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    April 05th - April 11th mid-Morning Updates

      On Friday PM, Apr 11, 2003

    • by Uncle Pan :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Carl and Lottie
      carlandl zip (12k) (nudity, oral, bondage, penetration)
      Fourteen year old Carl offered to babysit his six year old neighbor girl while her mother went to the beauty shop. He offers the girl ice cream if she will come inside and take off all her clothes for him, she eats the ice cream but balks at stripping.     
      Melanie Grows Up, ch 1-2
      melan1_2 zip (20k) (nudity, dogs copulate, blowjob, masturbation)
      In Chapter One Melanie has adventures in the park watching dogs copulating, running across an 8 year old giving a grown man a blowjob, and finally getting to feel both a baby's digit and that of a grown man in a darkened movie theater. Chapter Two finds Melanie discovering even more about real life and sex in the backyard swimming pool with a girl her own age and her brother.     
    • by I.M.Odepa :...
    • It Made Me Do It, conclusion
      itmadem7 zip (22k) (f/M dad/dayt inc mc oral/nonc)
      Well the city was in an uproar. City! The whole state was, and now Washington was getting interested. A sex scandal that made Clinton's look like shaking hands. News reporters from all over was in town. One of the headlines got right to the point. BOOGIEMAN! Real or Not? The consensus so far was that he was not real, that it was fakery. Really! Of course no one had been able to come up with a good reason why they would make a fake tape showing themselves committing a horrible crime, sexual molestation of a minor. What had me really steam though was that none of the girls had been released back to their families. Even the girls who had been sleeping over at the Mayor's niece house. Sure he had sex them. But their families were not even involved.     
      The Transporter, part 1
      thetran1 zip (13k) (ff/M nocon pedo/baby anal/oral/vagina rape)
      Joe just thought he had found a way to subliment his income. While transporting stolen RV across country he could take a stolen baby for adoption. First trip he unexpectly ends up with a baby and a five year girl. She make trip a lot more interesting.     
    • by Tommy Warhead :...
    • Lovely, part 2
      lovely2 zip (06k) (M/g(6))
      I could not believe myself. Here I was again, parking my car in the familiar lot of the nearby strip mall. I could not help it. Kate the lovely six year old that just the previous week had satisfied my most evil carnal needs was playing in my mind like a bad song. I could not expel the image of the brown-blonde haired playful little girl and her innocent-slut like ways. I needed more and I had returned.     
    • by Boy Trainer :...
    • Training School Book II, ch 3
      trainin3 zip (11k) (Pedo, M/b/Tb/g/Tg, Torture, Slave, Extreme caution, Snuff/Cannibalism/ BME)
      A new batch of slaves join the school.     
    • by Lincoln Lee :...
    • Virgin 2: Katie's Cousin
      virgin2 zip (09k) (an incest fantasy)
      The blissfulness Katie felt was like nothing the nine-year-old ever knew before. She inhaled deep and opened her eyes. Her father's room was filled with sunlight. She cuddled up into the sheets as she remembered all the wonderful lovemaking she and her father had done. "Wow!" Greg said. His head was still spinning as the warm shower washed away the last of Katie's cherry blood from his cock. He had indeed had the best birthday ever. It was the best birthday any father could have. Greg wouldn't believe it had all happened if not for his cock being so sore from drilling Katie's tight little pussy. It was quite a night.     
    • by Shakespeare_I._Aint :...
    • Black in White Video
      blackinw zip (37k) (MMF/Interracial/Wife/Bdsm/ws/Anal)
      Paul likes to videotape his wife--Deb loves to perform under humiliation and control. Unknownst to her, Paul invites a black man over for his latest video project.     
    • by filipok1 :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Carla, ch 1
      carla1 zip (15k) (M/f pedo)
      Narra mis experiencias con Carla, vecina de 10 años , que se prolongaron por cerca de un año mientras vivia en su pais.     

