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      On Friday PM, Apr 04, 2003

    • by Dark Tower Gunslinger :...
    • Bangkok Nights, ch 11
      bangko11 zip (16k) (M/M/g/F/oral/anal/semi-NC)
      The taxi driver Joe brings Palladin home to meet his sister and her nine-year old virgin daugther. Money changes hands in a time worn fashion and sex is agreed on but the session ends up in a hot four-way where both women get it in the end.     
    • by Tasha :...
    • Loving Baby Girl, ch 2
      lovingb2 zip (06k) (M/f dad/daut preschool)
      A typical work day went something like this...I'd normally wake up first, naturally with my morning hard-on. We typically sleep cupped around each other, so if I'm facing her it's not difficult to find one of her holes to slip into. So most mornings she wakes up already being buggered in her tight little ass or screwed in her juicy pussy by her loving father. After she's awake we change positions, mostly to one of our tried and trues, it being early in the morning and all. I love to spread her little legs wide and help myself to her holes, usually switching from one to the other and back again. At four-years old her pussy's just as tight as her ass, but the texture is somewhat different and the visual is way different. When I'm fucking her nether region I like to stick my finger in her pussy so I can feel the head of my massive rod sliding against the thin membrane that separates the two.     
    • by sPacific Dream :...
    • Loyal Niece
      loyalnie zip (39k) (M/f Uncle/niece)
      A true story about series of circumstances puts these two in situations that causes things to come to a head. At first, it was the accidental eposing of Amanda's breast. Then she noticed that there was a lump in the crotch of his pants. A look here, an accidental 'cop a feel' there. One thing leads to another.     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • The Children Of Merry Old England, final
      thechil5 zip (14k) (MF MF Mg-6 inc ped oral)
      Nell pulled Philip into the room and he could see the soft profile of the child as she slept. All her lovely hair had been cut but now that her hair was clean it had started to curl all over her head. He smiled as he looked down at her and his body ached for her. Satan opened his eyes and lifted his head to look at the intruders. He stared at the two people looking down on Sarah and decided they were not going to harm Sarah. With a sigh he put his head down and went back to sleep.     
    • by Pussywillow :...
    • The Farm
      thefarm zip (13k) (M/g 1st ped, oral, con, mast inc)
      My nine-year-old daughter used to love to go along with me when I hiked around the wooded hills behind our farmhouse looking for photo possibilities. One day as we were hiking through the woods, I had to pee. She got so curious about my dick that I let her touch it, and our incestuous affair blossomed from then on.     
    • by b.l.over21 :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Erdbeerdieb
      erdbeerd zip (04k) (M/b anal)
      Schon seit Tagen beobachtete ich ihn. Wie er sich immer auf meinem Grundstück schleicht. Ich beobachte ihn ...     
    • by Curt :...
    • Nya Nöjen
      nyanojen zip (06k) (MFbg inc anal)
      Dagen efter när dom låg och kelade tog Lotta upp frågan igen. Hon kramade den fortfarande mjuka kuken och sa "Så du gillade tanken på att köra upp din stora hårda kuk upp in en liten 4-årings pojkstjärt" Kalle log. "Du är så fräck när du är på det humöret" Hon log "Jag menade faktiskt allvar och om jag ska tolka din kuk så gjorde du det också?!" Kalle tittade på henne helt stum. Hon log tillbaka och kände hur hans kuk växte "Som sagt den förråder dej..." "Ok" medgav Kalle "det var otroligt upphetsande att tänka på." Lotta tittade utforskande på honom. "Så du skulle alvarligt kunna tänka dej att knulla vår lille Axel i hans lilla rumpa? Han är ju fyra år?"     

