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      On Friday PM, Jan 31, 2003

    • by PRE-vert :...
    • A Developing Situation, part 3
      adevelo3 zip (07k) (M/g, pedo, voyeur)
      Martin's life has certainly taken a turn as he finds the little girl from the photos by the side of the road. Is it possible she'd accept his advances? Would the mysterious stranger perhaps be related? What about Amy?     
    • by Oediplex :...
    • I Remember Mother
      iremembe zip (20k) (Incest, F/M Mother/son)
      Mom takes me back to college, a trip of just us two. Will I take her when we are back at the motel, alone together?     
    • by Acid :...
    • Nature Reserve, part 4
      naturer4 zip (15k) (MMMMMM/F oral anal)
      Just because Jessi has been out on a marathon trek doesn't mean a mother has to sit in the camp worrying does it? Cathy takes her frustrations out with her on a moonlight stroll in the forest, where they are well and truly quenched prior to the family's trip home. (Series Final)     
    • by Klee Wyck :...
    • Naughty Bits, part 1: Maria
      naughtyb1 zip (15k) (Mf)
      If you've read more than one or two of my stories, you know that I travel a lot for work. I have offices and places to stay in a couple of different cities. My place in Boston is probably my favourite because just around the corner is a small private school. It's one of those places where the kids all wear those wonderful uniforms. I'm sure you know what I mean - short plaid skirts, white cotton blouses, ties. I just love that look on a girl. Maria lives down the hall from me. She lives alone with her mom since her dad died a few years ago. We aren't even remotely close and barely every talk, but like good neighbours, we are friendly when we bump into each other in the hall or elevator or lobby. Maria is a beauty. She is short and willowy with a dark, olive complection and jet-black hair. She has a dazzling smile that could melt the polar ice caps. And best of all, she goes to that school around the corner. Needless to say, Maria has inspired many wonderful fantasies and dreams. I've written a lot of things thinking of Maria. Here, are just the Naughty Bits.     
    • by Sam T Sleaze :...
    • Our Boy-Raping Vacation, ch 9
      ourboyr9 zip (06k) (M/b, M/tb, rape, anal, torture, bondage)
      That night, Big Bob made up a big heaping bowl of popcorn and our little "family" sat down to watch a couple of hours of our home-made porn. Nate had left, he had business to attend to, and Trent had gone home to his mother, who had begun to wonder about his weird attitude and Nate didn't want to have to "off" her or explain what he had been doing to Trent, so Nate decided that Trent was going to go back to a "normal" life for the time being. Bobby loved watching out movies, and our two new acquisitions just sat, completely horrified as they watched Kevin and I on TV snuffing Jimmy and Little Snake, two of our best videos, and two of the best sellers.     
      throwawa zip (10k) (M/TB oral anal consensual)
      It was cold, colder than it had been in a long time. I loved having the cabin on Lake Michigan during the summer, but during the winter it was a pain, so I only spent a few weekends there and spent most of my time in my apartment in downtown Chicago. The apartment was just 2 blocks from my office, so winter travel was easy. Then I found Him huddled in my garage, in a corner next to a heating duct that never did work right. It was well after midnight on the second weekend in December. I had gone to the car to get my gloves. I don't know why I had left them there, but I needed to bang the snow and ice off the satellite dish so I could get back to watching TV. He looked up at me sharply, and sucked in his breath.     
      Tim's Satanic Lifestyle, part 1
      timssat1 zip (08k) (M/b, rape, torture, body modification, blood, fisting, watersports, snuff)
      Timmy, or Tim as his new Master insisted he be called, really wasn't the same boy he     
    • by Hypnox :...
    • The Girl I Told My Secret To, part 2
      thegirl2 zip (15k) (mf)
      Answering Rocko's telephoned plea to meet him at the rail terminus at seven, I found it almost deserted: the rail staff outnumbered the passengers. Rocko eventually turned up at eight carrying in his arms a small girl of four. "Here, take her, will you, her name's Jessica." I sat her on my arm, my hand nestling along the band of her knickers. Her bottom felt soft. Once he straightened himself out he took her back. "I can't believe it. I've just come back from Heathrow airport seeing off my sister to the States for another six months. She took Melissa but left me with the younger daughter to look after like last time. How lucky can you get?" The Melcaster train was announced and we walked the length of the platform to the leading coach. The train was twelve coaches long, but few passengers boarded before it drew out at eight fifteen.     

