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      On Friday PM, May 30, 2003

    • by BruiseWillies :...
    • Little Chinese Cherub (girl version) ch 1
      2little1 zip (06k) (M/f, toddler, feet, penetration, anal)
      Auntie Emma was a kind woman, "saving" little orphans from the streets.But little did 4 year old Jessica know what was in store for her as the little Chinese immigrant was accepted into Augustine's Sexy Girls service....     
      Little Chinese Cherub, ch 3
      littlec3 zip (06k) (M/b, toddler, inter-racial, feet)
      "And the baby boy milked and milked the Prince of all the cum he had in his big hairy balls into his tiny infant 3 year old cunt and they lived happily ever after. The End!" The little toddler smiled as he finished reading the story, a warm glow going from the tips of his beautiful mop of silky straight black hair to the tiniest toe on his chubby baby feet. Tommy Lee didn't know why the obscene pictures in his fairy tale book made him feel so good or why the dirty words gave him such a tingling in his immature hairless groin but he did know that he loved books.     
    • by Boswell, the Bad :...
    • They're Coming...They're Coming, part 5
      theyrec5 zip (08k) (M/f, F/m, incest)
      Grinning, Tom pushed forward slowly and looked down between the little girl's legs. The thick tip of his cock pressed inwards, plowing the soft tissues to either side...and aided by the lube, suddenly plopped in past the tight ring of entrance muscles. "Ohhhhhhhhhhh...ohhhhhhhhhhh..." Amy moaned and grimaced. Tom pressed again and watched as his cock shaft sank inwards another inch...then another and another till he bottomed out against her tiny cervix. There were still four inches of cock outside his little girl's cunt. Slowly and gently, remembering how deep she was, Tom started a tender fuck. Amanda was there beside them, also naked, and she leaned over to suck gently on her daughters hard nipples...and slipped fingertips into the widely splayed cunt sit to rub her little girl's clit. In and out it went...and her pained expression changed quickly to a broad grin. The tight vaginal muscle ring gripped his cock like a turtle necked sweater...sinking in with the in stroke, being sucked back out as he withdrew.     
    • by Authorphillip :...
    • Bobby's Holiday, part 3
      bobbysh3 zip (20k) (M/b oral, anal, incest)
      Bobby has his holiday with his uncle.     
      From Asia to Africa, part 13
      fromas13 zip (15k) (M/M/M/M/M tort, anal, oral, snuff)
      Damon having served as a human urinal now has another day of torture and sexual abuse.     
    • by Brian :...
    • Chun Wang Lee, part 3
      chunwan3 zip (14k) (M/M/b oral, anal, tort)
      Chun Wang Lee's conversion is completed.     
      Darren And His Stepfather
      darrenan zip (18k) (M/b oral, anal)
      A stepfather has sex games with his infant stepson.     

