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    August 30th - September 05th mid-Morning Updates

      On Friday PM, September 05, 2003

    • by Paul Phenomenon :...
    • A Mother's Duty, ch 11
      amothe11 zip (14k) (mm/F mom/son inc group)
      Mom watches Hal and Jason and their girlfriends go skinny-dipping. What happened after she left the frolicking foursome?     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • In Love With Two Little Girls
      inlovewi zip (10k) (M-solo g-5 g-7 inc oral ped dad/daut)
      Bruce sat on a chair and the grandmother sat on the couch. Tina, the younger girl, wearing a cute white cotton sun dress with ruffles that were the straps that went over her shoulders, looked sleepy. She climbed into her grandmother?s lap and leaned back against her as the two adults made polite conversation. She put her thumb in her mouth and sprawled just enough that her legs were wide apart and Bruce could see her panties. She had adorable legs and her thighs looked soft and smooth. With a little imagination he could see the outline of her mound and her full pussy lips.     
    • by Dodgson :...
    • Lindsey, part 1
      lindsey1 zip (25k) (pedo, consen, incest, Dad-Dau, gg, Mg (g ages 8 and 9))
      A teasing, slowly developing erotic/sexual love story between nine year old Lindsey and her dad, spiced with growing eroticism between Lindsey and her best girlfriend, the lustful eight year old Maria.     
    • by Joker :...
    • Power II, ch 5
      powertw5 zip (07k) (M/F ggg 8-9-12 bro-sisters Mom-daught ped, incst cons(?))
      A master bathroom that was unbelievable with it's golden glitter. A tall spacious throne carved from marble that allowed me the luxury of watching my new wives taking their morning or nightly piss, a sight that moved me in a way I'd never suspected.     
    • by Sam T Sleaze :...
    • Tom and Sara's Abnormal Babies, part 1 of 2
      tomands1 zip (08k) (MF/bg; incest, masturbation, oral)
      Tom and Sara had starting dating in Jr. High. They were two people who were really meant for each other, and they loved each other a lot. All during Jr. High and High School, they dated exclusively, and Tom proposed to Sara at their Junior Prom, in front of all the other students. Someone from the crowd had yelled, "Yeah, like we didn't all see this coming!"     
    • by sweethope :...
    • Berührungen mit Cindy
      beruhrun zip (07k) (M/f ped)
      „Was ? Ein blöder Plan !!" Ich protestierte lautstark als meine Mutter mir erzählte das meine zehnjährige Nichte dieses Wochenende zu uns kommt , und das ihr und mein Dad planten abends auszugehen . Dies bedeutete normalerweise , das ich Babysitten muss . Cindy war ein Einzelkind und hatte keine Geschwister ,ich war wie ihr großer Bruder wenn sie uns besuchte. Als Kind war das nicht schlecht , doch jetzt wo ich fast 15 war , war es nicht der Bringer sich die ganze Zeit mit einem Mädchen zu unterhalten.     
    • by Lowietje :...
    • Wah Man Hing
      wahmanhi zip (07k) (mf)
      Een strandafsrpaakje met Wah Man Hing loopt uit op een massage.     

