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    April 30th - May 06th mid-Morning Updates

      On Friday, May 06, 2005

    • by MageLord :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Two Weeks In The Mage, parts 1-3
      twowe1_3 zip (160k) (M+F+m+f+ inc ped cons fist ws copr ScFi interr)
      An ex-patriate returns to the states after the Mage War to find a new society of sexually free people with unusual powers, living and working alongside the boring normals. He spends two weeks getting a taste of Mage freedom, and learns some astonishing truths about himself.
    • by one_fd_mom :...
    • A Horny Mother's Contrived EXXXcuse
      2ahornym zip (14k) (m/F, nc/con?, preg)
      A simple story. Mom is a neglected wife. Her morality is too strong to 'knowlingly' go out and seek a real affair to spice up her unsatisfactory sex life. Fate provides the lovely blonde with a boy-child just turned thirteen and starting to sniff around at his chances for a little forbidden family fun. All that is needed is some sort of convinient contrived excuse.
    • by hobbit :...
    • Angel With Horns And A Tail, part 2
      angelwi2 zip (92k) (M/f, incest, love)
      Angel's story continues as she becomes more apart of the family. There is more sex in this portion as old relationships are renewed, also some interesting ideas as a young girl's virginity is restored so the man of her dreams can take it.
    • by Running Bear :...
    • Beth
      beth zip (29k) (m-8/g-8 rom glory)
      I can hardly remember a time that left a more lasting impression upon my life than the Christmas of '72. That was the year that I first met the person who would later be my wife for the very first time, and our ages might surprise you -- we were eight! Or nearly eight, as she was only seven at the time, but a lot came later. And it was her that introduced me to our love life at that tender age. Let me set the stage...
    • by Bemused :...
    • Coming Home, part 3
      comingh3 zip (24k) (MFf(11)f(8), Mdom, oral, anal, WS, light S&M)
      In Coming Home, Paul, a late 40ish university professor opens his door to find Michelle, the young woman he kicked out 11 years ago, is back home and has no place else to go. Except that now she has her two adorable preteen daughters with her. Paul, with a strong interest in male domination and young girls, turns the situation to his advantage by forcing Michelle to accept an agreement wherein she and her daughters will fulfill Paul's every sexual desire and submit to whatever punishment he chooses. In this installment, Paul tests the two girls to see if they are willing to be his sex toys. Each girl is subjected to a very thorough exam, inside and out, forced to perform sexual acts, and to submit to a spanking to prove they will adhere to the agreement.
    • by Romanid :...
    • Dana
      dana zip (06k) (M/f)
      Dana was my special guest for an unknown length of time. Read and see if her mother comes back for her. We keep our selves busy.
    • by Curious Cat :...
    • My First May In Memphis
      myfirstm zip (47k) (M/F, lots of fucking, probably some oral, maybe some pissing, babymaking fun)
      Like a cool, wild Spring breeze, Caroline Spencer blew into Memphis, Tennessee in her beloved Lincoln Continental "Abby" one day in early May. Unfortunately, while she had the mistaken impression that it was she who was in charge when she came up against Steve Sanders, it quickly became evident that their meeting had produced an undeniable hot, humid gale of passion. It was supposed to be a one-timer. A passing fuck (or four) in the night and then back onto her whirlwind.
    • by Nekkidgramps :...
    • Next Door Cheerleader, part 2
      nextdoo2 zip (08k) (M/f 11year old girl/rom/hardcore pedo sex)
      "Oh god this is great, not only do I get to see you naked, I get to see you horny too." She gasped and looked into my eyes, "we make each other horny, that is so kewl." She crossed her arms trying to sneak in a little nipple rub and started to blush. "Ben, I've had a crush on you since I was in pre-school. You've always been so nice and friendly toward me and I think you're so handsome." Erin looked back down to my cock as she whispered, "geeze your cock looks so beautiful, I know I'm just supposed to look but, um, well, can I touch it?"
    • by Matson :...
    • Night School - (After Seattle), part 7
      nightsc7 zip (24k) (mom/dad/son incest)
      In this, part 7, Shelly returns from visiting her brother and, together with her husband Mike, finds that Danny had a totally bizarre weekend while sleeping over at his friend Mark's house. Danny recaps that Mark actually wanted to "do things" with Danny's "privates". Danny also had a late-night visit from little Alena! The part concludes with several questions from our young lad, and a wonderfully unexpected enlightenment for him.
    • by Dr. N. D'Sainte :...
    • Playground Drifters, ch 2: A Special Playmate
      playgro2 zip (14k) (Mff cons incest first)
      Ned's cock started to respond as the two girls slid their hands into their shorts. He could see the movement of their fingers as they played with themselves. When he saw the two twelve year olds finger each other, Ned knew his daughter had succeeded in winning the heart of the dark haired girl. He knew his daughter would deliver the girl to him in just the right frame of mind for some naughty fun. Cathy's head was spinning, and she felt like she was walking in a dream. She hadn't even thought about fastening her shorts. The tight little cutoffs were still unbuttoned with the zipper down, revealing her lower tummy all the way to her mound.
    • by Maxamm :...
    • Preteen Bar Slut
      preteenb zip (10k) (m/f/inc/pedo/o/a/rape/cons/n/c)
      A seven year old girl walks into a bar, where the only customer is a guy with a liking for little girls and a guilty secret. Buy her a Coke and she'll show him to the bathroom.
    • by Allyn :...
    • Kiki And Me
      kikiandm zip (10k) (My 18 year old Filipina Lover. Her first time.)
      My now-wife Clarice and I met at a Philippine/American party. I asked for her number which she willing gave to me. Several dates later we spent a lovely evening at a drive in movie. I had already seen the film but actually had little interest in it. It took little time before we were hugging, kissing and I had placed my hands under her bra and was feeling here breasts. 36c's, I now know, but then they just felt delicious in my hands. To make a long story short, we began to live together six months later and after seven years of living together we are still happily together. But, this story isn't about us as you will see.
      My Bus Trip On The Green Tortoise
      mybustri zip (08k) (Man/young girl meet on bus trip.)
      I hadn't had a vacation for three years. This one was not exactly a planned one. On a sunny Monday morning I went to work at the ad agency I had been working at. Shortly after arriving, our departmental supervisor gathered all of us together and ten minutes later everyone in the company was packing their belongings and thinking about updating their resumes. I had heard about the Green Tortoise, bus service that takes people all over the country for almost no money. I signed up and on Friday morning boarded the bus which was heading for New York.
    • by Spin :...
    • The Baby-sitting Chronicles, part 1
      thebaby1 zip (08k) (M/g, Pedo, Sex, Oral)
      Dan,the Man, is a successful, professional baby-sitter. Read on as he tells all about his conquests of delightful little preteen girls and the joys of having plenty more over his thrilling career. This is a multi part saga that will keep your____hard with each and every new episode.
    • by klausi :...
    • Neues von Andrea, teil 2
      neuesvo2 zip (10k) (g/b g/g/g/b)
      Die Fortseztung von Teil 1 Mit Andrea im Keller geht weiter.

