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    May 10th - May 16th mid-Morning Updates

      On Friday PM, May 16, 2003

    • by Sam T Sleaze :...
    • Anna's Big Birthday, part 2/2
      annasbi2 zip (05k) (MF/g incest)
      "Hi" said Anna, finally breaking the dead silence, "you're all home early. Movie any good?" For nearly five minutes after that there was complete bedlam. All four of the adults were yelling, at the two kids and at each other. Anna tried several times to get the parents to all shut up, but hollering just wasn't going to do it. She smiled re-assuringly at her panicked cousin, and she pulled back the covers of the bed that they were both still wrapped up in after all this time, and she began to suck on his limp prick.     
      Sam, his Dad, and the Babies
      samhisda zip (06k) (Mtb/gg; incest, baby sex, oral)
      I had been left alone with Tammi, but only for a few minutes at a time. Now, due to my mom's job, I was going to be alone with her for a whole afternoon. I was finally going to get a chance to have a little "baby-sex".     
      Twins for the Price of One
      twinsfor zip (06k) (M/bg; rape, incest, abuse, anal, extreme)
      Under me, she was screaming. She tried so hard to wriggle free of my tight grasp that several times now she had nearly succeeded. I was certain that by the time I was done with her she would have black and blue marks all along her arms and legs where I had to hold her tight, in order to hold her down. Her tiny vocal chords let loose with a tremendous wail, but it was stifled as she was screaming into my belly. I pressed forward, really leaning into it, and my cockhead broke through her cherry at long last.     
    • by Doctor J :...
    • Household Cum Queen
      househol zip (10k) (cum queen)
      Every now and then, my mother and my sister would hold a see who was the household cum queen. They'd see how many loads they could coax out of me and my dad in twelve hours, known by us as Load Day. 6am to 6pm, they competed, extracting as much cum as they could. My mother won the last two, before Lana figured how to get the upper hand.     
    • by Lincoln Lee :...
    • Wicked: The Missing Scene
      wickedth zip (06k) (Mf dad/daut)
      I saw this movie early one morning called "Wicked". It was early, but I was immediately caught up in the storyline. The Electra complex is very much a theme in it. A girl, 15 or 16 years old, has the hots for her own father. Ben Christiansen and his family live in a very upscale gated community. It would appear to be a perfect life on the outside, but Ben is having an affair with the young foreign nanny; his wife is having a fling with a loser neighbor; and his oldest daughter, Ellie Christiansen (a play on words for Electra) is coming of age and witnessing her parents failing marriage.     
    • by Author Phillip :...
    • Card Games, part 1
      cardgam1 zip (59k) (M/M/M/b, anal, oral, ws, scat, Nipple clamps, tort, pedo NC)
      A boy is kidnapped and has to play a game of cards. Each card he selects depicts a form of sexual abuse or torture which he has to undergo. Strict rules apply to the game.     
      From Asia to Africa, part 1
      fromasi1 zip (14k) (M/M/M/M/M)
      This continues from Asia Torture. The opening describes Damon's move from Asia to Africa where he serves the sexual needs of the crew.     
    • by Billy Jack :...
    • Mom's Bridge Club, part 2
      momsbri2 zip (05k) (mF)
      Next adventure of a lawn service to some mature horny women.     
    • by Ermberto :...
    • Our Sister, Our Slut
      oursiste zip (29k) (Inc - bro/sis, oral, anal, teen, group mmf gang-bang m+/f)
      Daisy has been a cock-loving slut since she was 10. Her parents put her in an all-girls school and grounded her for life. Now 13, Daisy gets all the sex she needs from her two older brothers, who babysit her (and fuck her) every evening. Soon they decide to invite some of their buddies round to fuck their insatiable, slutty sister.     
    • by Brian :...
    • Tim Goes It Alone, part 4
      timgoes4 zip (10k) (M/b/b NC, oral, anal, disc)
      Tim and Dean goes off to meet seven year old Andy at long last.     

