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      On Friday PM, November 07, 2003

    • by Running Bear :...
    • Blind Man's Bluff
      blindman zip (25k) (MF Mg-8 Rom Handicap voy)
      What if all your senses were confined to four instead of five, and you had to rely mostly on your sense of touch? What would your world be like? And how much does that world improve when your niece comes to visit with you, and she turns out to be much more than that.     
    • by Klee Wyck :...
    • Doing The Dorm
      doingthe zip (13k) (Mf Mff ff teacher/student voyeur)
      It seemed like such a simple and innocent thing. All I was doing was borrowing a piece of paper from one of my students. Of course I realize now what a mistake it was. That little exchange is what started the whole ball rolling and led to the events that followed. Sure, it was a lot of fun. Sure, nobody was hurt. Sure, it was exciting. The problem was that it was wrong. Teachers and students. Older guys with just barely teenage girls. No matter how you look at it, it was wrong. But given the chance, I'd do it again!     
    • by A.T.Driver :...
    • Lucky Man
      luckyman zip (08k) (M/F,F/F,Pedo)
      Truck driving Rick Holbrook is back in action when he meets a stranded young mother and her daughter in a snow storm.     
    • by Alisha :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Stealing Brother's Wife
      stealing zip (74k) (m/f f/f)
      Vasu gets an obsession about his brother's wife and he voyeurs on her. He finds out that his brother is a gay and he is interested only to assfuck his beautiful wife. His brother's wife cauught him peeping at her. As time goes on she too starts responding and fate makes them husband and wife.     
    • by Lich Lord :...New Author.!.!.!
    • The Misadventures of Mistress Mamms, ch 1
      themisa1 zip (12k) (magic, noncon, fantasy)
      Mistress Mamms searched the shelves of her library looking for her herbalism book. As she searched frantically amongst the shelves her enormous bosom, that was tightly confined in a dark purple gown that looked a little to tight around her huge tits, bounced and jiggled heavily. Even tightly constricted in that super tight gown which showed of an ample amount of cleavage, they moved up and down with every one of her frustrated steps from her incredulously long legs. Mistress Mamms quit searching for a minute and took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and brought her hands up to her face, moving them upwards through her raven-black hair covered head. Opening her eyes she saw herself in a large standing mirror.     
    • by flamingo :...
    • Samantha's Loving Family, part 2
      samanth2 zip (08k) (F/f mom/daut inc lact)
      Samantha's youngest daughter poses for a teen model website. The photographer gets more than he bargained for.     

      Thursday PM, November 06, 2003

    • by Lady Paula :...
    • Billy's New Mistress
      billysne zip (20k) (Fm dom oral ws scat)
      "Time for bed Billy." I said in a low voice. "Yes Maam." He replied obediently a look of total adoration on his lovely flushed face. I flicked the remote off and headed up the stairs as Billy following behind with his eyes glued to my swaying behind. When we reached the top he turned to go into his room but my arm got their first and barred his way. He stopped before me looking puzzled, and flinched as I took his arm in mine and steered him into my room instead. "What...where..." He blurted confused. "You won't be needing that again." I said nodding to his bedroom. "In future you'll be in here with me." "But it's your bedroom... I...I can't sleep in there..." Keeping a tight grip on his arm I walked him through the door, then with a graceful foot, kicked it shut behind us. "It's our room now." I drawled. "And who ever said anything about sleeping."     
    • by Sgt Dick :...
    • Deflowering of Eve, parts 1-2
      deflo1_2 zip (21k) (F/f Stranger/deflowering)
      It was one of those gorgeous Indian summer nights as Crystal turned the pick-up truck onto the street leading into the trailer park where she and her daughter live. She just finished her shift at the local pub in this small town and was rushing home to pick up her daughter because she had promised to take her to the mall shopping tonight.     
    • by Aardvark :...
    • Happy Time Fun Toys: Room C
      happyti3 zip (11k) (M/f, M/g, rape, nc, oral, rough)
      Steve sets up a private session for one of his gold level members and his daughter. Things get out of hand, and Steve finds himself the owner of a new slave girl.     
    • by CuPED :...
    • Nightmare on Oak Street, part 1
      nightma1 zip (12k) (MMMMM/ff orgy preteen IR)
      On the couch, Fran hadn't yet seen what was playing on the television. As she was pulled onto the couch, the man to the left of her took off her pointed witches hat and put it on his own head, Making Fran giggle at the sight as he said, "It's a very nice costume, girlie, but where is your wand?" The man to her right answered before she could. "I've got her a wand right here." In a leering tone. But Fran was distracted from looking over to him by a home made cigarette passing in front of her face to the man wearing her hat. The man took a strong pull of the smoke, then held his breath for a long moment before blowing out a large cloud of blue gray smoke. He held the sweetly burning stick to Fran, but she shook her head. As she did, she felt her wrist grasped and her hand was wrapped around a warm tube. It felt odd to her and she turned her head quickly to see what she was holding. Her own eyes grew wide as she looked down into the man on her right's lap and she saw that he had wrapped her hand around his thick seven inch long cock. As she looked on and tried to draw her hand back, she felt a cold hand come to the back of her head.     
    • by yendler :...
    • Passing The Class
      passingt zip (13k) (M/F Slightly-NC Blackmail)
      Story of a Professor who can't pass up the chance to blackmail one of his sexy students. In her he finds one of the greatest sexual experiances of his life.     
    • by Wild John :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Letter To A Kitten
      letterto zip (04k) (Uncle)
      A horny letter written to a girl. She's left the country a few years ago - we used to chat and fuck whenever we got the chance to do so. She got married and left, but still used to call me up saying she missed me and my fat cock.     

