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      On Friday PM, May 07, 2004

    • by Artsy Craftsy Kid :...
    • Too Dumb to Cum
      toodumbt zip (29k) (MFf)
      Poor old Bill is snowed in with Monica and her daughter.     
    • by Mortimer Snerd :...
    • Afternoon with Krystan
      afternoo zip (10k) (Mg, cons)
      A 29-year-old man is delighted when a tall, precocious 8-year-old becomes his "girlfriend" for the afternoon, and she wants to try "big girl" things...     
    • by Pornsmith :...
    • Granddaughter, Daughter And Wife, ch 8
      grandda8 zip (10k) (MF,MF,inc, dog)
      Marcus and his wife Inga start to play around, but the game gets out of hand when Alex enters the picture.     
    • by EROS :...
    • Fondling My Little Sister
      fondling zip (06k) (mff, inc, bro/sis, pedo)
      When my sister and her friends started to develop at around age 12, I began a system of spying on them in her room undressing, and in the shower. I was about fifteen or sixteen and starting to get extremely horny at the sight of anything female, no matter what the age. I even spied on my own mom sometimes, jacking off as I watched her soap herself up in the shower, but sis and her little friends were easier to spy on cause they always seemed to leave their door open a bit. I still remember the first time when I came home from school and went upstairs to my room to play my music. I heard a giggling coming from my sister's room when I passed by, and the door was open a bit. I glanced in as I walked by and saw her and her friend on the bed, looking at magazines or something. They didn't see me, and when I went into my room I wondered what kind of magazine they were looking at. I decided not to listen to music after all, but to see if I could spy on them without being caught.     
      My Sister's Wedding
      mysister zip (04k) (M/F, inc, bro/sis)
      I was disappointed when I heard that my little sister Lena was getting married. We had been getting it on together since we were kids... ever since Sis came home hot and frustrated from a school dance one night. She was the hottest girl in town and every guy in school had been dying to get into her pants. Little did they know that sweet little Lena was getting it regularly... from her big, horny brother! Lena was a girl who could wrap men around her little finger just by smiling in their general direction. Her long blonde hair, her moist, full, red lips and that cheeky smile combined with a "come-hither look" flashed from those emerald-green eyes of hers were just the beginning. A wiggle of her tight little ass could set any man's pecker throbbing..particularly mine since we lived under the same roof. Yeah, I remembered many hot and sweaty encounters with Lena in her room... my room... the bathroom... even once in Mom and Dad's waterbed. Oh well, that was all coming to an end... or so I thought.     
      Table For Two
      tablefor zip (04k) (M/F, public)
      My boyfriend Brett has a great imagination when it comes to sex. But even more than that, he will dare to do just about anything... and I mean anything! Last Saturday night we went to a movie, and there were some hot scenes in it that really got my pussy smoking. I wanted to rush home and do something about it right away. Brett, however, wanted to stop at a little cafe he knew for a cup of coffee before we went back to our apartment. "Okay." I whispered, flicking a tongue in his ear and rubbing my tits suggestively against his arm, "but only if you promise to give me some really good loving when we get home." In the darkness of the theater, I thought I detected a sly grin on his face.     
    • by Heinz Tomato :...
    • Das Insekt
      dasinsek zip (51k) (mast, oral, va, anal, tools, mc, bondage, inc, best (dog), rape (girl rapes boy))
      Eine Geschichte über einen Durchschnittsjungen und wie er plötzlich die Macht über andere Menschen bekommt (und schamlos ausnutzt)...     
      Der Badeseemörder
      derbades zip (12k) (vaginal, anal, oral, masturbation, bondage, 1st. time, double-penetration, incest, lesbian, hetero, rape, (mind) control)
      Dies ist die (Kurz-) Geschichte eines brutalen Mordfalls, in den die Familien der ermittelnden Kommissare unfreiwillig hineingezogen werden.     

