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      On Friday PM, Feb 21, 2003

    • by Mel and PRE-vert :...
    • Learning Sex With Mom The Right Way!
      2learnin zip (12k) (F/b age 10/pedo/mom/sons)
      "Hey! What are you guys doing?" Tommy was older, the boy that was always in trouble, and thus much more fun than the twins' other friends. "Ummm...just goin' home, I guess." Jeremy answered with a grin, knowing that it probably wasn't true anymore. If Tommy had something up his     
    • by Jennitha :...
    • A Beautiful Inheritance
      abeautif zip (10k) (Mom/Son inc)
      We had always been very close as a family. Father had been an engineer working in a big firm and Mother a college lecturer. As the only child I received their undivided love and affection. Then disaster struck and our cozy little world was shattered. Father was diagnosed as suffering from cancer. Doctors gave him only a few more months to live. It was a horrible time for all of us, but slowly we began to accept what was going to happen.     
    • by Canker :...
    • I Had It All
      ihadital zip (16k) (Violence, Revenge, MF, MF)
      I had it all. A beautiful wife, a wonderful job, and a beautiful home. I lost it all when a serial killer killed my wife.     
    • by The Timberwolf :...
    • Johnny, part 1
      johnny1 zip (10k) (Most of them)
      A teacher discovers a side of Johnny that he was not aware of and she brings it out into the open for him.     
    • by Road King :...
    • Kimberly, Ashley Comes to Visit, part 3
      kimberl3 zip (22k) (Mgg Male age 46/ Girls ages 11 and 8, cons)
      Ashley had heard Kimberly's question and was evidently aware of her surroundings, but her little girl voice sounded frail as she asked, "What does fuck mean? It's a bad word isn't it? Is he going to do it to me"? All these questions seemed to be directed to Kimberly like the older girl might save her. I kept quiet and let Kimberly handle it. If any one told me that there was anything more exciting than having a one pretty naked little girl in my bed I have told them they were nuts, but here I was with two and who ever said it was completely right, having two naked little girls in bed with me was the most fantastic thing I had ever experienced.     
    • by BP :...
    • Mom's Itchy Nipples
      momsitch zip (22k) (INC, ORAL, s/m, impreg, cuckold, m/F)
      Mom breast fed me as a baby and never weaned me, so fifteen years later, I still suck on Mom's nipples. No, Mom didn't have milk in her boobs for fifteen years, but I never tasted cows' milk until I started school. This story isn't as much about lactation as it is about doing kinky things to nipples and boobs.     
    • by Cumsucker :...
    • Obsessed
      obsessed zip (09k) (mf)
      I grew up painfully shy. At 12 I already had bigger tits than some of my teachers, and by the time I was 14 every male teacher in my school and some of the female ones were staring at my 38D tits, tight ass, and hard belly. Of course all the boys in school were constantly making crude remarks about my body as well, and I had a red face pretty much all the time I was so embarrassed about my tits. Secretly, however... deep down inside me somewhere I loved the attention.     
    • by The Wastrel, Lover of Nymphets :...
    • Sweet Young Kelly
      sweetyou zip (06k) (bro(14)/sis(12) with a double surprise ending)
      Kelly is a sweet young thing. But kids will find ways to get into trouble when they are left unsupervised and that's exactly what happened here. A quick read.     
    • by Phillip :...
    • Torture Cards, part 1
      torture1 zip (17k) (M/m, nc, rape, mdom, cbt, first, rough, sad, sm, snuff, span, tort, va, viol, toys)
      Both Tim and Gus immediately agreed to the suggestion. Tim was quick to add, "if we are having the boy for the week then I vote that he is no older than 10 and preferably nearer 5 or 6."     
    • by singledad :...
    • What A Mother Will Do For Money, ch 4-5
      whata4_5 zip (08k) (extreme ped, ilesbian ncest, violent non con torture, snuff extreme caution)
      I needed to recover. I went to the stove to cook some eggs, and I had an idea, I took some nylon panties from my drawer and called Karen over, I told her to pull several pairs on, she did that and then I lifted her up onto the hotplate of the cooking range.     

