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      On Friday PM, June 27, 2003


      Thursday PM, June 26, 2003

    • by Curious Cat :...
    • Her Honeypot
      herhoney zip (11k) (M/g, mutual masturbation, cum licking, fantasy-reality)
      It was late in the day and Randy certainly wasn’t prepared for the unexpected treat in store for him when six-year-old sexpot Cindy walked into his retail business right before closing with her father and younger sister.     
    • by Lincoln Lee :...
    • Wanting Daddy
      wantingd zip (08k) (an incest fantasy)
      Nine year-old Katrina Rivers watched her father drive. She thought was the luckiest girl in the world. Her father was a famous athlete. All her life she remembered many times when his fans stopped him to ask for an autograph, picture or some other keepsake. Even though it had been years since he'd retired from his sports, her father seemed to get all the attention, Katrina didn't mind because she knew she was the center of his attention.     
    • by Gregory North :...
    • Papa Bear and the Web-Sters, ch 4
      papabea4 zip (14k) (MMF Dom/sub)
      PapaBear returns, a big, brutish looking man, very hairy. I visit an English writer and find literature twice as much fun as ever.     
    • by b.l.over21 :...
    • Grillabend
      grillabe zip (06k) (M/b Oral, b/b oral, voy)
      Lange habe ich diesen Abend geplant und ich hatte es ihm Gefühl, das es ein toller Abend wird. Ich habe mir extra Urlaub genommen und alles eingekauft. Drei andere Freunde habe ich eingeladen...     

      Wednesday PM, June 25, 2003

    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • Lenny's Love Beads
      lennyslo zip (09k) (nudity, massage, oral, anal, penetration)
      Lenny Bussette was 15, a consumate ladies man, only though he was in high school his ladies were the girls in Miss Hendricks' middle school drama department. Most especially, he was proficient in helping the girls get undressed and into their costumes. He was particularly smitten with Elaine Phillips, who was the star in Miss Hendricks' latest production. He surprised Elaine by wearing a string of beads. When she asked him about them, he wouldn't say what they were for, but offerred to show her if she would come home with him the next day. She agreed, and thereby learned the ancient secret of the mysterious beads.     
    • by DaddyBob :...
    • Mommy's Little Girl, part 1
      mommysl1 zip (09k) (M/F/g ped tease)
      Things never turn out the way you have them planed. And this turns out to be all too true for our hero Dave, as he ends up on a date with a really sexy woman, and her equally sexy five-year-old daughter..."Can you say "Baby girl, suck the nice man's cock!"?     
    • by I. M. Odepa :...
    • The Wild West, ch 1-3
      thewi1_3 zip (07k) (Mf pedo, rape, nco, violence)
      Carefull John, a character in the old west stumble on the remains of small wagon train. Hit and burnt out by Kiowis. He find 5 preteen girls who had hid and not been found by the Injun. Never one to pass up an opportunity. He strips the wagon of all undamaged goods. I take the girls with him to his place in the nearby foothills. This first part of three chapters introduce the characters. The first night on trail he rapes the oldest one (10 years)     
    • by Curious Cat :...
    • Weekend Delights
      weekendd zip (14k) (M/F/g, oral, masturbation, group play)
      Andi and her boss Leon share a lot more than working weekend computer shows, especially when they do the Nashville one. Andi has secrets that she doesn't share but young Sharon is one she does.     

