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      On Friday PM, November 26, 2004

    • by englander1961 :...New Author.!.!.!
    • A Loving Family
      alovingf zip (17k) (M/F/m/f mother/son/father/daughter)
      This story contains sex acts within a family, and the author wishes to stress that this is illegal. Susan England does not advise or recommend any of the events that take place in the story "A Loving Family" and wishes to make it clear that the story is a complete fantasy and is written for the enjoyment of adult readers. All characters are of course over the age of 18 years.
    • by Sam T Sleaze :...
    • A Dog and His Boy
      adogandh zip (06k) (b(10), g(14), dog(7); bestiality, oral, anal, incest)
      My name is Rex, and I live with The Family. There is the Boy, he's my best friend, and he just turned 10. There is the Girl, we've been getting along good for several years now. At first she didn't like me, but now she REALLY likes me. Mother and Father are nice enough to me too.
      Cole "No Pubes" (1/3)
      colenop1 zip (05k) (b(13)/f(18) petting, no sex this chapter)
      Cole's face turned bright red as his ass was hit with yet another wet towel twisted into a whip-like weapon. His butt was covered with a half-dozen dark red marks from where the towels the other boys flicked at him had hit their mark. Cole tried like hell to keep from crying, but his ass did hurt a lot. The insults and teases coming from the other 10 or so boys in the locker room melted together in his ears, but Cole knew what the boy's were all saying.
    • by Dark Tower Gunslinger :...
    • Aftermath, ch 3
      afterma3 zip (16k) (two jeune filles: Mg+14/Ff+11/pedo/oral/les)
      Turning to young Yvette on the floor she asked, "Have you ever sucked a woman's tits before my love? That is except when you were a mere baby." The young French girl blushed and shook her head no slowly, her gaze trying not to look at the magnificent display of flesh as Natalie dropped to her knees in front of the pre-teen. "Would you like to taste my melons? Maybe a nice sucking of the tips, my nipples love the feel of a pair of soft lips, a slight nipping of the teeth also is good." She scooped them up, one in each palm and lifted them in front of the girl's flushed face. I saw Charley licking his lips unconsciously and realized I also had wetted mine. Something about big tits and strawberry nipples did that to me. Yvette turned towards her older sister, her eyes begging for guidance and Marion gave her a barely perceptible nod of approval, realizing the young girl was yearning to indulge in a little lesbian activity with the older woman, possibly thinking of her own mother and her long suppressed yearnings. "Go ahead, they won't bite," Natalie urged reaching out a beautifully manicured hand to the back of the young head, drawing her face and her wet lips to the tip of her right nipple, letting the youth suckle gently on the offered nubbin. "Aww, so good. I love a young girls lips on my tits, so sweet. Suck a little harder sweetie, nip that bud so to speak, I don't mind." I saw the preteen's lips and teeth bare as she took the strawberry nub between her teeth, applying gentle pressure with her ivories until a lance of pain shot through the mature woman's body, the juices of her sex overflowing to drip down her thigh. The grip on the small head tightened, signally she was doing a marvelous job and the woman's left hand strayed down the front of her body, not stopping until she had slipped two fingers inside her vulva and stirred the passion soup residing there. Marion stood and came to me, reaching for my hand. "She's a virgin, she won't let you fuck her, and she'll just suck your cock. But I would love for you to fuck my tiny pussy with that big cock of yours." How could I turn down such an offer?
    • by JJ Longprong :...
    • Couples in the Cabin, part 1
      couples1 zip (18k) (M/F inter)
      Bill and Carol Jackson were sitting in a small restaurant in the small town of Shadygrove. They were an attractive couple. A very attractive couple. In fact, when people saw them sitting or walking together they said that they looked like the dark-skinned version of the all-American couple. They were slightly different than most of the folks who lived in the small and affluent bedroom community. Unlike their neighbors, they were black. Even in modern America the sight of a black couple sitting in an upscale restaurant in a predominantly white town was something of a rarity. This is not to say that Shadygrove was segregated. It was just that most blacks couldn't afford to live there.
    • by Lincoln Lee :...
    • Fathers' Club 6: Terri's Adventure
      fathers6 zip (14k) (Father/daughter incest)
      Jessica lost her cherry to her father years ago. Now she has a husband and step-daughter. While her daughter, Terri, is away learning about sex from her dad, Jessica rehashes an old fling with her father too.
    • by White :...
    • Fun 4 Family
