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      On Friday PM, Mar 07, 2003

    • by Francis :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Next Door Neighbor
      nextdoor zip (22k) (M/F, M/f (9), M/f (7), pedo, cons?, exhib)
      I couldn't believe what my next door neighbor was offering me. Could she really want me to take her nine-year old's virginity?     
    • by Tommy Warhead :...
    • Abducting Catholic Schoolgirls, ch 6
      abducti6 zip (08k) (M/f, M/f, M/f, Oral, Anal, Rape, NC)
      After resting a bit, John explained to Eileen his idea for, “The Competition”. He was going to institute a game of strip volleyball. Teams would be two on two and as each team lost a point, they would have to remove an article of clothing. The loosing team would then be his fuck-toys for the afternoon.     
    • by PRE-vert :...
    • A Developing Situation, part 4
      adevelo4 zip (09k) (MM/g, inc dad/dau, pedo)
      The last thing Martin wanted to think about was a cop! Here he'd been playing with a little girl, even sprayed his seed on her naked body a little - and it's possible her daddy's a cop?     
    • by J_J Ames :...
    • Allie's Ride, ch 10
      allies10 zip (16k) (fff Sybian toys, M/F, f solo)
      Allie, her sister Megan, and neighbor Wendy return to Ray's studio to discover a new variation to the old Sybian.     
    • by Paul Phenomenon :...
    • Does She Remember?
      doessher zip (12k) (M/F, m/g, inc, bro/sis)
      Does she remember? Eric asked himself as he gazed at his sister.     
    • by Lincoln Lee :...
    • Fathers Club 4: Blakely's Return
      fathers4 zip (12k) (an incest fantasy)
      As Martin fucked his daughter Brenda, he got so caught up in how lucky he felt. It has been nearly thirteen years since he and Brenda began their incestuous relationship. A lot has happened in those years. Brenda along with her friends, Jessica and Sherry, created a plan to help other young girls develop relationships with their fathers. They selected three new recruits and set up a weekend to put their education plan to the test. It was a big hit. So much so that the girls stayed busy setting up similar weekend events for the Fathers Club.     
    • by Jennitha :...
    • Fucking Generations
      fuckingg zip (05k) (Mom/FIL/Son inc)
      My name is Meena. I was born and brought up in India in a middle class family and married off to Soft ware engineer based in US. Early part of my marriage was fun. Since I perfected the art of fucking with my innovative engineer husband who was using his Hard ware (Prick) on my soft ware (cunt). He was very experimenting in nature. He used to freeze ice in the shape of a prick and used to masturbate me using this making me hot and cold at the same time. He use to then melt the ice and drink the same mixed with my cum. He had decent sized prick which used as the sword. He taught me to use computer and surf the net. The problem started when I became pregnant, I had to shift base to bangalore for my delivery.     
      Toilet Door
      toiletdo zip (04k) (Mom/Son inc)
      My name is Kumar,When I was I born I was very innocent and I come from a small town in southern India. All my problem started when they started showing adult films in DD. This was before the entry of the cable television. I had a great interest in watching cricket matches once just after the cricket telecast got over the English movie started. It was about the Frankenstein monster and in that they showed the monster humping his masters wife. It got on to my imagination. But the problem was I was the only son and I was studying in a boys school. Hence the fascination for female sex turned towards obviously the only lady of the house that is my mother. My father was a drunkard and was least interested in sex.     
    • by CuPED :...
    • Kidnap Caper
      kidnapca zip (18k) (M/g F/g f/g ped first time)
      Mary wasn't sure about this. She had done everything asked of her thus far, and it was all surprisingly pleasant. She discovered on the first day that she liked being naked in front of her father's friend. She liked the way his eyes would travel over her body almost like a caress, leaving her feeling tingly in her belly and between her legs. But now came the lesson that the preteen most feared. Jim had told her that this next lesson would hurt badly. He gently told her that there was no way to do it painlessly, but that she had to do it in order to be the best special girl she could be for her father. He promised that it would stop hurting after a few times, and that after more times she would begin to enjoy it as much as the other things they had done. Jim had her laying on the couch, her head against the backrest and her hips hanging over the edge as Jim knelt in front of her eating her young pussy. Mary was squirming on the couch, sweating heavily as he brought her closer and closer to orgasm. She liked cumming for her adult lover. When she began to buck on the couch in her release, Jim sat up and turned her over. She was still moaning and spasming when she felt her face pushed down into the cushions. At the same time she felt the large head of his penis at her virgin vaginal opening.     
    • by DreamZ :...
    • Kids World, ch 7
      kidswor7 zip (07k) (M/b, b/b, Masturbation, Oral, Anal, Rim, Pedo)
      "Yeah, he's ok." "What about Ben ??" "No, Ben don't work out." "What do you and Ben like to do together ??" A long pause... "There must be some things you guys like to do, is there ??" "Nah." "Well I saw you and Ben eating dinner one night together at the restaurant." "Yeah, we eat together sometimes." "What else ??" "That's about it." "Is Ben your friend ??" "He's ok." "Just ok ?? But not your BESTEST friend ??" "Nah, Jared is my bestest friend and Matthew."     
