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      On Friday PM, Mar 14, 2003

    • by bookworm :...
    • Ali
      ali zip (08k) (M/g)
      A man comes back to visit his sister and gets a surprise.     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • A Little Souvenir
      alittles zip (11k) (M-sols Mg-8 dad daug oral inc ped Fm-17 oral inc)
      William let himself in the front door of his home in a wealthy suburb of Los Angeles. It was a sunny and warm day, not hot and he closed the door on the world and let the house surround him. This was his retreat, his sanctuary from the business world. Here he was king and as the sounds of the house settled around his shoulders like a comforting arm, he smiled. In the outside world he was a successful business man but when he came home he shed all that and walked into heaven.     
    • by Benhead :...
    • Callie, part 2
      callie2 zip (07k) (M/t,pedo,cons)
      "Jessica, I need you to lie down." I told her. It wasn't a question. She didn't say anything but responded by sitting down on her bed and then leaning back so that her bare pussy was once more exposed in all its glory. She looked up at me in anticipation. "Are you going to lick me like you did Carrie?" she asked. "Do you want me to lick your pussy?" She nodded her head without any hesitation. "OK, spread your legs for me." She immediately spread her legs so that I could easily get down on my knees between them. I used both of my hands to spread her lips and I leaned in and planted my tongue right over her open slit.     
    • by Tiberius :...
    • Evil Offer
      eviloffe zip (31k) (fem/m early-teen, family incest, infant, preg, birth, rape, "Dark Side" themes)
      Tanya is a pretty pregnant late-teen who contemplates abortion until her doctor gives her another choice: a rich family will adopt her baby. But Tanya has to sign an offer of agreement with the family. It's financially rewarding, but includes some very weird conditions. All too late, Tanya discovers how weird, and that there is much more to the rich family than she realized.     
    • by the rascally rogue :...
    • Madeleine, part 1
      madelei1 zip (27k) (MFmf, baby, ws)
      "We did do it up the bum with some of the older ones who are like two or three years old and I made all the boys stick their little tiny willies in me!" Explained Jocasta "but none of them really liked it until we started doing wee-wees on them, and making them do it on us. Then we started doing that with the babies and although they cried we could do almost anything!"     
    • by Kay Andrews :...
    • Mommy Comes To School! ch 5-8
      mommy5_8 zip (15k) (F/b/g/F/M)
      Mommy just keeps on coming, to school, too ...     
    • by Jennitha :...
    • My Mother Lalitha
      2mymothe zip (08k) (Mom/Son inc)
      My name is Arun, now I'm 20 years old. I grew up in a small town in Bangalore being the only son in the family and having educated in convent which is exclusively for boys. I did not know much about sex initially all the things changed for good I should confess when I was around 13 years. Ours is a small house with 2 rooms. My father was around 50 but my mother, Malathi was around 38 and like in hindu custom she was married at very young age. I had two elder brothers. both of them died very young for Maleria. I am the one left with my parents. My father was a drunkard and He used to sleep in one room and I used to sleep in the other along with my mother. Initially I used to sleep like a log and only get up in the morning. I have addiction for cricket and the things changed when once after watching a day/night cricket match on DD an adult movie started immediately it was about the Frankenstein monster. Initially I watched with some interest and in one particular scene the monster makes love to the masters wife. This scene got etched in my memory.     
      Sex With My Mom and My Cousin
      sexwithm zip (04k) (Mom/Son/Cousin inc)
      I am Arun again. My life has been full of fun since I started fucking my mom Lalitha. But the problem arrived in the form of my cousin who arrived to spend her summer vacation with us. Both of us became very restless and cursed our luck to fuck. As usual this summer also we had to sleep on the roof top to beat the heat. That night I became so restless resting under the cloudless clear night with full moon. And my dick was hitting a high tide because of abstinence from fucking and I do not believe in wasting my semen much by masturbating. I sneaked over my father to see what my mom was doing as my dad was sleeping between us. She was lost in her own world and seemed to be enjoying, I pulled the rug down to find her fingering her cunt and squeezing her boobs.     
    • by Eric MJ12 :...
    • Short Story #78-A: A Private Incestuous Clan Wedding on Incest Island
      ss78a zip (19k) (incest)
      26-year-old Ian McFadden and his 12-year-old incestuous daughter Sarah McFadden slowly walked hand in hand down the long center isle of the temple. Only the McFadden Clan was present in the temple, with the exception of the High Priest and Priestess. They were comprised of a small gathering of about 150 men, women and children. All of them were somehow blood related to one another. Ian McFadden was about 5 foot 10 inches tall and weighed about 175 pounds. He had an athletic build to himself as he worked out regularly. He also had dark reddish brown hair along with emerald green eyes. Ian also had a very pale complexion that was almost snow white or maybe alabaster would be a better word for it.     
    • by Acid :...
    • The Trainer, part 8
      thetrai8 zip (16k) (M/f, mast)
      Melissa's stay at the farm is over, at least for now. It's hard to say goodbye to her life there, but on the way home they pick up a stray. It's amazing how life can make you forget about your problems and focus on what you have. The surprises are not over, either. You should see Melissa's new room...     
    • by BigTimmy :...New Author.!.!.!
    • My Life as a Teenage Stud
      mylifeas zip (64k) (teens, mast, size)
      How I discovered I had a huge cock when I was 10 and masturbated with my older cousin.     
    • by vudu blanco :...
    • Curiosidad de Padre
      curiosid zip (13k) (M/f dad/daut inc)
      Un padre muy curioso espia a su vecinita, pero se encuentra con la sorpresa de que su hija es una pequeña viciosa.     