      Thursday PM, May 15, 2003

    • by Stud Warrior :...
    • Incest Fantasy Number 26: Deceptions
      incest26 zip (13k) (incest)
      Tara Johnston bounded down the stairs, her ripe, braless breasts giving only a slight bounce every time her foot touched one of the plush carpeted steps. Her long dark brown ponytail swung out behind her as she rounded the corner and entered the living room. She took three more quick strides and sat down on the love seat that faced the television. Her denim mini skirt had ridden up high around her firm thighs which left her pink panties exposed so she quickly pulled the fabric down, which did little good because the skirt was so sinfully short. Leaning forward she picked up the remote control off of the coffee table and turned the channel to the Cartoon Network because Sponge Bob, her favorite character was on. The pretty eleven-year-old sat back and settled more comfortably into the deep, plush cushions to await her mother's arrival.     
    • by DaddyBob :...
    • Kindergarten Sleepover, part 2
      kinderg2 zip (05k) (M/ggggg F/gggg pedo incest panty play)
      After molesting one of my daughter's little, five-year-old girl friends in the bedroom,the fun moves out to the livingroom, where my wife joins in on the fun!     
    • by Doctor J :...
    • Piss Soaked Daughter
      pisssoak zip (08k) (Mf incest)
      My daughter loved piss...splashing over her, tasting it, drinking it. When she found her options limited by the men she was dating, she turned to the one option she knew would provide for her. Family.     
    • by Author Phillip :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Asian Torture
      asiantor zip (57k) (M/M/M racial, oral, anal, tort)
      An English soldier in Hong Kong is kidnapped, tortured and sexually abused.     
    • by Brian :...
    • Tim Goes It Alone, part 3
      timgoes3 zip (12k) (M/b/b NC, oral, anal, disc)
      Tim continues to torture and sexually abuse the 12 year old Dean. He is still intent on kidnapping the boy's younger brother and is getting nearer to his goal.     

      Wednesday PM, May 14, 2003

    • by Leg Licker :...
    • Crystal and Derek, part 2
      crystal2 zip (07k) (pedo, stocking and kneesock fetish)
      This is the forthcoming second chapter of Crystal and Derek. We are getting farther into the life of Crystal who is going to be one hell of a sexy girl.     
    • by Dark Tower Gunslinger :...
    • Palladin Book VII, "Only in America" ch 1
      palladi1 zip (16k) (M/g+/f/F/Oral/Consen/Semi NC)
      In this next book Palladin realizes he may still be in danger from the terrorists. Finding a small amount of time to relax with his daughter, the nine-year old Spanish princess and the red headed teen the terrorists had been holding, he decides a party is in order. Especially since the nine-year old is still a virgin in both front and rear, a fact Palladin cannot let pass.     
    • by Jack Spratt :...
    • What A Neigborhood, part 3
      whatane3 zip (21k) (M/f ped con)
      This is a continuation of Don's attempt to become a landlord. Again there are a number of twists and turns requiring Don to keep his wits about him. All through the trials and tribulations he has the continuing companionship of his young preteen lovers. Part Four will take a little longer as it is still bantering about in the author's mind.     
    • by Brian :...
    • Black Revenge, The Sequel
      blackrev zip (55k) (M/M/M/M/M/b, racial, anal, oral, tort, ws, fist, scat)
      A white boy is tortured and sexually abused by 5 black men and slowly he is turned into a niggercock loving depraved little monster - there is a happy ending.     
      Tim Goes It Alone, part 2
      timgoes2 zip (14k) (M/b/b NC, oral, anal, disc)
      Tim continues his plan to kidnap Dean's younger brother whilst continuing to abuse the older boy.     
    • by kash :...
    • Incest Relationship
      incestre zip (11k) (India incest)
      I am from Kollam district, Kerala and now working in Bahrain. I am 31 years old, this experience of mine happened to me when I joined for my degree course in Cochin. I was 19 years old and I was a fat and chubby boy. Of course not too fat and I know I was handsome too.     
      My Friend's Family
      myfriend zip (05k) (family, India incest)
      Jagadish came home from work one day to a sight he will not likely forget. He heard no sound as he entered the house opening the latch, and thought to be quiet just in case his wife and daughter were asleep for an afternoon nap. He smiled. He loved his wife and daughter. Gauri, his wife, was a beautiful woman with big black eyes, and Mohini, his daughter, looked just like her amma. He thought he was a very lucky man. He decided to tip toe to the bedroom and wake his wife up with a soft kiss or two. He started down the hall to their room when he saw the door open, and heard soft sighs coming from the room. He quietly approached, wondering from where the sounds came.     
      sisterin zip (23k) (family, India incest)
      When Sunita saw the postman come up the walkway, she had no premonition that her safe, contented little world was about to collapse at her feet. Despite the bleak February skies, the dark- haired young woman's spirits were sunny that fateful morning. Humming a carefree tune, Sunita dried her hands on the kitchen towel and went to get the day's mail. The voluptuous beauty felt only mild curiosity when she saw the envelope addressed to Mrs. Sunita. Probably just some ad, she thought, placing the rest of the mail on top of the television set.     