      The Beginning, ch 13
      thebeg13 zip (07k) (M/boy, Masturbation, Oral, Anal, Pedo, Depression, Happy ending)
      Here it is, finally the conclusion.. In this final chapter, Alex's Mom moves him 5 hours away from me. I go threw very deep therapy for over a year. I eventually meet my present wife Trudy and her son Justin. We get married, and find a really nice house that we would soon call home. We found a nice house on the outskirts of town. If you've been following this series from the beginning, read this conclusion to find out what has become of all the boys. Benji & Jason, Josh, Matty, Chris, Willy, Ricky, Darren & Daniel and of coarse Alex.     
    • by Centaur :...
    • Memories
      memories zip (28k) (Mf, inc, rom, mystery)
      Laura Richards has a dark secret buried deep in her memory. It is tying to get out in the form of a terrible nightmare that keeps returning night after night. All she knows is that it involves her Daddy and it keep her from being comfortable around boys. See what happens when the memory does return and she re-experiences one long ago New Years Eve with her Daddy...     
    • by GoDSpiT :...
    • One Loving Family
      onelovin zip (38k) (M/f, b/f, F/b, m/g, preg, ped, incs)
      "Can I see it daddy?" The words reverberated through Gerald's mind as he looked at the cute little face of his daughter Raine. God how long he had dreamed of her wanting to see his hard on, of her wanting to touch it, his dreams it seemed were slowly slipping into insanity. This could not be real, this had to be a dream of some sort because Raine would never actually want to see her own father's erection. Gerald realized his hand was softly stroking her leg as he looked into her eyes. He gently kissed her lips, her cheeks, and said, "are you sure you want to see it?" Again Raine nodded her agreement that she did want to see it and Gerald felt himself begin throbbing in a way he hadn't done in almost ten years. He kissed Raine's lips again before saying, "do you want to undo daddy's pants?"     
    • by Byteman2000 :...
    • Rent-A-Daddy, part 3
      rentada3 zip (19k) (M/f,oral, first time, fondling, cons, romantic)
      "My problem is Cheryl my daughter who will be 13 this Friday. She has a dance coming up this Friday called the Father/Daughter Night Out. This is a special night out for girls who are crossing over from pre-teen to teen or what they look at as young womanhood within our church. It's kind of a special occasion held once a month for girls who are turning 13 that month. The girls are taken for a night our with their fathers that includes dinner, dancing, then the church has reserved hotel suites for the daughters and fathers that night and the return the next day." "I see sounds very special and exciting for the girls. Something they can remember all their lives." I said. "The problem that Cheryl doesn't have a father in a manner of speaking, at least not for a long time to come. He's in prison so he won't be taking her. Naturally she doesn't want to go with her grandfather nor an uncle. That was when Pam suggested you. Now I should tell you that if anyone would have came up telling me to hire some man to take my daughter I would have laughed them off, but Pam described you as very different with the way you were, how you handled children, and even your life style. That was why I decided to hear her out and give you a call.     
    • by Acid :...
    • The Trainer, part 6
      thetrai6 zip (15k) (MMM/F, oral, voyeur)
      Melissa learns first hand that a dog can be a woman's best friend as well. She watches more action as it unfolds in the room beside hers, as well as out in the farm itself. Ever wondered what price would be exacted from her if she was caught watching?     
    • by Dalton :...
    • Unplanned, part 2
      unplann2 zip (14k) (M/f(8) relc, anal, bondage, oral)
      When his cock was ready to shoot he slipped it into her pussy slit, feeling her damp crack made him smile. His cock fucking her ass softly turned on the little hottie. She let him slip against her raw pussy mouth and then jumped when he started shooting his cum inside her. With both his hands on her hips he kept his cock jammed inside her pussy hole, feeling the cum squirt and leak out immediately down her thighs.     
    • by ChildSlayer :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Glass of Milk
      glassofm zip (11k) (M/f/nc/anal/snuff???)
      Here I am, robbing this dude's pad, using his own suitcases to cart his own shit out the broken back window, and suddenly the doorbell sounds. In a panic I drop the brass lamp on the hard wood floor, and the loud clang it made on impact about scared me out of my wits. I waited a few seconds before the doorbell rang again. I could tell it wasn't the cops, because there were no cars parked in the driveway. Besides, this dude lived in the middle of nowhere, a clean quarter mile between his house and the nearest neighbor.     
    • by Baer-chen :...New Author.!.!.!
    • The Greatest Screams Ever
      thegreat zip (11k) (M/f torture Heavy violent)
      The 19-year-old captive began to cry when she saw what was in his hand as he entered the room and smiled at her. Her wavy brown hair and tanned body glistened with sweat from the heat of the room. Placing the large metal speculum on the table next to the gynecological bed that Cassie was secured to, the man in the lab coat looked at Cassie and smiled. "Good afternoon sweetheart how do you feel?" Cassie continued to cry as the Man in the lab coat picked up her chart, and slipped his right hand into her half unbuttoned, blouse.     
