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      On Friday PM, October 17, 2003

    • by XJ :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Aitken Park
      aitkenpa zip (09k) (M/f dad/daut inc First Time)
      Late August was the best time of year for camping. The nights were cooling, but still warm enough that you didn't need any heavy sleeping gear. The days, while sometimes still hot, provided enough sunshine to do all the outdoor activities that you wanted. Hiking, swimming, boating, fishing. Yes, August was the perfect time.     
    • by Donnie :...
    • BadBoy Chat - My Naughty Little Cousin, part 4
      badboyc4 zip (16k) (b-15/g-8, pedo, incest (b/g cousins), internet chat, bathing, mast, oral, anal, cum, piss, fantasy)
      It was day three of babysitting my little eight-year-old cousin Carrie. She was a good kid. She would watch TV while I chatted with my girlfriends online. Tonight was going to be fun though. Carrie and I decide it would be fun to take a bath together and then afterwards have a little fun in bed before going to sleep and even after a long night sleep we go at it again in the morning.     
    • by Strictwriter :...
    • Danielle Learns Not To Be Bratty And Jim Learns How To Be Effective! part 1
      daniell1 zip (04k) (M/f M/f MM/f spanking, nc, stripping more...)
      At 13 Danielle, was spoiled and out of control. Danielle's stepdad, Jim, at 30 years of age owned a construction company which basically just built mansions and had really been great to Danielle and her mom. Jim had been building homes since he was just a teen and was a very hands-on person. He was very muscular and great body tone. Jim also worked out every day sometimes twice a day at his in-home gym he built. Danielle like Jim alot but because of the age difference never showed him much respect.     
    • by Acid :...
    • Magellan - Origins, part 1
      magella1 zip (19k) (F/F, mast)
      Margolis 2 is a world ripe for colonisation at the outer rim of explored space. At least Earth thinks it is. The Explorer Corps sends out a ship to inviestigate the planet. Once they're planetside though, some of the crew find themselves investigating each other first.     
    • by Joker :...
    • More, ch 1
      more1 zip (07k) (M/g 7 preg incst cons ped SciFi)
      "Thure daddy, are you going to look up inside my tummy?" The girl asked expectantly, smiling sweetly again. Norma mentally placed her just inside the "Seven Is Heaven," category.     
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • The Lessons, ch 9
      theless9 zip (08k) (MMMM/gggg ws noncons preg)
      They were bringing the new whores to be out and even though Mindy and Mandy wanted to look, they knew that sucking Robert's and Greg's cocks came first. Still, both men turned sideways, so the little thirteen year old's could still see most of the stage. The problem was, there were men between them and the stage and neither Mindy or Mandy could see any more of the new whores than from the shoulders down.     
    • by Running Bear :...
    • Foundling
      wetback zip (29k) (Mg-10 oral)
      A lonely farmer finds a runaway Mexican immigrant in his back yard. Soon, corn isn't the only thing growing.     
    • by Pseeker :...
    • The Hunting Trip, ch 1-5
      thehunt1 zip (19k) (M/f, teasing, cons)
      A young girl is hurt in the woods and then found and taken in by a hunter. He gets his jollies while she sleeps, then she becomes aware of her budding sexuality and keeps his attention all weekend.     
    • by Skaidan :...
    • A Causa De La Boda
      acausade zip (11k) (m/F, incest)
      Llevaba sуlo dos meses viviendo con mi tнa en Salamanca y ya iba a tener que asistir a uno de mis siempre temidos бgapes familiares. Sabнa que, tarde o temprano, aquello iba a suceder, puesto que en aquella ciudad yo tenнa unos cuantos familiares, pero no contaba con que llegara tan pronto.     

