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    July 25th - July 30th mid-Morning Updates

      On Friday PM, July 30, 2004

    • by HT1 :...
    • Another Family Rape Story
      anotherf zip (11k) (MMM/F/teen/g, dog, anal, nc)
      3 men break into a house, to rape a mother and her two daughters     
      Sunday Morning
      sundaymo zip (09k) (M/F/teen, cons)
      Ann and Simon give their 16 year old daughter her first proper experience of sex.     
    • by Sam Hammer :...
    • Cherry Pop Bebop, ch 1
      cherryp1 zip (11k) (M/f, Daddy-Daughter, Incest, Extreme Young, Oral)
      The Long Awaited Novel in Serial Form! What Happens when a typical father arrives in a town where pedophilia isn't just accepted in every facet of society but EXPECTED! In the opening chapter, A father gets a special birthday present from his FOUR year old daughter! Come back EVERY Day for a brand new chapter of CHERRY POP BEBOP! Written in 640X480 for your viewing pleasure!     
    • by Honey Warren :...
    • Just So, part 2
      justso2 zip (18k) (Mf)
      Elisa ran up the steps and into her house. The school bus had just dropped her off at the bottom of the lane. The first thing she noticed in her driveway was her Father’s car and that had slowed her walk. Father was never home at 3:30 in the afternoon. Father’s day was planned just so. But right after that she had noticed a red Ford ½ ton parked there as well and she knew her Uncle Robin was visiting. She began to run. She threw open the front door and skipped into the living room, expecting to see her Father and his oldest friend. The room was empty, as was the kitchen. She realized she could hear hammering and talking from the upstairs, where no one usually was. There was just a big room up there that her family had always used for storage. The rafters were bare and the room was dark and it frightened her at times.     
    • by Sam Hammer :...
    • Preteen Sex Diary
      preteens zip (18k) (M/f, teacher, student, implied incest)
      Nine year old Sunny McDonald gets her own series as she details her adventures as a self admitted Preteen Slut! In this opening story, complete in itself, she details of her adventure at grade school. Why have sex with your teacher when you can have the principal instead! Written in 640X480 for your viewing pleasure!     
    • by Bardon :...
    • Kristina, part 6 - Final
      kristin6 zip (06k) (FF/vampire, torture)
      "I am going to awaken Michael now and bring him down," I told Jasmine as she came up and stood behind me. "Yes Mistress," she replied with a slight grim still on her face. "You are liking this Jasmine?" "Yes, Mistress, can I have some more blood?"     
    • by Lincoln Lee :...
    • Man Hunter
      manhunte zip (07k) (Mb)
      We have all heard how men prey on innocent young boys. This story is a twist on that old theme.     
    • by Forbidden Innocence :...
    • Taming Those Disruptive Students, Episode Three
      tamingt3 zip (13k) (Mf, Fmm, mast. oral, facial, con)
      Jaime Wine was a first year teacher, in an Orlando Florida suburb and had difficulty getting the attention of two of her male students. Following her boyfriend's recommendation she used her sexual talents to improve their quiz scores (read Episode One). Later her horny young studs come over to her condo to receive more assistance, and she learns, with the assistance of her boyfriend, just how satisfying three young cocks can be (read Episode 2). During this final episode we watch her deal with: 3 cocks at the same time, her male students receiving precious hands-on experience and her role as a mentor for an inexperienced 11-year-old girl who just happens to drop by.     
    • by Molon Labe :...New Author.!.!.!
    • El Instructor, ch 1
      elinstr1 zip (06k) (M/b rape)
      Ambientado en la Confederación de Rillanon, narra las peripecias de un hombre culto pero también lascivo, violento y pedófilo.     