      Thursday PM, September 04, 2003

    • by FatalErrror :...
    • Growing Pains - The Beginning
      growingp zip (07k) (M+/bg, Drug)
      This is something that happened 20 years ago. No one was brought to account for what happened, due to the unwillingness of anyone to say anything, us included, the reason I say anyone, was that because as we discovered we weren't the first to get led astray by youthful teenage enthusiasm and misplaced trust.     
      Horror Movie
      horrormo zip (06k) (M+++/f Drug, NC)
      Remember the good old days of going to the drive in movie theatre's? Well I bet it was nothing like this...     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • Heather, Angel Or Devil, final
      heather2 zip (09k) (Mg-9 Mg-10 oral inc ped con g-solo)
      Months went by as Mrs. Bingingham depended more and more on Heather to care for her. The Rev. Johnson came every day to comfort them and Heather realized Mrs. Bingingham was more and more dependent on him. He had to go. If he got his hands on their money it would go to all his charities and that was not a part of Heather?s plans. She was nine years old now and getting smarter every year.     
    • by Sam T Sleaze :...
    • Lap Dance from a 12 Year Old
      lapdance zip (06k) (f/Mbbbbb; nudity, masturbation, no sex)
      Katy’s tits were practically hanging out of the bra, as it was designed to push and lift. Her tits looked abso-fucking-lutely huge, and she bent forward and swung them back and forth for the boys. They erupted again with screams, whistles, cat calls and a chant of “show us your tits, show us your tits”.     
    • by Joker :...
    • Power II, ch 4
      powertw4 zip (05k) (M/ggg 8,9,12 bro/sisters cons(?) incst mc)
      If Susy had gone wild with my fucking her, little Mary was absolutely out of her young mind!! It took mom's strong arms to hold her daughter on her stomach as Mary bumped her sweet young ass up and down, up and down, following each strong stroke into her. She squalled, squealed and implored for more and more of her brother's meat in her wild young pussy.     
    • by Brian :...
    • Chocolate Boy Toy Adventures, part 2
      2chocol2 zip (14k) (M/M/b/b/dogs)
      Our Chocolate Boy, three year old Jimmy, continues to have fun with men and dogs.     
    • by Lowietje :...
    • Gymlerares
      gymlerar zip (04k) (FF/m)
      Edwin helpt zijn gymlerares na de les met opruimen.     
    • by Sabine Hertling :...
    • Meine Erlebnisse, teil 11
      meinee11 zip (12k) (a girl grows up)
      Hier der vorerst letzte Teil meiner Erinnerungen. Mit meiner 13 jährigen Cousine und meinem 23 jährigen Freund war ich verreist und erzähle hier, was alles passiert ist.     
    • by Big Brother :...
    • Lena, meine kleine Schwester
      meinekle zip (19k) (M/f broth/sis inc ped)
      Durch einen Zufall endeckt der 18jährige Lars, die weiblichen Vorzüge seiner 10jährigen Schwester Lena. Da die Mutter für 5 Tage auf Geschäftsreise fährt, entwickelt sich eine aufklärende Sexbeziehung zwischen den Geschwistern.     

      Wednesday PM, September 03, 2003

    • by Road King :...
    • Cousin June, part 2
      cousinj2 zip (24k) (bb (12&11)/ggg (9,9&7) M/g (7) Cons/Reluctant Inc Blackmail)
      Incest abounds in this story about three related families spending the summer together. Lots of kid's sex along with a child-loving Uncle, who joins them. This story is a little off the path my stories usually take; in that, there's some reluctant sex that turns enjoyable for the participant, some blackmail and some mild spanking. I warned you, so read further at your own discretion.     
    • by GoDSpiT :...
    • No Longer at Play
      nolonger zip (42k) (M/f(11yo), ped, preg(11yo), force, cons, incs)
      There comes a time in life when you question who you are. When you must make a decision, 11 yo. Stephanie is about to enter into that time and her big brother is going to help her through the hardest times in her life. Will their Love for one another blossom as they get to understand one another?     
    • by Boswell, The Bad :...
    • Paradise Island, ch 11
      paradi11 zip (10k) (Orgy, all ages)
      "It is time to offer the choice to your people," Tamon grinned widely, "will you dance with us, lady? Will you come and join the fucking dance with me?" "I...I....yes," Stanton heard his fiancé say, and stood in confusion and indecision as he saw Eliza step forwards and accept Tamon's hand. "Dance, colonel's lady," Tamon said as he grasped Eliza's hands and placed them under her heavy breasts, "dance and enjoy being one of the Topoa."     
    • by Joker :...
    • Power II, ch 3
      powertw3 zip (08k) (M gg 8/9 bro sisters incst cons(?) mc)
      "Oh yes Mother dear, I truly am, give it up, that's the way, don't worry yourself so....yes it's a good idea as your daughters will have a very wealthy man for a husband, someone they know and trust." I commanded, screwing down hard on the edge of resistance I felt in her mind, gently...     
    • by Dark Fate :...
    • A Mommy's Love, Poem/story
      amommysl zip (02k) (Mom/baby daughter, pee and cum)
      A mom's view of her abuse on her baby daughter and her love for her.     
    • by bigcock :...
    • Scooter Park
      scooterp zip (05k) (m/g/pedo)
      I was tired of the big city life, so I bought a show room condition airstream from a man for a song and dance of a deal. I had found this cute little trailer park, it was old but well maintain trailer park. Real quick overview of me. male, 32 of age, love litle girls, the ones you can fuck without getting into trouble. I had been a closet pedophile for many years till I moved to this park, because this was like being a old tramp in the dessert looking for gold and one day hitting the mother vain.     
    • by snam :...
    • De Verleider, deel 3
      deverle3 zip (11k) (MMff vder/dochter inc ped)
      Guy ontmoet de vader van Elly...     
    • by Lowietje :...
    • Tante Annie
      tanteann zip (04k) (F/f aunt/niece inc)
      Ik logeer in de vakantie vaak bij mijn tante Annie. Laatst stonden we samen onder de douche...     