      Thursday PM, Mar 13, 2003

    • by Cheryl :...
    • Kelly, A Dark Story
      kellyada zip (08k) (mmmf/IR/exposed/fantasy/breathplay)
      27 yr old Kelly is bored sexually and gets her husband to play master/slave games with his wife. She searches for more and more till finally she goes one step too far.     
      Misadventures In Public
      misadven zip (04k) (Flashing in Public)
      I just can't seem to keep my clothes in public places!     
      Mob Punishment
      mobpunis zip (05k) (multiple Fems/Me/assaulted)
      I borrowed some money from the local "made men" connection where I lived and now I had to repay them with my body only it is not what I thought it would be.     
    • by PeachLover :...
    • Suki, part 1
      suki1 zip (17k) (M/g MM/g sexual touching oral)
      This story chronicles the growth and evolution of a young Chinese girl who was separated from her mother at the age of 18 months and her relationship with an American worker who brought her home with him to be his sex toy. He gets much more than he bargained for as Suki grows into a child of nearly 5 in this segment of the story.     
    • by Vudu blanco :...
    • El Pelotazo
      elpelota zip (11k) (m/F mon/son inc)
      Hola, mi nombre es Nando y soy natural de una hermosa ciudad del sur de España. Os voy a contar la historia de cómo de conseguí cepillarme a mi madre sin apenas seducirla.     
      La sorpresa de Mi Hermana
      lasorpre zip (05k) (m/F mon/son inc)
      En aquel entonces yo tenía unos diecinueve años, acababa de iniciar mis estudios de universidad. Mi hermana acababa de cumplir los diecisiete. Ese verano suspendí bastantes asignaturas, así que tuve que pasármelo en casa, mi hermana le pasó lo mismo, así que mis padres decidieron dejarnos por allí solos todo el mes de agosto.     

