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      On Friday PM, June 25, 2004

    • by jallen944 :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Trial By Sperm
      trialbys zip (08k) (First Time)
      First time with exchange student     
    • by Joker :...
    • Foursome, ch 1
      foursom1 zip (09k) (M/ b-b 8- 9 yo. Oral beginning / mild punishment)
      He began giving kisses to the magnificent skin of his brother's breathtaking ass, his beautiful head dipping down in synchronization to the movements of the incredibly soft sable mitt.     
    • by Canker :...
    • Hotel Gigolo, part 8
      hotelgi8 zip (06k) (MF, MF, Make Over)
      Gary recieves a tough assignment. He has to please a member of he Hotel Review board so that the hotel he works for will recieve a high rating in the hotel Ratings magazine.     
    • by Sam T. Sleaze :...
    • How I Joined the SlaveKids, part 5
      howijoi5 zip (17k) (bbbg; incest, oral, anal, light S&M)
      I loved the fact that Andrew's smile had changed to a pout, and he was ordered by his mother to the middle of the room. He obediently crawled over and while on all fours, lubed up his ass with a fingerful of KJ jelly, and then spread his cheeks and presented his puckered hole for me to fuck.     
      The Time of My Life, part 2
      thetime2 zip (19k) (Mb, spanking, anal; bbbb, bondage, light torture, spanking, watersports)
      It was just last week. My 15 year old cousin was sliding his dick in and out of my ass. I'm 13 years old this week. I loved being with my cousin, listening to his groans and grunts, when I realized how much my life had changed in the short 5 days since my mother left and I went to live with my uncle and my cousin. Sam, my cousin, lay on top of me, both of us face down on his bed. His 15 year old body was coated in a layer of boysweat, as was mine. I had no doubt that my cousin had enjoyed my screams of pain from his initial entry into my tiny bunghole and had they had slowly changed to little bleeps of pain and moans of pleasure.     
    • by Madhatter113 :...
    • Sneak Theif, ch 8
      sneakth8 zip (11k) (W/b)
      I looked back to where Simon lay just in time to see him turn over again. His cock by now was fully erect, the tip of it poking beyond the narrow band of his trunks its tip glistening with the copious amount of pre-cum he had leaked in his excitement.     
    • by EROS :...
    • Family Fucks, ch 4
      2family4 zip (05k) (M/f, MM/f, inc, dad/daut, uncle/niece, pedo)
      "Did you fuck her again?"" asked Daddy. "Come on, show me the rest of the video... then we can wake up the girls and have some more fun with them for a while!" My gooey little pussy did sexual back-flips at that suggestion and I rubbed myself even harder in anticipation, hoping Uncle Bryan would do as Daddy said and play some more of the video. "Sounds good to me!" agreed Uncle Bryan, pressing play on the remote. The screen had frozen as little Juanita was about to go down on Uncle Bryan's sticky, wilted prick. Now, the camera zoomed in as the eager little 6-year-old Mexican kid wrapped her tiny fingers Uncle Bryan's limp, glistening cock.     