      Thursday PM, October 16, 2003


      Wednesday PM, October 15, 2003

    • by Aardvark :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Happy Time Fun Toys: The Playroom, part 1
      happyti1 zip (15k) (M/f, spanking, crying, manipulation, cum eating)
      Happy Time Fun Toys made more than toys. Under Steve's guidance, H.T. Fun Toys produced hardcore child porn. Steve had made millions on videos and magazines, but he had bigger plans. He wanted to dominate kiddie porn on the Web. This special facility would allow him to do just that.     
    • by BabyBeca :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Little Girl Lost
      littlegi zip (16k) (dad/daut/fairytail/rape)
      Betty Jean had no clue where she had wandered off too. She had been with her mother picking black berries most of the afternoon when the stranger wandered by.     
    • by Benny The Jetter :...
    • Foster Home
      fosterho zip (15k) (F/g M/g MM/g M/gg, non-consentual)
      "Don't be stupid, slut," spat Ray Harris, horny almost beyond endurance at this, "you've already had those cocks up your cunt, what difference is a few more going to make. You're just a dirty whore and that's how we're going to treat you from here on. Now just lie back, and enjoy getting fucked. It's the first of many I can assure you." Jerry pushed hard and his hard pedo cock started to work its way up her well-used kiddie-cunt. Maria gasped loudly as Jerry worked it into her, bit by bit, until the head reached her cervix and she called out for him to stop. "Fuck Ray, she's a well used fucking whore but her cunt's tight as a 8 year old virgins." Indira bent down and pushed her tongue into Maria's mouth, kissing her deeply. Ray rubbed his cock gently along Maria's leg as he held her out wide for his perverted friend. Jerry was very turned on, and had been ever since he picked her up from the cops in town. He'd been nursing a hardon ever since he got her in the car and got a look up her little skirt at her panties, so it didnt take long for him to get to his climax. After a minute or two of fucking the little girl, he pulled on her hips and pushed up her as hard as he could. He held there, and Ray and Indira knew what was happening. Maria was getting the first of a great many loads of pedo sperm up her fuckhole. Ray Harris laughed.     
    • by Road King :...
    • Picking Blueberries, ch 6
      picking6 zip (19k) (M/g, M 43, g 10, M/ggg , Girls 5, 7&9, pedo cons)
      Jim wrapped his hands around Courtney's ass and pulled the little girl forward kissing her nose and then her lips. His hand left her ass and grabbed her head pulling her hard against his lips. He nudged at her mouth until she opened up and let his tongue inside. He could feel the blood rushing back to his cock as her little breasts rubbed against his chest and her little ass wiggled against his finger as he searched through the crevasse to find its tight little hole. Courtney moaned against his mouth as she felt the intrusion and Jim knew that she felt some pain as he held her mouth against his and pushed his finger up into her taut little shit hole. He slid his finger in and out several times until her moaning stopped and he could feel her begin to help him in his endeavor. As she pushed against his finger, he knew he had her now and anything was possible sexually with this gorgeous little girl, her pussy and even her ass were his for the taking, and he didn't have to worry about her coming back for more. The clock on the girl's bureau, told him that their time was up and he had to reluctantly put off fucking this little shit until tomorrow and he was going to make sure that would happen when he met Sarah her mother. Jim wiped the cum off his dick and put his pants on. Courtney pulled her panties back on followed by her shorts and tee shirt. She looked okay and even had a little smile on her face. Jim took her to the girl's bathroom and had her wash her face and then thought it would be a good idea if she took off her clothes again and take a quick shower to remove any odor of sexual activity. He knew that she wouldn't say anything to her mother about what had happened between them this afternoon. There was no argument from Courtney as Jim once again took off all her clothes and sent her into the shower. "Dam," he thought out loud, "Sure wish we had more time".     