      Wednesday PM, Mar 12, 2003

    • by Phoenix Rising :...
    • Auto Show Preteen - The Next Day
      autosho2 zip (10k) (M/f/f pedo les ws)
      Twelve year old Katie brings her nine year old sister over to show her what she did the night before. I get the chance to have sex with two delightful preteens.     
      Cindy at School, ch 2
      cindyat2 zip (14k) (M/f/f orgy pedo, ws, extreme scat)
      Cindy and Meagan seduce thier handsome teacher and show him some things that blow his mind. Then, Cindy takes them home for a shit-lovers orgy with her parents and beautiful, perverted guest!     
    • by Silver Fox :...
    • Caleb's Obsession
      calebsob zip (13k) (F/m, mom & son, inc, oral, mast, anal)
      Young 15 year old caleb lay in bed listening to his pretty mother masturbating. he also listened when his dad was home and they made love. he beomes obsessed with his mother and she finally gives in.     
    • by Cheryl :...
    • Kyra And Her Stepdad
      kyraandh zip (06k) (teen fem/multiple males)
      Kyra's stepdad leads his new 10 yr old daughter into the world of modeling, making money and then making videos. At 16, the plot twists!     
      Photographer's Model
      photogra zip (05k) (FF/FMM/whips/pets)
      Weekly visits to a photographers studio gets me into more and more vicarious situations with each moving a step beyond the previous.     
    • by Cockney :...
    • Welcome To The House Of Fun
      welcomet zip (10k) (Mf)
      Eyes followed the pretty young girl as she travelled about; they watched the jaunty twitch of young firm buttocks, the pale outline of crisp white panties showing through the thin cotton shorts. They slid lasciviously up smooth slender thighs and over tiny up tilted high breasts that barely jiggled at all they were so firm. Lips were licked and sighs were sighed and the occasional adjustment to constrictive clothing was surreptitiously made.     
    • by Vudu blanco :...New Author.!.!.!
    • El cumpleaños de Jaime
      elcumple zip (08k) (m/f sist/broth inc)
      Un chico es desvirgado por su hermana delante de su padre.     
      Mama pornostart, ch 1
      mamaporn zip (13k) (m/FF mon/son inc)
      A los 14 años descubrí que mi madre había sido una estrella del cine porno de serie B     
    • by warschonmalda :...
    • Die Drei Herausgestreckten Zungen
      diedreih zip (07k) (fingering/anal)
      Drei Mädchen, die am Straßenrand fast nackt standen und mir ihre Popos präsentierten, bekamen ihren ersten Sex von mir... natürlich in ihre Popos!     
      Die Vorsorgeuntersuchung
      dievorso zip (17k) (fingering/anal)
      Die 15 jährige Annette geht zu ihrer jährlichen Vorsorgeuntersuchung. Dem Doktor juckt es aber mächtig im Schwanz, als er den 15 jährigen Po Annettes sieht und so fällt diese Untersuchung anders aus, als Annette es sich dachte...     

      Tuesday PM, Mar 11, 2003

    • by Sam T Sleaze :...
    • Agent Cody Bucks: The Family Affair, ch 1
      agentco1 zip (10k) (M/F, b/g, b/b, oral, anal, intergenerational, incest)
      Cody and Natalie relaxed in the car, enjoying the view of the secluded beach.     
    • by Cheryl :...
    • Misha at Fantasy Fest
      mishaatf zip (06k) (nude in public, MMMMM/Fem. PH Pet Misha)
      Misha and her husband do Fantasy Fest, she goes nude in public, handcuffed, and lets everyone feel her up and five guys even get lucky with her.     
    • by Francis :...
    • Next Door Neighbor, ch 2
      nextdoo2 zip (13k) (F/f(8), mom/daut, M/f, exh, inc, cons)
      My reputation had spread before me. Now another neighborly mother had a request for me.     
    • by Acid :...
    • The Trainer, part 7
      thetrai7 zip (15k) (MMM/f, oral, anal)
      I grinned down at John, staring at his crotch. It was not like I hadn't seen his dick before, but the thought of it being inside me for the first time stirred me immediately. I continued down the stairs, not taking my eyes off him. Soon I was standing in front of him, naked, my sex glistening with open desire. I could see the wicked grin on his face as he stared openly at my dripping cunt. "You know, you've taken to your training quite well. I just hope that you can show control with it."     
    • by Lincoln Lee :...
    • Virgin
      virgin zip (09k) (an incest fantasy)
      Greg suffered away the last few minutes of the workday. It was his 39th birthday and the longest he'd every known. His co-workers had given him a party during the lunch hour and it was a very festive. The problem is that with only one year left before the dreary big 40 hit, Greg spend a lot of the day taken stock of his life. He had accomplished a lot, had a good job and a great family. Good for him as most of the world reckons.     
    • by Jack Spratt :...
    • When Duty Calls Again
      whendut2 zip (21k) (M/ff/F ped con)
      Don continues his transporting of Alicia to her Speaking engagements. Alicia's best friend Jyssica is introduced to Don with the expected results. Mary, Alicia's mom, also enjoy the pleasure Don can provide. Don is still wondering how he is able to satisfy all the girls currently in his life.     
    • by Dark Fate :...
    • Sleep Over Sex, ch 1
      sleepov1 zip (07k) (W/G/G mom/daut pedo)
      Becky Brown let's her daughter have a friend stay over and fall's in love with the girl and they end up having a fun night;)     
    • by Matt Finnish :...
    • Tearoom Friday Feast
      tearoomf zip (05k) (M/M Gay Public Sex)
      It must be close to spring because I am hyper horny. I've been cruising guys very heavily and have had some good fortune in my attempts. Even though it was still a bit colder than usual yesterday, my libido was up and I stole away from work to cruise the public square near a notorious tearoom.     
    • by Mr_Truck :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Adrian, part 1
      adrian1 zip (04k) (M/B pedo)
      Es war ein trüber Tag anfang Oktober, ich gieng wie meistens nach dem Mittag einwenig Spatzieren. Als ich am Sprtplatz vorbei kam stand da ein Junge von ca 10 Jahren. Er schaute einwenig gelangweilt aus , ich nahm allen Mut zusammen und sprach ihn an. "Na , nicht fiel los heute ?" sagte ich. Ich konnte es nicht fassen , vor meinen Augen zog sich der kleine langsam aus bis er nur noch in der Unterhose da stand . Der Anblick dises süssen Knaben brachte mich fast um den verstand und ich musste mich beherschen wie selten     
    • by Sabine Hertling :...
    • Der neue Anfang (Geschichte zum Mitschreiben)
      derneuea zip (14k) (all kind of sex)
      Eine Geschichte zum Mitschreiben!!     