      Thursday PM, June 24, 2004

    • by Running Bear :...
    • Adam's Apple
      adamsapp zip (28k) (Mf-14 rom mast oral mild ws)
      A man is asked to watch over his boss' daughter while her father is away on a business trip. Boy is he in for a surprise.     
    • by Joey :...
    • Charlie Returns, ch 4b
      charli4b zip (25k) (MM/b (9,12), inc pedo, w/s)
      Walking up to Joey Ed said, "Joey have you had enough cock and cum for one night?" "No Dad, I see you have a swell erection, do you want me to suck your cock?" "Not yet Joey. I want you to meet Father Jim who would like you to suck him and let him fuck you or sixty-nine or do whatever you both want to do. Father Jim has lots of pre-school girls to fuck but he loves boy cock and cum." "Pleased to meet you Father," said Joey as he knelt to kiss and carefully lick and then suck the priests erection.     
    • by EROS :...
    • Family Farm, ch 8
      familyf8 zip (07k) (mm/F, m/F, mom/son, inc, beast)
      Jason got up and quickly fetched Billy, the family's stud goat, from his stall. Jenny watched her naked son lead the animal out into the centre of the barn, the boy's semi-hard cock wagging in front of him. "Here, Mom..." said, Jason. "Hold him while I get your 'bed' ready." "Huh? My, bed?", asked Jenny. "Yeah..." smiled Jason, "you didn't figure on fucking him standing up did you Mom?" "Hmmm, I guess not..." "I'll make you a bed out of hay bales so you can lie down while Billy gets his jollies!" "I hope I get some 'jollies' too, Baby!" grinned Jenny, stroking the goat's furry back. "Are you gonna give Mommy some 'jollies'? Huh, Billy-boy?"     
    • by oded :...
    • Blutjunge Nymphe
      blutjung zip (12k) (M/ff)
      Dieses Wochenende sollte so super werden, doch wie üblich machte uns das Wetter einen Strich durch die Rechnung..     
      Die geile Tochter von Nebenan
      diegeile zip (04k) (M/f)
      Ich genoss es, in der Sonne zu liegen, mich ab und an im Pool abzukühlen und die Nachbar Kids denen ich erlaubte den Pool mit zu benutzen Nadine 18 und Dagmar 17jahre alt in ihrem knappen Bikinis zu beobachten.     

      Wednesday PM, June 23, 2004

    • by Dark Tower Gunslinger :...
    • Soccer Mom, ch 8
      soccerm8 zip (22k) (BM+/M+/F+/f14/g8/interr/oral)
      “Shut up little brat. Keep your mouth shut and tell your sister to do likewise,” the younger version of Becca said rubbing her wrists where the handcuffs had chaffed her skin. She looked at Dallas and the face softened, a shy smile lighting her lips as she wiped her tongue across them in an open appeal to the grown man to initiate some for of oral contact.“Like what you see big guy. I suck a mean cock. I’ll suck your cock and I’ll even suck your balls if you want. You can cum in my mouth and I’ll swallow it all,” Her smile became more demure, her eyes dropping shyly in imitation of the small girl her psyche was filling.“How about sucking out my ass?” Dallas asked smiling cruelly.The smile crumpled, a confused look crossing her face and then she was looking at him and her eyes were begging him to stay within the confines of the script she had created over the years and not stray. Always she had been in control, the men she selected allowing her to initiate and consummate the act at her pace.“I…I don’t know about doing that, it sounds disgusting,” she said in a small voice.     
    • by Marie LeClare :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Casey and the Nuns
      caseyand zip (04k) (FFf)
      The nuns take sexual liberties with an underage girl.     
    • by Kate :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Ebony, ch 1
      ebony1 zip (03k) (f/f)
      My wonderful experience with an African-American beauty...     
    • by EROS :...
    • Blackmailing Mom, ch 6
      blackma6 zip (11k) (mm/F, inc, mom/son)
      "Ohhhh, Fuck!," I panted, my breath hot on the side of her face. "Mmmmm, oh yeah, move that cunt!.... Shit, you're such a hot piece of ass, Mom!" Mom grinned up at me lewdly, squirming and panting as she humped her horny cock-filled twat up against my deep powerful thrusts. "Uhhhhfff, Jesus, forget the compliments, honey!", she grunted. "Just concentrate on fucking me, son. Mmmmmmfff, yeahhhh! Shove that big stiff prick in as deep as you can and fuck me hard, Danny... Mommy's nearly ready to come!" Her hot, panting mouth closed over mine and we kissed each other passionately.     
    • by oded :...
    • Das Postpaket
      daspostp zip (10k) (M/f)
      Ich hastete mit meiner Last fünf Stufen hoch und dann sah ich sie. Eine Augenweide von Frau stand im Türrahmen. Ich traf jeden Tag schöne Frauen, dass brachte der Job mit sich. Aber dieses weibliche Wesen war mehr als der Hit.     
    • by Sabine Hertling :...
    • Zwei Jungs und der anale Nachmittagspass, ch 1
      zweijun1 zip (06k) (m/m, anal)
      Als der 13 jährige Michael die Wohnungstür ausschloss, er und sein gleichaltriger Mitschüler die Wohnung betraten, sah er, wie sich seine Mutter im Flur gerade die Jacke anzog und in die Schuhe schlüpfte. „Ach da bist du ja, Michi. Hallo Bernhard. Du, ich muss zur Arbeit, da ist jemand krankgeworden“, begrüßte ihn die Mutter. „Uns wird schon nicht langweilig werden“, entgegnete Michael und so steuerten die beiden 13jährigen Jungs das Kinderzimmer von Michael an. Michael schloss, obwohl sie allein waren, vorsichtshalber die Tür ab, da er nicht genau wusste, wann seine Schwester Nadine Schulschluss hatte, schmiss seinen Schulrucksack in die Ecke und auch Bernhard legte seinen ab. „Guck mal, was sich gestern gefunden habe“, jubelte Michael und präsentierte seinen Freund ein Pornoheft.     

