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    November 22nd - November 28th mid-Morning Updates

      On Friday PM, November 28, 2003

    • by LEBEC :...
    • Cut It Out 2
      cutitou2 zip (12k) (bf/inc mast drug nc)
      "Oh he's definitely gotten bigger. In fact, it looked pretty huge to me. When I did that thing with it, you know when I flipped it back and forth, it waved around like a big magic wand," Ariana bragged.     
    • by Nomad :...
    • Dental Care
      dentalca zip (19k) (M/fff (13yo) con/noncons rape)
      Panties unfurled between precious young thighs, curving over her pubis and vulva, coming together at the base where it was gathered into her buttock crease. The leg bands were prettily scalloped with lace, unfurling from between her legs where they lay creased between thigh and rounded vulva. The scent of her rose to my nostrils, a mix of rich womanhood and sweet youth with all the intensity of a full day of school. My thanks to Mike for his help with this story.     
    • by Wishlist :...
    • Don't Talk About It; Just Do It
      donttalk zip (13k) (M/s,F/d,F/D,inc)
      It was my usual weekday-afternoon ritual... a thirteen-year-old boy in Junior High: just got home from school and horny as a toad: Mom and Dad aren't due home for another hour or more: no brothers or sisters to walk in on me: all alone at home: on my back on the bed with my pants pulled down around my knees: jerking hard on my 5" cock that I tell myself is "big for guys my age"; it isn't: eyes closed enjoying my one and only sexual fantasy: moaning "Oh God! Mom! let me fuck you, Mom. I want to fuck you so bad, Momma!".     
    • by Babu :...
    • Fateful Night, part 1
      fateful1 zip (07k) (Indian incest)
      Sreedevi Iyer looked out through the kitchen window. It was still raining heavily and though only 7 PM, it was very dark outside. She could not see a light anywhere near. She cursed the moment she decided to take up the rented house, which was in the middle of a very large plot with lots of trees. Sreedevi Iyer and her Son Rohit were new to the place. She was the Head Mistress of a Government School in the city and she was transferred to take charge of the Government School in this remote village. The big two-storey house was owned by another teacher in the village school and and when the house was offered to her for a meager rent, Sreedevi Iyer immediately accepted. Now she was thinking that her decision was wrong, as the house was very much isolated. Sreedevi Iyer was 38 years old and a very religious Brahmin lady. The main reason she immediately accepted the offer for this isolated house was that there was a temple around 1 km from the house and she could go to the temple daily. After her Husband expired 5 years back, Sreedevi Iyer and her 16-year-old Son Rohit were living alone in the city. Presently Rohit had completed his schooling. They had come to the village almost 10 days before the start of the new school year so that they can settle in advance and Sreedevi Iyer was planning to send Rohit to the college in the city and bring her old Mother from her ancestral home to stay with her.     
    • by Jack Spratt :...
    • Going Home, part 1
      goingho1 zip (19k) (M/ff /FF inc)
      Leaving the Wilderness Park, Mats subsequently realizes he is close to his home town of Evansville. A search for his family reveals he has two nieces, currently Wards of the State. They are two belligerent preteen bitches. This is the story of Mats and his nieces, and the people who help him bring the two wild ones under control, the first of three parts.     
    • by The Old Medic :...
    • Panty Clad Pussies, Everywhere I Turn
      pantycla zip (18k) (M/f/f/g, Adult male, pubescent and pre-pubescent girls)
      I loved being a cop. I could roust the whores, and do whatever I wanted. Until I picked the wrong woman to roust. Then, I was lucky to get a job as a Security Chief at a school. Damn lucky, but I didn't know that at first.     
    • by Dark Tower Gunslinger :...
    • Spanish Sunsets, ch 6
      spanish6 zip (17k) (M/f/sex/plot develop)
      The morning began with calm seas and leaden skies. Pamela rolled me out at nine and we did an hour workout with a sauna finish. The Sunday brunch was well attended but most of the faces were as gray as the skies outside the hatches. All except one, my little trooper Jilly who after her long stint being half starved with the terrorists would now eat anything. "Pass the sausage and bacon, P.J.," she asked her older sister busy woofing down the last of her hash browns and scrambled eggs."Oh shit baby sister, how can you do that this morning?" "What, it's not pitching and rolling, pitching and rolling still," she grinned seeing several faces go even grayer at her description of how the sea was last night. Besides this greasy food is great." Little Rikki was standing up at the table, casting occasional hateful glances at me that seemed to indicate she'd like to have me bend over while she shoved a Louisville Slugger up my ass. Again and again and again. I had briefly asked Linda how the after care had gone and was somewhat relieved to find out there had been no need for stitches, just a little packing and salve around the torn edges. As predicted, she wouldn't sit down much in the next few days without her plastic do-nut.     
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • The Ring, ch 3
      thering3 zip (08k) (MM/gg incest, swapping)
      When the alarm clock went off, Tom woke with a start, then relaxed a little as he realized where he was. A shame washed over him for a moment, then he thought about how good it felt to have his cock still in one of the tightest cunts he had ever fucked. Gently, he rolled Carrie off him, slipped his cock out of her and headed for the shower. There were chores that needed to be done and while doing them, Tom could think about what changes were taking place.     
    • by Sam Heiser :...New Author.!.!.!
    • A Night To Remember and Repeat
      anightto zip (07k) (M/S)
      The begins of an incest relationship between myself and my mother.     
      Grandma What Big . . .
      grandmaw zip (08k) (Grandmother/Grandson)
      With the help my mom (my first sex partner) I rape my grandmother.     
      Kissn' Cousins
      kissncou zip (08k) (m/f)
      The seduction of my cousins with the help of her brother and my mom. Incest is best.     
    • by A.J. :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Vanessa
      vanessa zip (25k) (incest)
      Während einer Besuches bei meiner Tante Anna, die Beruflich übers Wochenende verreisen muss, passe ich auf meine zehn Jahre alte cousine Vanessa auf. Abends, als ich alleine in meinem Zimmer bin, kommt meine Cousine plötzlich ins Zimmer und sieht mich in einer äusserst peinlichen Situation. Da sie überrascht aber neugierig zugleich ist, nutze ich diese Situation aus und zeige meiner Cousine was man unter "Erwachsenen" so alles spielen kann.     
    • by bandit :...
    • WebCamChat Mit Folgen 3
      webcamc3 zip (13k) (M/f Chat)
      Hier nun der dritte Teil des Chats in dem es auch endlich spannend wird.     

