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      On Friday PM, Sep 27, 2002

    • by Kittywinkle :...
    • Drama at Blinkwood Middle School, part 3
      dramaab3 zip (14k) (M/f, F/f, g/M, big tits, big cunts)
      Dan accepts an after-school-hours invitation to Ms Gander's office where he gets to meet a bunch of the principal's young girlfriends. One of the girls, Juicy Lucy, is Dan's 'favorite type' although she is still a little young to be such a buxom girl. She climbs onto Dan's lap to enjoy a little entertainment which the principal has arranged.     
    • by Jeremy :...
    • Emily, part 3
      emily3 zip (10k) (M/f dad/daut cons)
      Martin and Emily begin the long trip out west to live with his brother. On the first leg of the trip they both find an intersting way to pass the miles.     
    • by Cheryl :...
    • Indecent Proposal
      indecent zip (08k) (18yrold F/mmmmm/agrees to be a sex slave for money)
      18 yr old sister of a sexually liberated woman takes the plunge and agrees to become the sex property of a wealthy man and her body is shared by many many men and women.     
      Lovey Kravsit
      loveykra zip (07k) (F/mmmmmmm/fem prison guard turns into sex slave)
      Newly recruited and hired fem prison guard with a dark past is quickly forced into sexual degradtion when some of the cons recognize her. All of the cons and guards soon get to enjoy the fruits of her body sexually.     
    • by Davy Sprocket :...
    • Lackospermodosis - The Epidemic Continues
      lackospe zip (22k) (MMMMMggggggg - girls are 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 5 - inc, oral, intercourse, anal, cum)
      If it were a real disease it would indeed be most horrible. It causes excessive weight gain and facial pustules! Ugh! Ugh! Ugly! The only know cure is injections of sperm. My card-playing buddies and I had convinced my daughter Vee that she had the disease. Reluctant at first, she had slowly come around to embrace the cure. We had all fucked her ten-year body in all of her delicious pre-teen holes. She had been the first of our girls to succumb to lackospermodosis but not the last! We were now facing an epidemic!     
    • by Anonymous & Apollohelios :...
    • Another Brother And Sister Story, part 2
      another2 zip (08k) (m/f inc teen oral)
      Part 2 of the rewrite of a classic story from Mr. Double's alpha zips. You may have gotten your own little sister to blow you for the first time...but what happens in the week after that? Especially when you find that she can't get enough?     
    • by Mikelo :...
    • The English Experience, part 4
      theengl4 zip (35k) (ped/naturist)
      Roy plans to introduce the English girls to their first naturist beach.     

      Thursday PM, Sep 26, 2002


      Wednesday PM, Sep 25, 2002

    • by Cheryl :...
    • Blonde Bimbo
      blondebi zip (07k) (WMF/mmmmmmm/hypnotised)
      Young Married white woman gets herself into being hypnotised as a blonde bimbo with some of her husbands male friends present who take advantage of her when he goes out of town.     
    • by cc :...
    • Bought and Sold
      boughtan zip (07k) (Mg ped "rape" spank whip "incest")
      A preteen girl is bought as a slave by a man who punishes and "rapes" her.     
    • by Dark Tower Gunslinger :...
    • Danish Pastries, ch 6
      danishp6 zip (19k) (M/F/f/oral/consen)
      Palladin makes contact with Herr Beckmann's mother and daughter in Dusseldorf. After obtaining some information about the possible whereabouts of the terrorists, events spiral out of control throwing Palladin in deep quano with LEA. Will Palladin be finding a new love interest with the name of Bubba? Will he ever get to give young Elke her chocolate dream? Will he ever get to taste some of those Danish pastries he craves? And just who the Hell is Charlie? All may be answered in this chapter and the next few.     
    • by Osiris :...
    • In Memory of Britta, part 1
      inmemor1 zip (19k) (M/f dad/daut M/F)
      Matt had met Britta, Casey's mom, when she was an exchange student at college. He was entering his senior year; she was a sophomore in America from Denmark for a year of school. She was a true Nordic beauty; tall, blonde, with ice blue eyes, high cheekbones and legs that seemed to go all the way to her neck. It was love at first sight for Matt who was a handsome, though rather scruffy looking, student of engineering design.     
      The Loft, part 1
      theloft1 zip (27k) (M/f f/f)
      “The best damn part of the whole night, or almost the best, was listening to Miss Know It All squeal when Ray shoved that ten inch cock of his in her.” Misty could hear her older sister Robbie and her friends talking through the thin wall that separated them.     
    • by Lutwidge :...
    • Surprise!
      surprise zip (03k) (M/f, dad/daut)
      Eight year old Missy stared at her father as he pulled down his shorts. Though she had seen her father naked quite often throughout her life, his penis never looked like that before. Maybe he had an accident; something was definitely wrong with it, but it didn't seem to bother him. In fact, he had an excited look about him, different than he ever was before. She shrugged and slipped her own clothes off. She felt so odd to be doing this, but her father had told her that it was completely natural, and many people enjoyed what they were about to do.     
    • by Ermberto :...
    • Mom's 40th Birthday Present
      momsfort zip (13k) (Incest - mother/sons, group (Fmmb), anal, triple-penetration, pedo, facials)
      Charlotte Eastman lay on her stomach on her bed, nude and smoking a cigarette. It was nightime, the room lit up by the bed-side lamp. She slept alone, and had done for the last decade. She was looking at the digital alarm-clock next to her bed. It read 11:59PM One more minute of being thirty-nine, she thought to herself, taking a long drag on the cigarette. As she exhaled the smoke, the digital clock's impassive red digits flicked to 12:00AM. It was October 1, 1994 - Charlotte's fortieth birthday.     