      Thursday PM, May 29, 2003

    • by Eric Shon :...
    • A Job Well Done
      ajobwell zip (11k) (M/F, oral)
      A dedicated young man learns one fine Sunday that hard work at a job that blows can have unexpected rewards.     
      Heirloom Secret
      heirloom zip (60k) (M mast, M/F, m/f, M/f, M/FF, oral, voy)
      The discovery of a long-lost journal opens the eyes of its author to several weeks of debauchery in his home and sheds light on a local mystery as well as spawning a few more.     
    • by Doctor J :...
    • Brotherly Lovers
      brotherl zip (07k) (m/m)
      My name is Dennis, and I am 17. My brother, Harry, is just 16. We're lovers. Plain and simple.     
      Pornstar Daughter: part 1
      pornsta1 zip (07k) (M/f dad/daut)
      I was at home one day, not doing anything in particular, when I thought I'd watch some porn. Being a single father with no steady girlfriend, my urges needed to be somewhat taken into hand, as it were. I got the shock of my life when my daughter came home early from her sleepover. But not as big a shock as what happened next!     
      Sister Caught on Tape
      sisterca zip (10k) (m/f bro/sis)
      The good thing about being an older brother is that you get to know all the tricks and traps of trying to explore your sexuality while still trapped at home. Luckily, I used this to my advantage when my yunger sister and her boyfriend decided to engage in a little fooling around while mum and dad were away.     
    • by PyroT3k :...
    • Church Cum
      churchcu zip (05k) (F/m, pedo, masturbation, voyeurism, church)
      12 year old Paul finds some porn magazines and an empty church to masturbate in, only to be caught in the act! How will the horny 12 year old react to her standing there?     
    • by Road King :...
    • Kimberly, part 4
      kimberl4 zip (27k) (M/gg Male 46, girls ages 10 and 5, M/g g age 11, cons/pedo)
      "Remember all this is a secret and you said that you can keep secrets," Kimberly assured the little five-year-old, "No one is going to tell your mother so she'll never find out," come around now and let him show you how much fun you can have and how good his examination of your tummy feels". Kathy moved slowly from the foot to the side of the bed where I was sitting. The pretty little girl stood in front of me biting her lower lip. I reached out and lifted her tee shirt and rubbed her tummy. "You're a very pretty girl, Kathy," I said in soft voice, "You have a very nice tummy, it's soft and warm. Do you have any pain here?" I pressed on her tummy button as my fingers eased about an inch under the elastic band of her shorts.     

      Wednesday PM, May 28, 2003

    • by Acid :...
    • Breeding Simone - From the Chronicles of Eroth, part 2
      breedin2 zip (13k) (M/F, Oral, Voyeur)
      Simone is treated to a rare sight for women on Eroth, she is allowed to see the punishment of those who left her out after curfew. The sight affects her, and in ways that do not go unnoticed by the Inquisitor. She finds herself housed within the Inquisition itself where she can put her Erothian talents to good use. More accurately, the Inquisitors keep her where they can put her to good use.     
    • by The Pyrrhic Panty :...
    • Cathy Puts On A Show
      cathyput zip (09k) (mg, animal, best, oral, cons pedo)
      A sequel to "Cathy plays Truth or Dare", in which Cathy (9) shows me how she does it with her dog, then allows me to make love to her...She was lying on her back, her skirt up to her waist, her legs slightly parted, revealing her beautiful white panty-clad crotch to my gaze. "Take my panties off," she whispered. The German Shepherd stood there, his tail wagging, his tongue sticking out of the corner of his mouth, his head cocked to one side as he watched. It was very obvious that he knew what was going to happen next...     
    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • Peer Pressure, part 1
      peerpre1 zip (10k) (nudity, manipulation, multiple stimulation, oral, penetration)
      14 yo Ben Froelich had the job of babysitting his nine yo sister Jill and their 7 yo cousin Sadie. He invites two of his closest buddies over, and they decided to get the girls naked and have a party. They play ‘spin the bottle' and Sadie is the first to lose her garments. They decide she needs a special forfeit, and stretch her out on the dining room table, fair game for forty probing fingers.     
    • by Bemused :...
    • The Model
      themodel zip (42k) (Mg(12), romantic, cons, oral, first)
      Kirk Preston, a part time photographer, takes non-nude pictures of aspiring models to help them develop portfolio's. He then draws pictures of the girls as if they posed nude. He meets 12 yr. old Alyssa, the friend of a model who wants her pictures done also. She can't afford the fees and mom is worthless. He likes her looks and negotiates a barter arrangement. Guess what he's willing to trade?     
    • by Boswell, The Bad :...
    • They're Coming...They're Coming! part 4
      theyrec4 zip (13k) (M/f, F/m, incest)
      'Mommy, Jeremy wants to fuck it all right?' the camera swiveled to the pool ladder as a completely naked ten year old girl climbed out and stood there, water streaming from her sleek titless body as she toyed with the lips of her hairless cunt slit. 'That's up to you, dear,' the woman in the pool replied as she, too, abruptly climbed the ladder to stand naked beside her daughter. The woman's pussy had been shaved completely hairless and her slit was just as obvious as that of her little girl's...but her adult slit displayed a pair of broad pinkish inner lips. 'Every girl has the right to decide who fucks her and when and where they fuck her.' 'Do it here, squirt, so we can all watch,' was the excited cry from the pool. In the next instant three other naked kids were standing beside the first. One was a girl perhaps seven years old and the other two were probably nine and the last one perhaps twelve or thirteen.     
    • by Paradox :...New Author.!.!.!
    • The Runaway
      therunaw zip (10k) (M/f)
      A married man befriends a runaway girl and begins a lifelong adventure.     
      The Secretary's Daughter
      thesecre zip (05k) (M/f)
      The secretary is injured and can't go to work. To help keep her job, her daughter fills in. Duties require much more than typing and filing.     
    • by Authorphillip :...
    • Bobby's Holiday, part 2
      bobbysh2 zip (17k) (M/b oral, anal, incest)
      Tim continues to look back and then gets a request from his sister that he can't turn down.     
      From Asia to Africa, part 12
      fromas12 zip (16k) (M/M/M/M/M tort, anal, oral, snuff)
      Yet more torture and sexual abuse for Damon and now some of the guards join in the fun.     
    • by Brian :...
    • Chun Wang Lee, part 2
      chunwan2 zip (17k) (M/M/b oral, anal, tort)
      The Chinese boy's conversion continues.     
      julien zip (15k) (M/b spanking, oral, anal)
      An Englishman kidnaps a four year old French boy and keeps him for a couple of days. At the end the boy has been well and truly used but all turns out happily.     
    • by Nij Idle :...
    • Whore, part 1
      whore1 zip (09k) (M/b cons oral)
      I walked around to the back of the cafe where the bathrooms were. Sure enough, the light was on in the gent's, and quickly scoping around to see if anyone was watching, I tried the door. The knob gave and I walked into the unlocked bathroom as naturally as I could manage. If the boy weren't here, I had to make it look like an innocent intrusion. But he was. The door to the single stall was open and he had his back to me while he peed. I wondered if I had made a mistake, let my imagination run away with me. "Oh, I'm sorry!" I stammered. I turned to exit (if I had to) but his high voice stopped me. "It's cool."     

