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      On Friday PM, August 15, 2003


      Thursday PM, August 14, 2003

    • by Canker :...
    • After The Nun
      afterthe zip (11k) (MF, MF, MFF, MF. Bro-Sis, Mom-Son, Mom-Daughter, Teacher-Student)
      It is six weeks after Julia/Estella Hernandez died. Jim is so disraught that he collasps and is sent home. His sister walks in on him while he is in the shower and....     
    • by Paul Phenomenon :...
    • A Mother's Duty, ch 6
      amother6 zip (14k) (m/F mom/son inc)
      Did Mom's plans go awry? She hadn't planned to have sex with Tommy, but...     
    • by Dr. E.M. Hyatt :...
    • Graveyard Sex
      graveyar zip (02k) (...)
      It was a hot July morning when Cathy and I met each other at the Wyckoff Avenue station and hopped on the train to Metropolitan Avenue. It was the last stop on the Canarsie Line and it ended, appropriately enough, at a cemetery. We walked through the gates and made our way up the winding path to my family plot which was nestled between three large tombs and hidden from view. I'd brought a picnic basket along just for the occasion.     
    • by BP :...
    • Preggy Peggy
      preggype zip (21k) (M/F/M, IR, mild pain, impreg, voy, oral)
      While I looking over some papers I had brought home from work, Peggy, my wife came up behind me and rubbed her bare nipples on my neck. She bent over and kissed my ear before whispering. "Jackson is coming over to feed the baby." Swivelling my chair around, I leaned forward and kissed her baby swollen belly as my hands, cupped her milk swollen, breasts. Peggy giggled softly and asked if I were going to kiss the baby after Jackson fed it. I kissed her belly again before looking up and asking, if she thought I wouldn't be waiting expectantly. She ruffled my hair and laughed softly before leaving the room. Closing my eyes, I breathed in her lingering aroma as my thoughts drifted back to the day I had my nuts clipped. After Peggy and I had a boy and a girl, we decided that we had our quota of children. We thought that not having to worry about unwanted pregnancies would help our sex life. About two years later, I came to the realization that something was missing in our lives. I found myself staring at pregnant women, wishing they were Peggy. One night while Peggy and I were having sex.     
    • by CuPED :...
    • Quicky, part 1
      quicky1 zip (08k) (M/M/g incest PED)
      Sam reached out and hugged his wife at the waist when he answered, "Mark's friend is giving me a discount on the transmission work, but I can't get the car back until Tuesday." He answered her. "Bummer." Debra stated, not sounding to concerned. "But we will make due. I don't have to do the shopping until Wensday, and I don't have a lot planned, so i wont really need my car to badly." Debra didn't work. Sam made enough to support the family so she didn't have to, and they saved a ton of cash on daycare. Jessica, who didn't like being ignored while the adults talked, extended one bare delicate foot and placed it against her father's ribs. Pushing gently she stated "Daddy I'm bored." Sam half turned on the bed with a frown at his daughter's interruption, then grinned and said "Well, we can't have that. Take off your shorts."     
    • by Donnie :...
    • Summer Sex 1981
      summerse zip (11k) (peo, inc b12 g12 b11 b9 g9, oral, bi, penetration, cum)
      This stories in this series are based on true stories, which were the events of my earlier sexual relationships.. Most of the events did actually take place. Some of the names have not been changed in hopes that one day the persons involved might read this story and try to contact me. These are my stories...     
      Welcome To Wal-Mart
      welcomet zip (09k) (pedo, g5,g4,g3, mild sexual scenes)
      Ah Wal-Mart! A place where you can find anything for your house, car or even your deepest desires......I couldn't believe what she was asking me, she wanted me to touch her slit to see if it is dry. Did I hear right? "You want me to touch your pee pee to see if it is dry?"...     
    • by Pornsmith :...
    • Granddaughter, Daughter And Wife, ch 2
      grandda2 zip (12k) (MF inc dad-daut)
      After the encounter with his granddaughter Marcus decides to run, but leaving is not that simple.His daughter Lynne and their history together makes escape very difficult. Mostly flashback.     
    • by Darth :...
    • La Doméstica, part 1
      ladomes1 zip (10k) (0 yr M/f/ped/ bebe 8 meses /masturbación)
      Todos alguna vez hemos visto alguna bebe y hemos tenido una erección, ¿no es cierto?. Pero al tener la posibilidad de tener una niña de ocho meses en la propia casa, lo sugerente de la situación, abre muchas alternativas que inquietan la mente y ciertos órganos de uno.     