      Thursday PM, Feb 20, 2003

    • by Indian Don Juan :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Best Things In Life Are Free
      bestthin zip (05k) (M/f bro/sis)
      Best things in Life are free. This is what I found out when I was 14. My name is Rahul and I come from a very conservative Indian family. We lived in Bombay the fun capital of India. I always sought adventure and yearned for something special. My sister Asha was 3 years older than me and was very protected in our family. Being a conventional family she was never allowed to have boyfriends.     
    • by Siwyg :...New Author.!.!.!
    • The Little Runaways
      thelittl zip (07k) (Mgg oral pedo sex)
      "Nancy get your fucking pants off now as I am going to fuck your little pussy"     
    • by Lincoln Lee :...
    • Father's Club 2: Three Virgins
      fathers2 zip (25k) (fff/MMM incest)
      Sherry Smith, Jessica James and Brenda Witt gathered for their regular weekend meeting. The three nine years olds had been friends since kindergarten. They spent lots of time together in and outside of school. A few months ago the three friends began to develop interests in boys. Totally overwhelmed by the mysteries of the opposite sex, the girls turned to the internet and found a treasure chest of information. The girls each searched cyberspace for stories, information, pictures and all things sexual. Saturday was their day to share all they found. "Gosh," Jessica said after the last of the sex info had been shared for the week, "I can't wait to have sex." "Me neither," Sherry said, "it sounds so much fun and whenever I think about it I get a funny feeling inside." "Me too," Brenda agree.     
    • by Cheryl :...
    • Jamaican Adventure
      jamaican zip (05k) (22 yr old white fem/multiple IR encounters)
      A vacation to Jamaica opens her up sexually to interracial loving while poor hubby misses it all.     
    • by daddydoright :...
    • Somebody Will See Us!
      somebody zip (11k) (M/g.... adult step-father, preteen step-daughter....incestual sex, oral, consenting)
      Although we'd been married several months I had never met hardly any of my inlaws so my new wife arranged a big party over at her rich sister's big mansion and invited all her relatives expressly to 'introduce' me. Everyone was out in the big back-yard or 'The Garden' as her sister termed it and I took the first chance I got to escape the blue-haired horde by slipping inside the big house. I search for a while and found an excellent hiding spot up in an upstairs linen-closet which also had a window facing 'The Garden'. As I peered out at the crowd of elderly inlaw-aunts and uncles, I was suddenly delighted as I watched my new twelve year old stepdaughter Karla also escape the fawning mob and dart into the back-door of the house....     
    • by White :...
    • Susie, The Girl MC
      susiethe zip (20k) (Ff/Mf/mf/inc/ped/mc/preg/inter)
      Little Susie discovers she can control other people's minds and has a lot of fun doing just that.     
    • by Acid :...
    • The Trainer, part 3
      thetrai3 zip (16k) (M/F, MMMMMM/FFF, mast, voyeur, oral, beast)
      Melissa's training starts in earnest as she sees first hand just what life on John's farm is like. Despite the show, she is not allowed to participate yet. She feels herself yearning to join in as she feels herself, but for now all she can do is watch. And wank.     
    • by Bemused :...
    • Trailer Mom, ch 1
      trailer1 zip (14k) (MF, oral, anal, cons)
      Dave is a heavy equipment operator who moves to a small town for a construction job. He meets and sleeps with Julie, an attractive single mom of three lovely young daughters (12, 10, and 9). This is the first chapter of what will probably end up being four or five as Dave is asked to teach each daughter about sex, one daughter per chapter. This first chapter includes the setup, sex with Julie, and meeting the daughters.     
    • by Phillip :...
    • Short Story Series 6: Killing Trisha
      shortst6 zip (12k) (Mg, rape, snuff, toys, nc, torture)
      Stan came home feeling no pain. His wife had been out of town for nearly a week and she wouldn't be back for at least another. This meant he was free to do as he wished, for a change, or almost. He still had to take care of his daughter Trisha. But she was fourteen now, almost a woman. She was growing up fast and probably enjoyed her mother's absence as much as Stan did.     
    • by Lovelaskes :...
    • Crammer
      crammer zip (03k) (m/f)
      , , . . . 16. 18-19. , . , , . . . . . , .     

