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      On Friday PM, August 13, 2004

    • by Old Fart :...
    • Ashlee's Worst Nightmare
      ashleesw zip (21k) (M/g, NC, Kidnap/Rape, b 16/g 11, cons)
      It was a dreary Friday morning in Edenton, Pennsylvania, and eleven year old Ashlee Mortinson was sitting on her covered front porch watching the rain pour down, wishing it would stop so she could go to the park and play. Summer was just getting started, and she was looking forward to enjoying her vacation. She liked school, but she wanted to enjoy as much of her free time as she could before having to get back to the responsibility of classes and studying, not to mention homework.     
    • by Vert-man :...
    • Cyber Room, Shawna, Andrea and Tommy
      cyberro4 zip (12k) (mff, anal, oral)
      This chat log has a pretty simple set-up. Shawna met Tommy and Andrea in a chat room on a certain website. Soon deciding to have a three-way with them, and after a moment deciding up on a role play. The roles being Andrea and Shawna meet at a party and Tommy soon catches them and things get interesting from there.     
      My Sister and Her Horny Friends
      mysister zip (10k) (m/f, f/f pedo)
      Martin has a horny little 12 year old daughter named Katherine. She has her friends over for a night of fun and what Martin doesn't know is that before this night over he's gonna be living out his wildest daddy/daughter fantasy.     
    • by madhatter113 :...
    • Instinct
      instinct zip (08k) (Moth/son, sleeping, cons, inc, yng)
      Vincent woke hot and restless the same heat that was causing his mothers dream disturbing his sleep, he like his mother was naked having stripped off his pyjamas earlier in an attempt to cool down, now to compound his discomfort he discovered that his bladder was full and he badly needed to pee. Grumpily he rose and headed for the bathroom like his mommy had told him big boys do. His tiny cock was fully erect and pointing the way, he'd seen it hard before but this time it was throbbing strangely with bladder induced sensations.     
    • by POTHUS :...
    • Sam and Max, ch 2
      samandm2 zip (16k) (g(12)/dog, oral, vag, anal, g(12)/f(17), inc)
      It had been a long three day weekend for Sam and Max. Sam had been fucked and she had sucked so thoroughly that her young pussy and jaw were sore. She was looking forward to when her father would come home so she could get some rest. It was amazing that through all of the sex she had this weekend that she was able to keep up with her chores. She knew that Max was feeling the effects of this weekend, because as Sunday drew closer, he began to whimper whenever Sam had the urge. Sam was walking a little gingerly as Sunday evening drew nearer. She had so much to tell Denise when she got home from school.     
    • by EROS :...
    • Family Fucks, ch 11
      2famil11 zip (05k) (M/f, MM/f, M/ff, inc, pedo, dad/daut, uncle/niece, groupsex)
      "What do you want us to do, Daddy" I asked, grabbing for his cock. "What do you suggest, Sweety?" he smiled, rubbing my stiff young clit with his thumb. At the same time he had the middle finger of his other hand buried to the hilt in Wendy's puffy little 11-year-old cunt-slit. "I'll suck your cock!", I grinned back. "Me too!!" giggled Wendy, wriggling her hot little twat around on Daddy's deeply-diddling finger. "Hmmmm, not bad for starters, girls.... what else?" "Ummmmmmmm... I'll let you suck my cunt, while Wendy rides your cock... then you can fuck me too, okay?", I suggested. "Yeahhhhh! An' I'll sit on your face, so you can lick me your cum out of me, Daddy!" said Wendy, enthusiastically jerking her tiny fists on Daddy's prick. "Ohh, you gorgeous little cunts! That sounds fantastic!", replied Daddy. "What the fuck are we waiting for!"     
    • by Pseeker :...
    • Driving Cross Country, ch 2
      driving2 zip (07k) (M/f, flashing, public)
      13 year old Misty is left horny after she lets a motel room neighbor feel her up (Chapter 1). When she learns her parents won't be back for several hours, she returns to his room wanting more. He gets her worked up then talks her into flashing her pussy to others outside.     

