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    May 17th - May 23rd mid-Morning Updates

      On Friday PM, May 23, 2003

    • by Norph A. Daborder :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Emma Grows Up, part 1
      emmagro zip (18k) (F/f F/f/c mother/daughter inc celeb)
      Emma Watson, Hermione of the Hairy Putter films, is introduced to lesbian love.     
    • by Stepdaddy :...
    • A Little Favor
      alittlef zip (05k) (M(M?) /f (14), sharing, reluc?, 100% dialogue)
      A lawyer acts unethically to aid a man in a divorce proceeding. Now that man's 13-year-old daughter may need to do "a little favor" for him in return. AN AUDIO PLAY.     
    • by Acid :...
    • Breeding Simone - From The Chronicles of Eroth, part 1
      breedin1 zip (13k) (MMM/F)
      Simone is ideally suited to life on Eroth. She is a total slut who is not happy unless her naked body is busy taking cock. Her naked body is doing exactly that, taking cock in all three holes for hours on end. Then she notices that none of her owners have stayed to escort her home. She is out after curfew as an Inquisitor comes past...     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • Daddy's Baby Maker, final
      daddysb2 zip (12k) (Mg-12 dad daut ped M-solo dom con oral)
      Dean Kane was in heaven. He had his hot young daughter to himself and no one would ever dream what they did when they were alone. He looked worried when asked about his wife and would shake his head. People felt this must be a painful subject for him so stopped asking. The minute he reached home his Kelly was waiting for him. They would keep up the charade while the woman that cooked and cleaned for them was around but when she left they were up in his bed, playing.     
    • by Dark Tower Gunslinger :...
    • Only In America, ch 2
      onlyina2 zip (15k) (M/g/g/f/F/Anal/Scat/semi-NC)
      Merelda lay on her back, the bronze skinned beauty's mouth was slack, a slight drool coming from the right side of her lips. The treatment from Pamela had blown the child's somewhat fragile mind, her passion nothing like she had ever experienced at the hands of the terrorists. With them it was all based on what the nine-year old Spanish princess could do to make them happy, no thought was given to her own pleasure other than in the act of giving. Now she knew the road went in both directions, she had experienced the joys of gratifying sex from another. Now it was time for lesson two. I slid on my back, my rod rampant and erect, waving in a three hundred and sixty degree circle, the precum running off the mushroomed shaped head and sliding slowly down the slick slides. "Put some more oil on my cock and lower her onto it," I told Jilly and Suzette as I handed the movie camera back to a panting Pamela as she busied herself wiping the girl juice and saliva from her face.     
    • by Byteman2000 :...
    • Rent-A-Daddy, part 4
      rentada4 zip (08k) (M/infant twins, M/g, oral, cons and noncons, F/g)
      Bob Stevens was in for a surprise after his weekend with Ann Brooks 13 year old daughter. What he didn't know was the surprise had a twist that he had never expected and an offer that he wasn't going to be able to refuse if he want to stay out of prison.     
    • by Nightranger :...
    • Seduction, part 3
      seducti3 zip (29k) (f/f MM/F g/bb M/g M/f inc orgy)
      We came up with a surprise of our own for them. We all agreed, Natalie enthusiastically, that as a reward for saving them from a life of abuse and slavery, they (Terry) would get the ultimate prize. Tonight would be a double celebration! Outside the courthouse we asked Bubba what the paper was. Terry handed it to Sue with a huge grin and told her to read it. The paper turned over everything the S.O.B. owned, land, truck, money and anything else they found in his name to Sue and Natalie. When she asked how? He explained that the judge told the lawyer if he didn't get his client to sign the paper, the bastard would also be charged with child slavery and any other charges the DA could dig up in the 2 years he would be waiting in jail for another trail.     
    • by writersblock :...
    • Sick Sluts
      sickslut zip (04k) (M/g, g solo, kinky)
      Rena was not your normal twelve year-old adolescent teen she went to school had friends and looked normal enough. What made this girl different was what she did at the neighbor's house after school.     
    • by Cheryl :...
    • Slut Cheryl
      slutcher zip (04k) (another tale of sluttiness)
      Further Adventures of the slut Cheryl     
      Stacy Snake Dancer
      stacysna zip (05k) (snakes, dad/bro/cons/stripping)
      Stacy discovers snakes can be fun at an early age, and then discovers her brothers and fathers "snakes" can be fun too. Stripping becomes a way of life till one night she gets out of hand with a 9ft Python.     
