to await Adam’s call.     
    • by Tasha :...
    • Daddy's Little Princess
      daddysli zip (07k) (M/f dad/daut)
      The warmth of her daddy's body made the ten-year-old feel snug and secure as his arm went around her waist and his hand cupped her tiny, budding breast. She could feel the fiery heat coming from his hardened thingy he had pressed up against her panty clad bottom. His breath brushed against her ear as he whispered softly and nuzzled against her earlobe. He knew this always made her nipples get hard and made her feel funny down below. As her body automatically responded to his attentions she felt her misgivings melting away. She was powerless in so many ways to stop him, even if she had wanted to. “Princess? Princess, wake up. Wake up honey.” Michelle pretended to be awakening and stirred slightly. Daddy was pushing his peter up against her rhythmically and had his hand inside her pajama top and was rubbing his palm on her pointy little titties, making her tiny nipples harder.     
    • by Tiberius :...
    • Preg Party, part 2
      pregpar2 zip (39k) (preg rape, torture, forced termination; fem pre-teen rape)
      Three years since the infamous preg parties began on Pleasure Island, and they've become even nastier; the clients more demanding; the preggies more desperate; the outcomes more unpleasantly pleasurable. But for five beautiful heavy-with-child ladies, the game is still the same: compete and please to keep their babies!     
    • by Uncle Bobbie :...
    • Uncle Bobbi's Adventures: Tabitha's Mom
      uncleb12 zip (11k) (M/f /f/F ped)
      Uncle Bobbi has dinner with Tabitha's mom but before he gets there Beth comes into his life plus more quality time with Tabitha.     
    • by LordT :...
    • Loving Allie, ch 1
      lovinga1 zip (06k) (M/Teen Romance)
      Counselor at summer camp falls in love with 13yr old helper.     
    • by Paxman :...
    • Melanee
      melanee zip (24k) (M/F/FF/Teen)
      She began to feel aroused again as she remembered that today she would wear a new hot outfit that she had just purchased. The outfit consisted of skintight spandex exercise tights (that she had placed a slit with snaps over her cunt) with a streak of neon blue down the sides. The pants were so tight that every delicious curve was visible. Her ass was clearly seen and the seam of the tights was pulled up snuggly into her cunt. This caused her to shudder with delight as the seam pressed against her clit. One hand quickly snaked down to her crotch for one quick feel before stopping and putting on her top. The top was simply a black lace teddy that was skintight against her firm breasts. Her nipples soon became erect as they rubbed against the lacy material. Melanee smiled as she studied herself in the mirror. A most delightful package, all in all, she decided as she took in her breasts with her pert nipples showing. The slit of her cunt clearly seen as the seam rode high into her gash. For the final touches she added four inch stiletto heeled calf high boots that forced her ass to sway delightfully; lace half gloves; a leather jacket with padded shoulders. A very hot package indeed she decided as she gave her nipple a quick grab and her pussy a quick feel before heading down for breakfast.     

      Tuesday PM, Oct 22, 2002

    • by blackpanther :...
    • Amanda
      amanda zip (04k) (MMMMM/f Dad/daut/inc)
      That night when we got home, Amanda and I went straight to bed, but not to sleep. I fucked her for being the good girl that she is. I licked her cunt. And then I put her up on her knees and spread her ass checks and aimed my cock for her asshole and I pushed it in. She let out a little scream as my cock went into her hole. I fucked her ass and fingered her pussy until we both came and then we lied down and went to sleep.     
    • by mac4boy :...