      Monday PM, Mar 10, 2003

    • by Cheryl :...
    • My Surrender
      mysurren zip (05k) (torture?)
      An internet acquaitance gets me to agree to play a strange game with him.     
      Shania's Pleasure
      shaniasp zip (07k) (PopStar/drugged/raped)
      Shania goes for a nude bareback horse ride, only to be thrown a mile from home. Twisted ankle makes her hitchhike. Some newly escaped cons give her a ride and use her body for their pleasure.     
    • by singledad :...
    • Painful Experience, ch 7-9
      painf7_9 zip (11k) (pedo, pain, torture, incest, abduction, caution)
      Lena was stirring, I wonderded if she'd be too tired or sore to carry on , but how wrong I was. "Oo you little fucker, you've hurt Lena so much, it stings and it throbs, but what a cum I had, it's hard to realise you're only ten years old" She was speaking in a slurred way, she must have really hurt, still, that was the way she liked it. She noted how I had fucked the little one, I was still holding the childs wet knickers, I offered them to her, she took the piss stained garment and wiped the blood from her ass and cunt, she winced as the salty liquid irritated her wounds.     
    • by CuPED :...
    • The Price She Paid
      theprice zip (19k) (M/g MMM/g First time, bro/sis groupsex PED inc)
      "Please, Rick!" Marsha pleaded. "I prebought a video game, but I have to get to the mall to get it or they will give it away!" "Tough titty." Rick replied. Marsha winced inside, Her brother was in a crude mood. He always was when looking at his skin mags. "Besides, I can't drive right now. This thing is to full." He added rubbing at the bulge in his blue jeans. Marsha gasped at his boldness. But the eight year old was determined, and living with three teenaged boys also gave her access to crude language. "So jerk it off and then take me to the mall." She demanded firmly. Rick finally looked up from the magazine and seemed amused. "You want to go to the mall so bad, you jerk it off and I will take you."     
    • by Maxamm :...
    • When Mom's Away
      whenmoms zip (21k) (m/f/f/f/b/b/pedo/inc/bro/sis/cons/o/a/w/s/animal/orgy)
      When mom's away, the kids will play. But when eleven year old Ralph invites a few friends around for a kiddy sex orgy with his two little sisters - aged seven and four - a very hot and very sticky situation develops. The dog wasn't even invited, but the horny little girls are eager for some animal dick. What will happen when mom gets home from work?     
    • by The Phantom :...
    • Avatar of Love, ch 55
      avatar55 zip (31k) (Multiple combinations, shemale, weird, pedo, incest, impreg, lact)
      An unexpected result. Joy returns. Her story. Suzette's payment. Joy makes a wish, but can I grant it?     
    • by Powerone :...
    • Slaver Training, ch 3
      slavert3 zip (14k) (M+/f+, BDSM, slavery, bond, humil, nc, Serious, rape, violence)
      This is the story of the training of a new Slaver and the taking of two new slaves, a mother and daughter and what they are forced to endure to be trained and sold as sex slaves.     
    • by Skaidan :...
    • Sara y Vanessa
      sarayvan zip (12k) (natural shemale/f)
      La primera vez que se vieron fue un mañana de principios de octubre en el instituto donde las dos eran nuevas. Vanessa acababa de mudarse a Madrid desde Valladolid y Sara se había cambiado de instituto al haberse mudado a un piso en el centro de la ciudad desde un pueblo cercano.     