    • by Duncan McCloud :...
    • The Davis Family Chronicals, ch 7a: Baby Sitting the Carlyle Girls
      thedav7a zip (18k) (M/F, m/ff, vouyer, oral)
      The continued story of Gary Davis. Gary has been spying on his next door neighbors, unaware that the daughters have been spying on him. Reluctantly he agrees to babysit the girls while their parents go out. All is not what it seems.     
    • by Boswell, The Bad :...
    • They're Coming...They're Coming, part 3
      theyrec3 zip (09k) (M/F, m/f, M/f, rape, incest)
      Tom stepped to the door, turned the handle and shoved the door wide. There was the missing daughter, clad in her T-shirt, her shorts and panties at her ankles...sitting on the toilet. She was very much exposed, her knees slackly apart displaying her flat bare belly, her fat pussy mound and even the sparse hairs on her cunt. Tom heard the trickle of water dribbling into the water beneath her as she peed. "Daddy!" she shrieked, slapping her hands into her lap in a vain attempt to cover her partial nudity...and the stream of piss was abruptly cut off. "You have two minutes to get dressed like I said and get your butt down to the family room," she growled, "or I'll be right back here and get you ready myself. Understood?"     

      Thursday PM, May 22, 2003


      Wednesday PM, May 21, 2003

    • by Cheryl :...
    • Sheriff of Custer County
      sheriffo zip (07k) (FemSheriff/inmates/IR/nc)
      Female Sheriff of Custer County sets up a roadblock to capture escaped prisoners from Jail only to find herself being raped.     
      stripper zip (05k) (stripper)
      More tales of Cheryl as a Stripper.     
      Tale of Two Women
      taleoftw zip (03k) (FF)
      I followed her a bit nervously into the shower even though we had been flirting all day long in the pool during the barbecue my husband had organized over the weekend. I wondered how she would respond to my sudden and unannounced presence in the shower but taking a deep breath and removing my suit, I opened the shower door and stepped inside to find her waiting for me. I was hoping you'd come after me, she said softly. I looked at her and said, I was hoping you'd want me too. I took her face in my hands and stepped closer and went to kiss her and she responded like I hoped she would. I planted a few soft kisses on her lips while my hands caressed her head and played with her ears and neck and then I opened my mouth and when I went to press against her, she opened her mouth and our two soft tongues met and caressed each others tongue before exploring each others mouths even more.     
    • by Boswell, The Bad :...
    • They're Coming...They're Coming, part 2
      theyrec2 zip (07k) (M/F, M/f, rape)
      "Daddy," Lucy spoke, "we don't know what to do. Please help us...tell us what we have to do." Tears streamed down both girls cheeks. "They took our clothes away and they keep touching us between our legs." "We're scared, daddy," Amy cried, and another tall man stepped to the little girl, pulled her hands away from her cunt and began to finger her slit, "what does he want me to do, daddy?"     
    • by Jon Fourth :...
    • Where Have you Been Uncle Jon? part 3
      whereha3 zip (23k) (M/fff, m/fff, ff69, cream pie. pregnant)
      Uncle Jon has become Papa Jon to seven kids. Will they get along, or will they all go their separate ways? Will they be able to move beyond the tragic loss of Jon's sister and brother in laws? This new home, is it an XXX rated palace or can it become a beacon of love for the world.     
    • by VGSS :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Panic Room - The Hidden Loot
      panicroo zip (17k) (MM/f M/F inc nc)
      If Meg didn't make it back to the Panic Room after grabbing the cell phone, things would've turned out quite differently. In this take, the lunatic Raoul quickly beds the mother, and Junior introduces little Sarah to sex. One the robbers get into their new toys, it's a free-for-all orgy between the four , while the moral Burnham refuses to participate. First, Meg masturbates in front of everyone to loosen up her daughter, who next performs the same act. Then, to appease their captors, the two Altmans eat each other out before swapping male lovers. The final insult comes a week later, when Sarah's classmates mysteriously come across a tape of the whole night.     
    • by Brian :...
    • A Boy's Rape
      aboysrap zip (22k) (M/b oral, anal, discp)
      A man kidnaps a 10 year old boy and rapes him.     
    • by Little Dreamer :...