      Tuesday PM, June 22, 2004

    • by POTHUS :...New Author.!.!.!
    • The Boy with the Horse Cock, ch 1
      theboyw1 zip (18k) (F/b(9), mom/son, inc)
      Mike Thomas was no ordinary young boy. When he was born, the doctors joked that they had delivered two babies. Mike's mother, Jennie, was shocked to learn that her son was born with a rather large penis. She knew her ex-husband's penis wasn't very large, and wondered how such a thing could happen. She was a prim and proper young woman, but the idea that her son had a large penis began to take seed. Literally!     
    • by Terry :...
    • Apartment Blues, part 1
      apartme1 zip (06k) (...)
      This story takes place many years ago, while I was still in collage. My second year I wanted to get out of the dooms and found a nice apartment near by the collage. I found a basement unit, being the only one left, as it was already furniture's. I just added my private stuff and I was ready for the single life. It had a underground garage where I park my motor cycle. In all it had sixty units on twelve floors, not including the three in the basement. First day I was sitting on the front steps watching some kids play, cute little girls that look three to six years old. Wearing cute little dresses and loose fitting panties, I got some sweet pusses shots as the children play on the sidewalk. While I was watching a lady, with her small girl walk up and ask if I need anything. The little girl spoke up first and said "mommy that's the man who move down stairs!" The lady then say her name was Cindy Broadwind, and her little girl was Maryanne. I told her that my name was Terry, as the two started to walk inside. Cindy stop and ask if I had dinner yet? I say not yet, as the little girls yell, ‘he can eat with us.' Cindy say it be forty five minutes before it was ready, just come on up to 214 and have a welcome meal. Another man coming up, as she was out of sight, and just laugh as he say "Better watch it, many of the ladies in here are single and many are looking for a sugar daddy." Oh well, if it gives me some pussy I would be happy easy to please.     
      Beach House, part 1
      beachho1 zip (07k) (...)
      Have you ever gotten a place that was too good to be true. Well it happen to me and I like to tell you about it. It happen few years ago after I finish collage. I was looking for a place to live and was at my bank. The manager was a collage buddy and say he just had a cabin that was coming up for sale. The owner had pass away in a car crash and had no living family. So it was sold by the bank for the rest of the mortgage. About 1/6 of it value, so looking at a gift horse. I give him a check for it. It was a fixer upper to a degree. But I had free time on my hands, and it was on the beach north of Los Angles. I rented a u-haul truck and loaded my stuff from my apartment and made my way up to the cabin. It was dark when I got there and unloaded the truck. It was early am when I was done and took it back to the store. Going back to my place, I made sure I had every nick and nickel in the place. I was going to miss the place as it over look a small pool. I was hoping since summer had started the kids would be out. No luck yet, with the rain and cold weather.     
    • by Silver Fox :...
    • My Disabled Son
      mydisabl zip (09k) (F/m, Inc.,oral, anal)
      I felt so sorry for my poor cripled son when he told me that no girl would ever want to have sex with a cripple. I had to find a way to take care of his needs.     
    • by The Secret Sharer :...
    • The Gift of Venus, part 1
      thegift1 zip (10k) (M+F, F+g, FF, Fg, ir, nc, rape, oral, sm, magic, myth, pedo, les, tort, snuff?, 1st, blasphem)
      The legend of Taneisha Martin -- raped, abused, abducted, presented to the Goddess Venus after the return of the Gods. With the aid of the preteen Temple attendants and the Goddess Herself, Taneisha learns she is favored by the Goddess of Love with a unique power: She can never be hurt sexually. She is charged by Venus to use this gift to better humanity . . . and so she does.     
    • by Inkwell :...
    • The Sexual Adventures of Jim Kentsen, part 7: The Preteen Peepers
      thesexu7 zip (08k) (ff,9,5 mm,9,9, voyeur)
      "Your mom looks just like Amy" said Matt, with a dreamy look in his eyes. All the guys in my third grade homeroom think she's da bomb! I think Mr.Prescott likes her too." "Your teacher?"     
    • by Storytrade :...
    • Summerland: Adjusting to California, ch 1
      summerl1 zip (10k) (m/f, m/F, m/f, TV Show Parody)
      Sixteen year old Bradin was very confused. His parents died a short time ago, and his 9 yr old brother, 13 yr old sister and he were no longer in Kansas, on the farm they grew up in, but were instead living on the beach in California, with their Aunt Ava, and her 3 friends (Johnny a mid-30's Realtor, Susanna a young black fashion designer who works with his aunt and Jay an Australian surf shop owner). Besides having to deal with all the changes around him, Bradin was also facing the typical problems that a sixteen year old guy has to deal with. Bradin was a popular guy in Kansas, he had a girlfriend and had even gotten to second base w/ her on several occasions, but now he was in California, where all the girls were beautiful and Bradin had a constant erection.     
    • by Oded :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Der Harem von Feyd
      derharem zip (11k) (harem group)
      Es begann Blut aus ihr zu fließen. Ja .., so ., entjungfere mich, du Schwein ., oh .! Schrie voller Schmerz und Lust die dunkelhäutige Frau, zu der die Fotze gehörte. Mir war in diesem Moment sofort klar, dass alle Weiber Jungfrauen waren, bereit, dass man ihnen den Kanal öffnet, und so machte ich mich ans Werk. Ali, komm und hilf mir ihnen zu zeigen, was wir können .!     

