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    July 05th - July 11th mid-Morning Updates

    On Friday PM, July 11, 2003

  • by Joker :...
  • Bad News and Carley, part 3
    badnews3 zip (04k) (M/g incest pene, oral, anal cons)
    "You got that a long time ago stoopid, I was thinking of some loving, not love." She giggled, her deft hand now engaged in close combat with my dreaded baby-maker.     
    Summer Vacation, ch 13 -14
    sum13_14 zip (06k) (bb 14 /13 14/ 8 oral, anal con)
    It's kinda funny, he looks a whole lot like you, cept he's younger, unbelievably cute, he's nine I believe, maybe eight I forget which. So I'm gonna tell Mary to piss off and I'll fix you up with Duncan, he wasn't at the pool this morning, he's really popular you know. He's only a little kid but already has one of the best cocks in camp, and such a sweet little ass that you wouldn't believe. He'll be your date tonight, I don't want Rabbit or Tommy to grab you, at least not yet." Dennis who definitely looked like a cupid, played one.     
  • by Keyman :...
  • Kelly Comes of Age - part 4: Daddy's Little Dinky
    kellyco4 zip (40k) (M/F/g Age 11 Incest, Pedo, Lesbian, Deflowering, Anal)
    The fourth part of this multipart story will detail how eleven-year-old Kelly Foy seduced her father, Robert Foy. You may ask already knowing that Robert's suffers from the Irish Curse, how will Kelly react when she sees his four-inch cock and monster-sized balls are unveiled? Will Kelly be disappointed with his little dinky, frighentened by the size of his balls, or will the resourceful preteen find innovative ways to use her father's diminutive cock and monster sized testicles for her own sexual pleasure? Will her oversexed mother actively participate in Kelly's seduction plan or will she try to stop her daughter from falling into the same pit of depravity she visited so many years earlier? These questions will be answered in the fourth part of Kelly Comes of Age.     
  • by Jack Spratt :...
  • My Summer Job
    mysummer zip (19k) (m/F, m/g incest bro and sister)
    Andy is facing another summer of poor job prospects. At thirteen, lawn work is his only avenue until one of his clients suggests caddying. Caddying for Heather Nielson begins his education in both golf and more importantly sex!!! His young preteen sister Susan is more then willing to be his partner as Andy perfects his sexual abilities.     
  • by cc :...
  • The Kindly Dr. Nostra
    thekindl zip (10k) (M/g ped spank rom inc)
    A kindly doctor spanks some of the young children in a village, especially one particular little girl.     
  • by GoDSpiT :...
  • To Be Loved
    tobelove zip (67k) (M/g, incs, ped, force, oral)
    A 9 yo. Girl and 20 yo. Man must marry for the good of an Empire far in humanities future. Is it possible for something besides "duty" to develop when they are left alone with one another for three full months? Or is she too young and he too old?     
  • by Forbidden Innocence :...
  • Uncle Rod Preps the Kids for Pleasure, part 2
    unclero2 zip (15k) (Mffff, mf, voyeur, mast. fondling, oral, light humiliation and the rest of what you'd like to do with these young-uns)
    "Is the clasp in the back of your training bra?" Kim looked dazed trying to figure out what this man had in mind. "Uh huh." "Good. Bend down towards me and I'll unhook it for you." Uncle Rod moved like lightening as he quickly pulled down his shorts allowing his 8" cock to flop up and down. He waited a second for the preteen to stare at his huge organ and then he said . . . Come on now Kim . . . everyone is waiting. Bend over so that I can help you take off your bra." Not realizing what she was doing, Kim placed her hands on her knees and bent forward. Uncle Rod positioned himself so that he was just the right distance for the girl's mouth to be hovering right over his throbbing cockhead as he reached forward to pull her thin tank-top with the spaghetti straps up out of her shorts. His fingers found the base of her top and he began to slowly pull the material up her bare back. Soon her white little training bra was visible . . . that hugged her developing breasts. He paused for a second, knowing the girl must be literally face to face with a long hard cock (his) for the first time in her life. Now if he could just get her to open up those wet lips . . .     
  • by Flintstone :...New Author.!.!.!
  • Mindy
    mindy zip (04k) (M/f neighbour/9 year old girl)
    Jag hade inte haft en enda sexuell tanke om Mindy under alla år jag såg henne springa runt i min lägenhet iförd bara trosor. Mindy var nu 9 år och vi var på badhuset.     
  • by Sabine Hertling :...
  • Der Neuanfang, ch 5
    derneua5 zip (08k) (kids, first romantic love)
    Ein Tag und eine Nacht im Leben unserer Romankinder. Heute kommen sie alle zu ihren Höhepunkt, die Einen allein, die Anderen zusammen :o)     
    Russisch einkaufen und die Strafe dafür
    russisch zip (08k) (M/f)
    Was ein Filialleiter so alles in einem Supermarkt erlebt!     

