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    February 08th - February 14th mid-Morning Updates

      On Friday PM, Feb 14, 2003

    • by Cheryl :...
    • Animal Instincts The Next Generation, parts 4-5
      anima4_5 zip (06k) (f/f, f/m/ exposed, IR, multiple partners)
      Joanna Coles world renowned author has a new charge in life, Pamela, and together their world explodes in a sexual frenzy.     
      Cindy Brown
      cindybro zip (13k) (fem 15 yr/black teacher)
      Cindy is failing a class and Mr. Williams gives her a special chance to earn an A. Twist ending, not what you expect!     
    • by Dark Tower Gunslinger :...
    • Bangkok Nights, ch 4
      bangkok4 zip (15k) (M/F/f/f/semi-cons)
      Palladin arrives in Australia after his airplane sex tryst with the mother and daughter duo. Meeting his Australian lover Pamela they entice two young teen sisters aged thirteen and fourteen up to Pamela's penthouse under false premises. As the chapter unfolds, Pamela is passing her and Palladin off as a strange brother and sister act and the young teenages realized they have overstepped some invisble boundary into a worls neither was ready for. Are were they?     
    • by Keyman :...
    • Dr. Gale's Case Histories – The Little Piggys Club, part 4: Mr. Franks and Beans
      drgales7 zip (32k) (M/ggg age 10 g/g F/ggg Pedo, Voyeurism, Oral, Anal, Lesbian, WS)
      In part four of "The Little Piggys Club", Doug Carter takes a break and his daughter Amy takes over the task of story telling. Dr. Gale and Amy's mother request to hear about Marta Hari, the first girl to join the newly formed club. We eavesdrop, as Amy details what happened when Marta Hari requests to be considered for membership in the Little Piggys. Marta's only goal, once she learns the secrets of the club, is to become a member of the newly formed clique. She readily agreed to undergo the initiation ceremony and perform all piggy tasks assigned to her. A chance meeting between the Little Piggys and Marta's bus driver, Mr. Franks, quickly shows Marta what it will take to be a good Little Piggy.     
    • by Jack Spratt :...
    • My Valentine
      myvalent zip (27k) (M/f mature male and young girl)
      Don has a day from hell but as it ends he meets an angel in disguise, Lia. It is fortunate Don doesn't give in to first impression although it is very close. Lia's way of life is not the best. When she needs help she has only one acquaintance to call, Don. It is that call that brings them together. I hope all my reader have a wonderful Valentine Day in the company of their Favorite Valentine.     
    • by JB :...
    • Roadmaster, The Backseat
      roadmast zip (04k) (m/F inc)
      After that night with mom, we didn't talk about it. We didn't have a chance, because dad was always around. I once tried to feel her up in the kitchen, but she slapped my hand away. I really didn't know what to think. Then one night, we were watching the neighbor kids and my dad suggested we all go to the drive-in to see "The Blob". Mom between me and dad and three squealing kids in the back of dad's Roadmaster. When we got situated, the kids began to complain about not being able to see very well. "Honey," mom said to dad. "Jeff and I will sit in back so the little ones can see from the front." With that, mom and I got in back, me behind dad and mom to my right.     
    • by GoDSpiT :...
    • The Guardian's of the World
      thegaurd zip (48k) (M/f, M/g, ped)
      I turned my eyes off of the stairs and looked at him. He was standing with an elbow on the desk and his hand extended at me waiting. I reached into my wallet and dragged out my license handing it to him. He slid it through a card reader on his machine. I knew that some of what he had was illegal I was just about to learn how much. He handed me the license back a few seconds later and looked at his computer screen then said, "Mr. Gerrett, New York City, upscale apartment over looking the ocean." He stopped his eyes looking at mine locking with mine again and he continued, "Perhaps you are looking for a change in life?" I stepped closer to him and his desk not sure why and spoke for the first time, "I . . .I think that I should be going . . ." I remember that I started to turn away, that I was determined I was going to leave before I got in any deeper.     
    • by Curbervi :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Zeltlager
      zeltlage zip (07k) (m/f)
      Seit drei Tagen bin ich im Zeltlager. Eigentlich bin ich ja noch zu jung mit meinen 15 Jahren, aber die Gemeinde hat ein Auge zugedrückt. Ich bin mit meinen 15 Jahren groß, 170 cm und wie mein Papa mit einem Augenzwinkern immer sagt schon sehr gefährlich.     