      Thursday PM, July 29, 2004

    • by ktbcat :...
    • Friday Night at Sarah's House - Conclusion
      fridayn4 zip (25k) (m/f, dad/daut, f/fff, scat, ws)
      Marcus and Sarah Walker finish off her Prom Night with a flourish and with the help of Sarah's 3 girlfriends, Carrie, Jeanette and Stephanie.     
    • by Bardon :...
    • Kristina, part 5
      kristin5 zip (09k) (FF/vampire, torture, death)
      Reaching Grand Central Station, the three of us got off the train. I extended the kinetic shield to surround us and extending out 3 feet. As we moved people were pushed out of the way. This gave us an unrestricted path down the platform to the escalators and across to the platform where we will catch the 7 train and will get off at 90th St-Elmhurst Avenue Station, just 4 blocks from my home. Looking back at Jasmine, her eyes were downcast not looking at anyone.     
    • by Capt. Dread :...
    • The Wagon, ch 8
      thewago8 zip (10k) (family/kidnapped/western/rape/m/f f/f violence/snuff/torture/baby)
      Mary could hear the screams of her little sister off in the distance, she knew that she would never see her smiling face again. She started to cry and the screams increased in intensity, turning into wails. The screams suddenly stopped and Mary knew that her little sister was dead. Mary lost all hope and collapsed into the arms of the teenage boys that were dragging her outside the circle of teepees. Women and children walked behind her, beating her with sticks and branches. The tops of her tiny feet were being cut open from the rough ground.     
    • by EROS :...
    • Family Farm, ch 12
      family12 zip (11k) (m/F, inc, mom/son, mm/F, groupsex, beast)
      Over at the Taylor household things were hotting up as well. After he and Kevin had fucked his mom, Danny couldn't keep his horny young hands off her. Jessica had never had it so good. She'd never been fucked so hard and so often in her life, as she had been in the past day or so... and it was all thanks to her handsome young son and his friend Kevin. 'Thank God for young teenage cocks', she thought. "They're insatiable!" At that very moment, Danny entered the kitchen where Jessica was just finishing the washing up. He took one look at is mother's sexy round ass bent over the sink and came up close behind her. "Feel like a fuck, Mom?" he grinned, rubbing his hand lewdly up between her legs. "Uhhhhmmmm, Baby! I sure do!" she smiled. "Mommy's been horny all day!" Jessica leaned back against her son's muscular young chest and let him fondle her moist cunt through her panties. Then with a moan of sexual frustration she grabbed Danny by the hand and lead him upstairs to her bedroom.     
      Horny Little Schoolgirl Sluts, ch 19
      hornyl19 zip (08k) (M/f, inc, m/f, f/f, mm/f, m/F, M/ff, mm/F, MM/f, family, pedo, school, gangbang)
      Ben walked into the bathroom and heard the shower still running. He took off his clothes and opened the stall door, smiling at his naked little daughter as he entered. "Hi, honey!" he grinned. "Need someone to wash your back for you?" "Ohhh, yes please, Daddy!" giggled Suzy. "But I'd rather you washed my front." Ben saw the sexy gleam in her eye and smiled, his big cock began to stiffen immediately. "I'll do more than wash it for you, Baby!" smiled Ben, reaching down between his daughter's slippery young thighs. Suzy's sleek little body was glistened invitingly under the spray, streaked sexily with soapy foam. Ben ran his hands over her tiny tits and down between her legs. "Uuuuhhh, Daddy! That feels so nice!" she moaned, reaching for her father's cock. Ben was erect in a flash, his massive prick nudging her belly. The difference in their heights meant that he had to hunch down quite a bit to line his cock up with her slippery little cunt.     
    • by oded :...
    • Schule
      schule zip (04k) (M/f)
      Der alte Sack stöhnt auf, als er die Hand seiner Schülerin an seinem Schwanz fühlt und endlich ergiebt sich Katharina in ihr Schicksal und beginnt mit ihrer hand den Ständer des Lehrers zu wichsen.     