    Thursday PM, July 10, 2003

  • by Joker :...
  • Bad News and Carley, part 2
    badnews2 zip (07k) (Mg incest M g 8 preg con)
    "Oh that, I've known that since a long time ago, Bad News told me how it worked because she didn't make the guy fucking her wear a rubber, and that was the reason she got knocked up with me. She didn't even know his name. When she was mad at me she'd shake her last boyfriends gooey condom at me and said she wished I was inside it." Carley said as if she was discussing the weather.     
    Summer Vacation, ch 11-12
    sum11_12 zip (11k) (bbbbb 8-14 oral-anal con X dress)
    "Me too, it's lotsa fun when they're fucking me in my butty, but I like to suck cocky better, well maybe a little bit better anyway. Josh admitted one afternoon as with a pang of jealousy he watched Pamela dress her little brother in the clothes she'd outgrown, deftly adding the ear rings in his shell pink ear lobes, a piercing they'd both kept secret from their parents. Pamela had giggled as her little brother and his friend freely discussed their childish sexual preferences in her presence, she even offered them advice from time to time on what boys especially liked when having sex with her.     
  • by Stud Warrior :...
  • Incest Fantasy Number 30: A Slut Named Wanda
    incest30 zip (17k) (M, f, dad, 13 year-old-daughter, bro/sis uncle/niece, inc, con)
    Hi, my name is Wanda and I'm a slut. Well, maybe the term slut is the wrong word. I mean I don't go out and fuck just any guy on the street that I happen to run into or anything crazy like that. There are diseases and things like that nowadays so a girl has got to be careful. I guess you could call me a "family slut" because I like to keep it in the family, three members of the family actually. And who are these three guys who get to fuck me you're probably wondering right now? Well, the happy trio of lucky men just happen to be my daddy, his brother, my Uncle Rick and my little brother Willie who really isn't all that little because he's hung like a horse.     
  • by Ermberto :...
  • Anal Threesome, part 6
    analthr6 zip (40k) (Inc - whole family,, anal, oral, pregnant, lactating, group - FFFmmm, FFMfm)
    Feeling broody at the age of 35, Kath is now heavily pregnant to her nephew Mike. 16-year-old Mike is still engaging in anal-love with both his Aunt Kath and his busty mom Claire. The incest-lover down the road, Alison, is also pregnant - to one of her teen sons! Later, there's a welcome return for Uncle John and his 15-year-old anal-addict daughter, Melanie.     
  • by littleab :...
  • Lauren And Trevor: Young Love, ch 1
    laurena1 zip (05k) (f/1yo/mild scat/dry nursing/oral)
    Teenage babysitter Lauren Sanderson has been hired to babysit for the Daten while they go out for the night. What Mr. and Mrs. Daten don't know, is that young Lauren has strong sexual feelings about the babies she looks after. What will happen when Lauren is alone with young Trevor?     

