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    September 04th - September 10th mid-Morning Updates

      On Friday PM, September 10, 2004

    • 5 eNovels were published today.
    • by Keyman :...
    • Father Figure, part 7: Bag of Tricks
      fatherf7 zip (27k) (F/g/g age 11, Pedo, Incest, Anal, Oral)
      In part seven, Gale Scott, conducts a hands on demonstration on the elasticity of the human anus. The only catch for this eye opening demonstration is that it requires the two preteen's participation. The girls agree, but Gale quickly learns as young as the girls are, they can have minds of their own. Gale suggests a contest before her demonstration. The girls agree especially after hearing what the winner's prize will be. The girls get to use some of Gale's special toys during the contest much to their delight. Gale delivers on her promise to help the girls plan Susan's seduction of Dave Scott, the preteen's father.     
    • by LEBEC :...
    • Natasha's Sleepy Family
      natashas zip (29k) (fm/inc bro/sis fF/best dog drug nc)
      Just as her mom had said, a bomb couldn't awaken him ... Natasha picked up his penis again and studied it some more. There was a little bit more of the fluid oozing out of the head of his cock but less than before. She wondered if there was more inside the tube of his cock. Perhaps if she sucked on the end, she could get to it. This would have the dual effect of stopping the leaking and she could get a better taste at the same time.     
    • by Spin :...
    • Babysitting Can Be Fun and Fulfilling
      2babysit zip (08k) (M/F Pedo, Sex)
      Here's the story you've been waiting for. Tommy, a fifteen year old kid, finally gets laid but not by another teenage girl...     
    • by detecnet :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Minha Irma
      minhairm zip (19k) (bro/sis inc)
      Os casos de incesto me chamavam muito a atenção, desde que soube do que se tratava. Por isso vou contar esta estória, muito embora saiba que não acreditem que são verdadeiras.     

      Thursday PM, September 09, 2004

    • by Amber Gold :...
    • Gracie Goldie Locks
      graciego zip (12k) (Mg-8 force Mg-8 Mg-8 oral inc ped rel video)
      The headlines of newspapers all over the country were screaming about the missing children from the foster care program in one of the bigger states in the US. TV news coverage was big for at least a week with pictures of cute little kids that were missing and no one knew why. They seemed to fall through the cracks of a system that had become so big it was falling in on itself. Children's Social Services took kids from their parents due to neglect, abuse and so many other reasons that the Foster Care Homes and Group Homes became crowded beyond capacity.     
    • by Suitcase Pimp :...
    • Memoirs of a Suitcase Pimp, ch 2
      memoirs2 zip (14k) (family nudism, MMMFffmm, FFFFm, Mfff, mmmf)
      "Paedophilia is Mother Nature's way of taking care of widows and orphans," Alex had said to my mom in Ch 1, "and you, my dear, are a widow, and these lovely children are orphans!" – In the first chapter middle-aged photojournalist Jerry and teenage porn-starlet-to-be Sabrina told their Californian swing partners about their precocious youths, proving again that early sexual experiences will make happy, horny, promiscuous, libidinous adults later on. The saga continues. -- This is the second chapter of what's going to be a novel-length serial. Even though it's a work of fiction, much of it is based on real-life experiences, tempered with literary, libidinous license.     
    • by BabyBeca :...
    • My Sister's Little White Leg
      mysister zip (09k) (m/f/m/F/incest/pre-teen/teen/anal/pregnant/infant/rape/spanking torture/warning extreme)
      He wanted to place his penis between her parted lips and fill her cute tummy with his seed, but with his mother in the next room awaiting his sexual attentions he dare not deplete his sexual energy. Therefore as Jonathon mused over erotic adventures with his pre-teen sister, he heard.     
    • by PRE-vert :...
    • Street Trash
      streettr zip (20k) (MMM/g MM/W inc dad/dau, voyeur, piss)
      Yep, my first in many moons...Kerrine is a little girl with a big *slut* girl's habits - she curses, smokes, talks back, sucks cock, fucks, and is a real sweetheart in general. Mike is a lucky guy who's never looked at a child in a strange way in his entire, offbeat life. The story is set on the streets of a modern city...maybe even yours!     
    • by POTHUS :...
    • The Boy with the Horse Cock, Threesome: ch 4
      theboyw4 zip (12k) (b(9)/F/g(10), vag, oral, incest)
      Mike Thomas awoke with his mother riding his cock. He opened his eyes and watched as she slowly rode up and down his long, thick cock, feeling her pussy quiver around his shaft. Jennie Thomas was in a world of her own, as she rode her son. She loved how much her son's horse cock stretched her pussy, filling her sex with so much cock meat, that she was becoming addicted to her orgasms. She couldn't wait for little Suzy to come over today so she could fulfill another of her sexual fantasies.     
    • by jallen944 :...
    • The Electrician's Choice
      theelect zip (15k) (First Time)
      Pam gets a new experience.     
    • by Mortimer Snerd :...
    • A Daughter's Perfect Love
      adaughte zip (12k) (Mf, inc, dad/daughter)
      After his wife tragically dies, a man and his 10-year-old daughter find happiness in each other's arms. A true story, as told to the author. (Names have been changed.)     