      Monday PM, June 21, 2004

    • by BP :...
    • Becky's Breeding
      beckysbr zip (05k) (Incest, impreg)
      Where we live, our life style isn't that unusual. The menfolk say that a fifteen-year-old virgin is UGLY! Even then someone will take pity on the poor girl and knock her up. Sometimes, I wish I were ugly so I would get a little rest. As it is when I turned thirteen my daddy took me in his room. Since I was the oldest, I didn't know what was in store for me. I should have because I had seen the way he treated mom.     
    • by Inkwell :...
    • The Sexual Adventures of Jim Kentsen, part 6: Mommy's Little Boy
      thesexu6 zip (06k) (f/boy,9 incest, cons)
      "Making babies? You talked about making babies with your mom!? Are you ok Tony? Really, are you?" Tony laughed as his friend leaned over and pressed his hand to the boy's forehead. "I know the whole thing sounds crazy, but it felt so good getting naked with her. It felt so natural."     
    • by Janus :...
    • Lindsey's Day, ch 3
      lindsey3 zip (17k) (pedo, g, exhib, mast, beast, semi-nc, oral)
      The rest of Lindsey's day is told in this chapter as the horny eleven year old girl masturbates for two boys during recess. She then goes home where she accidentally allows a dog to penetrate her. Afterward, she's forced to give the teenage neighbor a blowjob and, even though it's her first taste of cock, Lindsey doesn't mind.     
    • by EROS :...
    • Randy Mandy's Doggie Adventure, ch 3
      randyma3 zip (06k) (M/f, beast ( g12/dog), inc, dad/daut, MM/f/dog)
      As promised, the nex day, The insatiable little 12-year-old literally fucked the poor dog raw. As soon as she got off the school bus, Amanda headed for the Kennedy's house. Stripping her clothes off as soon as she locked the door, Amanda got down on all fours and rubbed and sucked Buster's doggy-cock to instant erection. "Come on Buster...I need you....I need you bad," Amanda said, turning around and offering the dog her drooling little cunt. After letting Buster fuck her from behind for a good hour and a half, Amanda sucked Buster's cock to another erection. The girl then laid on her back and let the dog screw her tight little twat again. Amanda and Buster's love-making had become so intense that they were each reaching at least three orgasms a night. Amanda would let Buster fuck her twice before dinner, then she would come back for one more long, satisfying screw before bed-time.     
    • by Sabine Hertling :...
    • Sommer, Sonne Und Schöne Schwesterliche Arschficks
      sommerso zip (07k) (mff, anal)
      Meine Eltern sind FKK-Anhänger und deshalb sind meine Schwestern und ich es gewöhnt, oft nackt zu sein. Ein paar Mal habe ich auch meine Schwestern durchs Schlüsselloch beobachtet, wie sie sich befriedigten und sie wussten auch, dass ich sie beobachtete, machte ihnen aber nichts aus...     