      funfourf zip (13k) (Incest/Pedo/M/F/f/m/g/b/multiple/orgy/bestiality/bondage)
      This little piece describes the weekend at a very special club.
    • by Cumsucker :...
    • GangBang Slut Mother
      gangbang zip (09k) (F/m mom/son)
      "Mike, honey, what's wrong?" Holly Smith asked her son. "You look depressed tonight." "I know. Guess I am, Mom. There's a big party at a frat house that I was invited to, but you have to bring a date and I don't have one. Carol cancelled at the last minute. Said she's got the flu," Mike answered dejectedly.
    • by Dr. EM Hyatt :...
    • Home Movies
      homemovi zip (19k) (M/F)
      When Art's friend discovers his "home movie", it leads to a wild series of wife-swaps and filmed sexual fantasies.
    • by mommas :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Family Fun
      familyfu zip (50k) (M/fm/F inc)
      One summer Saturday, shortly after my first year of college, I returned home from a noon racquetball game to find my Mom washing her car. I winced as I recalled I had promised to do this for her before my game. I ran up the driveway, dropped my stuff and started apologizing.
    • by The Green Mask :...
    • Accident and A Quickie In The Park
      accident zip (04k) (M/Ff/ pedo/snuff/violence/manipulation)
      I was driving down the highway at slow speed drinking from a can, I was on my Harley. Suddenly I spotted a woman at the side of the road, she had been hit by a car it was obvious. I stopped, pulled off the road. She was unconscious.
    • by Dark Fate :...
    • Birthday Gifts Of Love
      birthday zip (07k) (M/F/G Dog/Infant Cum)
      Jenny Smithens was a very pretty women at 31 one years old she still looked to be around 21 she had pretty long blond hair, blue eyes, and a figure any women would die to have. Sure just six months early she had a baby girl yet she got her figure right back. She was dang sexy that's for sure. Her husband Jerry especially thought so. He felt truly lucky to have her . See life had given him a bad hand really. He was born with Spinabifida along with other issues, such as no bladder control so he was stuck in diapers. And what doctors called a micro penis(This means he smaller then most baby boys) Now he could walk that's true yet it wasn't easy for him. He also had several health issues come up along the way. yet over all he was a handsome man of 5'5 with a fairly muscular build. Anyways, it wasn't only due to fact that Jenny expected him with his problems that he was so thankful for her and felt lucky. No it's that they shared the same fantasies. They both loved babies. Sure Jenny most the time liked a bit older then Jerry, But they both still liked the babies and could share fantasies. There sex life was mind blowing thanks to role play and reading stories. Yet they both longed for more. Thankfully one day they found Jenny was pregnant and that gave them both what they had longed for. A new little lover.......
    • by Powerone :...
    • Forced To Be A Stripper - A Mind Control Story
      forcedto zip (25k) (M+/f, mc, oral, anal, nc, reluc)
      The John Mellencamp song was blaring loudly as Vanessa danced around under the lights.  "I want you to dance naked, so I can see you, I'd like to get to know you, you don't have to act naughty."  Her hips moving back and forth, synchronized with the strings of his guitar, a wanton display of simulated sex.  "Spin it round and round, spin it round and round and round, I want you to dance naked."  Vanessa twirled around, her unbuttoned blouse blowing out to the side, her bra barely able to contain her large breasts.  Her head twirled in circles, her long brown hair fanning out as her head moved up and down.  Her short, plaid schoolgirl skirt rose up high, almost to her waist, her black panties silhouetting her white thighs as she twirled sensuously.
    • by EROS :...
    • Horny Little Schoolgirl Sluts, ch 44
      hornyl44 zip (05k) (M/f, inc, m/f, f/f, m+/f, m+/F, M/ff, mm/F, MM/f, family groupsex, pedo, orgy, interracial, gangbang)
      Will and Nancy Sherman had brought their four children, 15-year-old twins Joe and Nick, 10-year-old Rebecca and 16-year-old Ken. Nancy was thirty-five, with a very slim, petite figure and long blonde hair down to her pert sexy little ass. Ben licked his lips as he eyed off her perfectly-formed tits, the bottoms of which were showing below the short cut-off top she was wearing. Her tight white shorts were cunt high on her thigh and clung so snugly to her crotch that Ben could clearly see the bulge caused by the lips of her pussy and the crease in between. Nancy was extremely pretty with a youthful face that made her look 10 years younger. She was the same height as the twins Joe and Nick, but her eldest, Ken, was a few inches taller than her already. In fact, standing next to them, she looked more like the boys sister rather than their mother. Ben also noted that Nancy had her hand on Ken's muscular young ass, squeezing it gently while her handsome young 16-year-old son the same to her.

