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      On Friday, February 11, 2005

    • by The Love Kid :...
    • Bootstraps, part 4: How To Duplicate A Hero: Find Little Girls!
      bootstr4 zip (104k) (Mg+ (M:36-40 g:0-8) / mg+ (M:14 g:5,6,8) / Mb+ (M:36 b:0-2) / gg+ (g:5,8) Sci-fi (time travel) Pedo Incest Preg teen/Preteen/toddler/baby)
      Life continues for Jeff. Our hero finds himself still occasionally confused by his situation, but with plenty of young and pretty distractions to keep him happy. But eventually he begins to wonder why Wintermind is keeping him from his destiny. He forces the issue and finds himself involved in another time loop. What will happen to Jeff as he tries to thread his way out with success?
    • by up-n'cummer :...
    • Dan & Tia, Beginnings
      danandti zip (11k) (m/f, M/f, inc)
      As far back as Dan could remember he was facinated with that little thing that hung between his legs. It was fun to piss on things and it felt real good when he rubbed it. He discouvered early on that if he let the shower run on it it would get real hard and feel sooo good. That is, untill it got so sensative that it hurt!
      The Teacher
      theteach zip (06k) (M/ff Dad/Daut& friend)
      Dan had built his hobby room several years ago when he was a ham radio operator. Lately however his hobby had changed to fucking his 8 year old daughter.
    • by EROS :...
    • The Real Story of Adam & Eve
      thereals zip (10k) (M/f, pedo, inc(?), blasphemy)
      God looked around the energy-filled universe, to which his parents had temporarily banished him for being a naughty little entity, and was sad. "I need some entertainment or I'm going to go nuts in this place", he mused. And, in less time than it takes an electron to make a quantum leap, he had an idea. "I'll create some life!' he chuckled to himself. "That's always good for a laugh!" With a mental wave of his 'hand' God created what was later to be so quaintly called by its human inhabitants, 'the heavens and the earth'. "Wow! Neat!" he exclaimed. He chose a small round ball of matter and caused it to be covered with the liquid of life. Then he separated the liquid from the dry part. The liquid he called 'sea' and the dry part he dubbed 'land'... for no other reason than they seemed like nice enough names at the time. "Okay!" muttered God, "Now, some living creatures!" With a single thought, he caused some of the mineral matter on the surface of the 'land' to re-arrange itself into a self-sustaining combination of carbon-based molecules. The naked creature shuddered as God mentally 'breathed' life into its inanimate body. The creature sat up and looked around. "Who am I?.. Where am I?" it asked.

      Thursday, February 10, 2005

    • by Corn53 :...
    • Jamie Becomes A Witch, part 4
      jamiebe4 zip (06k) (MMMFFF/fff witchcraft, oral sex, anal fingering, peeing and undressing in front of cameras and strangers)
      Jamie gets ready for the big Ceremony. She pees for the camera before taking her bath. They get her all fixed up and dressed up for the Ceremony. Several visitors want to see her pussy before she leaves for the Ceremony.
      Kimmy - Eleven Year Old Model
      kimmyele zip (13k) (M/f panty model, photography, "accidental" touching, wet panties)
      Monica is stuck with an eleven year old girl after her deadbeat ex-sister-in-law takes off. Eric tells Monica she can earn money by letting Kimmy become a "panties model." He assures Monica that Kimmy will always at least have panties on while he takes pictures. Kimmy is shy at first, but warms to his attention and compliments.
    • by EROS :...
    • Family Farm, ch 46 (FINAL)
      family46 zip (05k) (m/F, inc, mom/son, mm/F, m/FF, groupsex, beast, preg, FF/m++ gangbang)
      For the next few hours, the horny young teenagers took turns fucking the two equally horny pregnant women in virtually every grouping and position possible, continuing until no amount of sucking or jerking off on the part of Jenny or Jessica could revive their exhausted young cocks. At that point the two insatiable women lay down in the classic '69' position and proceeded to suck the boys' combined sperm out of each other's well-fucked cunts. Clambering on top, Jenny pushed Jessica's legs apart and lowered her open mouth over the other woman's cum-filled twat and began to lick and suck noisily as Jessica did the same to her. The boys lay back, futilely stroking their totally limp cocks as they watched the incredibly erotic sight. Jenny's gorgeous, naked ass was stuck provocatively up in the air as she licked up the remnants of the many loads of thick, creamy jizz that had been deposited in Jessica's gaping pregnant fuck-hole. "Ohhhh, Jenny! That feels so good!", groaned Jessica, letting her head flop back into the mattress. "Lick my cunt, Jenny!... Unnnghhh, suck their fuckin' cum right out of me!"