      Thursday PM, Jan 30, 2003

    • by Passion Pedo :...
    • Adventures of Lauren, ch 8
      adventu8 zip (09k) (M/g)
      Paul quietly opened the closet door and looked out into the room. He saw Lauren sleeping peacefully, a big smile on her face, still naked on the bed. He was tempted to impale her right there, but he knew better things awaited him. He looked towards the closed bathroom door and saw the light from inside creep underneath the door.     
    • by Byteman2000 :...
    • A Mother's Lust, part 1
      amother1 zip (06k) (F/b, Mom/son 10, masturbation, oral, non-con sleeping)
      "Another lonely night", she thought to herself as she started to make her way to the steps a dull ache and tingling still in her thighs longing for something more then her finger. Turning off the living room lights she remembered that Saturday was Jason's 10th birthday. He was growing quickly, no longer the baby that she enjoyed suckling her breast. Feeding him was one pleasure that would bring her to a climax over and over again. Now almost 10 he was taller then her, " He'll probably be as tall if not taller then his father " she thought who stood 6'4. Passing by some of his photos hanging on the wall, she thought how beautiful a boy he was with hair as blonde as hers and eyes to match.     
    • by DreamZ :...
    • The Beginning, ch 4
      thebegi4 zip (08k) (M/b Mast Oral Ped)
      Well Josh and I start to try new things. The little guy starts coming over more and more and things heat up in the bedroom. After a while, Josh's visit become less frequent.. he finally discovers girls. But I discover that Josh isn't the only horny 11 yr old out there.. Keep watching as this story continues..     

      Wednesday PM, Jan 29, 2003

    • by Amber Gold :...
    • A Dream Can Come True
      adreamca zip (10k) (Mg-12 inc oral con ped)
      Some of us wish for a dream to come true. Does our mind somehow know what we should dream so someday we can make that dream reality? That is the only explanation that Ben could believe. He never knew the young girl that he dreamed about so much, didn?t know she was real. She was a real person and one day she found her way to his door so he could save her and by saving her he made his dream come true.     
    • by Dark Tower Gunslinger :...
    • Bangkok Nights, ch 2
      bangkoc2 zip (11k) (Mg/M/g/oral/ consen/anal/semi-consen)
      Palladin finishes his sexual adventures with the young granddaughter of Swede's including a visit up her virginal Hershey Highway. His departure from Sweden is met with an unexpected surprise that will change the rest of his life and put him on a new path in the search for his missing daughter.     
    • by Dr E.M. Hyatt :...
    • Marnie
      marnie zip (03k) (f/f slave)
      When I was nine, I made a bet with this girl in the next higher grade. It was a stupid bet and the penalty for losing was pretty bad. Her name was Alice and she was taller than me at the time. She was also very good looking with her long red hair and deep blue eyes. She was ten years old and at the age when a girl's hips start taking on a sexy shape. The stakes were this: whoever lost the bet agreed to be the slave of the winner for one full day. The slave would have to everything the winner told her to or suffer a beating. Of course I lost the bet. I had to eat a lot of crow as I knelt before Alice and vowed to be her slave for the rest of that day. As I made my promise, I had no idea what she'd come up with. All I knew that it would probably be very embarrassing and something I'd never live down.     
    • by CuPED :...
    • Pedo Porn Adventures, part 3
      pedopor3 zip (47k) (M/f F/f PED INC orgy light M/m)
      Jack stepped aside to let the dripping teenager enter. Everything in her body language screamed 'Don't touch me, but when she turned her stricken eyes to him, Jack saw the need and responded to it. Allison resisted as he took her into his arms, but then relaxed, her arms coming around Jack hesitantly her head buried in his chest hair as he began to sob, "M-my b-boyfriend tried to s-stop h-him, b-but Daddy b-beat him s-so bad that my boyfriend is in the hospital. H-he s-s-said he knows where Mandy is too. H-he said that when he was d-d-one with me he was going to rape her, and after that h-h-he was going to come h-here and k-k-k-kill you. I called M-Mandy, but I d-d-didn't h-have your number. The o-o-only thing that stopped h-him was he heard p-p-police sirens." Allison lost all ability to talk as she gave in to the sobs that were racking her body. Jack felt his chest hair growing even more damp as the soaked teenager added tears to the rain water already there from her t-shirt and blonde hair. "Shh shh, it is ok," Jack tried to comfort the terrified teenager. "You are safe here. The police probably already have him on the way back to jail. It is going to be okay." As if giving the lie to Jack's words, the front door flew open with a crash of splintering wood. Through the doorway a giant strode in.     
      Questions and Answers, part 2
      questio2 zip (08k) (M/f INC PED bro/sis)
      The smell of bacon and eggs wafted cross my nose and my stomach rumbled loudly demanding to be fed. My little sister had given me quite and appetite with her antics the night before, and food was only part of that appetite! When I saw Kelly in the dining room, her face wore the same solemn expression it always did. She was wearing a tube top and shorts. Her long brown hair was pulled back in a ponytail. As my father and mother talked about their plans for the day, her knowing blue eyes caught mine, then snapped down to my crotch and back up again as the tiniest of smiles crossed her four year old lips.     
    • by The Old Medic :...
    • Waiting and Watching
      waitinga zip (20k) (M/F M/g/g, some force)
      Ellen iz a loser, with two beautiful young daughters. She likes booze, drugs and fucking. She meets a nam, who gives her all three. But he really doesn't want her, he wants her girls.     
    • by Pseeker :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Supplier's Daughter, ch 1
      supplie1 zip (07k) (M/f, teasing, mast)
      Almost 13-year old Ann works as a personal assisant for her Dad's client when he stays in the family guesthouse, modeling a new line of clothes that tempts him into a lustful situation.     