    • Baby-sitting My Niece Jessie
      babysitt zip (03k) (M/g, ped, ins, con, bd)
      This is the story of what happened on the day I had to sit for my 4 year old niece wile her mother went to work. Her name is Jessie and I love her with all my hart but she can be a pain. She has long blond hair blue eyes and the cutest little dimples. Well I got to her house and she was in her pink under pants. And white night shirt playing on the floor in the living room. Her mother told her if she did not be good I was to spank her bottom and left for work. I asked if she was hungry. And seen she was playing with a ping-pong paddle. She sed yes and I told her to go in the dining room and sit at the table and I'd make her something to eat. She wanted soda I told her no soda and she got mad at me. I told her she was getting cereal and milk and that was it.     
      Watching Little Girls
      watching zip (04k) (M/ggg, bd, ped, inc)
      I was over my friend's house for dinner one night. His wife had split up with him left the kids with him. They were in there room playing. He called them in to the living room. All three of them came running in the room nude and laughing. The oldest 6-year-old Sara has dirty blond hear and blue eyes. Sandy and Cindy the 5-year-old twins both have blond hear and blue eyes. He looked at all of them and said, lie down and show daddy your little cunny's. All three of them lie down and spread their legs wide then spread their cunny's open. Then all three girls look at me and start giggling. Their dad said want to take them for a week or two? I look at them and smile. Sara gets up and jumps on my lap and hugs me.     
    • by Authorphillip :...
    • From Asia to Africa, part 7
      fromasi7 zip (15k) (M/M/M/M/M tort, anal, oral, snuff)
      Damon's torture goes on and he is circumcised and branded.     
      The Torturer
      thetortu zip (61k) (M/b oral, anal, ws, tort)
      An 8 year old boy is abducted raped and tortured.     
    • by kash :...
    • Letter To Husband
      letterto zip (04k) (m/f India incest)
      Hi I have a sister named Priyanka 23rs old, married and staying in Delhi. she is 5'5" with shoulder length straight hair. her stats is 36-25- 36. This is a real life incident and putting in form of letter since this was the way she told her husband. This was the starting of many incidents.     
      Lust Begins At Forty
      lustbegi zip (07k) (m/f India incest)
      this is a story told by my neighbour to my mother. i heard it.she was a married woman, aged 43, with 2 daughters age 18 and 20 with a husband just retired. her story starts 23 years back when she got married to Rajendra who was at that time 37 year old and a newly qualified accountant. she got to see him first only four days before my wedding day, it was all arranged and there was no way she could ever have objected to this marriage, it had always been like this and till now her parents are still convinced that it was the best thing that could ever happened to her.     
    • by filipok1 :...
    • Fiorela, ch 2
      fiorela2 zip (15k) (M/f pedo)
      Continuacion y conclusion de serie Fiorela. Conoci a Fiorela durante unas vacaciones familiares, luego planifique volver solo para tener un fin de semana espectacular.     

      Tuesday PM, May 20, 2003

    • by DaddyBob :...
    • BallGame, 1st Quarter
      ballgame zip (09k) (M / toddler ped)
      Richard Johnson liked his sex in public. The more people around, the better it was. That's why Dick got a really big charge when he realized his next conquest was going to be a gorgeous toddler girl, in the middle of 30,000 or so people!     
    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • It's Just Not Fair! part 1
      itsjust1 zip (10k) (nudity, doctor game, touching, hand manipulation)
      Mike was 14 but was shy around girls of his own age, and so hung around with young girls. His favorite game was doctor, and his favorite patient was 8 year old Amy Chesterwood, but she was rebelling because he would be the patient and undress. This is the story of the day he finally gave in.     
    • by Pussywillow :...
    • My New Neighbors
      mynewnei zip (24k) (m/F/g con. oral, ped)
      My dad had acquired two new renters, A young mother and her nine-year-old daughter, for his rental house. I gradually got well acquainted with them as I went over to mow their lawn once a week, and Linda, the mom, invited me in for lunch after I was through. They wanted to go swimming, so the fun started after I took them out to my special swimming hole on dad's property.     
    • by Momma's Boy :...
    • My Wife, part 3
      mywife3 zip (07k) (F/F/M/b Incest)
      I find out a bit more about my wife's involvement with young boys. About the time I really begin to panic, I get the most unsual explanation.     
    • by Doctor J :...
    • Nude Beach Experiences
      nudebeac zip (08k) (M/M/F, incest, oral, voyeur)
      My name is Trevor, and I'm a nudist. My family are nudists, I was introduced to it early by my parents. I've been to quite a few nude beaches over the years...enough to know that every now and then you'll catch someone in a sexual act. I've seen a women give handjobs, blowjobs, I've watched men lick women. I've seen people screwing in plain sight. I've watched from ten feet away as a woman gave her husband a blowjob, swallowing his load completely, showing now signs that he'd even cum. Of course, every beach has it's fun police, for whom nudity is just another day, and who's sexual urges are not as strong as most normal people.     