      Wednesday, February 09, 2005

    • by Myfakenick :...
    • Camp Meat, part 1
      campmea1 zip (07k) (M/g(4yo), pedo, rape, non-cons)
      We sat there for about five minutes as the little girl warmed up in the cab of my truck. I asked her several questions like, what's your name, and where is your mommy and daddy, but she never answered. She just looked at me with big watery blue eyes and never quite cried but never quite smiled either. I asked her if she could talk and she just turned her head away and stared out the window into the darkness. We sat and waited for about thirty minutes in all and not even one car passed by on the highway. I figured the little girl must have slipped out of the car while her parents were stopped and they took off not knowing she was gone. My mind began to wander as we sat there in the dim glow of the instrument lights. Where was she from? What if noone comes back for her? I wonder if anyone could trace her back to me if I took her with me? Remember, I just spent the last hour or so listening to descriptions of men fucking little girls. Now I was sitting in my truck 500 miles from nowhere, about to make a decision that could change the rest of my life, certainly her's. I stared for the longest time at the small child and the familiar feeling in my pants began to return. I reached over and caressed the tiny little four-year-old's short blonde hair and rubbed my hand on her skinny, denim clad, leg. "let's go see if we can find your mommy", I lied as I put my truck in gear and headed back on to the highway.
      Little Girl Next Door, part 1
      littleg1 zip (07k) (M/g, cons, pedo)
      I just finished putting the garden hose away when I noticed a little girl walking down the street on the opposite side, going away from my house. She was short and thin with shoulder length blonde hair, she looked to be about six years old. The little girl was wearing a short denim dress that seemed fairly lightweight as it was flapping in the breeze. I could tell her dress buttoned up the back and appeared to have at least one button missing or undone. Every now and then the wind would blow the lower part of the opening apart. A fairly strong gust of wind blew and I could have sworn I saw the little six-year-old's tan little butt cheeks. My jaw dropped and I couldn't help staring as she walked down the road. I was sure she wasn't wearing any panties. Since there was no one else around, I felt obliged to watch her as she gingerly made her way out of site. I was rewarded with a couple more glimpses of her firm little ass.
    • by Sam T. Sleaze :...
    • Middle School Muscles, part 2
      2middle2 zip (13k) (bb/gg; incest, oral, anal, muscles)
      I could tell that Pat was very excited by the thought of what we were about to do. After all, incest breaks the very last taboo that anyone pays attention to. I was excited too, but I think I contained myself more than my little brother. Once we were both in the bathroom, the one right off his bedroom, he was naked in a flash.
    • by up-n'cummer :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Rough Night/Good Day
      roughnig zip (06k) (m/F son/mother)
      My husband was the love of my life! When he was killed in an auto accident about two years ago I had a very rough time of it. Things were getting back to normal, though as my young son had taken up my life. I found comfort in his caring, considerate love. He was growing so much like his father, I could see him in everything Jon said and did.

