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    February 22nd - February 28th mid-Morning Updates

      On Friday PM, Feb 28, 2003

    • by Phoenix Rising :...
    • Cindy at School, ch 1
      cindyat1 zip (12k) (f/f pedo, voy, piss)
      Cindy gets hot thinking about her perverted sexual exploits and meets a girl from her school that is equally as horny. She introduces her to some of her piss and shit play. They then set out to seduce one of their teachers.     
    • by Cheryl :...
    • Magician's Assistant
      magician zip (06k) (18FEM/exhibition/magic/near death)
      At 18 I ran away from home and got hired as a magicians assistant, wearing first skimpy then no outfits at all. My last act almost kills me but someone does die.     
    • by Jennitha :...
    • Mom At The Farm House
      momatthe zip (07k) (Mom/Son inc)
      Ajay is my best friend. He was my school buddy and we were in the hostel together. After school he joined his fathers business and I came to my home town. When my family was in a very bad financial state as my father wouldn't work and a time came when we had to sell off our house to save ourselves, I had asked help from Ajay and without any hesitation he had given us the money to save our house. I was so thankful that I didn't wait when he invited me over to his plush farm house in the suburbs. I hadn't seen him for years now and we had just kept in touch on the phone. I was happy to meet him and even thank him personally for saving our house. I arrived at his place on Friday night and we talked and talked remembering all our school time pranks and stuff. We talked well into the next morning. There was no one else in the farm house, we had to order the food from a nearby restaurant and we were just by ourselves. We had by now finished talking and felt it would be good to go into town just for fun. Ajay took his car and we went into town, he said he had some urgent business and went into a building and came back within 10 minutes and then we got something to eat. After a couple of hours we were back at the farm house. It was 10 pm.     
      Mother's Wonderful Treat
      mothersw zip (07k) (Mom/Son inc)
      One morning Mother asked me to accompany her to the market. There was a lot of shopping to do and she could not possibly carry it all back alone. We had almost completed all the shopping when an incident occurred that was going to change a lot of things in my life. A bunch of loafers had been sitting on a rock and ogling at Mother while she made some purchases at the butcher's shop. Mother always has been quite an eyeful, and turned heads wherever she went, but these guys went beyond the limits of decency. They started passing remarks at her. "Hey, beautiful, when are you calling me over to your house?" One of them called out to Mother. "I'll put that wonderful body of yours to its proper use." "What a fantastic piece of goods she is." Another one remarked. "Fucking her is something one could happily die for." "I am ready to die right now if I am given the chance to screw her arse." The third one said.     
    • by Calrese :...
    • Momma's Girl, part 5
      mommasg5 zip (07k) (F/g/f Inc)
      Jan was so embarrassed at her Daughter catching her having sex with that women, she couldn't look her Daughter in her eyes, as the walked back to the car getting her purse and makeup bag. Mary was so wet watching her Mother suck that women's cunt that she needed her Mother's hot mouth she was going to take full advantage of the situation as she walk with her Mother to their room, Jan opened the door and allowed her Daughter to walk in, Jan watched as her Daughter walked a head of her into the room, Jan could see the wet spot on the back of her Daughter's tight mini skirt, she could tell her Daughter was wet, especially after she had watched her and the other women having sex. Jan started getting wet as she thought of what her Daughter had seen her do... Jan bits her lip as starts up a conversation. "Well Honey I guess you saw me with that women?"     
      Tammy and her Mother Carol, parts 5-6
      tammy5_6 zip (09k) (tammy5_6)
      Carol woke up the next morning to the sound of teen-age girl giggling in their room… it was Saturday as Carol pulled herself out of the bed and walked over to her bathroom, after a good shower and pussy shave she walked down the stairs into the kitchen to start breakfast, Carol thought back about her day with her Daughter and her new girl friend, she slowly shoved her hand down to her open robe and rubbed her sore pussy which was a reminder of the hot blonde that was sleeping over, then she heard her Daughter scream " Mom " Carol smiled as she walked up the stair slowly to her Daughter's bed room.     
    • by siwyg :...
    • The Golf Course
      thegolfc zip (09k) (Mg oral pedo sex)
      Rosie walked into the kitchen, Dave following her and closed the other door. Rosie stood at the table and he lifted her young body up and too her to the living room.     
    • by Acid :...
    • The Trainer, part 5
      thetrai5 zip (15k) (M/f, oral, voyeur)
      Tumbles earns his name. After a morning ride, Melissa loses more than her pride. Her hymen is gone. John is good about it though. It's no reason to stop her training, even if the pain and bleeding is leaving her with no avenue for release...     
    • by Matt Finnish :...
    • Fleet Week
      fleetwee zip (04k) (MF)
      This was Fleet Week in San Francisco. Aircraft carriers and other ships in the Bay, and at night the Embarcadero was filled with sailors in their summer whites. I was down there a lot-—military men are a passion of mine.     