      Thursday PM, November 25, 2004


      Wednesday PM, November 24, 2004

    • 5 eNovels were published today.
    • by Madhatter113 :...
    • A Man a Boy and a Beach
      amanaboy zip (15k) (M/b cons anal)
      They stood side by side as they fought to free they're turgid members Dec's greater height affording him a better view of the boy and his reaction as his solid cock came into view. Paul's head did a sort of double take at the length of the older mans cock. At almost fifty Dec's body was in good shape and his libido still as strong as the fifteen year olds that stood beside him. He looked down from his taller vantage point at the boy's cock and was pleasantly surprised to see a member of about six or seven inch grasped in the youths hand. It seemed to take forever to empty they're bladders through erect cocks but it also served to get rid of a little of first contact embarrassment.
    • by QT Lover :...
    • Cutiepie, part 2
      cutiepi2 zip (04k) (MMMg, Cons, Pedo)
      Cutiepie has some more fun with her loving father and his friends.
    • by Dodgson :...
    • Mojave Preserve
      mojavepr zip (26k) (pedo, consen, incest, eroticism, sisters, mom-daus, rom, etc. Mgg, MFggg, etc. (g ages 9, 10 & 11))
      It’s Saturday, a mid-morning in February, and Vern, 47, a gambler, is on his way to Vegas from LA. He stops in Baker to gas up. It’s a very small desert town in California, right on the way to Vegas on the interstate I-15, next to the huge Mojave Preserve, millions of acres of desert, dense Joshua tree forests, cactus, and mountains, an area that few visit. Just as Vern returns to the car after paying for his gas, the passenger door opens and a very young girl gets in. She is stunning, a beauty, pigtailed, dark haired, appears to be about nine or ten, and is scantily dressed in a very short see-through white gossamer skirt. "Take me to the Preserve mister, way out. No one’s there. You can do what you want with me. You like girls, sexy little girls, don’t ya mister?" Vern wondered what the con was. He knew there had to be one. An erotic tale with a very surprisingly kinky twist.
    • by jallen944 :...
    • Seven Minutes In Heaven, part 3
      sevenmi3 zip (10k) (M/f, first time)
      Pam and Debbie learn a fun new game.
    • by Philip :...
    • Tori's Infant, ch 3
      torisin3 zip (08k) (inc, F/m, urination, lactation, pedo)
      So, what's going to happen with the boys?
    • by EROS :...
    • Family Farm, ch 34
      family34 zip (08k) (m/F, inc, mom/son, mm/F, m/FF, groupsex, beast, preg)
      Beside them Kevin was fuckin Jessica with equal fervour. He'd begun by licking her lewdly-spread cunt until she climaxed in his mouth and then proceeded to mount her naked quivering body and shove his rigid young prick up into her pregnant pussy. "Harder, Baby! Ooooh, God yesss! I love it. Ram that fat prick into me and fuck me hard, stud! Fuck the shit out of me!" Jessica cried, wrapping her long legs around Kevin's lean young waist and pulling him into her. " Fuck me deep, Darling. Yeahhhh! That's it! Oh, yes that's fantastic... Don't stop! Fuck me! Fuck meeeeeeee!" Kevin fucked away at Jessica's seething pussy. His cum-filled balls slapped against her moist crotch with each deep thrust of his prick. He was lying on her now, covering her naked body with his. He felt her quivering tits crushing against his hairless young chest, felt her stiff nipples scraping against his skin, felt her breathing heavily as he drove her wild with his hard, pistoning prick.
    • by LadyBug :...
    • Pastor Trent's Family Meets Mr. Zorn, part 2
      pastort2 zip (08k) (M/g, 9, M/F, F/g,9, F/b, 11, M/M, M/b, 11, F/ dog, M/dog, g/dog,b/dog, incest, pedo, S&M, humiliation, Boxer dog, preg)
      "Donnie," I heard Zorn say to my son, "you ever had a blow job before?" "Yes, sir," Donnie answered him truthfully. "My dad has sucked me off, and so has my sister and a few kids at school." "Ever had one from your mom?" Zorn inquired. "No, sir, never," Donnie replied. "Would you like one? Would you like your beautiful whore of a mother to suck on that stiff little prick of your's while I whip her ass?" "Sure," came Donnie's swift reply. "That would be way cool!"