      Wednesday PM, November 05, 2003


      Tuesday PM, November 04, 2003


      Monday PM, November 03, 2003

    • by TwistedFun :...
    • Babyfun25
      babyfu25 zip (07k) (M/W/infant girl, rape, interacial)
      I saw the hottest little black baby at the play ground. Her mother was reading some kind of magazine and wasn't paying much attention to her infant. The baby had soft brown skin and purple nipples. Her mouth looked yummy with full dark lips. I could just picture my cock surrounded by those sweet baby lips. The girl was about a year and half old from what I could tell. She was naked except for her diaper. I looked around and saw that the other mothers were busy putting sun screen on their children and walked over to the mother. I sat beside her and I pulled my gun and put it into her side. "What's what's that, OH MY GOD." she exclaimed, her eyes wide open in shock. "Look, do as I say and I won't have to kill you." I hiss through clenched teeth. "What do you want? Please don't hurt me!" her lip quivered in fear.     
    • by Netwanderer :...
    • I Want My Mummy, part 5
      iwantmy5 zip (12k) (Mf, ff, inc, nc, magic)
      "Please don't, I'm a virgin. Don't do this" she tried to cry out as she felt two pairs of hands start to pull down her pants, her arms now released and instinctively covering her breasts. But her voice only came out as a soft whisper, and did not stop them from pulling the black pants down to her ankles. Her white cotton panties followed soon after, leaving her completely naked.     
    • by Aardvark :...
    • John Grey, Pornographer, part 1
      johngre1 zip (13k) (M/teen F, reluctant, some force, crying, oral, cum eating)
      Stephanie has moved to Los Angeles to become an actress. She has quickly learned, however, that LA is much different than the small Louisiana town in which she grew up. She has no money and no knowledge of the movie business. John has offered to help her out, but he is not as nice as he first appears. This is the first part in a series exploring the legal and illegal activities of John Grey Productions.     
    • by Joker :...
    • More, ch 10: final
      more10 zip (09k) (bbbb/gggg all ages, incst preg cons lac SciFi)
      Finally in desperation one of them; "Karl, here's a half credit, get your young ass to the clinic and get a dose of PregMore for Darlene, you're going to knock your sniveling sister up tonight and you'd better get yourself some CumAlong while you're at it. I'm sick and tired of her whining." A exasperated mother at her wit's end exclaimed one evening, even small sips of her mother's toke couldn't dull the repetitious demands of the four-year-old.     
    • by Benhead :...
    • The Yard Sale, ch 2
      theyard2 zip (09k) (M/F/g, pedo)
      "Why don't you come in and join us?" I asked Jessie's mom. "Well... OK," she answered softly. "Hi, Mom," Jessie chirped brightly. "I think Brad is going to lick my pee-pee now." Then she scrunched up her face in thought. "Or maybe he is going to put his cock inside me like he did last time." I could see her mother's legs go weak as she heard her baby daughter talk about sex like it was a stroll around the block. "Yes, baby," was all she could reply. "Are you going to watch?" "Uh-huh," she said.     
    • by Centaur :...
    • What's A Mother To Do?
      whatsamo zip (22k) (F/m, voy,inc)