      Tuesday PM, Jan 28, 2003

    • by Fantasymind2002 :...
    • Dad Is Away, Chad Plays, part 2
      dadisaw2 zip (19k) (M/F F/F mom/son threesome)
      After the shower, Chad came out wrapped in a towel and turned on the TV. He had missed most of his favorite show, but stood up by the recliner to see what was going on. He sat on the arm to finish the show with one leg out through the opening of the towel. Clara came in and sat down waiting for supper and noticed Chad's bare hip and leg. When he got up to go to his room, Clara tugged his towel and whipped it right off. "MOM!" He shouted and headed for his room, buck-naked. Clara called out and said, "That's what you get for spying on me naked all the time.     
    • by DaddyBob :...
    • Little Orgasm Annie, part 7
      littleo7 zip (08k) (M/g, ped, mast)
      Little Annie and I decide to go to Mexico for a few days...I know Annie is having sex with her older friend Allison, and it's driving me crazy...The question is, am I keeping Annie away from Allison for her own good, or do I just want Annie all to myself?     
    • by Acid :...
    • Nature Reserve, part 3
      naturer3 zip (15k) (f/F M/f M/F oral anal)
      Cathy gets to watch as her daughter Jessi learns how to act naturally with a total stranger for the first time. After watching the action, she gets the place to herself for a while. At least, to herself and whatever males happen to be in the area...     
    • by Hypnox :...
    • The Girl I Told My Secret To, part 1
      thegirl1 zip (15k) (M/f)
      Many pedophiles are tempted to reveal their sexual orientation to at least one person of their acquaintance. Hypnox describes how he became a practising pedophile, and fell in love with a woman who spurned his advances and used him. Eventually he turned the tables and, revealing his orientation, presented her with an unusual dilemma to test her reaction. The story throws light on an unusual relationship which had a fascinating final twist.     
    • by CuPED :...
    • Wendy After School
      wendyaft zip (15k) (M/f First time PED inc sad ending)
      Needing the distance, I sat on the leather sofa in my living room not looking at her as I tried to think of something, anything, to say to desuade her. My writer's mind came up with a another list, including that she was young and would meet a boy and forget all about me, how sex at such a young age would ruin her life, how deciding on this course would rob her of her future. By the time I heard her close her books, I was ready. "Wendy..." I began before the breath was knocked out of me. She had come running into the living room and launched herself at me. She was giggling as her fingers set to tickling me. All RIGHT! My innocent playmate was back! I laughed myself as I turned on my back and held her to my chest as I returned her attack. She howled with laughter until her eyes met mine. The seriousness in them was unaffected by her gales of mirth. My fingers began to slow. Wendy lowered her face to mine and claimed my lips with hers. Her attack had been a ploy, and I had bought it hook line and sinker.     
    • by Tiago :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Cuzluv, ch 6-7
      cuzlu6_7 zip (12k) (m/f)
      A continuation of Nobo Cough's Cuzluv.     
    • by Powerone :...
    • Alien Sexual Abduction of Loren, ch 1
      aliense1 zip (21k) (M/F, ScFi, best, bdsm, nc, rape, reluc, tort, anal, fist, oral)
      An alien experiments on a reluctant human female with his alien appendages, raping and torturing her.     
    • by Phillip :...
    • The Torturer, part 3
      thetort3 zip (10k) (M/b, nc, rape, Mdom, tort, viol, ped, toys, sad)
      Don was 26 years old. He was six feet tall and had brown hair and blue eyes. Clean shaven with nice white teeth and a ready smile he was often described by people who knew him as "a nice guy". If only they knew the truth.     
    • by Sabine Hertling :...
    • Der Neuanfang, ch 1
      derneua1 zip (09k) (first romantic sex)
      Wer möchte mit an dieser Geschichte schreiben? Es soll eine romantische Geschichte über Freundschaft, Veränderung und erster Sex werden. Sie spielt in Frankreich um 12 jährige Kinder.     