      Tuesday PM, September 02, 2003

    • by DaddyBob :...
    • Erotic Imaginations, From Toddler to Teen, She's 13
      erotici6 zip (11k) (dad/daut inc ped)
      The imagination is a wonderful thing...What happens when a vengeful daughter decides she's not going to take any more of her father's shit?...Take a look at one girl's diary; the answers are written there!     
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • Lessons, ch 3
      lessons3 zip (09k) (Lots of men, 8g ws noncons)
      At the last house in the village, the local children left and there was a road that ran out into the jungle. Without slowing down, the Sir began leading the naked little whores to be up the road into the jungle. Once away from the village the jungle was hot, humid and full of scary sounds. The naked little beauties walked a little closer now, each staring out into the dark jungle. After twenty minutes of walking, they came out of the jungle and on a low hill sat a beautiful hacienda. Just a few minutes later, there was a tall, chain link fence, with electrical signs on it and a guard at the gate.     
    • by Boswell, The Bad :...
    • Paradise Island, ch 10
      paradi10 zip (15k) (M/F/m/f. mass rapes)
      He was astounded at their actions...and though determined to ignore them, he began to lose control when several of the older girls started to grab his cock and massage it vigorously. They were very pretty little things...their cleft bellies with just a hint of pale fuzz and their chests adorned with perky little tits...and their hands were very skillful. He gritted his teeth, his face flaming with embarrassment... attempted to think of anything other than what was happening...but he felt his large penis start to fill and elongate. One of the girls was the most accomplished, and she rubbed his cock over and over till it was brought to full erection...ten inches in length and an inch and three-quarters thick, it jutted up proudly and rampant from the bed of thick pubic hair. Even though he furiously batted her away several times, she continued to dart in close.     
    • by Raven :...
    • Sarah Sluts for Daddy 2: Pussy Play in the Park
      sarahsl2 zip (22k) (MM/FF/bbbbbb/gg - inc, pedo, oral, anal, vag, ws, child orgy)
      Alan shares his sixteen month old daughter, Sarah, with his friend, Dr. Jerry, who provides Alan with his own daughter, three year old Patty. When she is two and a half, Sarah is the sexiest little girl around. She shows her very surprised daddy some of her new tricks at the neighborhood park.     
    • by Dark Fate :...
    • Baby Slut, Poem/story
      babyslut zip (02k) (M/W/infant girl. water sports)
      Sorta a poem sorta not. It's telling a story of a mom and dad using there new baby     
    • by Little Girl Watcher and Ermberto :...
    • Families Fulfilling Filthy Fantasies, part 4
      familie4 zip (19k) (b/g bro/sis: Inc, first time, oral, pedo)
      Poppy knew something vaguely sexual was going on now between her brother and her, and it scared the girl. She knew the meaning of the word incest, and had always heard that it was wrong and bad and evil, but now... The girl was scared, her stomach was filled with butterflies and her chest felt tight, but her pussy was just as hot. Roxanna had wanted to fuck her earlier; the same way that her brother Danny appeared to want to fuck her now.     