      Wednesday PM, September 08, 2004

    • by POTHUS :...
    • After Jenna's Practice
      afterjen zip (10k) (M/g(12),g(14), vag, oral, inc, Father/Daughter)
      Pete McDonald soon found himself out of work. It was both a shock to his ego and manhood at suddenly not being the breadwinner of the family. It wasn't as if his salary actually amounted to much, especially since his wife made quite a bit more than he did, or ever would. Suddenly, he found himself being ‘Mr. Mom' and didn't know how to handle it. Thankfully, his daughter's soccer practice saved him from boredom. The added benefit of now taking his daughter to soccer practice, was being so close to young female flesh, even if all he could do was fantasize about them.     
    • by Paul Phenomenon :...
    • Bed and Breakfast, ch 5
      bedandb5 zip (13k) (m/F inc bro/sis con rom)
      She didn't guide him, didn't take his erection in her hand and place him at the entrance to her wet heat. She kissed him and squirmed under him, and suddenly he was there. He felt her warmth around him.     
    • by Jack Spratt :...
    • The Cold Weather Cometh: New Beginnings
      thecold2 zip (27k) (M/f /f/F ped)
      Ron makes a decision concerning the two waifs in his care. With a clever charade he manages to convince people that Jordon and Larissa are his nieces. You will have to read how. The changes in his life a drastic from a widower living on his own for years, now a Grand daddy of two very sexual preteens. This is the continuing story.     
    • by Singledad :...
    • Wrong Company, ch 6-9
      wrong6_9 zip (11k) (incest, extreme pedo, w/s, pain and torture, bone scraping)
      She stripped them of their dresses and diapers, she put them aside, they were full of greasy baby shit, and she arranged them in a classic sixty nine position, it was so perverse seeing tiny babies like this, they started to suckle, a natural instinct rather than a sexual one. As they tasted the shit on each others privates they pulled away, she just pushed them back, their faces smeared with the offending material.     
    • by EROS :...
    • Family Fucks, ch 16 (FINAL)
      2famil16 zip (06k) (M/g(11), MM/g(12), M/gg, inc, pedo, dad/daut, mom/son uncle/niece, inter-family groupsex)
      As Tommy lifted himself off me, his cock came out of my cunt and a small trickle of sperm ran out before my tight little cunt-lips snapped shut again. Rebecca ran her hands up my thighs and parted my legs, lowering her face towards my freshly-fucked little slit. "Mmmmmm! You have a very tasty-looking little cunt there, Sweetheart!" she grinned, sticking out her tongue and licking her lips lewdly. "I'm really gonna enjoy this." Rebecca pushed my knees wide apart and lowered her mouth to my hairless, cum-filled little twat, and began to lick and suck noisily. Tommy lay back, stroking his limp, sticky cock as he watched the erotic sight. His gaze flicked repeatedly from his mother's mouth licking up the thick, creamy jizz he had just deposited in my hot little fuck-hole, to her gorgeous, naked ass stuck provocatively up in the air in front of him. He gazed lustfully at her glistening pussy before watching her bobbing head and darting tongue, a look of increasing arousal on his handsome young face. It wouldn't be long before he was ready to go again, and I knew exactly where he had in mind to shove that virile young cock of his, once he got it up again... in his mother's hot, horny cunt!     