      Wednesday PM, July 28, 2004

    • by ktbcat :...
    • Friday Night at Sarah's House - Prom Night
      fridayn3 zip (24k) (m/f, f/fff, scat, ws, extreme debauchery)
      Sarah Walker is spending the most important night of her teenage life at home with her three lesbian girlfriends and her prom 'date', her own dad. She brings new meaning to the words decadent daughter.     
    • by Bardon :...
    • Kristina, part 4
      kristin4 zip (09k) (FF/vampire, anal, paranormal)
      Laying next to her small body my hand lightly stroking her nickel sized pale pink areola with 1/4 inch long rock hard nipples, she is moaning in her sleep, glancing into the link that has been established between us I can see that in her dreams she is sucking my clit. Smiling, very gently I pull her nipple away from her tiny baby like breast and let it snap back. A shutter runs through her body as she orgasms.     
    • by Doctor J :...
    • Kyle and Lorelei: Scene 7
      kyleand7 zip (07k) (m/f)
      "Are you sure Kyle?" Lorelei asked, as she sat on her bed, dressed only in a skirt, panties and a bra. She'd been home from school about fifteen minutes, and was reading her novel when Kyle got home, rushing upstairs. She could see the bulge in his pants already. "I'm sure Lorelei...I want to see it so badly" Kyle said. "Look!" he said, pulling his shorts down, revealing a pre-cum stain on his boxers below.     
    • by GoDSpiT :...
    • Melodie's First Pregnancy
      melodies zip (18k) (M/g, ped, incs, girls age: 5)
      Melodie, one of Karen's two best friends is five years old. She recently became pregnant when fooling around with her daddy and mommy (to find out how read Karen's First Sleepover). Now journey with Melodie and her Parents through her first pregnancy. . .     
    • by jallen944 :...
    • Whisky & Lemonade
      whiskeya zip (12k) (First Time)
      Ethan's first time is with the neighbor's wife.     
    • by Hubert :...
    • Frau Im Keller
      frauimke zip (06k) (M/f)
      In meiner Altbau Villa geht es zwei Etagen hinab in den Keller, früher lagerte hier die Kohle und es gab einen Waschraum. Wochenlang baute ich die kühlen und muffigen Räume zum Kerker aus....     

