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      On Friday PM, April 23, 2004

    • by GoDSpiT :...
    • Adventures on the Road, part 1: Camping Fun
      adventu1 zip (62k) (M/f, M/g, F/b, b/F/g, b/g, m/g, ped, preg, incs, cons [ages girls-6,10,13 boys-4,8,12)
      The Mira Family is progressive in the sense that they are a family built around incest. The oldest daughter wants to get pregnant by her father and is trying to accomplish this. The youngest daughter is sleeping with a strange man that she meets who has two girls of his own. The middle son is sleeping with a four year old girl. The Youngest son is sleeping with his own mom. The oldest son and middle daughter are sleeping with one another. It's the Mira family and they are so perverse its normal!     
    • by Doctor J :...
    • Aunt Cherise? part 1
      auntche1 zip (10k) (M/F(?!))
      My uncle Jerry is married to a lovely woman named Cherise. They've been together for ten years. She's very pretty, somewhat demure, and always pleasant. He's always been very secretive about her history, and how they met. They've got two kids, both adopted, as Cherise cannot have children. At one of our big family get-togethers, I stumbled upon Cherise's hidden past, and her pleasantly shocking reason for being so guarded.     
    • by The MadHatter :...
    • Horny Aunt
      hornyaun zip (20k) (m/FF, mbb/FF, group, incest, pedo)
      When 15-year-old Ron West's mother catches him spying on his aunt in the bathroom, she's far from happy with him. But his aunt has a very different reaction, and her seduction of her horny teenage nephew quickly pulls his mother into a steamy threesome in the living room. And then his two younger brothers walk in on them . . . .     
    • by Sam T Sleaze :...
    • Milking: It Does a Body Good
      milkingi zip (08k) (M/bbbb; strange but light S&M; milking; forced; oral sex)
      It was a strange way to make a living. In the past, I had flipped burgers, sold insurance and used cars, and even once had a job transporting bull semen. (How odd is that?) I looked at the four boys hanging on the wall of my "factory". They were doing a good job for me, and earning lots of money for me, and a little for themselves.     
      Our Brothers Made Us Gay, part 4
      ourbrot4 zip (15k) (mb/b; incest, oral, anal, BDSM)
      The rest of the weekend was pretty hum-drum. Hank was staying over at Steven's house for the weekend, and I was all alone. Hank left me couple of joints and a cool book "Brothers Doin It Doggy" by Sam T Sleaze, the famous gay porno writer. It was a great book, and I smoked one joint slowly and then read a couple of chapters each time I jacked off that weekend, but without Hank around, it kinda sucked.     
    • by Spin :...
    • Sarah
      sarah zip (07k) (M/F Sex, Pedo)
      My lips moved down to her immature breasts while my finger tips reached the hem of her panties. I kissed and sucked each nipple very lightly, causing her to moan a little and totally relax her body in submission. I was fascinated with the softness of her skin and I became passionately aroused as my fingers crept under the elastic band of her underwear.     
    • by EROS :...
    • Swinging Family
      swinging zip (33k) (m/f, M/f, m/F, inc, family)
      I was eleven, pretty near twelve, before I knew anything about the swinger clubs. Maybe my parents just joined up about then. Or maybe the clubs were just being formed. I know they were rather new. Anyway, we stopped off at the one in Marseilles, the year I turned twelve. And probably a little stick-in-the mud. I certainly wasn't a swinger, then. I hardly knew anything about sex, let alone group sex and swapping.     
    • by The MadHatter :...
    • Die geile Tante
      diegeile zip (24k) (m/FF, mbb/FF, group, incest, pedo)
      Als der 15jährige Ron West von seiner Mutter dabei erwischt wird, wie er seine Tante im Badezimmer beobachtet, ist sie ziemlich wütend auf ihn. Aber seine Tante zeigt eine ganz andere Reaktion darauf und als sie ihren geilen Neffen verführt, zieht das auch seine Mutter hinein in einen heißen Dreier im Wohnzimmer. Und als dann auch noch seine beiden jüngeren Brüder hereinplatzen... aber lest doch einfach selbst !!!     