      Thursday PM, Feb 13, 2003

    • by Max Free :...
    • A Visit, ch 2: A Weekend With The Linantses
      avisit2 zip (08k) (MMFF Mf Fm)
      I must confess I was rather nervous at the prospect of our visit, of course I would very much like to fuck Bea again and see Monnie and Bea make love, but I was not sure I would like to see Monnie being fucked by a stranger, even if it would surely be rather exciting. Much would depend on what kind of guy Bob was. But I should not have worried. Bob and Bea came to fetch us at the airport. Bob, at 27, very well dressed, sportsmanlike looking a bit like an Italian, made a very nice impression on me. And I saw that Bob and Monnie immediately took to each other, judging by the way he gave her a welcome kiss, hugging her a little, and how she received it. Seeing my sexy blonde Bea obviously caused Bob to have great expectations from fucking her soon.     
    • by CuPED :...
    • Caught!
      caught zip (13k) (M/f PED First time)
      After the man had replaced the broken dragon, Janice squeaked in surprise and nearly wet herself when he turned and plucked her off of the floor. His hands were so large that his thumbs touched on her chest and his fingers touched on her back at he brought her to his face to ask, "Why did you throw a rock at my house?" Janice tried to stammer a response but nothing would come out. The man sighed and lowered her to the floor as easily as he had plucked her up. As his hands let go of her torso, Janice thought that he had been surprisingly gentle as he held her up. The big blonde man turned the two girls and led them back to his living room, being mindful of the broken glass from the window and their bare feet. Once there, he sat them down on one of the sofas and sank into his recliner. As he did he flipped up the armrest and picked up a telephone that was concealed there. "What is your telephone number?" His deep voice demanded. Before Janice knew what was happening, Lola had launched herself from the couch and had gone to her knees on the carpet in front of the man. Her hands looked tiny as they rested on his knees. "Please mister, please don't call our parents! They don't have two thousand dollars to pay for what we broke. They will send up away if they find out!"     
    • by Stud Warrior :...
    • Incest Fantasy Number 23: Afternoon Delight
      incest23 zip (17k) (M,F,M,g,F,f, dad, 12 year old daughter, mom, son, grandmother, granddaughter inc, con)
      Pushing her body forward, Missy waggled her ass in the air. Her father grabbed her hips to steady her weaving body so he could penetrate her tight cunt. When Missy felt the familiar feeling of her father's fat head of his cock slipping inside her and she had to stick her head into her pillow to muffle her cries of pleasure.     
    • by JB :...
    • Sinful Son
      sinfulso zip (16k) (m/F M/F M/f mom/son inc)
      Something happened to Alan Adams early in life. He was a mean boy all his life. He killed small animals, beat people up and was a pretty good thief. He was a big kid, so nothing scared him. His father died when he was two and his mother remarried. His stepdad couldn't control him either, as his mental makeup was just bad. At just fourteen he raped a neighbor lady, Mrs. Kendall. It was a brutal rape, he beat her into submission, blackening both her eyes and whipping her with his belt. He tore her clothes from her and raped her anally as well. His mother found Mrs. Kendall and had seen her son leave that residence. She testified against her own son. For that crime, he was sentenced to twenty years. Now, just two years later, he and another boy, made an escape. Leon Remp, a big black kid of seventeen, was his cohort in crime.     
      White Hostages
      whitehos zip (31k) (m/F M/F M/f mom/son inc rape nc)
      Dr. Tom Ames and his family enjoyed the first week of their vacation. But the next week would not be so fine. They were staying at an island home, 8 miles from the Florida coast. It was big, had a pool and was very secluded. When he and his wife, Lynn, went to pick up their new son-in-law's mother, they were hijacked by three black men, who were on the run. Now, sitting in the livingroom, they were told how it was going to be. The leader, Mel, waved his gun around as he spoke. "Do what you're told and you won't get hurt," he began. "Fuck with us and your youngins will be hurt. Now you," pointing to Lynn. "Tell us who everyone is."     
    • by Little Love :...
    • Sister, part 7
      sister7 zip (12k) (Mf, pictures, oral, anal)
      The next morning I woke her up with her usual tongue lapping to orgasm. When she offered to swallow my load I told her that I wanted her to go and get ready for school instead. She definitely looked a bit puzzled and even somewhat disappointed. She went to the bathroom to get ready. I went to the kitchen and poured some cereal into a bowl, put a spoon into it, and brought this back to her room where I waited for her to finish. When she returned to the room I had her close the door. "First I want you to get dressed. I would like you to wear a skirt today. Maybe the blue one that comes to just above your knees."     
    • by Skaidan :...
    • Locos tiempos de guerra
      locostie zip (06k) (m/F, m/f, incest)
      Voy a relatar unos hechos que jamás antes he contado a nadie y que durante décadas he mantenido ocultos por vergüenza y también por miedo a las consecuencias que podrían haber tenido para mí de haber sido conocidos durante los años de dictadura.     
    • by Albert :...
    • Sebastion, part 3
      sebasti3 zip (07k) (mf)
      Sebastian stieg die treppen hinauf auf den dachboden. er war schon lange nicht oben gewesen und daher interessiert ob alles noch beim alten war. als er neben den kasten mit seinen alten spielsachen stand, fiel ihm natürlich sofort die kiste auf die margit dort platziert hatte. er hob die ersten zeitschriften hoch und dann sah er sie. mehrere nudistenhefte mit nackten frauen. auch ein pornomagazin war unter den heften. sebastians herz begann zu rasen und er merkte wie sein atem stockte. in blitzgeschwindigkeit wurde sein schwanz steinhart. vorsichtig sah er sich um. war ihm niemand gefolgt ?     