      The Torture of Princess Emily, part 1
      thetort1 zip (13k) (EXTREME torture and violence)
      The series of heavy oak doors that led to the dank underground holding cells, closed with a sense of finality that made the poor young blonde shudder. The girl, Princess Emily of Estarian, was the eldest daughter of King Carmen, ruler of the Kingdom of Estarian, a peaceful, radiant place that had just fallen to the hellish Warlords of Oben. Emily, 18 years of age, was gorgeous, but shy for her age, men scared and intimidated her. She could not find what her older sister Tara found in the suitors that frequented the castle. Her blonde mane followed down to the chains that bound her hands behind her back. In her light blue eyes were tears that mirrored the deep-seated fear that was beginning to over take her senses. These men were disgusting.     
      Underwater Hell
      underwat zip (08k) (MF/f torture Heavy violent)
      "NO MORE PLEASE!!!!" the young brunette begged as another large man approached her from behind. She was bent and over a large wooden table with her legs spread apart so her ass was easily accessible to the 8 or so men who had sodomized her in the last couple of hours. Jenny could barely scream any longer but the attacks continued to come. One after another the men were taking turns ramming their cocks into her small but firm ass. The underwater science facility had been taken so quickly that Jenny and several of the other scientists had not been able to react.     
    • by Dark Fate :...
    • Mommy Loves The Little Girl Too, ch 1
      mommylo1 zip (03k) (m/w/g)
      A man end's up in a sexual night with her girl friend and her one year old daughter.     
    • by AnonX :...
    • Sleeping Suckness
      sleeping zip (03k) (F/m/f)
      Mom sucks off her sleeping kids.     
    • by JKP :...
    • The Principal, part 2
      theprin2 zip (13k) (M/F/F/F/F/f thought reader humil scat voyeur gs)
      The new principal has a secret. He can read peoples minds and "persuades" them to live their secrets. He starts off with the staff --Mandy likes shit, Buffy likes little cocks, Holly likes her daughter. the principal likes them all.     

      Thursday PM, Mar 06, 2003


      Wednesday PM, Mar 05, 2003

    • by Dark Tower Gunslinger :...
    • Bangkok Nights, ch 6
      bangkok6 zip (16k) (M/F/F/F/g/scat/beast/NC/torture/anal)
      I lay on the large bed in the first floor of the spacious ranch home that had been the Outback headquarters of the late Mrs. Evelyn Fontaine. The old woman had lived here most of her formative early life until at the age of nineteen she had pulled up stakes and set out to become one of the wealthiest women in Eastern Australia. This sheep and cattle ranch her great grandfather had settled in the mid nineteenth century grew to be one of the great Australian ranches of the twentieth and twenty-first century.     
    • by Jade :...
    • Cherry Popin' Matt, ch 2
      cherryp2 zip (06k) (m/f/f bro/sis)
      Chapter 2 of Cherry Popin' Matt. Melina helps Matt seduce his sister Lizzy, and they all have a good time.     
    • by PeachLover :...
    • Cold, part 2 - Final
      cold2 zip (14k) (b/g 13/8 bro/sis captives inc drugs porn out of body exp)
      Danny and Karen's ordeal continues. The two are swept away in a drug induced passion that enhances the love they'd already felt for each other. They consumate that love in many exciting ways.     
    • by Cheryl :...
    • Mandy's Email
      mandysem zip (06k) (F/MMMMM/exhibition/IR/con)
      This was an email written to me in story form about an encounter another girl and I had St. Louis where I am a sub and she controls me.     
      Miss Perfect Penny
      missperf zip (14k) (17yrFEM/multipleM's/blackmailed)
      17 yr old cheerleader needs more money for a prom dress. While doing voluntary work at a nursing home she discovers a new source of revenue only to end up being blackmailed into more that she bargained for.     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • Sweet Innocent: A Porn Star, part 4
      sweetin4 zip (10k) (f-solo MF Mf-13 oral inc film Mg-7 Mg-9 pedo some force)
      Emma was alone and since she had exhausted herself from all the screaming and the many orgasms she experienced she found herself drifting into sleep. She had horrible dreams. Strange men were chasing her, naked men with giant cocks that were purple with big, round bulbous heads dripping with white cum. She dreamed of her home and her parents. She dreamed of Wild Will and he was telling her that every thing would be fine. Snakes were chasing her, their forked tongues trying to reach her crotch to lick her full pussy lips.     
    • by DreamZ :...
    • The Beginning, ch 12
      thebeg12 zip (08k) (M/boy, Masturbation, Oral, Pedo)
      He just stared at it, never said a word tho. I couldn't tell if he was hard, as he had the sheet over that part of him and I didn't have a view of anything below his belly button. Finally he opened his mouth. "So what kinda things do gay guys do ?" "What do ya mean bud ?" I know I shouldn't of been making him expand, knowing full well what he was asking, but he took so dam long gettin this far, I was gonna make him work for it now. "Like... What stuff do ya do with other guys ?" "Are you talking about sex, Alex ?" "Well.. Ya, sorta." "Lots of different things bud.. Usually it starts out with some kissing or just cuddling and hugging kinda like we're doing now." His face went a little red at that. I think he figured I was hinting that we were being gay, even though I never meant it to sound that way.     