      Thursday, May 05, 2005


      Wednesday, May 04, 2005

    • by Vert-Man :...
    • My Daddy's Butt Fuck Cum, ch 1
      mydaddy1 zip (10k) (ff/mff/oral/anal 12 years old)
      "Yeh Daddy stick it up my butt fuck hole, I love it up there" The Girl on top moaned as her sister (I guess) like moved her hands and spread the girls cheeks apart. 'Daddy' smiled and got on top of these two girls who was licking each other's pussy like mad now and start fucking the one on tops butt really fast in and out. He did this so fast you couldn't even see his cock going in and out and both girls loved it. But the best part was at the end when he pulled it out of this girls butt after he fucked her for a long time and shot that stuff that Kimmy's calls "cum" in her mouth and she really seemed to like it a lot. She showed it to the camera proudly and then sucked his cock some more after that.
    • by subhubby :...
    • Nick And Jen, ch 1
      nickand1 zip (08k) (ped/preg/slut wife/femdom/bbw)
      Jen, slid down the chair, until her smooth chubby ass was tetering on the edge, her pussy lips were engorged and stayed slightly open from Nick's finger fucking. She watched as his huge cock moved closer and closer to her pussy, in a moment of inspiration she reached down between her own legs and pulled on the outer lips of her pussy. Her lips stretched outward forming a wet pink oval for his cock to sink into. In one smooth motion he buried his magnificent cock in her hungry pussy. Each thick vein seemed to stretch and rub against a new area of her pussy, the soft hot velvety feeling of his cock sliding in and out of her soon made her forget that she was fucking a 14 year old in broad daylight and she pulled him onto her.
    • by Running Bear :...
    • Sea Ghost
      seaghost zip (35k) (bg rom mast fantasy)
      A boy, saved by a mysterious girl from drowning, embarks upon a remarkable adventure as old as the sea.