      Monday PM, September 01, 2003

    • by Stud Warrior :...
    • Incest Fantasy Number 33: Masquerade
      incest33 zip (18k) (M,g, dad, 13 year old daughter, inc, con)
      An involuntary sigh of pleasure escaped Lauren's lips. She felt her body being dragged back onto her bed. Before she could summon up the will to resist, her daddy had rolled over on top of her and was sucking on her teenage titties. His tongue twirled around each hard nipple in turn as he slid his hands down her firm tummy. He dipped his fingertip into her belly button causing her to jump slightly before his confident hand glided down in between her legs and cupped her pubic mound.     
    • by Jack Spratt :...
    • It Started With Panties
      itstarte zip (24k) (m/f/f incest)
      For the last year Mike's wife Alicia has been neglecting him for her career. Having to take his sexual desires into his own hands so to speak he often dreams of his young twelve year old daughter Keniesha. All it takes is a pair of her panties to start Mike on the road to sexual bliss.     
    • by Dark Tower Gunslinger :...
    • Only in America, ch 8
      onlyina8 zip (13k) (M+/F/Torture/Snuff)
      Palladin's descent into Hell reaches a crescendo when his ex-wife Samantha and her new husband Ralph return unexpectantly. The Black terrorists turn their attention on these two in an attempt to pry the secret CD location form Palladin. The outcome is a great surprise to all concerned.     
    • by Boswell, The Bad :...
    • Paradise Island, part 9
      paradis9 zip (13k) (M/F/m/f/rape)
      As he sat on the old bed pulling his boots off, Stanton watched his sister strip. The firelight gilded her body contours...gleaming beautifully from her breasts and torso. He pulled his shirt off as his eyes remained fixed on Daphne as she removed the last of her clothing, standing between him and the fire and her back to him. He thrilled to the sight of her slim thighs, and felt his penis stiffen as she bent down to pick up her sodden clothing...the yellow firelight streaming between the parted thighs and shimmering from the thin hairs that lined her youthful cunt slit. The dark line of her slit was evident from front to back.     
    • by Joker :...
    • Power II
      powertw1 zip (12k) (Mg g9 1st ped, cons(?) mc)
      "He's responding, a good sign." I next heard a nurse say, how I'd responded I have no clue as the fog cleared from my mind.     
    • by Mommas Boy :...
    • What Some Kids See, part 3
      whatsom3 zip (10k) (F/M/b, consentual)
      Neighbor lady continues her sex lesson for her 10 year old neighbor boy, using her an adult neighbor as an instruction tool.     
    • by Brian :...
    • Chocolate Boy Toy Adventures
      2chocola zip (17k) (M/M/b/b)
      More adventures of Mark and Jimmy. Three year old Jimmy is introduced to sex with dogs as well as with the stableman.     
    • by Poseidon :...
    • Duty Calls, part 1
      dutycal1 zip (09k) (M/f)
      Jennifer came to the phone and explained that she had a problem, and it was a doozy. Sister Jennifer had joined the Army Reserve to make extra money on weekends and summer camp. Being a single parent it was hard to make things stretch otherwise. I helped when I could by buying clothes and extras for the girls, but she needed everything she could get to pay the bills. She never thought it would happen, but her Reserve Unit had been called to active duty and she had to go, probably within a month. Could I look after the girls? It looked like she would be gone 6 months to a year.     