      Thursday PM, Apr 10, 2003

    • by The Rascally Rogue :...
    • Author!
      author zip (06k) (MMfggg ped inc)
      "look at that Bob" said Stuart, "isn't that nice? Really soft and sexy, isn't she our little Debbie." "Tia is in the cot and our treasure here is Georgia. Show the nice man what you've got Georgie!" The kid just smiled at me and lifted her one piece dress, no panties at all and she had a butt plug buzzing in her bum and her pussy looked like it had been frigged for a good hour, it was red and puffy and very moist.     
    • by Indian Don Juan :...
    • Best Things In Life Are Free, ch 2
      bestthi2 zip (07k) (m/f incest)
      If you people have had the opportunity of reading the earlier chapter you may recall how I stepped into the world of incest with my sister and that it was one of the most pleasurable experiences of my life. This incident opened the door to my escapades with almost all of the females in my family. The story moves forward to my experience with the next most obvious female in my family, my mother. My sexual encounters with my sister were supposed to be a very secret affair between us, or almost I thought so. Maybe because my sister showed no discretion at all while showing her affections for me, and also perhaps to the fact that I gave less that deserved credibility to my mother for understanding situations.     
    • by CuPED :...
    • Caught In The Act, part 2
      caughti2 zip (30k) (M/g b/g F/g g/g m/F INC PED group)
      As she approached, the kindly boy asked, "Hey, you like YuGiOh don't you? They have a new episode this morning. Want to come in and watch?" "Really?" Maya asked eagerly. She had thought that both episodes airing that day were to be reruns. Maybe the network was running a new episode to keep interest up in the series. Eagerly she entered her brother's best friends house. But as she entered his living room, she saw that the cartoon was indeed a repeat. "I've seen this one before." She informed Greg. The teenager was standing behind her, and Maya gasped as she felt his hands go to her shirt and pull it up her body. She felt her arousal, her body reacting of it's own accord, as Greg said huskily, "I know, but I am alone in the house, and I thought maybe we could have a little fun to pass the day." Maya grinned as she lifted her arms and allowed the handsome fourteen year old to strip her shirt from her. His hands were sure as they tossed the shirt aside then went to her shorts. Maya gave a small moan as they were loosened and shorts and panties both headed south.     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • Jane, Hot And Sexy, part 1
      janehot1 zip (11k) (mf-11 oral inc ped 1st bro sis FF dom con)
      There was nothing plain about Jane Norman. She turned eleven and even though she was slim with long legs, that would someday drive men nuts, she had a look about her that made men take a second glance. It wasn't obvious but something in the way she walked, the look in her eyes when she made eye contact and the slow, almost shy smile, bordered on being seductive. Her hair was the color of ripe wheat, the sun turned her skin to a lovely contrasting tan and her eyes were so green that they didn't seem real. Like emeralds they sparkled with life and sometimes amusement at the discomfort of her father and her thirteen year old brother.     
    • by Jack Spratt :...
    • My Surrogate Nieces
      mysurrog zip (30k) (M/fff ped)
      This story introduces a new main character Mathew Rogers. He has been hung with a nickname 'Mats'. He accepts an invitation to visit an old Army pal Ray McBride, his beautiful wife Peggy and his two sexy preteen daughters. For my regular readers your imagination tells you what is about to happen. Enjoy.     
    • by Cranium :...
    • Roommates
      roommate zip (06k) (M/M/M threesome)
      Tom is a college student who goes apartment hunting and finds more than just a place to live.     
    • by Francis :...
    • Charlie Carter, ch 2
      charlie2 zip (11k) (F(20)/b(3) M/g(10) moth/son dad/daut inc exh mast cons)
      When Charlie Carter was four, his Aunt Tasha visited for the first time. Although she was only fourteen, she was no innocent. But she knows nothing about her sister's bedtime routine with the boy.     
    • by Tiago :...
    • Cuzluv, ch 13-19
      cuz13_19 zip (32k) (m/f incest)
      The alarm clock rang and I had to get up. Kim was still sleeping, indifferent to the ring. I shook her shoulder. "Wake up, Kimmy! You have to go to your room before your sisters get up!" She yawned and stretched, then she caught her clothes and left my room, crossing the corridor completely in the nude. What a beauty!     
    • by Ermberto :...
    • Teaching The Kids To Fuck, part 3 (final)
      teachin3 zip (28k) (Inc - whole family, teen, pedo, oral, anal, facials, WS, group MFmfg)
      Dan and Wendy continue engaging in wild orgies with their kids, Brett (16), Krystal, (13) and Tiffany (10). A shopping-spree for strap-on dildos breaks up the endless sex. Watersports, spanking and some serious use of huge dildos are just a few of the further exploits of this wild and wanton family.     