      Monday PM, Jan 27, 2003

    • by Old Fart :...
    • Hairy_Putter And The Pussy Brigade, part 4
      hairypu4 zip (11k) (M/F M/gg---ggg/bbb--ggg varying ages 17 and down/first time/instruction/cons/mom-son/inc)
      Harry had just gotten home after his delicious time babysitting his boss' little girl, and since his folks had gone to Atlantic City for the weekend, he was wondering just what he was going to do with the rest of his weekend. Mandy Axelson would be available later, but Harry hated condoms, and it would be at least a month before Mandy would be safely on the pill and even though he had just fucked nine-year-old Alexis (Mandy's little sister), he was still horny. "Damn", he thought, "I didn't know a nine-year-old little girl could be such a good fuck!"     
    • by CuPED :...
    • Sharing Secrets
      sharings zip (15k) (M/f INC PED first time orgy)
      "Have you ever seen a boys... you know?" Grace asked in a whisper. "Oh sure, plenty of times." Julie answered knowingly. Grace looked at her fellow eight year old in obvious disbelief. "You have not, quit lying!" The two children could have been twins. Same long black hair, wearing it in the same ponytail. Both were thin as twigs. There features were the same, except Julie had fuller lips and slightly longer nose. Both stood a four feet tall. They had become friends when Grace and her family moved into the neighborhood the year before. Grace had come over to play, and after a while at making dolls talk, she had brought up the subject of boys. In school that day, Henry had tried to kiss her, so it was on her mind. "Have too." Julie responded in an offended tone. "Don't call me a liar!"     
    • by Pedwrite :...
    • Granny and Me
      grannyan zip (05k) (M/F /F incest)
      Even old women love to fuck john found out as he fucked his granny.     
    • by Phillip :...
    • The Revenge, part 3
      thereve3 zip (22k) (M/b, gangrape, nc, mdom, cbt, first, rough, sad, sm, snuff, span, tort, va, viol, toys, snuff)
      "Thwack, thwack, thwack, thwack", still the blows from the cane rained down on him. Now Judd had started to cane the lower part of the boy's legs as well as his thighs.     