      Tuesday PM, Sep 24, 2002

    • by Homer Lone :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Only For You Daddy
      onlyfory zip (26k) (M/f Dad/daughters)
      Dad rapes daughter but she loves it really.     
    • by Sam Spackle :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Peeping Tom's Adventures, ch 1
      peeping1 zip (03k) (M/f f dad/dau)
      Mr. B likes to watch little Cassidy next door... but then he gets a little help from his daughter and her friend. Pretty soon, even Cassidy wants in on the fun...     
    • by Cheryl :...
    • Billie Jo Marks
      billiejo zip (14k) (Newlywed white girl, with cons in prison, F/MMMMMMMM)
      Billie Jo Marks is a walking wetdream, a newlywed and unsatisfied in her marital bed. Her husband lands a job at a mostly black prison. She quickly becomes a nympho for black cock with her husbands consent.     
    • by TheFrogger :...
    • Black Shoes
      blacksho zip (08k) (MMM/Fff pedo mind control)
      Jerry brings his grandmother and two sisters, who are 8 and 5 years old to the shoe store for shoes and some fun.     
      Stepsister's Weekend
      stepsist zip (13k) (MMM/f inc beast)
      Joe babysits for his stepsister for the weekend while his parents are away. He brings her shopping and to a special party after he tastes the goods.     
    • by Kittywinkle :...
    • Drama at Blinkwood Middle School, part 2
      dramaat2 zip (14k) (M/g, F/f, g/b/b, big tits)
      In the first three chapters, Dan has become closely acquainted with the three most desirable young girls in Blinkwood Middle School Drama Group: Danieletta, Jennie and Dolores. But even as he gets to know the girls even better, he finds he has a rival for their affections; Ms "Goosey" Gander, the Principal. Five more short chapters in this part.     
    • by Jeremy :...
    • Emily, part 2
      emily2 zip (14k) (M/f Dad dau cons)
      Life after death. Martin and Emily plan to move out west with Jim. Martin has a little play time before the move.     
    • by BP :...
    • My Summer at Camp Runamuc
      mysummer zip (21k) (Lactation, Impregnation, Oral, M/ff, F/mmm)
      Now before you think that this is a tale about the usual things that go on in a summer camp, you are only partially correct. In fact, Camp Runamuc is a very exclusive camp (read, very expensive) for children ten to fourteen.     
    • by FJ :...
    • The Journal of Fr. John 008
      thejour8 zip (32k) (M+/F+/g-baby,9,10,11,12/b-12,13 inc, pedo, piss, cum, babysex, light sm, oral, anal, vaginal, con, non-con)
      Fr. John counsels Peter after he fucks his 12 yo daughter; welcomes six charter members into the Junior Seduction Society after each child describes how he or she seduced an adult in the 7-11, the park, the neighbor's pool, or the school bus; he experiences his first 11 yo female masochist; and with the help of two members of the construction crew, cares for a baby and feeds a host of Brownies and Girl Scouts. The baby then gets a shower.     
    • by Tiberius :...
    • Voyeuristic Intention
      voyeuris zip (40k) (fem pre-teen, voyeurism, scat, mast)
      Todd Southern is a rich, eccentric reclusive young man who secretly spies on the tenants in the apartment block in which he lives and which he owns, observing their private intimate moments in their bedrooms and bathrooms. When Lester Balmer and his beautiful dark-featured twelve-year-old daughter, Phoebe, move into apartment 8, Todd is initially overjoyed at the prospect of spying on them. But he quickly realizes that the father and daughter are anything but normal, and, soon, nothing about his reclusive voyeuristic life will be the same.     
    • by Paxman :...
    • Ashley
      ashley zip (15k) (M/F/FF/Teen)
      Ashley was hot. She was hot for a very good reason. She was watching a young hunk clean the pool as she reclined in the chez-lounge by her swimming pool. The stud was wearing a pair of spandex biker shorts that showed off a very large bulge in his crotch. She was also hot because of what she was wearing. Ashley was a petite blonde with a nice hard body that she liked to show off by wearing very provocative clothes. Today she was wearing a pair of blue denim cut-offs that were cut high on her hips to reveal part of her hard, hot ass. The top of the cut-offs was folded down to better reveal her smooth hard stomach. Her small, firm breasts were nicely shown off in a black cire triangle bikini top that was put on in such a way as to reveal the up swell of each breast. Her nipples were erect, and were quite visible through the sexy, shinny material. Her legs were further shown off in a pair of four-inch stiletto heeled pumps.     