      Tuesday PM, July 27, 2004

    • 5 eNovels were published today.
    • by Suitcase Pimp :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Memoirs of a Suitcase Pimp, ch 1
      memoirs1 zip (25k) (MmMm/fff, FfFf/mMmM, paedo, incest, porno production, consenting, spanking, bondage, ect)
      What the hell is a ‘Suitcase Pimp'? A famous porn diva defines him as the guy who carries a porn starlet's wardrobe bags onto the set, then hangs around, observes the action and parties with cast and crew. He may or may not benefit financially from this arrangement, but he definitely must be an avid voyeur, lecherous, and without any jealousy. The first chapter deals with the sordid childhood and youth of the protagonists.     
    • by Perdido :...
    • In the Spirit
      inthespi zip (07k) (M/g, semi nc)
      A parish priest uses (and abuses) his position of trust to coax young girls into letting him play with their pussies, assuring them the strange feelings he arouses in them is the Holy Spirit at work in their bodies.     
    • by Sam T. Sleaze :...
    • The Time of My Life, part 3
      thetime3 zip (15k) (MMbb, incest, spanking, anal, bondage, torture, watersports)
      It was just last week. I was standing in the doorway of my 15 year old son's bedroom. He was sliding his dick in and out of the ass of his 13 year old cousin. I loved listening to their groans and grunts, and I thought about how much my life changed in the 5 years since my son came to live with me, and how much more it was going to change now that my nephew was here to stay. Sam, my son, lay on top of his cousin Stevie, both of them face down on his bed. Their taught, tan teen bodies were coated in a layer of boysweat.     
      Training Trevor, part 1
      trainin1 zip (09k) (M/b; oral, anal, BDSM, torture, snuff)
      The little boy's eyes glaze over with a terrified look. I love that look. I ingest it. I keep it held within myself and make it my own. I move the sharp point of the safety pin across the tender flesh of his heaving chest. I press it into him enough so that he is aware that it's there, but not hard enough to rip his skin open. The pin leaves behind a slight white trail, reaching from his quivering belly button to his right nipple.     
    • by EROS :...
    • Blackmailing Mom, ch 10
      blackm10 zip (07k) (m/F, inc, mom/son, mm/F, m/f, bro/sis, mm/f, groupsex)
      "Well..." Linda Walters said, with a toss of her hair. "Don't let me interrupt. You three are obviously having a good time!" "Mom! We... I... ummmm... fuck!" stammered Terry, scarlet with embarrassment as she tried to cover his erect prick with both hands. "'Fuck' is right, Sweetheart," smiled Linda. "I've been watching you three for a good ten minutes now... it made me so horny I simply had to join you." Walking over to Terry, she sat on the bed next to him and pulled his hands away from his rapidly-softening cock replacing them with her own. Terry gasped but didn't pull away from his mother's intimate touch... he was too horny. "Huh?", asked Terry incredulously. " mean... you want to join us.... I... I mean to fuc... I mean have sex with us?" "Ohhhh, yeah! You bet, Baby!" murmured his mother, running her fingers up and down her son's soft glistening length from tip to balls. "You two boys have exactly what I've been missing for years... a nice virile cock.. or two!"     
      Horny Little Schoolgirl Sluts, ch 18
      hornyl18 zip (08k) (M/f, inc, m/f, f/f, mm/f, m/F, mmF, MM/f, family, pedo, school, gangbang)
      As she felt her second son's stiff cock enter her sperm-filled cunt, Stacey arched her back on the table and moaned in ecstasy. "Oooooooooooooh, God," she cried, "unnnngghhhhh, baby!" "Uhhhhh, shit yeah!, Tommy growled. "Jesus, you're wet, Mom!" His eyes were wide, his voice hoarse, as he plowed his stiff cock into his mother's hot little pussy-hole. Even though she'd just finished fucking his older brother, her cunt was still deliciously tight around his prick. As always, it felt silk-lined, slippery, and hot as a furnace. As he sank into her, those slick, satiny maternal walls that had given him birth sucked and squeezed his cock-shaft like a hot little mouth. Mother and son groaned in ecstasy as Tommy shoved his cock to the hilt in Stacey's insatiable cunt, both of them now totally ignoring poor Billy. Billy didn't care. He just sat back in the chair beside them, idly stroking his limp, sticky prick as he patiently waited his turn. His cock would be hard by the time his little brother finished, and then it would be his turn again to pound his virile young prick into their mother's eagerly-upthrust twat. It was only a matter of time.     
    • by Bradley Stoke :...
    • The Coming of Age
      thecomin zip (14k) (ff Ff inc)
      Zoot celebrates her coming of age at a party organised for her. As she watches Uranus orbit above her, Zoot has to choose who will be privileged to initiate her into the adult world. Will it be her mother, her best friend or someone totally different? It is a tense choice as she can only ever once celebrate the Coming of Age.     
    • by Sholder :...
    • Sun City
      suncity zip (178k) (adventure, crime, cons, noncons, slave, torture, inc)
      In the year 2021 a virus developed and set free by terrorists killed 99,95 % of all mankind. Im Jahre 2021 tötete ein von Terroristen freigesetzter Virus 99,95 % der Menschheit. Some hundred thousands people founded a new town named Sun City near the Rocky Mountains. Slavery became a normal part of life. All persons out of Sun City were declared as slaves. Einige hunderttausend Personen gründeten eine neue Stadt mit Namen Sun City. Alle Personen außerhalb von Sun City wurden zu Sklaven erklärt. Beautiful femal sexslaves were sold up to 150.000 DUR. To be owner of a top sex slave was the highest level of social reputation. There was no limit of what one could do with a slave. Schöne Sexsklavinnen wurden zu Preisen bis 150.000 DUR verkauft. Besitzer einer solchen zu sein, war das Höchste an sozialer Reputation. Es gab keine Grenzen was man mit einem Sklaven machen konnte.     