      Thursday PM, April 22, 2004

    • by Doctor J :...
    • Amy's Revenge
      amysreve zip (08k) (M/F, M/MM, F/M, oral, semi-cons, hand)
      Amy Wilcher was a good wife, so her husband Jason said. He would say that though, given that Amy was always giving him blowjobs whenever he wanted, without question or complaint. Even when Jason was being rough or forceful, Amy never complained of having a sore throat for two days, or from nearly blacking out cause she couldnt breathe with a throat full of flesh. All Amy wanted was a little return favour, even though in 9 years she never got one. After years of service , Amy decided to take her 'revenge' on him.     
    • by Running Bear :...
    • Stilts
      stilts zip (17k) (mf oral voy humor)
      So, what happens when the shortest guy in class ends up with the tallest girl in class at a drive-in movie?     
    • by Nat Sherman :...
    • Father's Day, part 1
      fathers1 zip (12k) (MFff inc ped)
      "Happy Father's Day!" cried the three voices. Gregg's face had been buried in the pillow and he smiled, rolling over in anticipation of the tray of pancakes, eggs and coffee. His proud smile suddenly turned into a look of shock and surprise. Barb stood there in her pink satin nightie, her generous breasts and hard nipples clearly outlined in the thin, smooth fabric. Her beautiful, long legs poured out beneath the nightie as the bottom hem barely covered her bare, shaved mound. Their daughters stood in front of Barb, shaking and smiling with giddy anticipation. Emily was 10 and Erin was 8. Both girls had the long blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes and killer looks of their mother. That had never been more apparent to Gregg than this moment. His precious little girls now stood before him completely naked except for sexy little thigh-high stockings. Their long hair was exquisitely brushed and pulled back away from their faces with ribbons.     
    • by EROS :...
    • Little Miss Hotpants, ch 1-13
      hotpants zip (83k) (M/ffff, pedo, inc)
      Missy Martin sat in her English class at Marlboro Junior High School. She cuddled into her desk, looking stunningly beautiful in a short, dark-blue jeans skirt. Her long, slender legs were smooth, still deeply tanned from a summer at the pool. She wore pair of white sneakers. Her legs were crossed and the little skirt rode high on her lovely young thighs. Missy had on a tight, white tank top. The thin material pulled snugly against her pert little tits. She was a sexy little package, for a 13-year-old, her hips and ass already nicely developed. Missy had a beautiful, elfin face that made her look even younger, and her full pouty lips had been glossed to a glistening cherry red. Her brown hair was long, pulled into two slick ponytails that hooked up from the side of her head. They were tied with white ribbons and the bangs across the front of her forehead enhanced her pretty features to perfection.     