    Wednesday PM, July 09, 2003

  • by Joker :...
  • Bad News and Carley
    badnewsa zip (15k) (M/g M 26/ g 8 Incest Con, preg con)
    However I never entered into any serious relationships with the women I dated as I did have a serious sexual hangup. The nude eight year old handing me her dirty clothing and undies was the personification of my hangup. I'd often had sex with her counterparts in various far eastern countries where I'd pulled Embassy guard duty, places where was no under-age limits to those who knew the ropes. In short, I knew the ropes and I was hooked on PT pussy.     
    Summer Vacation, ch 9-10
    summ9_10 zip (10k) (g 9/g9 g7/g11 ggggg orgy -- ch 10, bb 14 - 9 boy sex)
    "She always around in case a girl gets horny and doesn't have a date" Mary explained to Kathy as they watched the couple writhing on the blanket. Brenda squalling as the long plastic phallus stroked up and down inside the first graders cunt. Kathy decided that the child wasn't squalling in pain, far from it as she hugged the slender body of the girl fucking her. Pamela showed expertise as she too enjoyed their mutual girl fuck.     
  • by Corn53 :...
  • Bless Me, Father, ch 1
    blessme1 zip (12k) (M/m)
    Father Thomas was transferred to my parish from somewhere in the Midwest. He was also my American History teacher. Father Thomas had a good reputation for helping churches in a poor area of town get financial support from wealthy, anonymous donors. He helped me learn to atone for my sins while raising money for the church at the same time.     
  • by Amber Gold :...
  • Brandy Blaze Private Eye, part 3
    brandyb3 zip (09k) (MF F-solo Mg-8 spank inc ped oral)
    Warner was busy working the missing girl?s case and giving me as much information as he could. I had other clients to work with and gave Lilly and Little Peggy Sue the job of digging into any lead that might help us with the girls. Every since the six little blonde girls started to visit me in my dream about my brother I felt I had to solve this case. I needed closure on something. Maybe this would help.     
  • by Acid :...
  • Breeding Simone - From the Chronicles of Eroth, part 7
    breedin7 zip (12k) (FF, Mast)
    Simone enjoys fucking Alana, but it isn't enough. She gets those aching sensations in her cunt that tells her that she needs her own tongue buried deep in her own snatch. Strange thing though. After creaming herself out so well she doesn't seem that interested in Alana anymore.     
  • by Uncle Pan :...
  • Elvin's First Babysit
    elvinsfi zip (08k) (14 yo, 2 1/2 yo, nudity, touching, bathing)
    Elvin Brookman was 14. He was on his front porch listening to his Walkman when his neighbor Mrs. Bradley asked him if he would babysit her daughter Cassie. Though he had never babysat before Elvin agreed. When he asked her what he needed to do, she replied, "Just listen to Cassie and do what she wants." Elvin took that to heart, and was genuinely surprised at some of the things Cassie came up with.     
  • by Daddy Luv :...
  • Hilary Was Six, part 1
    hilaryw1 zip (04k) (yng Pedo/Six year old girl/W/Sfirst time sex)
    Hilary was six.I wqas twelve and we started sex play as a game. She loved water sports. Diapers. and cum.     
  • by DaddyBob :...
  • Mommy's Little Girl, part 3
    mommysl3 zip (09k) (M/g F/g very yng pedo incest panty play)
    Mommy's little girl misses Dave. After two weeks of not being with the nice man, little five-year-old Ellie finally convinces her mommy to invite him back over, to play. What the precocious child does not realize is mommy has plans of her own!     
  • by The Cajun :...
  • My New Hobby, ch 2
    mynewho2 zip (05k) (M/Ff, rp, violence, inc, dad/daut)
    I had started my fun with Leslie but now that Brian was home and safely secured it was time for me to enjoy Karie. This was going to be a night that she would not forget, then also neither would I surprisingly.     
  • by singledad :...
  • The Lock-In
    thelocki zip (07k) (les, incest, underage sex, rough sex, sexual tort, ped)
    "Oo you naughty girl" She said mockingly "Showing mummies titties to strangers" One young chap rolled Annie's skirt up and I was thrilled to see a silky half slip, one of my favourites, then as the slip was lifted joy of joys, she wore tan tights, with panties, if it all stopped now my night would have been perfect. The chap was furiously rubbing the woman's crotch and it was leaking through her clothes, sticky vaginal lube, I supposed, she must have been one of those women who discharged ejaculate like a fountain.     
  • by Gregory North :...
  • PapaBear and the Web-Sters: Papa Bear and the Jewels Family, ch 7
    papabea7 zip (32k) (mmf trans/cd/dom)
    PapaBear returns, a big, brutish looking man, very hairy. There is more to this couple than meets the eye. So I give them more than meat.     

    Tuesday PM, July 08, 2003

  • by Running Bear :...
  • Castaways
    castaway zip (62k) (mf mff rom voy oral rape slow)
    A nightmarish shipwreck leaves a sailor and two young girls stranded on a deserted island paradise.     
  • by Cheeky :...
  • Little Lacy, ch 2
    littlel2 zip (09k) (M/g g/g Incest)
    I would sit down all prim and proper and before you know it, with a little bit of bouncing and twisting, those skirts just kept riding up until I was just about sitting on my undies. I thought we were going to end up in a ditch the first day I left my panties in my book bag to put on at school. Poor Mr. Hendricks had to readjust his mirror, and it sure took a long time to get to school that day since we seemed to be stopped longer and longer at each light, and each pickup spot.     
  • by Brian :...
  • Infant Hu
    infanthu zip (22k) (M/b oral, anal)
    A rich man buys an Chinese infant boy (11 months old) for his sexual pleasure.     

