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    December 25th - December 31st mid-Morning Updates

      On Friday PM, December 31, 2004

    • by Forbidden Innocence :...
    • A Little Girl's Wish on New Year's Eve, part 1
      alittle1 zip (10k) (mmf (boys both 16, girl 10), genital exploration, mast. voyeur, oral, blackmail, humiliation)
      Heather wanted so badly to do something on New Year's Eve. She knew her parents were going to a party down the street and even her brother was allowed to have two of his friends over. Suddenly the phone called and her brother's friend slowly seduced her over the phone to do very naughty things to herself while he jacked off. Neither knew her brother heard the entire conversation and began his evening of blackmail as she was forced to do . . . but let's not say right now.
    • by Running Bear :...
    • Pup Tent
      puptent zip (44k) (m-12/g-10 rom oral fondling handicap)
      A boy in Maryland has a memorable adventure with a young blind girl.
    • by Powerone :...
    • The Priest Teaches His Flock, ch 11: The Retreat
      thepri11 zip (26k) (M/F, reluc, nc, anal, oral, humil)
      Father John is transferred to his third parish. Each time he was caught molesting his parishioners. Bishop Samuel and Father John take the sisters Sally and Charlotte for a weekend retreat of serving the Lord and his servants, their bodies used in many ways in the Lord's work.