      Wednesday PM, Apr 09, 2003

    • by Dark Tower Gunslinger :...
    • Bangkok Nights, ch 12
      bangko12 zip (18k) (M+/f/g/g/NC/Beast+/Orgy/Scat)
      Palladin locates his daughter Jill in the middle of a Thai kickboxing ring being forced to service three gaint mastiffs in front of a big crowd. His plan to liberate her from her captors is in place aided by the Thai Agent Thom but can he stand to watch his daughter's painful treatment?     
    • by Maithuna :...
    • Farming Mother
      farmingm zip (26k) (M/F, mom/son, inc, indian, impreg)
      Ramesh finds his dad cheating on his mother and uses it to bed his mother Suryakantam.     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • How I Lost My Virginity: final
      howilos2 zip (10k) (m-solo Fm-13 oral inc con)
      That night I was trying to fall asleep but it was no use. Once again my hand was my best friend. I gripped my cock and began to run the movie of our encounter once again in my head. I could see her naked breasts, remembering the hard nipple pressing into the palm of my hand. I pictured her on her hands and knees, her breasts reminding me of ripe pears as she worked in front of me. I felt her mouth on my cock as she milked it of my cum and the soft touch of her finger running over my ass.     
    • by Momma's Boy :...
    • Momma's Boy
      mommasbo zip (18k) (FMmb Mother/son/stranger)
      Momma tells of her experience with a young neighbor boy then helps Tommie, meet a stranger.     
    • by Cumsucker :...
    • Pastor Salem's Family
      pastorsa zip (10k) (M/f)
      Pastor Salem was a good man, but these days he was being severely tested! His oldest daughter, Megan, was turning into a young woman right before his eyes. At 13, she already had breasts as large as her mother's, but unlike her mother, Megan seemed to be totally unconcerned about showing them off to anyone who wanted to look at them. Whenever her mother wasn't home, Megan would "accidentally" parade around the house dressed only in the skimpiest of panties and a bra that did nothing to conceal the size of her 36C breasts.     
    • by Acid :...
    • The Trainer, part 14
      thetra14 zip (15k) (f/f, M/f, oral)
      Thomas has to go back to University, but Melissa wants to make sure that his going away party is one to remember. She and Claire set to work preparing for it even though they tend to distract each other. The party takes place in a secluded spot for which Melissa has some fond memories, and Melissa makes sure that Thomas remembers it fondly as well.     
    • by Boy Trainer :...
    • Training School Book II, ch 2
      trainin2 zip (15k) (Implied pedo sex,. Crucifixion, Torture, K-9, Slave, Implied Snuff/Cannibalism)
      It was starting out to be another one of those days. Ben was on the phone in the den talking to a client who wanted him to come down to his office so they could go over some specks on the blueprint for his new house that Ben had submitted. He was also trying to find a post-it note with the password for that account so he could access the plans on his computer. "Yes sir I can absolutely do that for you.... No that wouldn't be a problem at all." "Give me that back it's mine!" Thomas one of the twins shouted just outside the den door.     