      April fumbled with her key as she unlocked the door to her small office. She didn't want to miss seeing Adam and he was due home any minute. She was amazed at how dependent she had become on spying on her twelve-year-old son in his room everyday after school; she remembered the first time it had happened and how embarrassed she had been by what she had seen.     
    • by I. M. Odepa :...
    • Victorian Family Life
      victoria zip (05k) (M/f dad/daut ins)
      J.K. Ericson was an upstanding member of the community, in fact he was the foundation of the community. Seeing as he was the General Manager for the company which owned the one and only industry in the small town. Now he took little advantage of his position. Once in awhile he would drop by the mayors office to let him know that the company did not appreciate something or other such as that more than 20% of the workers did not make it to work on Monday morning due to being in jail from the weekend drunk. Soon afterwards the jail was making sure that the workers were released in time to go to work. So, he maintained his position of respect and respectablity with care. Knowing full well that appearance was more important then reality. He and his family always attended church Sunday mornings. Though he really had no belief in a hereafter. His wife had been a model of perfection. The house was always in prefect order. His meals were served within minites of his setting down to eat. It was always food he liked, and his coffee was always perfect. So her death the preceding month from some internal problems was a shock and surprise to him. More it brought his perfect household to a stop.     
    • by meister66 :...
    • Die Sklaveninsel
      diesklav zip (19k) (M/f rape bondage slaves)
      Unsere Geschichte spielt in der fernen Zukunft. Im Zeichen von medizinischer Revolution und der Möglichkeit des perfekten Empfängnisschutzes, ist die sexuelle Freizügigkeit ins Unendlich gestiegen. Es ist für niemanden mehr ein Problem einen Bettpartner für die Nacht zu bekommen. Also verloren Bordells ihre Bedeutung. Dafür wuchs das Interesse an ausgefallenen Spielarten der Liebe. Zu diesen ausgefallenen Arten gehörte das Spielen mit einer Sklavin. Dafür fanden sich natürlich kaum Freiwillige. Der Bedarf nach kommerziellen Angeboten wuchs. So entstand die Sklaveninsel. Ein Paradies für Leute mit außergewöhnlichem Geschmack. Zum größten Teil wurden weibliche Sklavinnen angeboten, aber natürlich auch männliche Sklaven für Frauen oder Herren die das eigene Geschlecht vorzogen. Die Masse der Männer aber auf dieser Insel wurden zu Kampfspielen eingesetzt, die sich großer Beliebtheit erfreuten.     
      sklavenb zip (05k) (M/f bondage slaves)
      Für meinen Meister: Ich bin ganz nackt und werde jetzt den befohlenen Brief an Dich schreiben, Herr. Ich weiß, dass ich ungehorsam war und Deine Sklavin bittet Dich ihr zu verzeihen. Ich werde deshalb den ganzen Brief auf Knien schreiben. Nun zu meinem Lebenslauf als Sklavin: ich war gerade zwei Monate lang 13 Jahre alt, als ich das erste mal mit meinem damaligen Freund schlief. Es war bei ihm. Wir waren beide sehr aufgeregt. Daher war es für mich nicht so toll. Es war sehr schön seinen harten Schwanz in meiner Möse zu spüren, aber zu mehr reichte es nicht. Aber schon bei ihm fand ich es toll, wenn er seinen Schwanz kurz vor seinem Orgasmus aus mir rauszog und seine Ladung über meine Titten spritzte. Ihm habe ich auch als ersten einen geblasen. Nur nie bis zum Ende.     
    • by AnonX :...
    • Les Dangers d'Halloween
      lesdange zip (09k) (M/f, M/g M/f/g pedo)
      Voici ce que j'ai vécu en cette fête d'Halloween 2003!     

