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    August 27th - September 02nd mid-Morning Updates

      On Friday, September 02, 2005

    • by Greven :...
    • A Father's Life, part 2
      afather2 zip (08k) (Dad/daughter, inc, mast)
      Crystal loves her daddy. She just wishes he would love her as much.
    • by RWEIII :...
    • Caring For Julie
      caringfo zip (13k) (MF, Mf (Mentally disabled), Cons)
      This one marks a new genre. It's a fantasy about a man whose girlfriend cares for the mentally disabled. The man in this story has a bit of taboo. (Too much for most readers or does it need more?)
    • by Silver Fox :...
    • Just Being Sociable, part 2
      justbei2 zip (08k) (F/m, F/f, mast. Voy, Oral, inc)
      Kathy gets a job as a social worker. She accidentally sees a brother and sister in a sexual situation. This leads to Kathy being able to realize her fetish and more.
    • by White :...
    • Tales From The Neighborhood: The Jordans
      talesfr2 zip (06k) (M/F/f-teen/m-teen/incest/fist-fuck)
      The second installment of life in this neighborhood.
    • by Cumsucker :...
    • The Teenage Slut
      theteena zip (08k) (mm/ff incest, GS)
      The first time I got fucked it was my brother who did it to me. No, he didn't force himself on me. In fact, it was me who seduced him. I've always been a horny girl. For as long as I can remember I've loved playing with my pussy, and tasting my cunt juices. I love the scent from my pussy, and sometimes I would even put it behind my ears and on my neck and wear it as perfume. I guess that's why my brother finally fucked me. He knew what a hot little cunt I was because I was always leaving my damp panties in his bed for him to lick and sniff, and whenever I could I'd walk into the bathroom while he was taking a shower, telling him I had to pee, but really just wanting to see his cock. I was only 11 when I started peeking at him, but already my tits were starting to bud and my little cunny had a dusting of light, blond peach fuzz on it.
    • by Vixen :...
    • Training His Stepson
      training zip (10k) (MMFFF/m, inc, dad/dau, bdsm, spanking, oral)
      Mary and her 11 year old son Steven find themselves living with her new husband Rich and being visited by Rich's parents almost daily. Rich has a plan unknown to Mary, to train her son in the ways of sexual pleasure with the expert help of his daughter Wanda.
    • by Corner Ghost :...
    • Carol - A Paul Purple Story, ch 4
      carolap4 zip (18k) (Mg, gg, oral, mast)
      At last Carol has admitted she has a problem, now she can be treated, but now Paul is wondering if she should be trained, but after spending a night with her he finds out that she wants to learn. Paul also spends some time as a slave to his two 'daughters'.
    • by Nick Young :...
    • Mummy Kiss It Better Too
      mummyki2 zip (07k) (F/bb)
      Six-year-old Cameron has a friend round to play and his Mummy 'has' his friend AND Cameron.
    • by Lupo :...
    • Die Klassenfahrt, teil 2
      dieklas2 zip (13k) (M/m+/f+)
      Der Mann einer Lehrerin begleitet seine Frau auf eine Klassenfahrt mit 11-13jährigen Kindern. Er erlebt supergeile Mädchen und Jungen. Sein Traum, mit Kindern dieses Alters zu wixen und ficken, geht in Erfüllung.