      Thursday PM, August 12, 2004


      Wednesday PM, August 11, 2004

    • 5 eNovels were published today.
    • by EROS :...
    • Family Farm, ch 14
      family14 zip (09k) (m/F, inc, mom/son, mm/F, groupsex, beast)
      "So, what was it like to fuck Jessica Taylor?", Jason asked Kevin. His younger brother smiled and grabbed the bulge in his shorts. "She was hotttt!" he said. "Hotter than Mom?" grinned Jason. "Yeah... almost!" replied Kevin. "Danny and I fucked her all night. She couldn't get enough of our cocks!" "Yeahhhhh, she's a sexy lookin' slut, that's for sure!" murmured Jason squeezing his own cock-bulge through his pants. "I wouldn't mind getting into her pants, myself!" "She'd let you, for sure!" laughed Kevin. "Wanna go over and ask Danny if it's okay for us to fuck her?" "Do you think she would?", Jason said, sounding a little surprised. "I mean... all three of us... at once?" "Why not?" grinned Kevin. "She let Danny and me fuck her in her ass and cunt at once... and she's got three holes you know! I bet she'd love it!" "Fuck! Then what are we doing sitting around here? Let's go!" Jason said, enthusiastically.     
    • by Spin :...
    • The Friday Club
      thefrida zip (11k) (M/F Pedo, Sex)
      The Friday Club caters to a group of people that love the kiddies.     

      Tuesday PM, August 10, 2004

    • by GoDSpiT :...
    • How Halloway got Lucky
      howhallo zip (67k) (M/f, M/g, M/f/g, ped, cons, impreg, girls ages: 12, 9, 6)
      A lonely stretch of highway, a man asleep at the wheel. The resulting car crash will leave Jason Halloway with three new surprises and each one has something special to show him and something that they want him to show them. . .     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • Incest in Triplicate, final
      incesti4 zip (10k) (MMMggg-7 oral inc ped 1st time con rel)
      At last the men arrived for the night. As they sipped at drinks and nibbled at a few snacks they were eager to get on with the show. At last Opal opened a door, music began to play and the parade began. The triplets were first. All three dressed in identical clothes. They were dressed in white communion dresses with white lace everywhere. They looked very virginal and even had small veils. Their lovely red hair hung down their backs and they kept their eyes lowered as if too shy to make eye contact. A few cocks in the room began to rise and grow.     
    • by POTHUS :...
    • The Boy with the Horse Cock, ch 3
      theboyw3 zip (13k) (F/b(9), oral, vag, anal, Mom/son inc)
      Jennie drove home with a very quiet son. She knew that they had sex, and actually, she was really turned on by the idea. She was going to act as if nothing unusual had happened so as not to upset her son. She needed time to think through her plan to add Suzy to their love making. She had always fantasized about being with a girl and maybe now she would be able to turn fantasy to into a reality. But first she wanted to experience her son's cock in her virgin ass.     
    • by Jack Spratt :...
    • The Cold Weather Cometh
      thecoldw zip (27k) (M/ff ped)
      Ron is dedicated to his job. Circumstance brings him contact with a young street waif named Jordon. A feeling of guilt has him help her, causing complications he wasn't ready for. Jordon introduces him to another street waif named Larissa. Things really are complicated now. Enjoy!     
    • by Jekyllnhydez :...
    • One Night
      onenight zip (07k) (M/F)
      Itís been a while; finally back in New York, alone this time. Visiting my mom and family, but thatís never just that with me is it? No I always make some stops along the way. Hoping on the 2 train to Gun Hill Rd. It is 10pm. A small little motel is my final destination. No itís not the Hilton but itís not about the place itís about who. Walking off the train and on to the platform, down the steps to the crisp and cold air.     