      Online Daughter
      onlineda zip (10k) (incest, M/f, anal, oral, fantasy, fetish)
      My 17 year old daughter was a bit of an online maniac. Every afternoon after school, she'd race home, finish her homework, and then jump online into chat rooms. I'd searched her computer for signs of hardcore porn, found none, and thought that she was merely chatting to friends she'd made. One night I actually got to the machine while it was still on, and saw that I wasnt far from the truth.     
    • by Jack Spratt :...
    • On the Road Again
      ontheroa zip (24k) (M/f/F ped con)
      Mat feels lost after leaving his young lovers but finds solace with a family in a camping facility. Krystin and her mom Karri provide a welcoming committee to assist Mats with his sexual losses after leaving his preteen lovers.     
    • by Oediplex :...
    • Pandora's Box Got Me Mom's Box
      pandoras zip (12k) (F/M mother & son incest oral fucking)
      I walked into my apartment and found my mother crying in my living room. Now, mom has a key to my place and sometimes she lets herself in to surprise her divorced son with a dinner, which I always was grateful for; though I would have eaten another sort of 'dish' of my mother's if my fantasies ever came true. So I wasn't too surprised by her being there, but I was most concerned by her tears. I thought my father had upset her. I sat next to her on the arm of the easy-chair and went to hug her. But before my action was completed, mom slapped me, hard. Then burst into more weeping, with her hands in her face. I stood and put my hand to my face speechless. Mother mumbled something. "What?" I asked.     
    • by Boswell, the Bad :...
    • They're Coming...They're Coming...
      theyreco zip (10k) (M/F, m/f, incest, rape)
      "What the shit is..." Tom started to say...but stopped. In the middle of the street a naked teenaged girl with tiny tits and fear erected nipples knelt on hands and knees. A naked man knelt behind her, thrusting his hips at her exposed crotch and Tom could see his long cock blood smeared slipping in and out of the girl's once virgin body...obviously fucking her. A boy perhaps nine or ten stood naked before her, her face in his hands as the boy thrust his slim cock into the girl's mouth. Staring open mouthed, Tom couldn't even form words as he stared. A fat, naked woman walked slowly into view, her thick, black pussy hair matted wetly against her belly. She carried a naked baby girl and led a nude girl who might have been at most six years old. The little girl was sobbing...and rubbing her hairless pussy mound's slit with her fingers...rubbing a mixture of white fluids and driblets of bright red blood over the pale skin. Obviously both females had just been fucked...and the little girl's torn hymen was still bleeding.     
    • by Little Dreamer :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Baby Sitting The Twins
      2babysit zip (10k) (M/gg, ped, bd)
      I moved to this town 6 months a go. And met these 2 cute little twin girls 4 years old. They have brown hair and blue eyes. There mom she likes me and I like her. But I love the 2 little girls more. Their names are Jessica and Jennifer. Jessica is the oldest ten minutes older. They love to run round the house nude. There mom dos to. When she asked me if I would mine sitting for them I said not at all. (I'd pay her) she needed a sitter. Her old sitter was in the hospital and she needed some one the girls liked. I asked her were and what days. She said every weekday and ether my place or hers?     
      A Little Girl Learns A Hard Lessen
      alittleg zip (07k) (Mb/g, inc, ped, anal, bd, oral, nc spank)
      I have a six-year-old little girl that I have raised alone sins she was two. Her mom was killed in a car accident. She has shoulder length blond hair and blue eyes. Her name is Liz short for Elizabeth. It all started five weeks ago when she had a friend over a boy. Her was seven years old his name was Bobby. They were playing in the back yard. When I looked out the window and seen then going in the shed. The shed isn't that bid and when they were in there for over ten mints I had to check. I when'd out to the back yard to look what they where up to. I opened the door to the shed to find both of them nude and Liz had Bobby's dick in her mouth.     
    • by H. Grant :...
    • Darcy Pees Her Panties
      darcypee zip (10k) (b+g/nc/anal/ws/embarassment)
      Young Darcy is a five year old girl who just entered Kindergarden. Unfortunately, the cute little girl still lapses into some of her less desirable pre-school habbits. To make matters worse, some of the classroom bullies begin to take notice!     