      Thursday, September 01, 2005


      Wednesday, August 31, 2005

    • 5 eNovels were published today.
    • by Earnest Hemenhaw :...
    • Harvey, part 2
      harvey2 zip (07k) (M/b/b M/g anal, oral, penetration)
      Harvey has oral sex with two brothers, then meets nine-year-old Clarissa, who shows him the games she plays with her daddy.
    • by Silver Fox :...
    • Just Being Sociable, part 1
      justbei1 zip (06k) (MMF, Mast, Fetish, Oral, cheat, Voy)
      At an early age Kathy was mesmerised as she watched her Father stroking himself while watching a video. Secretly seeing him ejaculate began to form her future sexual prefences.
    • by Byteman2000 :...
    • Summer Break With Peter
      summerbr zip (11k) (M/b, Dad/Daut, Dad/son, inc, cons, oral, fondling)
      I arrived to pick up my 8yr old son/grandson after her husband found out he wasn't the father. My daughter and I had a wonderful relationship for some years before by accident Peter came along. She knew my feelings for our son, and now she was letting him come stay with me for the summer while she and her husband went through divorce. Naturally I had to help make her feel better before I left and she knew the wonderful things I might teach him as well.
      The Reality of Fantasy Thought
      thereali zip (13k) (M/B, M/B/B/B, oral, anal, fondling, cons, early teens)
      As I finished rinsing off the last remains of my climax I turned off the water and started to step out of the shower only to have Kenny sitting on the toilet seat. Shocking me at first my still semi-erect cock right at eye level to him I could see that he had an erection pushing against his shorts. "I wasn't sure if you took it black or with cream and sugar in your coffee" He said as his eyes seemed locked to my cock.
    • by Dalton :...
    • Trailer Trash, part 15
      traile15 zip (14k) (M/F gggggggg anal, oral, pen, n)
      Now her pussy tingled, Janice knew just how to touch her pussy lips, tease them open, finding her secret place so fast. She bit on her nipple slightly, accidentally and Janice spanked her naked ass sharply, making her freeze, then go back to sucking as her pussy came alive to her touch, her finger pressing inside, moving in and out then rubbing her clit softly. Kendra hummed and sucked, curling up tighter then relaxing as she submitted to her new mommy.
    • by PhG :...
    • Husvagn Och Tält, ch 2
      husvagn2 zip (12k) (inc mom/son/rape/zoo)
      Eva är fast besluten att förföra sin son,hon smyger ut i sommarnatten för att leta rätt på honom och se till att han kommer hem till husvagnen, men innan dess så vill hon någonting mer... Dottern Kattis och hennes bästis Malin har fått skjuts av ett par raggare, men dom vet inte att dom snart kommer att råka riktigt illa ut då raggarna vill göra något mer än att bara skjutsa dom. Två unga tonårstjejer har inte mycket att sätta emot då två raggare och deras kamphund vill ha sex.
    • by sister love :...
    • Linda 11 år og Ludder, part 4
      lindael4 zip (03k) (m/ff/machine/teenorgie)
      Linda skrek hysterisk: - Stikk pikken din gjennom jomfruhinna hennes.

      Tuesday, August 30, 2005

    • by RWEIII :...
    • A Rude Awakening
      arudeawa zip (12k) (MF, Mg, Mg+, Oral, Cons, Ped)
      This fantasy starts out kind of harsh and works up to playful little girl fun. It's about a woman with kids who will do anything to get ahead and how the man in the story throws a monkeywrench into her works.
      Medical Practice
      medicalp zip (21k) (Mf, Mg, mf, bg, cons, Pedo, Death)
      This fantasy involves a doctor who treats terminally ill children and children with cancer. If 'natural death' offends you then this is not your thing. If 'providing a last wish' is something that warms your heart then read on.
      Sitting The Sitter
      sittingt zip (11k) (Mf, Mg, oral, Mast, 1st, Pedo (some extreme), Cervical Pen)
      This is a fantasy about a trusted man who watches his friends' little girls and really shouldn't be trusted. He starts them off young and gets what he wants as they grow.