      Monday PM, August 09, 2004

    • 5 eNovels were published today.
    • by Sam Hammer :...
    • Cherry Pop Bebop, ch 10
      cherry10 zip (15k) (M+/f+, Incest, Extremely Young)
      Television Mom number one wore a white tee-shirt with the words 'Daddy Fed' emblazoned across her giant breasts. She looked in the living room from her mother's perch in the kitchen, watching a schoolboy lean her much younger daughter over the side of her couch. She picked up the phone and punched the speed dial. "Wendy McCall?" she said with an eyebrow raised. "Cynthia, you slut! What is it?" said Television Mom number two.     
    • by Paul Phenomenon :...
    • Good Deeds, ch 3
      gooddee3 zip (15k) (M/F F/F cons, oral, group, toys)
      Barb, her head still bowed, emitted a muffled giggle. After a loud smacking sound, she said, "Sucking off the Jolly Pink Giant, getting him nice and wet so I can feed him to your hungry pussy." She looked up, still hiding the fake phallus, and asked, "Your pussy is hungry, isn't it?"     
    • by Forbidden Innocence :...
    • Newspaper Articles You'd Love to Read, part 1
      newspap1 zip (06k) (Mfff, mf, mfff, oral, mast. first)
      Imagine opening up your local newspaper and finding a news article that titillated your equipment the way this Mr. Double site does to us every evening. Candid, descriptive, explanations of the lewd behavior of preteens, teens and horny adults like you and I . . . right there before your eyes. Here is today's first story:     
    • by BabyBeca :...
    • 1929 The Awakening, part 1
      ninetee3 zip (12k) (M/f/F/f/m/f/pre-teen/infant/anal/incest/rape/torture/magic/witches/warning extreme)
      The horned earth god materialize out of the swirling red mists, take his three enormous cocks and penetrate her daughters mouth with one penis, take her virginity with the second, and the third snake like cock slithered between her daughters butt cheeks to replace the stone phallic blistering her ass.     
    • by jallen944 :...
    • Pam and the Drill
      pamandth zip (19k) (first time, f/f)
      Pam learns a few new things from her friend.     
    • by EROS :...
    • Blackmailing Mom, ch 12
      blackm12 zip (05k) (m/F, inc, mom/son, F/f, mom/daut, mm/F, m/f, bro/sis, mm/f, groupsex)
      "Ohhhhh, God! I'm so fuckin' horny!" cried Tanya, furiously rubbing her hot, puffy little slit. "Pleeeease! Terry... Danny... one of you fuck me... pleeeease!" Terry and I almost fell over each other trying to get to her. In the end it was me who reached Tanya first. I crawled between her wide-spread legs and eagerly positioned my raging erection into her gooey little slot. "Hurry up and get it in!" she moaned. "I wanna fuck! I wanna fuck!" God she was fuckin' horny alright, I thought to myself. She grabbed for my cock and tried to push it into herself, at the same time hunching her skinny young hips up at me in a frustrated effort to get me inside of her. "Hold your ass still for a sec will ya, Tanya!" I growled. "I can't get it in if you're squirming all over the place like that!" She calmed down a bit, but her heels were pressing into the small of my back urging me to get my cock in and fuck her as fast as possible. Finally, I found the tight little entrance to her young hole and lunged forwards.     
      Horny Little Schoolgirl Sluts, ch 24
      hornyl24 zip (06k) (M/f, inc, m/f, f/f, mm/f, m/F, M/ff, mm/F, MM/f, family, pedo, school, gangbang)
      Meanwhile, down the hall, the twins' sexy mother, Kim was being vigorously double-fucked by her nephews, Tommy and Billy. Kim was an extremely over-sexed woman and loved nothing better than to fuck her 14-year-old son, Mikey, until the lucky young boy could hardly walk. And although she also enjoyed her husband's larger, thicker cock plowing her ever-hungry cunt, above all else Kim loved young teenage cocks and the hard bodies they were attached to. Teen age boys could cum and cum and stay hard for simply ages! Her son Mikey was good... she had trained the boy well... but she had been waiting months for this weekend and nothing compared to the wild, energetic fucking she was getting right now from her two horny, insatiable young nephews. Kim was on her hands and knees on the bed with young Tommy on his back beneath her, his rock-hard cock jammed up into his aunt's bulging cunt. Billy was behind her on his knees, pulling her hips back with both hands as he plowed his thick young prick up her hot buttery asshole "Uuunnnnggghh! Jesus, Ummmmmm, yeahhhhh! That's it, boys... fuck my cunt... fuck my ass... fuck me nice and hard!" Kim leaned forward, her tits jiggling as she clutched Tommy's shoulders for support. She started humping and bucking in a frenzy of lust, groaning and panting as she slammed her wet, clinging pussy against the root of her nephew's sizeable young cock.     

      Sunday PM, August 08, 2004

    • by JekyllnHydez :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Adopted Sister
      adopteds zip (19k) (m/f f/f m/f/f Bro/Sis)
      My name is Johnny and I live in Boar Town, a boring town if you ask me, but I guess its ok. Some pretty girls, but none of then had what I wanted. A brain! They were all your basic cheerleader types (NO OFFENSE TO REAL CHEERLEADERS!) and had been around the school more times than the earth goes around the Sun. I could have gotten it if I wanted too. I was on the football team. And around here, all football players get instant pussy.     
    • by Nomad :...
    • A Bum Deal, part 3
      abumdea3 zip (24k) (Brother/sister incest, anal games, enema, pedo 8 & 12 yrs)
      "Heather pushed the two little girls forward and followed, her excitement making her slippery as she watched their tight little bottoms stir as they moved, such perfectly dimpled bottoms, so pale, so firm, so tight and small. Heather could once again appreciate why her father had become so fixated on little girl's bottoms and reached back to hold her own."     
    • by Bardon :...
    • My New Mistress, part 2
      mynewmi2 zip (10k) (FF-12/F-13 vampire)
      The black shadow slid from the darkened doorway and into the even darker shadows, pausing to glance to the right and then the left, she moved with incredible speed. Always moving from shadow to shadow there was no chance for any mortal to see her. After 4000 years of hiding, this was second nature to the young vampire. How long had they made love? Loosing all track of time was something she was not use to. Licking her lips, the faint essence was still there.     