      Sunday PM, Mar 09, 2003

    • by CuPED :...
    • Camping With Mindy
      campingw zip (20k) (M/g M/F F/g inc ped first time dad/dau mom/dau)
      In the tent as we got ready to sleep, it was to hot to sleep in the sleeping bags, so were slept atop them. The day was full, and Mindy dropped off right away. I was content, and sleep overtook me quickly as well. But I wasn't asleep ten minutes before I heard my daughter cry out. There was noise outside our tent, and it scared her badly. Mindy crawled quickly over to me convinced it was a bear outside that wanted to eat us. I laughed as I comforted her, telling her it was just a racoon trying to get at our food. She began to relax, but refused to go to her own pallet. Instead she fell back to sleep pressed tightly against me. I spooned her as I went back to sleep myself, my arm over her protectively. It was still pitch black when I awoke. Sleepiness muddled my brain and it took me awhile to figure out what had awoken me. When I did, I gasped. Mindy had turned to face me in her sleep, and in doing so, her tiny hand had reached out and was stroking my penis. I was achingly hard my prick standing at it's full eight inches. I stilled and listened to the sound of her steady breathing. Mindy was still asleep. Gently I reached down and disengaged her hand from my manhood and turned away from her. Though done in innocence, and all unawares, her soft hand stroking my prick had me turned on more than I ever had been. It took a long time for my arousal to recede. As it did, I resolved that we would be sleeping in clothing from then on.     
    • by Tasha :...
    • Confessions: Mary 2
      confess2 zip (08k) (M/F/f)
      Mary catches her boyfriend Rick with his swollen cock in her two-year-old daughter's mouth after coming home early from work one day. The two adults continue to molest the little girl and everyone is happy. "I could tell he was getting close to shooting his load, so I stopped and had him lie on his back. Picking my little Anna up I sat her on top of him facing toward his feet with his throbbing manhood lodged firmly between her closed toddler legs. Rick placed his hands around her waist, almost making a complete circle, and began move her up and down in his lap so his massive cock slid against her virginal cunny. I taught her how to use his copious precum to lubricate her little hands and she jacked off the part of him sticking up from between her thighs in rhythm to his gyrations." At the age of five little Anna begs Rick to fuck her and with her mother's help she finally loses her virginity.     
    • by Blackwriter :...
    • John's Change Of Life
      johnscha zip (32k) (Punishment, kidnap, diaper, scat, humiliation, castration)
      John is a successful busines man. He lives with his wife in a large secluded house. He treats his wife like shit. He fucks her relentlessy, and he has a habit of using a cane on her if she protests. His wife then meets another man, Steve, who treats her nice, and between them they decide that it's time for John to change the way he lives. They forced him to become a Sissy in Diapers, and employ a Nanny to look after him. He is babified and given injections to regress his brain into babyhood. They extract his teeth when he bites Steve's cock, and he gets caned to within an inch of his life. He tries to escape, raping and attacking his wife in the attempt. Steve then has him castrated, after which he becomes a Sissy prostitute, earning money for Steve.     
    • by Cheryl :...
    • Professor and Mary Ann
      professo zip (09k) (teacher/student/modeling/gangbang/IR)
      Professor seduces his student, turns her into a modeling slut, video tapes her and makes money on the internet. She turns him into a cuckold and again the proverbial twist at the end.     
      Public Exposure
      publicex zip (03k) (Flashing)
      How I got into flashing in public and exposing myself to strangers.     
    • by The Phantom :...
    • Avatar of Love, ch 54
      avatar54 zip (20k) (Multiple combinations, preg, birth, lact, shemale, weird, pedo, babyphilia)
      An unexpected result. Suzette is born. Astonishment greets her parents, Suzette's birthday     
    • by Dark Fate :...
    • Bath and Love, ch 3
      bathand3 zip (03k) (W/W/G Mom/daut/Mom's g/f)
      In this chapter Jenny Old girl friends back and it seem's she had a little secreat that lead's to more fun:)     