      Monday, August 29, 2005

    • by Greven :...New Author.!.!.!
    • A Fathers Life, part 1
      afather1 zip (07k) (Dad/Daughter inc, mast)
      It had been a long day for me. When you're the father and mother to a young girl life is tough. Let me explain the background of what's going on. When I was fresh out of high school I fell for a girl who fell for someone else. Betty was a cute blonde and everyone liked her. I on the other hand was a shadow. The kind of guy everyone knows but he's just... there. One day Betty found herself in the family way and no one around to help. Her boyfriend found out about her pregnancy and disappeared. Here's where I come in. It seems that as her belly swelled her crowd shrank and in the end all she saw was the shadow.
    • by RWEIII :...
    • Building The Ideal Pair
      building zip (21k) (Mgg, gg, Cons, Mast, Oral, Ped)
      This is a fun little fantasy about a man who builds his oen ideal situation. Although not related, the girls involved behave just like sisters. (They compete over just about anything.)
      Honest Debauchery
      honestde zip (17k) (Mf, Cons, 1st, Ped)
      This fantasy involves a twelve year old named Julie. A man and his neice have an open understanding that leads to her use as the ideal cover story.
      Tale of Tails
      taleofta zip (17k) (Mg, Mgg, gg, gDog, Reluc, Ped, Beast)
      This little story is about a man and his perceptions of value. It starts out rather heartless and builds to self indulgence.
    • by Lincoln Lee :...
    • Far From Home, Episode 1: Seeds of the Archons
      farfrom1 zip (09k) (father daughter incest)
      This is a spin off of the USS Edipus Rex Saga. The new story is set 10,000 years later and on a world far, far away.
    • by hobbit :...
    • KC and Jake, Their Story Begins, ch 10
      kcandj10 zip (16k) (M/f, b/g)
      This is the last chapter of this saga. Jolene and Greg finish their week with Jake and KC and are returned to their parents' home.
    • by Vixen :...
    • Religious Fervor
      religiou zip (12k) (MF/mf dad/dau, mom/son, inc, family, discipline)
      In the small town of Horizon, families adhere to a religious fanaticism that involves participation of the entire community. The Four Holy Men instruct and dominate the lives of everyone. Families love the creative prayers.
    • by Reflector :...
    • Vignettes #1-3
      vigne1_3 zip (08k) (MM/g7/anal/a2m/piss - F/g3/piss - M+/g5g5/cum/spit/snowball)
      The last email she'd sent you, a one liner, was especially interesting. "Look out for the postman, you may be surprised." That was a few days ago, so when the postman delivered a Jiffy bag this morning, your heart skipped a beat. Inside there was a single CD-R, labelled 1-3. As you switched your computer on and placed the CD in the drive, your anticipation is unbearable. Clicking on the CD labelled 'Vignettes' in Windows Explorer, you see 3 MPEG's, 1 to 3.
    • by FamilyMan :...New Author.!.!.!
    • United Family, part 1
      unitedf1 zip (25k) (fam. inc, slow on the sex, lots of emotion)
      What happens when a Mom is bed-ridden for a long period, and is afraid of loosing her husband. See who jumps in to help, and the effect it has on the rest of the loving family.
    • by Remi :...
    • Clara - Examen Medical au Paraguay
      claraexa zip (30k) (...)
      Clara 13 ans, la fille de ma compagne est maltraitée et soumise par une Religieuse perverse puis je profite d'elle...
    • by Sabine Hertling :...
    • Muscheln am Strand
      muscheln zip (15k) (boy 12 / girl 11 - soft / petting / masturbation)
      Der 12 jährige Andreas macht mit seiner Mutter sowie einer ehemaligen Schulfreundin seiner Mutter und deren 11 jähriger Tochter Urlaub auf Rügen.