      Tuesday PM, October 14, 2003

    • by Twistedfun :...
    • Babyfun24, part 2
      babyf24b zip (05k) (M/Woman/12 month old baby girl)
      We cuddled and watched the movie together and enjoyed taking turns holding the warm little baby girl. Karen smiled as I gently stroked the infant's almost invisible nipples as she smiled up at us. "She's so pretty isn't she?" Karen beamed as we each gently stroked a tiny dot, the nipples of her 12 month old baby. Karen took the warm silky foot of her baby and pressed it into my visible erection beneath my jeans. "Ahh...god that feels nice. Her tiny feet are so warm." I sighed as ran my thumb over the wet drooling lower lip of her darling baby girl. "I see you're all charged up and ready to go again." Karen giggled. "I want to see you sex her up, I've had fantasies about letting a man play with her. I know you wouldn't be too rough with her."     
    • by FatalErrror :...
    • Growing Pains, part 2 - Conclusion
      growing2 zip (15k) (MMM+/gb, Drug, NC)
      Having already been drawn into a sordid world beyond their years by a calculating and manipulative Adult in Part 2 and the conclusion of Growing Pains, we hear from both Lea and David as they join in revealing the sordid conclusion to their naive and youthful quest for adventure.     
    • by nightranger :...
    • Replay, part 3
      replay3 zip (10k) (mm/fffff)
      How do you start an orgy with four strangers.     
      Three Years in Hell - Tony's story
      threeyea zip (05k) (nc Mb/g torture snuff)
      This is only one of many stories that can be told of people who lived in hell for three long years!     
    • by Count of Sadness :...
    • The Beast, ch 7
      thebeas7 zip (05k) (M/F/g rape best scat)
      This story describes how two completely different persons, a brutal soldier and a curious boy, end up doing the same thing - raping a young girl. Just because they didn't notice how their instincts slowly took the command over their actions. Altough they did it for different reasons, the result was the same.     
    • by Black Dragon :...
    • The Church Kitchen
      thechurc zip (08k) (bro/sis/ 1st/ cons/hammered sister)
      A brother helps his sister home after their Wednesday night CYO meeting at the church. After many 'praise the lord's', guitar songs, a lot of hugging and fellowship, they adjourned for the night. Max and his sister started walking home....     
    • by DaddyBob :...
    • Tokyo Blues... Big Brother, Little Sister
      tokyoblu zip (06k) (Bro / sister / cousin m/f/m ped incest panties)
      There's no feeling in the world as fine as having your hard cock firmly gripped in the embrace of a little girl's tiny, silky panties...Unless, of course, it's feeling your hot, sticky cum squirt inside those same silky panties!     
    • by Ulrik :...New Author.!.!.!
    • My Young Sex Fantasies
      myyoungs zip (04k) (Kids/Animals/sister/brother)
      These four short stories contains balloon fetish and bestiality.     