      Wednesday PM, August 13, 2003

    • by Sam T. Sleaze :...
    • The Baby-Sadists: The Next Generation (2 of 3)
      2thebab2 zip (09k) (b/bbF; incest, oral, anal, BDSM, humiliation, extreme)
      Tom's mother, who's name Scott soon found out was Harmony, agreed that it would be no problem, and it was all arranged. Scott was going home with Tom that night. While Scott's mom fussed that Scott didn't have a change of clothes or a toothbrush, and Tom's mom assured her that they were all set with such things, Scott was just relieved that he wouldn't have to explain to his mom the awful things that had been written all over his little body.     
    • by FJ :...
    • An Incestuous Isle 2: Father and the Four-Year-Old
      aninces2 zip (34k) (MF/Mg/MMFf/MFfg-4yo deflower, reluc, pedo, inc, exhib, oral, vaginal)
      Fr. William arrives at Incestuous Isle where he is publicly introduced to his new community and to a four-year-old virgin.     
    • by TJ :...
    • Brittany, part 2
      brittan2 zip (14k) (Ff, family, inc, ped)
      Holly and Brittany enjoy some mommy/daughter time as Brittany fills her in on the things she learned at the previous night's sleepover at Chelsea Walker's house. Holly decides to invite the Walkers over for a cook out that night. Any second thoughts Holly had about incest melt away as she experiences the most incredible orgy with this very hot family.     
    • by Dr. E.M. Hyatt :...
    • Cathy
      cathy zip (02k) (...)
      Cathy removed her clothes and laid down on the bed. She was nine years old and oh-so sexy with shoulder length brown hair, blue eyes and a smattering of light freckles. When she opened her legs, I nearly came on the spot when I saw her smooth, hairless cunt. She looked at my erection and smiled wickedly. "Fuck me," she said softly. Seductively.     
      In The Schoolyard
      inthesch zip (03k) (...)
      I was seated against the wall of the school, enjoying the shade after playing two games of softball on the concrete diamond. A few minutes later, Cathy, the 9 year old stepdaughter of my uncle and a couple of her friends walked over to me. Cathy was dressed in a t-shirt and very small shorts. She had short brown hair, blue eyes and smooth, pretty legs that always made me want to touch them. She stopped right in front of me and we started teasing each other. Then one of her friends, Amanda, pushed her from behind. Cathy fell forward in such a way that her crotch landed against my mouth. "Look! He's eating her pussy," said Amanda.     
    • by DaddyBob :...
    • Erotic Imaginations; From Toddler to Teen, She's 7
      erotici3 zip (06k) (dad/daut inc ped)
      The imagination is a wonderful thing... What happens when I can't stay away from your room, my precious seven-year-old daughter?... You play possum, hoping I will go away! But deep down inside, we both know you want me, as much as I want you!     
    • by GoDSpiT :...
    • Destiny of Man (The Sequel to Heather and I)
      heather3 zip (35k) (M/g, F/b)
      For Nine years Heather and Kevin disappeared from the face of the Earth hidden in shadows. Now Nine years later a small look into the mystery of their disapperance by an FBI agent is set to reveal them to the government of america again. Thus begins the final installment in the story of Heather and Kevin.     
    • by Keyman :...
    • Kelly Comes of Age - Part 5: Kelly Sets a Trap
      kellyco5 zip (19k) (M/f Age 11 Pedo)