      Wednesday PM, Feb 19, 2003


      Tuesday PM, Feb 18, 2003

    • by Jennitha :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Indian Son Rapes his Mother, ch 1-2
      indianso zip (08k) (Mom/Son inc)
      I am Rohit, 22 years old software professional, living in New Delhi, India. My story is about my Mom who now is 48 years old. My mom is very pretty but quiet bulky as most of the Indian women in there late 40's, she is 5"6 feet with a heavy body frame, she has black hair and brown eyes, She is very fair and one thing which I like most about her is her big boobs, they are 42 D (that's what mentioned on her bra)!!     
      My mother and Her Friend
      mymother zip (10k) (Mom/Son inc)
      My name is Subhash and I am going to narrate incidence that made me sexually aware of my potentialities. This happened when I was about 20 years old and my father was transferred to remote place in the Madhya Pradesh area. That left my Mom and me alone for quite some time. My Mom was about 35 yr old but looked quite sexy for her age. Let me describe Mom to you. I know she is 35 years old, because the whole family held a big party for her five years ago. She has short, brown hair fashioned in a kind of bob. Her face is round, and she has bright black eyes and full lips. Although I've never seen them, I can tell that she has enormous jugs. And, even though she is a bit big around the waist and hips, she doesn't look fat because she is quite tall for a woman. I used to watch her work in the house in just Blouse and petticoat. This gave me lots of opportunities to se her nice hard breasts and her solid ass as she bent for something or the other.     
      Son Takes Care of Mom
      sontakes zip (06k) (Mom/Son inc)
      I am Rohit, 23-yr. old guy and live with my Mom and Dad in a city of Seven Wonders i.e. Agra, where Taj Mahal is situated. My Dad has business of Arms and Ammunition and he is the biggest supplier to the Police Department in some parts of our country, India. My Dad is always busy as he wanted to make his business more profitable and for that he wanted to import some automatic weapons from Austria and UK. He got the approvals from the Ministry of Defense and the Home Ministry for that but now the tough job was to find suitable exporters in Austria and UK those who will be willing to deal with him. He was quiet happy after the approval from the Government and now he has to go on a business trip to Europe. He came and gave me a hug and said? Rohit, now when I will be away for a month, it is your responsibility to take care of your mom, House and Business?. I was aware that our managers are capable of handling the business so, I was least worried about that, and, moreover, I had a summer training camp to attend on behalf of my college and I was more excited about that than anything else. I listened to him without much seriousness.     
    • by Cheryl :...
    • Footballing in Vegas
      football zip (04k) (mm/fem/IR/con)
      While on a short visit to Vegas two professional football players pick me up and fill me full of their spunk.     
      Fuck Me
      fuckme zip (05k) (exhibitionism and sex multiple partners)
      Another true story about a real place and events that really did and do happen!     
      Gang Initiation
      ganginit zip (04k) (exhibitionism and sex multiple partners)
      Young beauty prospects for a MC gang and ends up being whored out by a pimp but then the story has a twist at the end as well.     
    • by Phoenix Rising :...
    • Incest Motel, ch 10
      incest10 zip (14k) (MMM/FFF/ff/b Inc, pedo, orgy, bukkake)
      Mandy turns eleven. What present do you give a perverted little preteen that enjoys being covered in cum? Bukkake of course!     
    • by Dr. E.M. Hyatt :...
    • Wildflowers
      wildflow zip (114k) (MF)
      Rosie watched as her two sons, Conrad and Andreas climbed aboard the school bus. As they took their seat near the window, they waved goodbye to her. Rosie waved back and watched until the bus turned the corner and disappeared from sight, then she headed back inside. It was 7:30 a.m. The start of another long boring day. Her husband, Art, was in Manila now checking on their two factories. She knew he was with her youngest sister, Rosemary. She also had a pretty good idea what they were doing.     
    • by Powerone :...
    • Maiden Maid, ch 3
      maidenm3 zip (16k) (M+F, nc, anal, reluc, humil, oral)
      This is the story of orphans that become of age in 1933 and what they are forced to do to survive the Great Depression. Sara gets her first spanking and learns how to masturbate her Masters cock.     
    • by Ermberto :...
    • Seductive Little Girls
      seductiv zip (38k) (Inc - dad/daughter, group (MMgg), les (gg), first, oral, anal, cum, WS, double-pen)
      An incest tale with a twist - it's the children who instigate things! Melanie, aged 10, and Jenny, aged 8, engage in a spot of mutual masturbation and oral sex. They soon decide that what they need is cock, and promptly set about seducing their fathers, resulting in some seriously rampant, hard-core, father-daughter orgies. It starts mild, ends up wild!     