      Thursday PM, Feb 27, 2003

    • by CuPED :...
    • Game Day
      gameday zip (09k) (M/f PED interracial prostitution)
      Atlanta was ahead fourteen to seven at the half. The game was about ready to resume when Darnell heard the back door of John's home open and close. A moment later, a cute little white girl walked into the room. She looked to be about seven years old. Her long blonde hair was tied back into a ponytail. Her blue eyes were bright, but grew doubtful when she caught sight of Darnell sitting on the couch. The child was skinny as a stick, but very pretty. Dismissing the other black man's presence for a moment, her pixie face split into a wide grin at John as she crawled up into his lap. "Who is winning?" She asked looking at the screen. "Atlanta by seven." John answered as she settled onto his lap. His voice was a bit higher, and much more gentle than you would expect on seeing him. Indicating his house guest, John made introductions. "This is Darnell. He works with me at the plant. Darnell, this is Betty. She lives across the street. The child and man regarded one another. "Nice to meet you." Betty stated politely after a moment. "Nice to meet you too." Darnell replied, just as politely. He wondered at the child's presence, especially given the fact that she had just walked in like she owned the place.     
    • by Cheryl :...
    • Letter to a Noose Lover
      letterto zip (03k) (toys and breathplay)
      I experiment with hanging myself only to find myself wanting more.     
      Lights Camera Action
      lightsac zip (04k) (MMMMMovieStars/Cheryl)
      In this story I am screwed for real by some major movie stars on the set while making a movie!     
      Lisa's First Time
      lisasfir zip (03k) (MF/MF/ IR)
      I take a girlfriend out to fulfill a fantasy for black cock and suck seed ha ha.     
    • by DaddyBob :...
    • Little Girl Photographer
      littlegi zip (15k) (M/g ped rape panties)
      You never knew taking pictures could be so exciting! But then, you never dreamed you'd get your hands on such a sexy little twelve-year-old girl, to take pictures of either!     
    • by Rogerher :...
    • Loving Mom, ch 9
      lovingm9 zip (57k) (pedo, M/F, M/f, Fm, Beast, nc, rape, torture)
      George Wyebar was on his way to the hotel for his usual few before dinner drinks when he stopped to talk to Martha Fort, a neighbor and mother of Dorothy, who at that very moment was fucking Mervyn and Geraldine Derrick. George eyed off Martha's sweater enclosed tits and felt that usual stirring in his pants as his cock stretched and eased itself. Martha Fort was about 36 years old and was married to Bob a carpenter, they had two children Clem (17) and Dorothy (10). Martha was a rich honey blonde with a full round face, sensuous thick lips that pursed just so that every man she met immediately pictured Martha on her knees gobbling their cocks between those thick red lips. She had a full figure with tight hips and a narrow waist, long shapely legs, but her crowning glory were her magnificent tits. Full heavy 38-inch breasts capped with long vermilion nipples that seemed perpetually hard.     
    • by siwyg :...
    • Molesting Little Girls, parts 1-2
      moles1_2 zip (26k) (Mgg, pedo, oral)
      "His thing looks better than your brothers thing, but he wants us to suck it for him and that gooey stuff will come out of it again", that made me chuckle to hear what was said.     
    • by DreamZ :...
    • The Beginning, ch 10
      thebeg10 zip (09k) (M/boy, Masturbation, Oral, Anal, Rim, Pedo)
      I decided to sit out on my porch a few minutes to cool off. When I got out there, Matty was shooting his tennis ball against the wall. I made an attempt to say hello, and he just glansed over at me. He noticed I was all sweaty. "Gettin all sweaty with my mom, asshole ??" "No bucko, I was just finishing packin my stuff." "Oh shut up, Stop playin that, 'I'M MOVIN OUT' game!!" "It's no game bud, I'll be gone the day after tomorrow when my new house is done." "What new house ?" "I bought a new house, its just being painted and carpeted." His eyes filled up with tears again, and came on up to me not sure if I was lying or not.     
    • by Phillip :...
    • Torture Cards, part 2
      torture2 zip (17k) (M/m, nc, rape, mdom, cbt, first, rough, sad, sm, snuff, span, tort, va, viol, toys)
      Poor little Jason had almost cried himself dry. Despite the soreness of his arse hole and the pain in his nipples and chest he could hardly produce a single tear. Now he lay waiting in trepidation for the next onslaught to begin. He hoped with all his little heart that his ordeal would soon be over.     