      Wednesday PM, Feb 12, 2003

    • by Baron Darkside :...
    • Mile High Club
      milehigh zip (10k) (F/M Mot/son/inc)
      Diane and Kevin are flying back home after a wild weekend in NY. See what happens when Diane has an idea on putting the finishing touches on the weekend...     
      The Two of Them, part 2
      thetwoo2 zip (31k) (F/m/f Mot/son/dau inc)
      The continuation of "The Two of Them" - Bobby and Amanda are still getting it on hot and heavy, but see what happens when they get caught and Bobby tries to explain how much they love each other to his mom...     
    • by CuPED :...
    • Questions & Answers, part 3 (Final)
      questio3 zip (05k) (M/f dad/dau bro sis INC three way)
      I woke slowly. I didn't know where I was, but I could tell by the lightness of the room that it was late in the morning. Had I overslept? I became aware of a heaviness on the bed beside me. It was struggling and shaking the bed. I heard a cry of pain, then wondered if it had came from me when I felt how sore my jaw was. My eyes widened as memory flooded back. My sister's four year old head bobbing in my lap, closing my eyes in pleasure as she did everything she knew I liked, the feeling of a hand closing on my throat, of looking up to see my fathers angry face and descending fist. His hissing words of rage as he knocked me out.     
    • by DreamZ :...
    • The Beginning, ch 7
      thebegi7 zip (08k) (M/boy, b/b/b/b, Masturbation, Oral, Anal, rim, voyeur, pedo)
      It was Matty's birthday. I fired up my 3 cameras which were set up in Matt's bedroom and hopped into my hot tub to watch the show. "I dare you to suck my Willy, hehehe." At this point, it was just becoming one big wack off fest.. The truth dare game was quickly losing its importance as Bobby dared Matty and Chris to 69 each other. Matty had no problem at all doin that one, he loved messin around with Chris, but Chris was very shy and hesitated slightly. Matt talked him into it though and soon everyone was involved in some sort of sex play.     
    • by Acid :...
    • The Trainer, part 1
      thetrai1 zip (15k) (F/F, mast, voyeur)
      Melissa isn't like normal girls. She has needs she doesn't understand and they frustrate her. She gets angry. Fortunately for her, Daddy knows just what to do. Time to call in a specialist. A Trainer.     
    • by Tiago :...
    • Cuzluv, ch 11
      cuzluv11 zip (12k) (mf)
      In the morning Kim and Patti entered my room and woke me up. "We've made a new video to you", Kim said. "Really, darling?", I asked. But then I was it was the same tape I already had. "But isn't this one the same you'd already given me?" "We've recorded it in the same tape where we had recorded the other, so you'll have to keep only one tape with both". "I see. You're really clever girls. May I ask what it is about?" "You may ask, but we're not going to say. If we did, you'd have no surprise".     
    • by Powerone :...
    • Ransom Demand-Rape and Torture of Sara, ch 4
      ransomd4 zip (19k) (Mf, ff, nc, anal, reluc, humiliation, torture)
      While on vacation in Mexico, Sara's niece, Hope is kidnapped. Eighteen year old bi-sexual Kristina seduces Hope into having "girl sex". Hope reluctantly complies.     
    • by Steve :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Monika und Jasmin - der Freund, teil 1
      monikau1 zip (06k) (F/f/m Mutter/Tochter/Freund)
      Sven darf bei seiner Freundin übernachten und wird von Tochter und Mutter verführt ...     