      Monday PM, July 26, 2004

    • by The Love Kid :...
    • Bootstraps, part 3: Lift Himself Up By His Own Bootstraps: Off you go!
      bootstr3 zip (83k) (Mg+ / gg+ / bg+ Sci-fi (time travel) Pedo Incest Preg Preteen/toddler/baby, some anal -- cons)
      Jeff gets trapped in the past and must encounter one of the Aliens! He leaves the meeting understanding less than he did before. Back safe in the future he takes time to learn that his deepest darkest wishes are provided for by the girls he brought from his own time, and his many daughters. But his peace is ended abruptly as he finds that the timing of events is no longer in his control, once again. How does Jeff emerge from the mess? Just how does someone lift themselves up by their own bootstraps?     
    • by Fraylor :...
    • EXP1, ch 1-3
      exp1_3 zip (43k) (m/f g)
      An original story recounting the sexual experiences of a young boy from toddler to teen.     
    • by ktbcat :...
    • Friday Night At Sarah's House, part 2
      fridayn2 zip (29k) (m/f dad/daut scat/ws/debauchery)
      Sarah Walker comes of age and her relationship with her dad reaches a new plateau. The degraded daughter submissively accepts her new position in her young life.     
    • by Bardon :...
    • Kristina, part 3
      kristin3 zip (07k) (FF/vampire, paranormal, oral, anal)
      "I need a bath," slowly parts from my mouth as my eyes rise to hers with a slight crooked grin on my face. Turning, my small hips with an exotic swing, entering the bathroom I reach the large black marble sunken tub.     
    • by Running Bear :...
    • My Town
      mytown zip (81k) (Mf Mgg Mg+ Mt rom oral anal interr)
      Traveling salesman enters a town where sex with minors is not only practiced, it's expected.     
    • by subhubby :...
    • Pussywhipped Teen, parts 1-2
      pussy1_2 zip (09k) (F/m Mom,Daugh, dad femdom)
      Jim came home from work eager to see his new bride. She had promised that today he would be able to finally have sex.  Although it troubled him that she hadn't said that "they" would have sex yet.  2 weeks into the marriage and after 2 years of dating without intercourse he was sporting some very large blue balls.  Since the engagement Stacy had taken over his orgasms and only gave them out sparingly.  You see it started like this...... Stacy had been more than he had ever hoped to even date, say nothing about marry!     
    • by Madhatter113 :...
    • Sneak Theif, ch 11
      sneakt11 zip (10k) (M/b/b, b'b b'g bro/sis mast cons Moth/son pre)
      Jenny's tight little ring bulged in and out in time to her frantic thrusts as the hard rim of my cock alternately pulled her cuntmouth outwards before the thickness of my shaft drew her labia almost completely inside her with each of her thrusts, my cum forcing its way past the tight ring of flesh to run in rivulets down my shaft to my balls. Then the 'action' part was over and Jenny was being laid on my chest to rest and I watched my cock slip inside her that fateful fraction more and my cum was stained virgin pink by her blood.     
    • by EROS :...
    • Randy Mandy's Doggy Adventure, ch 7 (FINAL)
      randyma7 zip (06k) (m/F, inc, dad/daut, pedo, beast)
      Richard eased himself down, cock in hand, and poked the fat, bloated head against the puffy lips of his daughter's cunt. Amanda squealed with joy and giggled happily as her father probed the tip of his cock around and around in her tight, juicy young twat, folding her hairless little cunt-lips every which way. Amanda spread her legs wider and began squirming her tiny ass up off the bed in eager anticipation. Her father's big fat cock-head felt good against her hot little pussy, real good... and she wanted more of it. Richard was only too happy to oblige the horny little slut! "Feels good, huh? My big prick feels nice in your hot little cunt, doesn't it, Mandy?" he leered, rubbing his cock-head up and down between her slippery little baby cunt-lips. "Yessss! Mmmmmm, ohhhhhh, fuck yesssssss, Daddy!" she moaned.     
    • by Spin :...
    • The Downstairs Renter
      thedowns zip (09k) (M/F Sex, Pedo)
      The Downstairs Renter is about the interaction between a cute little preteen girl and a new tenent that rents the bottom half of her mom and dad's house.Some of the story is quite true but the rest is up to you and your imagination.     
    • by Baerbel :...
    • Abenteuer Bei Der Radtour, ch 1
      abenteu1 zip (04k) (f/f/f)
      Susi und ihre Freundinnen machten eine Radtour. Für aufgeweckte Mädchen war es nach Meinung ihrer Eltern auch kein Problem zu zelten. Sie sollten aber nur auf Campingplätze gehn und sich jeden Tag melden.     
      Meine Abenteuer Beim Trampen, ch 1
      meine1_2 zip (06k) (f/f/f)
      Mein Name ist Barbara. Heute bin ich 31 Jahre alt und habe nen guten Beruf. Ich bin Lehrerin und wenn meine Schüler wüssten, was ich so allesschon erlebt und gemacht habe, die würden dem Unterricht bestimmt nicht mehr folgen können. Erstaunlich genug ist das bei meiner wilden Jugend, die mich immer wieder einmal einholt und neu beschäftigt. Manchmal träume ich mich nur zurück, manchmal aber packt es mich und ich ziehe wieder los, so zum Beispiel zum Trampen.     