      Sunday PM, Jan 26, 2003

    • by CuPED :...
    • Darla in Paint
      darlainp zip (09k) (m/f inc ped first time)
      When I ordered her to sit still and asked if she would like to model for me, her face had grown even more mischievous and she had leaned back to pull at her shirt. I asked what the hell she was doing (I realized now it was the same tone my father had just startled me with and hated that thought) and she told me that models are supposed to be nude. I told her I was thinking of the blue dress and she said she would wear nothing or not pose. I figured I would call her bluff and turned to mix blue paints for the dress that I was thinking of. When I turned back, she was in the pose once more, but she had indeed stripped. I opened my mouth to yell at her to get dressed, but the artist in me noted the contrast of the light on her pale skin. Suddenly I didn't see my sister sitting in front of me nude, her legs framing the slash of her sex while her blue eyes glinted. What I saw was the completion of my painting. The light reflecting off of her long brown hair was perfect!     
    • by Foxyboy :...
    • Molly and Mr Dupont
      mollyand zip (11k) (M/F 11/ pedo semi cons)
      Wealthy Mr Dupont first sees eleven year old Molly in the park. He finds out that she is looked after by a guardian of dubious standards. He sends his wiley houskeeper to make a financial arrangement that will mean that the young girl is sent to him to learn what all girls should know sooner or later. In Molly´s case, it´s definately a matter of sooner.     
    • by Rick Roll :...
    • The Concert
      theconce zip (06k) (MF/M non-cons/public sex)
      When a high school couple discovers sex, Lacy discovers her own thrill at showing off and exploring sex. She pushes the envelope at every chance, and a large concert is the perfect setting for the ultimate climax. Lacy and David had been dating for 2 years, since that fateful summer between their freshman and sophomore year. They had known each other all their lives, and both were popular, attractive kids. Although friendly to each other, they had never dated, or found an attraction until that summer. It was a big Fourth of July party, and it seemed like the entire town was there. It was held at a friend's house, a very wealthy friend. There will people everywhere, in the front, in the house, and out by the large pool.     
    • by trif1 :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Andrea, ch 1-3
      andre1_3 zip (13k) (MMMMMM/Ff nc rape hum blackmail)
      Andrea wird von einem privaten Rape-Kreis gekidnappt und erlebt einige schreckliche Erlebnisse. Ihr Mann und ihre Tochter werden gezwugen, zu zu sehen, daraus könnte sich auch noch mehr ergeben.     
    • by ToniS :...
    • Ferienhaus, ch 2
      ferienh2 zip (14k) (M/Fm)
      ... nach seiner Ankunft im Ferienhaus und einem befriedigenden Erlebnis mit Juliette (7), findet Michael das Schwimmbad und lernt Maria und Jan näher kennen.     
    • by Ermberto :...
    • Claire And Fay's Place
      clairean zip (42k) (Inc - bro/sis, dad/dau, pedo, anal, group (f+/Mmm/b/g) bi (mb ff fg), toys, cum)
      Claire and Fay are college students - both 19, bisexual, ultra-sexy and ultra-horny! They have hot orgies with various neighborhood kids, like 14 year old Diana and her 11 year old brother Tommy, and a 10 year old father-fucking slut named Kate. Fay's brother, Billy, soon turns up too.     
      Lessons In Incest, part 3: A Steamy Weekend
      lessons3 zip (22k) (Incest - whole family, anal, oral, cum, teen, goup MFmf)
      A hot soapy fuck in the bath for 13 year old Eddie and his 12 year old sister Maria is just the prelude to a weekend of fucking between both them and their parents, Colin and Stella.     
    • by Turner 2 Corners :...
    • Mike And His Girl, ch 1
      mikeand1 zip (07k) (M/f f(9) - bond, rape, toys)
      She was a girl taken by Mike, she was going to hate her new life. But Mike enjoyed his! - (Please note this is not part of the Mr. Purple world)     
    • by Phillip :...
    • Prisoner of War, part 4
      prisone4 zip (18k) (MF, nc, rape, Mdom, bd, rough, sm, viol, caution)
      The tall, gaunt figure of Alexander Petrovic sat on his chair outside Arkan's office and sharpened his knife. That was what he did now that there was no fighting; he sharpened his knife, and he drank. He was bored and frustrated, just like he had been before the war.     
      Short Story Series 3: Kelly
      shortst3 zip (05k) (Mg, rape, child prostitution, oral, rough, pedo)
      When I was three years old, my mother put me up for adoption. I was taken in by a black man in his thirties almost immediately. His name was James. I decided to write a story about what my life has been like. I don't even know my real name. He has always called me bitch, whore, cunt, white trash slut, or other affectionate names like that.     
    • by Powerone and Nikki :...
    • Tawny, Daddy's Little Girl Becomes a Woman, ch 2
      tawnyan2 zip (11k) (M+f, anal. oral, virg, incest, teen, bdsm)
      Daddy teaches his little girl to be a Woman. A story of incest between Father and Daughter.     
    • by Paxman :...
    • The Club
      theclub zip (06k) (M/F/FF/Teen)
      Dutchess then straddled Larry's hips so that her pussy was hard against his straining cock. She then began to rub her leather-covered breasts up against his face and to rotate and hump her hips hard against his now bulging cock. She then began to kiss, nip and tongue his face before finding his own searching lips and plunging her tongue deep inside his mouth. As she did this, her hands reached behind her and grabbed and caressed at Larry's huge cock through his pants. Larry, too, was busy as his hands began to explore Dutchess' hot body. He quickly began to feel and caress her small, firm breasts through her leather bra, and then reached behind her and undid the bra to expose her perfectly round, ripe mounds of flesh. He began to suck and kiss at each breast until each nipple was erect and Dutchess was groaning with pleasure. His hands the moved down to her ass and wet pussy as he grabbed and swatted her ass with one hand while the other was busy rubbing at her hot pussy.     