      Tuesday PM, Feb 11, 2003

    • by Amber Gold :...
    • Liquor Store On The Corner, part 3
      liquors3 zip (11k) (gg M-solo M-g8 oral inc ped con)
      He was staring at his little TV watching an old movie when the door opened and a small girl ran inside. She looked familiar to him but with her wet hair plastered to her head and her shorts and T-shirt wet from the rain she looked like a wet cat. She was probably 8 or 9 but small for her age. Her eyes were red from crying and she was dirty and seemed scared to death. Then he remembered her. She was the frightened little girl that had run into the kid on the skate board and dropped the bottle of Ripple her father wanted.     
    • by DaddyBob :...
    • Little Orgasm Annie, part 9
      littleo9 zip (08k) (M/g dad/daut ped inc semi forced)
      Little Annie and I finally agree that it's time to consumate our relationship. But things become a little more complicated by what I have learned about my ten-year-old niece, er daughter...Can I really fuck my own child?...What do you think?     
    • by Netwanderer :...
    • My Sister, Her Friends and a Barn
      mysister zip (29k) (mmffffff in various combinations, bro/sis, sis/sis (twins))
      Even after what they had witnessed already, the twins looked a little unsure of what to do. Pausing from her self pleasuring Shakira leaned forward, placed her hands on Kelly's head and pushed downwards. Kelly got the hint, and pressed her lips to the side of Jeremy's huge tool. Her sister did the same, and soon the two of them were busily sucking and licking up and down the entire surface, while their hands busily worked between their own legs.     
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • The Cheerleaders, ch 13-16
      the13_16 zip (48k) (Lots of me. lots of young girls cons, noncon oral, anal, vaginal w/s)
      After a call to his chemist friend, Styles had a talk with Mr. Oliver, Crystal and Anna, then there was a long talk with his fourteen year old, blonde goddess Vicky. After that, both she and Styles took on new names, Vicky became Becky and Styles became Mr. Austin. With Becky's name, came a whole new wardrobe of the finest clothes and attire and the headed for California. It was a beautiful, secluded home, that sat on top of a hill above town, on a large estate. It had multiple rooms, a swimming pool and far enough away from the neighbors not to attract attention, but with a fantastic view. When Austin enrolled Becky in school, he had all the documentation to prove that he was her Uncle and legal guardian. That her Parents were deceased and Austin was left raising the girl. By the car Austin drove and the clothes he and Becky wore, it was quite obvious that he was very wealthy. When the school asked his occupation, Austin provided documentation that he was a beauty pageant coach, a very good one. A job which paid very little but since he was independently wealthy, he could devote himself to it.     