      Tuesday PM, Apr 08, 2003

    • by Joker :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Ajax
      ajax zip (65k) (b/g brother/sister/love)
      It was all perfectly innocent when it first started. At the time "it" really began, or at least turned serious I was fourteen, nearly fifteen and my little sister Chrissie was nine, nearly ten. We were both farm kids, Chrissie for all her life, while I'd lived in various Marine camps until I was five. Dad was injured in a training accident that forced him to take a medical retirement from the Corps. It was bad in a way as he loved what he was doing, a thorough going Marine who dedicated his life to his job. Yet in a way, it was good as Mom was expecting my little sister at the time and wanted a quieter life to rear her children. Dad's parents, both of them ill, were facing retirement from the farm that they'd lived upon almost all their married lives. As he and his brother Samuel were their only living children, they begged him to return home and take over the entire 560 acres.     
    • by Alice :...
    • Between Order and Chaos, part 4
      between4 zip (12k) (m/f, bdsm)
      "How many of you have heard of Adolph Hitler?" Four hands went up, including Sandra's. Lady Gratia pointed to Landron. "Uh, I believe he was a dictator, in Germany, started the Nazis." "That's correct. Hitler was a disciple of Chaos, although he understood our principles only crudely, consequently, he failed and was destroyed. He understood that power can be gained from chaos and took advantage of the suffering from World War I, when many starved, and of the following depression, riding to power on the anger of the lower middle classes against the United States and the rest of Europe." She sighed. "Unfortunately, he was a neurotic and lacked the patience to stop and digest his conquests. Otherwise, the Third Reich might have lasted a thousand years. Terrorists also understand chaos as a weapon. But, they lack long-range vision and plans. We will succeed where they have failed."     
    • by Doctor J :...
    • Christina!
      christin zip (06k) (f/M)
      As you have no doubt seen, the artist Christina Aguilera has become increasingly provocative, increasingly sexual, and ever more popular during her short time in the limelight. From demure young girl, to frustrated stripper, baring much of her body at every chance, she has grown into a target for sexual fantasies for men, and women, all over the world. Maybe her family life can shed some light on this sudden shift in image?     
    • by bookworm :...
    • Esmerelda, ch 2
      esmerel2 zip (11k) (Fg mg)
      When Essei admits that she likes having sex with bill, Marther fits Essei with IUD made from her grandmother's wedding ring.     
    • by Bemused :...
    • Favorite Fantasies #2 - Saturday Morning
      favorit2 zip (12k) (Mg(11), dad/daut, cons, oral, first)
      I have several recurring fantasies and this is another one of my favorites. I am laying in bed on a Saturday morning. The wife is gone for the weekend. My eleven-year-old daughter sneaks into the bedroom. She thinks I'm asleep and explores my body. I "waken" and return the attention. This proceeds to full intercourse, consensual of course.     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • How I Lost My Virginity, part 1
      howilos1 zip (11k) (Fm-13 oral inc 1st con)
      In late spring of 1943 I turned 13. I had a constant hard on and back then trying to find a girl my age to consider messing around was hard to find. Oh, they would tease a little but when it came right down to doing anything for real, like going all the way, forget it. The few girls that did that got themselves a reputation and paid the price. Whispers followed them down the halls of the high school and any boy lucky enough to score would share it with all his friends in a heart beat.     
    • by Road King :...
    • The Seduction of Lou, ch 5
      thesedu5 zip (22k) (Mg Male 53/ girl 6. Mgg girls 6 and 9 Mg girl 2 cons inc)
      "Turn it off," Jess giggled as I looked at her lying there in just a white undershirt her legs spread out her plump and very inviting little pussy just the prettiest thing I had ever seen. I shut off the light and in complete darkness I undid my belt and let my pants fall around my ankles. My briefs followed my pants freeing my engorged cock from its confines. I knelt down beside my granddaughter, now my little toy, and started tickling her sides her giggling turning me on even further. "Are you scared yet," I said as my hands moved to her inner thighs the tips of my fingers just barely touching the softness of the little treasure between her legs.     
    • by Earnest Hemenhaw :...
    • Woman Of The House
      womanoft zip (10k) (M/f dad/daut)
      When my wife died I devised a plan for my 13 year old daughter to replace her.     