      Tuesday PM, June 24, 2003

    • by Jarrod :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Jimbo's Horse
      jimbosho zip (06k) (M/gg, tor, rape, extreme, pedo)
      Her name is irrelevant. Whenever Jimbo takes a girl, they cease to be human. They become Jimbo's, often short-lived, toys. This new bitch was no different. Jimbo knew nothing about her except that she was very pretty -- and that was all he cared about. Her feelings, past, where she lived, boyfriends, family -- everything was useless to Jimbo except her body, which was now no longer hers, but his. The bitch might not think so, but Jimbo cared less about what she thought.     
    • by Corn53 :...
    • Preteen Catalog Models, part 1 of 12
      preteen1 zip (21k) ()
      The five nervous girls, ages ten to twelve, were standing behind Ginny and me in the front of the big living room near the center hall. We had just come down the stairs, and fortunately none of the nervous models tripped in her high heels. They were wearing short skirts, sheer blouses, white, ruffled ankle socks, and two-inch heels. All of the girls except Stacey were wearing training bras - visible through their blouses. Each girl's outfit was slightly different in color and style, but similar in that the short, loose-fitting skirt was so short it exposed her panties as she walked or turned. The girls had on make-up, including red lipstick to match freshly painted fingernails and toenails. Each girl's hair had been done that afternoon in our beauty shop. The added bows made them look especially feminine. All were slender. My announcements and introductions were primarily reminders of our rules to the photographers and modeling tips for our youthful models, as well as to further our ploy with the girls that this was a real modeling event.     
    • by PedoPee :...
    • Rene, ch 1-2
      rene1_2 zip (03k) (MFF/fm/mother/daughter/nephew/ws/scat)
      I had known 60s Rene for 15 years and had been telling here about my sex fun with Anne and her daughter Carla. Rene joins us and Anne's 10 year old nephew for a piss and scat session.     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • The Scent Of A Little Girl
      thescent zip (11k) (M-solo oral ped inc Mg-5 Mg-7 1st)
      Bruce sat on a chair and the grandmother sat on the couch. Tina, the younger girl, wearing a cute white cotton sun dress with ruffles that were straps that went over her shoulders, looked sleepy. She climbed into her grandmother's lap and leaned back against her as the two adults made polite conversation. She put her thumb in her mouth and sprawled just enough that her legs were wide apart and Bruce could see her panties. She had adorable legs and her thighs looked soft and smooth. He needed no imagination to see the outline of her mound and her full pussy lips.     

      Monday PM, June 23, 2003

    • by DaddyBob :...
    • BallGame, 4th Quarter
      ballgam4 zip (10k) (M/toddler b/g exhib panty mast ped)
      Dick and Felicia have been having fun together, for months now, but they haven't been able to enjoy a public fuck again, since their first adventures in the park! Dick depserately wants another public fuck with the sexy the four-year-old girl...What's a guy to do?     
    • by The Old Medic :...
    • Our New Family, part 1
      ournewf1 zip (28k) (M/f/F/F, F/F/f, Incest, Group sex)
      Jeff grew up with a single mother. Then, in Junior High, she married a man, with a young daughter. Several years later, there was a tragic accident, and Jeff is left as the real head of the family. He and his young step-sister become lovers. As his mother is recovering, she also wants more from him that a normal mother-son relationship. And it gets better and better.     
    • by Cheeky :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Cheeky Goes Cherry Picking
      cheekygo zip (24k) (F/f preteen)
      I was 20 at the time and VERY active sexually. The furthest thing from my mind that summer was starting an affair with a 12 year old, but that's exactly what happened. She was cute and receptive...I was just plain horny.     
    • by The Phantom :...
    • Avatar of Love, ch 56
      avatar56 zip (38k) (FFF FF weird trans pedo group incest love)
      A goodbye, good luck bit of pedo (sort of). Joy is welcomed. Joy and I pray for unification, healing and rebirth.     
    • by Snam :...
    • Linda, part 3
      linda3 zip (09k) (M/ff vader/meisje-dochter inc ped)
      Een gescheiden vader met dochtertje van 8 jaar en meer...     