      Monday PM, Feb 10, 2003

    • by lolitot :...
    • Bukkake Day Care, part 7
      bukkake7 zip (06k) (MgF/FggMMM+)
      Burt finds out that Mother's Day happens whenever they want it to, at the BDC Center!     
    • by Rick Roll :...
    • Cherry-Pi
      cherrypi zip (04k) (m/f - sex/cos/tease/public)
      When two cyber lovers meet in person, the union is outrageous.     
    • by Keyman :...
    • Dr. Gale's Case Histories – "The Little Piggys Club", Part 3: Jealousy
      drgales6 zip (30k) (M/g/g age 10, g/g age 10, Pedo, Incest, Anal, Oral, WS)
      In part three of "The Little Piggys Club", Doug Carter resumes the tale started in the previous chapter. He will continue to detail what happened when one little girl had to pay off on a very piggy bet. Doug will describe what actually happened that eventful day between himself, his daughter Amy and Judy Kenova, his daughter's best friend. He will relate what took place when the two ten year olds followed him into his bedroom to be spanked for their naughty behavior. Suffice to say, the spankings and special ice cream sodas did have an effect on the two preteens. Amy learns that sharing is not as easy as she first thought, even with her best friend.     
    • by DreamZ :...
    • Kids World, ch 5
      kidswor5 zip (12k) (M/b, b/b, Masturbation, Oral, Anal, Rim, Pedo)
      "That's your new home, Jeremy. Close huh ?" "Whoaaa. Kick ass. Oops.. sorry." "Righto!! See how close you are to everything ?? Now are you gonna end up back in the West wing again in a week ?? Or are you gonna keep up the GREAT work and live over here with the malls, the stores, the park, and everything ??" "I'm gonna be GREAT Sir. Thank-you. I'll be good, I promise." "I know you will kiddo. Now.. I have a special surprise for you. First off.. Here is your new room#, don't lose it. Your card has already been re-programmed with the new room#, so you won't be able to access your old unit any longer. Now, how would ya like to meet Derek ??" "Now ?? Today??" "Yeah, now. He's downstairs waiting. Should I call him up ??" "SURE!!"     
    • by CuPED :...
    • Nights of Terror's Comfort
      nightsof zip (15k) (M/f INC PED First Time)
      My sister was five years old when she started having NT's or Night Terrors. I remember the first night she was afflicted like it was yesterday. At just after midnight, the house was rocked by her screams. High pitched, panicked, terrified! I jumped out of bed thinking that my little sister was being murdered. When I got to the hall, my father actually knocked me down as he and mom rushed to my sister's room. I got up quickly and ran to the door. What I saw when I looked in that room haunted me for a long time. Dad had snapped on the light when he entered. My sister was crouched down in the corner of her room, her eyes were wild and her face screwed up in the ultimate expression of fear. She was still screaming, her voice becoming raw from the volume she was putting out.     
    • by Ermberto :...
    • Gemma
      gemma zip (33k) (Inc - bro/sis, mom/dad/daughter (MFg-10) pedo, first, facials, fist, anal, oral)
      Ted and Carol are brother and sister who live as man and wife. Their incestuous relationship has produced Gemma, an adorable 10 year old girl, who spies her parents fucking one night. She soon goes from being an enthusiastic spectator of her parent's sex-life to a fully-fledged and willing participant.     
    • by Single Daddy :...
    • Kristen-13
      kriste1_2 zip (07k) (M/f (M-35, f-13) MALE-35, female-13,Pedo, Molestation, Foot Fetish, Masterbation)
      My daughter's best friend that summer, was another 13 year old named Kristen. She was most definitely my favorite, and the object of lots of fantasies. Kristen was half hispanic, and had beautiful brown skin. She was, at the time, about 5 feet tall, and weighed about 100 pounds....     
    • by Phillip :...
    • The Revenge, part 4
      thereve4 zip (23k) (/b, gangrape, nc, mdom, cbt, first, rough, sad, sm, snuff, span, tort, va, viol, toys, snuff)
      The unforeseen fruits of Arkan's idea appeared a week later during a meeting at the White House between the President and the American ambassador to Italy.     
    • by warschonmalda :...
    • Andi und die junge Liebe - Sex mit einem Kind
      andiundd zip (04k) (lick / blow / anal)
      Eine schnelle kurze Geschichte über den 17 Jährigen Andy und der kleinen Schwester seines besten Freundes.     
    • by Paulgerman :...
    • Just A Friend, part 3
      justafr3 zip (13k) (F/M, Fdom, anal)
      Ich gehorche. Ohne einen einzigen Gedanken. Wir durch eine Tür im Nichts springe ich zurück in diesen Nachmittag ... in den Keller... unter die Dusche     
    • by alfred :...
    • Sebastian, part 2
      sebasti2 zip (07k) (mf)
      Sebastian stieg die treppen hinauf auf den dachboden. er war schon lange     