      Sunday PM, June 20, 2004

    • by Matson :...
    • Night School, part 5
      nightsc5 zip (60k) (F/m, 15, fam inc, con, first-time)
      Shelly wandered her oscillating frame back over to Mark, who was intensely watching her oscillations. She positioned herself slightly to his left, just behind his shoulder blade, and leaned over him to watch Danny work. She dropped her arm over his right shoulder and smashed her right breast into his shoulder blade. With her cheek next to his she asked, "So, you think it's a fucking goner or what?"     
    • by EROS :...
    • Randy Mandy's Doggy Adventure, ch 2
      randyma2 zip (07k) (M/f, MM/f, inc, dad/daut, beast, g(12)/dog, pedo)
      "Maybe you ought to vacuum for the Kennedys," Amanda's father said as she walked down the hall, past the livingroom room door. "What, Daddy?" Amanda replied, sticking her head back into the living room. "The back of your dress is covered with black dog hair?" he asked. If her father had been paying attention when Amanda entered the house he would have noticed she wasn't wearing any underwear either. She had left her cunt-juice soaked panties at the Kennedys for Buster to chew on. The sheerness of the dress and the moist patch at the front allowed an outline of her damp pussy to show through. She was hoping she would be able to head straight for the bathroom without any questioning. The last thing she wanted was for Buster's runny, white sperm to ooze down her leg while she spoke to her skeptical father.     