      Tuesday PM, May 13, 2003

    • by Amber Gold :...
    • Do You Like Them Young And Tender?
      doyoulik zip (10k) (gg oral spank Mg-6 Mg-11 ped inc g-solo)
      He was on his computer, reading some personal ads when he came across a small ad that caught his attention. ?Do you like them young and tender? Yes, you know what I mean. Call this number and learn the details of how to change your life forever?     
    • by Rainman :...
    • Day III - Goodbye
      goodbye zip (04k) (M/F)
      This is the 3rd day of us being together & simply put.. It has been a wonderful experience. Not only did we get to 'rekindle' our 'love', but really, if anything it satisfied the longing that has been left idle for too long a time. Fortunately for us, today is a 'free' day as we will both be making our way back home. Although this will be somewhat a 'sad', occasion, I think the satisfaction derived from our 'activities' from the last few days have been fulfilling if anything.     
    • by Momma's Boy :...
    • My Little Brother, part 2
      mylittl2 zip (11k) (F/b/inf/M Mother/son incest, lactation, adult neighbor)
      Mom continues her education of her son. She demonstrates one of her favorite skills on her son and her neighbor.     
    • by Brian :...
    • Keeping Daddy Happy
      keepingd zip (15k) (dad/son, incest, oral, anal, discp)
      Daddy starts to discipline his 5 year old son for being naughty and this leads on to sexual encounters     
      Tim Goes It Alone, part 1
      timgoes1 zip (12k) (M/b/b NC, oral, anal, disc)
      A man kidnaps a 12 year old boy and rapes him and beats him. He hopes to kidnap the boy's younger brother in due course     
    • by filipok1 :...
    • Fiorela, ch 1
      fiorela1 zip (18k) (M/f pedo)
      Conoci a fiorela durante unas vacaciones familiares y planifique volver, esta vez solo, para tener un fin de semana espectacular con fiorela, capitulo 1     
    • by Phil :...
    • Nachschub für den Babystrich, teil 1
      nachsch1 zip (03k) (MMM+gg, NC, Gangrape, Prostitution)
      Die Freundinnen Katharina und Nicole reißen aus dem Heim aus, geraten in die Hände ausländischer Zuhälter und werden von ihnen auf den Babystrich gezwungen.     

      Monday PM, May 12, 2003

    • by Momma's Boy :...
    • My Little Brother, part 1
      mylittl1 zip (13k) (F/b/i mother/son incest, lactation, infant brother)
      Mom brings home the new baby brother. Older son gets personal lessons in anatomy from mom in a show and tell discussion/demonstration.     
    • by Acid :...
    • Spurt
      spurt zip (20k) (MMMMMM/F, oral, anal)
      She has to live alone. Being a cum dump means she has a busy life and a busy home, keeping flatmates is difficult under those circumstances. She gets plenty of male visitors, and they all have one thing in common. They all have their cocks planted deeply in one of her holes when they go Spurt. It's a hard life, but she loves it.     
    • by H. Grant :...
    • Changing Jenny's Diaper
      2changin zip (05k) (f/g/toddler/oral/diapers/scat)
      Little Jenny is the sweetest lil' tot! Just wait until your read about her special morning with her new babysitter - Martha. If you like reading about babysitters and the special duties required when taking care of toddlers, then this story is for you!     
    • by Powerone and Jessy19 :...
    • Precious Things
      precious zip (26k) (M/F, anal, oral, Fsolo, rom)
      A beautiful young college girl meets an older man. She decides to find out what it would be like to make love to him.     