    • by Authorphillip :...
    • From Asia to Africa, part 6
      fromasi6 zip (13k) (M/M/M/M/M tort, anal, oral, snuff)
      Damon's torture gets more extreme and he continues to be sexually abused. One of the black guards is punished for showing kidness to the white soldier.     
    • by kash :...
    • My Story
      mystory zip (04k) (mom/son India incest)
      I am going to narrate my true story today to you all incest friends. My name is kash aged 26 years residing at Delhi and my sweet moms age is 42 her name is Vanita.My dad will go mostly on tour and he will be out of city all the time.     
      My Wife's Sister
      mywifess zip (10k) (mom/son India incest)
      I was horny about my sis-in-law from the first sightRitha was taller for her age but the most prominent thing was her hips. Her buttocks were bulging like two foot balls glued together. She was at tenth grade at that time.     
      Sex With Daughter
      sexwithd zip (04k) (mom/son India incest)
      I am 39,and while I don't exercise, I still am in good shape – I was having great sex with my wife until a few months ago, when, following a vaginal problem, her doctor said no more sex for at least 5 years. My daughter is 20 and terrific in figure. My wife told me, " If you ever want any woman other than me, tell me. I won't mind, since I am ruled out for the next five years." But she never knew that I had the hots for my daughter ever since she turned sixteen and started wearing tight jens, tee-shirts and revealing home-clothes. I don't think there ever was a week when she had not granted me a generous look at her cleavage. At times, I thought how sick I was to fantasise about my daughter – but at night, as I lay on the bed which had not tasted cum for the last two months, I start peeling her clothes off in dreams, and when I wake up, my underwear will be wet with cum.     
    • by Ermberto :...
    • Our Sister, Our Slut, part 2
      oursist2 zip (20k) (Inc - bro/sis, teen, oral, anal, double-penetration, group (mmff) schoolgirl-sluts)
      Schoolgirl super-slut, 13-year-old Daisy, is so delighted at the hard, regular fuckings her two older brothers give her that she decides it's only fair to share their energetic cocks. She invites one her friends, Celeste, over one Saturday afternoon for an orgy. 17-year-old Kurt and 14-year-old Jeremy now have two teen nympho's to satisfy - they don't disapoint!     
    • by Brian :...
    • Tim Gets Dumped
      timgetsd zip (13k) (M/M/M/b oral, rape)
      Tim watches a video of a Nubian raping an 8 year old white boy. The characters in the video are not actors and the rape is not faked.     

      Monday PM, May 19, 2003

    • by Byteman2000 :...
    • Fun With Kim
      funwithk zip (24k) (M/infant, M/toddler, M/g, M/b, g/g, pregnant, cons, romantic, first time, oral, anal, masturbation)
      By the time Kim was 4 months old my sexual urges and drive were getting out of control. I was masturbating 8 to 10 times sometimes in a day trying to get some type of relief. Sitting down talking to Karen about it got me no where since having Kim left her sex drive at an all time low telling me that I needed to learn to handle it. Every time I would change Kim's diaper or bath her I found myself looking more and more at her little sex. Wondering who the lucky guy would be some day to taste her, feel her, and have her sweet lips wrapped around his young cock. Then it began one day shortly after Kim was 8 months old. She had finished eating breakfast wearing more probably then she had ate and needed a bath. Being a stay at home dad I hadn't bothered to dress for the day yet. Wearing only my boxers I picked her up to take her to the bathroom when she decided to spit up on me covering my chest and stomach with her cereal. Now I needed a bath as badly as she did. I decided to draw a bath, put her in with me cleaning us both up at the same time. Setting her down for a moment I took a dirty towel wiping most of the mess off tossing it over to the washing machine pulled my boxers off and put them in too.     
      Little Mary, part 2
      littlem2 zip (11k) (M/g, F/g, oral, cons, first time, romantic)
      Little 8 year old Mary gets her chance to move out to California to be with her big sister and brother in law. "I've missed you very much" she said letting her hand glide up and down. I didn't know if she was talking to me or my cock that she was looking at, "I've missed you too" I stated. "Can we play for a little while before lunch?" she asked. Gail had just walked in the room hearing what her sister had said looked over at me smiling, "I told her in the bedroom that I didn't mind but that she was going to have to ask you first too". "Well I don't mind but I think that a shower would be in better order since your long flight, don't you think so?" "Will you take one with me and wash my back?" Mary asked still working my cock.     