    • by cc :...
    • The Laird and the Wee Lassie
      thelaird zip (11k) (M/g spank "rape" rom hist)
      A Scottish laird finds pleasure in spanking and eventually "raping" his preteen ward.     
    • by Dark Fate :...
    • Bath and Love, ch 2
      bathand2 zip (02k) (W/g mom Daut, pedo ,toddler girl)
      Jenny has woke after making love to her little girl in chapter one. She feel's sick about what she's done But can she keep from doing it a gain?     
      Taken For Love Given Back Later, ch 1
      takenfo1 zip (05k) (M/g pedo)
      I man kidnaps a little girl for a little sex play. no penitration.     
    • by Ermberto :...
    • The New Neighbors
      thenewne zip (23k) (Incest - mother/sons, lesbian (FF), teen, first, oral. group (FFmm), anal)
      Hannah is a sexy, 22-year-old bisexual babe. She is delighted when a busty blond and her two sons, aged 14 and 16, move in next door. After seducing the mother, Hannah seduces the boys who also get round to fucking their horny mom, a hot foursome promptly taking place.     

      Tuesday PM, Mar 04, 2003

    • by PeachLover :...
    • A New Lease on Life
      anewleas zip (37k) (M/gg sisters 9&11)
      Katy was wearing an old T-shirt that had seen one too many washings. It was more than a little small on her. I had to force myself not to stare at her chest where her two small breasts formed alluring and quite obvious bumps. I could see the darker region of her nipples quite clearly through the thin light colored material. Mandy was dressed much the same wearing an equally tight shirt. Two little bumps capped with small points announced that she too had some very early development going on. I hadn't really noticed them yesterday with the loose top she was wearing.     
    • by Lincoln Lee :...
    • Fathers Club 3: The New Recruits
      fathers3 zip (16k) (incest)
      It has been three years since Sherry, Brenda and Jessica began their incestuous journey. The girls love it. Over the last few years they really have put their fathers to the test. Their dads, knowing this can't possibly go on forever, are enjoying every moment too. Their relationships have become something of legend among the members of the Fathers Club and within a close circle of the incest community. The girls and their dads have been featured speakers from time to time. Whenever they appear, it is always to a full house. Many dads in their town wish the Sherry, Brenda, and Jessica were their daughters.     
    • by Cheryl :...
    • Hank's Niece
      hanksnie zip (06k) (mf/oral/exposed/tricked)
      48 yr old Hank has to cope with his new charge, an 18 yr old niece he hasn't seen in years.     
      Mike Hunt, Roving Reporter
      mikehunt zip (04k) (breathplay)
      One night I was feeling silly and wrote this story, if you read nothing else of mine, please read this cause everytime I read I well, form your own opinions!!     
      Mistress And Mouse, parts 1-2
      mistr1_2 zip (09k) (FF/bondage/exposure/humiliation/sold)
      The story of two women who have a unique relationship involving role play and bondage and domination.     
    • by Byteman2000 :...
    • Rent-A-Daddy, part 2
      rentada2 zip (18k) (M/f age 6. M/b age 4, M/f age 4, b/f, oral, fondling, cons, non-cons)
      Why be married when you can Rent-A-Daddy for all your child's needs. Bonded, licensed, have clean background" That was what the ad said that I had put in the paper receiving my first client little 4 year old David was a great success and brought me in more business and a weekend that was going to open new doors to my world. It was Friday afternoon Pam was soon to be coming over with little 4 year old David whom I had watched that previous Monday. The house was now in shape the last of the work had been completed yesterday. Having checked all the nanny cams I set up in the rooms, all the recording equipment, sensors, and other equipment I was more the ready for my newest assignment as Rent-A-Daddy. When the doorbell finally rang my heart jumped a beat with excitement. Opening the door there stood Pam with little David her son and two sweet little Asian girls. Saying hi to everyone as they walked in and closing the door Pam introduced them to me. These were the girls who I would be watching along with David for the weekend while their moms had fun. Little did they know the fun that we were going to have too.     
    • by Eric MJ12 :...
    • Short Story #53 My Incestuous Ski Vacation, part 2
      ss53b zip (12k) (incest)
      Then I heard the bedroom door open. The light was off in the bedroom and then I saw April slowly emerge from the bedroom. With only the light given off by the fire in the fireplace I was completely awestruck as to what I saw with my very own eyes. April walked slowly over to where I was now sitting on the comforter. She was wearing a creamy white, almost totally transparent, silk teddy. The teddy was mid thigh length and had lace trimmings around the bottom edge. I think I was in a state of absolute shock for a moment or two and my once again soft cock almost instantaneously grew to full length, in less than a tenth of a second.     
    • by Calrese :...
