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      On Friday PM, October 08, 2004

    • by Romanid :...
    • College, ch 2
      college2 zip (14k) (M/ff,f 8yo twins, 9yo)
      My college career was off to a good start. My favorite past time was even better. The twins were keeping me busy, but I still found time for a new young interloper into my life. My education was expanding rapidly.     
    • by Madhatter113 :...
    • Orphans of Eros, ch 6
      orphans6 zip (08k) (M/b, mast, anal)
      Dec followed the graceful line of his neck to where it blended perfectly into his shoulders, down onto the forming pecs that displayed two copper coloured discs still slightly puckered in post orgasmic tumescence, down over the flat expanse of his stomach the silky skin covering pubescent muscle washboard hard and rippling with vitality, to the arrowhead of his almost hairless pubis which pointed unerringly towards the slowly softening length of his phallus and the heavy smooth sack of his testicles. Dec wondered again at the length of the boy's foreskin as he watched it slip forwards to cover the sensitive head of his cock the loose skin hanging a full inch beyond the hidden tip of his glans, more of Brogans work or natural? "Beautiful!" Dec murmured as he watched the boys cock slowly shrink back to flaccidity even soft its length impressive.     
    • by Micksta :...
    • Aunt, ch 1
      aunt1 zip (04k) (Auntie)
      I am now 19 and it all started with my aunt a year ago. Back in our hometown in California, my aunt was involved in sex a lot, almost everyday. She is 33, but she looks 25, she is 5 feet 7 inches, long dark hair, sexy brown eyes, and her breast size is 34D. Last year, I was looking around for colleges.     
    • by William Parker Morgan :...
    • Enchanted Isle, part 6
      enchant6 zip (56k) (M+m+b+F+f+g+ Mg Mb group orgy cons nc cumbath inc rom rape inc TV fat herm freaks inter best ws scat relig bdsm extreme vio snuff 1st ScFi)
      Enchanted Isle is 56 chapters of non-stop lust, with children frozen in time at the moment of sexual maturity, ruled by an evil woman who takes pleasure in their pain. Touches on straight, gay, ped, adult, bdsm, tor, lac, ws, scat and most other variations of human sexuality.     
    • by Glasgow Housewife :...
    • Maid Petra Serves Lady Jennifer's Daughter
      maidpetr zip (09k) (Servant/child, transvestism, M/f intercourse, spanking)
      Peter joined the staff of Coldstream Castle and, renamed Petra, now serves Lady Jennifer as a maid. Petra's duties for tonight are to service Lady Jennifer's nine year old daughter Norma. Norma is a mischievous, loving child who can easily manipulate Petra into premature ejaculation. And Norma is doing badly in lessons: she's scared that Miss Grey will cane her in front of the whole school!     