    • by Poseidon :...
    • Nanny Cam, part 1
      nannyca1 zip (06k) (m/f M voy)
      I had hired a new sitter to be with Nate on this Friday. She was a neighbor girl from about three blocks away. She is a cute redhead and about 14 years old. The older high school girls were too untrustworthy – they were the ones inviting friends over to party. She arrived right on time, at 6:30, and I explained the rules of the house and told her I would be back at 11:30 or so. Although she was only a few years older than Nate was, she seemed very responsible. I got home at 11:30 and found Tina watching TV. She said everything had gone smoothly as she picked up her stuff. I quickly drove her home, and was back at my place in 5-minutes. I was beat so I crashed immediately.     
    • by Doctor Little :...
    • Early Teens
      earlytee zip (25k) (fff/mmm, pioneer (scout) camp, first experiences)
      Я - Наташа. Это я все придумала. Решила, что начать записи нужно с текста нашего Договора, иначе ничего не будет понятно. А было все так. Шел наш выпускной вечер (мы закончили восьмой класс и нам полагался выпускной, может не такой шикарный, как у десятиклассников, но все же...), так вот, шел наш выпускной, и было, честно сказать, скучновато. Яркий свет в спортзале, срочно преобразованном в танцплощадку, рев магнитофона и Мымра на посту. Мымра - наша классуха, на выпускных у них, у классух, роль такая - блюсти нашу нравственность.     
      Little Sue's Punishment
      littlesu zip (05k) (F/d, pedo, S/M, semi-nc)
      Маленькая Сью уже стояла голенькая посреди комнаты и ждала, пока ее отец разденется. Так обычно начиналась их игра, и она знала, что должно вскоре произойти. Эту игру недавно придумал и показал ей отец, но малышке игра сразу понравилась. Вот и сейчас, когда отец подошел к ней и крепко схватил Сью за хрупкие детские плечики, по ее спине пробежали мурашки, и вся она покрылась гусиной кожей от предвкушения предстоящего удовольствия.     
      Pedagogical Innovations
      pedagogi zip (07k) (F/b, school, first time, petting)
      - Разрешите?, - в кабинет несмело протиснулась Ирина Павловна, классная дама пятого класса, - вызывали, Надежда Петровна?     
    • by Curt :...
    • Syster Diana
      systerdi zip (06k) (MMMMMF/infant inc)
      Efter en timme nдr bеda fцrдldrarna hade somnat utmattade efter fцrlossningen sе gick skцterskan Diana tyst in pе rummet och vдckte fцrsiktigt mannen i familjen. "Jag lеnar" hon tittade pе namnlappen pе den lilla sдngen , "lilla Sara en liten stund, vi ska ta lite prover och sе, jag kommer strax tillbaka med henne" Mannen nickade trцtt. Diana rullade ut vagnen med den lilla bebisen ut i korridoren. Hon sеg sig om innan hon rullade in i rummet tvдrs цver korridoren. Dдr inne vдntade en yngre och tre дldre lдkare i sina vita rockar. "Mmm" sa den yngre "Vad sцt hon дr" Skцterskan smekte henne цver den lilla magen och sa "Hon heter Sara" En av de дldre lдkarna tog kommandot. "Ta av henne klдderna syster" sa han.     