    • Coming Back Home, part 2
      comingb2 zip (07k) (m/b b/b anal oral)
      I took the boys to my house and showed them the pool. They were extremely pleased. “Would it be ok if I swam with you guys?” I asked. “Sure, David. After all it’s your house and your pool.” Billy said. My mind was working over time. I wanted nothing more that to rip off their clothing and fuck the shit out of both of them. But that wouldn’t be right. I had to wait on them to ask me to have sex with them, before I could do anything. After all I’m not a rapist or a child molester. The boys pealed off their cut off shorts and dove right into the pool. I was right behind them, naked of course. The boys looked at me as I dove into the pool after them. “Hey, David you have a big dick.” Justin said. I blushed a little and said. “Thanks, Justin you have a nice dick too.” I replied. The boys started splashing around and tried to dunk me. I joined in the fun by dunking them and splashing them too. I loved the feel of their skin as I would pick them up and throw them around in the water, especially when their cocks would flop onto me. The boys soon grew tired and decided to take a break.     
      The Story of Adam, ch 2
      thestor2 zip (09k) (m/b anal spank oral)
      I arrived at Dayton International Airport around 8:00 am. Sunday the 18th. I got my rental car and got directions to the Marriot hotel in downtown Dayton. I parked my car in the garage and made my way into the hotel. It was a nice hotel. It had 5 floors and a wonderful restaurant. It was recommended to me by a friend of mine who used to live in the area. The hotel sat on the corner of E. 5th St. and Main St. close to just about any where one would need to go in Dayton. I checked in and made my way to my room. It was a nice room. Nice big bed, small refrigerator, and microwave. The TV was good sized, a 25” I was guessing. I got directions to the Air Force Museum. It was a short hop from the hotel, maybe 15 minutes away. I had time to get a quick bite to eat and then meet Adam at the museum.     
    • by reflector :...
    • Four Goes Into One, ch 1
      fourgoe1 zip (09k) (MMMF/g force ws dom inc semi-cons pedo)
      Rusty and Eric were perverts. They knew this, but they didn't let it get them down. Quite the opposite. ... Then they found they liked teenage girls. Especially schoolgirls. Nice and skinny ones, with thin legs and arms.     
      Parent/Teacher Association, ch 1
      parentt1 zip (06k) (M/F/g)
      Jane was sitting at a front row desk, concentrating on the story as Mrs Brown sat at her desk observing the class. It would be a very good year, she thought to herself. Though not necessarily academically, Mrs Brown was both bisexual, and a paedophile.     
    • by Artsy Craftsy Kid :...
    • Sail Away
      sailaway zip (94k) (Mm/Fff)
      Bill goes on a sailing vacation with his children and their female cruise capitan.     
    • by Jaz1701 :...
    • The Humility Rapist
      thehumil zip (11k) (M/F rape)
      It's kind of a funny story really. Not "Ha-Ha" funny. More like "No, oh god no, not that, please help meEEEEK!!" funny. Heh. I guess it's kinda whatchamacallit Ironical. But I'm getting ahead of myself. My name is Jaz. My real name is John, but you can call me Jaz. I'm a Rapeaholic (123, "HI JAZ!") Some of you may know me. I've been writing rape stories on the internet for years. Hardcore, nasty stuff. That's what I like. But they were just fiction for the most part. Oh some of them are a little true...but not completely. Maybe a Reader told me about her rape, and asked me to write about it. Like to cathartisize it. I fantasize, I wrote about what I would like to do, but I NEVER DID.     
    • by Ermberto :...
    • Malcolm's Sisters
      malcolms zip (28k) (Incest - brother/sisters, anal, teen, threesome, FMf, facials)
      After dropping out of college, Malcolm goes to live with his two beautiful sisters, Sabrina and Pearl. Malcolm has always lusted after 24-year-old Sabrina, but soon 14-year-old Pearl enters the horny brother's plans of incestuous seduction.     
    • by Gill Bates :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Gamla Skolkompisar, part 1
      gamlask1 zip (09k) (M/ff)
      En dag var en gammal (nåja 11-årig) elev på telefonsvararen. Hon undrade om hon och en kompis kunde sova över hos mig till helgen. Efter lite shopping på stan fortsatte vi i min lägenhet med lite mat, tv och kortspel. Oskyldig poker från början...     
    • by HiddenForce :...