      Sunday PM, Feb 09, 2003

    • by Bemused :...
    • Grooming
      grooming zip (30k) (MFff, dad/stepdaughter, cons, oral, anal)
      Jeffery McCain has spent years finding right woman - in need of money and status and possessing two or three cute daughters that she will allow Jeff to molest in return for a good life. Jeffery finally meets the perfect woman and her three perfect daughters. He dates the woman, marries her, and begins grooming his new stepdaughters immediately. His success with the mom and daughters is beyond his wildest hopes.     
    • by KidLover :...
    • Mr. O's Family, ch2: The Trip Home
      mrosfam2 zip (05k) (Mggggg rom plot no-sex revelation)
      I lead the little troop to my home. Along the way Tiny has to pee. She wets her pants. I remember something that changes my scheme and prompts me to reveal my nature.     
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • The Cheerleaders, ch 9-12
      thec9_12 zip (43k) (Lots of men a few women and 10 girls. nonc cons)
      In the bleachers, Styles rooted for the home team but he was really watching the auburn haired cheerleader. Then, there was also another beautiful brunette haired cheer leader. What he did notice, was Beverly, and again, the drugs had changed a personality, she was much more friendly, the other girls liked her and she was happier, but her best friend was still Vicky. "Hi, Mr. Styles, are you enjoying the game," the little voice asked. "Well, hello Valerie, Kimberly. Yes, it's a great game," he laughed. As Styles looked back towards the game, his eyes caught a young girl, standing just off from where the cheer leaders were. She looked young, long dark hair, unkempt and shabby clothes. Yet, under all of this, Styles saw something, beside the budding breast poking through her halter top.     
    • by Sandbox :...
    • Intruder
      intruder zip (14k) (m/f m/f/submision m/f/f)
      After robbery met sexy female police officer hit off with officer and meet her for sex later catch intruder in houe tell her she either does what i want or i report her to parents and police. leads to submission and sex.     
    • by Phillip :...
    • Short Story Series 5: Kindy Kandy
      shortst5 zip (06k) (mf)
      I always found something sexy about the body of a child. I could never put my finger on exactly what caught my eye, but I think it's just their entire body in general. Girls only. Little girls are simply the most perfect creation ever. I was serving time in prison for DWI when I met two Spanish men, Phil and Jose. Phil was a very tall, heavy and tattooed, bald man with a thick beard and very big thick fingers. Jose was also heavyset, with shoulder length dirty looking hair and a moustache. Out of the two, Phil looked like a child molester, if they have a certain look. He looks like the general public would expect a child molester to look. They were also serving time in the same prison. They kidnaped and gang raped a 3 year old girl that they snatched from a McDonalds outdoor playground. Phil showed me his prized Polaroids of the little girl sitting on his lap with her back towards him and his big thick fingers grabbing at her cunt and his tongue licking her neck. Another shot was a beautiful shot of Phil's face buried deep within her hairless little cunt.     