      The fifth part of this story will detail how eleven-year-old Kelly Foy baits a trap for two young girls. This was going to be a very special trap fdesigned especilly for Alice Gelato and Dawn Marie Devonshire. You do remember them don't you? They were the two girls who convinced Kelly to help them steal a Playgirl magazine in an attempt to look at pictures of adult cocks. The moment the security guard caught Kelly with the magazine hidden in her pants, the two girls pulled a Judas on her. They not only didn't come to her aid, they even denied they knew her, no less were her friend. Kelly after having sex with both of her parents following the incident asked for their help in extracting revenge on her two fair weather friends.     
    • by Klee Wyck :...
    • Naughty Bits, part 5: Maggie
      naughty5 zip (13k) (M/f, dad/daughter, oral, anal)
      I met Maggie just after I finished college and was volunteering at a local youth drop in centre helping to set up a computer network. She started dropping by to use the computers and we soon became quite close. I learned that she ran away from an abusive step-father and was trying to make it on her own. At first I thought it was strange that Maggie had a thing for older guys after the suffering she had endured, but that was because she longed desperately for the love of a real father that she had never really known. That need was often so strong she would play father-daughter games in the bedroom. That was something I certainly didn't have a problem with. My attraction to younger girls has always been strong, so Maggie and I seemed to be a perfect match. Our relationship was short but intense and ever since, Maggie has been in my dreams.     
    • by Alice :...
    • Super Pony, part 2
      superpo2 zip (08k) (...)
      The next day was Saturday and I was wondering if I'd get any kick back from their mother. Six year olds are so unpredictable. So I kind of gulped when Mona showed up at the door about eight o'clock. "I heard you have a fantastic rocking pony," she said as she walked right in. "Oh?" Gulp again. "Yeah, it's unusual all right." "Could I see it?" "Sure, follow me."     
    • by Running Bear :...
    • Vampirella
      vampirel zip (24k) (Mf-289 rom vampire N/C oral)
      A 289-year old vampire seeks a cure for her nightly activities. She was just 8-years old when she joined the realms of the undead.     
    • by Khun Chaan :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Holmby Hills - Lori's Story, part 1
      holmbyh1 zip (18k) (anal f/f m/f inc mom/daut cumswap young)
      I found out very young that I liked to blow guys, but soon after I started watching porn and licking pussy with my friend, Sasha Chow, I also found out how much I liked to have a tongue, a plug or a dick in my butt. I was truly my mother's daughter ...     
      Technical Virgins, part 1
      technic1 zip (15k) (inc anal cumswap)
      My sister Kami and I were pretty into the virgin thing, but we wanted to be popular. So we blew guys. I mean, we blew a LOT of guys. And then we found out about taking it up the ass ...     
    • by Gibson3 :...
    • Pet Teacher, part 1
      petteac1 zip (08k) (mF)
      It was lunchtime, and like usual I was in my classroom alone grading an elective creative short story class for those who wanted to take it. It was strictly voluntary, and not a required course and the students taking the class ranged from seniors to freshmen. I sat back with my back to the door and began reading a story that had found its way into the stack on my desk. It was written by one of my favorite seniors of mine.     
    • by Dark Fate :...
    • The Dream, ch 1: Diaper Girl
      thedrea1 zip (04k) (W/g baby sex, foot fetish diaper fetish. Penetration)
      About a lady who dreams she's been given the ability to reach inside her TV and take out things and people and in the first chapter She has some baby sex. Because we all knowbaby sex is the best!     