    • The Widow's Passion, part 5
      thewido5 zip (05k) (F/g/F Oral Inc)
      After finishing up downstairs Carol walks upstairs to her Daughter's room.... as she gets closer to the door... She could hear her Daughter on the phone talking to someone, as she walks into her Daughter's room she walks in seeing her Daughter had taken off her blouse as she lays in bed with only her tight skirt and a pair of tight little panties on. Carol could see the way her Daughter lay with her legs spread wide as she was rubbing her wet cotton panties which made Carol's pussy wet the way she was talking to the person on the other end...     
      Wendy, parts 2-3
      wendy2_3 zip (12k) (F/g/g Inc Oral)
      Leslie stood back hiding by the door as she watched her Daughter and her girl friend kiss passionately, then she saw her Daughter reached under her girlfriend's tight skirt grabbing her tight panties Leslie moaned silently as her Daughter groped her girlfriend, " You want to lick my pussy Claudia, did you come over to lick it huh? " Leslie was shocked at how the young girl spread her legs fully as her Daughter shoved her hand into her bikini panties grabbing her pussy lips "You like the way I play with your pussy Huh?"     
    • by Dark Fate :...
    • Bath and Love, ch 1
      bathand1 zip (02k) (W/G Mom/daut pedo)
      A single mother loses her girl friend and turns to her two-year-old little girl for sex.     
    • by Julie :...
    • Hawaii, ch 2-4
      hawai2_4 zip (18k) (M/F, M/f)
      Continuing the story about my cousins first meeting with the Allen family during their vacation in Hawaii.     

      Monday PM, Mar 03, 2003

    • by Peter Evan Delaney O'Phyle :...
    • Behind Closed Doors
      behindcl zip (18k) (Intro/bon/oral)
      These are the chronicles of Troy, a gracefully aging former leading man in Hollywood who has settled into semi-retirement to indulge in his favorite activity: training the nine lovers under his care. From the 21 year old he has possessed since childhood to the 6 year old he recently came to acquire, they demand his full attention. And he demands theirs. We will journey with Troy as he guides, molds and educates his young charges, often employing extreme measures. It is hoped this chronicle will progress to novel dimensions.     
    • by Tasha :...
    • Confessions: Mary 1
      confess1 zip (08k) (M/f nonconsensual)
      Mary talks about her upbringing in a religious cult led by a lunatic pedophile. "Then one day when I was eight my mother came to me. She seemed very excited and pleased as she told me I was going to be getting married this Friday (our holy day). I asked her what that meant and she told me that Apostle Aaron had chosen me to be one of his wives, and that I would go to live with him (he was the only one who had a separate house). I remember I cried because I didn't want to leave her."     
    • by Byteman2000 :...
    • Rent-A-Daddy, part 1
      rentada1 zip (12k) (M/b, oral, anal, fondling,non-cons, toddler age 4)
      Daddy for Hire; clean, well fit, dad to help out as a rental dad for any child, any age, any time, place, or event. By the hour, day, weekend. Why be married when you can Rent-A-Daddy for all your child's needs. Bonded, licensed, have clean background. That afternoon about 4:30 p.m. I heard the doorbell ring, going to it there was a young woman in her early 20's standing there. She stood about 5 foot 5 with brown hair, blue eyes, and small chest. She was dressed in a nurse uniform "I'm looking for "Rent-A-Daddy" she said a little confused. There was a little boy about 4 standing next to her blonde hair, blue eyes, with a pacifier in his mouth. He was dressed in jeans, tennis shoes, socks, and a pale blue polo type shirt.     
    • by Fantasy_Dreamer :...
    • The Dead Zone, ch 2
      thedead2 zip (06k) (M/Girl/Girl Mind Control Rape Piss Horse/Girl)
      His journey continues using his new found powers of mind control in whatever sexual fantasy he can think of, with no regard to any girl's virtue.     
    • by BP :...
    • The Farmer's Cows
      thefarm1 zip (34k) (inc, oral, s/m, impreg, cuckold, MMMM/F)
      "Oh God! Please don't push it any deeper. It will be coming out my mouth any second."     
    • by Dalton :...
    • Unplanned, part 1
      unplann1 zip (13k) (M/f(8) relc, anal, bondage)
      His cock stayed hard and he started rubbing it on her clit, watching it intently, feeling it slowly rise and harden, her arousal coming from a place like his, primal, unconscious, wired into her body and mind like his was.     
    • by Dark Fate :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Letter For A Lady, ch 1
      letterf1 zip (03k) (F/G)
      Dear friend- You must hear about my daughter Melissa. She's a sweet little two year old with Blond hair and the cutest blue eyes. I'll tell you what would happen if you were here at the moment. You would find her laying on her little bed with Pink blankets she would be lying with sweetest smile on her face, In nothing but her diaper, waiting to be changed by her loving Mommy and Daddy. We would encourage you play with her if you know what I mean.     
      Mommy Loves You, ch 1
      mommylo1 zip (01k) (F/g Mom/Daut)
      Daddy asked me to give a bath today, I couldn't think of a good way to say no     
    • by Powerone :...