      Thursday PM, November 27, 2003


      Wednesday PM, November 26, 2003

    • by Paul Phenomenon :...
    • Ghost, Book II, ch 30
      ghostb30 zip (14k) (F/F M/F M/F/F threesome voy exhib)
      The door closed and Shannon watched as Hanna took Cheryl into her arms. The embrace was filled with passion, intense but still soft somehow, a passion only two women could express, Shannon surmised. The sight excited him on one level, but he worried. Seeing the two women together intimidated him. Would he perform adequately? After tonight, would Cheryl prefer Hanna?     
    • by PhoenixRising :...
    • Good Boss
      goodboss zip (11k) (M/F M/F/f pedo, voy, orgy)
      Jason takes a chance and hires someone accused of molesting his daughter. Not only does he get a great employee, but a whole new world is opened to him when he sees his first child porn.     
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • The Ring, ch 2
      thering2 zip (06k) (MMM/ggg semicons semiforce incest)
      For a while, fourteen year old Carrie lay on her bed and listened to her Daddy in the bathroom. For some strange reason, she wasn't mad at him for what he had done and deep inside realized that she and Carla had pushed him way to far. What made it even harder, she and Carla knew what they were doing, they just wanted their Daddy to pay more attention to them. Now, she was afraid that he didn't love them any more and it scared the still naked little beauty.     
    • by K. Davis :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Met on the Net
      metonthe zip (07k) (M/f/ped)
      A lucky man finds a real little girl in a sex chat room. He meets her at a hotel and fucks her.     
      Preteen Streetwalker Video, part 1
      preteen1 zip (04k) (M/f ped, inc, interracial)
      A dad films his 8 year old daughter fucking and sucking two big black men. She's dressed as a streetwalker, they're dressed as pimps.     
    • by Snam :...
    • De Verleider, deel 5
      deverle5 zip (14k) (MFf,MFMFf,MMm incest nc)
      Een naturistenstrand in het zuiden van Frankrijk. Guy met zijn familie gaan er hun vakantie doorbrengen en ontmoeten.     

