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    June 01st - June 06th mid-Morning Updates

      On Friday PM, June 06, 2003

    • by Acid :...
    • Breeding Simone - From the Chronicles of Eroth, part 3
      breedin3 zip (13k) (MMM/F, Oral)
      Simone soon settles in to her routine. Eat. Sleep. Fuck. Especially Fuck. The Inquisitors keep her needs fulfilled, usually in groups of more than six. Everything is fine in her oversexed little mind until she notices the traces of blood coming from her cunt. Fortunately, there is a doctor in the house.     
    • by Brian :...
    • A Perfect Match
      aperfect zip (10k) (M/b oral, anal, BD)
      A man abducts a boy and over a period of time turns him into a perfect sex and bondage partner.     
    • by Authorphillip :...
    • From Asia To Africa, part 19
      fromas19 zip (15k) (M/M/M/M/M tort, anal, oral, snuff)
      Damon continues to me mistreated.     
      Never Too Small
      nevertoo zip (07k) (M/b oral, anal)
      A man befriends a boy playing by a river and then rapes him.     

      Thursday PM, June 05, 2003

    • by Nomad :...
    • L'Acadame, part 2
      lacadam2 zip (11k) (pedo torture, parental voy)
      Miss Marshall and Susan stood to either side, their faces flushed with pleasure as they watched Carla teasing the little cunt held open by her stretched legs. They licked their dry lips as Carla stroked the smooth surrounding flesh, then travelled over each plump little labia, gently scoring it with her fingernails while watching it begin to gape.     
    • by Truckerfucker :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Trucker's Fantasy
      truckers zip (06k) (M/f pedo)
      I was sitting in my truck in a small truck stop where there were only 5 trucks parked. She had long black hair that hung down to her petite waist. She was about 5' tall and probably weighed about 80 to 85 pounds.     
    • by Brian :...
    • Daddy's Best Friend
      daddysbe zip (11k) (M/M/b incest, oral, anal, spanking)
      A best friend visits a father and young son and he witnessesthe boy being punished. This leads to other things.     
    • by Authorphillip :...
    • From Asia to Africa, part 18
      fromas18 zip (14k) (M/M/M/M/M tort, anal, oral, snuff)
      Ghankay's status in the group changes. More mutilation and torture for Damon.     