      Saturday PM, August 07, 2004

    • by Dark Tower Gunslinger :...
    • Beyond the Fringe
      beyondth zip (46k) (g6/g8/M/oral/Semi-NC/pedo/sci fi)
      In fifteen minutes he had to pee so he left the couch and went down the hall towards the bathroom, going past the youngsters half opened door. Inside the light was on, a dim bedside light casting a yellow glow across the room. Suddenly Justine stepped into that light, a thin nightgown in her hands but nothing on her slim body. She was turned sideways to the door, the curve of her spine sweeping down to define the magnificence of that swelling asscheeks. Citizen Heraldo's breath caught in his throat at the sight. He looked hard at the small flat chest and the slightly bulging belly and then she turned, her eyes catching him in the doorway, her trim hips flowing down to those delectable thighs and that small slash of light red flesh cutting vertically between her legs. His cock became rigid, pointing stiffly from the vee of his pants, red and bouncing in the night air. Justine glanced first at his eyes, a small smile on her lips and then she glanced down at the rigid cock. She wet her lips and winked at him, going to the door and pushing it closed but not all the way, only leaving a small gap which her tutor quickly slipped through. "What if they wake up," he whispered as he took her in his arms and kissed her lips. "So what?" she asked saucily, thrusting her small chest against the thick cock poking at her below her breastbone. She dropped to her knees and without a word took him deep into her mouth, as kill she had not developed without extensive training.     
    • by Sam Hammer :...
    • Cherry Pop Bebop, ch 9
      cherryp9 zip (12k) (M/f, incest, intervention)
      The emails came pouring in! We love the story but what if a family didn't want to belong? CHERRY POP BEBOP answers the question in the most nasty of ways! Written by Popular Demand, An extra chapter of this critically acclaimed serial of Cherry Popping, Incest, and the youngest, most tender characters. CHERRY POP BEBOP! Written in 640X480 for you viewing pleasure!     
    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • Getting Gracie Naked
      gettingg zip (09k) (boy 9, girl 6, nudity, touching, manipulation)
      Two boys, Harry and Tommy, are lying in Harry's backyard, shirtless, praying for a cooling breeze, and talking about getting a girl to get naked for them. Tommy suggests getting Harry's six year old sister to strip for them, but Harry is not so sure. Harry's mom calls out for Harry to come in the house, Tommy goes with him, and when they get there Harry's mom informs him that his is going to be in charge of his little sister Gracie, as she has to go to town to help his father with his business. After she leaves Harry tells Tommy he's going to let him take Gracie upstairs for her afternoon nap, the only catch, Harry wanted to watch from the door. And that afternoon, Tommy, who had no sisters and no prior experience with girls, learns many of the secrets that girls, even six year old, can teach.     
      The Storm
      thestorm zip (13k) (22 yo man, 2 1/2 yo girl, nudity, touching, oral)
      Davey Bacon is asked to babysit Angel while her mother goes to a meeting with her lawyer. A storm comes up reminding Davey of other little girls he had known growing up. Finally when the storm subsides Angel says she wants to watch tv, but when Davey leaves for his room to change his clothes, Angel is right behind him. . . "His shorts were next, and by now the little girl's presence had sent the blood rushing to his groin, and his pole was at full extension, trying it's best to find its way out of the fly of his jockeys. Davey went over to the chest of drawers and took out a clean pair of shorts and brought it over by the bed, preparatory to putting it on. "Need take these off," Angel said pointing at his undies and making a near full sentence for the first time in Davey's presence. Davey looked at her, with a feigned look of surprise. "What? Need to take what off?" "These," Angel said, walking over to him and pulling on his jockeys. "You really think these need to come off?" Davey said. "Yesh," she said nodding her head emphatically, "know so."     
    • by Bardon :...
    • My New Mistress, part 1
      mynewmi1 zip (10k) (F/f-12 vampire)
      The young appearing vampire was very nervous, and very unsure of what she was about to do. She may appear young; however she has been a vampire for 4025 years. She has seen a lot happen and change over all those years and never once has she been summoned. Yes, she was very nervous. Was this the end of her life? Quickly licking her dry lips, her tongue ran across her extended fangs. Oh shit, she thought and quickly willed her fangs back. No appearance of threat here.     