      Thursday PM, December 30, 2004

    • by Cumsucker :...
    • The Perverted Family
      2theperv zip (12k) (beast, WS, incest, gangbang, Mmm/f, F/f)
      "How did I get here?" Carol wondered. Yet here she was, sitting in a darkened auditorium in Tijuana, her pulse racing, heart pounding in her chest. Next to her husband watched in anxious anticipation as a young girl was brought to the center of the stage. Two Mexican men helped position her in a black leather harness, suspending her in air, her legs spread. She was naked, and Art could see she was also excited and perhaps a bit frightened.
      swinging zip (06k) (M/F )
      "Are we really going to do this, baby?" my wife asked as we began dressing for our first meeting with Bart and Mary. She was slipping into a pair of purple bikini panties, her perfect breasts apparent under the thin tank top she was wearing, no bra beneath it. "Well... we've talked about it a lot. I think it would be exciting, don't you? Like the time you let those two guys fuck you, remember? Remember how hot it made you, babe? Driving over there, knowing you were going to get fucked by two guys at once. And you know how badly I've wanted you to be a true slut for me, right?"
    • by santaclaus :...
    • An Indian Summer, ch 1-6
      anind1_6 zip (13k) (M/F M/f M/g ped)
      It was early morning as I locked my car and waited for the moving van to draw up before Delta block of 'The Hill'. The apartment the Bank had taken up for me was at the up-market Malabar Hill of Mumbai. I signed up the security register and walked across to the foreman. "It's 12-C. On the 12th floor. Be careful with the large carton. It has some glassware inside." "Don't worry, sir. It's a regular job for us", he smiled. As the workers started unloading the furniture, I walked into the lobby, trying to locate the elevators to go up. My new house. At least, mine till the time I was with the Bank, who had taken it up on lease for me.
      The Doctor
      thedocto zip (06k) (M/F)
      The door shut softly without a sound as she walked into my consulting room. I put her age at around 20. Married, with her husband in the Middle East, as with a lot of families in this village, I guessed. Being the only doctor in a backward village has its own advantages. You are looked upon as God, for one. And when that status is bestowed on a horny bastard like me, I know how to use it. And use it, I did. The village was just a few hours away from the nearest big town.
    • by Dodgson :...
    • Detention, part 1
      detenti1 zip (14k) (pedo, consen, incest, eroticism, teasing, sisters, Mgggg (g ages 10-12))
      Neal Gorman, single, 27, handsome, an iconoclast, wants to be a serious writer. To refine his writing craft he's a popular, yet anonymous, writer of pedo porn for an Internet site, Mr. Triple's, and to support himself, teaches writing and English at a Catholic all-girl boarding school in Southern California, St. Catherine's Academy for Girls where he also lives. The school offers grades 4-8, with the girls' ages ranging from 9-13. All girls are given their own laptop computer with wireless high speed Internet access. Neal, as it is his first year teaching, is given the responsibility of teacher/monitor for the hour and a half detention class, held after normal school hours, as punishment for students' violation of the school rules, such as masturbating in class, not wearing panties under their ultra-short school uniform skirts, etc. Neal decides to give all his detention students vibrating pens to masturbate with, and a password to Mr. Triple's site so they can read his, and other writers' pedo porn stories on their laptops during detention. A pure pedo fantasy.
    • by POTHUS :...
    • Flopsy, Mopsy, Topsy
      flopsymo zip (16k) (F/dog, F/horse, oral, vag, anal)
      Sara Jane Parker sat stunned in her home, not believing that her husband of ten years had divorced her. What was she going to do? She had married Jim right out of high school and they had a wonderful life. But after multiple tries at having a baby, multiple visits to various doctors trying to find out why she was unable to get pregnant, their relationship had slowly fallen apart. Her husband began fooling around with other women, berating Sara Jane for not giving her what he wanted. Now she sat alone, at home, wondering what she was going to do with her life.
    • by Corn53 :...
    • Jamie Becomes a Witch, part 3
      jamiebe3 zip (12k) (MMMF/f, oral, anal, photography, witchcraft, fingers, plugs)
      Jamie is looing forward to Saturday night when she will be initiated as a young witch. She is looking forward to losing her virginity and being the star of the ceremony. Tonight she gets more training from Angela and five men.
    • by Barbi :...
    • My Brothers, part 3
      mybrothe3 zip (08k) (mmf/MF)
      When we got to the cabin, it was really earlier than we thought. It just seemed like we had been out in the boat a lot longer. I looked in the fridge to see what was there for supper and we were all set with hamburgers and hot dogs. The boys talked about going fishing, and went out to the porch to see if they had any worms left. I thought about taking a shower, but flopped down on the couch for a second, when the front door came bursting open. Danny and Josh were on a dead run for my parent's bedroom.
    • by The Secret Sharer :...
    • The Gift of Venus, part 4
      thegift4 zip (52k) (M+F, F+g, FF, Fg, ir, nc, group, rape, oral, anal, sm, magic, myth, pedo, les, tort, snuff?, 1st, blasphem)
      The legend of Taneisha Martin continues. Seeking the street thug responsible for her rape, Taneisha finds no one at the Hillside Clinic willing to help her -- and the nymph Dyole enchants her acolytes to bring her back a captive to the Great God Pan. Taneisha uses her Gift to arouse eighty pre-adolescent orphans to come to her aid in a massive pedophilic orgy -- and must deal with the consequences.
    • by Foxyboy :...
    • Victoria And Old Bill
      victoria zip (14k) (M/g 12 pedo, alcahol, seduction, first)
      Old Bill had been grooming little Victoria for some time now and things were about to heat up. An opportunity was about to present its self, leaving the twelve year old schoolgirl and Bill alone together. Old Bill died a few years ago. He told me about his dalliance with young Victoria and many others, without hesitation and in considerable detail. He's gone now so nobody gives a fuck about something that happened so long ago, but I hope you enjoy the story. I did, and I've tried to recreate it accurately.
    • by Ermberto :...
    • Christmas Presents, part 1 of 2
      christm1 zip (18k) (Inc - mother/son, bro/sis, teen, anal, cum)
      Drunk and horny, 17-year-old Patrick and his sister Tracy, 15, end up having sex after a party. Later their mother staggers home, seduces Patrick and has her son sodomize her over the kitchen table. One of the sordid trio, however, regrets things afterwards.
    • by EROS :...
    • Family Farm, ch 40
      family40 zip (07k) (m/F, inc, mom/son, mm/F, m/FF, groupsex, beast, preg, FF/m++ gangbang)
      There was a rush towards the two women, who were immediately surrounded by two or three eager young teenage boys each. Bill and John joined Larry with Jessica and Sam joined Tommy with Jenny. The two women were soon being groped, front and back, by several eager young hands. Bill stood behind Jessica and lifted up her dress, stroking her bare ass. He was pleasantly surprised to discover that she was totally naked under her short dress. "Hey, no panties!" he chuckled. "Way to go, Mrs Taylor!" Tommy discovered the same thing with Jenny as she reached between her legs to fondle her pussy. "Yeahhh! Mrs Parker isn't wearing any either!" he said, then he realized she was hairless down there too. "Fuck! And she ain't got no hair on her pussy too!" "Jeeesus!" gasped Sammy, diving his hand down between Jenny's legs. "Let me feel, Tommy! Let me feel!" Jenny gasped as the younger boy's fingers joined Tommy's in her swollen pussy. Tommy had already slid his middle finger up inside her and was wiggling it around when Sam joined Tommy's finger with two of his own.