      Tuesday PM, November 25, 2003

    • by Amber Gold :...
    • Pearl, part 4
      pearl4 zip (11k) (Mg-12 unc/ niece oral ped inc con drug)
      She tried not to think about having sex with her uncle. He was at least three times her age, a grown man and she was a young girl. To be married at 12 seemed crazy as in her old home girls of 12 were still considered children. She didn't mind having the young men teach her all about sex. Their bodies were young and smooth and somehow it seemed right for them to introduce her to sex. It was like play when she was younger and a boy would show her his small cock to make her giggle. Once she played pretend with a boy and they had undressed and imitated grownups having sex. He had trouble getting his little cock in her slit but it felt good when it touched her. That was fun, then.     
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • The Ring, ch 1
      thering1 zip (07k) (MM/gg semicons semiforce dad/daughters)
      It was only three days after school had let out and Tom Harmon had taken about all he could take. He knew the teenage years could be difficult but never imagined that being a single Father with twin daughters could be this stressful. The two girls were fourteen years old, identical twins and Tom had to admit, he was his own worst enemy when it came to Carrie and Carla. When they were younger, to make up for not having a mother, he had spoiled them rotten. Now, at fourteen, Carla and Carrie were driving Tom crazy. They weren't really bad girls, in fact they were stunning beauties, long strawberry blonde hair, beautiful faces, five foot two, thirty four, twenty four, thirty four figures. They were so pretty that half the guys in the county lusted after them but the bad part was, they knew it! All they could talk about was dressing like some singer, because it would make them look hot and Tom crazy.     
    • by Poseidon :...
    • Biker, part 2
      biker2 zip (14k) (M/f pen, cons, teen)
      "Hello" I said into the mouthpiece. "Is this Satan?" said a soft, sultry, and slightly husky female voice. "Who is this?" I asked a little brusquely. "If this is one of my kids playing a prank you are in deep trouble," I said as I glanced over at the caller ID. It was out of state, so unless they had taken a trip it certainly wasn't one of them. "Satan, don't you recognize your 'woman'?" continued the voice in the same husky manner.     
    • by Pushappy :...
    • Motherfuckin' Homecoming, part 1
      motherf1 zip (07k) (M/F Mother/Son)
      When my father died, it changed our entire family... for better.     
    • by big cock :...
    • New Black Doctor
      newblack zip (05k) (m/f/mom/g age 9.pedo)
      I Am a doctor a child doctor, I specialize in girls. My 2:Pm appointment has just arrived, she is Amy 9 years old white girl, who started growing breast at age 8, and her mom brought her in worry something was wrong.     
    • by Adam Bookbinder :...
    • The Playpen
      theplayp zip (27k) (g/g, M/g, g/b)
      At the tender age of eight Alison was initiated into a secret sex club called The Playpen by her two, slightly older friends. This is her story, written by Adam Bookbinder with her guidance.     