      Tuesday PM, September 07, 2004

      Polly, part 3: Franco
      polly3 zip (06k) (M/F)
      "My sweet. I have waited for this moment since you first walked through the door of the Arms." He picked her up as one would a rag doll and sat her astride the bench in front of him, one arm around her waist, one hand tightly over her mouth, thick thighs on either side of her own. She could feel his torso pressing into her from behind his erect manhood straining at her back through trousers. It seemed as though eons passed while they sat together thus on the bench. She was breathing heavily and trying to gather her wits about her, he holding onto her tightly and saying nothing. Then he spoke again.     
    • by Vert-Man :...
    • Jessie and Melissa, Girl Love by the Pool, ch 1
      jessiea1 zip (09k) (ff/oral)
      Jessie has been lusting after Melissa for some 9 months now and finally the girl gives her the time of day. What will happen when they meet a new friend in Shy Ann?     
    • by Perdido :...
    • My Precious Boy/Girl
      myprecio zip (10k) (b/g, b/b, bb/g, M/b/g, hermaphrodite)
      Frances and I share a dirty little secret: we both love big cocks and loads of cum. But there's something else: neither of us is quite "usual" when it comes to genitals. Frances is a girl who's more like a boy; I'm a boy who's more like a girl. It's always a surprise to the men we pick up but we always leave them happy. And yes, I'm madly in love with her, my precious boy/girl.     
    • by gooboy :...
    • Sparky Hypnotist Clown, part 1
      sparkyh1 zip (06k) (mc mother/daug stranger inc)
      Sparky Hypnotist Clown makes his business in hypnotizing unsuspecting moms and daughters.     
    • by White :...
    • The Remote Control, part 3
      theremo3 zip (28k) (MC/mF/mf/incest/oral/anal/interracial/pedo)
      Jonathan and Loretta keep up the good work and sex. Jonathan gets back at his father in a good way. Last of this story.     
    • by Eveneezer Patsy :...New Author.!.!.!
    • The Clone War (of Sex)
      theclone zip (03k) (M/f)
      A crash of thunder coudl be heard overhead as i toiled in my basement. It was as if God himself were telling me this is not natural and should not be done. By altering one allele and a few telomeres..i was able to create the perfect women...beautiful breasts...lovely hips..the cutest msot slender legs...and a face tht rivals the classic beauty of marylyn monroe. However, This is no ordinary women..this women is technically my child...or my direct clone.....     
    • by Ermberto :...
    • Bedside Manner, part 2
      bedside2 zip (33k) (Pedo (FFFb) Les (FFF) oral, anal, facials)
      Busty single-mother, Clarissa, seduces and fucks the two pretty young nurses who, in turn, seduced and fucked Clarissa's 12-year-old son, Damien. The following day, they all get together for a wild orgy, Damien and his mother working hard to satisfy the two nympho nurses.     
    • by EROS :...
    • Blackmailing Mom, ch 17
      blackm17 zip (06k) (m/F, inc, mom/son, F/f, mom/daut, mm/F, m/f, bro/sis, mm/f, groupsex)
      Terry grabbed his sexy little sister and rolled her on top of him, kissing her hot open mouth passionately. His cock was still limp from their earlier fuck so I pulled Tanya up above him onto her hands and knees, her head directly above her brother's soft, sticky prick. "Make him hard with your mouth, Tanya!" I smiled, kneeling behind her. "We can't both fuck you until you stiffen us up a bit!" "Yeahhh! Suck it, Sis!", said Terry, pulling her pretty face down onto his cock. "Get it nice and hard, so I can shove it up your hot little twat!" I ran my palms over her pert young ass, reaching forwards under her slender young body with one hand to squeeze her tiny pointed little tits. With the other hand I played with her spermy little cunt, running my fingers through her slit, feeling the cunt-juice fill my palm as I opened her succulent young mound. Tanya parted her legs for my, and I took a good, long look at her well-fucked twat. A girl's cunt always looks a little different from behind, more sexy I thought to myself, more wickedly exciting, just suspended there between her legs, framed by the globes of her ass, lips slightly parted... just begging for a cock.     
      Family Farm, ch 19
      family19 zip (06k) (m/F, inc, mom/son, mm/F, groupsex, beast)
      When they got downstairs they discovered Jason, Kevin and Jessica lying in a sweaty tangle of arms and legs on the mattress in the living-room. Both boys' cocks were sticky and glistening with moisture and sperm was still leaking out of Jessica's cunt and ass-hole. "Wow!" exclaimed Danny as they entered. "You three look like you had a good time. Did they both fuck you at once, Mom?" Jessica looked up at her son with a slightly dazed look on her pretty face and smiled. "Ohhhhh, Baby... did they ever!" she murmured, giving both young boys a loving pat on their naked, sweaty asses. "These two studs fucked the shit out of me!" "Yeah!" grinned Jason, stroking Jessica's perfectly-shaped tits. "Your mom's a fantastic fuck, Danny! Isn't she Kev?" "Ohh, yeahhhhhhh! She's..." Kevin paused as he looked up at his mother. "... umm, she's almost as good as Mom!" "Right answer, Sweetheart!" giggled Jenny, joining the trio on the mattress.     
    • by Bradley Stoke :...
    • Virgin Gold
      virgingo zip (16k) (MF ws)
      Samantha is intent on maintaining her virginity. Why would anyone wish to marry spoiled goods? Like her unfortunate best friend Eliza. But although every kind of sex is permissible as long as the maidenhead isn't violated, she wonders how she can give satisfaction to Navin, who doesn't appreciate the value of Virgin Gold?     