      Sunday PM, June 22, 2003

    • by SIWYG :...
    • Holiday Sex, part 1
      holiday1 zip (05k) (Mgg oral pedo sex)
      "Oh mister". She said smiling at me.     
      Little Girls Enjoy Sex
      2littleg zip (25k) (Mgg MMgg Mg very young oral all forms of pedo sex)
      Jay got off her bike and Amy picked hers up and wheeled it to the back off the car where I lifted it into the back and once they were in I closed the door and walked to the drivers side, they both got in the car, the haunted woods were about three miles away. So I told them.     
      summerti zip (13k) (Mgg oral pedo sex)
      After a few minutes lying there I heard giggles, so I opened my eyes and looked towards the gate I saw two young girls.     
    • by StarRider :...
    • Karen's Cumming Of Age
      karenscu zip (06k) (M/f Uncle/niece inc)
      She often used to come and sit on his lap as he sat working at his computer. She had done it for the last two years, since she was eight. He always found it arousing to have her so close, and it often gave him a hard-on. The first few times it had happened he had been worried that she would notice and say something to her parents, but she never mentioned it.     
    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • Matt and Rosie
      mattandr zip (13k) (visual, nudity, touching, oral, penetration)
      Matthew Rollins is 38, divorced, and he is housebound until an accident case he was involved in comes to the court. Rosie O’Flannery is a skinny, red-headed, freckle faced little girl who lived down the street and who visited Matt every day after school. Rosie was intensely curious, and queried Matt about many things, and particularly how it felt to make love. Leaky underpants led to precum stained trousers, and when both were removed and put in the washer, Rosie’s education took a giant leap.     
      Pete and Mike and Molly, part 2
      peteand2 zip (10k) (skinnydipping, bestiality, touching, oral)
      Pete Montana and Mike Donnaly were 12, and had a strange twist to that almost universal pastime among twelve year olds, masturbation. Their strange twist consisted of masturbating Mike’s dog Skeeter before jacking themselves in a stand up, side by side contest. Pete’s 8 yo sister Molly followed them to swimming one day, and talked her way into coming in and swimming with them. And finally, after several tries, she got to witness their after swim activities with Skeeter and their contest.     
    • by cc :...
    • Pik's Pick
      pikspick zip (08k) (M/g ped spank 'nc' rom sci-fi)
      A man wins a preteen slavegirl to love and punish.     
    • by I.M.Odepa :...
    • Sex Slave of The Transporter
      sexslave zip (05k) (M/f b kidnapping ped noncon rape oral anal)
      Continuing the saga of Joe, The Transporter of stolen RV with a sideling in kidnapping babies for adoption. Having accidently kidnap a five year old girl he had made her into his personal little slut. Now after two years he again take and unexpected young boy. He converts the boy into a imitation girl.     
    • by Running Bear :...
    • Toy Story II
      toystor2 zip (21k) (Mf MfMf N/C sleep)
      Jessica's sister Leslie comes for a visit. What will Greg do with two 'toys' in the same household? A sequel to 'The Toy'.     
    • by Must Be Barking Mad :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Adult Tammy Meets Sweet Young Laura
      adulttam zip (91k) (Fg, rom, con)
      This is about a relationship that I am still in, as best I can recall the details (I've had to take a bit of poetic license where I don't recall all the details, but for the most part I've tried to stay true to my memory). - My name is Tammy, and I'm 31 years old. My sweet lover's name is Laura; she is an extremely pleasant young lady, who (here comes my illicit confession) is only 12 years old. My recount of our relationship (my 'story', if you will) begins with the first time we met, in a mall store. Over time we did many fun activities together, and became very good friends. Our relationship eventually turned romantic, and then later (after much emotional turmoil) intimate.     
    • by can_did :...
    • Leeta, ch 5
      leeta5 zip (04k) (M/F bd oral anal SciFi)
      Gasping with pleasure herself, Leeta moved her darting fingers, putting them to work on her clit. She rubbed the small bump on her cunt, rolling it between her fingers.     
    • by Gregory North :...
    • PapaBear and the Web-sters, ch 3
      papabea3 zip (15k) (mmff)
      PapaBear returns, a big, brutish looking man, very hairy. Now I bring an English humorist out of his closet and I tell you, it was no laughing matter.     
    • by Brian :...
    • Rich Man's Boys
      richmans zip (39k) (M/b/b NC, oral, anal, disc)
      A man aquires to brothers, 2 years old and 4 years old and has fun with them.     
    • by Evandro :...
    • A Sociedade, ch 3
      asocied3 zip (05k) (M+g(10), gangbang, bukakke, anal, DP, Beast, **CAUTION**)
      Dani ficou apoiada no peito de um, que a segurava pelos braços, enquanto outros dois abriam-lhe as pernas para que o quarto homem metesse a vara na sua bucetinha.     
    • by The Teacher :...
    • Der Anfang, ch 2
      deranfa2 zip (08k) (M/f, pedo, romantic)
      Der zweite Teil meines ersten Erlebnisses mit einer dreizehnjährigen Schülerin, der Ursprung meiner Leidenschaft für pubertierende Mädchen.     

