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    August 06th - August 12th mid-Morning Updates

      On Friday, August 12, 2005

    • by POTHUS :...
    • Amy's First Taste of Doggy Love, ch 2
      amysfir2 zip (11k) (F/dog, rom, oral, first knot, vag)
      Amy Coltrain was a successful, young business woman. She was the director of marketing at her company, with a personal secretary, her own parking place and the proverbial key to the washroom. She had broken up with her boyfriend over two weeks ago, and she didn't miss him one minute. There was a new man in her life. Well, actually, her new man was her male dog, Bear. Before, she used to keep her five-foot-six-inch, 36D-28-38 body, in shape for her ex-boyfriend. But now, she did it for her lover, Bear.
    • by Nomad :...
    • Salvation Is The Church
      salvatio zip (71k) (M/F, M/F/f(14), F/f(14/10), F/F/F/f(40s/30s/14/10), M/F/F/F/f, WS, oral, masturbation, fisting, incest)
      This is a story based upon religious parody. It is total fiction. A church shows salvation to a single mother trying to get by in small town America. The woman and her daughter have little hope of escaping the poverty trap they find themselves in, and so for the sake of her daughter, she elects to join them. Mind you, their teachings on Incest and Polygamous marriages hit a chord with her, one she'd not thought of since her incestuous fantasies as a child.
    • by David Stephens :...
    • The Pleasure Garden, part 2
      theplea2 zip (11k) (Mf/g, MF/g, inc, pedo)
      "I fantasize constantly about molesting my little one," I admitted openly, "though I've never considered going further than that. Now, having seen how much little Ruthie loves being fucked, I won't be happy until I've made Ellie my whore!"
    • by NoDaddy :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Little Girls In The Garden, ch 1
      littleg1 zip (06k) (M/Pedo)
      I get to look after my 2 year old niece and her friend while they play in the paddling pool...
    • by Snam :...
    • Familiekring
      familiek zip (21k) (MFfm vader/moeder/dochter/zoon)
      Sara en Tom ontdekken van elkaar hun meer dan normale liefde voor hun kinderen 12 en 9 jaar en wijden hen in een incestueuze familieband. Eerder een traag begin.

      Thursday, August 11, 2005

    • by Turner 2 Corners :...
    • Margaret - Lost From Her Mind, ch 5
      margare5 zip (15k) (Bond, mild torture (reference))
      Margaret has been taken from Paul Purple, now her treatment is out of his hands, but her story is stranger than even those who have her were prepared for. - We are re-introduced to Sinister and Dexter and their Mistress.

      Wednesday, August 10, 2005

    • by TitBudMan :...
    • Cabin Boy
      cabinboy zip (15k) (M/b, m/b, 31, 8, 9, 11, and 17 Oral, semi-cons & cons)
      In 1730, the SS Knighton prepares to sail on a long voyage. This shipping company is different, most of it's Officers and Owners, are pedofiles. Read along and your idea of a "Cabin Boy" is sure to change.
    • by Dr. N. D'Sainte :...
    • When The Cat's Away - Anything Goes in the Dark, ch 4
      whenth11 zip (19k) (MFf+g+ inc cons 1st food)
      "Do you like my shorts?," Tina asked eagerly. "They stretch!" The twelve year old demonstrated by pulling out the front of her shorts, showing me how easily I could reach her willing little cunt. "Your cock is happy to be back!," Cindy noted, with a string of precum stretching from her lips to my cock. Cindy resumed her blowjob as her sister continued to moan happily about the stimulation from my fingers. "I missed you too," Sandra assured me, with a sweet smile, as she knelt beside me on the sofa. I found Sandra's snatch and slid my finger inside, prompting a happy gasp from her. With a nasty gleam in her eyes, Rita pulled Cindy's legs apart and lowered her mouth to her tender, hairless pussy. "Oh, Mom! I love it when you spoil me rotten!," Cindy gasped, as her mother's tongue teased her cunt lips.
    • by Othello The Black :...
    • I Tricked Her Into Becoming a Voyeur, part 3
      itricke3 zip (04k) (M/f, Inter, Voyeur, Pedo, Mast. Exhib)
      Now it's time for me to introduce Kendal My 10 year old neighbor to the "Guessing Game". We'll play but the game leads to extasy and regret as I allow reality to set in. I have crossed the line, and am now a true to life pedo.