      Sunday PM, August 31, 2003

    • by Paul Phenomenon :...
    • A Mother's Duty, ch 10
      amothe10 zip (16k) (M/F)
      Mom discusses incest with her sister and meets two of Tom's daughters. Was he committing incest, too?     
    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • A Pixie Tale
      apixiet zip (10k) (36 yo Mike, 3 y0 Lauren, fondling, nudity, mild spanking, near penetration)
      Lauren came quietly into the room, carefully locking the door behind her. Then she very quietly checked out the other rooms of the house, to see if anyone besides Mike was there. There was no one. Lauren came back into the front room and intently studied Mike. He was sprawled out on the arm of the sofa with one foot on the floor and the other on the couch, thoroughly enjoying his tape. He was sporting a huge erection, which was clearly outlined in his tight fitting jeans, a fact which did not escape Lauren’s probing eyes. Mike’s mind was a thousand miles away, catapulted aloft by the music, when suddenly the head of his penis gave off two quick shocks, an instant apart. Mike opened his eyes, and there was Lauren, looking at him in embarrassment, giggling. Mike struggled to analyze what had happened through the haze of marijuana. It had been a tiny hand which had touched the head of his penis, it must have been Lauren’s tiny hand. At the first shock she had reflexively jumped, breaking the contact, then an instant later coming back down again, she resumed contact for another instant before taking her hand away.     
      Pete & Mike & Molly, part 3
      peteand3 zip (08k) (nudity, fondling, beastiality, oral incest)
      In part 3 Molly and Mike reflect on their earlier swim and its aftermath, and try to figure a way to draw Pete into their games. Molly dreams up a plan. Several days later: They went two more rounds before they began to show signs of fatigue. Both boys stood there with their peckers beginning to wilt. They both turned to Molly for inspiration. Suddenly Molly took her clothes down from the tree where she hung them and lay them on the ground. She then lay on top of them, legs stretched wide apart. Both boys began to show signs of stiffening. "Here Skeeter," Molly suddenly called. Skeeter came a running, tongue hanging out. Pete looked shocked, Mike feigned surprise. As Skeeter reached Molly he took a couple of sniffs and then got right down to business. Molly spread her legs wide, and shivered with excitement as Skeeter began exuberantly licking her privates.     
    • by Canker :...
    • Hands On, part 1
      handson1 zip (08k) (m/F classroom sex)
      "Good morning people, my name is Mariam Benivedez and I will be teaching you Sex Education in a new way. It will be hands on. That means that we will do everything a couple does together when they either have sex or make love."     
    • by Boswell, The Bad :...
    • Paradise Island, ch 8
      paradis8 zip (10k) (M/F/f)
      Gaining control again, he looked up through sweat glazed eyes to see Dobbson climax with a groan...Baker had come an instant earlier. Then he peered over to where the captive white girls had been held by the warriors...and was stunned. Each of the warriors was lying on the ground...and the little prepubescent white girls were kneeling astraddle the men's hips. His unbelieving eyes saw the little bodies rising and falling as they rapidly fucked the long hard cocks that speared upwards into their bodies. The beaming faces of the girls showed joy, pleasure as they humped them men.     
    • by Ermberto :...
    • Big Sister's Anal Craving
      bigsiste zip (13k) (Incest - brother/sister, threesome (MFF) all-anal, facials)
      Steve's girlfriend Anna absolutely loves anal-sex. Steve's 29-year-old sister Clare also loves it, but sadly her prudish husband doesn't share Clare's desires for backdoor fun. Steve thoughtfully lets his big sis know that his cock is at her disposal to sooth her itchy asshole.     
    • by Janus :...
    • Eva's Experiment, ch 2
      evasexp2 zip (10k) (f solo bond rape nc reluc)
      Eva's self-bondage experiment is interrupted when two burglars discover the thirteen-year old girl naked and helpless.     
    • by Lowietje :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Als De Kat Van Huis Is...
      alsdekat zip (13k) (Ffm brother/sister inc)
      Jasmine betrapt haar broer Erwin als hij sex heeft met zijn vriendin. Ze vraagt of ze mee mag doen.     