      Saturday PM, June 19, 2004

    • by LolitaLuver :...New Author.!.!.!
    • My Early Sex Life
      myearlys zip (14k) (b/b, b/g, b/g/g, pedo, oral, anal, exploration, semi-true)
      It was a warm spring day and I was playing with the 2 girls. After some time passed, we got bored. Their dad wasn't home, so Melissa stood up and suggested we play doctor. Mary readily agreed. They had me pull down my pants, so they could "examine" me.     
    • by PeachLover :...
    • A Boy's Life - Steph Sheds her Cocoon, ch 5
      aboyslif5 zip (21k) (b/g/g/g/g, b/g/g, oral, first, cons)
      There was a lot of nervous giggling as they formed a line and turned around bending forward at the waist. They all watched me from between their spread legs as my eyes took in the display of girlish flesh. Jane and Suzy had never been in a position like this before, showing their girl bits to a boy, so they were clearly embarrassed.     
    • by AnaLover :...
    • Caught Out in Cairo
      caughtin zip (11k) (MFM)
      Emma loved nothing better than to fuck her own asshole while she stroked her clit and the prospect of experimenting with the super-thick dildo made her cunt syrupy wet with excitement. The dilemma was which hunger to satisfy first, for lunch or finding the KY. She decided to eat because she was already thinking of what had happened when she and her father were on holiday in Cairo the month before and nothing less than an hour of slow, intensely pleasurable anal masturbation would do the intensely erotic memory justice...     
    • by Canker :...
    • Hotel Gigolo, part 7
      hotelgi7 zip (06k) (MF, MF, Photo Shoot, Rocki Roads Roast)
      Gary must keep his promise to Amy but he does not think he can since his tired member shows no hope of revival. The next day, Rocki Roads hires him for a Photo Shoot.     
    • by GoDSpiT :...
    • Karen's First SleepOver
      karenssl zip (34k) (M/t, M/t/t/g, M/g, ped, preg, incs, Girls Ages: 2,3,5)
      A three year old and two of her friends show her daddy a good time in the sequel to Karen's First Day of Daycare. . .     
    • by Paul Phenomenon :...
    • Katy's Hank
      katyshan zip (19k) (M/F M/f first mast oral toys)
      I gazed out the picture window through the fog of dust outside, but my visions were inward. I reached under my skirt and rubbed the gusset of my panties. A few minutes later, I pushed the panties to one side, wiped a finger up through my crease, and then pulled it to my nose. Pungent. Nowhere near fishy. Oh, I could get stinky, I knew, but my pussy never smelled like a dead fish.     
    • by Inkwell :...
    • The Sexual Adventure of Jim Kentsen, part 5: The Peirson Family
      thesexu5 zip (08k) (f/boy 9, pedo,cons)
      Nine year old Amy Peirson rolled over on her curvy hip and blinked her large brown eyes as the early morning sun streamed the frilly white curtains of her bedroom window. Today was a special day. She and her five year old sister Amanda were going to Kressler's department store to but their mommy a special present for Mother's Day. She smiled and felt especially proud because her parents were letting them go by themselves for the first time.     
    • by EROS :...
    • Family Fucks, ch 3
      2family3 zip (12k) (MM/ff, inc, pedo, dad/daut, uncle/niece, M/g(6))
      Wendy had been asleep for most of the time while Uncle Bryan fucked me,but now our frantic incestuous coupling had woken her. "I feel horny again," she smiled innocently. "Watching you two go at it like that got me all gooey between the legs. Can I fuck too?" Like all 11-year-old kids, my sister Wendy knew how to milk a situation for all it was worth. She was lying there facing us with her legs spread wide, staring at Uncle Bryan's cock sliding in and out of my cunt as she diddled her own tight hairless little cunny with two stiff fingers. Her other hand was at her mouth and she was sucking her thumb. Wendy never sucked her thumb unless she wanted to fuck. It was a conditioned reaction, and totally Daddy's fault. The first time Daddy fucked little Wendy, his cock stretched her tiny baby pussy so much she squealed in pain. Daddy slowed down and got her to suck her thumb to take her mind off the pain. Once the pain went away and Wendy's tiny cunt adjusted to Daddy's big cock, she was still sucking her thumb when she came... for the very first time. Ever since then, whenever Wendy wanted sex, she sucked her thumb... then anything else handy, particularly men's dicks!     
      Blackmailing Mom, ch 5
      blackma5 zip (08k) (mm/F, inc, mom/son)
      Terry gasped at the sound of my voice and twisted his neck so fast that I almost expected to hear it snap. "Danny! I... we.... your Mom and I were just... ohhhh... shit!" muttered Terry, trying to get up, but Mom held him in place, rotating her hips around his still-buried cock.     
      Randy Mandy's Doggy Adventure, ch 1
      randyma1 zip (12k) (M/f, MM/f, inc, dad/daut, beast, g(12)/dog, pedo)
      Twelve year old Amanda Jenkins first learned what sex was all about one day when she was walking home from school. The neighbor's dog, Buster was behind her house sniffing at Lulu, the little female poodle from two houses down. The big male dog had his nose up between Lulu's legs licking her ass. What caught Amanda's attention was Buster's cock. The dog's penis was out of it's sheath and was ten times the size it it normally was... or so it seemed to little Mandy. As she watched in total fascination Buster started licking below Lulu's ass. Amanda wanted to see what the two dogs were doing behind so she set down her book bag and hopped the fence.     
    • by Janus :...
    • The Merry-Go-Round, ch 1
      themerr1 zip (11k) (pedo, M/g)
      A carnival operator modifies a merry-go-round with some vibrators hidden in the horse saddles. Then he sits back and watches the fun as unsuspecting little girls writhe in sexual pleasure.     

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