      Sunday PM, May 11, 2003

    • by Running Bear :...New Author.!.!.!
    • A Prairie Home Companion
      aprairie zip (48k) (mf, rom, inter, slow)
      Boy's family wiped out by Indians. Girl's family wiped out by soldiers. They survive in the wild while trying to get to Ft. Stewart. A coming of age for both.     
      carrie zip (47k) (Mf-9 rom inter)
      A prostitute is thrown in jail leaving her 9-year old daughter behind. A good samaritan decides to help her, and gets more than he bargained for.     
    • by Peter Evan Delaney O'Phyle :...
    • After School Sex (A.S.S.) Series 4, part 2: Nia
      afters4b zip (41k) (MW/Mg/oral/anal/voyeur/ws/lez)
      "Yesssss," Trianna moaned. "Slide it deep inside her, fill her right up," she murmured, more to herself than for our benefit. She jabbed three fingers in and out of her pussy in short, rapid strokes, as if trying to emulate what I was doing to her daughter. I was more than half-way buried inside Nia's tight-gripping pussy when I began to stroke back and forth, drilling a little deeper with each thrust. Nia's mouth hung open and her eyes were glazed over as I fucked her in earnest now. Soon, I had driven my prick all the way inside her and felt my pubic mound slam against her vulnerable, bald pussy mound. What an erotic sight, I marveled. Her tiny body seemed so helpless and fragile beneath me. Her pussy stretched with the girth of my cock. Her little body quaked with each forward plunge. It was clear she was only seconds from orgasm. I braced myself with one arm on the back on the sofa and the other supporting myself on the cushion as I humped her furiously, pounding my cock relentlessly in and out of her. She thrashed and arched her neck and shoulders as convulsions suddenly overwhelmed her. I could feel her pussy walls contracting and releasing and my cock was bathed in a flood of slick wetness. Uh!....uh!...uh!" ! she pipped. Under most circumstances, I likely would have climaxed at that moment as well, but having cum so recently with her mother, I wasn't quite there yet.     
    • by TwistedFun :...
    • BabyFun22
      babyfu22 zip (05k) (M/18 month old girl/oral)
      As the mother played with her baby, I smiled watched the woman's firm tits jiggle with the effort of lifting the baby in and out of the water as they played. As she was pulling her baby out of the water in a quick motion the plastic pants and diaper came off in one motion. I tried not to stare as the infant's prominent mound was displayed. Her infantile mound looked like a vanilla peach and I watched as the slit disappeared under her. The mother and her friend thought that it was terribly funny and the baby was oblivious, kicking her chubby legs happy to be naked.     
    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • Dreams Away! ch 1
      dreamsa1 zip (09k) (Adult, child, nudity, oral)
      Frank Babcock was twenty and was assistant manager in a movie theater. It is 1930's Houston heat in the days before airconditioning, and Frank was trying to get cool in the late morning. He stripped off his clothes and rigged a fan to blow over his bed, and proceeded to fall asleep. He dreamed that a naked fairy with diamonds in her hair was playing with his penis, then sucking. When he climaxed he awoke, and found his dream fairy was actually his next door neighbor's 8 year old girl.     
      Little Clara's Babysitting Party, ch 1
      littlec1 zip (07k) (teenage boys, child, nudity, manipulation, oral, water sports)
      10 year old Jimmie was babysitting his neighbor's little girl when his teenage friends, Hugh and Frankie join him. Frankie proceeds to show the little girl his member, then undresses her so she can see it get big. Soon she is sucking Frankie and masturbating the others.     
    • by Centaur :...
    • Home Schooling
      homescho zip (27k) (Mf/Fm, incest, con)
      "Daddy, I think that's an inappropriate touch, Ms. Benson told us that there are places on our bodies where no one should touch us, unless we told them it was ok," my twelve-year-old daughter said as I hugged her and patted her tight little butt... In all honesty I had to admit my daughter did arouse feelings of intense sexual interest in me - to put it bluntly every time I looked at her beautiful young body or her innocent face I could feel the blood pumping into that bad boy between my legs. But I seriously resented some bitch at Katie's school educating my daughter about the dangers of incest - that was my job.     