    Monday PM, July 07, 2003

  • by The Cajun :...New Author.!.!.!
  • My New Hobby, ch 1
    mynewho1 zip (06k) (M/Ff dad/daut rp violence inc)
    I had watched them for some time now. They were the family we all wanted. Mother and father, son and daughter. Now it was time to wake them up and bring them into the real world. Also I really wanted to fuck their 12 year old daughter.     
  • by Rogerher :...
  • Loving Mother, ch 13
    loving13 zip (07k) (M/b/F older/younger, preg, incest, M/F/b mast)
    George has taken a new interest in Donnie and recognizes the boy's "ownership" of his wife and daughter. Donnie confronted George and told him that he had fucked Dottie until he was sure she was pregnant with his child. He also told George why he had cuckold him and when. George's response to this was strange, "So you knocked her up to get back at me for arse-fucking you. OK who cares she always a fucking baby-factory," he'd said with a look of disdain for his swollen wife. "She just like her sister and her mother, in fact the whole damned family were just babymakers. I knocked up her sister before I had Dottie's sweet twat and then I realized that she was a better fuck than her sister, so I took her for me woman," George said crudely. Then with a sparkle in his old eyes he went on, "The girls were both pretty good fucks, but their mother was a the sweetest. She had the tightest and fullest cunt I've ever been in. She could fuck for hours and enjoyed every single minute of it."     
  • by Joker :...
  • Summer Vacation, ch 7-8
    summe7_8 zip (11k) (g 9, ggggggg)
    "Hey, we all take turns, you know that, since Dennis is going to fuck Kathy tonight, no reason why I can't be the first with that hunk Kasy. I mean we're just trading brothers. Oh shit I can't wait. Tell me Kathy, how big a dick does he have, does he get hard again very quick?, you'll find that brother of mine is ready to go again in twenty minutes flat, I've clocked enough times. Mary said breathlessly, having quelled the other girls objections.     
  • by ACTJC :...
  • Jersey Child Care Centre
    jerseych zip (06k) (MM/gg)
    Greg made his way down the corridor and into the change room. He quickly stripped off his clothes and opened the door at the other end of the room. He smiled as he surveyed the scene in front of him. The room contained two beds and a couple of chairs. On the wall were scenes from fairy tales, making the room look just like a childs bedroom. But Greg was already familiar with the layout, being a visitor here many times. What really made him smile was the young girl sitting on one of the beds. She was 8 years old, as per his request, but more importantly she was completely naked. Greg walked across the room, looking not only at the girl, but also at the scene on the other bed. On the other bed was another girl, probably about 11 years old. She was also naked, as was the man lying on top of her. He had raised himself with one arm while he used his other hand to to run his erect cock along the girls bare slit. "You like this babe, you like this cock?" he was asking the girl as he pushed the head against her pussy. "Ya, ya" replied the girl in a foreign accent.     
  • by sandro :...
  • Meus 12 Aninhos Com Papai
    meus12an zip (08k) (M/f young incs)
    Olá, gostaria de dizer que tudo que eu vou contar aqui, foi um acontecimento real e verídico, na minha vida, talvez seja chocante para algumas pessoas,pois não foi só mil maravilhas, teve acontecimentos triste, humilhantes mas resolvi contar e leia quem quiser Eu me chamo Ana Carolina, mais conhecida por Aninha, sou magrinha, mas com um corpinho muito bem formado, branquinha, cabelos comprido, lisos e castanho, quase loiro, tenho hoje 15 anos. Sou de uma família de classe media alta, temos um padrão de vida até confortável, tenho minha mãe maravilhosa que tem hoje 35 anos, um irmão lindinho de 13 anos e o meu pai que é o principal personagem dessa estória esta com 38 anos, e trabalha em uma empresa americana aqui no Brasil. O que aconteceu na minha vida não foi fruto de uma imaginação, ou fantasia foi uma realidade, uma coisa natural que foi amadurecendo e acontecendo. Quando eu tinha por volta de 8 anos meus pais estavam constantemente em desentendimento, foi até que terminou numa dolorosa separação.     
  • by Skaidan :...
  • Rescatada Por Su Hijo
    rescatad zip (11k) (m/F, incest)
    Supongo que todo comenzó un día que me colé en el buzón de correo electrónico de mi madre. Yo no solía hacer ese tipo de cosas con gente allegada, pero aquel día me dio por eso y, tras conectarme a Internet, introduje los datos de mamá y me metí en su correo. Previamente, me había agenciado su contraseña con un programa que registraba las teclas que habían sido pulsadas y cuya presencia en el ordenador mi madre ignoraba por completo.     