      Wednesday PM, December 29, 2004


      Tuesday PM, December 28, 2004

    • by Dark Tower Gunslinger :...
    • Aftermath, ch 5
      afterma5 zip (19k) (Mg+11/MFf+14/pedo/oral/anal/scat/ws/semi-NC)
      "Oh God yes, please don't stop, your tongue feel so good in both my holes, just keep eating me Natalie," Yvette begged. 'Uh, uh, uh," Marion grunted as Charley plugged another inch into her ass, half his beer can sized wanger ground deep into her shit pit, a first for the horny teen. "Easy Monsieur Charles, your giant prick is killing me but it hurts so fuckin' good, don't stop." My cock was surrounded by hot warmth, the thickness of the secret agent's monstrosity of a cock pushing against the tender membrane separating pussy and ass tract, her taint stretched to the bursting as Charley leverage his cock skyward. I found it hard to believe the beautiful blonde with the teacup sized tits had never been plugged up her Hershey Highway before, she took to ass fucking like a duck to water but I should have guessed it, her younger sister had turned into a trouper taking my over sized cock. "Monsieur Eddie, do you think you could possibly take that beautiful cock of yours out of the young girl's pussy long enough to fuck a old worn out cunt like me," Natalie begged, her face wet with the juices of the preteen, her features flushed.
    • by zet :...
    • Book I Of The Passionist Chronicles - The Adolescence of
      Michael and Jane: Their Confirmation Celebration
      bookone1 zip (29k) (m/g, M/g, F/m, sis/bro, rom, Fa/dau, Mo/son, sm, bd, inc, all totally cons, but *caution* some may consider this sacriligeous)
      A different kind of zet story. Passionists believe sex is a gift of their god. A young Passionist brother and sister come of age and are introduced to their god's pleasure. In a celebration, the rules against incest and other taboos are suspended. Then they learn the greater pleasure of holy pain.
    • by josephk :...
    • Weekend Away, part 2
      weekend2 zip (04k) (4yo, force, ws, gagging, vomit)
      Christ I was hot. I was in shock at what I had just seen, and now had in my car. I stopped thinking of my daughter as my flesh and blood, and now thought of her as my little bitch slut fucktoy. Here was a little piss and cum covered pussy, in my car, on my seat, leaking cum and blood from her abused asshole. IT sat in silence, just a little sob, a little whimper escaping ITs bruised and swollen lips occasionally. I needed relief, and I needed it soon. Up ahead on the road, I saw my chance...a rest stop!
    • by writersblock :...
    • Everyone's Slut, part 2
      everyon2 zip (04k) (M/g dad/daut/prost)
      The next day, Joy is upstairs sleeping, Tom is waiting for Dave, Joy's boyfriend. Candy, Joy's older sister, is in the dungeon enjoying her day off from the whorehouse.Michel, Candy's cuckold husband, is enjoying Candy's sloppy, cunt. Four of Tom's black, buddy's, are fucking the shit out of fifteen year-old Candy's used, cunt.
    • by jallen944 :...
    • The Neighbor's Daughter, part 2
      theneig2 zip (10k) (M/F/f, first time)
      Ethan uses his huge cock on the neighbor's wife and her hot daughter.