      Monday PM, September 06, 2004

    • 5 eNovels were published today.
    • by Nomad :...
    • A Bum Deal, part 5: Donna Goes Home
      abumdea5 zip (22k) (Parental Incest, anal games, enema, pedo 12 yrs. femdom)
      "Donna stopped her crying to follow her mother's advice, getting onto the chair once more so her bottom was raised and pushed out, her lean young rump drawn apart without the need of hands or fingers. Once again, her sorely used little anal ring was revealed to her mother, who once again gazed at it. Now that the shock of seeing it so sore and inflamed had passed, Linda could feel pride at how well her daughter must have taken it."     
    • by Romanid :...
    • College, ch 1
      college1 zip (12k) (M/gg, 8 yo twins)
      Free at last. I was off to college and my family was footing the bill for me to have a apartment to myself. I meet new friends, a pair of twins no less. Come along and listen.     
    • by Spin :...
    • Amy's Story
      amysstor zip (10k) (M/F F/F Pedo, Sex. voyeur)
      Amy tells us her personal, erotic history of sex with her favorite uncle. Here's a facinating tale that takes you inside of the mind of a ten year old girl as she learns about sex and all that goes with it.     
    • by Ermberto :...
    • Bedside Manner, part 1
      bedside1 zip (35k) (Pedo (Fb), first, mast, anal, nurses uniforms)
      After a minor accident, 12-year-old Damien is facing the prospect of a couple of days in hospital. Fortunately he has two pretty young nurses to take care of him, and being horny boy-lovers, the pair of lovely ladies have their own way of taking care of their sweet young patient.     
      XXX Home Videos
      xxxhomev zip (50k) (Incest - whole family, group (MFmf), double-pen, cum, les, porn-movies, anal, )
      15-year-old Simon wants to follow in his dad's footsteps and be a porn star, and so he's given a 'test run' by his horny mother. Then his twin sister Danielle soon gets involved in the fucking, and the family end up making some incredibly sordid home movies.     