      Tuesday, August 09, 2005

    • 5 eNovels were published today.
    • by POTHUS :...
    • Amy's First Taste of Doggy Love
      amysfirs zip (14k) (F/dog, first)
      Amy Coltrain was a successful, young business woman. She thought she had it all. She was the director of marketing at her company, with a personal secretary, her own parking place and the proverbial key to the washroom. Her boyfriend was an up and coming producer of independent films, and she had just purchased a three bedroom home in (Malibu). She kept her five-foot-six-inch, 36D-28-38 body, in shape by jogging with her Malamute, Bear, playing tennis at the local Country Club, and of course, her hourly sessions with her boyfriend, Derrick. At twenty-eight, Amy was as happy as she could be. Little did she know that her whole outlook on life would change dramatically.
      Family Secrets, The Conclusion
      familys3 zip (13k) (F/ b(12)/b(12), f/dog, inc, family, w/s)
      Janet Allenby couldn't believe how easily her twin son's had taken control of her sexually. She had thought she was going to seduce her son's but soon found that they now controlled her completely. There wasn't anything she wouldn't do, no matter how perverted or degrading it was. She was willing to do anything to satisfy their hedonistic desires. During her long weekend with her horny son's, not once did Janet ever think about her husband, or how he would react once he came home. Little did they know, but Bob Allenby was halfway home, having decided to find out for himself if his wife was cheating on him.
    • by Dr E.M. Hyatt :...
    • Kristine
      kristine zip (09k) (MF)
      My wife's friend, Kristine, had a great ass. Most Filipinas (my wife included) have small cute asses. Kristine's was larger, rounder and firmer than most and when she wore tight slacks or jeans, she drove me to distraction. The rest of her was also quite attractive. She knew it, too. She also knew the affect she had on me. Whenever she was alone with me, she bent down or moved in ways that were obviously meant to show off her ass. I often told her that she had a great ass for an Asian woman. Kristine was about 30, five feet three inches tall and had an overall good figure. Since her divorce, she spent a lot of time with me and my family. One hot July afternoon, we decided to barbecue in the back yard. We also filled the pool so our son could enjoy an afternoon swim. Kristine arrived wearing a loose fitting shirt and baggy shorts. I'd never seen her in shorts before and I couldn't help admiring her smooth, perfectly shaped legs. Around 4p.m., Kristine decided to take a dip in the pool. She stood up and undressed to reveal a dark pink two-piece swimsuit. It wasn't a bikini but it left very little to the imagination and afforded me an even better view of her fabulous ass.
    • by Rennod :...
    • The Ring, ch 2
      thering2 zip (23k) (MMM/bbbb Oral Anal Inc)
      The Ring was a group of boylovers which met up on Sunday evenings to share their sons in an orgy to literally start the week with a bang. They had just initiated Scotty, a friend of one of the sons by placing the naked five year old on a towel in the centre of the host's living room and wanking all over the little lad. The toddler was now dripping with the cum of the three adults who had ejaculated copiously over the whole of the cherub's body.
    • by nymphette :...
    • The Wicked Fraternity
      thewicke zip (16k) (M/f/m, brothers/sister, mom/son, torture, snuff, castration, humiliation)
      First Brian spread his sister for me so I could taste her tiny cunt. It always tasted like sweet cotton candy. It was the softest, sweetest piece of pussy ever and oh God was it ever so tiny and tight! That hairless piece of heaven will always be remembered in my dreams. Before long I was filling her up with my cum and I tried my best to keep the noise down. At the same time, I was smashing Brian's balls, abusing his battered baby testes, and he covered his mouth with a pillow to muffle his anguished shrieks. Oh but I could still hear the beautiful little cries of torturous misery escape his throat and it brought me off fast and hard. I thought I heard my door close and I jumped in alarm, but no one was there. Don was in the living room where we left him, and even though his face was flushed, he looked relaxed, like he hadn't moved since we'd last seen him. I knew I was in trouble when the next night my father and Don wanted to speak with me. I didn't know what to expect. I should have known I would get caught eventually. After all, I had been molesting my little brother and sister for over 3 years at that point and Brian carried the permanent damage between his legs. Ashley had her own set of bruises as well. Most mothers would have caught on to the abuse a lot sooner. I was a fool but the truth was when I got wound up, I loss all sense of control. There was no difference between right and wrong and good and evil in my mind, when I got keyed up. I know that's no excuse but if you had just seen how cute and sweet my little sister and brother were, you would know why I couldn't resist them!
    • by Wife Watching Husband :...
    • Up The River
      uptheriv zip (06k) (MFM, Wife Watching)
      Scarlett, a naughty wife, loves the idea of two cocks pleasuring her.