      Tuesday, May 03, 2005

    • by hobbit :...
    • An Angel With Horns and Tail, part 1
      anangel1 zip (82k) (M/f, not much sex, story intro)
      This is the start of a longer story (three parts)about a six year old and how she came to live with and love a new family. (Angel is the little sister to the Girl's Diary set and Hank)
    • by Bemused :...
    • Coming Home, part 2
      comingh2 zip (15k) (MFf(11)f(8), Mdom, oral, anal, WS, light S&M)
      In Coming Home, Paul, a late 40ish university professor opens his door to find Michelle, the young woman he kicked out 11 years ago, is back home and has no place else to go. Except that now she has her two adorable preteen daughters with her. Paul, with a strong interest in male domination and young girls, turns the situation to his advantage by forcing Michelle to accept an agreement wherein she and her daughters will fulfill Paul's every sexual desire and submit to whatever punishment he chooses. In Part 2, Paul tests the limits of what Michelle is willing to do by forcing her to submit to sexual degradations and a severe spanking. This is the second part of at least six. Parts 3 and 4 are completed and will be published shortly.
    • by Curious Cat :...
    • From Uncle To Daddy...Abruptly
      fromuncl zip (18k) (b/g, M/F (brother-sister), Daddy/Daughter (young), incest, finger/cock fuck, cherry busting, oral, mild drugs, pregnancy)
      "From Uncle To Daddy...Abruptly" Twins always have a special, loving relationship. Add some hot sex and it becomes all the more special. Since childhood, Brianna and I had given into our curiosity about the differences between our bodies. Once bitten or so they say...we just couldn't get enough of each other. She eagerly gave up her cherry to me and I just as eagerly relieved her of it. Later on, I had a whole new curious and loving little girl to cultivate and develop sexually. Life sometimes can be just a bowl of cherries.
    • by Rogerher :...
    • On The Rebound
      onthereb zip (06k) (Father/stepdaughter, M/f, inc., anal rape, sex)
      After three years my eldest stepdaughter broke up with her boyfriend, well actually he left her for some skank bitch from another city. There were the usual tears and reflections. But, this time there were several fringe benefits for me as a result of this dramatic downturn in her love life.
    • by Dr. N. D'Sainte :...
    • Playground Drifters, ch 1: Annie
      playgro1 zip (08k) (Mgg cons incest ped)
      "Ewww! Daddy! There's sticky stuff on your thing!" "That's normal, sweetheart. That just means it was having good dreams last night." "Was it dreaming about me, Daddy?," Annie asked, excitedly. "I'm sure it was," Ned said, tenderly. Annie's eyes had sparkled then, as she learned something new about her father's anatomy. Two days later Annie walked in on Ned, while he was stroking his cock, trying to relieve the pressure of life as a single man. "What are you doing, Daddy?," Annie had asked with concern in her voice. "It's all right, sweetheart," Ned assured her. "It just hurts a bit and I was making it feel better." Ned knew immediately that he had said entirely the wrong thing. "I want to make it feel better! Let me help, Daddy!"
    • by H. Grant :...
    • Rebecca's New Parents, part 1
      rebecca1 zip (11k) (MF/g/manipulation/coercion/slow)
      Four year old Rebecca gets transferred from the safe hands of DYFS to a new set of foster parents - both of whom are sick and demented individuals in need of some "home made" photos to share and swap with their perverted online friends.