    • by The Pyrrhic Panty :...
    • Sasha and Friend
      sashaand zip (20k) (Mg, Mgg, MFg, panty flashing, oral, cons pedo)
      In which I meet Sasha and her friend Nadine, both aged 11, and get to teach them all about sex. It has a surprise ending...Without being asked, Sasha jumped onto the middle of the bed, lay back, opened her legs wide and lifted her knees, allowing her skirt to fall to her thighs and giving me an excellent view of her delicious white panty-covered pussy...     
    • by Leg Licker :...
    • The Taxidermist, part 1
      thetaxi1 zip (08k) (pedo rape, cross dressing, torture, violence, snuff, sex with dead)
      This is the story of Herman. Herman is thirty-five years old and lives in a big old house out in the country. His mother had wanted a girl and his father had left them when Herman was a baby. She dressed him as a girl and she let men rape him. He finally kills her and later finds love only to have that love killed while he is on a trip. This is how a sane man can go off the deep end when pushed.     
    • by littleab :...
    • Deedee and Betty: A Rugrats Erotica, ch 2
      deedeea2 zip (11k) (f/inf/f/baby/lac/f/t/f/f/ws/scat/oral/mast)
      After Deedee's and Betty's experiences the day before, the two decide to go on a shopping trip. Oddly enough, Chaz has to leave Chuckie with Betty and Deedee, because he can't watch him during his appointment. But little does Chaz know that these supposedly good, trustworthy parents have other plans on their oh so devious and lascivious minds.     
    • by Poseidon :...
    • The Beach, part 2
      thebeac2 zip (08k) (M/fff)
      I wrapped my self around her and kissed her lips and gently caressed her small breasts. It may be my imagination but they felt larger than two weeks ago. We were finally hot enough to fuck, so I showed her how to put on a condom. She was fascinated to see it roll down my cock as she gently pulled it on me.     
    • by Ermberto :...
    • The Oedipal Gigolo
      theoedip zip (27k) (Inc - mom/son, oral, anal, teen/mature women, inter-racial, adultery)
      A mysterious, well-hung teenage gigolo is servicing the lonely housewives of suburbia. Alison, a sex-starved divorcee, wants in on the action! She sets about trying to get in touch with the super-stud, not realizing at first that it's her own 17-year-old son, Bobby.     
    • by Mr. Niceguy :...
    • Geschenk, teil 2
      geschen2 zip (11k) (m/b, oral, anal, smell)
      Überblick über den ersten Teil: Der Erzähler, Ralf, ist ein 16 jähriger, der auf einer Hochzeit Martin kennen lernt. Martin ist ein 9 jähriger Junge, etwa 1,30 m groß, blaue Augen und blonde Haaren und einem wundervollen Körper. Ralf wollte unbedingt den kleinen Martin verführen und schlich sich, nach dem Martin zu Bett gegangen war, in sein Zimmer. Bei den folgenden Aktivitäten wachte Martin auf und fand gefallen daran. Um in Kontakt zu bleiben, bekam Martin die Handy Nummer von Ralf.     

      Saturday PM, May 10, 2003

    • by Forbidden Innocence :...
    • Uncle Rod Preps The Kids, part 1
      unclero1 zip (17k) (Mffff, mf, voyeur, mast. fondling, oral, intro)
      Twelve-year-old Adam was the kind of guy, young girls love to fantasize about. He just moved in with his Uncle Rod, who convinces him that in order to score big with these girls, he must have them over for an intimate get-to-know-each-other party. Rod uses Adam's screen name to ask the invitees for naughty pictures prior to the party (on the pretense of wanting to go with them) and almost shoots his load secretly looking at their responses. On the day of the party, one by one he has them satisfy his "basic" needs, especially an 11-year-old named Renee (with a dry fuck like you've never imagined before) even before they join Adam down in the basement for the main event.     
    • by littleab :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Deedee and Betty: A Rugrats Erotica, ch 1
      deedeea1 zip (04k) (f/f/inf/lac/ws/scat/mast)
      Deedee takes Dil inside to change his diaper, and explore her newly found sexuality. The breast plays more of a roll than just feeding your baby in the Pickles household.     

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