      Thursday PM, Apr 03, 2003

    • by singledad :...
    • Chance Encounter, ch 1-4
      chanc1_4 zip (09k) (pedo f12, f 7, f6, abduction, abuse, torture)
      "Well, they did bad things to us" The youngster went on "They did thing that mommy and daddy said never to do, George was always feeling up our dresses, and opening our jeans, sometimes Cathy would do it as well, sometimes even they would both do it with us" She had started blurting the whole story out as if it was a relief to tell it. I asked her to carry on, as I poured two steaming mugs of soup into two bowls. "Well, it's a bit embarrassing, he made us lick his willy and sometimes when he was drunk we both had to lick George and Cathy, they liked it on their bottoms"     
    • by thecamel :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Mikey, ch 1
      mikey1 zip (36k) (M/m beast grandad/grandson/grandma n/c)
      Mikey was sent to his grandparents and learnt a whole new life.     
    • by Corn53 :...
    • My First Ever GangBang
      myfirste zip (11k) (f/mmm)
      Eighteen year old Sandy is going to school in Los Angeles. She's a freshman and just broke up with her boyfriend when she meets a group of guys with a neat car who want to interview her for a documentary they are doing. She goes back to their studio with them and one thing leads to another which leads to a not-completely-willing gangbang. But she likes it.     
    • by LEBEC :...
    • Sex Crazy Creatures From Outer Space
      sexcrazy zip (16k) (alien/F reluc impreg drug scfi)
      Considering the creatures diminutive stature, its body was made up halfway of cock and was still growing. Stretching forward and spitting gobs of precum, the slimy member moved directly towards her cunt.     
    • by Ermberto :...
    • Siblings Summer Of Sex, part 2
      sibling2 zip (29k) (Inc - sisters, brother/sister, oral, first, anal, facials, snowballing, consensual-spank, WS)
      Billy, 15, and his 12 year old twin-sisters Sarah and Britney start getting more adventurous. They try oral, then some spanking games. Soon Billy deflowers his sister's vaginally and anally, and the fuck-sessions that follow get even steamier, including some pissing games and hot facials for the two pre-teen sluts.     
    • by specter :...
    • Afrika, part 1
      afrika1 zip (21k) (M/F Rape)
      "Laß mich gehen!" schrie Melissa, ihr Brüste wackelten als sie sich in den Armen von den zwei Einheimischen und Mutesa abmühte. Er fühlte seinen Schwanz bei dem Anblick klopfen. Er näherte sich ihr und entfernte ihren Gürtel, öffnete ihre Shorts und zog die Baumwoll-Shorts aus.     
      Dawn, teil 1
      dawn1 zip (21k) (M/f young rape)
      Ich ging auf das Schlafzimmer zu. Unartig-unartig. Dawn machte ihr Bett nicht bevor sie zur Arbeit ging. Ein kleiner wenig zerknüllet Laken und Kissen, die nur für einen Kopf gestapelt wurden. Ihre Wandschranktüren waren geschlossen, also warf ich einen Blick dort hinein.     
      Die Erpresste Lehrerin, teil 1
      dieerpr1 zip (27k) (M/f rape)
      Du bleibst so sitzen auch wenn Schüler Gegenstände fallen lassen, sich bücken und damit alle deine Schätze sehen können. Erst beim Nächsten husten darfst du wieder runter, beim Nächsten wieder rauf, bis die Stunde zu Ende ist. Ihr müsst verrückt sein brauste ich auf..... aber Klick wurde wieder aufgehängt. Ich konnte völlig allein entscheiden was ich tun musste. Vielleicht sollte ich lieber zur Polizei gehen. Schließlich hatte ich nichts verbrochen. Aber Würde man mir glauben? Und was war eigentlich schon dabei. In der Sauna konnte mich schließlich auch jeder sehen     
    • by Sabine Hertling :...
    • Gedanken zur Nacht
      gedanken zip (08k) (minds at night)
      Konnte ebend nicht schlafen und habe mal meienr Seele freien Lauf gelassen!     