      Tuesday PM, May 27, 2003

    • by Blackwriter :...
    • Abducted Females, part 2
      abducte2 zip (16k) (punishment, diapers, scat, caning, kidnap)
      Following his kidnaping of a Lout called Mavis, and his subsequent conquering of her mind and body, Fred Bloggs and Mavis set out to find further toys to play with. They fins 2 young girls wandering alone in a Mall Car Park, and entice them into their Van. Soon the girls are subjected to torture and beating until they learn to obey their new owners. At the same time, and completely unknown to Fred and Mavis, the girls mother is kidnapped by another group, who set out to obtain fresh female stock for whoring and other lucrative businesses. Janet is horrified when she has to lick a woman for the first time to save herself from a beating, and then she realises what her fate is.     
    • by Cumsucker :...
    • A Mother's Nasty Cravings
      amothers zip (10k) (m/f incest)
      Why do most people assume women aren't as anxious to fuck and suck and have hot, nasty, perverted sex as men? Oh I know there are a lot of women out there who are stupid... stupid enough to let society dictate their mores. Well I've never been one of those women, and never will be. I LOVE sex... and the nastier and more perverted it is, the better. It's all I think about. When I see a man in the supermarket, or on the street, or at a friend's house, the first thing I do is stare at his cock until I make sure he sees me looking at it. Then I smile at him. God it gives me tingles when I do that and a guy's cock gets hard. Half the time if he's still watching me I'll reach down inside my skirt or jeans and rub my cunt, then bring my fingers out and let him see them all wet and slippery. Then I'll wipe them on my face so I smell like a cunt, which is what I am, by the way, and then I'll lick them. And if someone else is watching? That only makes it more exciting. My friends all know I'm a slut, so they're used to me, and if someone new is at a party where I am they either accept me or don't, and I could care less which way it goes. I care about one thing and one thing only... sexual gratification. Mine!     
      Branching Out
      branchin zip (12k) (M/F)
      My husband and I have a good marriage. We've raised two lovely daughters, both of whom are now involved in successful marriages of their own. We are financially secure, have a beautiful home, two great cars, vacation frequently, and belong to a fabulous country club. In short, we are what most people in this country would view as an "ideal" couple. Then why wasn't I happier? Once the kids left home, and my husband cut back on his legal practice, we found ourselves bored. Our sex life had diminished to a once a month or so routine fuck, and while it was nice, it did little to quench my growing thirst for something more exciting. We both knew we needed, and wanted, more.     
    • by PeachLover :...
    • A New Lease on Life, part 2
      anewlea2 zip (25k) (Mgg sisters 11 & 9 oral cum inc cons)
      Mandy whispered something into Katy's ear. I knew she was up to something. They both turned around facing away from me and bent over at the waist looking at me from between their spread legs. My mouth dropped and Mandy giggled and wiggled her ass, "You like looking at these?" Instant hard-on. I doubt that they knew just how much I loved the rear view they were giving me. Everything was on display from their straight well shaped legs up to the V where their pussy's peeked at me and on up to their winking assholes. I wish I had a picture. Dare I ask them if I could take one?     
    • by Running Bear :...
    • Angel
      angel zip (26k) (mf mast)
      Chris visits his cousin Larry and discovers a girl hidden in the mountains, and a mystery.     
    • by Spike :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Getting My Cherry Popped
      gettingm zip (07k) (M/Fff Interacial Pregnacy submisive dog)
      Getting my cherry popped, by a black man, was something I did not plan when I left my parents apartment for the pool. I was a virgin white girl curious about sex. As they say curiosity killed the cat well in this case it got my cherry popped and got me pregnant.     