      Monday, August 08, 2005

    • by Silver Fox :...
    • Amazing Grand Mother
      amazingg zip (08k) (F/M, incest, mast, Oral, Anal)
      Brent's wife was having a complicated pregnancy and was order no sex for the last month. Brent was very horny to say the least. He found satisfaction in a place he would never have dreamed.
    • by gusgus :...
    • Deneyce, ch 3
      deneyce3 zip (13k) (m/f dad/daut/uncle inc anal)
      From this point on, my life has been just one constant sexual episode after another. For the next 6 months I was fucked every night by either Ricky, my dad, or George; Ricky was my most frequent sex partner. Many times Ricky would come over after school and my mom would send him into my room telling him I was studying and if I was too busy, her pussy was available; she would then lift her skirt giving him a shot of her bare pussy. Many times he would reach down and finger her pussy before he headed toward my room. A few times he would finger her and if she was really wet, he would continue fingering her while she removed her blouse, he would then suck her tits and finally get her on the floor, bed or couch in order to plant his young hard cock inside her cunt. I would hear the moaning and groaning and would head toward to sound to find Ricky pounding my mom's pussy. What a site to see.
    • by hobbit :...
    • KC and Jake, Their Story Begins, ch 5
      kcandja5 zip (28k) (M/f, sex, masturbation)
      Jake and KC go to meet Jolene, her brother and parents. Jake and Jo have time to 'enjoy' each other several times.
    • by H. Grant :...
    • Potty Peeper
      pottypee zip (13k) (M, g+, b, pedo, ws, scat, voyeurism)
      A middle aged park janitor gets his jollies from watching little kids make use of the public lavatory facilities.
    • by sister love :...
    • Linda 11 Śr Og Ludder, part 2
      lindael2 zip (06k) (m/ff/machine)
      Thomas har laget en knullemaskin til LInda.