      Tuesday, February 08, 2005

    • 5 eNovels were published today.
    • by Maxamm :...
    • Dyke School, part 1
      dykesch1 zip (35k) (f/f/pedo/inc/lesbian/mom daut/sis/sis/orgy/cons/w/s/toys)
      Grace is the newest teacher in an all girl school. She is also a lesbian, who enjoys an incestuous relationship with her own sister. When Grace falls for the seductive charms of an eight year old pupil, she finds herself being sucked deep into a web of lesbian intrigue. She isn't the only dyke in school and not all of the pussy lovers are teachers.
    • by Perdido :...
    • Look But Don't Touch
      lookbutd zip (11k) (M/g mutal masturbation)
      Could you look at a young cunny and not touch? Barry Hutton was pretty sure he was a paedophile but he promised himself he'd only ever look, never touch. The mental debate raged even more fiercely when he began looking after 12-year-old Kathy after school every day. He loved the occasional glimpse of her panty-clad pussy but he vowed he'd never touch. If only she hadn't found his porn videos and he hadn't caught her watching and wanking. What a sight to look at but he'd never touch her - would he?
    • by Fantasy_Dreamer :...
    • Polymorphism, part 1
      polymor1 zip (06k) (M/f fantasy)
      It wasn't until I had actually died that my life had truly begun. I'm talking about immortality and the powers that go with it. Being a loyal servant of my lord Lucifer paid off more than I could of ever hoped for. After 30 years in prison for multiple rape and molestation convictions, I died at a ripe old age of 75. As a gift from my dark lord, I was given immortality along with the power polymorphism. All for the purpose of tempting souls into rape and molestation, who better though than an old pro. Talk about loving your job, within my first week on the job I condemned 10 souls to forever walk on the dark side of life. I mean really, it couldn't be any easier, all I have to do is be young, beautiful and know how to make the most respectable of men rape you. For example, I'll tell you about some of my favorites.
    • by The Minister :...
    • Rani Goes to Smuggler's Beach, part 2
      ranigoe2 zip (07k) (Mf, ped, non pen, nudity, rom)
      Twelve year old Rani's Cornish adventure gets steamier as Joe, her fisherman holiday companion, begins her sexual education on board his boat, the Golden Marianne.
    • by blackdog :...
    • Fighting The Devil
      fighting zip (32k) (bF, bg, mF, mf, bb, anal, oral, group, orgy, sad, inc, cbt, toys)
      Aaron and Nathan are young boys whose sexy mom is determined to save them from turning into sinners. She punishes and humiliates them sexually, and discovers how much fun it can be to have hard boycock in her mouth, pussy and asshole.
    • by sister love :...
    • Kåte Kate, ch 7 (final)
      katekat7 zip (03k) (bro/sis/mom inc)
      Kate våknet av at Gitte lukket døren bak seg. Petter lå på ryggen. Den store pikken hans lå som en slange oppover magen hans. Det var bare å forsyne seg. Hun tok den forsiktig i munnen og begynte å suge. Den reiste seg umiddelbart.

      Monday, February 07, 2005


      Sunday, February 06, 2005

    • by Sam T Sleaze :...
    • Baby Bear Grows Up
      babybear zip (06k) (10yo girl, 2yo baby bear; Fantasy, Furry, Fun!)
      Papa and Mama loved walking in the woods. Baby was okay with it, but he'd rather have been home playing games on his X-Box. Anything where he was shooting at someone, and not the one being shot at was fine with him. He knew that this time of year hunters were few and far between in the woods, but...still.
      Middle School Muscles, part 1
      2middles zip (14k) (g(11)/b(12)/b(8); muscles, nudity, fantasy incest, no sex in part 1)
      It began so very innocently. It's hard to imagine that the biggest scandal to ever hit our little town could have begun with such an innocent little event. But it did. And here is how it all happened.
    • by Uncle Pan :...
    • Helen
      helen zip (15k) ((9 yo girl, 42 yo man; flashing, nudity, touching, oral) Helen Marconi was 9, and loved to climb on the monkey bars, showing off her underpants)
      Helen Marconi was 9, and loved to climb on the monkey bars, showing off her underpants as often as possible. Especially if there were one or more men sitting on the bench adjoining the monkey bars watching the action. One summer's day after a particularly juicy show her audience of one actually broke the unwritten law of the park by speaking to her, complimenting her on her climbing abilities, and ending up offering to buy her an ice cream cone, which she accepted. The next day she put on a ‘see through' pair of undies she had bought with her own money at Victoria's Secret, but had never the nerve to wear before this day. Needless to say her audience of one enjoyed a memorable performance, and following it he gave her a reward of equal value. There might be some who would say Uncle Pan's stories don't reflect the real world as we know it. Uncle Pan might reply, if that's true perhaps it's the real world's fault, not his. And you'll see exactly what he is talking about if you read on with the story of Helen.
      Mark and Little Laurie, part 2
      markand2 zip (11k) (boy 16, girl 3 1/2; nudity, skinnydipping, fondling, insertion)
      In part two of Mark and Little Laurie it is the second day of their weekend at the Barron family's fishing camp, and though neither caught a fish during their afternoon outing, Laurie catches a big one as they lay together during their rest hour. Laurie has become so daring, undressing Mark and handling his meat upon impulse, that Mark was worried about that night, but his father came up with the perfect solution by suggesting that they go off camping under the stars. And after supper off they go, where after zipping the two sleeping bags together and digging a fire pit and starting a fire, Mark takes Laurie in for a short evening skinny dip. Air drying in the heat of the fire, they roast marshmallows, and when they crawl into their sleeping bags Laurie wakes up Mark's little soldier, and once again she rejoins their parts.
    • by The Minister :...
    • Rani Goes to Smuggler's Beach, part 1
      ranigoe1 zip (17k) (Mf, ped (non extreme), non pen, nudity, rom)
      Rani is a beautiful but introverted Asian twelve year old girl from London. Forced to go on holiday with her mother and her mother's boyfriend to Cornwall, she is left few avenues of escape from her boredom except her childish adventure books. Allowing herself to indulge in mild erotic fantasy as a character in her own stories, she continues her solitary existence until she meets Joe, a young fisherman from the village. After befriending Joe her fantasies and dreams may turn to reality. This first part is a romantic story at the mild end of the erotic spectrum. Rani's story will continue....
    • by Cheryl :...
    • Wanted: Exhibitionist for Role Playing, parts 1-3
      wante1_3 zip (15k) (fem16/brother21/fantasy exhibitionist)
      The story of a 16 yr old who loves her brother. He helps her find a job as a model for a public in flashing company. This job builds slowly from exposure to strangers playing with her in public to a gangbang conclusion. The story does have some twists to it that get wrapped up in chapter 3. There is more sex in this 3 part series than I normally include but I still like the mental imagery I use to build to the sex. Hope you all enjoy.