    • Police Rape of Sally and Rebecca, ch 9
      policer9 zip (15k) (MMMMM+Fg, nc, rape, anal, bd, virg, oral, reluc, humil)
      Making Rebecca Dance.. The Judge ties Rebecca over a ten inch rubber cock and whips her, making her fuck herself on it. She is then lowered, her asshole impaled on his cock as he fucks her.     
    • by Skaidan :...
    • Duchas Arriesgadas
      duchasar zip (12k) (m/F, incest)
      Acababa de levantarme de la siesta. Eran más de las seis y estaba repantigado en el sofá del salón cuando oí que se abría la puerta de la calle. Le quité el volumen al televisor con el mando a distancia justo cuando mamá entraba con dos bolsas. Parecía contenta, como siempre que volvía de su trabajo en El Corte Inglés. Se dejó caer en un sillón frente a mí.     

      Sunday PM, Mar 02, 2003

    • by PeachLover :...
    • Cold
      cold zip (11k) (bg b13 g8 bro/sis kidnapped drugs coerced inc)
      Cold. Why am I so cold? I reached for the covers, but found that I couldn't move. I didn't understand what was happening to me. I couldn't seem to think straight or remember where I was. Either my eyes were closed or it was pitch black. I tried blinking my eyes, but the darkness remained. The only sound I could hear was a rapid clacking noise. When I realized what it was I started to panic. It was the sound of my teeth chattering. My head was clearing a bit as my fear released adrenaline into my system. I determined that I was being held in place by some kind of restraints. I could feel a strap around my forehead and another one around my waist. My wrists and ankles had a similar feel. Since I could feel the roughness of the straps, I could tell I was naked. What had happened to me? How did I get here, wherever here was? The last thing I remembered was going to bed.     
    • by EricMJ12 :...
    • Family Love, A New Age Families New Life Style:
      The Adventures on Incest Island, 25 years later, ch 1c
      fftng1c zip (16k) (incest)
      Carie wore a sheer almost see through nightgown with matching see through panties and I was wearing a clean pair of loose, silk, boxer shorts. Carie then said, "Honey, I'm going to go into each of the kids room and talk to each of them privately and then I want you to do the same thing too." I said, "OK" and then Carie said, "I'm going to April's room first and you go into Robert's room and then we will switch and then you will go into Brad's room and I will go into Kim's room, then we will switch and then we will meet back up here and go from there OK?" I followed Carie down the hall and just before she knocked on April's door I drew my sweet, loving and adorable wife to me and I frenched her.     
    • by Cheryl :...
    • Judy Brown Goes Black
      judybrow zip (07k) (cuckold/IR)
      As the newlyweds one year anniversery approaches, hubby sets up wife for the old save my job routine only to discover he loses control and so does she.     
      King Dong Carl
      kingdong zip (04k) (huge cock/challenge, m/f)
      The sex game turns into a who will say uncle first and painful as it is, both are winners.     
      Meeting Brandy
      meetingb zip (04k) (FF)
      Another story of a true encounter with a gorgeous 18 yr old blonde. And yes it really happened.     
    • by Pussywillow :...
    • My Mother
      mymother zip (08k) (Fb incest cons)
      My poor mother was so sexually deprived after my dad got killed in the war, that because of an accidental intimacy I had with my mother's breasts, we soon became caught up in a web of sex. As my mother fought with her conscience and her sexual feelings, her sexual feelings soon won out, and we were having Great sex on a regular bases.     
      My Son
      myson zip (09k) (Fb incest cons)
      I was so sexually deprived after my husband got killed in the war, that because of an accidental intimacy I had with my son and my breasts, we soon became caught up in a web of sex. As I fought with my conscience and my sexual feelings, my sexual feelings soon won out, and we were having fantastic sex on a regular bases.     
    • by Calrese :...