      Wednesday PM, Apr 02, 2003

    • by bookworm :...
    • A Sister For Natasha, ch 3
      asister3 zip (14k) (M f fg Mg)
      In chapter three Natasha finds her sister. Rosa is nine and has just been brutally raped by a man her father owed money to. After paying her fathers debts Rosa joins the family and is taught how to enjoy sex instead of being hurt by it.     
      Esmerelda, ch 1
      esmerel1 zip (11k) (mmmm/g nc m/g con)
      When Billy reached out and touched her she felt herself jump despite trying not to. He touched her shoulder and gently pushed her to the grown. For a moment she resisted and the pressure increased. She wondered what he would do if she fought him, then she let her knees buckle under her. He smiled at her, a mixture of lust and pride in his eyes. He pushed her backwards till her shoulders were on the grown and two more lads pressed them into the soft earth. Bill still smiled down at her, he was grateful she didn't put up a fight. He knew the others would still take her, they had been trying for as long as he could remember. He had been worried she might. If push came to shove he was sure he would fight with her and not against her.     
    • by Alice :...
    • Between Order and Chaos, part 3
      between3 zip (07k) (F/m m/f)
      The kids are 'educated' to play their roles in the struggle.     
    • by Wet Amber :...
    • Convent From Hell
      conventf zip (32k) (Sex women-demon / girl-girl / anal / group / zoo sex women-dog)
      It was mid autumn of the year 1952 and the full moon rose over the Cloistered Convent of the Marionite Sisters. Sitting on the top of Temple Hill, the imposing building cast a long shadow over the sleepy hamlet of Milton nestling in the valley below.     
    • by Cumsucker :...
    • Cum Craving Daughter, ch 1
      cumcrav1 zip (14k) (incest sex, golden shower sex)
      As a child growing up in a very restrictive household I was always made to feel sex was dirty, something a wife gritted her teeth to endure. My mother told me never to let "the boys" touch me anywhere, and not to ever, ever let them get me alone in a car or their house. She said a girl could get pregnant just from letting a boy kiss her, and if I ever came home pregnant I would be kicked out of the house that day.     
    • by Stud Warrior :...
    • Incest Fantasy Number 23: Daddy's Little Lover
      incest20 zip (17k) (M,f,dad,pre-teen daugh, inc, con)
      Vanessa's full lips parted and a sigh of contentment escaped from between her lips. Her eyes were closed and her head was tilted back which exposed her beautiful swam like neck. Lifting her leg into the air she draped it over my thigh, which gave me better access to that special spot between her legs. Seeing this as an open invitation I slipped my middle finger between her panties and against her cunt getting my first feel of her soft, tender young pussy lips.     
    • by I. M. Odepa :...
    • It Made Me Do It, ch 2-6
      itmadem2 zip (28k) (g/M dad/daut/stranger inc nonc mc pedo /rape oral)
      The "Boogieman" strike again, learning that the man he had possesed had been charged with rape. He decide to do something about, he take over the detective investigating the case, who has a nice little, she becomes the Boogieman little angal.     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • The Children Of Merry Old England, part 4
      thechil4 zip (14k) (MF MF MF oral Mg-5 anal inc ped)
      The first days and night that Sarah was on her own were not pleasant. She was always afraid of something. Afraid that she would be picked up by someone and taken to another strange place, fear of being caught by a constable and fear of the other small children that scurried around, in and out, of the crowds of people that were always in the narrow streets. After a few days she was dirty enough that she no longer looked like a girl but she was hungry. Trying to steal food wasn?t easy and she didn't want to get caught.     
    • by Prefer-12-Minus :...
    • The Girls' Backyard, ch 3
      thegirl3 zip (13k) (M/g ped dream cons)
      Indeed, there was a young girl riding a bicycle, though it wasn't Wendy or Melissa. She went up to the Levinson's yard and got off of her bike. Suddenly, Eric remembered the girl standing in the yard when he got home from the airport. It was that girl in the black leotard!     

      Tuesday PM, Apr 01, 2003


      Monday PM, Mar 31, 2003


      Sunday PM, Mar 30, 2003

    • by Dark Tower Gunslinger :...
    • Bangkok Nights, ch 10
      bangko10 zip (13k) (M/F/anal/con)
      Palladin help a young Malay soldier (female of course) get over a Dear John in the way only Palladin can - a deep trip up her virgin Hershey Highway. Then its on to Bangkok where the trail for his daughter becomes decidely hotter as do the climate and the girls also.     
    • by Dalton :...
    • Stunner, part 3
      stunner3 zip (17k) (M/ff, anal, oral, sonic MC)
      And that night he didn't come to my room either and I worried that I'd done something wrong and then I woke up and he was in my bed, naked behind me and I could feel his dick against my ass and he was pushing it hard and I reached back and it was all slick and gooey. I tried to talk and he said shut up to me and held me with one arm and then he rolled on top of me and kicked my legs open. I could feel him pressing his dick against my ass really hard now and it hurt and he held his hand over my mouth and let me breathe barely, and I couldn't get away from his dick that was pushing into my ass so hard and then he got it inside me. He didn't move and he took his hand off my mouth and said I was to be quiet no matter what he did.     
    • by Acid :...
    • The Trainer, part 12
      thetra12 zip (16k) (M/f, oral)
      Melissa tries another lesson in control, only this time her father is the weakest link. She has to work hard to maintain the level of control she has been taught, and her mother also comes to her rescue. John is also bringing his plans to fruition. He brings home a lesson for Melissa after attending church again.     
    • by Ermberto :...
    • Siblings Summer Of Sex, part 1
      sibling1 zip (22k) (Incest - 12yo twin sisters, brother/sisters, mast, oral)
      Sarah and Britney are 12-year-old twin sisters who engage in some mutual masturbation. They fall in love and get more passionate with each other, eventually getting caught in bed, naked, by their 15-year-old brother, Billy. The girls invite the boy to join in.     