      Monday PM, November 24, 2003

    • by Maxamm :...
    • Cumming Out With Mom
      cummingo zip (30k) (pedo/inc/les/mom/daut/sis/sis/orgy/w/s)
      Joanna is eleven, pretty and in love with her best friend. Telling mom isn't easy, but when mom confesses that she too prefers girls, Joanna receives lessons in lesbian love, family style. Her mom's lesbian lover is soon getting in on the action. But the best is yet to come. Not only does Joanna's best friend share her feelings. Caroline's six year old sister is also sexually curious and ready to play with the big girls.     
      Erotikids, Issue 4
      erotiki4 zip (54k) (pedo/inc/dad/daut/mom/daut/bro/sis/o/a/w/s/orgy/infant/cons/n/c/wordpics)
      A four year old cover girl. More hardcore child sex "pics" than ever before. Agony Aunt, the Child Porn Oscars and much, much more. EROTIKIDS just got bigger, harder and even better.     
    • by DaddyBob :...
    • 4th Erotic Image
      fourther zip (05k) (M/g dad/daut incest ped)
      There's nothing so intense, as a climax, brought about by smoldering lust, and ignited with a single erotic image... Do you remember the first time your daddy gave you a "big girl" bath?     
    • by Canker :...
    • Hands On, part 3
      handson3 zip (13k) (Violence, mf, mf, mf, Oral, Anal)
      The alarm woke up Darren the next morning, he felt amazingly refreshed and clearheaded. He went downstairs for his breakfast. What he found there was a surprise. His mother, who had been dressing in conservative clothes as long as he could remember, was suddenly showing off her figure as she cooked breakfast wearing one of those teaser type robes that barely covered the bottom. Darren watched as his mother moved around in the kitchen. While he stood there amazed, he could see flashes of her bottom as either stretched up or bent over to get something. He had a powerful erection pushing at the front of his pants. Suddenly she turned towards him with a lust filled smile and asked in a sultry voice, "Are you just going to stand there and stare or are you going to come and make love to me boy?"     
    • by Tiberius :...
    • Kiddy Shoot
      kiddysho zip (33k) (Mom/daug rape, girl pre and early teen, preg)
      A new debauchery has come to the place for evil pleasures -- Pleasure Island: Men hunting naked mothers and their young virgin daughters. And when the "target" is scored, the spoils of the hunt are enjoyed by all.     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • Pearl, part 3
      pearl3 zip (12k) (mg-11 inc oral ped cat Mg-11 mmmg)
      When Pearl woke after the day of sex and being taken by a tiger boy, the sun was shinning through a window and she wasn't sure if she had dreamed all that took place. She looked around the room and it was the same one she was in yesterday. She was naked but a tiger fur was covering her body and she stretched and relaxed. The door opened and one of the acolytes carried a tray of food to her. He helped her sit up and smiled at her as he placed the tray of food on the bed.     
    • by writersblock :...
    • Pre-teen Slut
      preteens zip (04k) (g slut fantasy/g/MM)
      It started when Jane was six years-old and she watched her Mother having sex for the first time. Jane rubbed her little pussy for the first time, a sudden rush spread through her body. On her eighth birthday her Mom told her she knew about her playing with herself.     
    • by Dark Tower Gunslinger :...
    • Spanish Sunsets, ch 5
      spanish5 zip (15k) (M+/m/f/g/F+/orgy/scat/NC anal/forced)
      I looked at the two nymphets trying to decide order of sacrifice. How to choose between two such delectable pieces of virgin poon; the nine-year old redhead fluffet Rikki and the thirteen-year old Nordic blonde Inga? Each had unique attributes to drive a horny dick crazy. I could hear Mr. Peckerhead down below decks strutting up and down muttering, "What's a horny pirate to do with two strumpets like these two?" I echoed those exact sentiments in my predicament. I reached down and drug the red head out of my ass hole area, her face slimy with juices. Pulling Inga's mouth off my cock reluctantly I lay the two side by side on the bed. "Take your top off," I told Rikki. The nine-year old slid the brownie vest off and then the Brownie blouse. Her tits were bra less, two small rubbery nubbins firmly perked up and alert, aroused by the sexual action. She reached up and grasped each eraser point piece of flesh between thumb and index finger and squeezed, her head tilting back and her eyes tightly closes as she moaned a deep moan.     
    • by Len Fairclough :...New Author.!.!.!
    • No, 1 Coronation Street
      no1coron zip (03k) (M/M/f)
      The familiar though dirge like theme tune fades out...The scene is where we left at the end of the last episode- upstairs at number ? Coronation Street where a naked and excited eight year old Sophie Webster is lying back on her parent's bed. Daddy Kevin, also naked, is kneeling above his prone daughter as his five- inch cock waves around in the erotically charged air in the bedroom.     
    • by sister :...New Author.!.!.!
    • På Stranden, del 1
      pastran1 zip (06k) (f/M/f voy)
      Sommaren när jag fyllde 11 år tillbringade min familj några veckor i en lånad sommarstuga vid havet. En dag när jag solade ensam i en stor grop skydd av en sanddyn hörde jag ljud som kom från bakom en annan dyn en liten bit bort. Det var någon som pratade, men för tyst för att jag skulle höra vad som sades. Strunt samma, det var skönt i solen så jag dåsade en stund. Jag vaknade av att jag var varm, så jag gick ner och doppade mej.     
    • by bandit :...
    • WebCamChat mit Folgen
      webcamch zip (11k) (M/f Chat)
      Lange Zeit war Pause aber dafür soll es nun wieder mal Schlag auf Schlag kommen.     