      Wednesday PM, Feb 26, 2003

    • by Mystery :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Rainy Day House
      rainyday zip (15k) (Mm)
      It was the summer that I spent a lot of time alone, and it was something that could only have happened decades ago. In my case, it was 1952. I walked up the steps and knocked on the heavy oak door. I waited and knocked again. Shrugging my shoulders, I turned to leave when the door opened. I turned back on the steps and faced an older man. He was slender with silver-black hair. He was a distinguished looking man and could have been a doctor or some professional person. He wore a suit and tie. Being only twelve, I thought he was old, but he was actually only about sixty.     
    • by Dark Tower Gunslinger :...
    • Americana Odyssey, ch 14
      americ14 zip (32k) (M+/F+/f+/g+/beast/scat/non-con/gs/inter/caution)
      Jake and Sylvia explore the seedier side of the Scandanavian city with all the private sex clubs. Jake meets several interesting young things and gets to participate in an orgy involving the taking of the virginity of three nuns in all three holes.     
    • by Jennitha :...
    • A Pact for Life
      apactfor zip (05k) (Mom/Son inc)
      I was having a hard time. My final examinations were approaching, but I just could not get down to studying. At 18, I had always been a pretty good student. However, my performances were beginning to slip. Everyone was worried. My teachers were unable to make out why I was suddenly neglecting my studies at such a vital time. My mother was at the end of her wits. She had single handedly put me through school after my father had ditched us and left with a girl half his age when I was ten. The problem, as one may guess, was girls. I just could not stop thinking about them. I was still a virgin. I had never seen a girl naked in the flesh leave alone fuck one, and I was dying to get a chance. The best I could get were some nude pictures over which I would masturbate.     
    • by Phoenix Rising :...
    • Auto Show Preteens
      autoshow zip (11k) (M/f pedo, first time, voy)
      A traveling salesman finds a stash of porno books from the Golden Age of porn, then meets a twelve year old that wants to do all of those things he's reading about. He shows her what good sex is all about.     
    • by Doctor J :...
    • Cynthia, part 3
      cynthia3 zip (06k) (mf dad/daut)
      My daughter was suffering from a terrible affliction when she turned 16. Cynthia started getting into her medicine, developing a liking for the curing process. Once we had cured her, we kept our own brand of 'medicine' going.     
    • by siwyg :...
    • Little Girl
      littlegi zip (09k) (Mg toddler two years,sex, pedo, oral, anal)
      He watched the children playing in the park, then he saw a little girl she was very young and had ginger hair.     
    • by Byteman2000 :...
    • The Maintenance Man, parts 1-2
      thema1_2 zip (21k) (M/g 9, oral, fondling, masturbation, gifted child, cons, flashback, romance)
      "Mommy I thought you were going to come back up and help me dry off." She said now standing in the living room in front of us. "Oh my I'm so sorry honey I was talking to Mr. Bob and completely forgot. Come here we'll get you dried off." Judy said holding her hands out to her daughter. I only set there admiring the innocent beauty in front of me. A little girl almost 9 years old but who seemed to act much younger then her age. I could even see that she was starting to get tiny bumps on her chest were little buds would be forming soon. "You'll have to forgive me, Tina is a special child though she is almost 9 emotionally she's only going on 7 according to her doctors." Judy said as she wrapped her daughter in the towel while drying her off. "That's ok, I'm very use to seeing naked little girls running around the house. I did kind of wonder about Tina but didn't want to ask for fear of offending you. What I mean is that I presumed she was about 8 or 9 but hearing her and seeing her actions now I understand." "It's one of the reasons I watch and worry about her so much. You never know when someone might take advantage of her in the wrong way." Judy stated while still drying off her little angel. I watched as Tina stood there with her mother drying her, then spread her legs wide a part while Judy dried each one then on up between her legs. Finally wrapping the towel around her head dried it off while we continued to talk. "You know you are a very special man, to have so much compassion and understanding. Not only that but to raise three girls and bring them up in a positive way."     
    • by Pseeker :...
    • Camp Shower, ch 1
      campsho1 zip (05k) (M/f, peeping, non-cons)
      During a late night stop to use a campground restroom, I find a young girl showering and decide to hide and watch.     
    • by Matt Finnish :...
    • Hungry Trio at the Arcade Toilet
      hungrytr zip (03k) (M/M)
      This story, like most of my stories, is a true life encounter with anonymous men, in a semi-private arcade for adults.     