      Tuesday PM, August 12, 2003

    • by Sam T. Sleaze :...
    • The Baby-Sadists: The Next Generation (1 of 3)
      2thebab1 zip (07k) (b/bbggg; b/F; incest, oral, anal, watersports, BDSM, humiliation, extreme)
      It was fall, and the kids in the nieghborhood were heading back to school. Their younger brothers and sisters, for the most part, were heading to the very popular day care center called "Mrs. Welshe's Day Care". Mrs. Welshe was a grand-motherly type, who most of the kids thought was a cross between their own grandmothers, and Mrs. Claus.     
    • by nightranger :...
    • Abigail Homes, part 1
      abigail1 zip (07k) (g/solo gg/b)
      Eleven-year-old Abigail Holmes, Abby to her friends, five foot, red hair and green eyes, sees herself as a great Private Investigator, even though she hasn't had a case yet. She reads every mystery book and magazine she can get her hands on, but her favorite are the Sherlock Holmes books. Abby even went so far as to use her dad's computer to design and print her own paper business cards, which read; "Abigail Holmes Pre-Teen Private Investigator"     
    • by Paul Phenomenon :...
    • A Mother's Duty, ch 5
      amother5 zip (12k) (m/F mom/son inc)
      Mom continues to perform her motherly duties. Her youngest sees her with Jason. Now what?     
    • by Stud Warrior :...
    • Incest Fantasy Number 32: True Confessions
      incest32 zip (21k) (M, F, M, g, f, f, dad/daugh, mom/son, inc, con)
      Seeing that my son was satisfied I turned my attention back to the wonderful blowjob Kathy was giving me. Her smooth lips were working their magic on my rock hard love muscle and had me threatening to shoot my load at any second. I softly stroked her cheek, gazing at the lovely sight that I thought I would never see.     
    • by Pyro :...
    • Kinky Mom, ch 2
      kinkymo2 zip (05k) (femdom,ts,incest, smoking, extreme sadism, lactation, mom/son)
      Kinky mother continues with turning son into sex toy and encouraging sadistic fantasies. Mother and son masturbate together as the fantasy grows. The boy becomes feminized and mom takes the fantasy to the reality stage.     
    • by Joker :...
    • Peggy PregMore, ch 7
      peggypr7 zip (03k) (Boys/girls Bros/sis Mom's/sons. Mandatory Preg, cons, all ages cons, lac some b/b Sci Fi)
      Mommy it was shocking, empty CumAlong bottles all over the floors of their tents, their horrible milk teeth grinning up at me while they played with my bottom, they were fucking me three at a time, my poor little butt hole is so sore!" Peggy sobbed and moaned, rubbing the petite bottom that had serviced so many cocks that day.     
    • by Brian :...
    • Chocolate Boy Toy
      chocolat zip (17k) (M/b oral, anal, discp)
      A three year old boy is taken from his West African home to become the sex victim of a white man.     
    • by DiggityDog :...
    • Dawn and Amy - The Discovery, part 1
      dawnand1 zip (09k) (f/f exploration)
      "Mmmmmmmm" moaned Dawn, "Does that make you all tinglely down there too?" (Read the story, read about the DiggityDog survey!)     
    • by Dickie :...
    • My Perverted Life, part 1: The School Pastor
      myperve1 zip (16k) (M/b spank/ oral)
      The story you are about to read is as close to the truth as I can recall. The blanks in my memory have been filled in with a little fiction. After all who can remember everything that was said and felt after thirty-three years? The reason for this story is to show all you retired Catholic altar boys that other boys in other churches were getting the Un-Holy treatment too.     
    • by Baerchen :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Der Liebste Freund
      derliebs zip (05k) (M/b 8J)
      Der liebste Freund Mit seine zarten 8 Jahren wußte Thomas schon ganz genau, daß es seinen Freund Jürgen jedesmal fast um den Verstand brachte, seinen schönen, schlanken Jungenkörper nackt und ausgebreitet vor sich zu sehen, wie sich der Junge ihm anbot. Der Junge wollte jetzt Spaß haben! Er sehnte sich danach, von seinem großen Freund wieder einmal glücklich gemacht zu werden. In seinem Verlangen nach Lust war der Junge nahezu unersättlich. "Du Jürgen, ich hab jetzt sooo tierisch Lust auf etwas Massage. Nuckel doch ein bißchen an mir rum, ja ?" Noch einmal strahlte er seinen Freund erwartungsvoll an um seine blauen Kinderaugen dann zu schließen. Er legte seine knabenhaft dünnen Arme nach oben aufs Kissen neben seinen Wuschelkopf, so daß seine kindlichen Achselhöhlen zu sehen waren. Die Brust des Jungen bewegte sich entspannt auf und ab.     