      Tuesday PM, November 23, 2004

    • by The Green Mask :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Christmas is for Children, part 1
      christma1 zip (03k) (MMMffff, pedo, nc)
      We had captured the girls when they came carol singing. We had been doing the robbery of the house, knowing that the people were away on some fancy holiday. When we opened the door it was a site to make any man shoot his load.
    • by Barbi :...
    • A Hot Summer, part 2
      ahotsum2 zip (16k) (Uncle, Sister, Niece)
      From Beth: My uncle was one of he coolest older guys that I knew. And to top it all off, he was a good looking guy. I had forgotten that he was home, and when I walked in the back door, he took me by surprise as he walked into the kitchen from the dining room. "Hope I didn't wake you up by going for a swim" He stammered a little, but said that he had to get up anyway so it was not a problem. I couldn't help but notice that he was a little nervous acting, but I really think if he would have seen anything, he would have said something. I quickly looked down and although still a little damp, the bikini was staying in place, and was glad of it. I sure didn't want Uncle to say anything to mom, but on the other hand, I certainly would not have a problem with him looking at me in the suit.
    • by Jack Spratt :...
    • Ashton Stone - The Reluctant Hero
      ashtonst zip (24k) (M/f/F con)
      Ashton Stone is dragged into the limelight after returning from his two week tryst in the mountains. Confused about all the unwanted attention; he is surprised finding out it is all the work of Barbara Ann. His assistant Jooli Kim was unwittingly an instrument in the façade. Yes, Ashton does get together with Barbara Ann once more. But with a twist, there is always a twist.
    • by Baron Darkside :...
    • Leaving Home
      leavingh zip (29k) (F/m/mot/son/incest/consq)
      Mike is preparing to leave for college. Realizes how much his mother has done for him. Goes to her room to tell her and finds her asleep and naked. Still wakes her and she takes things in hand...
    • by Porno Jim :...
    • My Girlfriend's Daughter
      mygirlfr zip (21k) (Mf, MFf, Ff, inc - mom/dau, bd/ds, anal, toys)
      My life changed the day the first time I spent the night at my girlfriend's house and we did some special things she wanted to do. The next morning when her teenage daughter asked me to do to her whatever I did to her mom to make her cum to loud, I agreed and tied her to the bed and had my way with her. When I admitted to my girlfriend that I fucked her daughter, she begged me to tell her all the details. Instead, I tied her to a chair and made her watch me fuck her daughter. When I finally untied my girlfriend, the three of us had a wild threesome, with me dominating the scene and directing the action.
    • by Philip :...
    • Strawberry Blonde
      strawberr zip (07k) (M/f, uncle/niece, 6 yo, pedo)
      Quinn's niece turns him on, eventhough she doesn't know why.
    • by jrosario :...
    • Vivian's Brother
      viviansb zip (08k) (fetish, drugs, m/f)
      This is one of my early stories. Just an experiment really.
    • by Atomic Cat :...
    • Just As I Had Suspected, ch 2-6
      justa2_6 zip (19k) (F/f,F/m, mother-friend son&daughter pedo)
      Never in my wildest dreams had I ever thought of meeting a beautiful woman who also was as perverted as I was.