      Sunday PM, November 02, 2003

    • by writersblock :...
    • Big Cunt Glory-Hole Slut, part 4
      bigcunt4 zip (04k) (g+M/sluttish behavior)
      It was Monday and I walked to meet this, Tom person. I anticipated meeting this guy. I saw the row of booths where I fucked and sucked so many cocks. My emotions were a mix of humiliation and desire for more.     
    • by Paul Phenomenon :...
    • Ghost Book II, ch 27
      ghostb27 zip (16k) (m/F con oral)
      Invisible hands turned her and pulled her head down; the shampoo bottle rose into the air, and the ghost squeezed the liquid into her hair. Strong invisible fingers massaged her scalp, kneading the shampoo into luxurious suds. He's shampooed a woman's hair before, Faye thought as she emitted a small moan of pleasure. She couldn't remember anyone ever washing her hair for her except an employee in a beauty salon.     
    • by RuiNeR AkA GoDSpiT :...
    • Hollow - A Short Story
      hollow zip (09k) (M/g, incs, ped, cons, force)
      The future, the Past, The Present, Which is the truth which is not. If you remembered ntohing of who you were and in one day you remembered it all would you still feel the same? What if you learned it was all a lesson you had an eternity to learn. . .     
    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • Little Carly's Titty Massage
      littleca zip (14k) (nudity, breast massage, fondling, oral)
      11 year old Carly is telling her next door neighbor Robbie about how her newly growing tities itch her. He tells her about having massaged his younger sister's boobies when she was Carly's age. She asked if her would do hers. He had her sit in a straight back chair and begins. Robbie moved his very large hands with the sensitive fingers to cup Carly's titties. Gently he felt the pads of flesh underpinning her nipples. His fingers travelled round and round, gradually working up to, but for now avoiding her nipples. Her reaction was to sigh and make occasional low moans. After a time he said, "You know, it'd feel a lot better if you took off your teeshirt. Massage is always so much better flesh on flesh." Carly hadn't thought about that, but yes, thinking about it now she felt like his fingers would probably feel a whole lot better on her bare skin. So thinking nothing further of it she reached down and grabbed her teeshirt and pulled it over her head, tossing it onto a nearby end table. She turned as she tossed it, giving Robbie a nice topside view of her budding bustline. "Hey, those are beautiful, they're coming along quite nicely," Robbie said, reaching down and gently feeling her now bare flesh. "And doing this every once in awhile should help make them grow even more beautiful. Things in nature grow best when given the proper stimulation." This time as Carly was leaning back in the chair, Robbie was feeling the warm, silky texture of her bare flesh. And as his fingers fondled her pads, they were gradually working their way up to her nipples, which had begun to get very hard and erect, perhaps because of their sudden exposure to air, or perhaps from the stimulation and anticipation of the eminent arrival of Robbie's fingers.     
    • by GoDSpiT :...
    • Sleeping Niece - A Short Story
      sleeping zip (14k) (M/g, no sex)
      In the Vein of Osh-Gosh comes another extremely short story about an Uncle and his Niece, but it's not what you expect. Sexual innuendo and desire are all present. There's a difference here than most of my stories it's more reality based than anything else and shows the true nature within all of us. . .     
    • by Silvio Stoker :...
    • The Night Is Young (A Russian Story, part 1)
      thenight zip (34k) (M/g, F/b, ff, inc, oral, anal, caution)
      "Karina and Daria had a lot in common. Both women had gotten married as soon as they'd turned eighteen. Karina's father had forced her to marry Sergei when he found out she was pregnant. Karina was twenty-nine and had a boy and a girl - Yelena was eleven and Pavel was eight. Daria was twenty-seven and had two daughters - Natasha was almost nine and Svetlana was seven. The children attended the same school - Svetlana was starting first grade, Pavel and Natasha were both in second, and Yelena was in fifth."     
    • by Bthoom :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Janet And Me - a first (of sorts)
      janeand zip (05k) (b/g inc)
      I was laying in the bed my legs tenting up the covers so I could jack my penis off. Being 5 it was just a promise of things to come, but it felt great. My uncle had taught me how to do this, and I did it every time I went to bed. I was thinking about all the other things he taught me, how to put his penis in my mouth and to careful to cover my teeth with my lips, how he taught me to lay down and cross my feet so my legs would go together tighter so he could rub his penis in between them, how to reach around and play with his butt to make it feel better for him until I felt the warmth as he spurted his think white stuff in the tight valley of my legs.     
    • by Poseidon :...
    • Nanny Cam, part 3
      nannyca3 zip (05k) (m/ff M voy)
      I had been videotaping a 14-year-old babysitter having sex with my 10-year-old son. Tonight, while I was out, she was having a girlfriend over to "study', except Nate, my son, was the topic of study. As I was getting ready to go out, I casually asked Nate if he minded having Tina stay with him while I was out. He quickly, maybe too quickly, responded that she was nice, at least O.K. to have around. I smiled inwardly as I thought about the fuck-fest she had given Nate last night.     