      Thurday PM, May 06, 2004

    • by GoDSpiT :...
    • Adventures on the Road: Part III Trails of the Mira Family
      adventu3 zip (67k) (M/f, M/g, m/g, f/g, b/g, F/b, ped, preg, incs, 1st time, ages: Girls: 4,6,8,11,13 boys: 4,10,12,14, and numerous adults)
      In the Conclusion to Adventures on the Road sex seems to be everywhere. Little Dira's first time, Nathan returns with Laura and Stacie, and Danielle gets a little understanding form Neil and Sarah. While Rachel comes to grips over losing one that she truly cared about. Will the Mira family and their friends make it out okay? Only one day to find out. . .read on. . .     
    • by Peter Evan Delaney O'Phyle :...
    • A Smooth Con, part 2
      asmooth2 zip (18k) (M/f-4/oral/vag/anal/g/s/F/f/incest)
      ...Travis was incredibly aroused. Thinking of screwing three little girls not even in kindergarten yet while stabbing his prick into a tight and eager little four year-old was unparalleled ecstasy...     
    • by Oediplex :...
    • Cum, Ye Motherfuckers, Cum
      cumyemot zip (26k) (F/M mother & son, incest, fucking)
      Dell had reached the point of no return, she must have a cock in her cunt, even if it was the penis of her son.     
    • by DaddyBob :...
    • Little Girl Rentals
      littleg3 zip (14k) (M/g ped)
      Nothing could have prepared me for the surprise that Willy had in store for me that fine day! I had rented maybe a half dozen girls from tne man since the time he opened up shop, but none of them came close to the talents of Christine.     
    • by Old Fart :...
    • Swimming Pool Shenanigans, part 4
      swimmin4 zip (08k) (M/F/f16 cons)
      In spite of everything that had happened yesterday (Friday), I woke up around 8 a.m. feeling on top of the world. In spite of all the exercise from last night. The grand opening of the nude pool wouldn't be until 10 p.m. so I had the whole day to consider. Hopefully, there wouldn't be too many maintenance calls requiring my expertise.     
    • by Prefer12Minus :...
    • The Girls Backyard, ch 8: The Finale
      thegirl8 zip (14k) (M/g, ped, cons, oral, -/-?)
      Here it is - The final chapter in Eric's Saga. Will he find what he has been seeking, or will his story end in disaster? No matter what the future holds, the end is here.     
    • by Dan The BJ Fan :...
    • The Muse
      themuse zip (13k) (g Mast, M/g, b/g, Oral, Cons, Incest)
      Timmy Jackson sat on the floor of his room. His tongue poked out of the side of his mouth as he wrote on a piece of paper. He was writing a story. His best friend Rob had told him that he found all kinds of dirty stories on his dad's computer. This intrigued Timmy greatly. He was a little jealous of Rob, because his Dad had no computer or dirty stories. Timmy decided that he would make his own. He dug a notebook out of his closet, grabbed a couple of pencils and sat on the floor to create his masterpiece.     
    • by shininggalleon :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Caught By My Sister
      caughtby zip (06k) (brother/sister)
      "Oh god I'm so so so sorry. I should have knocked its just that my CD player was no and I never heard the shower" I pleaded with my sister.     
    • by EROS :...
    • Hair... Do!
      hairdo zip (03k) (Mf, inc, bro/sis)
      My younger sister Lucinda is a hair-stylist. So when she said that I needed a haircut, and offered to clip me for free, I agreed. Lucy's got a cute, sexy little body and even though she's my sister, I've always secretly had the hots for her. On occasions I got the distinct feeling that Sis was interested as well, but nothing had eventuated. But last Saturday, as she was giving me a haircut, something sparked between us and it changed our relationship forever. We both stripped down to almost nothing because it was hot in my apartment and because we didn't want to get all full of hair. I wore a pair of shorts, Lucinda wore only a white transparent blouse and panties. She has dark cinnamon skin, large brown boobs, and long black hair. I could see her perfect little cone-shaped tits through the blouse. As she walked around me, snipping here and there, her tits brushed against me. I was getting hot, and it wasn't due to the weather. My cock was straining in my pants like a dog on a leash. Finally, as she straddled my knees and bent forward to do my fringe, her pert little tits came within inches of my mouth. I just couldn't help myself! I reached out with my I tongue and began licking her left nipple through her blouse.     
      My Pregnant Daughter
      mypregna zip (20k) (Mf, inc, dad/daut)
      My daughter Amy and I get along a lot better than most fathers and daughters, especially since my wife died three years ago. Amy is a gorgeous, slender long-legged blonde with a face and body which belong on the cover of a Playboy magazine. A fact which is not lost on me either. Hell, I'm not made of stone... and some of the clothes she wears! Anyway, suffice to say that quite often I find myself having some very un-fatherly thoughts about her sexy young body. When Amy was 14, she started hanging out with this older boy. Roy must have been about 19 or 20. I took an instant dislike to the guy as soon as I set eyes on him. Maybe it was something about the way he kept staring hungrily at my daughter's ass when she wasn't looking that really got my goat, I don't know. All I knew was that I didn't like Roy one single bit. I pretended to tolerate him for Amy's sake, but deep down I knew things were gonna end up messy.     
      The Encounter
      theencou zip (13k) (mmmffF, ff, inc, pedo, nc)
      Charlie and his friends are horny and depressed Junior High School students. On the streets, many opportunities exist for expressing their particular "talents". After a brief period of stealing cars for fun the street-wise 14 & 15 year-olds move on to stealing them for profit. Later, they began to burglarize homes in the area. The pickings provide more money for them and is much more exciting and prosperous than stealing cars. It is a typical Saturday night for Charlie and the gang. They are driving around in a stolen car, searching for just the right house to burglarize. Outside the city, in a secluded area, they happen upon a house. The house is a nice ranch style house on a well kept piece of property, set back from the rural road on which it is located. A wooded area borders the house on three sides with no other homes for at least a quarter of a mile in either direction. There are two cars in the driveway. Lights are on in a portion of the house but there are no signs of activity. "This has possibilities" says Charlie. " Park down the road... well away from the house."     
    • by Heinz Tomato :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Mutterliebe
      mutterli zip (08k) (vaginal, anal, oral, bondage, double-penetration, incest, interracial, hetero, rape, (mind) control)
      Dies ist die Kurzgeschichte einer Entführung, in der die Mutter gezwungen wird ihren eigenen Sohn zu ficken.     