      Tuesday PM, Feb 25, 2003

    • by Jade :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Cherry Popin' Matt, ch 1
      cherryp1 zip (06k) (m/f/f)
      Matt Mcguire was like any other normal boy. He hated his sister, and did everything in his power to annoy her. He was 11 years old and just entering puberty, his body was doing all sorts of weird things. The weirdest thing was, being attracted to his older sister, Lizzy. At first the thought disgusted him, it was his icky sister, but as time went on he started to try to see her, to accidently feel her up. Lizzy just thought he was being an annoying brat, so she dismissed his actions. She never realized her little brother was actually attracted to her.     
    • by Mel :...
    • All about Erica
      allabout zip (07k) (M/F g age 6/incest)
      Reba's six-year-old daughter Erica is a doll, and every bit as flirtations as her mother. I was always exchanging glances with Reba to make sure I hadn't crossed the line, when Erica wanted to play "horsy" in her wet swimsuit, or stand on her head in her nightie for "Simon says." Reba never seemed to react negatively, and I loved carrying those little scenes away in my mind as jerk off material for my pedo urges.     
    • by Calrese :...
    • A Mother's Love A Daughter's Passion
      amothers zip (09k) (F/g Oral Inc)
      Judy waited patiently as her Mother straggled out of the bar, Judy was getting impatient with her Mother after receiving a phone call in the middle of the night, she knew that she had school the next morning, as she watched her Mother open the door and sat down in the car next to her. As Judy started the car she looked over finding her Mother had passed out, she shook her head remembering that every day this week she would have to go and pick her Mother from the bar, as Judy drove towards home she looked over seeing her Mother slumped over to the side. Judy couldn't believe the way her Mother looked, her Mother always had large breasts size 44 d-cup, and her Mother had long blonde hair, which she let hang down her shoulders and back. Her Mother had large kissable lips with light green eyes she a wide ass that she would flaunt with her short mini skirts that she wore, Judy's pussy began to get wet as her Mother 's leg which was pushed over next to hers, she quickly shoved her hand down to her Mother 's wide spread thigh, as she shook her Mother while calling out to her, "Mom are you awake?" When Judy didn't get a response she squeezed her Mother 's naked thigh again.     
    • by Cheryl :...
    • Christmas Bang
      christma zip (05k) (multiple m/21 yr Fem/ IR/exposed/con)
      21 yr old knockout plays santa's helper at a black bar and gets gang banged after exposing herself to everyone.     
    • by Doctor J :...
    • Cynthia, part 2: Cynthia's Continued Treatment
      cynthia2 zip (07k) (mf)
      My daughter was suffering from a terrible affliction when she turned 16. After finding out the cure, we started the treatment. The first dose proved very successful, but we had to finish the course! Cynthia started getting into her medicine, developing a liking for the curing process.     
    • by DreamZ :...
    • Kids World, ch 6
      kidswor6 zip (13k) (M/b, b/b, Masturbation, Oral, Anal, Rim, Pedo)
      I was buzzed into the cell block and again to get into the main holding cells. Cell blocks C, D, and E were all empty and it sounded like a ghost town in here, hahaa. I was going to the end of cell block A. We kept the 8 of these guys far apart, as there was no need to keep them all together with only 8 of them. As I passed by Derrys cell, I noticed he was naked and most likely wackin off under that thin sheet. I payed no attention as I approached Bens cell. He was sitting there on his bed reading a book when I got there. The cells were small and contained a bunk bed, sheets and a pillow on each. A sink and toilet, 2 bookshelves, a tv on its own shelf and a small desk and chair. I noticed that he seemed to have a lot of his personal items with him in there already. "Hey there Ben. I been sick all week. I heard what happened." "Geezz, thank God Doc. Those bastards locked me up for having sex with my boy. I can't believe this shit. Get me the hell outta here please." "Now hold on there Ben, settle down a minute. Lets talk about this. I reviewed your tape in my office this morning." "You mean you SAW us having sex ??"     
    • by KidLover :...
    • Sally's Awakening, ch 4
      sallysa4 zip (05k) (M/F/g oral video voyeur games)
      Mommy and daddy teach Sally a 'grown up game' which leads to a speedy realization of their hopes.     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • Sweet Innocence: The Porn Star, part 2
      sweetin2 zip (10k) (Girl-solo Mf-13 oral inc Mggg-7 pedo bb film)
      With her eyes closed, her head tilted back a little, she slid her hand between her thighs and began to stroke herself. She parted the lips of that place that she discovered could make her feel so wonderful. She began to stroke herself and gently parted those pussy lips and let the hot water seep inside her. With a small smile on her face she moved one finger then two fingers inside her cleft and began to move them in and out in a gentle rhythm of stimulation.     
    • by Jack Spratt :...
    • When Duty Calls
      whenduty zip (23k) (M/f ped)
      Don is called upon to assist one of his co-workers. Her daughter is an accomplished speaker and requires transportation to various locations in neighboring communities for competitions. She is a twelve-year-old knockout. I bet you can guess the rest.     