    Sunday PM, July 06, 2003

  • by Amber Gold :...
  • Brandy Blaze Private Eye, part 2
    brandyb2 zip (10k) (MF rom gggggg oral GS Mgggggg-8 inc ped cane)
    Di was afraid not to obey. All the girls knew what punishment he had for them if they didn?t do what he asked. He loved to spank their bare bottoms with thin canes and he would spank them until they screamed. Funny thing was, when they did this they were usually dripping juices from their slit by the time he was through. With a red bottom that was smarting from the cane they became so sexually excited that they eagerly let him fuck them any way he wanted.     
  • by GoDSpiT :...
  • Dream a Little Dream
    dreamali zip (41k) (M/f, ped)
    Bryan smiled and said, "I suggest that you go get that picture and hide it for me." Casey giggled and said, "I don't think so. What are you gonna do to me if I don't?" "Tickle you to death." "That might of scared me when I was six, but I'm twelve now." He moved towards her with out stretched hands and Casey took off in mock fear saying, "noooo don't try it mister!" She took off down the hall out of the room running up the stairs. She looked back and saw that Bryan was still chasing her, she almost tripped on the steps and Bryan grabbed her holding her up close to him. She could feel him pressed to her, she could smell his aftershave. He looked so handsome up close. "You okay?" he asked softly.     
  • by Uncle Pan :...
  • Harry, part 1
    harry1 zip (14k) (39 yo man, 7 yo girl, touching, nudity, oral)
    Harry inherited money and worked no more. His friendly neighbors included Clara (12), Sarah (10), aned Melinda (7). The two older girls are in love with Harry's toys (a Sony PlayStation and an iMac) but the younger, Melinda, is out to pick Harry's brain and learn everything there is to know about life.     
    Taking The Interurban To Galveston
    takingth zip (18k) (strip tease, nudity, manipulation, oral)
    In a Hot Houston summer in the 1930's a little band of nervy kids discover that for a nickel and a transfer you can take the trolley car to Pasadena, and for 15 cents more you can take the Interurban to Galveston. On the first trip the three boys and one girl share the same changing room. Another girl joins the band for a second trip. And the third trip finds the boys taking care of Jason's four year old sister.     
  • by Keyman :...
  • Kelly Comes of Age - part 3: Kelly's Special Training
    kellyco3 zip (35k) (Fg, 35, 11MG, Pedo, Incest, Lesbian, Oral, Anal, Spanking)
    The third part of this multipart story will finally introduce you to the star of this tale, eleven-year-old Kelly Foy. In this installment, Young Kelly is caught shoplifting at the local Barnes and Noble. The store manager contacts her mother and insists she come down to the store to pick her daughter up as per company policy. Having to choose between going and picking her daughter up at the stor or at the police station, Colleen agrees. If that was not bad enough, upon arriving at the store, Colleen Foy has a fit when she finds out just what Kelly was trying to steal. In an effort to teach her daughter, a strong lesson, Colleen decides to use corporal punishment for the first time in the young girl's life. That punishment will put into motion a series of events that lead to some very specialized training for the preteen.     
  • by Abacus :...
  • Necessary Evil, ch 2
    necessa2 zip (12k) (Ped, m/f, wife cheat, impreg, inc)
    The "good" pastor's true sexual desires consume him when a troubled young girl comes to him for help.     
  • by Jill999 :...New Author.!.!.!
  • Fantasies Do Come True, ch 1-5
    fantasy1 zip (18k) (M/f aunt, daut, wife, dad inc)
    A housewife catches her sexy 18 year old daughter having sex with her Aunt. After the shock all three have fun making love. Later she decides to tell her husband and he joins in the fun. All four get together in the end.     
  • by MuffDiver :...New Author.!.!.!
  • Our Time
    ourtime zip (04k) (M/F Bro/Sis)
    I think it started when I was 14 & my sister was 7. I just remember that whenever she was around I would start to get a little nervous & couldn't keep my eyes off of her. Donna was a very cute kid with her strawberry blond hair & pixie nose.     
  • by can_did :...
  • Leeta, ch 8
    leeta8 zip (04k) (M+/F bd oral anal SciFi)
    She quickly gulped his juices down, swallowing the fountains of cum, trying to keep up with the rapidly shooting cock. She was distracted by the heady taste of his cum on her tongue, the sweet taste and sticky feel making her lick faster.     
  • by Gregory North :...
  • PapaBear and the Web-Sters: Papa Bear Cracks the Web, ch 6
    papabea6 zip (29k) (mmf Dom/sub)
    PapaBear returns, a big, brutish looking man, very hairy. I liberate a hacker from the clutches of a controlling mother and show both of them the backdoor.     
  • by Diggitydog :...
  • Polly, ch 1
    polly1 zip (15k) (Mf prostitution first time)
    Eleven year old Polly had never know or wanted for anything. Until daddy lost his job. Then he left Polly and her mother, who had to move to the poor part of town. Polly suddenly found herself in poverty, with little or no money to spend. Then she noticed her new friend Milla wearing a new blouse.     
  • by Schuetze :...
  • Ein Wochenende in Kopenhagen
    einwoche zip (05k) (M/b, anal)
    Ich wollte ein Wochenende in Kopenhagen verbringen und wurde dabei benutzt....     
    Geiles Erlebnis in der Maennersauna
    geileser zip (05k) (M/b, anal)
    Ich war noch sehr jung, aber auch schon sehr geil, deshalb gefiel es mir hinzuhalten und benutzt zu werden.     
    Ich, die Kleine und meine Hunde, part 2
    ichdiek2 zip (13k) (Rape, Pedo, Dog)
    Fortsetzung von Teil 1, dem Genuss und Gebrauch eines kleinen entfuehrten 8-jaehrigen Maedchens, durch mich und meine Hunde.     