    • by kash :...
    • My Friend's Mother
      2myfrien zip (17k) (m/f India incest)
      I had a crush on my mother, Vidya Sri.I am 24 now but my lust on her started at a very young age. I wanted her and I had a thought of giving even my life to get her. I definitely don't want to rape her or I don't want to give her some sleeping pills and get her in sleep. I wanted this gorgeous women in bed with her full presence and involvement. With all her interest and satisfaction I want her to enjoy what I have for her I want her to know how much I want her, How much love I have on her And how much desire, lust and crush I have on her how much adulation i have and I wanted her to know how much of appreciation I have on her     
      hema zip (05k) (m/f India)
      After finishing Higher secondary exam Ramu realized that he wouldn't be able to pass. His father isn't in the state of paying all of his expanses as he is a very old man and about to retire from his job. So he decided to leave his village and go to Mumbai where he thinks he'll be able to get some good job. He heard a lot about that city and it was one of his dream to visit there. One sunny day he reached Mumbai by train. After having some meal in the local substandard hotel he looked at his dream city. He was astonished by seeing the crowd and the high rise buildings . After walking 30 minutes along the highway he reached the Juhu     
    • by Crepundia Formator :...
    • Amber Gets Dolled
      amberget zip (05k) (g / bd / nc / objectification)
      Amber undergoes the transformation from girl to doll.     
    • by Authorphillip :...
    • Bobby's Holiday, part 1
      bobbysh1 zip (12k) (M/b oral, anal)
      Tim thinks back to the time he was made aware of his sexuality by being offered the services of a young Arab boy by the boy's father.     
      Daddies and Sons
      daddiesa zip (53k) (M/M/B/B oral, anal, incest)
      Two fathers exchange their 7 year old sons for a night.     
      From Asia to Africa, part 11
      fromas11 zip (18k) (M/M/M/M/M tort, anal, oral, snuff)
      Damon has a bit of a rest day whilst the brotherhood torture, mutilate, sexually abuse and snuff a guard who attempted to desert.     
    • by Brian :...
    • Chun Wang Lee, part 1
      chunwan1 zip (14k) (M/M/b oral, anal, tort)
      Two men have been given the task of turning an 11 year old boy into a cock loving tramp.     
      Daddy's Sexual Awakening
      daddysse zip (09k) (M/b oral, anal, incest)
      A daddy realises that he is sexually attracted to his young son.     
      Dreams Do Come True
      dreamsdo zip (13k) (M/b oral, anal)
      A 25 year old man offers to take care of a 7 year old boy whilst his mother goes out to work.     
    • by Powerone and Jessy19 :...
    • Not A Saint
      notasain zip (37k) (M/F, nc, anal. oral, fist, reluc, bond, span, enema)
      A naive girl, a victim of the lust of an older man is taken against her will and raped. She is forced to cum with each perverted act until she finally succumbs to the advances of her captor.     
    • by Poseidon :...
    • The Beach, part 4
      thebeac4 zip (08k) (M/fff)
      "Andrea, you don't realize what a great dad you have", said Molly. "Mine is so old he never wants to do anything, and yesterday would have been out of the question. What dad would have allowed us to do that." "He just wanted to see you all naked", said Andrea. "So what?" snapped Molly "I would rather be naked with Mike than any of the stupid boys at school." "Agreed", said Erica "my dad has a beer in his hand all the time and belches and farts, even when we have company. He's an embarrassment. Your dad is way cool. He makes you feel like you're important or something."     
    • by New Nabokov :...
    • Claudia, ch 2
      claudia2 zip (19k) (gg/MMgg/lesb/rape)
      Am ersten Tag, im Internat war ich natürlich stock Sauer. Ich hatte meine geliebten Nächte verloren und musste mir ein Zimmer mit einem Mädchen teilen. Sie hieß Anne, war ebenfalls 10 Jahre alt, schlank, hatte blonde Haare und so wie ich, war Sie sehr hübsch. Wir machten uns bekannt und unterhielten uns über Dies und Das, wobei ich ziemlich einsilbig blieb.     