      Monday PM, Feb 24, 2003

    • by JJ Longprong :...
    • A Bump on the Head, part 3
      abumpon3 zip (26k) (M/F F/F orgy)
      She petted her pussy while seated at the kitchen table. She would take a sip of coffee, pet her pussy, read the paper for a while, pet her pussy, munch a bite of toast, pet her pussy, take another sip of coffee, and pet her pussy yet again. When she wasn't sipping, reading, or munching, she would be petting her pussy. Her hands seemed to naturally fall between her thighs and stroke her sex.     
    • by Cheryl :...
    • Bondage Actress
      bondagea zip (04k) (actress, movie, torture, eels)
      A short story of an undercover agent posing as a actress to get to her objective, only to find thrills with eels.     
      cumrag zip (04k) (slave training/exposed/humiliated)
      Two masters take a young girl to a new level in her training as a sex slave.     
      Jo Tanker, Private Eye
      jotanker zip (03k) (a short funny story)
      If you need something to chuckle at, read this story! The idea for this one came from a tv show in usa where Al Bundy had a fantasy of being a private eye, costarring traci lords!     
    • by Benhead :...
    • Callie, part 1
      callie1 zip (09k) (M/g,pedo,cons)
      She climbed up and sat down right on my cock facing the TV. Because my boxers and her panties were both so thin, it was like feeling her little bottom pressed up tight against my cock with almost nothing between them. It felt so good that I could feel my cock getting harder. She turned her head toward me and whispered. "I can feel your pee-pee getting big again." "I know, honey, I can feel it too."     
    • by Keyman :...
    • Dr. Gale's Case Histories – The Little Piggys Club,
      part 7: Dina and Her Daddy, part 1
      drgale10 zip (26k) (F/g age 9 Pedo, Oral, Anal)
      In part seven of The Little Piggys, we are going to meet Dina DeMartina courtesy of Amy Carter's story telling. Dina was the next girl to apply for membership in the Little Piggys club. You will follow along as Amy details just what Dina had to do as part of her initiation into the Little Piggys. Having read the prior parts of this continuing story you know whatever her tasks were, they will be unusual, sexual and of course very piggy. Let's listen as Amy details just what happened when Dina DeMartina approached her in the girl's locker room.     
    • by Calrese :...
    • Linda'a Dilemma, part 4
      lindasd4 zip (09k) (F/g/ Inc)
      Linda had been in a meeting with 3 other girl's for a position working at the local hospital as a entry level Candy striper, interviewing with the placement officer at the school sat up a workshop for the young teens and this was and opportunity for Linda to get on the job training, she needed work in the field of nursing which she thought was a good idea. The only thing is she forgot to mention it to her Mother that morning before going to school, and the reason she forgot to tell her, was because her Mother had her bent over the breakfast table with her face shoved up her skirt licking her dripping cunt...     
      Susan's Concerned Mother, part 5
      susansc5 zip (07k) (F/g/g Inc)
      Alice worked most of the day getting her Daughter's Dinner dress together; she knew she needed her Daughter there to put the finishing touches to her new dress to compete it. About and hour later her Daughter walks thru the front door yelling to her Mom that she was home. Susan walked from room to room looking for her Mom but to no avail, Susan went to her room as she got close to her Door she thought she heard a low moan coming from inside her Mother's bedroom door as she cracked the door open she notice her Mother laying on her bed she had a large black dildo shoved up her bald cunt, she was furiously fucking herself, Susan could see her Mother had a pair of her Daughter's Bikini panties in her mouth, Susan notice also the panties were the ones that she wore earlier this morning, she could hear her Mother call out her name.     
    • by Silver Fox :...
    • Neighborhood Suck Off, part 2
      neighbo2 zip (08k) (F/b, Oral Mast. Exh)
      Kathy is forced to move or get into trouble for having sex with her neighbor's young son. Although she vows never to do it again, her desire for young boys soon wins out.     
    • by Doctor J :...
    • The Make-Up Artist
      themakeu zip (06k) (M/f incest)
      True story...this happened to me, which should cement it's place in urban myth forever, don't you think. I swear, word for word, this is what really happened. My buddy is a professional make-up artist for movies, and not just your "make people pretty" stuff either...he can give you a realistic scar, a new nose, bigger ears...he calls them prosthetics. I call them a license to do what you want! One day, I got wind of my daughter getting into some, shall we say, lower end activities. I investigated, and what I found blew me away...     
    • by Acid :...
    • The Trainer, part 4
      thetrai4 zip (15k) (M/F, mast, oral, beast)
      Melissa finally gets some hands on training. Well, mouth on training to be precise. She takes a walk around the farm wearing an anklet and a smile, spending the day watching the farm hands do what they normally do. Is it any wonder Melissa is starting to feel a little frustrated?     
    • by Attilla :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Petite Girls Are Fun, part 1
      petiteg1 zip (08k) (M/f Teen Preg?)
      I used to think Work Sucked in general other than the paychecks, Now i earn Pussy before money.     