      Monday, May 02, 2005

    • 5 eNovels were published today.
    • by Earnest Hemenhaw :...
    • Harvey
      harvey zip (09k) (M/F M/g M/b voyeurism oral, ws intercourse mc)
      Harvey, a latter-day Lamont Cranston, wakes up one day with the ability to cloud minds. Actually he can cloud the minds of adults but not children. However, children obey his every command.
    • by Dark Tower Gunslinger :...
    • Viva Las Vegas, ch 2
      vivalas2 zip (16k) (Mg/con/pedo/incest)
      "What else did the little bitch tell you," I said, my drunken anger rising at all this unwanted extra sexual education at the hands of a teenager with the reputation of being a round heels for every pimple faced kid that could borrow the old man's car and steam up the windows in a local drive-in. "She told us all about the other names grown ups use. I know my cunny is called a cunt or pussy. Your pee pee is a cock, pecker or tool. All those funny little names and when a man and woman do it they call it fucking. She even told us what she had done with Jerry Simmons down the block." "I can guess but tell me anyway. Seems you learned a lot more from that slut than you've learned in school lately." "She gave him a blowjob. Do you know what that is?" "Sure, I know but I'm pissed that you know or do you really know what it means." "Do you want me to show you?" she asked hopping off my lap and standing there before me her hands on both hips in a defiant posture, daring me to say yes. Her diminutive height brought the top of her head barely up to my chin, her eyes bright with devilment or lust, the night suddenly becoming more cloyingly humid. I felt the sweat on my arms and legs, the almost deadlocked Dodgers game forgotten. She slowly licked her lips and suddenly I was a feared the devil himself had somehow possessed my sweet little girl into this fiery temptress before me.
    • by Spin :...
    • Sommer Breeze...Only on Sunday
      sommerbr zip (11k) (M/g, Pedo, Sex, Oral, Incest)
      Sometimes, in the harsh,emotionally challenging world that we live in, redemption CAN come your way. Read on and discover that the sweetest redemption is always better from a very cute little preteen girl. At least it was for our main character. His life turns upside down, making him miserable until he meets a new friend in a most unlikley place.
    • by pantau :...
    • Stefan - Bin Ich Pervers?
      stefanbi zip (23k) (gdom/b humil diap spank)
      Stefan erzählt uns seine Kindheitserlebnisse. Viele von uns werden ihn um seine unbeschwerte Kinderzeit beneiden. Jedoch durchzieht die eine entscheidende Frage sein Leben: Bin ich pervers? Lesen Sie seine Geschichte und geben Sie ihm eine Antwort - vielleicht ...

      Sunday, May 01, 2005

    • by Bemused :...
    • Coming Home, part 1
      comingh1 zip (22k) (MFf(11)f(8), Mdom, oral, anal, WS, light S&M)
      In Coming Home, Paul, a late 40ish university professor opens his door to find Michelle, the young woman he kicked out 11 years ago, is back home and has no place else to go. Except that now she has her two adorable preteen daughters with her. Paul, with a stong interest in male domination and young girls, turns the situation to his advantage by forcing Michelle to accept an agreement wherin she and her daughters will fulfll Paul's every sexual desire and submit to whatever punishment he chooses. This is the first part of at least six. Parts 2, 3 and 4 are completed and will be published shortly.
    • by Maxamm :...
    • Dirty Work
      dirtywor zip (22k) (f/f/lesbian/pedo/scat/w/s/torture/snuff/drugs/rape/extreme violence/ cannibalism)
      In the aftermath of a sick and violent lesbian orgy, a woman and her six year old daughter lie dead. But the horror and depravity have barely started.
    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • Kenny Discovers Lawn Sprinkler Paradise
      kennydis zip (22k) (boy, 14; girls 4, 6, 11; cavorting nude, fondling, manipulation, penetration)
      Kenny Martin was 14 when our story opens, but was completely ignorant about girls until age 11, when his 4 yo cousin Mary Beth, came to stay the summer, and they ended up cavorting naked in the cooling spray of a lawn sprinkler. Sun bathing afterwards, they each brought the other off. Unfortunately she moved away after that summer, though she returned for a two week visit the following year. When Kenny was 13 he met 6 yo Cary at the park, and soon they too were cavorting in the spray in Kenny's backyard. Kenny introduced her to the ‘feel good' times he and his cousin had had, but alas, she too moved away. But as we used to say as kids, third time is charm, and at 14, Kenny found his true soul mate in a movie theater, in particular he found a second paradise in the lap of an 11 year old.
    • by Dr. N. D'Sainte :...
    • When The Cat's Away - Grocery Shopping, ch 4 (final)
      whenthe4 zip (13k) (MFff cons incest 1st cheat rom)
      "Tom, it really turns me on to watch my daughters cumming so hard," Jean continued. "I didn't have a real good orgasm until I was twenty years old. It's so wonderful seeing Pattie having powerful orgasms at thirteen! I still feel perverted, but that just turns me on all the more. There's no way I can stop now. As long as Jessie and Pattie want me to keep sucking their clits, I'm going to keep doing it! I want you to enjoy my girls, Tom!," Jean revealed. "I know they will do anything you want right now. I trust you and I know you'll never hurt them. So enjoy them and their sexy little bodies! I'm so looking forward to watching you fuck their virgin cunts!"
    • by Cheri :...
    • My Son's Early Breakfast, part 2
      mysonse2 zip (04k) (mom/son)
      He looked up at me and smiled, his face glistening with my juice. "No problem mom...that was really fun!" he said, as began to lightly lick my clit once again. "Oohh, Jimmy, mommy's clit is way too sensitive for you to be doing that right now. Why don't you come up here with me?" I told him. He gave my pussy one last good lick, and as my body convulsed for one final time, he crawled up beside me and snuggled into my side. "Thanks for letting me do that, mom. I really, really liked that," he said. "Oh, sweetie, thank YOU! That was without a doubt the most powerful orgasm your mommy has ever had!" I assured him. "But it seems as if though someone isn't quite done yet..." I said, motioning to his rock hard prick which was resting against my thigh. "Would you like mommy to return the favor?"