    • Tina, teils 3-4
      tina3_4 zip (10k) (Mf Fm)
      Erschöpft waren wir beide gestern eingeschlafen. Als ich aufwachte lag Tina immer noch als Schulmädchen verkleideten neben mir. Mein Gott war das geil. Ich schaute mir diese wunderbare Frau von oben bis unten an. Endlich hatte ich gefunden, wonach ich ohne es selber zu wissen mein ganzes Leben gesucht hatte. Das war befriedigender Sex. Beim Frühstück fragte mich Tina, ob es mir gefallen hätte. Natürlich konnte ich das nur die bejahen. Sie fragte mich, wie alt das Mädchen gewesen war, dass ich mir gestern vorgestellt hatte. Wahrheitsgemäß antwortete ich 15. " 15? Ist das nicht ein wenig jung? " Aber sie lachte dabei. " Mein Freund ist also ein kleiner Kinderficker. Du hast also keine Scham einer kleinen fünfzehnjährigen deine dicken harten Männerschwanz ins Arschloch zu ficken. Das gefällt mir. " Einen kurzen Moment hatte ich das Gefühl, das ich zu weit gegangen war. Aber die letzten Worte ließen mich wieder aufatmen. Was für eine Frau.     

      Monday PM, Oct 21, 2002

    • by mac4boy :...
    • Adam, ch 1
      adam1 zip (06k) (m/b anal spank oral)
      Adam is a truely wonderful boy. He means the world to me.     
    • by bluvum :...
    • A Little Slit for A Lot of Crack, part 2 (Conclusion)
      alittle2 zip (11k) (F, F, M, g= age 4,- Drugs, oral, lez, incest, caution)
      In Part 1, Rusty and Debra had their way with Sheila in exchange for crack cocaine. In this the conclusion, they set a new goal. Their new goal, is to draw Tabatha into the group. Tabatha is Sheila‘s beautiful little 4 year old daughter. They know if they take their time, they won't have any problems with the young mother, due to her drug addiction. After all they had not had any trouble drawing her into their web of deception so far.     
    • by Dodgson :...
    • Brandy's Itch, part 1
      brandys1 zip (20k) (eroticism, teasing, pedo, consen, incest, Step Dad-Dau, Dad-Dau, Mg Mg (g age 9))
      Nine year old Brandy gets an itch in her cute, incredibly eatable, preteen pussy while spending the weekend with her dad. She hopes her dad will know how to treat it, make it not itch anymore. It's dad's semi-monthly weekend visitation, custody of his daughter. Later, in Part 2 Brandy has the same itch return and asks her step dad to treat it too. This story was suggested by mrbhappy's recent posts in the "saw my daughter" thread in the Incestuous Forum, where he gave the authors an open invitation to write stories based on his posts. Thanks mrbhappy! Your posts have been a great inspiration to me.     
    • by Dalton :...
    • Conversion, part 1
      convers1 zip (12k) (M/g, anal, drugs, bondage, training)
      He pulled her chin down slightly and fed her the tip of his cock. She kissed and slurped her lips around it, her eyes open now, confused and slightly repulsed that he'd put his dick in her mouth. He patted her head but kept it firmly pressed into the horse's pillowy neck and held her chin down, making her take more and more of his cock until he had two inches in her mouth, her gagging response showing she'd taken all she could for now. He relaxed his grip on her chin, reaching over her back to rub and massage her like a jittery colt, smoothing out the tensed muscles, getting her to stop struggling, trying to raise her tied wrists up to pull his cock out, pushing her hips back into the comforting buzz of the seat against her pussy, riding out her bucking protests until they slowly quieted down and she began sucking and slurping on her new toy, resigned to it, starting to enjoy its soft yet hard texture, earning a sharp smack on her ass when she began to chew into it.     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • Ghosts, Goblins And Sex! Oh, My!
      ghostsgo zip (14k) (dad/daut Mg-8 Mg-10 MF oral inc ped con ghosts)
      Little Kelly was falling asleep as she kept closing and opening her eyes trying to stay awake for the movie. Then she was asleep and Kristen?s eyes were glued to the TV. Brad realized that Kelly was asleep and let his one hand move down to her naked pussy. He parted the fat pussy lips with his fingers and let one finger go into her slit. She was moist and warm. He was breathing a little fast as the thrill of touching her made him dizzy. He had wanted to do this for a long time.     