      Thursday PM, October 07, 2004

    • by PRE-vert :...
    • A Date With Destiny
      adatewit zip (20k) (F/M M/g m/g, Inc mom/son, bro/sis, voyeur, pedo)
      Jason has a destiny. He's a rockstar in the making. He's also a pedophile, and he's fallen for a beautiful little girl with dark hair and mysterious eyes, who seems to call to him, and then disappears. Destiny is gonna play a few games with Jason, and he may not be ready for the outcome!     
    • by Baron Darkside :...
    • After The Party
      afterthe zip (42k) (F/m/mot/son/incest/consq)
      Aaron sees mother and father going at it after a party. Father is unable to finish the job, so Aaron steps in for him. Then his mother finds out it was him that finished the job...     
    • by Paul Phenomenon :...
    • Dirt Poor
      dirtpoor zip (13k) (m/F m/f bro/sis inc oral mature)
      "Pshaw, I fucked my brothers, all three of 'em. Best fucks I ever had, 'cept for maybe my first husband. Didn't hurt none of us. Fucked a couple of cousins, too. Probably would've fucked my daddy, but he got himself kilt before I got around to fuckin'."     
    • by TheLoveKid :...
    • Droit de Seigneur: The Second Book of Brae: The Growing Danger
      droitde2 zip (139k) (Mg+ / mg+ / bg+ / g+ Magic Pedo Incest Preg Teen/Preteen/toddler/baby -- (cons and some semi-non-cons))
      The girl canted her head back as if to make sure that she had her prurient father's attention. He pulled the draw string on his riding trousers and said, "Baby girl, you're a-hungry for my touch?" "Always Daddy!" He spent a moment to let his pants drop around him. Then he knelt down and licked across her pussy. His tongue slipped into her. She was already wet, perhaps with anticipation. Fokir savored the sensation; he loved his daughter's taste. Hell, he loved any little girl's taste. But Ling's taste -- more so than any other daughters of his -- was his nectar. She thrust her precious hiney back against his face.     
    • by Johnny Johnson :...
    • Phil And Suzy, part 1
      philand1 zip (16k) (m/g age 6, Pedo)
      This story has no real sex per say it is more if an introduction to the situations to come in the future stories. Phil meets Suzy for the first time, gives her a bath and later uses the toilet in front of her. Future stories will have much more happen.     
    • by Cranium :...
    • Siblings: A Love Story
      siblings zip (18k) (m/f, bro/sis, incest)
      Jamie got out of the car. Just as she closed the passenger side door, Paul whipped out of the driveway in reverse and sped away down the street. Jamie just watched him leave. She cared a great deal for her now ex-boyfriend. She would even say she loved him. But he didn't treat her well. Paul didn't abuse her in anyway, but he didn't love her. He just wanted to fuck the hottest girl in the eleventh grade.     
    • by gooboy :...
    • Sparky Hypnotist Clown, part 2
      sparkyh2 zip (04k) (m/fgm hypnosis)
      Sparky continued     
    • by Dalton :...
    • Stunner, part 6
      stunner6 zip (11k) (M/g gg best mc)
      She wailed then he clamped his mouth over hers and started fucking her tight pussy, feeling only half his cock stuck inside her, wanting the rest inside her, some part of his mind telling him that if he fucked her hard and long enough her pussy would open up and take all his cock that night. He wrapped his strong arms around her and his body pistoned into hers, slamming her little cunt with his cock as the girls watched it working into her slowly but surely, the remaining hilt of his cock getting shorter and shorter as she stopped screaming, then moaned and mewed into his mouth.     
    • by White :...
    • Submissive Family
      submissi zip (23k) (M/F/g/incest/pedo/submissive/S&M/spanking/bondage)
      Calvin teaches his brat of a niece a lesson and is surprised by the results.     
    • by LadyBug :...
    • A Family Of Cock Lovers, part 1
      afamily1 zip (08k) (M/M/f, 8, b, 10, F, incest, S&M)
      This whole family loves cock, my buddy infored me. They are demented beyond belief! Wait until you see the two kids. They boy is has the cutest ass you have seen, and he is only 10. His little sister can suck cock beautifully! She's 8, and looks just like her mom, with gorgeous red hair and flashing green eyes. The whole family will do whatever you tell them to, he added! You can beat the crap out of all four of them if you want to. They are a dream come true for perverts like us!     
      What Can A Father Do About It? part 2
      whatcan2 zip (07k) (M/M/F/f, age 7, some incest)
      "So, tell me, Mike, have you ever knocked up any little girls at your school?" my wife asked our daughter's principal. "Oh, yes," he said, flashing a grin. "Seven so far. Two of them were even thrid graders. You'd be surprised at how many parents, just like you and Steve, want to see their little pre-teen daughters with swollen bellies." "Mmm, how nice," my wife sighed. My cock twitched with excitement at the thought of this fat pervert one day knocking up Lindsey!     
    • by William Parker Morgan :...
    • Enchanted Isle, part 5
      enchant5 zip (55k) (M+m+b+F+f+g+ Mg Mb group orgy cons nc hum sm ws scat vio rape snuff nec ScFi)
      Enchanted Isle is 56 chapters of non-stop lust, with children frozen in time at the moment of sexual maturity, ruled by an evil woman who takes pleasure in their pain. Touches on straight, gay, ped, adult, bdsm, tor, lac, ws, scat and most other variations of human sexuality.     
    • by EROS :...
    • Family Farm, ch 26
      family26 zip (05k) (m/F, inc, mom/son, mm/F, groupsex, beast)
      Danny turned and was both surprised and excited by the depraved sight that greeted him. His naked mother was lying on her back on a bale of hay, with the Parker's stud goat, Billy, on top of her. Jessica was moaning and hunching her hips up at the animal in lustful abandon as Billy fucked his long scarlet cock up into her cunt with deep, rapid thrusts. "Shiiiiiit!" gasped Danny, stepping closer. "You're really doing it, Mom! You're really letting Billy fuck you! God, that's so fuckin' hot!" "Ohhhhhh, Baby! Uhhhnnnffff! God! It s..sure is!" grunted Jessica, grinding her cunt up wantonly at the beast's deeply-plowing prick. "Uuuuhhhhmmm! Fuuckkkkk! What a cock!" Kevin was standing near Jessica's head, holding Billy's lead while Jenny knelt beside the animal stroking Jessica's thighs and gently squeezing Billy's big furry balls. As Danny watched enthralled, Kevin leaned forward and lowered his semi-erect cock into Jessica's panting mouth and she began to suck on it noisily. "Uhhmmmmm, yeahhhh! Suck it, Mrs Taylor!" he moaned. "Suck my cock while Billy fucks your cunt! Uuuuuuhhhhhh!"     
    • by Powerone :...
    • Maiden Maid, ch 8
      maidenm8 zip (30k) (M+F, nc, anal, reluc, humil, oral)
      This is the story of orphans that become of age in 1933 and what they are forced to do to survive the Great Depression. Sara is an 18-year-old orphan during the depression and life is hard. In this chapter, Michael invites two of her friends to visit, Claire and Grace. But who are they visiting, Sara or Michael?     
    • by katietrannie :...
    • The Bobby Saga, ch 1
      thebobb1 zip (03k) (shemales, pooping, sex, drugs m/f)
      This is the first of many stories that I have written involving the character of bobby a normal guy who goes through some pretty wild changes and knows alot of weird people.     
    • by Janus :...
    • The Watson Clinic: Kayla, ch 2
      thewats2 zip (17k) (M/g pedo)
      In this chapter Dr. Watson introduces Kayla, whose upbringing in a repressive Catholic family causes problems when the young girl is orphaned and adopted by a nudist foster family. However, Dr. Watson's unconventional treatment, which involves Kayla spending time with a men's swim team, proves to be successful.     