      Sunday PM, September 05, 2004

    • by Standard Bearer :...New Author.!.!.!
    • My Sweet Michelle, part 1
      mysweet1 zip (05k) (Mg/pedo/ oral)
      I never realized I had liked little girls until I saw Michelle dancing in her sprinkler in her bathing suit. Little did I know that I'd turn her into my eight-year old sex slave, who craved my cock on a daily basis. This is the story of our first encounter.     
    • by OLAN'S BOY :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Preteen Pussy: I Try. I Like!
      preteeni zip (03k) (M/f, kiddy porn)
      A retired photographer(me), an Evangelist's widow, a female physique model and a sexy 4th grader decide to try the KiddyPorn biz. "Little Miss" contestants get to show their talent as plans proceed in the next chapter.     
    • by Keyman :...
    • Father Figure, part 6: "Mother Knows Best"
      fatherf6 zip (20k) (F/g/g age 11, Pedp, Incest, Anal, Oral)
      In part six, Gale Scott, Susan's mother demonstrates for the two preteens the intricacies of pleasing another woman sexually. Gail being the considerate person that she is allows the girls practice on her, to hone their skills. Once the girls have passed their initial test with flying colors Gale promises to answer one of their questions. She promises to answer the question by means of a demonstration. The only catch, the demonstration will require their participation. Gale also promises to help them plan her daughter's seduction of Dave Scott, Susan's father.     
    • by subhubby :...
    • Femdom Dream Come True
      femdomdr zip (06k) (F/m BBW, Wife dom,denial,fisting)
      What's the matter baby, my wife cooed into my ear, don't you have any money? Jets of cum started....wait you don't know how this all started do you? Let me take you back to when Jenny and I started to play sex games and how we got to where we are now. Which is the happiest we have ever been.     
    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • Hanging Out With Peaches, part 2
      hanging2 zip (13k) (15 yo boy, 9 yo girl, nudity, bathing, manipulation, penetration)
      Willie Newcomb hankered for his classmate Elsie Chelsey, but she was only into older boys and men. However, she was failing science, and Willie got a chance to be her tutor. At her house she met Elsie's younger sister Paula, which everyone called Peaches. After Elsie called off the lesson at four Willie and Peaches went for a walk, and Peaches to him to a hollow hidden deep in the woods, which bordered a dried up stream bed, and which was covered in moss. That first time they each showed the other how they masturbated, and on subsequent trips the each brought the other off, and also each discovered oral sex with the other. In part two of our story Willie races through a violent wind and thunderstorm to their meeting place, but finds no Peaches. Dejected he walks to his house where he discovers Peaches waiting for him on his front porch. She had fallen, and was sopping wet and racked with chills. Willie led her upstairs to his bathtub, which he filled with warm water, and then he undressed Peaches so he could wash and dry her clothes. He put his own clothes in the washing machine and went naked up the stairs to join Peaches in the tub.     
    • by Matson :...
    • Night School, part 6
      nightsc6 zip (56k) (M/F brother sister family incest cons)
      In this, Part 6, Shelly finally encounters her brother, face to face, after many years of his mysterious standoff'ish behavior. She travels to him with her husband's devious master plan to unmask the man. What she finds shakes Shelly to the roots. In confronting him, her brother's place in her heart is significantly changed. Together they wonder, "What if mom had told us the truth about sex? What if things had been different when we were teens? What if we had made love?"     
    • by Fantasy_Dreamer :...
    • Salena's Journal, parts 1-2
      salen1_2 zip (12k) (M/8 year old girl rape)
      I am known as Salena, Lucipher is my father. I am one of my lord's demons that barter with humans for their souls. I have given every sort of fantasy to countless millions in trade for their souls over the centuries. This is my journal that I have kept for some of the more interesting individuals that I have dealt with.     
    • by Earnest Hemenhaw :...
    • Voyeur Story 2
      voyeurs2 zip (04k) (voy, exhib, M/F)
      An evening stroll. A stop to rest. A young girl. An older woman. Or not.     
    • by Sevenone :...New Author.!.!.!
    • sick-little-girl
      sicklitt zip (06k) (Mg incest ped oral)
      Candy was 11 when I first got to know her. Starved for attention that her mother never had time for and a father she hardly ever saw, she appreciated the closeness of our relationship.     
    • by EROS :...
    • Horny Little Schoolgirl Sluts, ch 29
      hornyl29 zip (07k) (M/f, inc, m/f, f/f, mm/f, m/F, M/ff, mm/F, MM/f, family, pedo, groupsex, gangbang)
      Next to Mikey and Suzy, Brad was fucking his little daughter, Belinda as slowly as possible, trying not to cum... but her hot, tight, slippery little cunt was quickly coaxing an orgasm out of him. It had been all he could do to stop himself from cumming in his sexy little niece Suzy in the first round. Now, his horny little 11-year-old daughter was pushing all the right buttons. "Ohhhh, Daddyyyyy!" she moaned, staring up at him with that 'fuck me' look on her cute little pixie face. "Come on! Do it harder! I wanna cummmm!" "Uhhhhhffff, fuck!" groaned Brad, trying his best to get his little girl off without losing it himself. "Didn't Tommy get you off in the first round, Sweety?" "Uhhmmmmmmm! Yeahhhh, Daddy! Twice! But I wanna cum agaaaain! Can't you fuck me any harder?!", pleaded the horny little 11-year-old, bucking her hips up at her father's cock. Brad groaned and closed his eyes, frantically trying to think of something else as he carefully fucked his squirming pre-teen daughter.     

      Saturday PM, September 04, 2004


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