    • by Sam T Sleaze :...
    • Halloween Horrors II: Donnie vs Ashram
      hallowe2 zip (09k) (M/b, torture, snuff, blood)
      Ashram growled as his cock thrust into the tiny boy's asshole, and he held his hand over the boy's mouth. He had felt the lining of the boy's rectum tear as he entered him the first time, but he didn't care about that at all. The boy kept struggling, but Ashram was in big man, 6'4", and the small ten year old boy didn't have a chance of getting the rapist off of him. Ashram pounded his cock into the boy's tight hole, and the boy kept screaming and crying, just the way Ashram liked.     
    • by Mel :...
    • The Memoirs Of Formance Middle School Continued
      memoirs2 zip (10k) (span, enem, oral, voy, caution, bdsm, Mdom, Fdom, Mf, Ff, FFFFF, ffff, MMMM, mmmmmm)
      (Headmistress) "Ok class you know the drill I shouldn't have to repeat myself everyday for your punishment, I want you to pull your pants and underwear down to your ankles and bend over your desk." "If you do not have this completed in 20 seconds you will get additional punishment." All the class did as I directed except for one boy. I think he had zipper problems to bad for him great for me.     
    • by PeachLover :...
    • Silo, ch 1
      silo1 zip (23k) (M/g M/g/g b/g/b inc oral size)
      In the not too distant future religious leaders have taken over most of the governments of earth including the US. Wars break out and terrible weapons are used on a massive scale. A small community of people working on a secret military project has survived the resulting devastation in a community of underground silos. Their goal, other than to survive the war on the surface, is to establish a completely new kind of society where sexual freedom plays an important part.     
    • by FJ :...
    • The Journal of Fr. John 011
      thejou11 zip (33k) (M/m-8/f-2; M/M/F/f-8 bro/sis; father/daughter/son; father/step-father/daughter; inc; pedo; mast; oral; vaginal; exhibitionism; pee)
      Fr. John listens to the stories of two Junior High School Cheerleaders. In the first, Laurie describes how her eight-year-old brother, Harry, loved playing with her two-year-old pussy and butt in the bathtub. However, when mom finds out, she gets really upset and no longer allows the two to bathe together. Dad, on the other hand, is grateful that his son began his daughter's education and thanks them both. In the second, twelve-year-old Clarice describes how a little itch led to a satisfying sexual relationship with her step-father, Mr. B. H., when she was nine years old. After a curious phone call and invitation from Clarice's real daddy, Mr. B. H. happily discovers that there is more than one way to scratch that itch. (The author wishes to thank Mr. BHappy for providing the initial fictional storyline and dialog for Clarice's story.)     
    • by Apollohelios :...
    • Two Fingers
      twofinge zip (10k) (M/f dad/dau inc con oral finger-fuck cum-fetish)
      It's time for the next step in his daughter's sexual training. Using his fingers, a father teaches his little girl how to fuck--after he brings her to orgasm with a skilled tongue! (And she loves every moment of it....)     
    • by taster :...
    • Escapades
      escapade zip (14k) (M/F/f/f/f pedo cons w/s scat)
      "Freddie can make us feel real good down there if we're good girls" she spit out pointing to her privates. "he has a very nice pee-pee that squirts boy's stuff and hot pee-pee real cool". Would the girls buy it? I looked at Carla and winked, she was so proud of herself.     

      Sunday PM, Oct 20, 2002

    • by Reflector :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Teaching The Student, ch 1
      teachin1 zip (06k) (F/m mother son)
      It was 7:45am, he needed to get ready. Before Louise could raise her voice to shout him out of bed, she noticed through the gap between the edge of the duvet and the mattress his cock poking through his pyjamas. Tim didn't know any better, he didn't really know much about what it meant, but Louise did.     