      Sunday PM, Feb 23, 2003

    • by JJ Longprong :...
    • A Bump on the Head, part 2
      abumpon2 zip (25k) (M/F voy)
      "I'm sorry, baby. Come here and give your momma a big hug." Something was strange. Jack could sense it. His wife never sounded this way before. The words "baby" and "momma" were not used in the sense which she usually used them. He just stood there looking at her.     
    • by Calrese :...
    • Blind As A Bat, parts 3-4
      blind3_4 zip (09k) (F/g Inc Oral)
      Barbara smiled to herself as she thought how her Daughter fucked her horny mouth; she needed her Daughter's hot cunt after seeing how she was doing her routine at school. She had wanted to suck her Daughter's cunt for many years as she would walk around in her short little skirts sometimes she would wear panties and sometimes she would wear nothing...     
    • by Cheryl :...
    • Kelly
      kelly zip (05k) (14 yr old fem/modeling/hooking/missing)
      14 yr old Kelly worked at the motel with her mom only Kelly was doing more than just serving ice to the tenants.     
    • by lolitot :...
    • Little Girls And Ponies And Things, Oh My!, parts 1-2
      littl1_2 zip (08k) (FH/Ff/FgD)
      Little girls like ponies, a lot! Just watch when you see one on a merry-go-round, or a little girl on a rocking horse. Even playground stuff. Some of it, anyways. They can ride those things for hours ... ever wonder why?     
    • by Twistedfun :...
    • Mission, part 2
      mission2 zip (08k) (MMM/F/fff 8 yrs,6yrs,2 yrs, rough, NC)
      Once I was naked I held the 2 year old to my chest and roughly made her mouth my nipples. "Look she wants to nurse!" I chuckled at the mother, tormenting her while molesting her innocent baby girl. I sighed as I tugged at the tape holding the diaper on her tiny hips. "Just like unwrapping a present...." I mumbled as my buddies laughed. "Enjoy your new fuck toy!" Called John as he fondled the six year old through her clothing as she stood still in shock, savory the warmth of her freshly pissed crotch. I gazed at the prominent split mound of the 2 year old and inhaled her freshly bathed scent. "Nice and clean and ready for some loving." I sighed.     
    • by CuPED :...
    • MrDouble Sexperience
      mrdouble zip (12k) (M/F M/f F/f INC PED mom/daugh)
      I was a total wreck that Saturday as I waited for her to come by. Though still February, we had a warm but rainy day, so I left the door open to help air the place out even more. Every car I heard pull by the door caused me to tense. When one finally stopped, parked behind my own car, I prepared to answer the knock. I was dressed in my best pair of blue jeans and my best charcoal shirt. I had my loafers on my feet. When the knock at the door came, I stood quickly to answer it. I got a huge surprise. Samantha was there, dressed in a nice pants suit. But there in front of her was the cutest little girl child I had ever laid eyes on. She was six years old. A miniature version of her mother with jet black long hair tied back in a ponytail with a green scrunchie. Her eyes were blue-green like her moms, but a lighter shade. Her thin pink lips were smiling shyly at me. Her little pug nose was adorable!     
    • by Byteman2000 :...
    • Summer on the Farm
      summeron zip (15k) (b/b, M/b, M/b/b, Uncle/nephew, dad/son, oral, anal, masturbation, cons, first time)
      I guess Luke had noticed that I had been glancing at him or maybe just got the feeling that I had been he stopped turning looked right at me. "Look, I'm curious about you too. Your's is different from mine or dad's and I've never got to see one like it before and I don't think you ever saw one like mine or you wouldn't keep looking. So why don't we do something about it. There ain't no one around here, how about I toss one of the blankets down over there on the straw and we both lay down and check each other's out. Then we don't have to keep peeking and get it over with. I kinda would like to look at you and I think you wanna look at mine." I couldn't seem to answer, I had the words in my mouth but they wouldn't come out. I had been caught, he knew what I was doing and he was right too I did want to check him out better but was scared to ask. All I could do was nod my head yes and watch as Luke tossed one of the blankets out on the straw then laid down on it. He motioned for me to come over and lay the opposite way he was so we could both look at each other. Walking over I did as he said laying down the opposite way he did. He told me that when two people have sex they called this a sixty-nine. We lay there only inches from each other, I could feel my cock starting to get hard again I guess from the excitement of what we were doing. Luke's was too, I watched it as it began to grow slowly poking the head out from around the skin like a snake slipping out of it's hole.     
      Troop69, part 5
      troopsi5 zip (24k) (M/b, b/b, M/g, F/M/b, g/b, M/b/b/g, oral, anal, masturbation, first time, cons)
      If you have been following the story you know that Kevin after being asked to be Mark's assistant scout master for his group of boy scouts in Troop 69 a rather special group where scouting isn't the only thing the boys learn. Mark has arranged for Kevin to meet most of the boys through out the day of the meeting. Spending time swimming in his pool and playing. Kevin enjoys his time, playing sucking, fucking, and learning all he can only to learn much more about them that night during the meeting.     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • Sweet Innocence: The Porn Star, part 1
      sweetin1 zip (10k) (Mf-13 oral inc con Mf-13 porn)
      She was 13, looked and dress as if she was 17 and was a lovely girl. Her natural platinum blonde hair was rare and it was long and full. Dark lashes fringed her big blue eyes and she was one of the prettiest girls in her school. Having everything you want isn?t always good. To be blunt, Emma was a rich little bitch. They lived in a beautiful mansion in Beverly Hills and Emma wanted to go to the high school where her friends would be going in the fall.     
    • by Ermberto :...
    • Looking After Sarah
      lookinga zip (19k) (Inc - bro/sis, Mg-12, first, pedo, oral, mast, anal, cum)
      Craig, a 22 year old bachelor living on his own in the big city, is asked by his mom to look after his kid sister, Sarah, for a couple of weeks. Sarah, aged 12, has always had a crush on her older brother, and intends on giving him her virginity.     