      Sunday, August 28, 2005

    • by Dalton :...
    • Building His Herd, part 2
      buildin2 zip (08k) (M/gg bond, forced, oral, beast)
      She stayed hot as she sucked him, her body glistened as he watched her head moving lovingly on his cock tip. Her father must have broken her to cock. Her feathery soft lips slid up and down his shaft giving him a jolting climax. She was a great cock sucker. Automatically she switched to sucking down all his cum, she slurped and pulled with her lips, jacking his cock slower, knowing he was sensitive now as he made small groans of pleasure.
    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • Charley and Karen's Bad Day
      charleya zip (16k) (boy 16; girls 9 and 16; nudity, fondling, manipulation, penetration)
      Hi. My name is Charley Hammer. I'm sixteen years old, and I'm sitting in my room, my head buried in my hands, feeling like a freshly laid turd in the middle of the desert on a hot summer's day. It happened like this. There is this very pretty girl at school named Mary Ellen Carpenter. I get a hardon just thinking about her, but unfortunately I get tongue-tied when I try to talk to her, or most ot the other girls in my class for that matter. Well earlier today, in my English class where we happen to sit next to each other, I finally got up the nerve to say something to her. It was after the last bell rang and we were getting up to go home and I asked her what she was doing Saturday night, figuring maybe we might go to the movies together if she wasn't busy. She told me in no uncertain terms that she was busy Saturday night. Every Saturday night. The worst thing was a lot of the other kids heard it, I could tell by the drawn in breaths and faint snickers. I was mortified. If I could have crawled in a hole I sure as hell would've. The only good thing about it was that it happened after my last class of the day and I could get the hell out of there as fast as my sneakers would take me. And I came straight home to piss and moan about my ill fortunes.
    • by Dr. N. D'Sainte :...
    • Heat In The Valley, ch 5: Reuniting
      heatint5 zip (17k) (MFFgg MFFffggg inc cons ped orgy toys)
      Ted's whole life paused as he looked at the woman he had not seen in twenty-two years. "How would you like me to wrap myself around your cock again?" "Come mi hijas," Bea said, taking Dorina and Gloria by the hand. Ted gazed at the two naked seven year olds, and his cock twitched. "It feels so neat!," Dorina exclaimed, as she discovered how the skin slid over Ted's shaft. "If you make it really happy, it makes some sticky stuff," Gloria told her young aunt, with a tone of a seasoned veteran. "There's stuff coming out!," Dorina observed. "I told you so!," Gloria stated, almost arrogantly. "It likes you!" "Yes, mi hija! Grandpa's cock does like you!," Bonita exclaimed. "My baby girl is going to be a first class cocksucker," Bea said, with a motherly smile that didn't seem consistent with her words.
    • by Mummified Bog-Man :...
    • Rainbow Party: A Mr. Double Afterschool Special
      rainbowp zip (32k) (M/ffffff, teen, oral, interracial, slow, parody)
      'DISCO RED' read the label on the slim metal tube in Colleen's hand. She unscrewed the cap and applied some of the greasy lipstick to her lips, preening before the make-up mirror at Paul's, the discount store at her favorite mall. 'Why did they call it 'red' when it's this bright pink?' she thought, pursing her mouth and blowing an imaginary kiss to herself. Whatever, Paul's was the only place she could afford to buy six lipsticks at once, and for the party Colleen was planning, she's need at least that many. "How about this one?," said a high-pitched voice behind her. Colleen's best friend Dawn was holding up a lipstick labeled, 'Boo Berrie'. The cute brunette wrinkled up her nose at Colleen. "Nobody wears BLUE lipstick, do they? Not even Goth chicks..."
    • by Nekkidgramps :...
    • Traveling With Crissy, ch 2-3
      trave2_3 zip (05k) (M/f dad/daut inc sex-ed)
      I sipped my coffee and lit a cigarette, relaxing after driving for hours mostly in the dark, while we waited for our food. I didn't even think about the fact that my daughter was showing her bare cunt to anyone who cared to look just by the way she was sitting.
    • by Corner Ghost :...
    • Carol - A Paul Purple Story, ch 3
      carolap3 zip (18k) (Mg, gg, cons, oral)
      Carol learns that her actions have consequences on Billie-Jo and Pauline. Paul finds that sometimes the stick is useful, but the carrot can produce more results.