      Sunday PM, July 25, 2004

    • by The Love Kid :...
    • Bootstraps, part 2: Lift Himself Up By His Own Bootstraps: Pull up sharply!
      bootstr2 zip (86k) (Mg+ / bg+ / Mb+ Sci-fi (time travel) Pedo Incest Preg Preteen/toddler/baby, some anal -- cons)
      Jeff lurks about in the past and the future, still apparently under the influence of some outside influence -- Aliens! Jeff learns quite a bit more about the future world, and the advantages of his role there, including lots of sex with the youngest of girls, even some babies and infants invloved! But the mystery is doing more than deepening, it's pulling Jeff along with an increasing pace.     
    • by Curious Cat :...
    • Game...Set...Match
      gamesetm zip (12k) (M/g (11), lite restraint, oral, tit play, tip fucking)
      I love tennis! The sun, the fun, and especially those young, nubile, long-legged ball girls. I have quite a collection of great action shots not of the players on the circuit but of a bevy of beauties who chase all the misshit balls. Like the one from today's championship match...a gorgeous and very young one. Who would have ever thought that she'd fall right into my eager arms. Well, she didn't exactly fall into them...she had a little help...from me...and Nature's call.     
    • by Canker :...
    • Hotel Gigolo, part 12
      hotelg12 zip (08k) (MFF Teachers/student, Conclusion)
      After being released from the hospital, Gary is invited to dinner with the two hot teachers, Kania and Xandra.     
    • by Forbidden Innocence :...
    • Taming Those Disruptive Students, Episode Two
      tamingt2 zip (09k) (MF, mmf , Mmm (cum shooting contest), mast. oral, con)
      Jaime Wine was a first year teacher, in an Orlando Florida suburb and had difficulty getting the attention of two of her male students. Following her boyfriend's recommendation she used her sexual talents to improve their quiz scores (read Episode One). During this episode, her "very high performing" young studs come over to her condo to receive more assistance, and she learns, with the assistance of her boyfriend, just how satisfying three young cocks can becum when you're watching a testosterone contest.     
    • by CuPED :...
    • The Bully, part 2
      thebull2 zip (14k) (m/g m+g m/F Bro/Sis Incest Group reluc)
      The view that greeted my eyes as I arrived back at the twin's room stopped me dead in my tracks for the second time that day. Carla lay flat on her back on the left hand bed. Jean and Janice were kneeling on either side of my sister. Each had one of Carla's hands pinned firmly to the bed above her head. Each of the twins had one of Carla's pudgy legs holding them up by her sides. Carla's head was off of the bed, looking down her body with wide eyes at Mark.     
    • by Babu :...
    • The Kiss-Lick-Suck Game
      thekissl zip (06k) (Indian Mother-Son Incest, Preteen, 4-year-old Son, Oral, Cons)
      Anitha's parents also went along with her when she took her son Deepu for admission to the preschool. The preschool was run by a widowed lady. Anitha felt very relieved on seeing Deepu happily mingling with the other little boys and girls in the preschool. 4-year-old Deepu was the first boy born in her family and he was adorable and loved by the whole family. Her elder sister and brother both had girls only. Anitha was 26 years of age and her husband was in the military service and he used to come on leave every two years only. As she was not employed, she was staying with her aged parents in their home, along with her son Deepu.     