      Saturday PM, August 30, 2003

    • by Alice :...
    • Alice Electrifies Wonderland, parts 3-4
      alice3_4 zip (14k) (f fantasy)
      Alice waved happily to the kind knight as he trotted over the bridge and down the path. She looked around and sighed. She was learning such fascinating new things, like about pizzles. She walked briskly over the little stone bridge. The path twisted and curved through a dense mass of trees and bushes. After a time she got tired and hot and sat under a huge Maple to rest. She wiped her forehead with her still damp kerchief. She looked up, startled by a loud buzzing sound. There was a gigantic cat on a branch across the way. it was grinning like no cat she'd ever seen. It hopped down and came over to sit in front of her.     
    • by PeachLover :...
    • A New Lease on Life, part 3
      anewlea3 zip (25k) (Mgg MF inc oral cons)
      The relationship between Tim, Katy and Mandy continues to deepen and Carol shows me a thing or two.     
    • by Sam T Sleaze :...
    • Jeremy Loves Annie, part 1
      jeremyl1 zip (36k) (b/g; bg/F; b/M; incest, BDSM)
      Annie Mason and I had lived next door to each other for as long as I could remember. My first jack-off fantasy, my first wet dream, and my first real-life soul kiss were all with Annie. So, it made sense when I begged her to blow me, and she said yes. I took her to a place that an older friend had bragged about, under the pier. A few of the local kids knew it was there, and if a guy left his shirt on a nail, just outside of the old windbreak, it meant for others to stay away until the couple of done with the deed. Annie loved the fact that I had carved "Jeremy loves Annie" deep into the wood above the windbreak, and I knew that was true. I did love Annie.     
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • Lessons, ch 2
      lessons2 zip (07k) (Lots of men, young girls, noncons, ws, coercion)
      Outside the plane it was very bright but once the girls eyes were accustomed, there was nothing but heavy jungle all around them. One of the men pulled on the chain and led the girls off the runway onto a road through the jungle. The naked young beauties hands were free but there was no way to escape and a low sobbing moan ran down the line of naked young girls because they were entering a large sized village.     
    • by Boswell, The Bad :...
    • Paradise Island, ch 7
      paradis7 zip (07k) (M/F/f rape)
      Words failed them, and the naked women and girls sat there silently, Amanda nestled under Eliza's arms. All the other women were in similar near catatonia...the women and children who had been taken earlier had begun to accept their fate in resignation. All the captives from the earlier battles had been raped at least once a day, and even the youngest girl children...some as young as two years old... had been forced to suck the men...their cheeks and chins marked with dried semen.     
    • by FatalErrror :...
    • The Caretaker, part 4
      thecare4 zip (06k) (M+/fm, NC, Drug)
      Things are getting interesting for for 17 year old Jason and his 15 year old girlfriend Michelle.. its just that they dont know it yet.     
    • by Joker :...
    • Walkers Ford Chronicles, part 7 & conclusion
      walkers7 zip (11k) (M g- g 8 ped. cons)
      Daisy soon learned to utterly love those overnight visits with the big funny rich man with the silky smooth moustache, the luscious candy and a huge dick that took much effort on both of their part before the eight year old could absorb as much as possible into her comforting warm cunny to give it the loving attention she knew it deserved.     
    • by Mommas Boy :...
    • What Some Kids See, part 2
      whatsom2 zip (19k) (M/f, F/b, MF/b, incest, consentual)
      Daddy gets his daughter as a gift from his wife so he will not give her a hard time about the neighbor, the big one next door, and the little one on the other side. Watch as the lady of the house leads her 10 year old neighbor through the initiation of sexual exploration. Her daughter does a job on her husband, how does a 12 year old get so experienced?     
    • by Little Girl Watcher and Ermberto :...
    • Families Fulfilling Filthy Fantasies, part 3
      familie3 zip (16k) (F/g/b Inc: F-Mast,Voy,Exe,Pedo,Mild Lac, Cons)
      "Why would you just jerk off when you've got someone" The young boy stammered over the last word. Mark and Grace never let their children curse around the house. "Hmmm? Probably because we both enjoy watching almost as much as fucking." Roxanna purred, realising for the first time just how innocent the precious, luscious looking children standing in front of her really were. "It is so sexy to be able to see another person bringing themselves pleasure. Don't tell me you've never seen a girl toss off? Or have wanted too." "Well, in magazines." Danny replied, his voice going low and a delicate pink creeping over his cheeks and across his forehead under the blonde bangs.     
    • by Jill999 :...
    • The Ring
      thering zip (17k) (mom/son inc, lesb)
      Sara Johnson, a compulsive single mom, buys an old gold ring. She quickly realizes that the ring allows her to read the minds of people. She reads the thoughts of her coworker, her son, and his girlfriend. All of them think about sex.     
    • by Le Boppere :...
    • The Sweetharts, parts 2-3
      thesw2_3 zip (34k) (teen, mf, ff, gang)
      Marissa had been in the Sweetharts for nearly four weeks now, and it had been great. True, she had been through hell to get into the upscale, snottly high-school club, but it had paid off now. She hung out with the girls all the time, with the exception of her many dates, of course. She loved being a popular girl, and was soon wearing short skirts or a tight bodysuit almost every day- throughly enjoying all the attention they would bring her.     

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