      Wednesday PM, May 05, 2004


      Tuesday PM, May 04, 2004

    • 5 eNovels were published today.
    • by Fantasymind2002 :...
    • Old Habits Never Die, part 2
      oldhabi2 zip (16k) (M/F mom/son)
      When Mark woke up, he lay in bed with a hard-on again, thinking about his mother's pussy and tits. He figured he wouldn't see her in any more compromising positions, at least until she bathed Zack again.     
    • by EROS :...
    • Meeting Mom
      meetingm zip (08k) (mF, inc, mom/son)
      I had not seen my mother, Fran, since she and my father split and I moved to Paris with him when I was twelve. We wrote to each other every week at first, but after a few years, we kind of lost touch. Now, five years later I was eagerly looking forward to visiting her in Ottawa on my vacation. Mom, met me at the train station. The last time I saw her, she was different, kind of plain looking... she was just my mom. Now, as I watched her approach, I couldn't believe my eyes! Here, walking towards me across the platform was the most gorgeous sexy looking woman. I'd seen plainer models in the pages of Penthouse, a publication which I'd grown to worship of late, as most seventeen-year-old boys do.     
      Mom Likes it Hot!
      momlikes zip (26k) (mF, inc, mom/son)
      The hot summer sun beat down outside as Donna Andrews sipped on her third martini for the day. The big house always depressed her when she was alone. Her son Tommy was at baseball training, and Debbi, the youngest, was staying overnight at a friend's house. Lately, Donna wished her kids would spend more time at home. She missed them when they weren't around, and worried about them a lot. After all, she was the only adult in charge of them now that their father had removed himself from their lives. Just two months earlier, her husband, Paul, had announced that he was leaving her for a much younger woman. Donna was still in shock from that. Maybe she wasn't as young as Paul's girlfriend, but she was still plenty good-looking, and they had been married for sixteen years. Sure, she and Paul hadn't been getting along all that great the last few years, and maybe the marriage was failing, but it was still a rude surprise to be suddenly left without a husband... without sex.     