      Wednesday PM, April 21, 2004

    • by White :...
    • Adventures With Little Gwen, part 1
      adventu1 zip (29k) (F/ Mg/Fg/pedo/incest/ cons/anal/oral)
      A man suddenly has to take care of his little stepdaughter who turns out to be more then a replacement for her mother.     
    • by :...
    • A Horny Mother's Lucky Day
      ahornymo zip (22k) (m/F, mother-fucking, male-Dominat D/s, assorted other kink)
      What is a mother to do when she discovers that her own teenaged son has a kinky interest in fantasizing about her being his sex slave? She could try to tell her husband so that they could both help the child with his problem... or maybe she might just try to deal with the situation on her own?     
    • by Will Amour :...
    • Daddy's Girl, ch 7
      daddysg7 zip (07k) (M/f preteen)
      Lost in her revelry, Samantha was completely unaware of the fact that Father Stevens had woken up from his slumber. He had been watching Sammy reach down and touch herself between the legs and then suck on the offending fingers for some time... and was not only watching, but had been infected with a raging erection while doing so. He was beside himself with frustration at having to watch this sinful activity and he was planning to do something about it. There was always one little sinner in every class, and he found his little sinner for this year.     
    • by BabyBeca :...
    • Little Shoes, part 2
      littles2 zip (12k) (F/M/M/f/weird/pedo/incest/tease/drunk/rape/murder/warning)
      She quickly removed her already wet and cumm stained white cotton panties, flinging them in the skink, pulled up her plaid skirt, sat down on the toilet set, pulling her legs up to her chest, and unveiled a dripping, flushed, and dilated hairless hole, ripe for sexual play.     
    • by Fantasymind2002 :...
    • Living With Mom Again
      livingwi zip (21k) (m/f mother/son)
      He would see his mom in just underwear sometimes and couldn't help but look her over, especially her private areas. She wasn't use to Jacob around now, or bring herself to realize he was a horny fourteen year old.     
    • by DaddyBob :...
    • Making (And Tasting) Cream Filled Camel Toes
      makingan zip (03k) (ped mast)
      There is probably nothing better tasting, in the whole wide world, than a freshly prepared Cream Filled Camel Toe treat! Share one with a friend! Yum!     
      Tokyo Blues... Oldest Brother, Youngest Girl Cousin
      tokyobl5 zip (05k) (B/g/g/b/b incest ped mast)
      Oldest Brother now has his eyes glued on the toddler girl, Youngest Girl Cousin. Standing naked in the door, jerking on Older Brother's and Younger Boy Cosuin's cocks, the young man's own cock quickly grows hungery for little girl.     
    • by Conz :...
    • Misty Dawn, part 2
      mistyda2 zip (08k) (dad/dauts, incest, underage)
      There is a time in a man's life when he must face the reality of who he is. For me it would hit me like a ton of bricks as my two girls took me on a vacation that would awaken me from my self-made Hells.     
    • by Joker :...
    • My Darling Clementine, ch 4
      mydarli4 zip (08k) (b 11 / g 12 / bro-sister incest)
      "Like I said it hurt the first time he stuck his cock into me although he'd greased it up with some bag balm, my goodness it felt so strange mostly because I didn't know what he was doing to me. I blame ma for that as she gave me no proper warning as to what boys do to a girl's pussy. It didn't stop poking me one little bit even when I cried, he did it again later on and again the next morning before he left for work. Oh but my little pussy was so sore after that first time, I just lay on his bed for hours and cried after he let to go to work."     
    • by Dark Tower Gunslinger :...
    • Soccer Mom, ch 6
      soccerm6 zip (15k) (M/F/F/g7/NC/Incest/heavy scat/anal/rape GS)
      Fitting action to words he pushed at Jenny's small back bending her forward at the waist. He picked up the large nozzle off the wall and a tube of lube used especially for tight anal mouths. He liberally greased the edges of her ass and pushed the nozzle inside and squirted a good half-cup inside until the greasy stuff was ruining back out of her asshole. Spreading the pert cheeks of her ass apart he pushed the large ended enema tube against the puckered center of the anus. Pushing in with one motion he shoved about six inches of plastic nozzle into the virgin orifice, the first time the child had ever had her shit pushed in. "Ohhh, hurts," she moaned. "Not so deep, please," Melanie stood near the bathtub, her eyes wide as she saw the big plastic tube enter the young rectum. She had both her fists balled together pressed against her lips to stifle her cries of anguish. The girl's face was screwed tight in pain as she felt the big nozzle wormed its way deep into her anal tract. Dallas took a container of enema suds off a shelf and poured a liberal amount into the hot water container. The combination of hot water and suds did marvelous work on an impacted child's bowels. He knew this from previous experiences with little girl's bottoms. Shutting off the faucets with the container about two-thirds full he twisted the shuttlecock valve at the base and let the hot suds begin to flow. "Awggh, that's too hot," Jenny yelled as the hot suds rushed into her bowel tract immediately inundating the small floating turds lodged there and setting them floating in a sudsy sea of enema water.     
    • by EROS :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Family Farm, part 1
      familyf1 zip (35k) (m/F, mom/sons, inc, best, blackmail)
      As Jenny rounded the side of the barn looking for her two sons, she knew something very, very strange was going on. Jason and Kevin had been gone far too long. She'd asked them to separate the Angora goats. All the kids were to be stabled temporarily in the barn while the rams and withers were sorted for shearing. The first thing Jenny heard as she opened the barn door was her eldest son, Jason, moaning loudly. "Uhhhhhnnngggh! Fuck! She's tight, Kev!" he groaned "Hold the little cunt still!!" "I'm trying! Don't fuck her so hard, Jase! It's her first time, remember!" Intrigued, Jenny crept up behind the bales of hay which separated her from her two young sons and whatever it was that they were doing. "Uuuhhhnnnngghhh, Godddd!! This one's got the tightest, hottest little hole of them all!!!" gasped Jason. "Shiiit! You should feel it, Kev!!"     
    • by Pseeker :...
    • The Camping Trip, ch 1
      thecamp1 zip (08k) (M/f, stripping)
      During a camping trip, my niece's 13 year-old friend keeps my dick hard all weekend, then tries to call my bluff by walking into the camper while I'm changing, only to find I wasn't bluffing. To save face, she decides to change as well.     

      Tuesday PM, April 20, 2004


      Monday PM, April 19, 2004

    • 5 eNovels were published today.
    • by LEBEC :...
    • Cut It Out, part 5
      cutitou5 zip (13k) (mf+ oral cons drug)
      The Vieira family sat in one of the middle rows of four seats on the airplane. Ariana's parents had the two seats on her right and her younger brother Adam had the end seat on her left. Nearly everyone was asleep on the long transcontinental flight. Everyone, except for Ariana, who was remarkably keyed up. It was inexplicable to her why she was so full of energy. Somehow it seemed to emanate from her crotch, as a profound horniness controlled her. She remembered that she had actually cum a few days ago - that time in the bathroom at the fort when Adam had tried to fuck her through the glory hole. Still, it didn't seem hardly enough to her right now. She seemed to be horny all the time lately. For the past week she had attributed a lot of it to the sleeping pills her mom had given her which gave her such wild and erotic dreams.     
    • by Conz :...
    • Pink Panties
      pinkpant zip (07k) (Dad/dau, inc, young)
      Without my knowing it, Jenny, my thirteen year old daughter, had seen me fully naked. What I hadn't really known was how her mind had worked those weeks afterwards.     