      My Nephew
      mynephew zip (13k) (M/b, oral, masturbation, cons, romantic, first time)
      "Hi Don, it Kate I have a problem and wondered if you could help. You know Bob my soon to be Ex took off leaving me with Jason ( my 11 year old nephew) to raise alone. Well I have a job offer but have to fly to New York and will be gone for several weeks. I was wondering if you could take Jason for me." "Well I don't know I guess I could but don't you think he might be better off with one of our sisters considering they have kids too and I don't, hell I'm not even married you know that". "Yes I know, I called you first though because I don't know when I might be coming back. It's hard being a woman and trying to raise a pre-teen boy. There are a lot of questions that he has been asking and more that I know he will be and I don't have the answers. I know how much you wanted a family when you and Beth were together and how much you love kids. I just thought that maybe you might be willing to be his guardian and treat him as your own." "Kate you know I would love to, but are you sure? I mean I'm single and my lifestyle is a little different from that of how we were raised" I stated. Over the years I had came to love being nude and lived my life that way. With operating my business from home it gave me a chance to be nude most all the time. I also had a love for young girls that Kate knew about. When I was younger I had played some sexual exploration games mainly with her that we both loved. "Yeah I know what a perv you are, but I also know that you would never do anything to hurt Jason. I remember that you were the only one who ever came around and you were the only one who showed up even when he was born. I know you would love him and treat him right."     
    • by Running Bear :...
    • Geeks
      geeks zip (35k) (mf inter rom oral voy slow)
      Social outcasts from a junior high school find there's light at the end of the tunnel. Especially, when you're looking for one. A Cinderella story with a cultural twist.     
    • by Momma's Boy :...
    • My Wife, part 2
      mywife2 zip (23k) (F/b, M/F/B inf, F/F/bbbbbb, incest, exhibitionism)
      My wife is really worrying me, she continues with the boy next door, and now his mother and they plan a party with a group you pre-adolescent boys.     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • School Girl Call Girl
      schoolgi zip (12k) (Mf-15 oral inc feet cons)
      She stood in front of the mirror and undid her hair. She pulled her fingers through her hair and rubbed at the spot where she had fastened the bun. That always felt so good. Her hair tumbled down past her shoulders. As she looked at her self in the mirror she pulled off the dumpy clothes she was wearing. She stripped till she was naked, admiring the perfect figure she hid under her unattractive clothes. No one could find out she lived alone with a make believe sick mother. She was under age and God only knew where she would end up. She didn?t want that to happen. She had found a way to take care of herself.     
    • by Authorphillip :...
    • From Asia to Africa, part 5
      fromasi5 zip (14k) (M/M/M/M/M tort, anal, oral, snuff)
      The other two members of the brotherhood join Baptiste and Ghankay. Damon's torture becomes even more extreme and he suffers more sexual abuse.     
    • by kash :...
    • Indian Wife's Anniversary Gift
      indianwi zip (13k) (m/f India incest)
      Rahul knew that his wife was bisexual before he married her. She and her best friend had been to bed several times in high school, and even shared a boyfriend a few times. That is what he had come to know and frankly a lesbian relationship made him excited. Unfortunately, he hadn't had the pleasure of both of them before or even after they were married, although once when he came home one night, he could, after kissing Anjali, tell that she had been to bed with a girlfriend, so strong was the feminine aroma, very distinct from Anjali herself.     
      Island Lust
      islandlu zip (09k) (m/f India incest)
      My sex life had been a disaster. Feroz, my husband had aged but even with he was a vigorous young man, he never really fucked me as I wished. Whenever, he would fuck me, it would him pushing his 6 inch circumcised cock in me, without any prior foreplay, kissing or hugging. I was a just hole for him. Every night, alone on my bed, I fingered myself to orgasm, each night fantasizing a new lover or lovers trashing me, treating like a whore and making me cum. My favourite fantasy was about my son’s best friends who often came to our place. Each night, I would dream of him alone or with some other chaps taking me in all possible postures in unusual places. But my favourite fantasy remained the one with the young Navin pushing his throbbing venous young hard prick up into my tight anal orifice while the two other unknown young studs kneaded my firm tits roughly with their large hands, pinching and twisting my hypersensitive nipples while I took their rock hard young cocks in turns and suck them as they had never been sucked before.     