      Wednesday PM, October 06, 2004


      Tuesday PM, October 05, 2004

    • 5 eNovels were published today.
    • by Dalton :...
    • Fallen Angels, part 2
      fallena2 zip (19k) (M/ggg oral anal cons ped rom)
      He lay back on the bed and Jessica starting jacking his cock, joined by Amy who was curious how it worked, why it was so big and hard while Anna curled up next to him, her ass next to his face, pushing it closer and closer to him until he picked her up and had her straddle his face and sit her pussy on his mouth. He knew what she wanted, if he licked her as much as she could handle she'd let him fuck her as much as he wanted.     
    • by Phoenix Rising :...
    • Mom's Voyeur Urge
      momsvoye zip (11k) (F/f pedo, inc, voy, mast)
      Ten year old Gina spys on her mother having sex and realizes that she tapes her lovers. The horny preteen snoops until she finds the tape, but gets caught by her equally horny and perverted mother.     
    • by CFOZ :...
    • Orgasm Fairy
      orgasmfa zip (07k) (M/f/f Dad/Daut/Friend inc)
      "Duh. Not that dopey. I mean the night after the tooth fairy comes. When you leave the money in the glass of water the next night then the 'gasm fairy comes and takes the money away but give you an orgasm instead. That's the heaps cool bit".     
    • by artfulb :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Grade B Spunk for a Grade A Girl
      gradebsp zip (07k) (M/F)
      How not to write a term paper.     
    • by Liquidheat :...New Author.!.!.!
    • 69 REALLY is a Classic
      sixtynin zip (04k) (M/F)
      Car trouble can be a very good thing.     
    • by EROS :...
    • Blackmailing Mom, ch 23
      blackm23 zip (05k) (m/F, inc, mom/son, F/f, mom/daut, mm/F, m/f, bro/sis, mm/f, groupsex)
      I watched enthralled as Tanya and Mom lowered their heads between each other's thighs and started licking. Mom began to rotate her ass in small circles and grind her cunt up at Tanya's face, at the same time pulling Tanya's tasty little pussy into her own face with both hands. Both of them were moaning now, but it wasn't quite moaning it was more of an intermittent humming sound interspersed with gasps and soft slurps every couple of seconds. They were really starting to enjoy themselves, that was for sure. My cock was starting to recover nicely watching this, but rather than interrupting Mom and Tanya, I decided to see what Terry and Linda were up to. Luckily, Terry had just finished fucking his mother in the ass, so her horny, wet pussy was ripe for a good hard fucking. She lay back, smiling provocatively at me, eying-off my rapidly-rejuvenating cock as she lazily fingering her visibly juiced-up pussy-slit. Terry lay exhausted a few feet away, his sticky cock totally limp. I went over to Linda on my hands and knees, my stiff cock swinging lewdly between my thighs. "Need a hand?" I grinned. "Mmmmmm, Dannnnyyyy!" she murmured, taking hold of my cock with both hands. "I don't know about a 'hand', but I do need some of this!"     
    • by William Parker Morgan :...
    • Enchanted Isle, part 4
      enchant4 zip (50k) (M+m+b+F+f+g+ Mg Mb group orgy cons nc ws tor spank rom exhib ws cumeat rape beating vio hum bdsm ScFi)
      Enchanted Isle is 56 chapters of non-stop lust, with children frozen in time at the moment of sexual maturity, ruled by an evil woman who takes pleasure in their pain. Touches on straight, gay, ped, adult, bdsm, tor, lac, ws, scat and most other variations of human sexuality.     
    • by Micksta :...
    • K and K, ch 1
      kandk1 zip (05k) (Cousins)
      My twin cousins, Kat and Kelsey, and I have always been close. We're all born within six months of each other, and lived very close to each other. I've always been attracted to them, because they're naturally attractive. They are both blonds.     