      Monday PM, August 11, 2003

    • by Pyro :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Kinky Mom, ch 1
      kinkymo1 zip (05k) (femdom, f/m, mom/son, smoking fetish, extreme sadism, lactation, masturbation, ts)
      Mother finds son's drawings of femdom torture and becomes fascinated. Seduction ensues with Mom using some of his illustrated ideas. Mom encourages art and helps boy into feminizing. Chapter 2 takes them to real application of extremely sadistic sexual torture.     
    • by Cheeky :...
    • Trigger Happy, ch 1
      trigger1 zip (13k) (f/f, F/f, m/f)
      I discovered my clit when I was 9 and wondered at the time how I could have survived so long without the joy of orgasms. I had no idea what I was doing at the time, it first occurred to me that this felt really good, but once I started I couldn't stop. When I wasn't in public, I was masturbating. Usually, when I was in public, I was thinking about when I could do it next. This story relates my discovery of self-stimulation and the introduction of real sex with my best friend (and her family).     
    • by Janus :...
    • Eva's Experiment, ch 1
      evasexp1 zip (13k) (f solo bond toys pedo g solo experiment enema rape reluc)
      Eva's parents are away for the weekend and the thirteen year old girl experiments with her parents' sex toys. She decides to play with the vibrators, handcuffs, and blindfold.     

      Sunday PM, August 10, 2003

    • by The Pyrrhic Panty :...
    • Beach Belles
      beachbel zip (07k) (Mgg, panty flashing, oral, pedo)
      In which I come across Bridget (10) and her sister Brooke (8) playing in the sand...She was squatting down facing me, giving me a delightful view of her little pink I got closer they were both lying on their backs, repeatedly opening their legs wide then closing them, allowing me an excellent view of their crotches as they opened their legs...     
    • by GoDSpiT :...
    • Heather and I (The Sequel to Heather)
      heather2 zip (30k) (M/g)
      In the Sequel to Heather, Heather and Kevin are on the run from the government. Along the way they will change some people forever.     
    • by Joker :...
    • Peggy Pregmore, ch 6
      peggypr6 zip (08k) (Boys/girls. Bros/sisters. Moms/sons. Mandatory preg cons, all ages. Lac some bb Sci Fi.)
      "It's called cum Kev, not "stuff". Secondly Lacy and Kim are too young to have our babies yet, no matter how much cum we pump into them. So we've got to knock up another girl to win our bet, our sisters will just have to wait until they get old enough, pre-schoolers no matter how much they like to fuck are just cum sponges. Ah...what do I see, yep it's pink alright."     
    • by Forbidden Innocence :...
    • Preteen Penis Envy
      preteenp zip (19k) (mmmf brother14 /sister11, and two very horny male friends)
      What will horny 14-year-old guys do when they catch 11-year-old Jasmine listening outside her brother's door? Join us on a trip of blackmail, humiliation and delicious nakedness when Jasmine is made to follow the instructions of three boys who see an opportunity to make this preteen nymph perform for them. Whose cock is longest, what will happen if her early predictions are wrong? Moreover, what will her girlfriends have to do to get her off the hook?     
    • by Cumsucker :...
    • Sperm Me
      spermme zip (13k) (Teen and late-pre-teen sex, incest, group sex, WS)
      I've played with my pussy for as long as I can remember. Fortunately for me, I have very liberal parents... too liberal, most might say. But I love my life, and I have my mom and dad to thank for that. My parents never tried to make me stop playing with myself, no matter where we were. Instead of scolding me, they would just laugh and tell their friends that I was a hot little slut just like my mother. I guess they were right, because I certainly am a slut, and so was my mother.     
    • by Sam T Sleaze :...
    • The Baby-Sadists: 2003 (3 of 3): Jessie's Room
      thebaby5 zip (05k) (gg/bbb; S&M, B&D, incest, oral, anal, pain, humiliation)
      Well, that's where I was left out for the rest of the night. I had been cock-fucked, anal-fisted and tortured by my little daughter and her friends, and I had loved every minute of it. By the time Jessica had used a safety pin jammed through my cockhead to leave me a message, I was unconscious.     
      Three's Company, Incest Style
      threesco zip (14k) (MW/gg; Oral, Anal, Bondage, Blood, Incest)
      I rammed my cock up into the girls cunt. My teeth nibbled her nipples, and my hand smacked the side of her ass. She was grunting; with each thrust I made she grunted, and as I slammed harder, she grunted louder. I love girls this age; 10 year old girls want to be fucked so badly, but there are so few of us willing to do it. I was building to a climax as she shrieked with one of her own and then panted, "Cum in my mouth, oh, please! Cum in my mouth!" So I did.     
    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • Timothy's Joy
      timothys zip (12k) (nudity, infant fondling, nude gymnastics, shower sharing, oral, penetration)
      Timmy Markham was 36 yo, and repaired bikes in the daytime for a living. At night he would gaze out his bedroom window and watch his 11 yo neighbor Joy as she stripped and did nude gymnastics. One Sunday Joy showed up on his front porch asking for a ride to the beach. They ride Timmy's two seater, and once there Joy treats him to a show in broad daylight. And begins to explain her extreme attraction to him.     
    • by Lincoln Lee :...
    • USS Edipus Rex Episode 4: Summoning
      ussedip4 zip (16k) (an incest/scifi fantasy)
      For sixteen years the Warlords have dominated every world they touched and pillaged the worlds they conquered. The most extreme example of the Warlord's handiwork is Earth. It is now a wasteland. Every natural resource has been exploited and exhausted. Its people enslaved. Its environment wrecked to the point where it can barely support life. A handful of humans survive only as slave labor to get what little is left of value for the Warlords. The once proud lush world that was the capital of the Union of Star Systems is now a monument to the cruelty of the Warlords.     