      Wednesday PM, June 04, 2003

    • by Byteman2000 :...
    • A Mother's Fantasy
      amothers zip (07k) (F/m, Mother/son solo masturbation, fantasy)
      I started to push the door open but caught myself stopping in shock at what I saw. Their room is set in such a way that the bunk bed set is on the wall behind the door, their desks in front of the windows and a triple dresser with mirror on the other wall opposite the beds. The sight in the mirror was what shocked me causing me to freeze in my tracks. There was Mike laying in his bed, I could see by his bare legs and chest he had taken his pants and shirt off. He was laying on his side facing the mirror, lucky for me his eyes were closed. He had his sister's pillow between his legs holding on to it humping it or riding it like a horse! I couldn't believe what I was seeing, one side of me wanted to go in and ask him what the hell he thought he was doing but another side stopped me. A familiar feeling began to creep up on me, one that I usually get when I have a good fantasy running through my mind.     
    • by nightranger :...
    • Daughters of Darkness, part 2
      daughte2 zip (08k) (M/g fg/f magic)
      Éclair couldn't remember how many times she had passed out and awakened again. She had been stripped of her clothes and tied spread eagle standing between two trees. The two dark haired girls had been torturing and playing with her for what seemed like days, but was really only hours.     
    • by Stud Warrior :...
    • Incest Fantasy Number 27
      incest27 zip (13k) (incest, sex between family members)
      The following day found Chip Murphy sitting in his office chair with his hand wrapped around his hard cock again. He was watching today's latest camera images of his seventh grade class. Jazmin made her usual appearance looking as hot as ever, but this time Kelly Jenkins walked in right behind her. He eyed Kelly's small conical breasts that were just beginning to puff out on her chest and long, firm legs that already looked as long as a California highway. Just being treated to the sight of her budding twelve-year-old body had his dick thumping in his hand, but all that changed the minute his own daughter walked into the picture.     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • So I Took A Big Risk!
      soitooka zip (11k) (Mg-11 M-solo inc pedo oral g-solo phone sex)
      I couldn't believe my eyes as she made eye contact and slowly pulled her blue denim skirt up over her knees. She was staring right at me and kept pulling at her skirt, getting it higher on her thighs. Her top was one of those white spandex things that was form fit and showed off tiny little breasts that had very hard nipples pressing against the fabric. I couldn't believe my luck as she had sweet and very sexy thighs. As I watched she began to spread her legs. She would spread them then close them all the time hiking her skirt up. I almost fainted when I saw the flash of a blue panty crotch.     
    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • Steve's Cure for the Adolescent
      stevescu zip (15k) (15 yo, 4 yo, nudity, fondling, oral, penetration)
      Steve was socially practically immobile in the throes of the Adolescent Doldrums. His cure turned out to be 4 yo Lou, who lived next door and who impulsively guided him through and past his doldrums, and back into the world of the socially active. When they got used to each other she brought willing little girls to him, and he guided her in her adventures with the teen age boys and men of the neighborhood.     
    • by Cheeky :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Vicky's First Love
      vickysfi zip (09k) (F/f, 1st lez)
      I couldn't keep my eyes off of her, she seemed to shift and move so sensually. I know she was watching me and noticed me staring at her legs and breasts, but I couldn't help myself. I could blame it on the wine but I knew that something was going to happen, and I wanted it badly. I got up to get something in the kitchen, god knows what. When I turned to head back into the living room Lisa was right there in my face, looking down at me with her blue eyes looking into my soul, laughing, leering, loving me. I stood there, frozen looking from her eyes to her boobs to my toes, shaking inside.     
    • by Authorphillip :...
    • Brothers
      brothers zip (34k) (M/b/b anal, oral, tort)
      A black man buys two boys, brothers, and rapes and tortures them. He enlists the aid of the younger brother in his torture of the older brother.     
      From Asia to Africa, part 17
      fromas17 zip (14k) (M/M/M/M/M tort, anal, oral, snuff)
      Baptiste has a show down with Ghankay. Damon's mutilation continues.     
    • by Brian :...
    • Daddy Lucas
      daddyluc zip (09k) (M/b oral, anal, incest)
      A 4 year old is raped and his daddy is angry - not because of the rape but for other reasons.     
    • by Pornsmith :...
    • Metaxa Madness, ch 1-3
      metax1_3 zip (25k) (FF, mom/daut, inc, voy, toys)
      A repressed mother, a liberated daughter and a bottle of brandy (or is it the brandy bottle?)add up to a pretty volatile mixture.     
    • by Poseidon :...
    • The Beach, part 5
      thebeac5 zip (06k) (M/fff)
      We pulled the drapes on all of the windows and quickly pulled our clothes off. I sat on the sofa and Erica moved over to straddle my cock and watch TV while she sat on my lap. We were all pretty 'hot', knowing what was going to happen, so she slid down onto my cock pretty easily. Tammy sat on the floor in front of us watching my cock disappear into Erica's cunt. "My God Erica, you should see what it does to your pussy. It looks like you are going to burst", said Tammy.     

      Tuesday PM, June 03, 2003


      Monday PM, June 02, 2003

    • by DaddyBob :...
    • BallGame, 2nd Quarter
      ballgam2 zip (09k) (M / toddler girl ped panty play)
      Richard Johnson takes Jane and her four-year-old daughter home, where he hatches a plan to do even more fun things with the little girl!     
    • by White :...
    • CPI Productions: The Making Of A Movie, part 8
      cpiprod8 zip (09k) (MF/Mf/Mg/Fm/inc/ped/best(horse and dogs)/rape/porn)
      Jack Winters takes the next step in making pedo-porn: a feature-length movie!     
    • by Dark Tower Gunslinger :...
    • Only In America, ch 3
      onlyina3 zip (17k) (M/M/f/f/story setup)
      In Chicago, Palladin accompanies Suzette to her family home, and finds out her father is a reknowned Mafia boss. The sexual tension rises as Palladin meets the vivacious nymphet Nicole, Suzie Q's almost eleven year old sister. Over dinner, Tony the Mafia boss makes Palladin an offer he cannot refuse; an allnight session in his downtown penthose with the two precocious preteens. Stand by, it's going to be a long and bumby night again.     
    • by Authorphillip :...
    • From Asia To Africa, part 16
      fromas16 zip (11k) (M/M/M/M/M tort, anal, oral, snuff)
      Baptiste returns, more torture and sexual abuse for Damon and he features in a tug-of-war contest.     
      The Abductor
      theabduc zip (10k) (M/b oral, anal)
      A man who preys on boys abducts a very young one for his sexual gratification.     
    • by David Stephens :...
    • Pete's Pedo Party
      petesped zip (13k) (MM/g, MMMF/g, inc, pedo)
      Pete and Lorna had hosted several of these informal get togethers over the last few years, in the process making many new friends who shared their sexual predilections. Both in their fifties, they had together molested countless young children during their long marriage, and intended to molest countless more.     
    • by New Nabokov :...
    • Claudia, ch 3
      claudia3 zip (20k) (Mgg/ inc/ bondage/S&M/piss/rasur/others)
      Zuhause angekommen, zeigte ich Anne erst mal Ihr neues Heim. Den Park samt Pool, das Haus und natürlich Ihr Zimmer. Wir waren uns zwar einig, dass Wir auch weiterhin zusammen schlafen würden, aber der Schein musste gewahrt werden. Dad hatte Ihre Angelegenheiten geregelt und Ihre Habseligkeiten in unser Haus bringen lassen. Den Nachmittag verbrachten Wir am Pool, bis unser Vater, zur Feier des Tages, etwas früher nach Hause kam und Wir zu Abend aßen.     