      Saturday PM, Mar 08, 2003

    • by Forbidden Innocence :...
    • Preteen Little Sister Gets Her Brother Ready for the Sleepover, part 2
      2pretee2 zip (13k) (m (14), f (13), f (12) bro/sis, as close friend gives naughty directions while her 10-year-old sister is listening in the background, (oral, mast. voy))
      12-year-old Jaime, still horny after her first taste of her brother’s long cock (read part 1) goes to school and identifies the four new girls that will be joining the action at her sleepover. She is surprised by 13-year-old Elyse (one of those girls) who is dying to see her brother’s love stick. Jaime goes home to tell him, but is surprised when he comes on to her at the door. The two slip and slide their way upstairs which magically leads to a suck session and a game of bury the weenie orchestrated by Elyse on the other end of the phone.     
    • by Mel :...
    • Fantasyland
      fantasyl zip (10k) (bro/sis/g age 10/b age 10/incest/rom)
      Once upon a time in a far away fantasyland, there lived six families. The families were very close, in the sense, that they married family. The chain starts out with Dan and Jill getting married they are brother and sister. They have a set of twins James and Dawn. About five years after the twins were born they had another set of twins Darla and Jamie. When the kids turn twelve they get married. They in turn have kids, when they are twelve they get married, and so on and so on. Twins ran in the family so it was easy to pair the young one's up.     
    • by Deadpossum :...
    • Gemma and the Pedo Fairies, ch 1
      gemmaan1 zip (10k) (MMMMMM/f, inc, oral, cum pedo, semi-nc)
      Does every little girl have fairies like these at the bottom of her garden?     
    • by Maxamm :...
    • Pulpedo
      pulpedo zip (31k) (m/f/f/f/pedo/inc/o/a/cons/n/c/rape/tort/snuff/necro)
      Bullets, blood and underage babes. When Vince and Valema do a contract killing, it's a family affair. Thirteen year old Jenna is already a stone cold killer and her seven year old sister shows a promising mean streak. The girls like to fuck too. But have Vince and his psycho gun queens fucked with the wrong people this time?     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • Sweet Innocent: A Porn Star Final
      sweetin5 zip (13k) (f-solo Mf-force MF-animal some force MF-rape)
      Emma lost all track of time. She was busy in films and being photographed in stills. She was usually portrayed as a sweet young girl that knew nothing of the sexual seduction until it took place. The films sold well and were making a lot of money for the group that filmed them. The men that made the films were smart and they didn?t stay in one place too long. It wasn?t safe as they never knew when someone would tip off the police. It was time to move again.     
    • by GoDSpiT :...
    • The Saving of Katrina
      thesavin zip (32k) (M/f, ped)
      She was young, and beautiful and she was at his book signing. Adam a famous Author didn't know how he felt about this, or what he was going to do. But what would happen would change his life forever.     
    • by Johnny Fever :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Tommy Boy
      tommyboy zip (19k) (m/f mom/son inc)
      A college student comforts his sexually frustrated mother.     
    • by Turner 2 Corners :...
    • Mike And His Girl, ch 2
      mikeand2 zip (07k) (Mg g(9) toys anal noncon bond)
      The night had been restful for Mike, but not his captive. She'd been the unwilling partner of the bear all night, but what would the morning bring for her?     

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