      Monday PM, Apr 07, 2003

    • by Boy Trainer :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Training School Book II, ch 1
      trainin1 zip (28k) (M/b, F/b, Pedo, Tf/g, Tf/b/g, Tm/b, M/Tm, B/Tm, NC, WS, Implied scat, Vomit, Oral, Anal, Bondage/Cage, Mind control, Torture, Snuff, Cannibalism)
      “Never let there be any doubt,” She would always tell him before giving him a kiss on the forehead sending him off to sleep. “I love you very much because you are my son, but I love your father more and if he told me to I would cut your head off and pop you in the oven for his dinner without even giving it a second thought. I would not even shed a tear about it.” At that she closed the door as the young boy drifted blissfully off to sleep.     
    • by Sam Hammer :...
    • A Mom Saved
      amomsave zip (22k) (Incest F/m)
      If it wasn't for her son, her life would've been a bad dream. There was nothing worse then peaking at eighteen, a burned out cheerleader, no money and her only asset was a son who loved her more than he loved being on the football team. The lovely Rhonda Cartwright rummaged around in her small kitchenette. That last can of stewed tomatoes was just too high to reach. She yelled to her son who spawned the length of the couch. "Studly! Come here. I need you." Samuel Cartwright stomped into the kitchen, six foot five and two hundred thirty pounds, the fifteen year old boy towered over his lovely mother. "Yes Mom?"     
      paradise zip (114k) (Incest F/m M/f m/f)
      It was extremely difficult being the only male in a house of nymphomaniacs. The slim asian american Jose Brazil Jr. didn't know whether he was in heaven or hell. His mother tried to put up a reputable front. She rarely let her lover stay the night. Even when she did, her own sexy mother, the official hot grandma of the neighborhood would often remain in the bedroom. He didn't envy her position. How her own mother could remain the same room and chaperone her daughter was beyond him. Oh but the nights he had caught them. The constant slamming of the headboard against the wall. The nonstop squeaking of the bedsprings and most of all, the way his prim and proper rich bitch mother wailed like the sleaziest tramp in town. It seemed to go on for hours at a time, moaning and groaning as if in stereo. He was actually grateful knowing of his mother's habit of going to a motel in the sleazy part of town.     
    • by Forbidden Innocence :...
    • Hot Fun Sending Cell Phone Pics
      hotfunse zip (15k) (Mff, voyeur, oral, and the rest)
      Jim Clark was a student teacher at a local junior high. Two of his students, Hanna and Katie see his new cell phone and discover he has two. During school and later in his apartment the three discover what "special" pictures of themselves eventually lead to in terms of erotic behavior.     
    • by BP :...
    • Making it a Habitt
      makingit zip (16k) (teen, impreg, injections)
      Life at home, was the pits. My old man was drunk and abusive most of the time and mom was into drugs. I decided that although I was just fourteen, I could do better on my own so I left.     
    • by Pussywillow :...
    • Our Junior Girl Scout Group
      ourjunio zip (08k) (M/g x 9 1st ped, oral, con, mast inc)
      This was the first girl and dad campout of the year for our Junior Girl Scout group. After we got the girls bedded down in their tents, us dads went back to the mess hall and got drunk. While we were drinking, the conversation got around to the fun that we had with our daughters. Because of this conversation, we scheduled another special campout.     
    • by Konrad :...
    • Doreen, ch 1
      doreen1 zip (06k) (M/f dad/daut inc)
      This story is inspired by and loosely based on a 1997 movie with Mary Stuart Masterson in the leading role (Dorothy Sternen in the movie, Doreen in this story). Since the movie and this story are set in rural Missouri I decided to write it in English. English is not my native language so please forgive mistakes. As always I'd appreciate any feedback! Who recognized the movie?     
    • by Ermberto :...
    • Teaching The Kids To Fuck, part 2
      teachin2 zip (17k) (Inc whole family, oral, anal, cum, pedo, teen, group MFmfg first)
      10-year-old Tiffany arrives home one morning to find her parents and older brother and sister, Brett and Krystal, naked and fucking in the living room. Tiffany watches for a while then joins in, getting a messy double-facial to baptise her into the world of incestuous fucking. Tiffany is then deflowered vaginally and anally by her dad and brother before the whole family has a wild afternoon orgy.     
    • by Sabine Hertling :...
    • Der Neuanfang, ch 3
      derneua3 zip (12k) (first romantic sex)
      Dies ist der 3. Teil der Geschichte, die ich mit jemanden zusammen schreibe. Wenn noch jemand Lust hat, an der Gesichte mitzuschreiben, ist er willkommen!     