    • by Alice :...
    • An Alien Visitor ... With A Huge Curiosity, part 2
      analien2 zip (09k) (mmfff)
      At last, Friday came. Len was enjoying the attention he was getting from girls. After school, Susan came running up ... straight into his arms. "Whoa!" he said. "Not in public." "Sorry. I just want to hug and kiss you," the twelve year old said. "I don't know how you did it, but Chelsea and her bitches aren't coming back, ever." "Like I said, it must have been God." "Yeah, right! Whatever! What do you want to do this afternoon?" Her eyes were shining, her face flushed.     
    • by mac4boy :...
    • Coming Back Home, part 1
      coming1 zip (08k) (m/b b/b anal oral)
      I had moved out of my parent's home some 5 years ago. I was finally on my own to live my life the way I saw fit, or so I thought. I never expected them to pass away so quickly. I'm an only child, so I inherited ever thing. There were so many things I had forgotten about the area. I grew up in a small town in southern Ohio. My parents weren't exactly rich, but my dad had done well enough for them to retire comfortably. Dad had worked for the great "General Motors", what a joke. He tried to get me to work there too, but I couldn't stand the place. I had visited him at work, to see what it was like. I didn't want to be one of those piss ants who slaved away their lives. I wanted a career where I could enjoy life a little more and make a lot more money too. Dad wasn't happy about my choice, not to follow his footsteps into GM. He did however make sure I got a good education. He sent me to University of Dayton, to get a degree in engineering.     
    • by The Old Medic :...
    • Fishing With Grandpa
      fishingw zip (21k) (M/f/f/F, Incest, adult male & young girls and women)
      I love fishing, I always have. I took my granddaughters fishing, as often as I could. Then, one day, there was an accident. While I was recovering, my granddaughter seduced me. Then, her mother joined in. Before long, it seemed like the entire family was involved.     
    • by Silvio Stoker :...
    • Kevin and Courtney, part 1
      kevinan1 zip (19k) (M/b, b/b, b/g, incest, rough)
      A story about Kevin (10 y.o.), his mother, his cousin Courtney (8 y.o.), a 12 y.o. boy, a hairy man, and Courtney's mom's boyfriend.     
    • by ShadoWalker :...
    • My Wife's First Gangbang
      mywifesf zip (05k) (mf, ff, orgy, nc)
      A tale of my how my wife was forced into a gangbang when she was a teen. A true, but embellished, story.     
    • by Keyman :...
    • The Pedo Zone - Payback is a Bitch - Missy's Itchy Pee Pee
      thepedo4 zip (35k) (M/g age 9 Pedo, Oral, Masturbation Incest)
      In part three of Payback is a Bitch, "Missy's Itchy Pee Pee" We follow Missy as she at first reluctantly follows her brother's orders to seduce their father. Sam's ultimate goal is to use that incestuous sexual liaison for blackmail purposes. Missy reluctance soon fades as she finds her assigned task may not be so repugnant after all. As the planned seduction and blackmail progress, an itchy pee pee takes center stage and gets the action under way. Yes, Missy who was initially shocked by her brother's plans soon becomes a willing and active participant in the seduction of her beloved father. Young Sam, through all this, grows bolder and bolder in his future plans to dominate and sexually abuse whoever he chooses. Considering in the space of two days, he enslaved his little sister and then was using her to sexually seduce their father for the purpose of blackmail, who could blame him for thinking he was untouchable.     
    • by Skaidan :...
    • Hacia el Norte
      haciaeln zip (16k) (m/F, incest)
      Mi vida de preadolescente fue poco convencional, y creo que eso es decir poco. Hasta los trece años todo había sucedido según lo habitual en un niño, si habitual puede considerarse el ser hijo de una madre soltera, y no había llamado la atención especialmente. Sacaba notas normales en el colegio, tenía un puñado de amigos con los que jugaba al fútbol y me gustaban los videojuegos. Sin embargo, poco después de cumplir los trece años algo cambió.     