      Monday PM, Feb 17, 2003

    • by The Wastrel, Lover of Nymphettes :...New Author.!.!.!
    • My Unusual Family
      loverofn zip (19k) (m/f bro/sis part 1 of extended)
      This is the beginning of a story about my family. We were a very normal family until this happened and after that we got to be a very abnormal family you might say. This is what I did with my fourteen year old sister when we started. If there is interest I will tell what else happened after that.     
    • by Maxamm :...
    • Bad Daddy's Bad Day
      baddaddy zip (09k) (m/f/inc/pedo/rape/tort/n/c/w/s/snuff)
      Frustrated in his attempt to abduct a little schoolgirl for his sexual pleasure, Blake turns his attention to his five year old daughter. Rape and sexual abuse inevitably lead to murder, in a story of extreme passion and rage.     
      Dirty Desires
      dirtydes zip (10k) (f/f/f/f/pedo/lesbian/inc/w/s/scat/cons)
      When Kim's Internet lesbian chatroom friend e-mails her a picture of her two preteen grand-daughters, there is only one question. "When can we meet?" The result is a feast of piss and shit sex, with two sexy women and two hot little girls.     
    • by Keyman :...
    • Dr. Gale's Case Histories The Little Piggys Club, part 5: Brother Bob
      drgales8 zip (29k) (M/f age 10 Pedo, Oral, Mast)
      In part five of The Little Piggys, We rejoin Amy as she explains to Marta Hari what her next piggy task is. Marta Hari had reached the last stage of her quest to become a member of the Little Piggys. If she completes two piggy tasks successfully, she will be a Little Piggy. The tasks will not be easy. The first task involves Brother Bob Roberts and his plastic pocket protector. Will Marta succeed? Will Brother Bob fall victim to her feminine charms? Why is the Pocket Protector important to the successful completion of her first piggy task? There is only one way to find out, read on!     
    • by Cheryl :...
    • Dr Sweakenstien
      drsweake zip (06k) (mind control?)
      Young woman under goes hypnosis to help her overcome her fears of sex. The doctor does a very good job and then the plot twists!     
      Exposed In Public
      exposedi zip (05k) (I make a video in this one)
      A production company who makes flashing in public videos convinces me to make a video for them exposing myself in various places and even masterbating for the camera.     
      Fantasies Can Cum True
      fantasie zip (05k) (5M/1fem/rape/nc/IR)
      I reveal my rape fantasy during a game of truth or dare. Later it appears to have come to life only it wasn't fantasy.     
    • by The Rascally Rogue :...
    • Morning Coffee, part 4: Teatime
      morning4 zip (17k) (MMFgg cum child porn)
      She held open her 2 year olds tint twat, she couldnt want me to could she?     
    • by KidLover :...
    • The Carnal Adventures of NAKED GIRL!, intro
      thecarna zip (14k) (M/F/g w/s cum scat/talk scifi humor)
      This is the story of how an ordinary 8 yr old girl, average student with very ordinary likes and dislikes, with the help of her mommy and daddy becomes a bona fide superhero.     
    • by Acid :...
    • The Trainer, part 2
      thetrai2 zip (16k) (MM/F, mast, voyeur)
      Melissa's birthday finally arrives. She has a wonderful day surrounded by her family, and just as she thinks it cannot get better in walks John Trainer. What better way to start a new course of training than with a quiet country drive out to the farm?     
    • by Alain Terdit :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Le docteur joue au docteur
      ledocteu zip (08k) (incest)
      La secrtaire mdicale avait t courtoise... Lorsque celle-ci lui avait rpondu fort gentiment que le chirurgien ne prenait pas en consultation les enfants. Il avait insist sans plus...Il connaissait trs bien le Docteur Fort, celui-ci l'avait opr trois fois avec succs... Cela cr des liens.     
      Nadia et son papa
      nadiaets zip (12k) (incest)
      Le rcit complet, corrig est dpos l'INPI par enveloppe SOLO,  il reste la proprit de son auteur. Vous pouvez publier les extraits sur tous les sites gratuits. A condition de ne rien modifier du texte original et de laisser les coordonnes et explications de dbut et de fin.Dfinition de l'inceste selon le Petit Larousse 1999     