      Monday PM, May 03, 2004

    • by one_fd_mom :...
    • A Very Fucked Family
      averyfuc zip (33k) (m+/F, interracial slut-wife/cuckold, D/s, preg)
      Imagine coming home from work... your wife tells you that she has some very amazing news to tell you. There has been an incident... or three? With every word do you feel the rage build and build? Maybe it isn't your impotent, humiliated anger that is stirring down in your mid-region though... is it possible that such incredible confession could be a turn on to anyone?     
    • by BabyBeca :...
    • Chains, part 1
      chains1 zip (12k) (M/f/F/f/slave ship/incest/pre-teen/rape/anal/torture/castration/snuff/spanking/warning extreme)
      As Sheetswa, sat on her cot she heard the locked door handle rattle, and then with a load splintering of wood. A huge Negroid male bust in and stood in the doorway, eclipsing the light coming down the stairs from torchlights on deck.     
    • by Jaz1701 :...
    • And Justice For One
      andjusti zip (08k) (MF, rape, revenge)
      I got the call about 5:45 am. It woke me from a sound sleep. It was the kind of call no husband, ever wants to get. The kind of call that hurts you, enrages you, makes you more violent, more helpless than you ever thought possible. "Mr. Pressman, John Pressman? This is officer Sloptvik with the NYPD Special Victims Unit. I need you to meet me at Franklin Memorial Hospital. Your wife has been raped. Her condition is serious, but stable. She's in room 327." I was in a fog as I dressed and then drove to the hospital. "Serious but stable", what the fuck is that? I soon found out.     
    • by EROS :...
    • Massaging Mom
      massagin zip (27k) (mF, inc, mom/son(15))
      Dan continued to splash his way toward his mother, his eyes locked on her naked breasts. "Like 'em?" Angela laughed. "God, you're beautiful, Mom!" Dan grunted. "Do you know how long I've wanted to see you like this?" "Ever since you started jerking off, I'll bet." grinned his mother. Angela knew she was playing with fire, but felt she could keep the situation from going any farther than she wanted it to. She knew she shouldn't be showing herself to her horny young son like this, but it was so exciting. She had been having `naughty' thoughts about the handsome young 15-year-old, ever since she'd accidentally caught him jerking off in the bathroom one morning about a month ago. The sight of his long, hard teenage cock had been the centre of her masturbatory fantasies ever since. Things had just kind of progressed from there.     
      The Swing
      theswing zip (04k) (Mf, inc, pedo)
      He spied the little girl in the backyard on a warm summers afternoon. She sat on a swing kicking at the dust where the grass had been worn away from years of skidding little feet. Her hair, like the finest silk, blew in the breeze and the setting sun's rays shone through it. The middle aged man felt a stirring in his heart and in his loins as he looked upon her pre-teen beauty. He could not help this feeling, and felt he must approach her. As he approached her quietly, he couldn't help but notice the budding swell of her tiny breasts as they rose and fell with her breathing. He could also smell her sweetness in the air.     
    • by Spin :...
    • Tales From Iraq
      talesfro zip (11k) (M/F, Pedo, Force, Sex)
      "Ho" was only 9 years old but mentally older as a result of the war and her harsh living conditions. Before the war, she was a good student at school and had a grasp of English.     
    • by Lil Girl Lover :...
    • Las Aventuras De Anita, ch 1
      lasadve1 zip (06k) (M/g, pedo, toddler, incest, dad/daugther, oral)
      Anita a la edad de 3 años era feliz conmigo porque siempre andaba con ella, en ese momento empezaba a sentir atracción sexual hacia ella, cosa que no le contaba yo a nadie, así que lo primero que pensé fue en bañarme junto con ella.     