      Monday PM, Sep 23, 2002

    • by Dark Tower Gunslinger :...
    • American Odyssey, ch 9
      america9 zip (29k) (various sexual situations)
      Reverend Hank pursues his dreams of gaining entrance into the Fathers & Dayughter's Club for young virgins with his daughter Miffy. Having failed to get Ali and his older daughter though a period intact as a virgin, Miffy is his last chance. Through a weird set of circumstances involving his church deacon's daughter, Hank gains his opportunity.     
    • by Doctor J :...
    • Daddy and Daughters Abducted!
      daddyand zip (10k) (M/f)
      A father and his 15 and 17 year old daughters are abducted on a hiking trip, and forced to take part in explicit acts for the viewing pleasure of their abductor. A story with a twist for your appetite...     
    • by Stud Warrior :...
    • Incest Fantasy Number 10: Daddy & Annie
      incest10 zip (13k) (M, g, dad, eleven year old daughter, inc, con)
      Looking down Andrew couldn't help but notice that his daughter's too small tee shirt had ridden up over her firm stomach, revealing the pink panties that were stretched taunt over her pubic mound. He ran his palms over the insides of her thighs, massaging her firm flesh and gently pushed them apart. All the while he worked his fingers as they crept nearer and nearer to the edges of her panty covered cunt.     
    • by lil g lover :...
    • The Bus Driver Takes On Little Lisa
      littlel5 zip (19k) (M/gg (12), M/g (11), forced oral, anal, cum)
      The bus driver had been watching the kids at the river, and when he saw little Lisa he knew he had to shove his horse sized dick down her throat.     
    • by Anna :...
    • Train Ride
      trainrid zip (07k) (M/F/F, NC)
      When I was younger and not dating, all my sexual fantasies were happily vanilla. I'd daydream about falling in love with the perfect guy, having him caress me lovingly and push slowly into me.     
    • by Uncle Bobbie :...
    • Uncle Bobbi's Adventures, part 11: Tabitha Corey
      uncleb11 zip (12k) (M/f ped)
      Uncle Bobbi watches a young full-bodied preteen redhead at the water park and then again at her soccer game. She solves my problem about about getting to meet her in a most unique way.     
    • by Blondie :...
    • Urges, ch 3
      urges3 zip (04k) (M/F, incest)
      I had been saving Kelli's virginity for a special occasion. And I figured that dad's visit would be that special occasion.     
    • by LordT :...
    • My Daughter's Best Friend, ch 3
      mydaugh3 zip (04k) (M/gg dad/daut inc)
      Um....Whacha doin'?" Slowly I turned my head only to find Stephanie, smiling and blushing. She was also figeting nervously. "How long have you been standing there?" I asked.     

      Sunday PM, Sep 22, 2002

    • by Corn53 :...
    • Angel in the Laundromat
      angelin1 zip (11k) (M/f, modeling, dog)
      Twelve year old Angel meets Marcus in the neighborhood laundromat. Marcus has a new digital camera and wants Angel to be a model. He buys her pop and they become friends. She doesn't think she is pretty because of her glasses and braces, but wants to model for him. Marcus offers to hire her to walk Max, his dog, and to be a model. Angel likes the attention from both Marcus and Max.     
    • by darklord :...
    • Stories My Girlfriend Likes To Hear, part 2
      stories2 zip (13k) (MMM+/F)
      Being stuck on the side of the road at night is not fun at all. The car just stopped working with out a warning; there were no strange noises or any smoke coming out, the car just died. Tali was standing and waiting on this dark road for 2 hours now and only 2 cars went by and non of them even slowed down to offer any help, it was a cold night and the thin summer dress that tali was wearing didn't help against the bite of the cold air. Tali heard the sound of the truck along time before she could see its head lights, she didn't give it much hope she was pretty much sure she was going to have to spend the night in her little car on the side of the road until the morning when the road is really busy. The truck came closer and tali waved her hand for it to stop almost jumping up and down when its break lights turned red and the big car pulled to a stop some ten meters down the road.     
    • by Blondie :...
    • Urges, ch 2
      urges2 zip (05k) (M/F, incest)
      It is my belief that these urges I have I inherited from my father, who also loved nothing more than young pussies.     
    • by Skaidan :...
    • Chicago
      chicago zip (13k) (m/F, incest)
      -Te irás con tu tía a Estados Unidos mientras nosotros hacemos los cursos en Londres, porque no puedo llevarte conmigo –había sentenciado mamá dos semanas antes de irse a un curso de ampliación de conocimientos sobre arquitectura en Londres. Siempre había dado total prioridad a su carrera, así que no me sorprendió mucho que tomara aquella decisión. Además, en cierto modo, tenía razón, yo podría estorbarle mientras estudiaba.     