      Monday PM, December 27, 2004

    • 5 eNovels were published today.
    • by Nomad :...
    • On A Tight Budget
      onatight zip (24k) (M/g (13yr) first, 9yr g voyeur oral)
      "A good wage in the Ukraine is 30 US dollars a month and many families live on the edge of poverty. So wouldn't you give your daughter's virginity for ten years income, if it meant obtaining a good education for the child, a car, heating, a better way of life, and a better future?"
    • by EROS :...
    • Blackmailing Mom, ch 37
      blackm37 zip (06k) (m/F, inc, mom/son, F/f, mom/daut, mm/F, m/f, bro/sis, dad/daut, mm/f, FF/m, pedo, anal, inter-family groupsex)
      "Okay, now pull my shorts down, Mom!" ordered Jeff. "And take out my cock, you fuckin' slut!" "What!!! No, Jeffy please don't make me do that. I can't do that, not to my own son... ooohhhhh, not with Danny and Terry watching... pleeeease, Jeffy!" pleaded Mary, but her trembling hands were already at his crotch Mary unzipped her son's pants almost eagerly. Then, without further prompting she unfasten them and let them fall to his ankles. Jeff stepped out of them and pulled off his t-shirt simultaneously. Jeff's rampant cock was right in front of her face now, twitching eagerly with a life of its own, clearly trying to escape his briefs. Still trembling Mary lowered his underwear. An involuntary gasp of excitement escaped her sensuously parted lips as her son's rigid prick snapped up in front of her, pointed directly at her mouth. "Yeahhh! You like my cock, don't you, Mom!" Jeff said, grinning down at her. "Is it as big as Dad's?" "Ohhhh, yessss! It is, baby!" she gasped, licking her lips. "God! I had no idea! Oooooooh, Jeffy... !" Suddenly she realized Danny and I were watching her and stopped. She seemed embarrassed at her obvious arousal at the sight of her own son's stiff prick.
    • by abc-Teach :...
    • The Island of Sex Slaves, ch 4: The Towels
      theisla4 zip (05k) (Mgg, tort, bd, oral)
      In Chapter 4 we learn of Julies first day in her sexual education class.

      Sunday PM, December 26, 2004

    • by BlackSwan :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Sandra's Sadness, ch 1
      sandras1 zip (07k) (nec, ped, reluc, M/f)
      Sandra's parents run a funeral home. Her sadness at the loss of a friend turns erotic as she is first shocked and then comforted by her father's assistant.
    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • Discovering
      discover zip (11k) (boy 12, girl 5, nudity, fondling, manipulation, oral)
      Johnny Covington was 7 and lying in a bathtub the day he discovered what his penis was good for other that peeing out of. Visions of his 1 yo neighbor's baby without a diaper, taught him his first lesson in female anatomy. And thinking back on it in the tub, brought him an erection and so began his masturbatory practices. At age 12 his now 5 year old neighbor surprises him once again. "What'cha doing, Johnny?" The soft little girl voice practically shattered the silence of the bathroom, which until that moment had known only the squish, squash sounds of tightly clasped fingers working feverishly on loose foreskin. The little voice followed up with, "What's that you've got in your hand?" The voice belonged to little Milly Carpenter from next door. She's five years old, and as she said, I'm Johnny. Johnny Covington. I'm twelve years old. What am I doing? I'm lying naked in my bathtub without a drop of water in it, getting myself off, choking the monkey as some kids like to say.
    • by abc-Teach :...
    • The Island Of Sex Slave, ch 3: Learning the Ropes
      theisla3 zip (05k) (Mggg, bd)
      Julie learns more about the beginning of her sexual education, and what they do at the school.
    • by Werwolf :...
    • Secret
      secret zip (08k) (inc/pedo)
      Впервые эти незабываемые ощущения, потрясшие меня, в сущности, еще девочки-подростка, я испытала в 12 лет. Но тогда я была горда, что мои подружи об этом еще ничего не знают и узнают, наверно, только в день их свадьбы. Тогда мы жили в поселке у подножья гор. Шли первые дни летних каникул. Но тот, субботний, день я не забуду никогда.

      Saturday PM, December 25, 2004

    • by Running Bear :...
    • Bus Stop
      busstop zip (32k) (Mg-10 rom oral)
      Taking pity on a girl caught in the snow, a man changes his life.
    • by Earnest Hemenhaw :...
    • Caroline, part 2
      carolin2 zip (09k) (M/g, cons, anal, oral, ws)
      Caroline comes back and we have fun that night and the next.
    • by EROS :...
    • Family Farm, ch 39
      family39 zip (06k) (m/F, inc, mom/son, mm/F, m/FF, groupsex, beast, preg, FF/m++ gangbang)
      "What?!! No way! That's bullshit!" Danny gasped in disbelief. "A scrawny little squirt like you is screwin' Mrs Frazer AND that little cutie Misty??! I don't believe it... you HAVE got to be fuckin' joking!" "Nope! It's a fact!" replied Larry. "I went over to Tommy's place one afternoon and caught him fuckin' his Mom, right there on the living room couch. She was squealin' and squirmin' her big swollen cunt up at him like a two-dollar whore, Danny... honest!" "Tell me more..." smiled Danny, putting his arm around the other boy's shoulder as they headed off towards the living room. "This could change everything!" "Huh?" "Nothing... just tell me what happened next."

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