      Saturday, April 30, 2005

    • by Dark Tower Gunslinger :...
    • Viva Las Vegas, ch 1
      vivalasv zip (14k) (MFF/con/anal/scat)
      I pushed my cock against her pussy lips, getting as much of the juice there on my crown as I could. Not completely satisfied I reached for the liquid soap dispenser on the small lavatory next to us and squirted a large gob in my hand and then on my cock. That was better. I shoved her further forward until her head went another few inches into the bowl, her face only inches from the foul smelling metal bottom of the commode. "Reach back, spread your ass." "I can't I'll fall." "Then fucking fall, spread them." She did so reluctantly, both hands going back to the firm butt cheeks and pulling them apart as her head banged into the metal bottom of the commode, the wind whistling around her ears from the suctioning mechanism of the air crapper. "This is so nasty," she whimpered. "Shut the fuck up bitch," I hissed pushing my cock between the narrow divide of her butt, the head banging into the wrinkled prune of a rosebud asshole. "You're mighty small back here, better get ready to get ripped open." "Oh my, this is going to hurt bad, isn't it?"
    • by EROS :...
    • Pre-teen Nympho, part 2 (FINAL)
      preteen2 zip (14k) (M/f, m/f, inc, bro/sis, dad/daut, pedo)
      Natalie raised one foot an placed it innocently on edge of the coffee table as she pretended to look back at the TV. Her casual movement may have looked innocent, but it was designed to lift the hem of her short robe just enough to reveal a hint of naked pussy. Her father gulped audibly and began to fidget in his seat. But Natalie kept up the pressure and let her thighs fall slightly apart, rocking her left knee back and forth idly as she opened and closed her legs. The gap between her slender naked thighs slowly crept wider and wider. Soon her gorgeous young thighs were spread so carelessly her father could see all the way up her long, tanned legs to her hairless little 12-year-old cunt. His cock gave an involuntary twitch at the incredibly stimulating sight. "Ummm... I think you'd better go and get dressed, Honey", he muttered. As she turned back, Natalie smiled. His eyes were staring hungrily down at her tight, plump little snatch. "Are you sure you want me to, Daddy?" she said, giving her father a sexy little wink. As he watched in awe, Natalie wriggled her hot little ass forward on the coffee table, spreading her legs even further apart. Her robe had fallen open in front, enough for her father to see the glistening pink slit of her young cunt, as well as the inner halves of both her tiny pointed little tits. Her nipples were still just hidden from his view but that just seemed to make the sight so much more sexually arousing. And, to top it all off, the look of adolescent sensuality on her cute young face was unmistakable. He was totally speechless.

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