      Saturday PM, August 09, 2003

    • by Jack Spratt :...
    • Back On The Road Again
      backonth zip (30k) (M/f/f/F ped con)
      Continuing his travels, Mats ends up at Baden attending a local festival. He meets his usual bevy of young preteens with a mom thrown in for good measure.     
    • by DaddyBob :...
    • Erotic Imaginations; From Toddler to Teen, She's 5
      erotici2 zip (05k) (dad/daut inc ped)
      The imagination is a wonderful thing...What happens when you decide, at five-years-old, that you want to make a baby with daddy?... Dreams can cum true, with a little determination, and the right pair of panties!     
    • by cc :...
    • Little Blind Girl
      littlebl zip (14k) (M/g ped 'inc' spank 'rape' rom)
      A little blind orphan girl is adopted, enslaved, and married by a man who loves her, punishes her, and 'rapes' her.     
    • by Sam T Sleaze :...
    • My First Summer As A Man
      myfirsts zip (16k) (m/b; mm/b; first time, oral, anal, true)
      I new what I wanted that year that I went to camp. I wanted to experience sex. I knew, at the age of 12, that I was different. I had kind of flirted with a few boys that the older kids in my neighborhood referred to as "gay" but none of them took any interest in me. Of course, years later I realized that what the teenage boys of the neighborhood considered "gay" and what was really gay were two different things.     
    • by Uncle Bobbie :...
    • My First Time Away From Home
      myfirstt zip (11k) (f/F bi)
      Marcie's mom makes plans for her to visit her aunt Keri for two weeks. During the extended train trip she meets Lia a fellow traveller. What could have been a very boring time turns out to be very educational.     
    • by Joker :...
    • Peggy Pregmore, ch 5
      peggypr5 zip (04k) (Boys/girls. Bros/sisters Mom's/sons. Mandatory Preg cons, all ages. Lac some b/b Sci Fi)
      "I thought so, you never have any girls over for sleepovers, so that just leaves boys doesn't it?, tell me truthfully now, you're not a are you?" Candi paused before using the obscene V word, yet she was at her wit's end.     
    • by Rick Roll :...
    • The Bride's Wild Ride
      thebride zip (08k) (F/M - cons/oral/sex)
      When Sandy goes off to college, her true love and soul mate stays at home to work in his family business. When she returns to town for her wedding, her lost love ends up driving her to the wedding in his family limo. A small detour on the way to the wedding ends up with a wild ride for the bride, just moments before the ceremony.     
    • by Johnny Johnson :...
    • Tommy and Tammy
      tommyand zip (15k) (b/g, both 12, First time, Con, solo and joint masturbation)
      A budding romance of two innocent 12 year-olds that starts with love from first sight and continues to the joy of sex for the first time all in a day's time.     

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