      Sunday PM, June 01, 2003

    • by Sam T Sleaze :...
    • How I Sold My Ass on the Internet
      howisold zip (11k) (m/b oral, anal, consensual, light b&d/s&m)
      My name is Josh and I am ten years old, and I'm a sex-a-holic. I've loved playing with my dick ever since I can remember, and for the last 6 months, I've been able to shoot a watery load of cum. I am almost a man. I love to steal my mom's vibrator and her dildo and rub Vaseline all over them and stuff them up my butt. I really get off on the feelings I get when I do that.     
      My Boy Tony, part 4
      myboyt4 zip (24k) (MF/bg; incest, rape, b&d, s&m, heavy torture, body modification, blood, watersports)
      One hour after we landed in Mexico, we were at the Rancho Valdez, and Valdez himself was welcoming us. Amanda, Tony and I were greeted warmly by a large, smiling Mexican man in his mid-40's. "Senior Valdez, thanks for welcoming us to your Villa" I said. "Naah, it is I who thank you for coming and bringing us such wonderful talent as your son here; and please call me Paco, everyone does!" Paco shook my hand, then Amandas and then lifted Tony's shirt, pulled it off, and pawed at the boy's A-cup sized titties. "Very nice to see boobs on a handsome boy like this. We will take many pictures and videos of you, eh, Tony?"     
    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • It's Just Not Fair! part 2
      itsnotf2 zip (14k) (nudity, touching, hand manipulation)
      In part one fourteen year old Michael's favorite doctor patient Amy Chesterwood, refused to play the game anymore unless he agreed to be the patient to her doctor. He finally agreed and had the experience of his life, stretched out naked on that table under her inquiring fingers. The session ended with her bringing him off. In chapter two he hadn't seen or heard from Amy when a couple of days later a phone call turns out to be Amy's mother, Dr. Chesterwood. Fearing a SWAT team breaking down his door he shakingly answers the phone, only to hear a warm and friendly Dr. Chesterwood invited him to babysit her daughter over the weekend while she attended a medical conference in New Orleans.     
      Joey's Little Problem, and. . .
      joeyslit zip (10k) (nudity, discovery, touching, oral)
      Joey and Charlie were stretched out under a big Elm tree in Charlie's backyard. Joey lamented that he had never seen a girl naked, and Charlie agreed to see if his little sister would come down and talk with him. Did Joey solve his problem -- he's not telling.     
    • by Running Bear :...
    • The Toy
      thetoy zip (40k) (Mf Toy Rom SciFi)
      A man buys himself a sex doll, then finds her just a little too realistic.     
    • by I.M.Odepa :...
    • The Transporter, ch 5-6
      thetr5_6 zip (09k) (M/f ped noncon rape oral anal)
      Continuing the saga of Joe the Transporter and his stolen baby and girl, Tabby. Tabby has now become his sex toy.     
    • by Bemused :...
    • Trailer Mom, ch 5
      trailer5 zip (18k) (MFf(12)f(10)f(9), cons, oral, anal)
      This is the fifth chapter of what will probably end up being seven in the "Trailer Mom" series. The basic premise is that our hero Dave is asked to teach each of three preteen daughters about sex. The first chapter includes the setup, sex with the mom Julie, and meeting the daughters. Chapter 2 includes some additional sex between adults and setup. Chapter 3 starts the sex between Dave and the girls. Chapter 4 includes Dave giving baths to all three girls and having oral sex with the oldest. Chapter 5 includes intercourse with the oldest and oral stuff with the younger sisters too. Chapter 6 will include at least oral with the younger girls and anal with whichever girl is the most adventurous. It looks Chapter 7 will wrap things up with Dave taking whatever cherries remain.     
    • by Chris Scapes :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Skateboarder Ryan, ch 1-5
      skatebo1 zip (24k) (B/b)
      A story about two boys aged 17 and 12 whose passionate relationship seems like true love. The older boy, Chris, likes to be in control of the relationship while the younger boy, Ryan, your typical smart mouthed skateboarder, decides he wants to be the one in control. This makes for an interesting dynamic between the two.     
    • by Authorphillip :...
    • From Asia To Africa, part 15
      fromas15 zip (13k) (M/M/M/M/M tort, anal, oral, snuff)
      Damon spends a few days alone with Ghankay and is subjected to his twisted ideas of fun.     

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