      Saturday PM, Feb 22, 2003

    • by Fantasy_Dreamer :...New Author.!.!.!
    • The Dead Zone, ch 1
      thedead1 zip (07k) (M/F/Girl Mind Control Pedo Rape Fisting)
      After an accident this man gains the power of mind control. Little did he realize his fantasies until he could act on them without consequence.     
    • by JJ Longprong :...
    • A Bump On The Head, ch 1-3
      abump1_3 zip (19k) (M/F)
      Mrs. Beverly Adams stepped out onto her front porch of her ranch style house to retrieve the morning newspaper. She paused to take a deep breath, relax for a moment, and enjoy the morning air. It was so fresh and crisp--so wonderfully refreshing. She stretched her arms high above her head, arched her back, and took another deep intoxicating breath.     
    • by The Wastrel, Lover of Nymphettes :...
    • Bad Bad Julie
      badbadju zip (22k) (M/f, m/f, interacial m/f, mff and more. Probable racial stereotyping of Black guys desire for white girls so if that is offensive please ignore.)
      This is the story of Julie Bowers. Julie is a lovely young high school girl who is as nasty a little slut as has ever been. In the first part of her story is detailed her sexual education to include her uncle and a very well built Black boy, whose cock she falls for very hard.     
    • by Dark Tower Gunslinger :...
    • Bangkok Nights, ch 5
      bangkok5 zip (17k) (M/F/f/f/oral/anal/scat/semi-nc/reluc)
      Palladin and Pamela in Sydney continue to entertain the two New Zealander teens introducing them to adult sex by taking all four cherry orifices. Cast in Chapter Five: Pamela – Palladin's old girlfriend from Sydney and daughter of Evelyn Fontaine who has recently passed away and little Sandra's mother. The same terrorists who took Palladin's daughter took Sandra who died lately at the terrorist's hands. Helen and Mindy – two New Zealand sisters's on holiday in Sydney. Pamela and Palladin trick the two teenagers up to Pamela's penthouse where Palladin takes the thirteen and fifteen year old's virgin orifices – all of them.     
    • by Calrese :...
    • Brandy's Mom, parts 2-6
      brand2_6 zip (31k) (F/g Inc Mother/Daughter)
      Mary was exhausted. She leaned against her Daughter Brandy, her left arm in her, her head against her Daughter shoulder. Brandy could feel the swell of her Mother's breast against her arm, and she turned her gaze down at her Mother's open legs, her cunt beginning to swell even more now, her Mother wasn't wearing any nylons and the white of her flesh was plain to see in the glow of the spacious Limo. Her black skirt had ridden to mid-thigh as she placed her right hand on her Mother's knee, to give her Mother comfort. Her Mother didn't move her hand; only open her legs a little wider at her Daughter's touch, as she placed her knee next to her Daughter's knee. Brandy could feel the heat from her Mother's flesh, it was so soft and warm as she rubbed her Mother's knee to her upper thigh. " It's going to be OK Mom. Don't worry. Everything going to be OK. " She squeezed her Mother's thigh to make her point, loving the feel of a her bare flesh beneath her hand.     
    • by Keyman :...
    • Dr. Gale's Case Histories – The Little Piggys Club, part 6: Sister Mary Madonna
      drgales9 zip (30k) (M/g age 11 FM/g age 10 Pedo, Incest, Oral, Anal, Deflowing)
      In part six of The Little Piggys, Amy relates to the group Marta Hari's attempt to complete her last piggy task. As you know, Marta had completed her first difficult piggy task with unusual speed and ease. The ten year old's next task was more difficult and dangerous then her first. Marta's last piggy task was to seduce the authoritarian Sister Mary Madonna and orally pleasure her pussy and butt hole. That not being hard enough, she had to bring back the Nun's panties, the ones she was wearing, when Marta seduced her. You will be shocked as we discover the Nun is hiding several deep dark dirty secrets. One is her strange relationship to a character already introduced in this continuing series. You will also find there is another dark and unbelievable secret the mustached Nun is hiding under her black Habit.     
    • by Mel :...
    • Erica Likes Paying Communion to Daddy!
      ericalik zip (04k) (M/g age 5/dom/sub)
      Erica was overly nervous today. She was always nervous on Sunday, because it was the day for her communion. She was too young to go to take communion at church, so her father made regular arrangements after they got home.     
    • by Cheryl :...
    • Heaven and Hell, part 1
      heavena1 zip (12k) (bondage/brutality/occult/insects)
      This is a story in three parts, one of my more bizarre stories that you have to read all the way through to fully appreciate it!     
    • by The Timberwolf :...
    • Lisa, ch 1-2
      lisa1_2 zip (06k) (Almost all codes)
      Lisa is introduced to a friend of her husbands. She finds him to be a mystery yet he comes to control her mind in a short time.     
    • by Klee Wyck :...
    • Naughty Bits, part 2: Emmi
      naughty2 zip (15k) (Mf, Mff, Voyeur, Masterbation, Phone Sex)
      When I was in college, my roommate Geoff became a great friend that I still have to this day. Since I went to a school all the way across the country, I often spent my holidays and summers at school because I couldn't afford the trip home. Geoff's family lived much closer and he took pity on me, often inviting me home with him for the holidays so I wouldn't be alone on campus. I soon grew close to his whole family and was often treated like a second son. What Geoff never knew, however, was that I got to know his little sister in a very un-family way. Emmi was a wonderful girl. Long blonde hair, clear complexion, bubbly personality. She was popular and pretty and smart. And it didn't take long for me to fall madly in love with her. Sure she was just a kid, but I guess it's because my first real girlfriend was only fourteen and I was eighteen that I always seem to be attracted to younger girls. When I first arrived at college, I was still dating that first girlfriend. All the girls I knew were her age, so when we eventually broke up, I found myself dating people I knew through her. I just seemed to relate better to younger girls. When I met Emmi and I soon found that we related very well, indeed! Over time, Emmi and I grew very close. We snuck away to spend time together whenever I went to visit her family and she would come to visit her brother a couple times during the school year. Although we grew apart when I moved back closer to home after graduating, she had a wonderful influence on my life and I still think of her fondly. Emmi has played a big role in many of my thoughts and dreams and has been the star of many fantasies. I've written many of these down and used her for inspiration in my stories. Here, are just the Naughty Bits.     