      Saturday PM, June 21, 2003

    • by Acid :...
    • Breeding Simone - From the Chronicles of Eroth, part 5
      breedin5 zip (12k) (FFF)
      Simone finds herself as the master of this small band of ladies. She works them hard, too. In a quiet moment she even turns her attentions to herself, at least until Alana arrives. Alana is a great fuck, Simone is locked into a sexual battle with the gorgeous young lady. Will the new arrival be the death of her?     
    • by Lincoln Lee :...
    • Fireboy
      fireboy zip (08k) (a pederasty fantasy)
      Ever since Les could remember, he wanted to be a fireman. His room, his toys, his wardrobe all reflected that theme and dream. When he was twelve years old, the local fire station in his town developed a program called "Fireboys and Girls". It was designed to teach and expose kids to fire fighting. Unfortunately, only a few boys applied for the program and no girls. Needless to say, Les was the first to get his application material turned in and was accepted. He was so excited.     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • This Hell Called Childhood
      thishell zip (11k) (mm-solo mmg oral anal m-solo voy)
      Danny loves trees. He is 12 and a real in-between kid. He is too old for the younger kids in this foster family and too young for the older kids to care about. He lives in a foster care home along with 11 other kids from age 4 to 16. It isn?t bad. He just doesn?t fit in. He is moody and at times almost depressed because of what happened to his young life. His dad is in prison and his mom is a drunk and does drugs.     
    • by Nomad :...
    • L'Academe, part 3
      lacadem3 zip (13k) (child torture, parental voyeur)
      Part three of a story written with the help of my friend, Mike. Miss Marshall took up her position at the foot of the bench and tapped the young girl's buttocks with the cane. Wilma began weeping more loudly, feeling the cold rod slide along her buttocks, parallel with her short, half parted anal crease. She lifted it sharply, bringing it down quickly so the girl would have little time to prepare, then stood aside to let those beyond the mirror enjoy the full view of the child's lower body as she screamed her anguish and squirmed uncontrollably in pain. A bright line appeared close to her bottom crease, swelling upwards as Wilma continued to cry.     
    • by tony-n-friends :...
    • Little Mommy
      littlemo zip (06k) (M/f dad/dau, no sex yet, exploring and awakening)
      "Daddy, I .. um .. well, I got. You know. I got nipples too. Tommy could …." As soon as she stopped speaking, her head bowed and she stood there, shuffling her feet. Russ sat on the side of his bed with the squalling child in his arms. He spoke quietly to the little girl standing in front of him, her face very red. "Well baby, I know you do. You are growing up, that is for sure. 10 is almost a teenager. But, I don't think your nipples are big enough for Tommy to suckle on. He is used to your mom's nipples and hers are big and long." Kelly looked up, nodding. "Mine are big too daddy, mommy says I am going to have nipples like her."     
    • by Tiago :...
    • Slaveries
      slaverie zip (55k) (...)
      I do not know if this is a story to be told. I just know this is the story I have to tell. And just because this is the true. The only one I have. I had just arrived from London, where I had been for studies during five years. At that time, as today, it was very common for young ladies of good families to study in Europe. Of course it could not be different in my family. Because it was a symbol of status or because they could feel it as a necessity. Indeed, there was actually no great utility for a lady's education, once they had the only destiny of getting married. Anyway, I had just arrived from London.     
    • by authorphillip :...
    • Transformation
      transfor zip (44k) (T/b/b/b/ oral, anal, spanking)
      A man arranges for the teenage son of a political enemy to be changed from a straight guy into one who only wants to have sex with young boys.     
    • by The Teacher :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Der Anfang, ch 1
      deranfa1 zip (11k) (M/f, pedo, romantic)
      Mein erstes Erlebnis mit einer jungen Schülerin, der Beginn einer großen Leidenschaft für pubertierende Mädchen.     

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