      Monday PM, May 26, 2003


      Sunday PM, May 25, 2003

    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • Karen, My Childhood Princess
      karenmyc zip (15k) (skinnydipping, touching, mutual manipulation, oral, penetration)
      On the summer of Mark's tenth year he met his 7 year old neighbor, Karen, and together they spent many days of that magical summer exploring a huge, wild park, and in turn exploring each other's bodies and feelings.     
    • by Momma's Boy :...
    • My Daughter
      mydaught zip (08k) (M/f incest)
      My daughter takes matters into her own "hands" to learn more about sex.     
    • by Pussywillow :...
    • The Time Warp
      thetimew zip (21k) (m/gg incest oral)
      I was laying in my deathbed when I saw a bright flash of light. Then I felt someone trying to wake me up. When I turned around, I was absolutely shocked. I saw my sister. Not the sister that I knew now, but the nine-year-old sister that I had remembered 73 years before. As I looked around, I suddenly realized that I had been transported back through time until I was fourteen again. Then I realized that I had been given a chance to live my life all over again.     
    • by I. M. Odepa :...
    • The Transporter, part 2 (ch 4)
      thetran2 zip (05k) (M/f kidnapping ped noncon rape oral anal)
      This is the second part of this story, chapter 4, A transporter of stolen RV's trying to make a little extra steals a baby to sell at the delivery end of his trip. A five year girl is a bonus which he uses across the country.     
    • by Brian :...
    • Alcohol Madness
      alcoholm zip (14k) (M/b)
      A man supplies alcohol to an 8 year old boy and seduces him.     
    • by Authorphillip :...
    • From Asia to Africa, part 10
      fromas10 zip (18k) (M/M/M/M/M tort, anal, oral, snuff)
      Still more torture for Damon. Dildos are now used and fisting takes place.     
      The Glue Sniffer
      theglues zip (21k) (M/b)
      A man obtains glue for boys in return for sexual favours. Then he sets out to hook a 5 year old onto glue sniffing in order to sexually abuse him.     
    • by b.l.over21 :...
    • Babysitter Max
      babysitt zip (07k) (M/b,b Anal)
      Gelangweilt, wie immer, blätterte ich meine tägliche Post durch. Nichts Interessantes heute drinnen und ich griff zum Telefon. Heute ist Dienstag und da rufe ich immer meinen Freund an, ob er neues Material hat. Eigentlich brauch ich nie fragen, er hat immer was Neues, er hat halt Internet.     