    • by Cheryl :...
    • The Tapes, part 2
      thetape2 zip (05k) (exhib, nudity, oral, 18yrFem, 14yrM)
      In chapter two our heroine comes up with a plan to began living out her fantasies, first with the next door boy.     
    • by Capt. Dread :...
    • The Wagon, ch 7
      thewago7 zip (04k) (family/kidnapped/western/rape/m/f f/f violence/snuff/torture/baby)
      "You, little white one, killed two of my warriors...for will suffer the most at the hands of their families.' He said and spit into her tiny battered face. He turned and dragged the little girl by her hair over to a group of people that were huddled around each other crying. Mary knew that these were the families of the warriors she had killed that night in the wagon. The hate in their eyes were so powerful that Mary started to panic and fight to run away.     
    • by Mortimer Snerd :...
    • Castaways in Paradise
      castaway zip (34k) (Mg+++ rom first preg dad/daut inc)
      A 24-year-old man and a 10-year-old girl are shipwrecked together on a deserted island. He has always lusted after little girls, and now he sees a chance to build his own little world based on a pedophile's wet dreams!     
    • by EROS :...
    • Horny Little Schoolgirl Sluts, ch 17
      hornyl17 zip (11k) (M/f, inc, m/f, f/f, mm/f, m/F, mmF, MM/f, family, pedo, school, gangbang)
      When Suzy arrived home, her mother was too busy to be angry with her for being late... too busy being fucked that is! Billy had her bent over the kitchen sink with her dress up over her naked ass, pounding his cock into her cunt from behind like there was no tomorrow. Tommy sat on a chair nearby, stroking a huge erection of his own, obviously waiting his turn. "Hey! That's unfair, Mom!", said Suzy, staring enviously at her brother's long, hard cock as it plunged deeply into their mother's hairy, sucking cunt. "Billy promised to fuck me first this afternoon!" "Ummffff! Sorry, Suzy!", grunted Stacey, her body shuddering violently with each solid thrust from her eldest son's cock. "You were late! Unnghhh! I told you to be home... unnnffff! five thirty!" Tommy turned to his little sister and grinned. "We started talking about the last time Uncle Brad and Aunt Kim and the kids came to visit. Mom got so horny she just couldn't wait!" Suzy smiled back. Like mother... like daughter, she thought. "Is Daddy home yet?" asked Suzy hopefully. ", sweetheart! Unnnhhhmmmff! He's got a staff m...meeting till s... uhhhnnnnhghh...six thirty!" grunted her mother. Billy was really pounding into her cunt hard now.     
    • by Buxom Gail :...
    • Sarah's Revenge, ch 4
      sarahsr4 zip (07k) (FFf mother daughter incest)
      Sarah's teenager daughter, Becky, catches her and Alice kissing in her room. Becky is shocked and now upset with her. How does one's mother explain to a daughter that she was becoming a lesbian? How would Sarah solve her problem so that her relationship with her daughter doesn't become estrange?     
    • by Lil Girl Lover :...
    • Las Aventuras de mi Pequeña Anita, ch 2
      lasaven2 zip (05k) (M/g, pedo, toddler, incest, dad/daugther, oral)
      Anita y Rolando disfrutan del placer del incesto mediante juegos y caricias bucogenitales.     

      Saturday PM, July 24, 2004


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