      Monday PM, October 13, 2003

    • by Paul Phenomenon :...
    • Ghost, Book II: ch 26
      ghost26 zip (16k) (m/f/f group oral ghost)
      Faye Kadhim met the ghost - if what happened could be labeled a meeting - on New Years Day in a maze of alleys in the southern Iraqi city of al-Basra. The apparition saved her life; although at the time, she saw no evidence of a ghost except the men attacking her appeared to elevate as if being lifted by an unseen force and then flew away from her while flailing their arms and legs and screaming, finally crashing to the ground or against the stone wall of a nearby building. She didn't hang around to determine the source of the bizarre but welcome assistance.     
    • by Dark Tower Gunslinger :...
    • Spanish Sunsets, ch 3
      spanish3 zip (16k) (M/f/g/incest/anal/scat)
      Pamela shooed P.J. out of the room and started her web link for the next show. “Curtain time big guy, hope you’re up to it?” “Very fucking funny. Any audience this time?”     
    • by Dark Fate :...
    • Reborn
      reborn zip (03k) (W/G/B Mom/Son/daught)
      Recently I had a weird dream. In my dream I'm born into a family with just a sister and mom and mommy teaches us the good things in life. I call this little tale Reborn.     

      Sunday PM, October 12, 2003

    • by Julius T. Armstrong :...
    • My First Taste of Cock
      myfirstt zip (06k) (M/m, 16 y/o, 6 y/o oral, cum-eating)
      As near as I can tell, this little tale explains why I am the cocksucking faggot that I am. It tells about how I have always been fascinated by cocks and how I fell in love with blowjobs even before I got MY FIRST TASTE OF COCK.     
    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • Walter Loves Lucy
      walterlo zip (09k) (man 32, girl 3, nudity, bathing, fondling, oral)
      Walter Hemlock agrees to babysit little Lucy, his favorite little girl in the world. After a bath he puts her to sleep, but a short time later she comes looking for him. “Well, let me lift you up, and you can sleep here with me. That way you won’t wake up lonely.” Walter lifted her and tucked her in next to him. Her nakedness was soon cuddling his nakedness. She reached out and took his hand, snuggled it between her legs, then closed her legs around it to hold it in place. Then she wrapped her fingers around his projection. After a time she went back to sleep like that. Poor Walter was terribly stimulated with no way for fulfillment. With his hand nestled between her legs, and her leg holding his hand in place, he couldn’t really move, and yet it was not in his nature to sleep on his back. But on this night of course he had no choice, and eventually he slipped into a bizarre kind of sleep.     
    • by Sam T. Sleaze :...
    • Web-Cam Boys
      webcambo zip (17k) (b/b, M/b; oral, anal)
      As my mom kissed me goodbye, my heart started to race. As the front door slammed shut, my heart started to pound in my chest. As I watched mom’s car drive away and I raced up the stairs to my room, I thought my heart might leap right up my throat it was beating so very, very hard. I quickly turned on my computer and got the box out from under my bed. I had saved money for weeks, and finally bought a web cam. It was a nice one, complete with sound-sync and everything. I was really going to do this, I really was. My hands were shaking so bad as I attached the wires from the webcam to the back of the tower that I got them in the wrong slots the first time. Finally, the web cam was ready and on. Now, the big question, Was I ready?     
    • by StudSon :...New Author.!.!.!
    • The Planting, part 1
      theplan1 zip (08k) (mom/son dad/son dad/dau, impreg)
      The Sundstroms move to Brookeville Estates and discover that they are required to particpate in an incestuous cult as part of the church they unwittingly join.     
    • by Sholder :...
    • Die Oase des Mamud al B, teil 1
      dieoase1 zip (10k) (rape/torture/inc/nonc)
      Syrien 1965. Ein totalitдres System. Der Handel mit Sklaven blьht. Ungestraft sind alle Perversitдten mцglich. Mein Bekannter Charly berichtet von seiner damaligen Reise.     