      Monday PM, October 04, 2004

    • by Dalton :...
    • Fallen Angels, part 1
      fallena1 zip (18k) (M/ggg, drug, sleep, ped, anal, toys, bond)
      As she started humping her pussy back into the vibrator, falling asleep and excited, he slid the vibrating butt plug back towards her asshole, happy to hear her protesting moan and see her tied hands reaching down to make him put it back on her now sloppy baby pussy. Pussy juice is the best lubricant in the world for slipping pointy things in little girl's asses. He pressed the pointed tip into her crinkly rose tinted ass sphincter and was rewarded with a slow penetration of the end inside her. She quickly switched from wanting it in her pussy slit to liking it in her ass; roofies made everything feel good. He worked it out all the way, seeing the small mouth of her ass remain slightly open as she wiggled contentedly, showing she wanted the nice buzz toy back in her ass. He quickly obliged her, taking her past the first notch and working the now quickly widening plug up to the next notch, indicating her ass had dilated a full inch diameter.     
    • by William Parker Morgan :...
    • Enchanted Isle, part 3 of 6
      enchant3 zip (56k) (M+m+b+F+f+g+ Mg Mb group orgy cons nc rom cbt rape fist ScFi)
      Enchanted Isle is 56 chapters of non-stop lust, with children frozen in time at the moment of sexual maturity, ruled by an evil woman who takes pleasure in their pain. Touches on straight, gay, ped, adult, bdsm, tor, lac, ws, scat and most other variations of human sexuality.     
    • by EROS :...
    • Horny Little Schoolgirl Sluts, ch 35
      hornyl35 zip (07k) (M/f, inc, m/f, f/f, mm/f, m/F, M/ff, mm/F, MM/f, family, pedo, groupsex, gangbang)
      "Ohhhhh, fuck! Noooooo, Sis! Uhhhnnghhh! God! You made me cum you silly little slut... Ohhh, fuck! Ohhhhhhhh, Jeeeeeesus!" moaned Tommy. "Yes! Yessss! Cum for me big brother! Cum in my cunt!", panted Suzy. The frantic fucking Tommy was giving her as he orgasmed, combined with the delicious sensation of her brother's hot sperm ejaculating deep up inside her heaving belly, caused Suzy to climax as well. She could feel the base of her brother's distended cock expand, then felt the swelling progress up the twitching shaft, until it concluded with the forceful injection of another jet of sperm into her immature young cunt. Each copious squirt of her big brother's sperm into the 12-year-old's eagerly upthrust pussy caused her to cum again and again until she almost blacked out. "Uhhhhhh, Tommmyyyyy! Yessss!" gasped Suzy, grabbing him by the ass with both hands. "Keep squirting that stuff into me! Ohhhhhhh! God! Fuck! I'm coming again! Fuckkkkk!"     