    • The Itch
      theitch zip (06k) (F/g Oral Inc)
      Thelma walked into the living room and notice her Daughter walking into the room, she wore her school uniform a white blouse with a black string tie, with a black short skirt which was a size smaller them her Daughter needed to wear, Thelma was proud of her Daughter, she had to raise her Daughter on her own, her husband had died two yrs ago in a plane crash, leaving them well off from the insurance settlement. Felicity walked into the house and greeted her Mother with a smile. " Hi Mom What's up?" as she runs over hugging her Mother, Felicity could smell her Mother's breath, which smelled like alcohol she knew she was drinking again, Thelma hugged her Daughter to her Breast, she had just got up after a nap. She remembered having a drink that morning after sending her Daughter off to school, Felicity could feel her Mother's large tits mashing against her face, she could also feel how big her Mother nipples were as her Mother kept pressing her head to her breasts, Felicity remembered how her Drunk Mother was always trying to get her to suck her breast, when she was drunk, which made Felicity pussy wet, she would always break her Mother hug and get away, Suddenly Thelma pulled open her robe showing her Daughter her large breasts, Felicity could see her Mother had on her night gown under her robe which was a see thru night gown, she could see how big her Mother's nipples were, she heard her Mother say, " Honey cum and give Mother a hug and a Kiss right here, "     
      The Landlady's Daughter, part 2
      theland2 zip (06k) (F/g/f Inc)
      Mary opens the door and walks outside standing on the porch looking down at the car that just pulled up. All of a sudden a young boxy blonde women gets out of the car... Very tall approximately 5 foot 11 weighing a about a hundred fifteen pounds with blue eyes. As she gets out of the car, she looks up at Mary and smiles and waves her hand at the young girl standing on the pouch. The blonde get her bags from the rear of the car and she walks up to the stairs looking at the young girl standing there. When the blonde had reached the pouch Mary smiles at the blonde saying " hello. . " she extends for hands to Mary smiling and saying " Hi my name is Jennifer William what's your name ? " Mary smiles looking devilishly at the young blonde saying " Hi I'm Mary.. It's nice to meet you. " Jennifer smiles back at the young girl thinking to her self how Sexy the young girl looks... Jennifer thought to herself that the way that her Mother had describe her to her that she was just a little 15 yr. old.. " Please come inside My Mother is waiting for you... " Mary pulls open the door and waits for the women to walk inside... Mary notice that the young women was very beautiful with long blonde hair and large breasts.. About a 36d cup.. She could see the women's big nipples through her thin blouse she was wearing.. She also had on a very short skirt with a nice pair of stocking and six inch hills.. Also she could tell the women looked like a model from one of her teen modeling magazines she has..     
    • by Powerone and Danielle :...
    • Making Danielle Cum
      makingda zip (14k) (M+F+, nc, oral, anal, reluc)
      Danielle is stalked and captured. Michael, Bill and Roxanne all take sexual advantage of this young lady. As they take her, she soon learns that she loves it.     
    • by JKP :...
    • The Principal
      theprinc zip (13k) (M / FFFFf / Mom/daut/ mindreading / humil / scat / gs)
      A man arrives to take the reins of an elementary school over and with an ability to read minds, he soon discovers that the whole community is as sick as their secrets, but they are secrets no more because now-----the Principal knows!     

      Saturday PM, Mar 01, 2003

    • by AnaLover :...
    • A Trip Home to Daddy
      atriphom zip (29k) (M/F, M/f, anal)
      ...The thought that she was about to be well and truly fucked made Ellie wet between her legs and she stepped back slightly so that she could watch in the mirror as she reached down and slid a hand between her legs, her fingers sliding between the lips of her pussy...     
    • by Jennitha :...
    • A Weekend in Paradise
      aweekend zip (15k) (Mom/Son inc)
      I was not only feeling frustrated, I was getting quite desperate. I had just celebrated my 18th birthday, and yet I had never had sex. I had never even seen a woman naked. The college I went to was exclusively meant for boys. There was a college for girls across the street. However, despite spending a considerable amount of time trying to make friends with some of the girls who studied there, I had met with little success in getting what I wanted. Maybe, I tried too hard and came across too strongly. The outcome was that I was quite unable to get any girl interested in having sex with me. I even tried to persuade the maidservant who worked at our house to have sex with me. She was dark and squat but she had pretty big tits and a hole into which one could put one's rod. I reasoned that an offer of a hundred bucks should make her agree to let me fuck her.     
    • by Keyman :...
    • Dr. Gale's Case Histories – The Little Piggys Club, part 8: Dina and Her Daddy, part 2
      drgale11 zip (22k) (M/g age nine, Pedo, Incest, Mast.Voyeur)
      In part eight of The Little Piggys, we will be treated to an account of what happened when Dina DeMartina attempted to complete her second piggy task. Most of the story will be in her words. Could Dina convince her parents to facilitate her desire to become a sleazy preteen model on the Internet? Would her father agree to be her personal photographer and take all those provocative pictures? Would her mother help design and set up the barely legal web site. A web site filled with pictures of her little girl in the most suggestive of poses and clothing. Could Dina convince her father to spray his incestuous cream on her face and then take a close up picture of his daughter's smiling cum covered face? There is only one way to find out and that is to read part 8 of the Little Piggys.     
    • by Stud Warrior :...
    • Incest Fantasy Number 21: Show Me
      incest21 zip (15k) (F, m, mom, son, inc, con)
      Jimmy Daniels snuck up behind his beautiful mother and stood there watching while she cleaned off the kitchen counter. He loved how her big braless tits wobbled back and forth inside her tight yellow cashmere sweater she had on. They looked so beautiful and it seemed like they were calling to him and begging him to caress them. Reaching out, he placed a trembling hand on the bottom of her large quivering breast. Digging his fingertips into her soft, pliant flesh, he gave it a quick, little squeeze.     
    • by CuPED :...
    • Mobster's Daughters
      mobsters zip (34k) (M/F M/f PED first time)
      Turning his head, Roger's mouth dropped open in shock. There, standing outside his window on an old cat carrier that the previous tenant had left, was Arlene. The shy eight year old had a panicked look on her face at being caught spying. She slowly stepped down of the cat carrier, almost stumbling when the flimsy plastic shifted. "I-I-I'm sorry!" She said before bolting around the corner of the guest house like a deer freed from headlights. Roger considered going after her, even calling out her name. but he figured the fleet footed girl was already back at her back door, it wouldn't do for him to be seen running after the lass. Instead he stepped to the window she was standing at and looked into the room. He groaned when he realized what a perfect view of his bed, Sally sitting on it looking back at him through the window, the position afforded. Roger wondered how long Arlene had been standing there, how much she had seen.     