      Sunday PM, November 23, 2003

    • by PeachLover :...
    • A New Lease on Life, part 5: Mandy Loses her Cherry
      anewlea5 zip (15k) (Mg, Fg, MF, Rom, Incest)
      Tim Whitmore's life changed dramatically for the better when he bought a country estate and met his tenants and their two preteen daughter's. His lifelong dream of having sex with young girls is finally realized, amazingly with their mother's blessing. The one thing that surprised him even more than falling into this unlikely scenario was that he fell in love for the first time in his life. Even more surprising was the fact that she fell in love with him as well. In the last part of the story, Tim was gifted with the cherry of his young love in a very romantic ritual that involved his lover's sister and mother witnessing the act and even participating. The story picks up the following morning.     
    • by BabyBeca :...
    • Aphrodite's Daughter, part 2
      aphrodi2 zip (15k) (M/f/F/f/hermaphrodite/gothic/vampire/rape/pre-teen)
      That had been one of Jean's many encounters with her gym teacher. Their affair lasting only long enough for Helen to get her reward for her silence, in the form of a baby girl with all the abnormalities of Jean herself.     
    • by The Old Medic :...
    • It All Happened By Accident
      itallhap zip (11k) (M/f/g, adult male with nubile girl and a pre-teen girl)
      It was really an accident. Honest, I hadn't looked for it at all. But if a sweet youg girl wearing only panties runs into you, and want your cock, just what would you do? Then, it seems that she likes you, a lot! Well, ?????     
    • by A.T.Driver :...
    • Linda, A Love Story, part 4
      lindaal4 zip (13k) (M/F F/F M/F/F INC Dad/Daug Man/Young Teen)
      Oh shit, Linda cried out the second Renee's mouth had covered her snatch. I had found out for myself last night that Linda became almost orgasmic the instant her genitals where touched.     
    • by Powerone :...
    • Alien Sexual Abduction of Loren, ch 2
      aliense2 zip (12k) (M/F, ScFi, best, bdsm, nc, rape, reluc, tort, anal, fist, oral)
      An alien experiments on a reluctant human female with his alien appendages, raping and torturing her.     
    • by Jan O :...
    • Mats Och Mia Hos Doktorn
      matsochm zip (12k) (MM/f, bond)
      Mats och hans 9-åriga dotter Mia ska förbi hos doktorn för att få lite sprutor innan de ska åka på semester. Mia är inte på sitt bästa humör och Mats undrar varför. Visserligen så vet han att hon, liksom han själv, inte gillar sprutor. Men att det inte är hela orsaken förstår han när Dr Berglund ber hans dotter att ta av sig tröjan.     

      Saturday PM, November 22, 2003

    • by Some Twisted Guy :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Pit School
      pitschoo zip (35k) (Mmmm/f, rape, rough, humil, voy, sub, bond)
      12 year old Colleen is degraded by a few schoolmates and the janitor when she catches them doing something they shouldn't be.     
    • by Prefer_12_Minus :...
    • The Girls' Backyard, ch 6
      thegirl6 zip (12k) (M/g g/g ped cons 1st)
      Amanda and Eric's sleepover now includes some uninvited (though not totally unwelcome) guests. Oh, what will Eric ever do with three preteen girls under one roof?     
    • by De Sade :...
    • The Witch's Brew, part 4
      thewitc4 zip (14k) (Fmm, Church Sex, Satanic, oral, anal, Group)
      "You evil'll go to hell for this," he snarled. "Actually, there's no need for her to go anywhere," said the witch laying her hand on Beth's shoulder. "You've heard the expression...heaven on earth...well, let me show you what hell looks like," said the witch as she stood aside. "Let me show you how your wife converted your lovely innocent boys to our religious beliefs." The witch nodded at the boys. Luke turned to his mother and laid his hands on her blouse covered breasts. The Reverend watched in horror as his son squeezed his wife's breasts. The witch leaned over and whispered in Beth's ear. "Relaxxxxxxxx." Beth immediately began to open her blouse as she stared at her wild eyed husband.     
    • by Janus :...
    • Brianna Gets Molested At The Mall
      briannag zip (10k) (M/g pedo cons first)
      I was at the mall checking out sweet preteen girls when a mother caught me. Since she was living in poverty, she offered me the chance to spend some time with her seven year old daughter Brianna. How could I say no?     

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