    • by Sabine Hertling :...
    • Tim und meine zweite Entjungferung
      timundme zip (06k) (M/w)
      Hier wieder was neues aus meinem (Sex-) Leben     

      Saturday PM, Oct 19, 2002

    • by Centaur :...
    • A Family Affair
      afamily zip (17k) (m/f, M/f, F/m, incest, con, voy)
      Fourteen year old Becky Jansen took a deep breath and looked into her best friend's eyes. "About a month ago, just a few weeks after we got out of school my Dad started acting real strange around me. I mean he started hugging me all the time and when he kissed me good night or anything he started kissing me on the lips. I really didn't think much about it, it was sort of nice although it was a bit creepy. Then one morning I was in the shower and he walked into the bathroom. He was really apologitic, he claimed he was looking for something but he got a real good look at me in the shower through the glass door. He never said anything about it but he started really staring at me when I was in the room with him. I mean staring at my chest and butt. I think my Dad may be going to try to do stuff with me like they talked about in Health class, you know molesting stuff. I don't want to talk to my Mom, what if I'm making this all up in my head? What should I do?"     
    • by TwistedFun :...
    • BabyFun15
      babyfu15 zip (06k) (M/toddler girl, anal,oral, rape)
      "Mind if I use my camera?" I grin. "Whatever you like, just don't take MY picture." the mother snickers as she stands and flushes. I run and set up the camera so it's pointing at the toddler and turn on the water. "Hi baby girl! Ready for your bath?" I smile. The pretty child nods at me and raises her arms so I can pull off her dress. I sigh as I look at the tiny pink dots on her soft baby chest. "Like your tits small do ya?" she cackles as she observes my fascination of her now topless toddler, naked save for her flowered panties. "The younger the better." I snicker and rub my thumbs over the child's tiny almost invisible nipples.     
    • by Canker :...
    • Black Beauty on a White Stud, ch 2
      blackbe2 zip (08k) (MF, Mild Violence, Barocca Roast)
      Greg meets his audience who turns out to be Barocca! Feeling confident because he has lost his virginity, he beats up the bully who trying to terroize the customers. Sarah (Greg's Boss) and Alisha plans a surprise for Greg.     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • Holloween Horror
      hollowee zip (14k) (Mg-8 Mbb-8 oral inc ped anal mmf)
      A few days before Holloween the afternoon was still sunny and the children were looking forward to the parties and dressing to go Trick or Treat and get lots of candy. Megan was in the third grade and walking home from school enjoying the warm day. She was 8 years old now. Her long dark hair was pulled back in a long pony tail and her bright blue eyes seemed out of place as she had a slight Asian look with olive skin. She was very cute, on the small side but very agile and a good gymnast. She had to go past the block where the old house stood silent and dark.     
    • by Cumsucker :...
    • Like Mother, Like Daughter
      likemoth zip (10k) (Consensual incest, group sex)
      I love sex. Always have, always will. My preoccupation with it began at an early age. I don't remember how young I was exactly, but I do remember my first orgasm. God it was glorious. I came so hard I almost fainted. After that I was hooked. That was years ago, of course... probably 20 or more... and not what I wanted to write about today.     
    • by Cheryl :...
    • Trish Stratus
      trishstr zip (16k) (teenFem/exhibitionism/multiple partners)
      17 yr old Trish Status is sent to live with an alcoholic uncle and in her new town she causes quite a stir by daring the local girls to do different things. Dark ending.     
    • by The Black Pedo :...
    • What Luck!
      whatluck zip (06k) (M/f pre-teen, rape, anal)
      I know she hated she opened that door.     
    • by Malcolm Sex :...
    • Nancy
      nancy zip (06k) (M/F, incest)
      I pray that my dead brother and his dead wife are not looking down upon me as I fuck their daughter Nancy.     

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