      Saturday PM, October 11, 2003

    • by Count of Sadness :...New Author.!.!.!
    • The Beast, part 1
      thebeas1 zip (20k) (M/F/g inc best rape scat)
      This story describes how two completely different persons, a brutal soldier and a curious boy, end up doing the same thing - raping a young girl. Just because they didn't notice how their instincts slowly took the command over their actions. Altough they did it for different reasons, the result was the same.     
    • by Donnie :...
    • BadBoy Chat - Bi Boys Will Be Bad Boys, part 3
      badboyc3 zip (14k) (b-16/b-15/b-12/g-11/g-9/g-5/g-5, pedo, incest, internet chat, gay, mild force, oral, anal, cum, fantasy)
      Badboy has his friend Rob over and lets him chat with one of his msn buddies as he sucks his cock. Rob reveals just how dirty minded he really is. I tell of a few things that I have done too.     
    • by writersblock :...
    • Big Cunt Glory-Hole Slut
      bigcuntg zip (05k) (g/sucking/mast)
      When I was eleven I stumbled onto a porno web site that changed my life forever. It was midnight and I was hiding in the woods behind the porn shop where the parking lot was. I shined my flashlight on the wall of the pipe and it said, THIS WAY FOR ANONYMOUS GLORY HOLE SEX     
    • by Alice :...
    • Livia's Wicked Games, part 3
      liviasw3 zip (07k) (F/ff/m)
      Let's see where was I? Oh yes. The tape ran out. I didn't discover that till the next day. But, it didn't matter. I'd been listening at the door for a long time, and that was the moment I chose to make my entrance. I opened the door quietly and turned on the light. Two screams and a loud gasp. Everybody froze in place. All of them were naked and the sheet was thrown down to the foot of the bed. Trudy was on her back, knees raised, legs spread and between them Brenda crouched, now with her head up, looking over her shoulder, chin wet. All three looked on the verge of heart attacks from sheer terror. Graham was on his side, one hand on his cock and his open mouth a few inches above his sisters shining wet nipple. I couldn't have asked for a better scenario.     
    • by BP :...
    • Ultimate Sex Toy Inc.
      ultimate zip (33k) (M/f, M/F, injections, impreg, lactation)
      Frank is fifteen years older, a business associate and a friend. Normally we don't mention sex in our meetings. However, this day Frank leaned close and asked me if I would be interested in visiting the Ultimate Sex Toy Company. I laughed and told him that my sex life hadn't deteriorated to the point that I needed sex toys. Frank whispered that this place wasn't an adult bookstore. I had to admit. I was curious. Confident that he had my attention, Frank whispered. "Name your fetish. This place will make it happen." "What is the catch?" I asked, trying to control my interest. "It will cost you ten thousand just to get in the door. Once inside, what you are looking for will determine the rest of the cost." He said in a conspiratorial tone. Chuckling softly, I asked Frank if his drink had gone to his head. He grinned and said. "You can do anything you want and have a playmate of any age." "Where is this place? I've never heard of anything like this." "I'll tell you more after we leave here." Frank said with a gleam in his eyes.     
    • by De Sade :...
    • Witch's Brew, part 3
      witchsb3 zip (18k) (FmM, Inc, Church Sex, Satanic, oral, anal, Group)
      This story is dedicated to the Whore of Babylon, the Queen of Incest, the pious wife of a pastor. Those of you who are serious about incest can e-mail her through me. She desires to hear from you. But be careful, this evil whore will have you crawling between the thighs of your daughter or mother in no time.     
    • by David Stephens :...
    • A Loving Family
      alovingf zip (13k) (MF/g,MFb/g,MMM/gg,inc,pedo)
      "She's here!" said Mary, hearing a key turning in the front door. She glanced nervously at her husband, a worried frown on her face but when her 9-year-old stepdaughter entered the room, scattering schoolbooks around her, she met the pretty little girl with her usual welcoming smile.     
    • by Jill999 :...
    • My Hero
      myhero zip (28k) (Bro/Sis inc)
      A young girl lives a hard life after her family falls apart. She gets hooked on drugs and becomes a stripper. Her brother saves her from that life and love blooms. She has to deal with one guy who tries to prevent their happiness.     
    • by bigcock :...
    • UFO Visit
      ufovisit zip (06k) (b/g/g/g pedo scfi)
      The backyard and house was bathed in the same eerie blue glow. We stood and looked up, shielding our eyes with our hands, trying to see past the glare to its origin, but I could see nothing but light. Then we were inside an enclosure, a room, a laboratory, a cockpit. Something. Around us were six creatures, not human. And then it hit me: My sister and I had been abducted by aliens.     
    • by Sholder :...
    • Die Frauenhдndler, teil 3
      diefrau3 zip (19k) (rape/torture)
      Wir bringen unsere Beute zum Hauptquartier, mьssen aber Tamara separat bei einem Ausbildungslager fьr Nutten mit Einsatz in Westeuropa abliefern. Auf unserer Fahrt durch endlose Taiga kцnnen wir bei einer Massenvergewaltigung dabei sein.     
    • by Dr. Little :...
    • The Secret Of Varado Island
      thesecre zip (21k) (fantasy, MMMM/bbbb, pedo, nc, tort)
      Алексей АЛЯСКИН (старший) Тайна острова Варадо. Детская гомосексуальная сказка. Наверно вы наивно полагаете, что остров Варадо был пиратским островом? Потому что действительно, что может быть интереснее для детей чем пиратский остров, скалы посреди океана, девственные тропические леса, таинственные бухты, одноногий капитан Сильвер, шхуна Испаньола, песок пляжей... и ни на какой карте его не ищите, его нет ни на какой карте, когда придумали карты, этого острова ещё не было.     

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