      Saturday PM, Sep 21, 2002

    • by Dark Tower Gunslinger :...
    • Danish Pastries, ch 5
      danishp5 zip (20k) (M/f/gs/M/F/consen)
      I staggered up to my hotel suite with Elke and we piled into the shower together. I soaped her face and shampooed her hair, washing away the thick pasting of Palladin cream where I could find it until she was presentable. She soaped my cock and balls, spending a lot of time on my butt cheeks and finally my crack. Kneeling in the large shower she spread my cheeks and soaped my anus then worked her finger in there deep. “Gotta make sure there’s no hidden stuff in there, right?” she smirked, worming her digit in wide circles before she added a second finger to the warm pit. I was leaning up against the head of the shower, my arms stretched out in front of me in the assume the position stance and I was very vocal about her reaming finger. "Awww, that’s too deep,” I moaned and then when she added a third finger, “Jesus, you’re killing me honey, take it easy.”     
    • by Sam T Sleaze :...
    • Sacrificing Her Son
      sacrific zip (09k) (F/g, M/b, anal, snuff)
      It was the most difficult decision of my life. The Lesbos society has strict rules; long before I had heard of the Society and made the decision to enter the group I had broken     
    • by Cheryl :...
    • Showgirl Slut
      showgirl zip (08k) (MMMMMMMF/IR/exhib)
      What a young white girl won't do to get ahead in showbiz and please her boss and pussy at the sametime.     
      XXX Theater
      xxxtheat zip (04k) (MMMMMMMF/IR/exhib)
      Adventures in a XXX theater can so fun sometimes. A young white girl discovers the joys of strange sex in a public place.     
    • by TwistedFun :...
    • SpankingFun1
      spankin1 zip (05k) (M/F/7 year old girl/ Oral/Rape/Interacial)
      The child stares at my cock, her nakedness momentarily forgotten. "That's his thingy." she whispers. "It's his COCK, baby." the mother smiles. "When a man puts that in a woman, that's how baby's get made. Now gently take it in your hand and feel it." The child starts to whimper. "No Mama, I don't wanna touch it." "You want another butt whippin?" she sneers. "No Mama." the sweet 7 year old girl gently wrapped her fingers around my cock. Her brown fingers contrasting with my light colored skin. "It's hot." "I'll bet it is." Toni giggled. "Now move your hand like this." showing her how to gently jack my cock up and down.     
    • by PeachLover :...
    • The Ancient Headdress, part 4
      theanci4 zip (18k) (M/g, violence, punishment, oral, int, anal)
      The power of the collar is demonstrated in a most violent way. I experiment with the programming features that have been built into Lisa. Lisa receives her punishment and new wonders are discovered. Lisa's last cherry is taken and a mystery is cleared up. More mysteries appear as I learn there is much more yet to discover about the headdress, the collar, and power.     
    • by Mom Marian :...
    • The Degradation of Brenda Devlin
      thedegra zip (22k) (f/F, M/F, girl/adult female, male/female, non-conscent)
      I'm a teacher, divorced, with a wonderful sex life. I adore men, especillay their cocks. Then one day, a very disturbing young girl started in my class. Soon, I was becoming aroused around her. After that, things changed, changed so radically that I'm nothing more than a sex slave.     
    • by Ermberto :...
    • Anal Threesome, part 4
      analthr4 zip (54k) (Incest - mothers/sons, aunt/nephew, anal, oral, group, teen, WS, fisting)
      The incest bug is catching - 15-year-old Derek and his younger brother fancy fucking their beautiful mother, Alison, whilst Sarah lusts after her son. The realisation of their incestuous lust is encouraged and aided by Mike and his nympho mother and Aunt.     
    • by Graf Sandos :...
    • Das Kindermädchen
      daskinde zip (15k) (M/F)
      Heute wurde ich dazu gezwungen diese Zeilen aufzuschreiben. Es begann damit, daß ich auf ein Inserat in der Zeitung , mich als Kindermädchen bei zwei Herrschaften beworben hatte. Mein Name ist Petra , bin sechzehn Jahre alt, 1,65 m groß, längliche braune Haare und lange Beine. Körbchengröße 75 C. Diese Angaben mußte ich in meiner Bewerbung machen , da die Herrschaften sich ein genaues Bild von mir machen wollten     

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