      Sunday PM, April 18, 2004

    • by Lincoln Lee :...
    • Cinde 2: Cinde's Triumph
      cinde2 zip (10k) (Father/daughter)
      Cinde has a slight setback in her newly opened sexlife. With the help of her neighbors, that gets fixed.     
    • by Xanya :...
    • College Bound, ch 1
      college1 zip (07k) (MF)
      Jerry's teenage niece knows how to get a man to do whatever she wants.     
    • by Vert-man :...
    • Cyber Room: Jenny's Filling
      cyberrom zip (04k) (fff/anal/oral/teen)
      16 year old Holly and 15 year old Jessie do a three way sandwich (butt fucking/pussy eating), with lucky little 11 year old Jenny in the middle as the "filling".     
    • by GoDSpiT :...
    • Raising Daughters
      raisingd zip (48k) (M/g, M/g/g, incs, pedo)
      A dad takes his two daughters on a trip across America along the way both girls learn from him and teach him some tricks of their own. . .     
    • by meron :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Sister Dawn, ch 1
      sisterd1 zip (07k) (M/f bro/sis inc)
      Well I'm not much of a drinker since there weren't many women to socialize with, so I took to exercise. Now I was already in pretty good shape having played sports all through high school, but my goal was to attain a lean, hard, sexy body for when I would eventually get leave and travel home to impress (and undress) some of my former girl friends.     
    • by Powerone :...
    • Joanna's First Gynecological Exam
      joannasf zip (24k) (M+/F, anal, oral, bd, humil, enema)
      Joanna has never had a gynecological exam and that fact is what Dr. Michael is betting on. He intends to humiliate and abuse her lovely body with the help of his colleagues.     

      Saturday PM, April 17, 2004

    • by Vert-man :...
    • Blackmailing Dad, ch 3
      blackma3 zip (06k) (ff/ff/ oral/teen)
      "Pretty pussy needs licking" I said as she gave a soft open mouthed moan at my first lick of her pussy. I knew from the first taste that it was all I'd ever want from then on out. I licked faster like a hungry girls first taste of food, my tongue working her pussy lips roughly and giving her clit a good round on every pass. She was squirming and moaning louder as I increased the pace still.     
    • by Dark Tower Gunslinger :...
    • Morning of the Improper Day, ch 5
      morning5 zip (20k) (M+/F+/g11/anal/incest/virgin/scat)
      Kirsten hot mouth on Charles Atwood's long cock was almost driving him to the brink of insanity. His almost foot long dork was suckled with amazing ability by the eleven-year old. Shit, almost twelve-years old and heading towards a teen rapidly, his tortured mind reasoned. He fondled the silky haired head looking down at the wet mouth moving back and forth on his rod. Maybe she's had some practice. Kids her age think blowjobs are perfectly O.K. thanks to the lecherous president we had. Good old Democrats, fuck 'em high and low and then say it's all right. Thank God I'm a Democrat and I can't do any wrong. Man, I joined the right party for sure. Next bed the mobster was enjoying the Running Rebel cheer squad's favorite blonde. Older sister Charity Atwood (just call me "Char" to all her friends) had her trim ass upturned between the hairy muscular thighs of the Las Vegas mobster. He was huffing and puffing like a steam engine, his not too pleasant breath blowing repeatedly into the young college girl's face. Char subjected herself to his hard kissing, that foul cigar tasting tongue jamming deep into her mouth to exchange spit and fondle all the small places. This was not new for her. Older men had often delighted in forcing their oral attentions on the young college girl for pay and for play.     
    • by Dan The BJ Fan :...
    • Nicky's Day Off
      nickysda zip (14k) (F/F/g oral inc Ped)
      Nicky looked at the clock on her nightstand and sighed. It was 6:37 in the morning. The little cartoon bunny face on her clock seemed to mock her as it stared back unblinking. She didn't want it to be morning already. She didn't want to get up and go to school today. She had too much fun the night before and was not in the mood for her teachers. She was definitely not in the mood for little Peter Joseph, and his spitballs in class.     
    • by Lost Soul :...
    • The Hard Sell
      thehards zip (07k) (M/f/g cons)
      Selling GirlScout cookies is hard work and every girl has to do what ever it takes to bring in the BIG sales. Holly and Christi fight over who gets to sell cookies to lucky Mr Spitz.     
    • by Spin :...
    • A Special Halloween in 1999
      aspecial zip (08k) (M/F Sex / Pedo)
      No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get her out of my mind. My cock was still hard and began to affect my better judgment. My hand slid lightly down her back and rested on her soft behind. I waited expectantly for a response from her but she was fast asleep.     
    • by Lil Girl Lover :...
    • Tania, ch 1
      tania1 zip (07k) (M+g, pedo, inc, nc, oral, vaginal, anal)
      Tania es una niña de 8 años de pelo negro largo y bien bonita, delgadita y chaparrita. Javier, su padre, un hombre de 40 años empezó a abusar de su hija a los 7 años.     

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