      Sunday PM, Apr 06, 2003

    • by Francis :...
    • Charlie Carter, ch 1
      charlie1 zip (03k) (F/m, infant, mast)
      Charlie Carter's introduction to the world was vastly improved by the obtetrician's delight at his physical endowment.     
    • by Ermberto :...
    • Teaching The Kids To Fuck, part 1
      teachin1 zip (20k) (Inc - whole family, teen, oral, anal, les Ff group MFmf, double-pen)
      When Dan and his nympho wife Wendy catch their 16-year-old son Brett and 13-year-old daughter Krystal screwing in bed, the parents decide to join in, teaching the teenagers how to fuck properly and also advanced things like anal-penetration and sixty-nines! Then Brett fucks his mom, Krystal fucks her dad and things just get even wilder in the morning before breakfast.     
    • by beta120 :...
    • Ich komme euch besuchen!!!!
      ichkomme zip (08k) (incest)
      Meine 2 Chat - Mädels, ihr habt mich zu euch eingeladen. Ich fahre an einem Freitag nachmittag nach Norden. In meinem Hotel angekommen, ruf ich sofort bei euch an. Wir vereinbaren als Treffpunkt ein Lokal in den Hackeschen Höfen, das ich von meinem letzten Berlinbesuch noch kenne. Schnell unter die Dusche, sauber gewaschen, den Sack und den Schwanz nochmals rasiert und rein in frische Klamotten. Ich nehme die U-Bahn und gehe den Rest zu Fuß. Als Erkennungszeichen habe ich den Mädels gesagt, bekommt jede von mir eine lange rote Rose. Also noch schnell zwei Rosen gekauft und rein in die Höfe. In dem Lokal herrscht ziemlicher Betrieb, aber ich habe Glück und finde noch einen kleinen Tisch. Ich bestelle mir zuerst ein Bier und lasse mir eine Vase bringen, damit ich die Rosen gut sichtbar auf dem Tisch plazieren kann. Nach gut 15 Minuten sehe ich euch, ihr seht hinreißend aus. Ich hatte zwar eure Beschreibung, aber die Wirklichkeit ist durch nichts zu ersetzten. Auch ihr habt mich schnell erkannt und kommt näher.     
      Meine Tochter Claudia
      meinetoc zip (05k) (incest)
      Ich habe dich schon eine Zeitlang beobachtet. Du machst dich fertig, um ins Bad zu gehen. Du bist meine Tochter und gerade 18 geworden. Dein Körper hat mich schon lange wie magisch angezogen. Immer wieder habe ich versucht, Blicke auf dich zu erhasche, wenn du dich umziehst oder ins Bad gehst. Heute ist es wieder so weit. Du ziehst dich in deinem Zimmer aus und kommst nur noch mit BH und Höschen bekleidet nochmals kurz ins Wohnzimmer, um etwas zu holen. Dein BH ist aufreizend klein und bringt trotzdem deinen jugendlichen Busen optimal zur Geltung. Dein Spitzenhöschen ist so klein, daß man es sicher als Einstecktuch im Sakko verwenden könnte.(Wäre eigentlich einmal eine gute Idee, aber vielleicht gebraucht?!). Ich habe den Eindruck, du hältst dich länger auf als notwendig, auch deinen Blick, den du mir zuwirfst, weiß ich nicht richtig zu deuten. War das ein Lächeln auf deinem Gesicht, als du meinen Blick bemerktest.     