      Saturday, February 05, 2005

    • by Lady Paula :...
    • Mummy's Little Girlfreind, part 6
      mummysl6 zip (19k) (Fg)
      Brittany was already tucked up in bed, wearing her favourite pyjamas, her eyes fluttering at the edge of sleep with her sparkling blue eyes just visible beneath the trembling lids. Susan's breathing deepened as she neared the bed and gently lifted the tired youngster's head from the pillow. Then she leant forward to lift up her own skirt and press the girl's mouth against her knickers. Without even the briefest recourse to conscious thought, Brittany's tongue began to flicker against the thin material, swiping up and down the contoured groove as she inhaled the seeping aroma. "Good girl, good girl" soothed the woman. "You were so wonderful in the motel last night darling . . " And then . . . "Here . . . just let me pull this out of your way so you can get to me properly."
    • by GoDSpiT :...
    • Webcam
      webcam zip (49k) (M/g, g/g, cons, ped)
      James often surfs chat rooms looking for interesting people to talk to. One night he meets Celeste and the two get to talking. It turns out that this girl is only ten years old and she's not a fake girl but the real deal. . .
    • by EROS :...
    • Teach Me, Daddy!, part 2 (FINAL)
      teachme2 zip (12k) (M/f, dad/daut, inc, first, pedo)
      My hands found Daddy's balls and I caressed them. Then, his back arched and I felt him tremble. "Ooooh, Fuck! Uhhhhh, Baby! I'm gonna come! Suck it! Suck it hard!" he gasped. I did, eagerly... finding it extremely exciting that I was giving my big handsome Daddy so much pleasure. I began to suck wildly, letting his long, thick prick slide in and out of my mouth at a frantic pace. Daddy thrust his hips up at me with short, rapid thrusts, and then he groaned out loud and his whole body stiffened and shuddered. "UHHHFFFF, FUCK! OHHHH, JEESUS CHRIST, KATHY! UHHNNGHHHHHH! CUMMING, BABY!", he grunted. "DADDY'S CUMMMMMMMIIIIIINGGGG!" His cock twitched wildly and spasmodically between my lips and literally exploded his hot sperm into mouth with a sudden rush. I felt three separate spurts of cum pulse down my throat and before I could swallow all of it, some trickled out of my mouth and down his shaft, onto his balls.

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