    Saturday PM, July 05, 2003

  • by Davy Sprocket :...
  • Business Plan
    business zip (21k) (Mg (g=11), oral, anal, intercourse, and a splash of ws)
    A good business plan should take care of everyone's needs. Some more than others of course, but then in the end isn't that what capitalism is all about. Screwing and getting screwed!     
  • by Sam Hammer :...
  • Daddy's Little Sex Doll
    daddysli zip (35k) (M/f, incest)
    A Daddy has a beautiful, built for sex, teenage daughter. When she gives in to his obvious lust, he gets a little more than he expected.     
    Daddy's Sweet Relief
    daddyssw zip (36k) (M/f, incest)
    A Daddy has a very intelligent daughter. When she decides to read one of hidden magazines, it has an effect that neither of them expected!     
    Homecoming Week
    homecomi zip (134k) (M/f, inc, football)
    Football, Cheerleaders, Wild bets between between teams. There is nothing as wild and fun as Homecoming Week for the Mustangs High School Football Team.     
    Taking Care of Daddy
    takingca zip (41k) (M/f, incest)
    A Daddy needs to be taken care of. His young teen daughter wants to take care of Daddy. In every single way!     
    The Gentlemen's Club
    thegentl zip (102k) (M/f, incest)
    Grandpa's John, Vince and Max aren't feeling like they used to. But thanks to their pal Auggie and a simple idea of a Calendar, they get something that they never expected and they can thank their teenage granddaughters!     
  • by Nomad :...
  • L' Academe, part 4
    lacadem4 zip (17k) (b/g FF harsh punishment FemDom)
    The forth in a series set in a dancing school. Written with ideas from Mike.     
  • by Joker :...
  • Summer Vacation, ch 5-6
    summe5_6 zip (10k) (bro/sis b 14 g 9 incest, penetration cons oral cons)
    And so it happened, young Kasy fucked a girl for the first time ever and like young Cory became an instant slave to his sister's pussy. It was matched perfectly by sister Kathy's addiction to his stiff cock. Loving it before her brother picked her cherry, she was now besotted with sex, her brother and boys and their randy cocks.     
  • by Fantasy_Dreamer :...
  • The Girl Next Door, ch 1
    thegirl1 zip (09k) (Man / 11 yo girl)
    It can happen so easy to anyone.     
  • by Shawn Tacy :...New Author.!.!.!
  • Cody's Rape
    codysrap zip (06k) (M/b)
    A young boy is kidnapped and raped repeatedly before being released.     
  • by Tyrant :...New Author.!.!.!
  • Sweet Candy
    sweetcan zip (03k) (M/f)
    The man layed in his bed thinking about the young thirteen year old girl next when she popped into his life and took him some where were all rules had changed.     
  • by can_did :...
  • Leeta, ch 7
    leeta7 zip (04k) (M+/F bd oral anal SciFi)
    This exposed her hot fuck hole even further, leaving nothing to the imagination. He feasted his eyes on this lovely sight for a moment, before moving his hands in.     

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