    • by lolitot :...
    • Roadtrip! part 2
      roadtri2 zip (07k) (gg/FMM)
      Seven year olds in thongs. We wear'em for a reason. Wanna know why? Tammy an' me will tell ya, soon as we're done with Jim and Mr. Deacon!     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • Sweet Innocence: The Porn Star, part 3
      sweetin3 zip (11k) (f-13 spank Mf-13 f-solo Mg-8 pedo inc snake dog Mf-13 reluc rape con)
      The next day, Emma was photographed over and over. The last costume was no costume at all. She was wearing a bright red thong and nothing else. She was very self conscious even after all the pictures that had been taken of her. She had no choice but to do as she was told. Will was coming today and she was sure if she told him she didn?t want to have all these pictures taken he would make them stop.     
    • by DreamZ :...
    • The Beginning, ch 11
      thebeg11 zip (08k) (M/boy, Masturbation, Oral, Pedo)
      "Beautiful dog, whats his name ?" "Matty." Without even thinking, I immediately broke down and started to cry. Now I'm TOTALLY NOT joking, I seriously did. With all the things we talked about online and on the phone, I just somehow never mentioned Matty's name to him. I told him all about the boy I had a relationship with for so long, and how much I missed him, but I guess I never really told him his name was Matty. The second he told me his dogs name, my eyes filled up and I was full out balling. He came over fast and asked what was wrong. He looked as though he thought I was joking at first, he soon realized I wasn't.. Some first impression, huh ?? Well, after I pulled myself together and explained that Matty was the boy I loved so deeply, he took it very well.     
    • by Cumsucker :...
    • The Camp, part 2
      thecamp2 zip (09k) (MF)
      After Bud and Amy finished fucking they showered again together, then dressed for dinner. Amy selected a thin tee-shirt, and with Bud's help, trimmed it off so it barely covered the bottom of her firm breasts, exposing the roundness there, as well as her firm, young, hard belly. Beneath the tee shirt she wore a pair of bikini panties, and when she spread her legs the puffy lips of her cunt and slit at the opening could just barely be detected. "What are you going to wear, babe?" Bud asked Kim.     
    • by Byteman2000 :...
    • The Maintenance Man, parts 3-4
      thema3_4 zip (22k) (M/g, M/F, M/F/g, touch, fondling, oral, cons, and other stuff)
      The girls and I swam around playing Marco Polo, tag, shark, and swam laps. More then once I saw a flash of Karen's slit and small egg shaped breasts. Once when she dove into the pool and came up her top had slipped to one side exposing one to my waiting eyes. Every now and then while we were playing around that I thought I felt Karen's hand brushing up against my cock almost as if checking me out. I blew it off as nothing more then grabbing and not knowing where, but when she came swimming up next to me and surfaced in the shallow end she looked at me with a big grin on her face.     
    • by Nomad :...
    • Who Needs Golf
      whoneeds zip (26k) (Incest (bro/sis) & pedo 7yrs f)
      "Clean?" Polly would ask. "Not yet," David would often answer, gazing at her little rosette. "One more," he'd tell her, and she'd dip her back and wait for it. Once more loaded with soap, he'd push his fingertip into her pink anus and hold it there to feel her bottom surround him, smooth and tight, clenching as she softly panted. "Clean?" she'd ask again. "Just the last place now," he told her.     
    • by AnonX :...
    • Airport Security
      airports zip (17k) (M/F/f mom/daughter + security guard)
      The new regulations on airport security make it difficult to be a security officer assigned to an airport metal detector post. Especially when one lucky guard stops a mother and daughter who try to pass through the metal detector with ben-wa balls inside them.     
    • by Blondie :...
    • Getting Even And Getting Laid, part 1
      getting1 zip (06k) (M/F, sis/sis)
      I wanted to give my cheating hubby a taste of his own medicine and my twin sister Jen was more than willing to help me do just that.     
    • by David Stephens :...
    • Hannah and Sophie
      hannahan zip (12k) (MMFF/gg,inc,pedo)
      Colin felt a surge of love and lust at the sight of his 7-year-old niece - lust predominating for the moment as he found her uniform of white short-sleeved shirt and grey pleated skirt incredibly sexy.     
    • by Matt Finnish :...
    • Navy Pier
      navypier zip (03k) (MM)
      Wednesday afternoon I had to go to a seminar out at Navy Pier. I arrived a tad late and took a seat towards the back. Instead of listening to the speaker, I was checking out all the guys in the room. There was a tall dark and handsome married guy sitting in front of me and I enjoyed checking out his tan, hairy arms, and imagining how he looked under his clothes. There were a few other guys I found attractive and I was getting horned-up.     

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