      Saturday, August 27, 2005

    • by Dalton :...
    • Fallen Angels, part 3
      fallena3 zip (17k) (M/ggggggg anal oral pen rom)
      Her uncle hadn't fucked her there, not much, not like he'd fucked her pussy. But she knew Talbot liked it, wanted him to take her ass, knew the fantasy of forcing her, raping her virgin ass would make her gift even more precious. He worked and rubbed his cock back and forth between her sopping pussy and her dry, tight ass. He forgot what time it was, where he was. All he could hear was the squeaks of the bed frame, the whispering wind. The light golden color from the lone lamp in the window made her hair glisten and shine as it covered her face almost completely.
      Just One Of Those Things, part 5
      justone5 zip (22k) (M/ggg, violence, action)
      Jennie crawled over to sit on his chest, her legs spread and crossed as she let him drink in her cute hairless pussy. He saw the worried look in her eyes and she motioned for Lizzy to hand her the note Wavy had written and left on the kitchen table.
    • by RWEIII :...
    • Painting Class
      painting zip (10k) (Mg, Cons, Mast, Ped)
      This is a quick and dirty about a man who teaches watercolor painting to children with too much free time on their hands.
    • by Lincoln Lee :...
    • Sonata Incest For Viola
      sonatain zip (09k) (Father/Daughter Incest)
      Nine year old Viola gets wind that her best friend is about to start fiddling around with her father. A new world opens up for Viola over night.
    • by POTHUS :...
    • The N.B.F.C., part 3: Gang Banging and Mrs. Tanner
      thenbfc3 zip (13k) (b+(12, 9, 8)/g+(7, 9, 8), b(12)/g(6)/F, oral, vag, anal)
      Mike Tucker had become a member of the N.B.F.C., thanks to his little girlfriend, Eddie Malone. Never in his wildest dreams, did he ever think that he would meet someone like Eddie. Her thirst for sex, and not just sex, but anal sex, was insatiable. Not only was her hunger for anal sex unquenchable, but her lust for Mike's six-inch cock was almost unfathomable. Eddie couldn't get enough of having her little ass stuffed with his big cock, nor could she get enough of watching him butt fuck the other female members of the Neighborhood Butt Fucking Club
    • by herboytoy :...
    • LifeWithLori 2
      lifewit2 zip (10k) (M/f mother /daughter/sister/ws/creampie)
      When we awoke the next day Lori seemed somewhat shy. She asked if I still wanted to meet her family. I told her that I was looking forward to meeting them. When she asked me why I was at a loss for words but told her that if they were anything at all like her that it should be an exciting day. We showered together and I, of course, was trying to initiate sex in the shower but she put me off saying that it would be better if we waited. I told her I wanted to eat her pussy again. I remember kneeling in the shower before her. The water dripping down off her hairy pussy reminded me of the previous night when she had peed on my face and in my mouth. I wanted more and told her so. She told me to wait, it would be better later when we had more time. I sucked her clit as she had a small orgasm. She commented on the fact that I really seemed to like her pussy. I told her that I would eat her out anytime she wanted me to. She laughed, saying she wanted it all the time but that there were other things to do.
    • by Homer :...
    • Der Club
      derclub zip (18k) (m/f sm, rape, forced, prostitution)
      Bernd wartete in einer Seitenstrasse, in der Nähe des Waisenhauses. Seit vier Wochen traf er sich heimlich mit der 14 jährigen Kelly, nun hatte er es endlich geschafft sie zu überreden aus dem Heim abzuhauen und mit ihm zu leben. Er hatte der kleinen den verliebten Kasper vorgespielt, sie mit kleinen Geschenken geködert und ihr alles mögliche Versprochen, wenn sie mit ihm gehen würde. Natürlich hatte er ihr eingetrichtert, nichts von ihrer Freundschaft irgendjemanden zu erzählen, denn dann würden sie getrennt werden. Das Mädchen hatte sich geschmeichelt gefühlt, von einem älteren Mann umworben zu werden, auch hatten ihr die Geschenke und die Versprechungen des Mannes gefallen, so das sie sich entschlossen hatte mit ihm abzuhauen.
    • by Reginald :...
    • Die Nachbarn, teil 3
      dienach3 zip (20k) (Whole Family, MMMFFffgggg, incest, pedo)
      Dies ist der dritte Teil, inde m Marianne und Werner die nachbarn endlich besuchen. Laßt Euch überraschen. Bitte schickt mir eure Kommentare zur Story, zum Schreibstil etc. gerne zu. Ich bin neugigerig wie sie Euch gefällt.

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