      Saturday PM, Jan 25, 2003

    • by lolitot :...
    • Pre-Teen Dance Studio, part 2
      2pretee2 zip (07k) (ggg/F/M)
      And what do little girls like to do? Donno? Bill helps'em learn! Did you know some little girls have breast envy, along with other stuff, y'know?     
    • by TwistedFun :...
    • Mission, part 1
      mission1 zip (07k) (MMM/F/fff 8 yrs,6yrs,2 yrs, rough, NC)
      The little girl saw Paul turn to her, pointing his cock at her and fainted. "She won't be as much trouble now." Paul chuckled as he quickly crawled over the limp body of the naked 8 year old girl. Paul lapped and sucked at the nascent nipples. Wetting a finger he began to work the finger into her tight virginal opening, getting her ready for her first fuck. Sloppily kissing her unconcious face, licking her cheeks and nose and thrusting his tongue in her unresisting mouth. I reached over and picked up the 2 year old who was crawling around. The mother pleaded with me to leave her alone.     
    • by DreamZ :...
    • The Beginning, ch 3
      thebegi3 zip (14k) (M/b Mast Oral Ped)
      This story series continues as I say good-bye to family. I start to develop my first deep relationship with a boy. As well, a new apartment helps me to begin enjoying my freedom.     
    • by JeanPaul :...
    • Waking Dawn
      wakingda zip (08k) (M/g cons ped)
      It was supposed to be a one-night-stand, but Robert overslept. When he woke up with his morning hardon wedged between a pair of soft, warm, feminine thighs he decides to enjoy the moment, but discovers he's not in bed with the woman he fell asleep next to.     
    • by nymphette :...
    • Baby Girl Cheers On Her Daddy, part 1
      babygir1 zip (12k) (M/f dad/daut inc)
      "Are you sick?" Samantha knew that wasn't it but it felt like the right thing to ask. "I think I might be sick, but not in the way you think." Travis looked down at her chest with longing. "Can I take care of you daddy?"     
    • by AnonX :...
    • Debra Fucks My Car
      debrafuc zip (04k) (M/voy F/car (!))
      A story for Nymphette, after reading her tale of trying to fuck her doorknob. :) Here's one lady who tries something similar -- and succeeds!     

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