      Kavita Went To Las Vegas
      kavitawe zip (12k) (m/f India incest)
      My name is Kavita and I am a young Indian housewife living in California. I have been told that I have a very sexy body. My husband Sanjay loves to display my legs and my shapely boobs to his friends and in public. I am deeply in love with my husband. Like a good Indian wife, I very rarely have the courage to disobey him. Sanjay knows my weakness very well and freely takes advantage of the situation. We have been married for over five years. He is a good husband, a good provider and very generous in giving me gifts and letting me buy the clothes and jewelry that I want. In return, I have to sometimes indulge him by wearing the clothes that he prefers. When we are not in company of conservative friends, he makes me wear revealing clothes where my young body is exhibited as much as possible, even occasionally crossing the line of obscenity. He also has ordered me to buy short skirts, see- through blouses and push-up bras. I love to wear both western style clothes and traditional Indian blouse-sari sets. However, Sanjay allows me to buy only tiny string bikini or thong panties so that if anybody happens to get a peek under my skirt, he will have an eyeful. I also have to keep my pussy shaved at all times. I know this sounds restrictive, but like I said, I am in love with him, and being his wife, I trust his judgment on what I should wear and how I behave in public.     
    • by Brian :...
    • Never Speak to a Stranger
      neverspe zip (13k) (M/b, oral, anal)
      A man entices a 9 year old boy to his home with the promise of money and then rapes him.     

      Sunday PM, May 18, 2003

    • by The Pyrrhic Panty :...
    • Cathy's First Time
      cathysfi zip (10k) (g, animals, best, oral)
      A prequel to "Cathy plays Truth or Dare", in which we find out how Cathy discovered about sex at age 8 with the aid of some of her pets...As it was a warm night, all she was wearing was a very short nightdress that barely reached her bottom. She was not wearing any panties, and had kicked the covers off of her, as soon as her parents had closed the door. Whilst waiting for her parents to go to bed, she had been gently stroking her little cunny, and it was now quite wet and juicy...     
    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • George and Nicole, part 1
      georgea1 zip (10k) (adult, child, nudity, touching, oral)
      George is a software retiree in his mid-fifties, with lots of money stashed away and few friends. One exception is his nextdoor neighbor Carole, and her just turned four year old daughter Nicole. Nicole takes an instant shine to George, and begins to slip away to visit him on frequent occasions. And then one day she caught George bare naked preparing to take a bath. In their relationship, this day changed everything.     
    • by Momma's Boy :...
    • My Wife
      mywife zip (21k) (f/M, F/M yg, yb, incest, exhibitionism, lactation)
      My wife tells me of her childhood, how she began her exhibitionistic activities. She tells of seducing her father, having sex with strangers, and growing up. Then I find her with a young boy, not sure how to handle it, any suggestions?     
    • by Running Bear :...
    • Succubus
      succubus zip (28k) (Mf-7, demon, tort?, various)
      A 'succubus' is a demon that assaults men sexually while they sleep. What if a Stephen King or H.P. Lovecraft ever submitted a story? Would it look something like this?     
    • by Leg Licker :...
    • The Taxidermist, part 2
      thetaxi2 zip (08k) (Mfffb pedo, snuff, butchering, rape of dead, sex with dead kidnaping hostage)
      This is part II of the Taxidermist. You need to read the first one to get some backgroung on the story. If you don't have a strong stomach, donr read this. this is some really sick shit.     
    • by Bemused :...
    • Trailer Mom, ch 4
      trailer4 zip (15k) (MFf(12)f(10)f(9), cons, oral, anal)
      Chapter 4 of "Trailer Mom" finds Dave settling in to the routine of living with Julie and her three preteen daughters by helping give baths to the girls. In the process he mannages to have some fun with the two older girls including a blow job from 12 year old Cara.     
    • by kash :...
    • Sex With My Mom And Sister
      5sexwith zip (06k) (m/f/f India incest)
      Dear readers I would like to share my story with you all. My familly consists of I, my mom, and Dad. We live in village of, Tamil Nadu, India. I have a married sister . She is living in Chennai 50kms from our place. my sister had given birth to a baby girl. I haven't seen the baby, since it was my exam period. I had my summer vacation and my mom asked me to go to my Elder sister house to see the baby. My sister was very beautiful after her childbirth. She was very big now. She was looking plump and looking like Kate Winslet of Hollywood. It was when I went my sister's husband was going for a business Tour. He told he is unfortunate that he have to leave and he asked me to stay with sister for one month, so that I can help her in keeping the baby. My sister was also relieved when she saw me.     