      Monday PM, November 22, 2004

    • by Curious Cat :...
    • A Perfect Military Operation, part 1
      aperfec1 zip (15k) (brother (15)/sister (12), oral, first fuck, tit play, incest)
      On the face of it, they were just a bunch of six seemingly ordinary guys sitting around playing cards and throwing back the beers. But, there was nothing ordinary about this particular group of Marines. They had wild imaginations and some real hungers that were a little extra-ordinary. Especially Brewer who had a secret. He had done more than imagine fucking his little sister. One special night, he confessed his secret which got ALL of the others hot and bothered. As the Captain of this motley crew, I was the one with the bright idea of starting our own fuck farm when we got out. Thompson was the one who nicknamed our operation, "Company ‘P’" for pussy. We all had a good laugh about that. But to the man, we were all in.
    • by Paul Phenomenon :...
    • Dirt Poor, ch 21 and Epilogue Final
      dirtpo21 zip (19k) (m/F mom/son inc)
      I reveled with the feel of her flesh under my hands, the taste of her lips, her silky skin down her long neck, the tops of her breasts, her nipples. They were firm and rubbery when my lips first touched them. When I moved lower they were hard as glass. I adored the soft swell of her belly, but I didn't linger long there because the scent of her sex beckoned me.
    • by EROS :...
    • Blackmailing Mom, ch 31
      blackm31 zip (07k) (m/F, inc, mom/son, F/f, mom/daut, mm/F, m/f, bro/sis, mm/f, pedo, groupsex)
      Mom wore a tight pink halter top that barely covered her large braless tits and an extremely short denim skirt. At my insistence, she wasn't wearing any panties... nor were Linda or Tanya. Linda was wearing only a tiny pale-blue bikini top and one of Tanya's white, pleated tennis skirts that was so short it only just covered her naked crotch when she was standing. I got an instant hard-on the very first time she bent over and wiggled her ass and pussy at me. Tanya had on one of Terry's 'T' shirts, and nothing else. You could clearly see her pointy young breasts and prominent little nipples pressing stiffly against the stretched fabric. The 'T' shirt only came up to mid-thigh and as she walked around it rose on her butt-cheeks as they jiggled sexily up and down, exposing her cute young ass and hairless, pouting little pussy. In fact, all the women's cunt were hairless. Terry and I had insisted that our mothers shave themselves for the event. We both had a serious preference for hairless pussies. In addition to the fact that it made eating their cunts much more enjoyable, we thought that it made our mothers look so much younger and sexier... and, to quote Terry's first impressions of his mother's newly-shaven pussy, "Fuckin' HOT!"
    • by LadyBug :...
    • Pastor Trent's Family Meets Mr. Zorn, part 1
      pastort1 zip (08k) (M/g, 9, M/b, 11, M/F, M/M, b/g, incest, pedo, spankings, humiliation, preg)
      "Lick your father's cum from where it landed," Zorn told our 11 year old son. "Lick it up from your adorable baby sister's face." Having witnessed the wrath that Zorn had just doled out to 9 year old Dana, Donnie knew better than to balk. He knelt down beside his brusied sister and began licking away his dad's sperm from her sweet face. "And you, Pastor Trent, " Zorn barked. "Get down and lick my baby making seed from your daughter's heavenly little cunt, unless you want her carrying my baby." My husband nodded shamefully, but did as he was told. I continued to finger my pussy. Then, Zorn looked over my way and grinned wickedly. "Guess what I am going to do to you?" he said.

      Sunday PM, November 21, 2004

    • by josephk :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Weekend Away, part 1
      weekend1 zip (06k) (inc, w/s, nc, gangbang, 4yo)
      Returning from a weekend away, my brother has interesting news about my 4 yo daughter, his niece.
    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • Clara's Show But No Tell Game
      clarassh zip (11k) (girl 6, boys 14, 15; nudity, fondling, oral, penetration)
      14 year old Sean Sears enjoyed viewing his 6 year old sister Clara's girl place so much he brings over his 15 year old friend Johnny to share it with him. When he asked his sister what she was doing she handed him a doll. He held it up and pulled it's panties down. "Look at this," Sean said, holding out to doll for his friend Johnny to see. "This doll doesn't have any place to pee out of." Clara gave her brother a funny look. "It don't got to pee," she said. "So it don't need no pee place." "I guess you don't pee either." "Do too," Clara said indignantly. "You know I pee. You look at my pee place all the time." "Touchè, she got you there," chuckled Johnny.
    • by Paul Phenomenon :...
    • Dirt Poor, ch 20
      dirtpo20 zip (14k) (m/g con)
      In short order, we had the springs on my car bouncin' to the rhythm of our fuck. I fucked it to her, and she took it, took it and loved it. I felt her clit mashin' my pubic bone with each downward bounce, so I figured she'd come. I figured right. She came well before I was ready, and after a few seconds to recover she started in on me all over again.
    • by Nomad :...
    • Gerald's Girls
      geraldsg zip (49k) (Incest F/DD. Dom game play)
      "Good girl, good girl," Gerald murmured, holding himself still and watching her work his sensitive gland in her mouth and over her lips. Having savoured it and gathered all the flavour she could from it, she began to bob her head back and forth, licking and swallowing, flicking it occasionally with her tongue, squeezes of her hands rewarding her with the thicker taste of his bland pre-come. She worked on it feverishly, the smell of him intoxicating her. "Karen's about to get her glass of milk now. Drink it all down like a good little girl," he told her.
    • by Running Bear :...
    • Sticking Up for a Friend
      sticking zip (27k) (m-13/g-7 hand oral)
      A boy comes to the rescue of a brother and sister attacked by a bully, only to find the girl more than grateful for his actions.
    • by Atraue :...
    • Shannon Moves In, ch 3
      shannon3 zip (08k) (m-15, f-10 voy, mutual masturbation, touching, oral)
      I was pleasantly shocked when without a word; Shannon bent down and took my dick into her warm mouth. At first she didn't move, she just held her warm wet mouth in place. She swirled her tongue around inside her mouth and as a result stimulated my sensitive head. I was worried I might fill her mouth with cum right then. It was clear she didn't know exactly how to give head, but she was doing her best, and in my limited experience, it felt great.

      Saturday PM, November 20, 2004


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