      Saturday PM, Mar 29, 2003

    • by Roberta :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Summer Memories
      summerme zip (72k) (M/F)
      It was a tough year for Paul, he finished his second semester at the university in June and has worked since at his dad's construction company for over 6 weeks. He worked almost 16 hours a day including weekends and he dreamed about scuba diving and relaxing on a beach in Corsica. No time for girlfriends all summer but the hard physical work in his fathers business gave him a hard and rugged body finally end of August he packed his gear and raced from Munich down to Livorno on his motorcycle to catch the 11 PM ferry to Bastia.     
    • by The Pyrrhic Panty :...
    • Abigail On The Bus
      abigailo zip (07k) (Mf panty flashing, oral, mast, cons pedo)
      In which I meet Abigail (9) upstairs on the bus and she gives me more than a eyeful.     
      Amber and Tanya
      amberand zip (09k) (Mf, panty fashing, fondling, oral, mast, cons pedo)
      In which 10yr old Amber and Tanya start flashing their panties at me. Later I discovered that Amber, who by now is 13, has grown up will do most things for money.     
    • by CuPED :...
    • Caught in the Act, part 1
      caughtin1 zip (28k) (F/g M/g m/g mom/daugh bro/sis threesome First Time PED INC)
      The seven year old definitely liked rubbing herself and making her cunny feel good, but she was beginning to forget about the pictures, so when she got the chance, she was right back to the magazine. Looking at the pictures made her breathing quicken and the tingles come back even worse! So she decided that a good rubbing was in order. She undressed herself quickly and laid on her side on her parents bed, looking at the pictures, studying each one and rubbing herself. She thought that as long as she heard the lawn mower going, she was safe enough. But that proved wrong as she looked up and saw her father's shocked expression. She froze on the bed, her hand still touching her damp slit. Maya was a pretty girl, blonde and green eyed like the girl on the cover of the magazine. She had her long hair in pigtails that day, but she preferred a ponytail. Her pink full lips rested beneath a pug nose. She had high cheekbones and a firm chin. Her creamy white skin was red all over as she flushed in embarrassment at being caught on her father's bed.     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • Children of Merry Old England, part 3
      childre3 zip (12k) (Mg-5 ped inc MMMg-5 forced Mg-5 Mg-5 oral GS M-solo spank)
      Every night little Sarah waited for Philip to return to the whore house where she was forced into sex with any man that wanted her. He had been nice to her even if he did use her for sex. He asked for Mother?s name and Sarah had this hope in her heart that he would help her mother. But as the nights went by and she didn?t see him or here a word about her mother she became angry at the world. Angry at the Master that kept her here, angry at the men that used her body for their pleasure and angry at Philip for not coming back for her. He hadn?t promised but in her young 5 year old mind he had been her only hope and every night that went by and she had to submit to men that some times hurt her she had to think of a way out.     
    • by Nomad :...
    • Mother's Help
      mothersh zip (20k) (Incest Mother, Son, Daughter, spanking)
      Anne, mother of two, helps a disabled mother to look after her two children. This involves nudity, spanking and masturbation of the 13 and 14yr old in front of their attentive mother.     
    • by Poseidon :...
    • The Meadow
      themeado zip (09k) (M/ff)
      They looked about 11 or 12, and it was quickly obvious they were identical twins. They were bare legged and appeared to be wearing swimsuits under light beach shirts. Instead of opening my eyes and embarrassing them I decided to see what they would do. They stood and continued to stare at me, then I noticed as one looked at my face the other looked at my cock. I guess they hadn't seen one my size before.     

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