      Sunday PM, Feb 16, 2003

    • by Peter Small :...
    • Almost Incest 3a
      almost3a zip (05k) (b(10)&g(7)/ped)
      This is dedicated to my cousin Terry and a week we spent together one summer at our grandmothers.     
    • by Cheryl :...
    • Johnny's Angels
      johnnysa zip (10k) (4 yng women, strippers, NC, IR)
      Cheryl Honey leads a group of 3 young undercover agents into the lair of a drug lord only to discover she is losing control as her recruits become addicted to the drugs and sex.     
    • by Handcandy :...
    • May I Call You Dad
      mayicall zip (08k) (M/f9 rape/cons)
      Your daughter Stephanie, whom you last saw two weeks ago, is with me now. And let me tell you she is a delight. This morning I was balls deep in her tender little asshole, and I can't describe the sensations as your daughter's soft little bowels gripped my 9-inch cock with a marvelous suction. I can tell you it didn't take me long to spray her tight little ass pipe with gobs and gobs of my hot cum. It's a shame you never thought to try it yourself. But then from what Steph tells me, you are one of those nice people who don't think about such things.     
    • by The MadHatter :...
    • Pleasureville, part 3
      pleasur3 zip (23k) (Mf, mF, oral, spank, fist)
      A naughty girl gets in trouble for misbehaving in class, but gets quite the pleasurable punishment when her teacher keeps her after school. And a good boy helps an old woman with her yard work, then offers to help her with more intimate work.     
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • The Cheerleaders, ch 17-20
      the17_20 zip (34k) (lots of me and boys/ hudreds of girls oral, vag, anal, slavery end of this story)
      At Pedo Resort, Crystal, Mr. Oliver and Charles watched the television in horror as the news was talking about a charter plane exploding over the Pacific Ocean with Fifty one children and five Parents on board. There were no survivors and only two bodies had been found, the rest experts believe were disinigrated in the explosion. A little known terrorist group had claimed responsibility for taking the American plane out. The news was listing some of the missing people, the Prim family, the Brandt Family, Charles Austin and his niece Becky Austin. As Crystal started to burst into tears, there was a commotion coming into the lobby.     
    • by Ermberto :...
    • Dad's Desire
      dadsdesi zip (13k) (Inc - dad/son, dad/dau, bro/sis, pedo, anal, oral, group (Mfb), double-pen)
      One night, 12 year old Helen spies her father ass-fucking her brother, 11 year old Eddie. Helen is jealous as she wants a share of her father's cock too, so the next night she interrupts the pair and offers her ass to her father, and later takes on both her brother and dad at the same time.     
      Mature Nymphos And Little Studs
      matureny zip (20k) (Inc - grandma/grandsons, mother/sons, first, oral, anal, cum, group FFmb)
      A 51 year old female boy-lover named Michelle is excited when her daughter Lynn moves in with her, along with her sons, Jake, 13, and Billy, 12. Michelle soon seduces the boys and has them fuck her. She teaches them oral and anal sex too, and then the boy's mom Lynn soon catching them at it and joins in.     
    • by DirtyMind :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Melanie, die Lehrerin, kap 1
      melanie1 zip (06k) (M/FF, sex, NS)
      Melanie tritt ihre erste Lehrerinnenstelle in einem Mdcheninternat an. Schnell stellt sie fest dass in dieser Schule ganz besondere Sitten herrschen. Im ersten Teil trifft sie auf 2 andere geile Lehrkrfte, die ihr ein angemessenes Willkommen bereiten.     
    • by The MadHatter :...
    • Pleasureville, part 3
      pleasure3 zip (27k) (Mf, mF, oral, spank, fist)
      Ein bses Mdchen bekommt rger, weil sie ungezogen whrend des Unterrichts war, allerdings ist die Bestrafung dann sehr lustvoll, als der Lehrer sie nach der Schule dabehlt. Ein guter Junge hilft einer alten Frau bei der Gartenarbeit und bietet ihr dann an, ihr bei viel intimeren Dingen auch noch zu helfen.     