      Saturday PM, November 01, 2003

    • by PhoenixRising :...
    • Incest Motel, ch 12
      incest12 zip (17k) (M/M/f, inc, group, pedo, ws, voy, mast)
      It's Sophie's eleventh birthday party and the horny young girl gets to have an orgy at her parents cabin. The young exchange student Heather is introduced to the swinging ways of her new friends.     
    • by Dodgson :...
    • Janaina, The Girl in The Laundry Room
      janainat zip (28k) (pedo, cons, incest, sisters, eroticism, teasing, gg, Mgg (g ages 8 and 10))
      Jack, 55, semi-retired, living in Caliente Springs Mobile Home park in Desert Hot Springs, California, tries to hire ten year old Janaina, a sultry, long legged, Latin girl, originally from Brazil, to do his laundry and light housekeeping, but Jana has other ideas for their relationship. Janaina lives with her mom and eight year old sister at Caliente Springs also. This story is dedicated to forum member Swaptide for his wonderful "laundromat" posts.     
    • by Sam T Sleaze :...
    • Kara The Cutter
      karathec zip (10k) (M/g Consensual intergenerational sex, B&D, S&M, cutting, blood)
      Sitting on the tub, dressed in shorts and a bra was Baxter's daughter. I had heard her name a few times at work, so I knew she was Kara. She was sitting with a razor blade in her right hand, and three long, fairly deep cuts on her upper left arm. She locked eyes with me and froze. The she said, "You can't tell anyone!"     
      SmackDown/JackOff, part 1 of 3
      smackdo1 zip (06k) (M/b; oral, anal, spanking, BDSM, torture)
      Still, I wasn't done. I got the ruler that the boy had beat himself with, and went to work on his cock. For the next hour, until I heard his grandmother come home, I went back and forth sucking on his cock and beating it with the ruler.     
    • by Lincoln Lee :...
    • USS Edipus Rex Episode 9: The Triumph of Time
      ussedip9 zip (12k) (an incest/sci-fi fantasy)
      The sunlight was beginning to peak through the windows of Lisal and Matthew's hut. Lisal was waking up. As her mind began to orient itself to where and when she was, echoes of pleasure began to tingle through her body. Lisal felt rested although she had tossed and turned all night. At some points she had even felt sick. The young girl just assumed it was her body's reaction to losing her virginity a few hours before.     
    • by The Phantom :...
    • Avatar of Love, ch 58: A New Life
      avatar58 zip (33k) (Weird trans size incest virgin)
      I finish off the acolytes. Randy finishes off me. We make a new friend.     
    • by bigcock :...
    • Ufo Pedo
      ufopedo zip (06k) (scfi-pedo)
      The world is being one child at a time changed ?????? how. Have you notice that first of all, talking about Girls. That girls start growing breast, and there little wombs start their monthly cycle. Little girls ages young as, 8,9,10 years old becoming women able to bare children. have you notice girls love, even crave sex like this account.     
    • by Skaidan :...
    • María's Mother
      mariasmo zip (08k) (f/F shemale, voyeur)
      María knew that Laura, the transsexual chick, was fucking her mother at the other side of her bedroom's door, which remained suspiciously shut all nights now. She knew very well that Laura was very well-endowed, because she had seen her naked a few times. She had got used to seeing her in the nude now and then, but she couldn't help getting all horny sometimes. Laura's penis was always semierect when she changed her clothes in front of María's closet mirror. It was about 8 inches long and so María couldn't keep her eyes off it. At 17, she wasn't a virgin, but she had never seen such a huge cock in her life. OK, she had only seen two, but she knew for certain that 8 inches was way above average.     

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