      Sunday, August 07, 2005

    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • Annette Sees Double
      annettes zip (17k) (girl 7, boys 13; undressing, nudity, fondling, masturbation, oral, penetration)
      Annette Fischer is 7 and gets a crush on the 13 yo boy next door, Josh Franklin. Josh is always hanging around with his friend Charley Blakley, 13, and so when Annette joins them she makes three. The boys had been into masturbation pretty heavily for a couple of years, and Charley was hoping to get Annette to undress for them for inspiration. When Annette joined them on this day she asked what they were up to, and Charley said they were just getting ready to jack off. Annette had never heard of jacking off, but as Charley described it she began to remember playing naked with the three year old boy who used to live next door to her, and she remembered his getting stiff and hard. Annette wanted to watch Josh and Charley, but they would agree only if she would get naked with them. Which she agreed to do. And in a classic example of one thing leading to another, let the tale begin.
    • by Mummified Bog-Man :...
    • Becca In Love
      beccainl zip (16k) (M/f pedo, oral, excessive cuteness)
      I was home from college for the summer and at a loose end, usually spending most days in my room listening to music and doing some writing. A window over my desk gave me a nice and uninterrupted view of my neighbor's backyard. This was the daily playground of my neighbor's beautiful little daughter, Becca. With mousy brown-blonde shoulder-length hair, big hazel eyes, rosebud pink mouth, and a butt to die for, this 5-year-old was the picture of little-girl perfection. Not to mention her winning ways. She was the friendliest and most outgoing little cutie I had ever had the good fortune to meet!
    • by nekkidgramps :...
    • Next Door Cheerleader, part 6
      nextdoo6 zip (12k) (M/F/f/f pedo incest child sex)
      "Fuck me you dirty child molester, fuck me while I molest my daughters." She put each of her hands between the creamy soft thighs of her daughters and began to fingerfuck her kid's cunts. She had the full fleshy cunt of a woman but it was shaved as bare as her five year old's pussy.
    • by Paul Phenomenon :...
    • Psychometry, part 6
      psychom6 zip (16k) (f/f M/f anal oral)
      "Hah! You couldn't suck me dry if you tried. I'm a squirter." She reached and pressed the remote on the visor, and the gates to the estate started to open.
    • by Dr. N. D'Sainte :...
    • When The Cat's Away - Anything Goes in the Dark, ch 3
      whenth10 zip (18k) (MFf+g+ inc cons 1st caution)
      "It looks like my little girl is ready to get fucked. Pop Nellie's cherry, Bob!" I looked at her blankly. My brain was a bit addled to begin with, just from the immature blowjob I had enjoyed and the incestuous, sapphic, oral sex I had watched earlier. She seemed to be very excited as she anticipated seeing her thirteen year old daughter getting fucked. Nellie was even more excited. She climbed off of Sandra's mouth and laid on the floor. Her whole body was trembling. I guessed she was very aroused from Sandra's tongue and also excited about the idea of being deflowered. "Will you? Please? Pop my cherry!," Nellie pleaded with me, as she spread her legs open for me. "Go ahead, Bob! You can see how much the little vixen wants it!"
    • by MysticPic :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Eternal War
      eternalw zip (22k) (angel demon satan eternal war lucifer lilith)
      This story takes place before the book of Genesis in the original Bible. Genesis X is the time period in which this story starts. It all begins with the overview of the first creations of God's most precious creatures. The first two creations were called man and woman, Adam and Lilith. God created Adam to bond with Lilith in a way that a man and a wife would bond together. There were many problems with this creation of love between the two of them. Adam felt he should be above Lilith, and that she should submit to him. She was created to be equal to him and him equal to her. Adam wanted to be above her, and wanted a companion that would be almost below him and less powerful.
    • by Turner 2 Corners :...
    • Margaret - Lost from her Mind, ch 3-4
      marge3_4 zip (27k) (Mf, bond, oral, mild torture)
      Paul has now discovered Margaret, the true Margaret, but then loses her again, he needs something more to bring her back. In the meantime he has a discussion with the controling slave about Master/Slave responsibilities.
    • by Narda :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Besuch Bei Oma
      besuchbe zip (11k) (M/F/Grandmother/Grandsons 7 & 12)
      2 Enkel besuchen ihre Oma

      Saturday, August 06, 2005

    • by Funplay8 :...
    • My Angel, ch 2
      myangel2 zip (09k) (M/g dad/daught g12 oral int)
      "Daddy, I don't know if I can wait to do naughty things till after dinner."
    • by Artsy Craftsy Kid :...
    • 1954
      nineteen zip (18k) (m/ff)
      Growing up with the best sisters in the whole delta.
    • by Silver Fox :...
    • School Teachers
      schoolte zip (11k) (F/m, oral, anal, mast)
      Joey's teacher is his masturbation fantasy which ends up becoming real. He is 16 she 45.
    • by typo12 :...
    • Joshy's First Time, part 1
      joshysf1 zip (14k) (FF/b inc/ped tease/massage)
      "So how old are you Joshy? 4, 5?", my sister asked him as I rubbed the protecting goo onto his balls. "uh-huh, 5 years old, i.., i think.", he mumbled looking at her fat cleavage poking out of her swim bra cups and then shifting his focus to my caressing palm on his little tan nuts. "oh wow mrs.whitt.", he cooed.
    • by horneyson :...
    • Perverted Mother And Her Perverted Son
      perverte zip (10k) (mom/son/incest/indian/preg)
      Perverted son wants to do some kinky things to his mother and it turns out that his mother is also as perverted as him...

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