      Father And Mom Do It
      fatheran zip (04k) (m/f India incest)
      This is story of my true incident which occur when I was 18 year old.My father's age was near 47 and mother's age was near 39 at that time.     
      Indian Couple Congratulates Friends
      indianco zip (13k) (m/f India incest)
      "Well, I don't mind accompanying you to Goa. Not only is Sunita my cousin sis, she is very pretty and great company , Amit is okay in his own great shakes." Sameera said to Rehan.     
    • by Authorphillip :...
    • From Asia to Africa, part 4
      fromasi4 zip (08k) (M/M/M/M/M tort, anal, oral, snuff)
      Damon is left alone with Ghankay who sexually abuses him and tortures him before leaving him for the night.     
      The Runaway
      therunaw zip (49k) (Gay sex M/b oral, anal, NC, torture, S/M, Toys)
      A bou runs away from home and is given a lift by a man who abducts him and sexually abuses him and tortures him over a prolonged period.     
    • by Turner2Corners :...
    • Margaret - Lost From Her Mind, part 1
      margare1 zip (14k) (M/g mc non-con)
      Mr. Purple returns! This time he has to do the exact opposite of his 'normal' work, returning a slave to a free girl - can our hero achieve this? Only time will tell.     
    • by Brian :...
    • Teenage Fun With Tom
      teenagef zip (11k) (M/t/t, spanking, oral, anal)
      A man befriends two teenagers, 15 and 14 years old, who visit his house regularly and he gradually entices them in sexual activities with him.     
      Tim Goes It Alone, part 6
      timgoes6 zip (16k) (M/b/b NC, oral, anal, disc)
      Tim now has both brothers and fucks them together. Then he starts to demonstrate to Andy his methods of punishment using Dean as his model. This is the concluding part.     
    • by Mr. Black :...
    • Twisted Tale, part 2
      twisted2 zip (07k) (M/F, rape, anal, gangrape)
      A nasty daydream about a mother who didn't give a damn about her daughter but whom got what she deserved in the end (no pun intended).     
    • by Skaidan :...
    • Con Dos Mujeres Allegadas
      condosmu zip (21k) (m/FF, incest, impregnation, lesbian)
      El avión aterrizó en el aeropuerto de Barajas poco después del mediodía. Mamá y yo, que estábamos a bordo y nunca habíamos viajado por aire, contuvimos la respiración hasta que el aparato se detuvo y pudimos desabrocharnos los cinturones de seguridad. Había sido, a pesar de los nervios, una experiencia memorable para mí, siendo además la primera vez que viajaba a la capital de España.     

      Saturday PM, May 17, 2003

    • by Pornsmith :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Taking Carmen
      takingca zip (34k) (MF,Mf,Ff,MFf,implied inc)
      A kinky couple + a horny young girl=three chapters of graphic sex.     
    • by Author Phillip :...
    • Card Games, part 2
      cardgam2 zip (29k) (M/M/M/B oral, anal, tort, ws)
      This is the final part of the story in which a boy has to pick a card which determines what torture or sexual abuse he will suffer.     
      From Asia to Africa, part 3
      fromasi3 zip (09k) (M/M/M/M/M tort, anal, oral, snuff)
      Damon is tortured and abused by the leader, Baptiste and now meets a second member of the brotherhood, another magnificent black man, Ghankay.     
    • by Poseidon :...
    • The Beach, part 3
      thebeac3 zip (10k) (M/fff)
      "Molly, let's talk", I said. "You made love to her", said Molly with a catch in her voice. "No, I screwed her", I said, "there is a difference. I make love to you because I love you. I had sex with her because we both wanted it". "Is there really a difference?" asked Molly. "To guys there is", I replied.     
    • by Brian :...
    • Tim Goes It Alone, part 5
      timgoes5 zip (15k) (M/b/b NC, oral, anal, disc)
      Tim picks Andy up and now has both brothers. He wastes no time in tasting the new fruit that he has picked and Andy is introuduced to a real man's cock for the first time.     
    • by New Nabokov :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Claudia, ch 1
      claudia1 zip (13k) (M/ffff, pedo, rape)
      Ich war sieben Jahre alt, als meine Mutter starb. Es war schrecklich und ich war einige Monate sehr traurig. Nach ein paar Monaten merkte ich jedoch, daß ich nun etwas mehr Freiheiten hatte. Mein Vater konnte sich nicht so intensiv um mich kümmern, wie es meine Mutter getan hatte. Er war oft bis in die Nacht unterwegs und sagte, daß Er viel arbeiten müsse.     

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