    • by Nomad :...
    • Opportunity Strikes
      opportun zip (149k) (Sadistic physical & sexual torture of 9 to 13 yr olds)
      The third story following the sadistic practices of one family. It is now 1939. Written with the help of Mike, an avid reader. 'His hands slid along her slender little torso, stopping for a moment at her tiny nipples to feel how stiff they had become. His loins moved his cock slightly back and forth, testing the limits of her moistness until his hands reached her neck. He smiled pleasantly one last time, his cock easing slowly from her chink, then tightened his grip around her neck, thumbs pressing inwards to restrict her breathing. Molly's relaxed and flushed features changed as her throttling began.'     
    • by CuPED :...
    • Starting Early
      starting zip (15k) (F/m INC PED First Time)
      I was eight the first time I ate a girl out. I remember it as if it was yesterday, though it happened 12 years ago. At the time, I was a skinny, scrawny youngster. My father insisted I wear my brown hair in a buzz cut. I was just starting out on the wrestling team at school, and he reasoned it would give my opponents one less hold on me. I was starting to work out with dad's supervision, though I hadn't yet begun to build the muscle I would need. I was fast approaching five feet tall, though not quite there yet. My feet grew faster than the rest of me, giving me a slightly clownish look that got me teased a lot. At any rate, when the incident got started, it was a Thursday night. My dad was pulling a double shift and had called to make sure my sister Ellen was there to watch me. She was quite put out by having to, but she had little choice. My mom had died in a car crash when I was only two years old, and Dad worked to much to meet a new female. So Ellen was pressed into babysitting whenever he needed her. Ellen was twelve years old. Her hair was the same color as mine, though long and curly. Her hazel eyes were slightly darker than mine as well. She had high cheek bones, and a very pretty face, though I didn't think so. She had developed early and already head small boobs, and that fact drove the neighborhood boys apes. I didn't see what the big deal was. It looked to me like she had just stuffed apples down her shirt.     
    • by DreamZ :...
    • The Beginning, ch 8-9
      thebe8_9 zip (22k) (M/boy, b/b/b/b, Masturbation, Oral, Anal, rim, pedo)
      "Hahahahaa.. Mattys gotta suck a HUGE dick." Ricky realized what he just said almost insinuating that Matty had already sucked smaller ones. He looked to me to see if I'd caught on. I pretended not to hear a thing as I continued to eat my burger. I wish I could tell him that I already knew about thier little sex games, and that I did more with Matty already than either of you two chumps. Hahaha. I just smiled and Matty looked over to Chris again.     
    • by Cumsucker :...
    • The Camp
      thecamp zip (12k) (m/f incest)
      "I'm telling you, Bud, you will not believe the sex that goes on at that camp," Jim Jansen said to his best friend. "You are always talking about how you'd like to get Kim to branch out a little more sexually. Well here's your chance!" "Yeah, great," Bud Andrews replied. "But how do I get her to go to this fucking camp in the first place? A NUDIST camp, for God's sake. Are you kidding me? She'd never agree to it."     
    • by Pussywillow :...
    • The Governess
      thegover zip (31k) (M/F F/m m/g rom, virg, con, oral 1st, preg)
      France In the late seventeen hundreds. Gianna is hired to be a governess for a wealthy family. After a whirlwind illicit love affair with Louis, the master of the house, he is overcome with guilt, and soon breaks it up. But that left Gianna in such a state of shock, that she let their teenage son, Andre, have an affair with her. But Gianna is still in love with Louis, but he rebuked her again. To save her own sanity, she leaves. Because of this, Andre became so horny that he picked on his younger sister, Emilie.     
    • by Ermberto :...
    • Harry's Son
      harrysso zip (08k) (Inc - dad/son, pedo, anal, oral, MM/b)
      Jack is a young boy-lover who is delighted when his friend Harry introduces him to his 9 year old son, Tommy. Harry and Jack spend an evening buggering Tommy with the promises of further adventures to come.     
    • by DoktorSchocker :...New Author.!.!.!
    • George in Slovakia
      georgein zip (04k) (dad/dau mom/son inc rape)
      Der 28-jährige New-Yorker George verbringt seinen Urlaub in der Slowakei. Er begegnet Elena, die unbedingt nach Amerika möchte. Er nutzt die Situation und bittet sie auf sein Zimmer. Sie kommt, mit ihrem 14-jährigen Sohn Yuri ...     
      Mutters Trauma
      mutterst zip (77k) (dad/daut mom/son inc rape)
      Trixi und David Scholl verbringen ihren Urlaub im sonnigen Florida. Mit dabei sind die Kinder, Daniela und Tom. Die Stimmung ist angespannt, denn über Trixi und Daniela liegt eine dunkle Erinnerung ...     
      Mammi Ist Gemein
      mammiis zip (09k) (Fmm)
      Susan überrascht ihren Sohn Timmy und dessen Freund Bobby, als sich diese Pornomagizine ansehen. Susan, sowieso schon verärgert und frustriert, zwingt die beiden zum Tete-a-Tete...     

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