      Saturday PM, Apr 05, 2003

    • by Sam Hammer :...
    • Brother's Little Love Toy
      brothers zip (29k) (Incest, m/f/F)
      Her ankle length nightie was decorated with the prints of little angels blowing on golden horns. Her twin braided pigtails hung over her shoulders and were tied with bright yellow berets. "Please, I want to be a slut." said little Sunny McDonald. Her big brother's eyes widened and he grit his teeth in anger. "Damn it, Sunny. You're only nine years old!"     
      Mother's and Daughter's Stud Service
      mothersa zip (49k) (Incest F/f/m)
      The lovely Trudy Hill flopped down beside her adorable thirteen year old daughter. The young Jessica Hill didn't break her concentration. She let her sixties style cat's eyes reading glasses slip to her nose and kept pounding away at her dingy laptop computer. As curious as any mother, Trudy Hill had to inquire. "Jessie, you've been typing away day and night. You look like one of those hackers trying to break in the bank."     
    • by The Anonymous Guy :...
    • Molesting Little Rebecca
      molestin zip (09k) (M/f man/girl molestation)
      Now I had done it: I got carried-away in my aversion to children and molested one the young neighbor girls! Little Becky almost ran out the door that day after I had tried to finger her while she sat innocently on my lap playing a computer game. While fearing the expected banging on the door by her father or the cops, you can imagine my surprise a couple of days later when I heard a light rapping on the door and there stood the 7-year old wearing the same pretty outfit she was wearing the other day! "Can I come in and play the computer game again?" she asked in her sweet breathy ‘little girl' voice. Overcome with joy and relief, I said "Sure!" as I opened the screen door to let her in.     
    • by Stepdaddy :...
    • My Brave Little Girl
      mybravel zip (09k) (MMf, intruder, non-con, Father/Daughter (14), sharing)
      When a man is forced at gunpoint to deflower his fourteen-year-old daughter, how could he possible enjoy it?     
    • by The Pyrrhic Panty :...
    • Rosie's Bus Ride
      rosiesbu zip (08k) (Mf, bf panty flashing, oral, anal, cons ped)
      In which Simon, the school bus driver, finds that Rosie (13) is more than willing. Liam (12) joins in too.     
      Train Serenade
      trainser zip (15k) (Mfg oral, cons ped)
      In which I get serenaded by Alice (12) and propositioned by Sonia (14). This leads to a lot of sex.     
    • by Acid :...
    • The Trainer, part 13
      thetra13 zip (16k) (MMM/f, oral)
      Melissa likes to share her good fortunes, so introducing Susan to Father Simmonds seems a natural progression. Claire comes to visit and help with the training, but before she can get into the swing of things Susan takes Melissa for a night on the town. Too bad they get arrested...     
    • by Sam Hammer :...
    • A Cheerleader's Story
      acheerle zip (145k) (incest M/F m/f)
      "Daddy Can I be Cheerleader?" Immediately fear stuck in his heart. His mouth suddenly went dry. A Waddapole High School Cheereader was every fathers nightmare. He looked at his daughter as he never looked at her before. What he saw was something he had never came close to touching. Jackie Jackson was easily one of the prettiest girls in the school. A real teenage beauty. A freckled face with deep green eyes that were large as if she were full of wonder. Just five feet three in height and only 105 pounds, her figure was that of a wasp. An ample healthy bosom for someone only fifteen years of age, but tapered down to a surprisingly thin waist. Her shorts were just that, cutting into her ass to reveal only the barest sliver of twin apple cheeks. The father remembered how she strengthened her shapely smooth legs by running with him every morning.     
    • by beta120 :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Urlaub
      urlaub zip (11k) (incest)
      Meine Frau, unser Sohn Denis und ich waren in einem kleinem Hotel an der Ostsee. Bereits am 2. Tag lernten wir über unseren Sohn Denis eine Frau kennen, die alleine mit ihrer Tochter ebenfalls in dem Hotel Urlaub machte. Die Frau war Anfang 40, groß, schlank mit braunen haaren. Ihre Tochter, mit der sich Denis gleich angefreundet hatte, war gerade 16 Jahre und sehr hübsch. Wir haben uns gut verstanden und so beschlossen wir zusammen am nächsten Tag zum Strand zu gehen. Der Strand war in einzelne abschnitte unterteilt und jeder dritte oder vierte Abschnitt war für FKK-Freunde reserviert.     

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