      Sunday PM, October 03, 2004

    • by Amber Gold :...
    • The Seduction Of Lana
      3thesedu zip (11k) (previous post in error) Mg-8 oral inc con 1st ped)
      He was a master of seduction. His female of choice was a young girl. A very young girl. He had seduced them as young as 5 and as old as 15 but his favorite, and one he couldn't forget, was Lana. Lana, the 8 year old that he considered the best, the A-1 unforgettable, unbelievable and the most exciting young girl he ever seduced. He conquered her and lost his heart at the same time.     
    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • Johnny Spanks Polly
      johnnysp zip (09k) (man 35, girl 3, discipline, spanking, nudity)
      Johnny Livingston was thirty five, single, and worked at home. He was sitting at his computer, doing a Google search on "nudists, female" when there was a sudden crash of breaking glass that seemed to come from the kitchen. Johnny jumped up and rushed into the kitchen. His empty coffee pot lay shattered in a thousand pieces on the floor. A fetching little three year old named Polly Baumgardener, who lived next door, was standing barefoot amidst all the glass, looking guilty as hell. Johnny, who was wearing sandals, walked over to her and reached out and picked Polly up and sat her on the kitchen counter, carefully examining both her feet to make sure there was no glass in them. Then he went to the closet and pulled out the broom and dustpan. Very carefully he swept up the glass, making sure he got each and every sliver. "Did you do this?" Polly shook her head, in complete denial. "Mistah Paul done it. He come in, drop it, and runned away." "Polly, you're telling me a fib. I'm gonna have to tell your daddy on you." "NO! NO TELL DADDY! He spank. Use belt, hurt bad."Look here," she said, turning away from him and pulling her shorts and panties down exposing her cute little bubble butt in all its glory. Her twin globes were very white, except for the black and blue stripes imprinted all over them."     
      The Awakening, part 2
      theawak2 zip (11k) (man 36, girl 6, nudity, bath, oral, penetration)
      My name is Edwards. Theodore Edwards, but everyone calls me Teddy. I am in my mid-thirties, going on 12 or 13. My fantasy and dream world has been revolving around a little six and a half year old named Sharon Brown. Last week I was having coffee with her mom, Mary Brown, when she decided to bathe Sharon and had me bring my coffee into the bathroom so we could continue our conversation. Naked little girls are so beautiful. Their skin glows, their hips have only the barest flare of the femaleness that will come in due time, their little chests give only the faintest hint as to what their boobies will grow into, and the sight of their puffy little hairless mounds and pubic splits would send the blood rushing to the loins of a dead man. After shampooing Sharon's hair, and rinsing it, the phone rang and when Mary went to answer it she asked me to continue bathing Sharon. To make a long story short, I've been reliving that bath through dreams and fantasies for a week now. This morning voices, real voices, seeped into my dreams as I was sleeping naked in my bed. It was Sharon and her friend Joyce, who ended up in my bedroom, me pretending sleep, while Sharon lifted the sheet and exhibited my most bloated secret to her friend. One thing led to another, and Sharon ended up giving me a blowjob, which at my eruption caused her face and hair to get liberally sprayed with cum. I ended up giving both girls baths, and received an invitation to dinner that night from Sharon's mother, Mary.     
    • by Smoky Waters :...
    • The Innocent
      theinnoc zip (16k) (M/g 12 phallic, satanic)
      Twelve year old Katie has been raised for one purpose. She has no concept of sex, right or wrong, or the male anatomy.     
    • by Virginia Creeper :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Jennifer's Story
      jennifer zip (22k) (fm con)
      How important is being a virgin, anyway, she asked herself while shaving her legs in the bathroom. She looked down at her naked body, and decided that it was not at all bad- perhaps that had been part of her problem when she had tried to keep boyfriends happy without having them trying to get into her knickers.     
    • by William Parker Morgan :...
    • Enchanted Isle, part 2
      enchant2 zip (63k) (M+m+b+F+f+g+ Mg Mb group orgy cons nc rom cbt rape fist ScFi)
      Enchanted Isle is 56 chapters of non-stop lust, with children frozen in time at the moment of sexual maturity, ruled by an evil woman who takes pleasure in their pain. Touches on straight, gay, ped, adult, bdsm, tor, lac, ws, scat and most other variations of human sexuality.     

      Saturday PM, October 02, 2004


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