    • by Dan The BJ Fan :...
    • Nicky's Daddy This Way Cums
      nickysd2 zip (10k) (Mf, FFMfM, incest, ped, orgy, first time)
      Nicky giggled as she turned the water on to the shower. She was excited to be alone with her Dad. She was looking forward to being naked with him, just the two of them. They had played a bit that first night when Mike had been there, but they hadn't been alone.     
    • by CuPED :...
    • Pedo Porn Adventures, Book 5
      pedopor5 zip (73k) (M/g M/f F/g g/g m/g incest groupsex threesome filming roleplay IR cons)
      As he rubbed and clasped the child's buttocks, Jack noticed that he and his playmate were drawing a crowd. Allen had alerted his family that Jules was once more initiating a sex act, and several people came to view. Everyone was being unobtrusive, watching on with smiles that ranged from fond to downright wicked. Allen's smile was wide with anticipation. The four year old hadn't yet noticed that the den was filling rapidly. Jack hoped that when she did, she wouldn't become self conscience. He enjoyed the fell of Jules' ass for a long moment and the child began to squirm lightly. "What does daddy do next?" Jack asked her, letting her direct him to what she wanted. Jules blushed a deeper red as she whispered, "Next he moves around and puts a hand between legs." Her blush faded but her skin remained flushed as Jack moved his left hand slowly around her body. The four year old shifted in the chair to allow Jack's large hand easier access to her. As she did, her panties rolled down, and Jack heard several soft intakes of breath as her perfectly shaped ass came into view of the watchers.     
    • by EROS :...
    • Family Fucks, ch 10
      2famil10 zip (07k) (M/f, MM/f, M/ff, inc, pedo, dad/daut, uncle/niece)
      I looked up sexily at my handsome uncle and tossed my long golden hair behind me. Then I began licking the length of his prick up and down, curling my tongue around the dripping head of his cock, tickling the supersensitive underside of it. I had sucked both Daddy's and Uncle Bryan's pricks plenty of times, so I knew exactly how to get them hard, real quick. "Uhhhhhhh, yeahhhh! Suck it, Baby!", he muttered, staring down at me. "Suck me hard so I can fuck that hot, tight little cunt of yours!" "Hey! I'm next! She said she'd get you hard for me!" complained Wendy. "Don't worry, Kitten," grinned Uncle Bryan, sliding a finger up into her puffy little bald slit and wiggling it around. "I'll fuck both of you... I promise, okay?"     
      Horny Little Schoolgirl Sluts, ch 23
      hornyl23 zip (10k) (M/f, inc, m/f, f/f, mm/f, m/F, M/ff, mm/F, MM/f, family, pedo, school, gangbang)
      Penny complained bitterly that it was her turn, so Ben brought Belinda off quickly and rolled Penny onto all fours. He slid a couple of fingers into her tiny cunt and pumped them in and out, getting her ready for his cock. "Grab hold of the bedclothes and hold on, Sweety!", grinned Ben, spreading her bald glistening young cunt-lips with his fingers. "Uncle Ben is gonna fuck your baby-cunt from behind!" Eagerly, the little girl did as she was told, poking her hot little ass in the air and spreading her legs wide. She was obviously used to fucking this way. Ben moved between her skinny young thighs and placed the head of his cock against the youngster's juicy wet cunt-slit, pushing gently. Ben watched her little pink pussy-lips stretch as the head of his prick slipped slowly inside. Penny bit her lower lip and held her breath as she felt her uncle's huge prick push up inside her, stretching her little cunt deliciously. Fascinated by the sight of the child's tiny pussy swallowing his massive cock, Ben knelt upright, holding her firm little ass in his big hands. Penny moved her hips back against him, sliding her cunt onto Ben's cock and gasping as more and more of the solid shaft filled her tiny hole.     
    • by Spin :...
    • The Love Boat Babysitter
      theloveb zip (11k) (M/F Sex, Force)
      While the other kids played with each other and tried out the video games, I spent my time with Caroline. She was only eight but her cute body and face were getting me aroused and to my surprise, I got a stiff boner when she backed her soft butt into my crotch while I stood behind her to show her how to play a certain video game. I reached around her tummy and let my hand rest on her sweet child softness. She was wearing a pantsuit but her tummy was bare because she had a cutaway area that separated the top from the bottom.     

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