      Saturday PM, Feb 08, 2003

    • by Keyman :...
    • Dr. Gale's Case Histories – "The Little Piggys Club, part 2: Mr. Green
      drgales5 zip (22k) (M/g/g age 10 exhibitionism, voy, Pedo)
      In Part Two of "The Little Piggys Club", our heroine, Amy Carter will start to relate the circumstances that caused the formation of the Little Piggys Club. Amy will also explain just how the Little Piggys Club evolved and how the club got its name. We will learn what happens when the Amy and Judy meet Old Mr. Greengreens on their way to the Carter home. Mr. Greenjeans who had not sprung a boner in years is pleasantly surprised at the effect these two piggy girls have on him. The two girls naughtily as usual put the old man through his paces and have one last bit of fun at his expense.     
    • by Pussywillow :...
    • Interview, part 6: Sunday School
      intervi6 zip (09k) (M/g oral, ped, cons)
      I volunteered to help my wife teach a kindergarten Sunday school class. As we sat down on the floor so that my wife could read this morning's story, all of the little girls wanted to sit as close to me as they could. This one little girl even sat between my legs. As my wife read the story, the little girl started playing with her pussy. A few Sundays later, she invited me to play with her pussy for her. I did, and from there, things started to get hot.     
    • by KidLover :...
    • Sally's Awakening, ch 1-3
      sallys1_3 zip (10k) (M/F/g)
      Alex worked at a mundane job, proofreading for a local publisher. He does his job mechanically, taking little interest in it, until he finds a special story in his 'in' box.     
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • The Cheerleaders, ch 5-8
      thech5_8 zip (28k) (12 - 18 M&W/ 9g nonc con slavery)
      It was a little before eight when Styles pulled into the vacant lot and before he could even shut the motor off, he saw two small figures. It was Amber and Jenny and Styles was very pleased, they were wearing the skimpiest bathrobes he had ever seen. As Jenny climbed into the front seat, Amber put a back pack into the back seat, then slid in beside Jenny. Quickly, Styles pulled away from the area and out onto the main street. "Take your robes off, all the way," he told them. "I want people to see those beautiful naked bodies." Neither girl hesitated and both were naked under the robes, which pleased Styles even more. He really wasn't worried about people seeing the two naked young girls, as the windows of the car were tinted but they didn't realize that. It wasn't long and they were driving beside a car with two older men in it, that looked over at Styles fancy car.     
    • by Tiago :...
    • Cusluv, ch 8-10
      cuzl8_10 zip (18k) (mf)
      Monday morning I took my fairies to the Y. They were pretty well, so I had nothing to care. Oh, yes, we kissed a little on the way to the Y, but just that. Patti asked when we would play again (I have to recognize that she deserved all my admiration. Her defloration had been extremely difficult and painful, but she hadn't given up the games. (In short, she liked to be a female). "I'll find a way", I said. "Just remember that we cannot do that when there are people around. And this is our secret".     
    • by Muc :...
    • Gina Myers
      ginamyer zip (18k) (MS, cum)
      A mother discovers her son has been masturbating in her panties and when she investigates, she discovers a lot more porn in his room. When she catches him in the act she ultimatly joins him and they fuck and suck each other silly.     
    • by Powerone :...
    • Making the Chef Pay, ch 1
      makingt1 zip (14k) (M/F, nc, anal, oral, toys, reluc, humil, bdsm)
      A disgruntled employee holds Cleo for two days in her restaurant. Her body is used for his pleasure. Cooking instruments were never meant to be used like this.     
    • by Phillip :...
    • Prisoner Of War, part 5
      prisone5 zip (15k) (MF, nc, rape, Mdom, bd, rough, sm, viol, caution)
      The unforeseen fruits of Arkan's idea appeared a week later during a meeting at the White House between the President and the American ambassador to Italy.     
    • by alfred :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Sebastian
      sebastio zip (07k) (mot/son Femmdom)
      Sebastian war ein zarter schmächtiger kleiner bub. gerade mal 9 jahre alt, war er sehr unsportlich. statt sich zu bewegen saß er lieber einfach nur da und blätterte in comics oder spielte mit kleinen plastikfiguren. in der schule wurde er oft gehänselt, da er nicht gut im turnunterricht war. und oft verprügelten ihn auch seine klassenkameraden einfach aus lust und laune heraus.
      sebastian hatte auch nur einen freund. gunther. gunther wohnte gleich bei ihm ums eck. die beiden verstanden sich sehr gut. da jedoch gunthers mutter sehr streng war durften sie sich höchstens einmal die woche zum spielen treffen. im unterschied zu gunthers mutter die sich scheiden hatte lassen war sebastians mutter witwe. sebastian selbst hatte seinen vater nie gekannt dazu war er damals noch zu klein gewesen.

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