      Saturday PM, Feb 15, 2003

    • by Cheryl :...
    • Amanda Pays
      amandapa zip (08k) (17 yr old fem/Bimbo)
      17 yr old Amanda transforms into the ultimate love slave. This story could be also titled Bimbo University and or Be Careful what you wish for!     
      Animal Instincts The Next Generation, parts 1-3
      anima1_3 zip (13k) (FF/FM/multiple partnes, exhibitionism IR)
      The continuing saga Of Joanna Coles world reknowned authoress who inherits a young charge (F) who reawakens Joanna's eyes to sexual freedom and exploration.     
    • by CuPED :...
    • Forced Into Incest
      forcedin zip (14k) (M/f Dad/dau unc/neice INC PED)
      "Unc Daniel, can I give you a blow job?" Daniel Braddock was floored. The last thing he expected to hear from his four year old niece was that! His brother's child, Carol was a precocious child. The younger of two children, her older sister was six, she was used to being babied. Daniel tried to treat both children equally. His own marriage had been childless and ended in divorce when he caught his wife cheating on him. He had thought that seeing the woman who would lay not a lip on his penis deep throating and loving it an eleven inch prick of a black man would be his worse shock ever. His niece's request blew that one out of the water!     
      Pedo Porn Adventures, part 4
      pedopor4 zip (62k) (M/f F/f m/f f/f dad/dau INC PED anal)
      As the seven year old hit the mattress, jack sat up and positioned her laying face down. He got on his knees behind her and brought her hips up as he placed his large ten incher at her moist opening. Her voice stopped him before he could plunge in. "In my butt, jack, I want it in my butt!" "Are you sure? Jack asked. "I'm a little thicker than your dad, it will hurt more." "Please, jack!" She moaned wiggling her ass back and forth. "I love it in my butt!"     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • I Lived My Fantasy
      ilivedmy zip (11k) (M-solo Mg-9 oral inc ped con neighbor/girl)
      I had to back out of the garage to the street to go to work each day. Every morning about the same time I did this a small girl would be walking by on the sidewalk. She lived a few houses down and while I waited for her to get clear of my drive I would watch her in my mirror then turn and watch her walk past the house. She was about 9 or 10, small for her age but her little breasts were beginning to sprout. Many mornings she would be fussing with her bra strap as she walked by, trying to get it at the right spot so it wouldn?t drop down off her shoulder. I had seen my wife do this so many times that I knew what she was doing without even thinking.     
    • by JB :...
    • I, Motherfucker
      imotherm zip (04k) (m/F inc nc)
      I was introduced to sex by doing something that I probably shouldn't have done. Hell, I know that I shouldn't have done it, but did just the same. Here's my true confession. I was just twelve years old when my mother and dad had this fight. He liked to drink and she didn't. They argued and she finally told him that when they went out that night, that she was going to drink one for one with him. He laughed and told her to go ahead, but she'd never make it. I heard the car pull into the driveway around midnight. Then I heard my mom giggling and my dad cursing her. "Come on, you drunk," he said. "Try to walk a little." He held her arm over his shoulder and was basically carrying her to the door.     
    • by lolitot :...
    • More Than A Mouthfull, part 18
      moreth18 zip (06k) (g/M)
      An elevator and a little girl ... what else do ya need? Think real hard, make a wish ...     
    • by KidLover :...
    • Mr. O's Family, ch 3: Settling In
      mrosfam3 zip (07k) (Mggggg humor badwords nakedness)
      I bring the brood home. They check out the house, meet Inga, have pizza and drinks, and get naked.     
    • by Davy Sprocket :...
    • Whatever Happened to Baby Jane
      whatever zip (17k) (Teen (b-17)/preteen (g-9), bro/sis, inc, oral, intercourse, anal)
      What the hell did ever happen to Baby Jane?     

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