      Saturday PM, May 24, 2003

    • by Nomad :...
    • Le Academe, part 1
      leacade1 zip (16k) (Pedo examinations, training, spanking & torture)
      A Story of a Ballet School, writen with the help of Mike, an avid Mr Double reader. "Remove your clothes please," Carla told the child, her blood growing warm in the hope the child refused. "What?" Emily gasped. "The word you were searching for is Pardon, and you heard me perfectly well. Remove your clothes. I wish to examine your skeleton and ensure you are fit for training." She explained again patiently. New girls required a lot of patients from her she found, but in the end they learnt their painful lessons and did as they were told.     
    • by Lincoln Lee :...
    • Shauna's Joy
      shaunasj zip (06k) (incest fantasy)
      When Shauna was about six years old She spent the night with her best friend, Karen. Karen lived alone with her father who was a widower. Shauna enjoyed spending time with Karen and her dad because they were so close. It wasn't long before she noticed that every time they spend the night together at Karen's home, Karen usually got up in the middle of the night and left for nearly an hour. She returned and had a very odd smell about her.     
    • by Cheryl :...
    • Sunday May 27th Flashing
      sundayma zip (04k) (M/F/M/cons/exhib)
      Putting an exhibitionist twist in car shopping.     
      susan zip (05k) (M/F/abduct/IR/cons)
      Susan is abducted and raped.     
      The Bitch Gets Hers
      thebitch zip (05k) (F/MultipleM/IR/nc)
      "That time of month" is NO excuse for her behavior and she pays for it when her house is burgled and she is raped.     
    • by The Pyrrhic Panty :...
    • Young Pussy
      youngpus zip (16k) (Mfg, Mg, mg, oral, cons pedo, incest, bro/sis)
      In which I have a chance meeting with two young female hitchhikers Dawn (13) and Susan (11). This leads to some wild sex sessions, one of which involves David (15) who is Sue's brother and is also Dawn's boyfriend...Opening the door, I discovered Sue stood there, dressed in a tartan pleated miniskirt and a white blouse. She smiled, and said, "I've come to visit you." She sat down on the couch, quite calm and collected, and slowly opened her legs, revealing a snow-white panty-clad pussy mound...     
    • by kash :...
    • A Saree Lover's Sex With Aunty
      asareelo zip (08k) (m/f India incest)
      This is a true incident, which happened when i was studying. This happened between my aunt or you can say my aunt and her chiffon sarees. Let me confess one thing, iam a saree lover. I love sarees it just excites me seeing a woman wearing a saree especially chiffons. Iam from a poor family, my family couldn't afford my higher studies, so they send me to mumbai, to my uncle's house so that I could continue my studies, as they would pay for my expenses.     
      Sex Experience By My Girl Friend
      sexexper zip (13k) (m/f India incest)
      This is a true sex experience by my girl friend. she narrated to me as follows....     
      Watching Mother
      watching zip (04k) (m/f India incest)
      this story took place when i am studying at school.My dad was 46 and my mother was 38. She was very fair was large breasts, 36c. Her legs were very light in color and so smooth. But their shape was amazing, they were not fat but just large enough to be so shapely. The story began when my dad was out on business. It was my cousins engagement party. But I had exams on so I was working. It was my mothers sisters daughter who was getting married. My mother had gone alone. To drop her back home from the engagement, my mother's sister husband (my aunty's husband) dropped her back in his car.     
    • by Authorphillip :...
    • From Asia to Africa, part 9
      fromasi9 zip (12k) (M/M/M/M/M tort, anal, oral, snuff)
      More torture for Damon including the "hot coals" test. A guard tries to desert and is caught and locked up in cells.     
      My Two Sons
      mytwoson zip (24k) (M/b/b)
      A father is enjoying a full sexual relationship with his willing son and then the two introduce the younger son to the joys of daddy/son sex.     
    • by Brian :...
    • Trevor
      trevor zip (14k) (M/b)
      This is a sequel to Shane. The man now blackmails the father into letting him have Trevor for a spell of NC sex.     

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