      Sunday PM, May 02, 2004

    • by Canker :...
    • Hotel Gigolo, part 1
      hotelgi1 zip (09k) (MF)
      Gary is banned from high school sports due to a series of brutal pranks he played on a teacher. He takes a job as a Bell Captain at an afluent Hotel and finds that his job is not what it appears to be!     
    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • Michael and Maryanne
      michaela zip (15k) (36yr old, 4 yr. old, nudity, manipulation, oral)
      Michael Gunther was attending an outdoor barbecue at his next door neighbor’s house. About eight people are in attendance, including the hosts four year old daughter, Maryanne Fisher. He feels the need to empty some of the beer he had drunk, and goes back into the bathroom. "Michael went inside and closed and locked the door behind him. He went over to the toilet, pulled up the seat, and took out his meat. He had just started a healthy stream when a little voice said, "gee, that’s big. Can I hold it for you?" Sure enough it was four year old Maryanne, who while talking was briskly walking across the room to Michael. When she got alongside she pulled his hand away and wrapped her small fingers around Michael’s startled stalk, which immediately started to shrink. That is until the warmth of the little fingers wrapped around it began to register in Michael’s brain."     
    • by Dark Tower Gunslinger :...
    • Saving Private Simms, ch 2
      savingp2 zip (20k) (M+/BM/F/F/anal/scat/inter/rape/torture/NC)
      Three men came over to the trembling girl and lifted her up. They took a dirty bundle of blankets and laid them across a large mound of some type of equipment. Dragging the limp body of the female captive to the pile they laid her face down. One man stepped up to her face and shoved an evil smelling thick cock at her lips. The thought of biting down with her sharp teeth until she severed the man’s cock came to mind but she immediately dismissed it. That would bring sudden death and her goal was to prolong her survival as long as she could. Reluctantly she opened her mouth as the smelly head butted her bruised lips and accepted the thick length over her tongue and into her throat, gagging on the abrupt entry into her esophagus. Suddenly she felt her buttocks being parted and waited for PigShit to ram his extra thick cock back into her bruised pussy. To her surprise she felt a wet splat of liquid strike right on her exposed anal bump immediately followed by a thick object jammed against her sphincter. It was too small for the cock poised behind her, probably a finger or a thumb. The digit ground around in her tight rectum as she struggled to protest the invasion of this virginal orifice by the Arab. Never had she surrendered this prized orifice to her young body, avoiding anal sex as an invisible line in her moral bible. Now she was about to surrender this pearl of her body to men she hated with all her being. Her thoughts were interrupted by the sudden smell of feces in her nostril and then the finger that had just been yanked from her anus was shoved alongside the thick cock in her mouth.     
    • by Merlin :...
    • Slut Scout Cookies
      slutscou zip (17k) (M/Fg, first, oral, cumeating, ws)
      Dan and Mindy Blake were in their late twenties, and had been married for just over five years. Although the Blake's were usually very active and constantly on the go, today they planned on spending a quiet Saturday at home just relaxing and watching TV. Rising late, the young couple showered, and since the morning was almost over, they skipped breakfast. The only task they had given themselves today was to wash and wax the car. Mindy put on a T-shirt and terry cloth shorts while Dan wore only shorts. Neither one wore anything on their feet, or any underwear. Although normally very playful, Mindy and Dan agreed not to soak each other today, since they did not want to have to change clothes before they relaxed with their favorite old movies.     
    • by EROS :...
    • Family Farm, ch 5-6
      famil5_6 zip (21k) (mF,mmF, mom/sons, inc, beast)
      Jason was kneeling behind his sexy, naked mother fucking her cunt from behind. Jenny was whimpering with pleasure, enjoying the feel of her son's long, hard cock ramming deep up inside her hot, hairy hole. "You like that, don't you, Mom?" grunted Jason. "You like me fucking you like a dog, don't you!" "Uuuhnnnnhhhhh, yesssss!" hissed Jenny through clenched teeth. "Ohhh, God, yessss! I love it, baby!!" "Uhhhhh! Uuff! Uhhh! Jesus! So do I!" Jason gasped, gripping her hips and lunging back and forth, fucking his mother with long, swift strokes. Jenny began to whimper and moan, clawing wildly at the sheets as Jason fucked her cunt from behind, the lewd slapping noises adding to her pleasure as her ass rippled from the delicious pounding. She looked up between her open thighs and watched her son's huge cock slicing into her cunt. His hairless young balls slammed against her clit with every thrust, causing Jenny to gyrate wantonly, twisting and grinding her ass back at him as Jason fucked her cunt with his energetic young prick.     

      Saturday PM, May 01, 2004

    • 5 eNovels were published today.
    • by Jack Spratt :...
    • My Summer Job 2004
      mysumme4 zip (21k) (m/f f FF incest)
      Andy is chomping at the bit as spring arrives. The new golfing season is close and the thoughts of his many interesting experience from last season has him excited and wanting more as he looks forward to caddying. He also will be continuing his lawn care for the summer. He meets one of his teachers and three of her friends on the course, caddies for one of them. Close friendships develop. Andy's relationship with his sister Alice and her friend Brigitte continue to flourish.     
    • by nightranger :...
    • The Mansion, part 2
      themans2 zip (10k) (Mmgggb mast FM con)
      "Good morning class," Mr. Hobbs said with a frown, "Maybe I didn't make myself clear yesterday. When I said that you were to be nude for this class, I meant that I want you naked and waiting when I get here." Looking at the four students he continued, "now please hurry, your wasting class time."     
    • by David Stephens :...
    • Semen Sweethearts, part 1
      semensw1 zip (19k) (M/g, F/b, MM/g, inc, pedo)
      Greg Lomas, social worker and dedicated pedophile, becomes intimately acquainted with two young girls, 6-year-old Jamie and 4-year-old Tess - and before too long he is proud to call them his little semen sweethearts.     
    • by Spin :...
    • The Pony Ride (or Happy Trails), part 2
      thepony2 zip (07k) (M/F Sex / Pedo)
      Tiffany lay totally naked in her sleeping bag as Curly fondled her tender preteen little body. He had planned to fuck her tonight even though he was concerned that her tiny child's pussy might be too tight for his enormous meaty cock.     

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